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Full text of "Woods' Baltimore city directory (1873)"

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I a. 







Piano Fortes and Organs, 

\N A i< I :ie< X >.M>i 


»• .> u»ui * 

I I A M St ICl ! r 

New York Life Insurance Co 

<;K<». I. I{ I < li A K l>S<» \. 

Gcn-l Agent for Maryland. 


OFFIi... - Soutl 



ilovvL 3J^^i:rance do 

J. .1. .lAl K.iJOV. ^ilt'il'I A«^i ui. 

X. .. - III . i",'!'. 

< . I • > I I 


Geo. B. Coalk & Morris, 


■» 1 r> j'l I i V .A 1 J r»i /\ n 1 i< I 


Ol? fti'^tfo i iiffi 

n & 1 11 o 'U <i » i% 1 1 'u 


INCORPORATED ^'^xl^' '" ■Z^^^^^"^"''^^- <^ CASH CAPITAL 

1819. '^BiL^i^^!^^^0 $3 000,000 00 

ASSETS I: \\iBHl^lS^^^\Nl'V^ oK\\ Losses Paid iu 

^^^ 53 Years. 

$5,500,000 00 .:^^^^^(^' $35,000,000 00 

They all repi'esent with full power the following Companies. 

National Fire Ins. Co of Hartford, Assets - 742,166 08 
Springfield Fire Ins. Co. of Mass.. " - 1,070,742 01 
Germania " " New York, Assets 1 303,101 25 



Office, No. 4^. Hclliday St 

Clay Retorts for Gas Works, 




Fire Mortar, Ground Fire Clay, 

Vitrified Steam-pressed Drain and Sewer Pipe, 

..V*'., c\:<'., «%:<•. 

F»>VTEIVTKK OF" ':rnii: 




Patented April 18tb, 1871. 

For Warehouse.-^, Factories,! Stores, 
Hotels, Hospitals ami every place 
where ^lerchaiulise, Sir., ia trati.s- 
lerrerl froia" on« story to another, 
There are hiiijilre<l.s of theai op- ^^ 
eratirig ih tlitterent cities and tow ns. I 

Semi •for- circulars containin 
names, and price list . 

^!Sfi^1 lilll I 





Scieritific Prir)cip!es 



JAS. BATES, Iron Foundry, 


iigiiAiii iiiipiif, 

N. C Gor. South 6c Second-sts. 

This Company, Established nearly Half a Century, 



And all kinds of Goods subject to I oss or Damage by FIRE, in both 
Town and Country, on the most Favorable Terms. 

liotii'il of I3ii*e(itoi'ss : 

Augustus J Albert, Jaines.M Amiei-soii. Herman . J. Rcitz, .1. G. Kamsa.v, 

Frederick Acliey, Samuel Hart, John M Gait, James Myer." 

Tliomas \V. Levering, F. W. Bennett. Henry R. I.ouilerman, James M. Jackson, 

(Jjorge J. A|)|>olil, Jos. James Taylor, Caleb Parks, Thomas J. Wilson, 

Joshua Dry<ien, John G. Heaney, George Kranck. .John T. C'ullimore, 

(Jeorge \V. Flack, A ustin Jenkins, William Simms. William H. Brown, 

.Menites I. Cohen, James Lucas, \Vm. H. Stran, Gustavus Nicholson. 

Hugh Bolton, J. Alex. Shriver, 

HENRY P. DUHUEST, President. 

BlIillMSl M tilt E. 1. 


!<>>/• all Points of Ihe 




And CINCINNATI, and via 



NEAV ORLEANS, &c., &c. 


•Hills of Latliiif;: liy tlii.s Line, WITHOUT CII.WCK OF C^AK.S, lo proniiiipnt 
Iioints, will be fumiBlied hI the LOVVKST RATKS, al nil Kiisteni Cities, to nil Wi'Stcrn, 
Southwestein timl Northwcsteiii Cities, iiiflmliiifr points on tlie Pacitic Coast — Time prompt, 
and all claims piomptly adjnste,!. For Kates and all other information, »i»plv at 

FREIGHT OFFICE, Camden Station, Baltimore. 






Essex and Concord Sts., Canton, 



Annealed by Cochran's Patent Annealing Process, 

warranted free from strain, and equal in 

tenacity and uniformity of chill to 

any Wheels made. 

Wheels & Fitting guaranteed against Defects. 







<. '<)iiil><>»i«'«l <)1" Ili«> lol 1< > w i 11 ii ?^t cuiiiKlii j>s : 

BOLIVAP, - Capt. Wm. Evans. 
E. CLYDE, - " D. C. Child.s. 

LUCILLE, - Capt. D. J. Price. 
JAS. A. GARY, " Henry L. Hall. 


< 'oil ii<'<-t ill Ji willi 111*' 


'riiiuiitili Kills I/kHiii; {zivcn to all [loints in Noilli and Souili ('arolina, and to points in 
Geoiijia and Alalmnia. 

I'li'lfllu RH-fived daily and properly cared lor on Wharf and in Warehouse. Insurance 
etfeeled in Good Conipanies at Low Hates * 

The atleniion of Shippers is called to the LOW IJATKS, QUICK TIME, and <jrcat 
faciiiiies otfeied hy this Route. No Charj^es at Wiluiint;loii, and losses jironiptly paid. 
For Tliroutjli Rates, Classifications, Hills Lading .md other information, 

ANDREWS & CO., General Agents, 

0"" 7S Siuitk's Wharf. BALTIMORE 



A. « E ]N T 


73 Smith's Wharf & Foot of Long Dock, 




OF THE CITY OF BALTIMORE, MD,,:EjiD 1s/lj^:eicd:h: 29, i8e4. 



Nos. 15, 17 and 19 N. EUTAW STREET. 

This Company liaving been organized and chartered in April, lSfi4, in conjunction with the well known 
firm of (tAKHLE & CO., as a .loint Slock (Jompany, composed exclusively of practical Piano Makers, who 
have held prominent i>ositions for many years, in some of the best Piano Kortc Establishments in this coun- 
try and 10uro[)e, and having now one of the largest and most successful manufactories in operation, are able 
to furnish an instrument which„for durability and eleRanee of workmanship, volume and sweetness of tone, 
can find no .-uperior. 

In consequence of their orjjanization. the Company is enabled to sell at lower prices than any other fac- 
tory in the country, Kivin<< at the same time a guarantee for five years, and the usual privileRe of e.vchange. 

Hepairing and Tuning promptly attended to. 

S^*The public is respectfully invited to give us a call before imrchasinK elsewhere. 



Cxirled Hstir 

IM yV IN IJ F A O T O K, T" , 






fi-^'Constantlv nn hand the qualities f)t" Pure Curi.kd Horsf. and Cat- 
tle Hair; Mixed and Hog Hair. 

All orders received through the Post Office or Agent will he promptly at- 
tended to. The highest prices paid for Cattle and Horse Tails and Hog Hair. 

'"^-"' " • 





Weigh-Lock, R. R. TrHck, Depot, Hay, Coal, Dorniant, Warehouse, Platform, Counter, 
Union, Family, Butchers', Druggists', Jewelers' and Bank Scales. 



Two Medals. 



And also Best Alarm Double Locking Money Drawers. 





Cor. North & Monument Sts., Baltimore, 


jEiigimeg & IBoilier ^^ 


Mines^ Iron Furnaces^ 

Portable Corr) ar)d Wheal Mills, Bark Mills, Exlracl Works, 


Disintegrators for ^ones. Fertilizers, Ores. 8/c. 



Through Fast Passenger & Freight Line 


Steamers Leaye Pier No. 2, Li0t-St. Wharf, Daily, at 4 o'cloct, P. M. 




vi-v .r/ViMics-i i^ivKw. 


Conneclinji with the PETERSBURG AND WELDON R. R., AT PETERSBURG and 

All Freight reaches Richmond on the Day after leaving here. 

For information apply to R. FOSTER, Ageilt. 
Office 90 Ligfht Street Wlit". 



mmww^'Bi^w mm 





1 1 

^mmm^m mm^ 

i f Sf ©It® itr©®tif 

ijkmiTwm^mM. mM^ 





Dealers in all kinds of NEW and SECOND HAND 


Nos. 1 and 3 Portland and 49 Columbia Sts. 

K A. LT I ]>I 1« 10. 

Braucli Store— Our. Oburch aud Greeue Streets, Annapolis, Md. 




Patented July 5, "70. 

.M.iiiufiKUurfd and fi>r sale by 


4 and 6 Dniid Hill Aye. 



Yarns, Hosiery, Gents' Furnishing Goods, &c., 



Between Payette and Lexington, Lovejoy's Old Stand, 

I3altim:oi*i:;, Mr>. 


Umbrellas, Canea, Neck Ties, Collars, Suspenders. Handkerchiefs, Worsteds, Canvass. Bows, Scarfs, Ma- 
chine Silk, Sjiool Cotton, Threads, Needles, Pins. Wool Jackets, (Jam Cloth, 
Kancy Soaps, Corsets, Notions, *c., .tc , &c. 




Cotton and Wool Machine Cards, 


A/, SO, A iiHXKRAh srri'i.Y or 


Orders for Cotton and Wool Machinery Promptly Filled. 


Cbaa. H. ]>aig:er. .fas. V. Dai^rer. Eclwd. Daiser. 


Oysters, Grain, Fruit and Produce, 




Plating & Wholesale Room, 12 Bank Lane : Factory, 50 & 52 N. Hollidar St. 




A. T. houck: «£ CO. 

Successors to J. W. PTarper ct Co. 

Jar vis Building Basement, No. 12 North Street. 

,^^~^Ye have over .^00 Bill Boards on Ihe principal corners in the citj', 
and on all the Walls and Fences. 



Manufacturersof FLOUR, GRIST AND GUANO. MILLS, both Portable and Stationary. Also, CIRCULAR, 
SLNGLy, and GANG SAW MILLS. All other Machinery and .Models made to order. 

Nos. 40, 42 and 44 York-st. near Light, BALTIMORE, MD. 

.^r-BLACKSMlTHING in all its branches. REPAIRING promptly attended to. 





]Vl£tlt Sc Hops, 


I'.ARNKV .MALT. RVK MALT .ind IKll'S;..^ reqiiitcil l)\ BitWHj. Makers and Distillers, 

eoiiRlantly uu hami. 

Mr© # ■arim© Iiiiiraii«® I 

PHENIX, of Brooklyn, ^ ~- ~ $1,900,000 

ALPS, of Erie, - - - - - 360,000 

ALLEMANNIA. Cleveland, O. - 436.033 


J. A. RIGBY^ Agentip 

]No. !*« SKO<^>JXX> HTTPMilKT, 


Manufaclurers ^SSMM M^'- -^ ;; ==;...=^a^^fa^-^^:.' '- 'i- '^^ of all klpds of 


Silver Plated & German ftilver, also Wooden Oases of every description. 
62^ W. BALTIMORE ST., City Guards Armory, BALTIMORE- 

•/"Kiop ciinsUiitlv nn liami ami iiiakr to nirlrr all "f the almvr namcil aitiok's. Counters and .Store 
Kixtun-s nia<l«' I'p nnlcr Coiinli.v .Mrrrliant? ai'> pailirularl.v iiivi|.-il to call anil oxamim- our .Stock. 

(i lassies, all >ir.os, iiisorti'il in i»M-A- ami Shuw I'liscs Onlfis pinmptl.v rxeciilPil at stiort nol'cc. 


< out rarti)is for till l.huls o/ 

Stone Paving, Brick PaYing, 

Furrjishing ar)d Selling Curbslnries aud Biiildirig of Sewers, 







Designed £r"' -J Manufactured 



No. 22 West Fayette Street, Baltimore. 

31 jV]VU»">VOTUR-KI^S OF' 



m: E r> A L 

Grand & Square Pianos, 

NOS. 5 & 7 S. EutaW St. opposite Concordla Opera House. 


E. MILLS, Proprietor, 


( (pposite Ford's Opera House. 


Fine Cigars^ Tobacco^ 


3P. EI- <D€:>'\KTlSJLAS^Sr^ 

Opposite **SixnL Office." 



im "U'! 












Which makes Collections in all parts ^ 


Through Bonded Agents, 

Ifrompt (^ttetittan and. Immediate return. 





Siiperrisor Soutlierii DepartDieiil 
OFFICE. 19 South Street. 



oo^ Q 




Engraved Map of the City, 

'A Street Directofv, 

And aij AppenuiX of much Useful Informalioij. 




Over Farmers and Planters Bank. 

Entered, according to Act of Congress, in the year one thousand eight hundred and seventytbrse, by John W 
Woods, in the Office of the Librarian of Congress, at Washington 





AlbreclU& Schroeder, leaf tobacco, 18 German 
Alden Fruit Preserviiifr Go. 1 n HoUiday 
Aldine The, J. A. C. Jenuingham. agent, 13 s 

Allen Rev. Ethan, 168 Linden av 
Baker G. Alexander, real estate and money 

broker. 23 Le.xington, dw 194 Saratop-a 
Blake & Rouzie, com. merchts, 119 Hanover 
Brendel Graves S., telegraphist, 211 Hanover 
BRISCOE DAVID S., attorney, 32J St. Paul, 

dw 13 Franklin 
Burgess Theodore H. clerk, 21 s Exeter 
CaslleS. A. & Co.(S. A. Castle,H. S. Magrane, 

R. E. Hitchcock) nianufrs,com. merchts,aud 

wholes, notions, over 17 German 
Dangler John, helper, 348 Light 

Dorsey John R. flotir and com. mercht.59e 
CalTert and 59 Cheapside, dw 35 Conway 

Garner Dr. Henry G. tj2 n Greene 

Hall Wm. A. clerk, 189 u Bond 

King Joseph, 88 Cathedral 

Maryland Wrought lion Vcnitian Blind Manu- 
facturing Co. 22 w Fayette 

Mason James D. (J.D.JL& Co.)328 Mndison av 

Meyero Andro, barber and manufr. corn, bun- 
ion and tetter wash, 93 Druid Hall 

Morton George S. 236 Luiivale 

OTTO & GARRISON BROS. (Louis Otto, Geo. 
W. and Stephen Garrison ) manufrs. cabinet 
and room mouldings, and picture and look- 
ing glass frames, 416 Cross 



The Publisher of the Baltimore City Dieectory has been for many years 
making an effort to induce the City Council to pass an ordinance for the Ke- 
numbering of the Houses in the City of Baltimore upon the Decimal System; 
having made, in the past ten years, three unsuccessful efforts before the 
Council at considerable expense; and the City Authorities having also made, 
in the last three years, many unsuccessful attempts to correct and renumber 
the houses upon the present or consecutive plan, under the ordinance of '71, 
which allowed only correcting or replacing numbers (not renumbering a whole 
street) that had fallen off or been destroyed : from which attempts the num- 
bering has been made far more confused and unintelligible. A former officer 
of the City came to the conclusion that it was impossible to get the work done 
right without renumbering each street from the beginning. 

Now, under these adverse circumstances, the Publisher of the Directory, 
believing that»every house owner had a right to demand of the City an accu- 
rate and duly established number for his house, and, in order that it should be 
done at the lowest rate, and in a uniform and handsome manner, the city, 
therefore, should have it done and pay for it, because it could be done thus at 
least 50 per cent, cheaper than by individuals. The taking of the names for 
the Directory and the numbering of the houses being so closely connected and 
depe^ident on each other; and, "What is everybody's business is nobody's 
business," that he determined, in order to make his Directory a success, to 
undertake the difficult task of not only enlisting public opinion in favor of the 
adoption of the Decimal System, but also of inducing the Council to pass an 
ordinance to carry it out. All that has been accomplished. He seat eight or 
nine thousand ^f his "Reasons for Renumbering the Houses" broadcast over 
the City, following them up with the annexed petition : 

To the Sonorahle the City Council of Baltimore: 

The undersigned, publisher of the Baltimore City Directory for the last 
twenty years, respectfully represents to your honorable body, that in canvass- 
ing for the Directories during that time, he has been cognizant of the fact that 
the present mode of numbering the houses is very defective, and that the many 
efforts 'to renumber or correct the same within the last year, by the City Au- 
thorities, have clearly demonstrated the inefficiency of the consecutive system. 
The consequences now are, that the numbers in nearly every street in the city 
are in a confused condition. 

Now, what is the remedy to relieve our whole community of the harassments 
and perplexities growing out of this plan of numbering the houses? We an- 
swer, it is the tried and eflBcient Decimal System: this has been adopted in 
Philadelphia, Washington, Richmond and St. Louis ; from those cities there 
has not come up a single complaint. That it has worked well they all agree. 
Whatever they can do in those cities, we of Baltimore certainly can accomplish. 
Very few objections can be made to the Decimal System: its advantages are 


many. It is simple, efficient and permanent, and when change becomes neces- 
sary, (b> •lit erection of additional buildings in a square,) it will never extend 
beyond iiio square wherein it originates. In the elongation of streets it re- 
quires oiily a continuation of the numbers. 

To m. el' I he objection urged by a few business men— the removal of estab- 
lished i.iiuiuers — the old numbers also might remain up for some time; the 
new offi ill numbers are so ditferent from the old, that they will be distin- 
guished i.-ilv from each other. This has been done in St. Louis to the satis- 
faction . f 'he business community. 

The I c i -signed has been for a number of years informing himself as to the 
merits c, ^ . e Decimal System. The publishing of the City Directory, also, he 
thinks, Ml-, turther qualified him for the task of accomplishing this work in a 
correct 'I satisfactory manner. If your honorable body should think proper 
to place ' ::is trust in his hands, he pledges himself to give his personal atten- 
tion to ; tiie details necessary for the perfecting of the Decimal System as a 
whole, v: I at such low rates as will be barely remunerative. And your peti- 
tioner \v , pver pray, &c. JOHN W. WOODS. 

He tl i employed several men to call on the citizens for their signatures, 
and suct .i-ded in obtaining 2,850 of the active business persons — the property 
holders, iniLsequently taxpayers, of the city; not five in a hundred declining 
to sign )i ; and not more than eight or ten, all told, refusing to do so. We 
firmly b< lieve that the signers in favor of it would not have objected to the 
city paving $12,000 for renumbering the houses, there being about 50,000 
houses uri'.l 150,000 handsome silver plated figures. The city to pay twenty- 
five cents per house, for a hovel or a palace. The vote in favor of the bill in 
the First ''ranch was 16 to 3; in the Second Branch, 7 to 2. *Hi3 Honor the 
Mayor ntuidit: thus repudiating the 2,850 signatures and the vote of more 
than two-thirds of the Council. 

We hope it will not be considered presumption or captiousness to call atten- 
tion to suiue of his objections to the bill. His Honor says: "The system is, 
doubtless, effective in Philadelphia, where the streets cross each other at right 
angles; where they are equidistant the one from the other, and run either 
north and south, or east and west, and nearly every one of which passes through 
the entire length or width of the city." These are bold assertions, and, we 
think, cannot be sustained by the facts. Kidge road runs diagonally across the 
city, passing from near the Delaware to Laurel Hill, on to Manayunk; also, 
Turner's .'anc, Tavern road, Germantown road, Frankford road, Poplar street, 
and several adjacent ones, not parallel with the principal streets; in the 16th 
ward nearly all curved. So much for the city proper. If the Schuylkill is 
crossed, there are but few streets at right angles. Germantown streets are not 
at right angles with the city proper. Along the Delaware, in the 18th and 
19th wards, there are no right angles with the city streets. Frankfoi'd is a 
labyrinth. Yet all these streets and suburban towns are numbered decimally, 
and are far more difficult to number than the streets of Baltimore. His Honor 
seems not to have known that not only Philadelphia, but also Washington. 
Richmond, St. Louis and Wilmington, Del., are numbered with the Decimal 
System. Wilmington, little more than a village, with 30,000 population, looks 
to the future for a permanent enumeration, and yet Baltimore, with her 350,- 
000, is thwarted in her laudable desire to have her houses numbered correctly, 

His Hpnor is rather unfortunate in finding a street between two given points 
that the Decimal System will fail to work through. He says, "on the north 


side of East Baltimore street there is not a single wide or principal thoroughfare 
between Exeter street and Central avenue ; on the south side of it there is but 
one street (Lloyd,) and that is but two short blocks in length." [If there was 
but one it could be numbered decimally.] "Now, on the south side, will the 
particular decimal figure commence at Exeter street, terminate at Lloyd, and 
from thence take up another decimal figure terminating at Central avenue, or 
will the decimal commence at Exeter street and terminate at Central avenue?" 
The Decimal System requires a street to run through and not to terminate at 
the street it reaches. For instance: Baltimore street going west from Charles 
street reaches Liberty street before the decimal number 100 is exhausted, and 
regardless of Hanover or Sharp streets. There are thirty-eight houses to be 
numbered on the north side of Baltimore street from Charles to Liberty. 
From Exeter street to Central avenue, on the south side of Baltimore street, 
there are thirty-six houses to be numbered, leaving fourteen numbers for the 
unoccupied spaces; on the north side of Baltimore street there are twenty-six 
houses to be numbered, leaving twenty-four numbers for unoccupied spaces. 

It is not necessary to say more than merely to state these facts. There are 
four or five squares in the city that have some twelve or fifteen more houses 
in the square, in the aggregate, than the decimal system provides for ; but 
owners of houses, all their lives, have been using fractions of ^ and i numbers 
on their houses, and should be willing to tolerate the use of some fifteen frac- 
tions in fifty thousand houses, for the establishing of the most perfect system 
that was ever djevised for the numbering of the houses in a large city. 

His Honor, in stating his objections to the bill relative to the opening of 
Lexington street, has not stated them as distinctly as we could have desired ; 
the elongation of Lexington street has become a law, but not an accomplished 
fact ; consequently, the imaginary altering of all the numbers from Fayette 
street to the terminus of Gay street is a fiction. The street having been sur- 
veyed, each opening could have been defined, and the numberingof the houses 
could have been fixed accordingly, at the crossings of each square ; to take 
down all the decimal numbers on each square to the terminus of .,Gay street, 
would be no greater disaster than to take down all the consecutive numbers 
on German street to Fremont, as they cannot be corrected in any other way ; 
there being three squares now of duplicated numbers at the beginning of that 

On Baltimore street between Fremont and Poppleton, His Honor says : 
"There is sufficient space for three blocks with no street intervening." They 
would be very small squares. The difficulty in this block is, that the houses 
all are small and narrow ; the square of ground is not much longer than many 
other squares in the city. There are fifty-six houses on the north side of Balti- 
more street between Fremont and Poppleton ; now, by adding at the forty-fifth 
house a fraction (J) and continuing it on each alternate number to the fiftieth 
house, it would be all right. A person owning a small house could not make 
any objection, it would not lessen the character of his house, and he would be 
yielding something for the public good. In the next ten years it is likely the 
houses may be changed, if so, they will require enlargement ; and the square 
might be renumbered (if the decimal system is in use) without disturbing any 
other number or square. 

His Honor says: " The system will obligate the renumbering of nearly every 


building in the city." That is so, and if the work is done properly, every house 
viust have a new number, so that the decimal system shall have a fair start — 
the two theories cannot work together. There need be no loss to the business 
houses on account of the new numbers. When the new numbers are put in use 
the old numbers can be allowed to stay on the houses a year or two, and can be 
printed on billheads, cards, &c., new and old, along side of each other, as they 
can be made easily distinguishable ; after a year or two the use of the legal 
number gradually will wipe out the old one. < 

His Honor goes on : " This will prove detrimental to the interest of every 
storekeeper, manufacturer and merchant, and particularly those that have a 
country trade." The evils of inti-oducing the decimal system are perfectly 
overwhelming in imagination. The people of Philadelphia were worked up 
with their imaginings to a great pitch, and remonstrated strongly against the 
measure ; but their Council passed it nearly unanimously. Yet the manufac- 
turers, the merchants, the storekeepers, and the city itself, have survived the 
disasters anticipated from the passage of the bill ; and not the slightest utter- 
ance of dissatisfaction exists ; on the contrary, every Philadelphian boasts of the 
advantages and facilities aflbrded the merchants, storekeepers, manufacturers, 
and even the countryman has no difficulty in finding any house in the City, 
without stopping persons along the street to inquire where such a number can 
be found. 

His Honor again says : " The evil of which it is said some complain, can be 
readily remedied by a more vigorous application of the third section of the 
Ordinance of 1871." The more vigorous application of the law means, to fol- 
low the canvassers of a Directory and renumber the houses after the canvasser 
has got his names for the Directory, as was done in the canvass of 1871 for the 
Directory of 1872 ; at that time there were some five or six men crossing the 
path of the canvassers while canvassing the Eastern section of the City ; thus 
thwarting the publisher of the Directory instead of co-operating with him. 
That law of 1871 says : "When an error or irregularity exists in the number- 
ing of houses, or when they are without numbers, in any street, lane or alley 
in the City of Baltimore, to have the same corrected or numbered without un- 
necessary delay, as soon as the facts are brought to his (the Inspector of Build- 
ings) notice." Now, that much of the law is productive of continual agitation. 
How much more sensible would it be to pass a law that would last for a hun- 
dred years ; one which could be corrected a square at a time without putting a 
whole street in confusion ? 


Advertisements, Index to, ... 8 
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Appendix, 891 

Arbeiler Beneficial Association, . . 910 

Athenaeum, 912 

Baltimore Association for the Improve- 
ment of the Couditiou of the Poor, . 911 
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City Police and Fire Alarm Telegraph 

Colored Orphans' Home, 

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Commissioners of Public Schools, . 

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Concordia Club, .... 

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Coo('er Union T. and B. Society, No. 2, 
Corn and Flour Exchange, 
Coroners, .... 

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German Society of Maryland, . . 910 

German Orphan Asylum, , . , ■ 915 

Gerniania Club, ..... 910 

Geimauia Maennerchor, . . . 911 

Government of the United States, . . 891 

Guvernmeut of the State of Maryland, 891 

Grand Army of the Republic, . .915 

Health Department, .... 893 

Hebrew Benevolent Society, . . . 914 
Hebrew Hospital and Asylum Association, 914 

Hebrew Ladies' Sewing Society, . . 914 

Hebrew Orphan Asylum, . . . 914 

Henry Watson Children's Aid Society, . 911 

Hept.isophs, or S. W. M. . . . 909 

Hibernian Society of Baltimore, . .910 

Home of the Friendless, . . . 913 

Home for Guis, ..... 913 

Horse Railways, ..... 905 

House of Refuge, 912 

House of tlie Good Shepherd, . . 914 

Infirmaries Hospitals, &c. . . . 915 

Inspector of Gas Meters, . . . 892 

Internal Revenue, . . . . .912 

Knights of Pythias, .... 908 

List of Names of Residents, from 17 to 761 


Magistrates 893 

Male Free School and Colvin Inst, for Girls, 914 
Managers of the Poor, ... 896 

Markets 889 

Maryland Academy of Art, . . 911 

Maryland Bible Society, . . . 914 

Maryland College of Pharmacy, . . 915 

Maryland Club, 910 

Maryland Deaf and Dumb Assylum, . 914 
Maryland Eye and Ear Infirmary, . . 915 

Maryland Gas Works, ... 913 

Maryland Hospital for the Ii;sane, . . 915 
Mar\ land Inebriate Asylum, . . 915 
Maryland Industrial School for Girls, . 913 
Maryland Institute, .... 912 
Maryland Inst, for Instruction of Blind, . 914 
Maryland Sunday School Union, . 914 

Maryland Tract Society, . . .914 

M^sbus, 906 

McKim Free School, . . . .915 
Merchants Exchange and News Rooms, 912 

Notaries Public, 903 

Odd Fellows, (I. 0. 0. F.) . . . 907 

Orphans Home, 913 

Park Commissioners, .... 892 

Pay Office U.S.N 912 

Peahody Institute, .... 912 
People's Gas Company, .... 913 
Police Organization, .... 891 
Portable Gas Light Company, . . 913 

Post Office, 896 

Prisoners' Aid Association, . . .914 
Public Schools, Locations and Teachers, 893 

Railroads, 903 

Red Men, (Improved Order,) . . . 907 
Red Men, (Independent Order,) . . 907 
Registers in Bankiuptcy, . . . 913 

Resident Coramissiouers, . . . 913 
Safe Deposit Company, .... 902 

Scheutzen Park Association, . . 910 
Scheutzen Park (West Baltimore) Asso- 
ciation, . ..... 910 

Society for Educating Poor and Orphan 

Children 914 

Sons and Daughters of America, . . 909 
Sons of Temperance, .... 909 
St. Andrew's Society, .... 910 
St. Anthony's (R. C.)Ger. Orphan Asylum, 913 


St. Francis Orphan Asylum, 

St. George's Society, 

St. Joseph's House of Industry, 

St. Joseph's General Hospital, 

St. Mary's Female Orphan Asylum, 

St. Mary's Industrial School for Boys, 

St. Paul's Orphan Asylum, 

St. Paul's Boys' Home, . 

St. Peter's (Epis.) Orphan Asylum, 

St. Vincent de Paul's Orphan Asylum 

St. Vincent's Infant Asylum, 


State Normal School, . 

Steamers and Steamboats, 

Street Directory, 

Tax Department, 


The "Home," 

Union Orphan Asylum, 

United Ancient Order of Druids, 

United Brothers (I. 0.) . 

Water Department, 

Weather Observation Office, 

Young Men's Catholic Lyceum, 

Young Men's Catholic Ass'n of Baltimore, 911 







Adjustable Spring Bed. 

Bartlett & Pomeroy, (iuset.) 

Bill Posters. 

A. T. Houck & Co. 

Boiler Makers. 

T. C. Basshor & Co. (inset) 
Denniead & Son, 
James Murray & Son, 
Geo. Page & Co. 

Bristle Dealers. 
Wm. Wilkens & Co. 

Britannia Ware. 

William Holmes, 

Burial Cases. 

John H. Weaver, 

Car Wheel Manufacturers. 

Baltimore Car Wheel Co. 


James Murray & Son, 


Noah Walker & Co. 5 

Coal Tar. 

Baltimore Coal Tar Manufacturing Co. 
side line front cover, and p. 37 

Coal Tar Products. 

Baltimore Coal Tar Manufacturing 

Co. side line front cover and p. 37 

Commission Merchants. 

Cbas. H. Daijier & Bros. 11 

Curled Hair Manufactory. 

Wm. Wilkens & Co. 7 

Drain and Sewer Pipes. 

Geo. C. Hicks, (inside front cover.) 

Dumb Waiters. 

James Bates, 


P. E. Cowman. 


James Bates. 

Engravers Wood. 

J. H. Parks. 

Engineers and Machinists. 
T. C. Fiasshori; Co. (inset.) 
Denmead & Son, 
James Murray & Son, 
George Page & Co. 

Fancy Goods. 

Jacob Knipp, jr. 




R. J. Halliday, (2d page inside back 

Flour, Grain, &c. 

Chas. H. Daiger & Bros. 11 

Furniture, &c. 

Wm. Reisiuger k Son. 10 

Gentleman's Furnisning Goods. 

Jacob Knipp, jr. 10 

Hoisting Machines. 

James Bates. I 

Hosiery, Yarns, Gloves, &c. 

Jacob Knipp, jr. 10 


^tna Insurance Co. of Hartford, Conn. 

(inside front cover.) 
Allemannia Ins. Co. of Cleveland, 0. 12 
Alps Ins. Co. of Erie, 12 

0. F. Bresee, (lines bottom of pages.) 
Firemen's Insurance Company of Bal- 
timore, 2 
Gegan Bros. & Allmand, (top lines 

George B. Coale & Morris, (front cover.) 
Germania Fire Insurance Company, 

of New York, (inside front cover.) 
Hartford Fire Insurance Company, 

(front cover.) 
Home lusuratice Co. of New York, 

(front cover.) 
J. J. Jackson, (front cover.) 
Lawford & McKim, (inset.) 
Mechanics & Traders Insurance Co. of 

New York, 12 

Merchants' Mutual (Marine) Insurance 

Co. (front cover ) 
Mutual Life InsurnnceCo. of New York, 

(lines bottom of pages.) 
National Fire Insurance Co. of Hurt- 
ford, Conn (inside fiont cover.) 
New York Life Insurance Co. (front 

North British and Mercantile Insurance 

Co. (front cover.) 
J. A. Rigby, 12 

J. G. Proud & Sons, (inside front 

cover. ) 
Phenix Insurance Co. of Rrooklyu 12 

Geo. I. Richardson (front cover.) 
Royal Insurance Co. (front cover.) 
Springfield Fire Insurance Co. of Mass., 

(inside front cover.) 
Woodward Brothers, (bottom lines 

front cover.) 

iron Foundry. 

James Bates, 1 

Iron Works. 

Denmead & Son, 8 

James Murray &,• Son, 11 








Labor Saving Machines. 

Jameii Bates, 

Leather Belting and Hose. 

J. H. Haskell, 

Machine Cards. 

J. H. Baskell, 

Machinists, &c. 

Den mead & Sou, 
James Murray & Son, 
Geo. Page 4- Co. 

Malt and Hops. 

Bo} d & Ricketts, 


Baltimore Car Wheel Co., 
Geo. Page k Co., 

Manufacturers' Supplies. 

J. H. Haskell. 


James Murray J;- Son, 

Notions, Hosiery, &e. 

Jacob Kuipp, jr. 

Nurserymen and Florists. 

R. J. Halliday,(2dp. inside back cover.) 


Wm. Koabe & Co., (front cover.) 

Oyster and Fruit Packers and 

Chas. H. Daiger & Bros., 11 

Paper Hangings and Window 

Howell <J- Bros, (fore edge.) 

Paper Warehouse. 

Wbeelvvright, Mudge & Co. (1st p. in- 
side back cover.) 


P. M. Hulbrook & Sons, 12 


Gaehle & Co. 13 

Gaehle's Manufacturing Co. 7 

Wm Knabe & Co. (front cover.) 


James Young, (inset.) 

Produce, &c. 

Charles. H. Daiger & Bros. 11 


Alexandria and Fredericksburg Railroad, 

(back cover.) 
BHltiniore and Ohio Railroad, 2 

Baltimore and Potomac Railroad, (back 

Northern Central Railroad, (back cover.) 
Penns)lvi\nia Railroad, (back cover.) 
Philadelphia and Erie Railroad, (back 



Retorts and Fire Brick. 

George C. Hicks & Co. (inside front 


Ran & Junghein, 12 


W. C Heslop & Co. (lines side of pages.) 

Saw Mills, Stationary and Portable. 

Demmead & Son, 8 

James Murray & Son, 11 

George Page & Co. 3 


Fairbanks & Co. ^ 


R. J. Halliday, (2d p. inside back cover.) 

Show Cards. 

Rau & Junghein, 12 

Silver Plated Ware. 

William Holmes, 11 

Smoking Articles. 

Everett Mills. 13 

Tailors (Merchant.) 

Noah Walker & Co. 5 


Geo. C. Hicks & Co. (inside front cover.) 


Everett Mills, 13 

Transportation Lines. 

Andrews & Co. 6 

James B. Andreves, 6 

Baltimore and Southern Steam Trans- 
portation Co. 6 
Baltimore and Philadelphia Steamboat 

Company, (inside back cover.) 
Baltimore and Newbern, N. C, steam- 
ers, 6 
R. Foster, 9 
New York and Baltimore Transporta- 
tion Line, (inside back cover.) 
Powhatan Steamboat Co. 9 
Savannah Steamers, 6 
J. A. Shriver, (inside back cover.) 
Southeri/Transportatiou Company, 6 


Jacob Weaver, 
John H. Weaver, 


Adjustable Spring Bed, (inset.) 

Yarn, Gloves, &c. 

Jacob Knipp, jr. 





Accountants, ..... 763 
Adjusters of Averages, .... 763 
Agencies — Collection, . . . 763 
Agencies — Coiiiinercial and Mercantile, . 763 
Agencies — Immigrant . . . 763 
Agencies — Law, ..... 763 
Agents — Advertising and Publishing, 763 
Agents — Book and Subscription, . 763 
Agents — Claim and Pension, . . 763 
Agents — General, .... 764 
Agents and Managers — Insurance, . . 764 
Agents — Property and Collectors, . 765 
Agents — Real Estate, .... 765 
Agents— Steamers, Rail Road and Passen- 
ger, 766 

Agricultural Implements, . . . 767 

Antiqu;-.rian Books, .... 767 

Apothecaries. Drufrgists and Chemists, . 767 

Aquariums and Bird Staffers, . . 768 

Architects and Civil Engineers, . . 768 

Artificial Flowers, .... 769 

Artificial Limbs, Tiusses, &c., . . 769 

Artists, . . . . . . 769 

Artists' Materials, 769 

Attorneys at Law, .... 769 

Auction and Commission Merchants, . 772 

Bacon Dealers, ..... 772 

Bag Jlanufacturers and Brokers, . . 773 

Bakers, 773 

Bankers, 773 

Banks, 773 

Banks — National, 773 

Banks — Savings, .... 774 

Banel Dealers, 774 

Basket Makers, 774 

Bell Founders, 774 

Bell Hangers, 774 

Bellows Manufacturer, .... 774 

Bill Posting and Distributing, . . 774 

Billiard Saloons, 774 

Blacking .Manufacturers, . . . 774 

Blacksmiths and Wheelwrights, . . 774 

Bleackfis and Pressers, . . , 775 

BloCK and Pump Makers, . . . 775 

Boarding Houses. . . . 775 

Boat Builders, ' 776 

Boiler Makers, 777 

Bolting Cloths, 777 

Bonnet Frame Manufacturers, . . 777 

Bonnets, Ribbons, Silk and Straw Goods, 777 

Book Binders, 777 

Booksellers, Stationers and Publishers, 777 
Boot and Shoe Dealers and Manufactu- 
rers — Retail, 778 

Boot and Shoe Dealers and Manufactu- 
rers — Whclcsalc 779 

Boots and Shoe.< — Ladies, . . . 780 
Boot, Shoe and Gaiter Upper Manufacturers, 780 

Bottlers, 780 

Box Makers 780 

Brass and Bell Founders, . . . 780 

Brewers, 781 

Brick Manufacturers, 

Bridge and Wharf Builders, 

Britannia Ware Manufacturers, 

Brokers — Exchange, Bill and Stock, 

Brokers — Insurance, 

Brokers — Merchandise and Shipping, 

Brokers — Real Estate, 

Brooms, Baskets and Wooden Ware, 

Brush Manufacturers and Dealers, 

Building Materials, 

Burr Mill Stone Manufacturers, 

Business College, 

Butter Dealers, .... 

Cabinet Makers, 

Can Makers, ..... 

Car Wheel Manufacturers, 

Cards — Machine, .... 

Card Writers, .... 

Carpenters and Builders, 

Carpets, Oil Cloth, &c.. 

Carpet Weavers, .... 

Carriage and Coach Mikers, 
Carriage Goods, Hardware, &c., 
Carvers and Gilders, 
Cattle Dealers, .... 

Cement and Plaster, .... 

Chair Caners, ..." 

Chair Makers, . . . ... 

Chemists and Dealers in Chemicals, 
China, Glass and Queensware, 
Chiropodists, .... 

Chronometers and Nautical Instruments, 
Cigar Moulds, Presses and Straps, 
Cloaks, Shawls and Mantillas, 


Clothiers — Children, .... 

Clothiers — Retail, 

Clothiers — .Wholesale, 

Cloths, Cassimeres, Vestings, &c., . 

Coal and Wood Dealers, 

Coal Oil, 

Coffee Renovators, .... 

Culfee Roasters and Spice Grinders, 

Collar Makers, ..... 

Commercial Colleges, 

Commission Merchants, 

Commissioners of Deeds, 

Comi)anies — Miscellaneous, 

Confectioners and Fruiterers — Retail, 

Confectioners and Fruiterers — Wholesale 

Consuls and Vice-Consuls, 




Cork Cutters and Dealers, 


(Jolton Brokers, 

Cotton Dealers and Factors, 

Cotton Duck .Manufacturers, 

Cotton Press, 

Cotton and Woolen Goods, 

Cotton Yarn, &c., 



Cuppers and Leeclieis, 

Curled Hair Manufacturers, 

Curriers, Leather and Findings Dealers, 

Cutlers and Dealers in Cutlery, . 

Dairies, ..... 

Dancino; Academies, 

Dental Depot and College, 

Dentists, ..... 

Die Sinkers and Engravers, 

Dispensaries, .... 

Distillers, .... 

Dollar Store 

Drain Pipes and Tiles, 

Dressmakers, .... 

Drugoists — Wholesale, 

Dry Goods — Retail, .... 

Dry Goods — Wholesale and Commission, 

Dj-ers and Scuurers, .... 

Dye Woods and Dje Stuffs, . 

Edge Tools, 

Elastic Spoufre Goods, 

Electrotypers, ..... 

Embroideries and Lnces, 

Engineers — Civil and Mechauical, 

Engines and Boilers, 

Engravers, ...... 

Express For-warders, 

Fancy Goods and Notions — Retail, 

Fancy Goods and Notions — Wholesale, 


File and Rasp Manufacturers, . 
Fire Brick Manufacturers, . 
Fish and Cheese Dealers, 
Fishing Tackle, Twines, &c.. 
Flag Manufacturers, 
Florists and Nurserymen, 
Flour and Feed Dealers, . 
Forwarding, ..... 

Fresco Painters, .... 

Fruit Dealers 

Furniture Dealers and Manufacturers, 

Furriers and Fur Dealers, . 

Gas, . * . 

Gas Fitters and Fixtures, . 

Gas Meter Makers, .... 

Gangers, ...... 

Gentlemen's Furnishing Goods — Retail, 
Gentlemen's Furnishing Goods — Whole 


Glass and Glassware Dealers, . 

Glass Manufacturers, .... 

Glass Stainers, .... 

Gloves, Hosiery, Worsted, Yarns, &c., 

Gold Pen Manufacturers, 

Gold and Silversmiths, 

Grain and Flour Dealers, 

Granite Yards, ..... 

Grinders and Polishers, . 

Grocers — Retail, ..... 

Grocers — Wholesale and Commission, 

Guano Dealers, ..... 

Gun Manufacturers and Dealers, 

Hair Dressers and Goods, . 

Hardware Manufacturers Agents, . 

Hardware — Retail, .... 

Hardware — Wholesale, . 

Hat and Cap Manufacturers, . . „.„ 

Hats, Caps, Furs and Straw Goods — Retail, 815 

Hats, Caps, Furs, &c.— Wholesale, 

Hay and Straw Dealers, . 

Hermetically Sealed Fruits, &c., . 



. 799 

Hide and Leather Dealers, 






Horse Dealers, .... 



Horse Shoers, ..... 


. 799 

Hose Manufacturers, 



Hosiery, Yarns, Worsteds, &c., . 


. 800 




House Fiirnhising Goods, 


. 800 

Ice Cream 



Ice Depots, 


. 801 




India Rubber Goods, 


. 801 

Instrument Makers, .... 



Insurance Companies, 

. 819 

. 801 

Intelligence Offices, .... 



Iron Fence Railing, 

. 821 

, 802 

Iron, Steel and Metal Dealers, 



Iron Founders, .... 


. 803 

Iron Furnaces, 



Japanners and Ornamenters, . 


. 803 

Jewelers, ...*.. 



Junk Dealers, .... 

. 822 

. 803 

Ladies' Furnishing, .... 



Lamps and Oil, .... 


. 804 

Last Makers, ..... 





. 804 

Leather Belting, .... 



Leather and Oil Dealers, . 

. 823 

. 805 

Lightning Rods, 



Lime, ...... 


. 806 

Linen Goods, 



Liquor and Wine Dealers — Retail, 

. 824 

. 806 

Liquors and Wines — Wholesale, . 



Lithographers, .... 

. 825 

. 806 

Livery, Hack and Sale Stables, . 



Locksmiths and Bellhangers, . 


. 806 

Looking-Glass and Picture Frame Mam 



facturers, . . . • , • 


. 807 

Lumber Dealers, .... 





. 808 




Manufacturers, ..... 


. 809 

Manufacturers' and Machinists' Supplies 



Marble and Stone Workers, 


. 809 

Mattress Manufacturers, . 

. 830 


Merchant Tailors, . . . 


. 810 

Millers— Merchant, 






Millinery Goods, .... 


. 810 




Miscellaneous, .... 


. 811 

Mineral Water 



Morocco Manufacturers and Dressers, 


. 811 

Music and Musicallnstruments, . 



Music Teachers, .... 


. 811 

Nails, .... ... 



Naval Stores, 


. 811 




News and Periodicals, . 


. 813 

Nickel Plating, 



Notaries Public, .... 


. 814 

Notions— Wholesale, .... 



Nurses and Midwives, 


. 814 

Oil Companies, 



Oil Dealers, ..... 


. 814 

Opticians, ...... 



Organ Builders and Dealers, . 


il, 815 

Oyster and Fruit Dealers and Packers, 



Packing (Provision) Houses, . 


. 816 

Painters, ...... 



Paints, Oils, Glass, &c., 




Paper Bags, .... 

Paper Bos Maaufaclurers, 

Paper Hangings and Window Shades, 

Paper Stock, 

Paper Warehouses, 

Passe Piirlouts, .... 

Patent Articles, .... 

Patent Medicines, 

Pattern .Makers, .... 

Pavers, Gi^iders and Contractors, 

Pawnbrokers, .... 

Phospliates, . . . 

PhotugnipLers, .... 

Photographers' Stock, 


Piano Dealers and Manufacturers, 
Pickling- and Preserving, 
Picture Frame Manufacturers, . 
Plane Makers, .... 
Plasterers, .... 
Plaster Mills, .... 
Piumberi, .... 

Pocket Book and Jewelry Case Manufi 

turers, ..... 
Potteries, .... 

Printers — 'Book and Job, 
Printers — Copperlate, 
Printers' Inks, .... 
Produce Dealers, 
Provision Dealers, 
Provision Merchants — Wholesale, 
Pump and Block Makers, 
Pyrotechnists, .... 
Railways, (Marine,) . 
Ranges ;'.nd Furnaces, 
Regalia Makers, . ^ . 
Registerc- in Bankruptcy, . 
Restauranto, ... 


Rivet and Spike Works, . 
Rolling Mills, .... 


Rope Jlakers and Dealers, . 

Saddle and Harness Makers, 

Saddlery and Coach Hardware, 

Safes — Fire Proof, . 

Sail Makers, .... 

Salt De^ilers, .... 

Sand Dealers, .... 

Sash, Door and Blind .Manufacturers 

Saw Manufiicturers, 

Saw and Planing Mills, . 


Schools, Academies and Colleges, 


Sewing Machines, . . . 
Ship Builders and Marine Railways, 
Ship Cliaudlers, ... 
Ship Joiners, .... 
Ship Smiths, .... 
Shipping Masters, 




Shipping Merchants, 



Shirt Manufacturers, .... 



Shoe Findings, .... 



Show Cards, ..... 



Show Case Manufacturers, 



Silk Weavers, Manufacturers and Dealers, 



Silver Platers and Plated Ware, . 



Silversmiths, ..... 






Slate Roofers, 



Smokers' Articles, .... 



SnuiT Manufacturers, 



Soap and Candle Manufacturers, 






Stamping, Fluting and Pinking, 



Stationery, Blank Books, ^'c, . 



Steam Forges, 



Steamship and Steamboat Lines, 



Steam and Water Heating, . 
Stencil Cutters, .... 





Stereoscopic Views, .... 



Stone Cutters, 


Stone Masons, ..... 



Storage, . . . . • 



Stove Dealers, 



Sugar Refineries, .... 



Surveyors, ...... 



Tailors.' and Clothiers' Trimmings, . 



Tanners and Curriers, .... 



Tea and Coffee Dealers, 



Telegraphs, ...... 



Tin Plate and Metals, 



Tin Ware and Sheet Iron Workers, 



Tobacco and Cigars — Retail, 



Tobacco and Cigar Dealers and Manulnc- 


turers — Wholesale, 



Toilet Articles, Perfumery, &c., 



Tonic Beer, 



Trimmings. Laces, &c. . 



Trunks, Valists, Carpet Bags, Jj-c. 






Type Founders, 



Umbrella and Parasol Manufacturers and 


Repairers, ..... 



Undertakers, ..... 



Upholsterers, .... 






Veterinary Surgeons, .... 



Vinegar Makers, .... 



Watches and Jewelry, 



Watch Case Makers, 



Weighers, .... 



Whips and Canes, . 



Wig Makers, ... 



Wire Workers, ... 



Wood Dealers, ... 



Wood — Sawed and Split, 



Wooden and Willow Ware, 



Wool Dealers, .... 



Yeast Makers, ... 






n. north ; s. south ; e. east ; w. west ; st. strr-et ; ct. court ; av. avenue ; al. alley ; la. lane ; 
dw. dwelling; cor. corner; ext. extended; rd. road : nr. near: L. F. Locust Point. 
Note: The names appearing in CAPITAL LETTERS are subscribers. 



Aaron .Mrs. Betsy, rapes, 121 Ridgely 

Aaron Augustus, carpenter, 106 Battery av 

Aaron Geo. butter, 106 Battery av 

Aaron Geo. W. lieut. police, 132 s Ann 

Aaron James, bricklayer, 52 Stockton al 

Aaron Lewis, lab. 121 Ridgely 

Aaron Marceilus, carpenter, 106 Battery av 

Aaron Samuel, screwman, tobacco w h Xo. 5. 

Aaron Samuel, shipcarp, 190 Montgomery 

Aaron Samuel, canmaker, 106 Batterj- av 

Abbes Francis H. collector, 11 n Ann 

Abbill Heni;j-, 271 e Madison 

Abbis Ferdinand, cooi)er, 107 Frederick av 

Abbot Charles, 76 Division 

Abbott Ale.xander, 329 e Baltimore 

Abbott C. W. clerk, 210 Conway 

Abbott Chas. brickraaker,Clinton nr Lazaret 

Abbott Cornelius F. (Morning Star Bitters Co. ) 

210 Conway 
Abbott David M. carp. 34 Constitution 
ABBOTT EDWIN A. saw raill,Hudson nr Burke 

United States shipping commissioner, 24 

Second, dw 113 s Iligh 
Abbott -Mrs. Elizabeth J. 143 Battery av 
Abbott Elizabeth J. 25 HoUins 
Abbott Mrs. E. B. 13 Mull)erry 
Abbott Francis, moulder, Druidville 
'tbbott George T. puddler, 118 Chesapeake 
Abbott H.(H. A.&Son,) Homestead, Bait, co 

prest. cor Burke and Hudson, Canton 
Abbott Jacob, clerk, 275 n Gay 
Abbott James F. (McAllister & Co.) 269 n 

\bbott James L. carp. 191 Montgomery 
Abbott James W. mariner, 143 Battery av 
Abbott John, carp. 114 Jefferson 
Abbott John, mariner, 53 n Eden 
Abbott John,- mariner, 114 York 
Abbott John F. mariner, 143 Battery av. 

Abbott John N. carp. 214 n Broadway 
Abbott John K. dredger 114 York 
Abbott Joseph B.jr. bookkeeper. Gibbons hotel 
Abbott J. Walter, clerk, 143 Battery av 
Abbott Samuel, laborer, 16 Armistead la 
Abbott Wm. H. & Co. (W. H. Abbott, Thos. 

Wheatle}',) oysters, 173 Hamburg 
Abbott Wm. tobacconist, 238 s Broadway 
Abbott Wm.H.fWm.H.A. &Co) 163 Hamburg 
Abbott Wm. W. clerk, 35 Hamburg 
Abbott Wm. H. H. clerk, 238 s Broadway 
Abel Conrad, huckster, 409 e Fayette 
Abel Fredk. lab. Hampden 
Abel Dorothea, 355 e Lombard 
Abel John, tailor, 357 e Lombard 
Abel John, baker, 136 Camden 
Abel Joseph, cooper, -357 e Lombard 
Abele Mary, 261 Canton av 
Abeling August, lab. 119 e Lombard 
Abell A. S. (A. S. A. & Co.) 83 Saratoga 
ABELL A. S. & CO. (A. S. and George W. 

Abell) prop'rs and publ'rs of the Sun, Sun 

Iron Building, s e cor Baltimore and South 
Abell Charles S. editor Sun, 83 Saratoga 
Abell Charles T. printer, 150 Mulberry 
Abell David T. printer, 226 w Fayette 
Abell Edward F. Sun office, dw Baltimore co 
Abell Edward M. butcher, 48 Centre and 32 

Lexington markets, dw 290 w Hoffman 
Abell Franklin M. butcher, 24 Richmond and 

20 Lafayette markets, dw 290 w Hoffman 
Abell Godfrey, baker, 210 w Pratt 
Abell Geo. W. (A. S. A. & Co. )340 Madison av 
Abell Ignatius, police, 164 s Paca 
Abell Mrs. Margaret, boarding, 182 s Paca 
Abell Richard, mariner, 5 n Castle 
Abell Walter R. editor Sun, 83 Saratoga 
Abell Wm. carp. 164 s Paca 
Abendenschoen Joseph, lab. 154 West 
Abendschein Andrew, barber, 168 s Bond 
Abendschein Chas. 438 Canton av 











The Largest Life Insurance Co. in the World. 
















Abeuilschein John, i)rovisions, 438 Csiuton av 
Abendschein Joseph, paver, ir)4 West 
Abendschoeni .Mrs. .Margtiret, confoct'y, Sharp 

nr Biirre, dw 64 Burre 
Abendschoem Rudolph, shoeiiikr, 154 West 
Abendschoeii Cltnient, carpet ^Yeaver, 232 s 

Abendscboen Goo. tailor, 200 ."\Iontgomery 
Abonshan Philip, jiaver, 50 a Ciiroliiie 
Abercrombie Mrs. Cliristian. 81 Chew 
Abercroiubie David, treas. Bait. News Co., Ill 

AV Baltimore and 5 South, Siui building, dw 

78 Chew 
Abercrombie James, printer, 232 w Hoffman 
Abercrombie John, sec'ry Ball. News Co., 336 

n Eden 
Abercrombie Wm. H. printer, u w cor Greene 

and Baltimore, dw 232 w Ilolfniaii 
Abere Anthony, boilermaker, 794 w Baltimore 
Abere Mrs. Elizbth millinery, 794 w Baltimore 
Abey Elizabeth, teacher, 37 s Chester 
Abey Geo. T. hatter, 16 n Ann 
Abey Geo B. clerk, Chopiank nr Pratt 
Abey John, machinist, 37 s Chester 
Abey Joshua, printer, 37 s Ciiestcr 
Abey John S. collector, 114 William 
Al)ey Lizzie, teacher, 37 s Chester 
Abey Michael H. caulker, 103 Johnson 
Abey l^[rs. Sarah, seamstress, 6 Burrough 
Abey W. Ale.x. clerk, 37 s Chester 
Abey Wm 11. grocu-y, 114 William 
Abey V\'m. tin and sheet iron w'kr 114 William 
Abigail John N. brakeman, Fulton nr Pratt 
Ablet William, 96 Camden 
Abraham Mrs. Caroline, Ills Wolfe 
Abraham Geo. F. plasterer, 24 n Sharp, dw 

352 Mulberry 
Abraham Isaac, tailor, 16 Sterrett 
Abraham John Charles, mariner, Ills Wolfe 
Abraham Nathan, rags, 102 Low 
Abraham Jlrs. A. 94 s Caroline 
Aljrahanis Barnett, cigarm'kr, 45je Baltimore 
Abrahams Charles K., Port Deposit 
Abrahams Eliza, 302 e Monument 




C'A]>'M« of !;ikinic out of tho water 

(Jiiiliiiiit; ami Rfpairinfj of VcsseU attenJed to with 
promiitiieKS and dispatcli. 

Vessels from abroad can secure their turns on the 
Dock by application by Telegraph or Letter. 

THAMES ST., foot of Cai-oline. 

hams) shipbuilders, Philpot ami Thames 

Abrahams John J. ( J. J. A. & Sons) i'ort De- 

Abrahams Joseph, 347 e Baltimore 

Abrahams Wm. 11. 286 e Baltimore 

Abrahams Woodward, (Cocbrau & Co.) 245 
Linden av 

Abnihams Woodward, (A. A. Johnson &, Co.) 
88 Spear's whf 

Abrahams Wm. W. clerk, 275 e Baltimore 

Abrams Ale.x. J. marblecutter, Grecnmouutav 
opp cemetery 

Abrams Alex J. jr. marbleworker, Greenmoiint 

av nr Greenmount cemetery, dw 207 s Ann 
Abrams Charles 11. driver, 286 Canton av 
Abrams Gl'o W. marbleworker, Greeuniountav 

nr Greenmount cemetery 
Abrams Geo. huckster, Whatcoat 
Abrams JacobD.l)uilder, Broadway and Madison 
Abrams Jas. K. P. carjienter, 188 n Eden 
Abreo James, sailmaker, 107 Bank 
Abreo Thomas, 107 Bank 
Abt Mrs. Christina, boarding, 378 Eastern av 
Abt Frederick, laborer, 378 Eastern av 
Abt Henry, brushmaker, 378 Eastern av 
Abt John, moulder, 191 s Washington 
Aburn Charles !1. b'keeper, Thames and Philpot 
Abnrn Mrs. Mary, 330 n Broadway 
Aburn T. Harry, cleric, 368 e .Madison 
Aburn Wm. R. sparmaker, 61 Block 
Academy of the Holy Cross, 103 3 Broadway 
Achem Jacob, scowman, 11 Port 
Achenback Henry, butcher. Belair, Centre and 

Hanover markets, dw l45 Greenmount av 
Achenback John II. plasterer, 4 Walsh 
Achenback Jlrs. Mary, dressmaker, 4 Walsh 
Acherd Ciins. coachtriinmer, 126 w Biltimore 
Achey Chas F. (F. Achey cj- Son) 133 German 
Achey Frederick k Son,^''- i-^"(i C. F. Achey) 

curriers, 22 s Liberty 
Achey Frederick (Frederick Achey J* Son) 129 

Achey Thos. currier, 247 George 
Achey Thos. currier, 164 Scott 
Acker Peter, bank messenger, 282 Aisqnilh 
Acker Wm. F. baker, 816.} w Baltimore 
Ackerly Anne, 141 e Baltimore 
Ackermau Chris. U. (Held k Co.) 363 w Fayette 
Ackertnan Francis, confectionery, 100 n Dallas 
Ackcrman Geo. jr. tailor, 92 s Castle 
Ackerman .Mrs. Geo. sec. hd. store, 63 Harrison 
Ackcrman Geo. sawyer, 92 s Castle 
Ackerman Henry, 363 w Fayette 
Ackerman Henry, laborer, 88 Albemarle 
Ackerman Henry jr. laborer, 38 Albemarle 
Ackerman Joshua (F. Heiser & Co.) Starr hotel 
Ackerman John, cabinetmaker. 141 Vine 
Ackerman John, tailor, 100 n Dallas 
Ackerman .Mrs. Kunigunda, grocery, Pratt and 

.Ackerman Mrs. Mary, coiifect'y, IGSs Wolfe 
Ackerman Nicholas, cloth'g cutter, 165 s Wolfe 
Ackerman Nicholas, jr. canmaker, 16.') s Wolfe 
Ackerman Win. barkeeper, 281 w Pratt 
Ackea Nicholas, (Sisi^on, Loane &. Co.) Wash-' 

ington, D. C. 
Ackler Jacob, shoecutter, 321 Saratoga 
Ackwiih iMrs. Mary A. tailoress, 40 n Eden 
Accpiaroni Rev. B. A. 64 .Mosher 
Acffuia Creek Line, C. P. Irvine, agent, piers 

8 and 9 Light st whf, ollice 138 Light-st whf 
.>\clon Elijah, blacksmith, 150 Ramsay 
Actual Business College, E. K. Losier, pres't, 

over n e cor Baltimore and (-harles 
Adair Harry II. clerk, 49 Ml. Vernon pi 
Adair John, machinist, 6 O.Kford 
Adair Robirt J. clerk, 6 O.xford 
Adam Angnst, laborer, 22 s Durham 
.\dam I'red.W. cabinetmaker, 21 Somerset 
Adam R. M. (A. Smith cj- Co.) Augusta, Ga 
Adam, Smith & Co. (R. M. Adam. J. P. Smith, 

J. P. Bondurant, nierchandiso brokers, 61 

E.\change pi 
Adams Adaui, 89 n Chapel 

MutTial Life Insurance Co. of "New York, 




A'diinis Adeline E. school, 206 n Howard 
Adiuus Alljert, slioeniaker, 94 Dniid Hill av 
Adams Alex. jjlrtStertT, 120 Cputral av 
Adams Annie E. 5 Armistead la 
Adams Mrs. Ann, lOl AVest 
Adatns Mrs. Antm, laiind. 115 e Pratt 
Adams Anna, tailoress, 1 Barre 
Adams Mrs. Anna M. 192 Sarato^ra 
Adams Ann M. tailoress, 49 l-^lizalieth 1?. 
ADAMS, BOVV'EN k CO. (P. A. Buueu, E. T. 
Jackson) wliol'e liq'rs and grocers, 57 w Pratt 
Adams J- Buck ^Wm. H.Adams, Irving A. Buck, 
wholesalfe boots and shoes, Ho\ \v Baltimore 
-Adams Benjamin, driver, 49 Penna av 
Adams Benjamin F. i)oHce, 9? Warner 
Adams Benjamin F. jr. carpenter 90 Warner 
Adams Capt. Cadmus, mariner, 289 e Fayette 
Adams Jlrs. Catherine, 33 s Castle 
Adams Charles A. shc^emaker, 27 s Wolfe 
Adams ChailfS iS. apothecary-, u w cor Monu- 

ument and Ensor 
Adams Ohas. grocerv, O'Donnell and East av 
Adams Clark, laborer, 40sPoppletou 
Adams Charles E. clerk, 278 HoUins 
Adams Charles W. clerk, GnO \v Fayette 
Adams Cliarlotte W. school, 20(3 n Howard 
Adams & Co. {H. A. Adams, E. H. Yates, ) em- 
ployment and collection agts. 19 Li-xington 
A.UAMS EDWARD & SON, (E. and John W. 
Adanis, )grocers and produce, u e cor HoUins 
and Rejjublican 
Adams, Drexei & Co. (J. C. Adams, F. F. Drex- 
el, S. T. Procter,) mauiifs. and importers of 
druggists' giiiss\rare and sundries, 4 s Sliarp 
and n e cor Liberty and German 
Adams Edv/d. (E. Adams & Son,) 278 Hollins 
Adatns Edgar S. tinner, 98 Lee 
Adams Eliza, teacher, 269 Druid Hill av 
Adams Mrs. EiiEabeth, 186 n Eutaw 
A.dams Elizabeth C. 315 Light 
ADAMS EMKHUS, coal ymd, s w cor Caroline 
and Dock, and n w cor Centralav and Gough, 
d\v 40^ e Baltimore 
ADAMS EXPRESS CO. 164 w Baltimore, and 
depot 227 acd 229 s Howard, John Q. A. 
Herri ntr, supt 
Adams Express stables, North nr Saratoga 
Adams Mis. F. E. 73 s Chester 
Adams Fred. W. cabinetmkr, 21 Somerset 
Adams Fred. E. machinist, 391 e Baltimore 
Adams Franklin G. t-olegr;ipbist, lOG Lee 
Adams Geo., s \v cor Gist and Gough 
Adams Geo. C. driver, 574 w Baltimore 
Adams Geo. F. bookkeeper, 394 w Fayette 
Adams Dr. Geo. F. 215 Druid Hill av 
Adams Geo. W. lab. Addison al. near Pratt 
Adatns Geo. W. carp. 101 Parkin 
Adams Geo. W. engineer, 335 e Monument 
Adams Geo. W. bricklayer, 359 s Sharp 
Adams Mrs. Hannah M. confect'y, 421 u Gay- 
Adams Mrs. Henrietta, 494 w P'ayette 
Adams Henry, pianomaker, 258 s Sharp 
Adams Henry, jr. moulder, 18G George 
Adams Henry, shoenitiker, 186 George 
Adams Henry A. (A. & Co.) 421 n Guy 
Adams Henry, clerk, 256 s Sliarp 
Adams Howard J. propr. St. AUehiiels and Wye 
river steamboat, pier 12 Lightest, whf., dw. 
136 Cathedral 
Adams J. L. clerk, Carroll ton hotel 
Adams James, 186 a Eutaw 
Adams James B. engineer, 163 s Choptank 

Adams Jas. C. (A., Drexei & Co.) 230 n Carey 

Adams James M. clerk, 204 Georixe 

Adams James N. bricklayt-r, 90 Warner 

Adams James W. 193 Mulberry 

Adams Mrs. Jane, 2G w Lombard 

Adams Mrs. Johanna, 163 s Choptank 

Adams John, machinist, 117 Jack.^on sq av 

Adams John, can maker, 90 s Ann 

Adams John Adams, caulker. 184 s Bethel 

Ailams Jolin, pickler, 87 n Chapel 

Adams John A. salesman, 295 Walsh 

Adams John C. plasterer, 238 Lee 

Adams Capt. John E. stevedore, 68 Gough 

Adams John T. 193 Mulberry 

Adams John C. paperhauger, 195 Jefferson 

Adams John C. paperhanger, 19 n Eden 

Adams John F. 206 n Howard 

Ailams John F.(S. H. & J. F. A. )600 w Fayette 

Adams John G. plasterer, 7 Wyeth 

Adams John H. sailniMker, s e cor^.Block and 

West Falls av, dv/ 65 'William 
Adams John H. jr. sailmaker, 65 William 
Adams John Q. "(Carroll, A. & Co.) 241 n Re- 

Adams John Q gas inspector, 256 n Eden 
Adams John W. (E. A. k Son) 276 Hollins 
Adams Joseph, (Barnes & Adams) 117 Jackson 

s'l av 
Adams Joseph, plasterer, 238 Lee 
Adams Joseph jr. plasterer, 178 Montgomery 
Adams Juseph W. mariner, 20 w Lombard 
Adams Joshua A. gas inspector, 256 n Eden 
Adams Luella B. school, 206 n Howard 
Adams Mrs. .Mary A. 193 Mulberry 
Adams Mathias, mariner, 317 Aliceanna 
Adams Matthew W. clerk, 93 n Eden 
Adan;s Capt. Mcllenry, mariner, 68 Gough 
Adams Michael, grocery, O'Donnell ext 
ADAMS <fe MOULTON, (Wm. Adams, J. D. 
and J. F. Moulton, jr.) wholesale hosiery, 
gloves and fancy goods, 3 Hanover 
Adams 0. J. painter, 2 n Ann 
Adams Racliel A. 202 Eastern av 
Adams Robert A. mariner, 32 n Bond 
Adams R. S. salesman. Fountain hotel 
Adams S. G. printer, 417 n Gay 
Adams Samuel, watchmaker, 20 e Pratt 
Adams Samuel, teacher, 103 Pearl 
AD.AMS S. H. & J. F. carpenters and builders, 

Bariiet nr Charles 
Adams Samuel H. (S. H. & J. F. A.) Jones 

Falls com'r, 223 n Calvert 
Adams Samuel T. 66 n Paca 
Adams Mrs. Susannah, 394 w Fayette 
Adams Sidney, clerk, 194 e Fayette 
Adams Thomas, caulker, Durham ur Lancaster 
Adams, dulker, 124 s Chapel 
Adams Thomas, drayman, 117 L. Greene 
Adams Thomas D. plasterer, 88 Aisquith 
Adams Thomas D. plasterer, 4 .Miller 
ADAMS Mrs. T. W. manuf. shirts, over 230 i 

w Baltimore, dw 2 n Ann 
Adams Wm. watcliman, 26 Thomsen 
Adams Wm. carpenter, 186 George 
Adams Wm. (A. k Moulton) 309 Lexington 
Adams Wm. J. 193 Mulberry 
Adams W. Jeff, clerk, 106 L^e 
Adams Wm. H. clerk, 278 Hollins 
Adams Wm. H. (A. & Buck) 216 n Republican 
Adams Wm. H. pilot, 108 s Washington 
Adams Wm. T. prod. com. mercht. 106 Lee 
Adams Wm. W. mariner, 117 Cross 

O. F. Bresee, General Agent, 15 South St. 





Addicks Diedrich, lab. 146 s Wolfe 

Addison A. Merrill, attorney, 5 St. Paul, d\v 

312 Madison av 
Addison Mrs. Catharine A.,Eutaw and Hoffman 
Addison Edward, raaclit, 52 s Popiileton 
Addison E. Virginia, teacher, 7 Warren 
Addison Geo. C. stonecutter, 151 Harford av 
Addison George M. assistant weigher C. H. 016 

Addison John A. bookkeeper, 75 "\riUiam 
Addison Jo'.ui W. clerk, 7 Warren 
Addison John W. police, 31 Scott 
Addison Lewis P. clerk, cor Eutaw and IIoO- 

Addison Mrs. Sally D. 7 Warren 
Addison Samuel S". 1 McMechin nr John 
ADDISON TAYLOR, real estate broker and 

conveyancer, 312 Light, dw 75 William 
Addison Theodore, engineer, 54 s Poppleton r 
Addison Wni. carpenter, 75 William 
Addison Wm. E. bookkeeper, 160 Barre 
Addison Wm. W. shoecutter, 104 u Fremont 
Adelman Michael, laborer, 431 Canton av 
Adelman Charles, grocery, 376 e Eager 
Adelinan John, keeper Canton Park, Lancaster 

and Patuxeat 
Adelbert Albert, laborer, 114 Somerset 
Addelstein Jacob, tailor, 00 Park 
Ader Lawrence, laborer, 261 e Eager 
Adelsdorf Joseph, salesman, 3S s Sharp 
Adkissou Wm. B. wireworker, 101s Gilniore 
Adkisson Dr. W. W. H. Iiookseller, 228 w Bal- 
timore, dw York rd heyon<l toUgate. 
Adier Aaron, cattle brokt-r, 55 JellVrsun 
Adier Aaron, (A. Bros, k Co.) 252 e Baltimore 
Adler Abraham, clerk, 134 Saratoga 
Adlcr A. S. (A., Clement & Wiel) 243 w Lom- 
Adler, Bros. & Co., (L. Adler. A. Adler, M. 

Juhn) nianuf. oil clothing, over 15 Camuen 
Adler, Clement & Wiel, (A. S. Adler, J. Clement, 
L. P. Wiel, ) wholes, shoe manufs. 35 s Charles 
Adler Charles E. clerk, 210 Chew 
Adler Charles (Frank & A.)275 Lexington 
Adler Charles (H. Frank k Co.) 275 Lexington 
Adler Iv E. clerk, 17 n Front 
Adler Elias, 22 n Front 
Adler Henry, cigarmaker, 51 Portland 
Adler Herman, salesman, 106 w Lombard 
Adler Jacob, clerk, 22 n Front 
Adler Jacob, clerk, 17 n Front 
Adler Henry, laborer, 138 3 Wolfe 
Adler Henry, clerk, 132 s Broailway 
Adler Henry M. ta.x de|)arimeiit, 335 e Ppatt 
Adler Joseph, propertv agent, 64 s Eden 
Adier L. C. (Adler & Gardner) 8 s High 
Adler Levi, bookkeeper, 166 w Lomliard 
Adler Louis, cattle dealer, 101 s Register 
Adler Louis, cabinetuiakcr, (J Smilli al 
Adler Louis, (A.. Bro. k Co.) 252 e Baltimore 
Adler M. lioots and shoes, 242 Lexington 
Adler Mannes, 10 Columbia 
Adler .Marcus, dry goods, 132 s Broadway 
xVdler .Michael, salesman, 166 w Lombard 
Adler Mra. Pauline, tobucconist, 134 Saratoga 
Adlcr Philip, 46 8 Eutaw 

Adler Wm. (S. Rosenblatt* Co.) 02 Aisquith 
Adolffson John, laijorer, Thames and Phiipot 
Adolph Henry, boat builder, 67 s SlJring 
Adolpl) .lohti, laboi'er, Hudson nr Burke 
Adolpli Wm. puddler, 02 s Regester 
Adrean John, laborer, O'Donnell nr Curley 

Adrean Elizabeth, seamstress, 54 Curtis al 
Adreon Harrison, U. S. Pension agent, and at- 
torney, U. S. courthouse, dw 283 e Baltinjore 
Adreon Dr. L. dentist, 130 Penna av 
Adreon Stephen A. clerk, 28 n Liberty 
Adreon, Thomas k Co. ( W. Adreon, E.L.Thomas 
Wm. T. .\dreon, ) auctioneers and commis- 
sion merchants, 18 s ('harles 
Adreon Wm. T. (A., Thomas k Co.) 020 Lex- 
Adreon Wm. (A., Thomas & Co.) 110 Hanover 
Adrey Mrs. William, mariner. 360 Canton av 
Adrian John, laborer, 41 Elliott 
Adt John B. (Frank & A.) 3 s Ann 
Advent Mission (P. E.) Chapel, Battery av nr 

Ady James, variety store, 153 Sharp 
Aemig Michael, shoemaker, 223 Cathedral 
Aelbrant Henry. brickmkr, Aliceanna and Wolfe 
/Etna Fire Insurance Co. of Hartford, Conn., 

21 South 
..'Etna Life Insurance Co. of Hartford, J. G. 

Proud k Sons, assistant agents 
Affelder Ma.x, secy. Permanent Land Co. of 

Baltimore, 22 Second, dw 310 w Lombard 
Affelder Henry, clerk, 310 w Lombard 
Affelder Samuel, salesman, 310 w Lombard 
Affayroux Ei)aulete, car|ienter, 239 ii Bond 
Affayroux Francis P. blacksmith, 105 East 
Affayroux James, carpenter, 195 East 
Affayroux John, carpenter. 105 East 
AftuugJohn. slioemaker, 171 Hanover 
Aged Men's Home, cor. Calhoun and Lexington 
Aged Woinen's Home, Lexington nr Calhoun 
A^el Diedrich, barkee[ier, 50 Hanover 
Agness Feli.-i. 14 n Calhoun 
Agnew John D. bookkeeper, 134 Mosher 
Agnew Mrs. Mary M. 134 Mosher 
Agnew Thos. J. clerk, McMechin nr Division 
Agnew Tlios. A. grocer, cor. Pratt and Eutaw, 

dw 64 Barre 
Agular Joseph, canmaker, 205 .« Wolfe 
A gn us Fel ix, cash r. American office, 14 n Calhoun 
Agzekar Barbara, grocery, 440 Canton av 
Auzekar Frederick, carpenter, 440 Canton av 
Ahaus Fred, piano maker. 72 Conway 
Ahart John, laborer, Fall 
Abel Frank, miller, John nr North 
Aliern Cornelius, laborer, 14 Cnvley 
Ahnrn .Mrs. Anna, 2 Griffin ct 
Ahem Michael, 2 Grifiin ct 
Ahem Wm. laliorer, 2 Griffin ct 
Aliern Daniel, feed, 120 s Chester 
Ahern Geo. 2 Griffin ct 
Ahem James, mariner, 2 Griffin ct 
Ahern Jcnmiah, laborer, i:i8 e Lombard 
Ahern John, brick manufacturer, yards Canton, 

dw 253 n Eutaw 
Ahern .lolin T. laborer, 13Sc Lombard 
Ahcni .Michael, laliorer, 14 ('urley, Canton 
Ahern Wm.S. clerk, 253 n Eutaw 
Alierns Wm. yeast, Castle and Orleans 
Ahl Frank, miller. Hunter al nr Joiin 
Alil Henry, ship carpenter. Hunter al nr John 
Alil Ivomio, jiainter, 23 Mott 
Alirberr Jolui, laborer, 35 Brown la 
Alilborn Julius, dollar store, 150 Lexington 
Aiders ('atlitirine, 101 s Washington 
Ahler.s Charles, cigar maker, 140 Bank 
Ahle.s Frederick, laborer, Payson nr Pratt 
Allies Geo. cigar maker, 74 n WoUV 
Allies John, cigar maker, 74 n Wolfe 

Mutual Life Insurance Co. of New York, 




Ahlseger Wm. (A. k Hnpiier, ) 678 w Fayette 
AhlslegerA Hopper, (W. Ahlsleger,G. Hopper) 

wbolesiUe fish and cheese, 47 Light aud 18 

Ahlswede Edward, clerk. 229 s Broadwaj' 
Ahmcnd Mary, 137 .? Wolfe 
Aiimeyer Deltrich, laborer, 9 Henry " 

Ahciff Augustus, ciibtmaker, rear 143 s Charles 
Ahren Jacob, driver, McElderry nr Canal 
Ahrendt Henry, moulder, 215 Bank 
Ahrens Adolpb, (Stirling-, Ahrens & Co.) 

Ahrens Adolph jr., clerk, 12.3 Madison tiv 
Ahrens Caroline, umbrellas, .31 McElderry 
.Ahrens Christian, cabinetmaker, 220 Bank 
Ahrens George Ad. (Stirling, Ahrens & Co.) 

13-i \v Madison 
Ahrens Henry, baker, 239 w Pratt 
Ahrens Henry G., coojier, 4 C'urley 
Ahrens Jacob, driver, 31 McElderry 
Ahrens Julius, confectionery and baker, 239 w 

AHRLING H. HENRY, tavern, 72 Buchanan's 

Aichele Jacob, coal yard, 265 s Sharp, d\v 246 

Aichele John, laborer, 338 s Ch.irles 
Aidt Lewis, shueniaker, 53 Druid Hill av 
Aigin Catherine, 3 Watson al 
Aigin Wm. hiborer, 3 Watson al 
.•\igin James, laborer, 25 Lfmmon 
.\iken Geo. B. clerk. 58 Light 
Aiken Matthew K. book keeper, Arlington av 

near York rd 
.\iken Wm. H. clerk, 614 Lexington 
Aikin Dr. Wm. E. A. prof, chemistry, Uni- 
versity Md.l78 w Baltimore, dw Baltimore Co. 
Aill Mrs. Mary, 2 Gould la 
.\ilworth Miss Ella, teacher, 200 McCulloh 
Aires A. J. & Co. (A. J. Aires, Thos. A. Hogg) 

restaurant, 53 Thames 
Aires.\ndrew J. (.\. J. .\ires & Co.)245Gough 
Aires .\ndrew J. shipjoiner, 245 Gongh 
.•\irey Rias, huckster, 326 n Howard 
.\irey Chas. C. oyster pa<ker. 495 e Baltimore 
.\irey Edward H. carter, 209 Etisor 
.\irey Dr. Geo. W. 102 Mo.sher 
Airey Hiram, laborer, 12 Division 
Airey James, butter, 178 Druid Hill av 
Airey Jerome, butter, 113 w Townsend 
Airey Joseph, laborer, 127 Division 
.Airey Philip, driver, 63 Chatsworth 
Airey Tobias, contractor, Wilson and Park av 
.Airey Wm.F., Peo|iles Gas Co. 89 sCaroline 
Aisquith Charlotte E. teacher, 494 w Fayette 
Aisquith George G. clerk, 494 w Fayetle 
.•\isquith Mrs. Mary H. 494 w Fayette 
.Visqnith Street (M. P.) Church, .Aisquith and 

Aisquith Street Presbyteriaa Church, corner 

Aisquith and Edward 
Aitcheson James, brass foander, 74 North, dw 

228 w Hofl'man 
.Aitken .\ndrew, (Hanna Sf Co.) 139 n Gay 
.\itken J. B. auctioneer, .Sharp nr German, dw 

St. Clair hotel 
.Aitken Mrs. Margaretta, 139 n Gay 
.\itken Robert, machinist, 139 n Gay 
.Vitkin .Ale-X. M. clerk, 29 s Sharp 
.Akers Dan'l, boilermaker, 6 Barney 
.Akers Edwin, dry goods, 138 Lexington 
.Ald'rs Edwin jr., salesman, 138 Lexington 

AKERS EDWARD, Watchmaker 
and Jewelei*, 126 Hanover. 

Akers Geo T., 118 Cooksie 

.\kers Geo. W. watchman, 179 Hughes 

.\lcers James P. salesman, 138 Lexington 

.Akers John H. laborer, 200 s Charles 

.Akers Joseph, salesman, 138 Lexintrton 

.Akers Rasin T. boi'ermaker, 208 Vv'illiam 

.Akers Wm. H. boilermaker, 14 Bevan 

.Akhurst John, engineer, 293 McHenry 

.Alamo Hall, 60 n Reimblican 

.Alamo Stables. 60 n Republican 

.Alband .j* Cullison, (C. .Alband, Jesse M. Cul- 

lisoii, ) flour and feed, 4 Penna av 
Alband Chas. (A. & Cullisou) 262 Franklin 
.Albaugh .Alex, wheelwright, 114 Penna av 
.Albaugh DeWitt, painter, 209 n Republican 
.Albaugh Edward W. produce .and market 

master, office 5 Dover, dw 170 Barre 
.Albaugh Epliraira, 337 w Faj-ette 
.Albaugh Elder D. (Leber & .A.) 162 Penna av 
.Albaugh George, produce, 170 Barre 
Albaugh George, painter, 155 n Paca 
.Albaugh Grafton, shoemaker, 177 n Eutaw 
.Albaugh Harry, brushmaUer, 232 William 
.Albaugh Henry C. carpenter, 355 Penna av 
Albaugli Hiram, boilermaker, 232 William 
.Albaugh Jacob, car))enter, 417 Lexington 
.Albaugh John, 114 Penna av 
Albaugh Joseph, blacksmith, 76 Beason 
Albaugh ilaurice, watchman, 150 s Paca 
Albaugh Grafton Thos. painter, 155 n Centralav 
Albaugh Wm. A. brushmaker, a w cor Cam- 
den and Howard, dw 485 n Fremont 
Albaugh Wm E. salesman, 131 n High 
.Albel John, laborer, 418 Canton av 
.Albens .Ynton, clerk, 95 s Sharp 
Albers Charles F. cashier, John nr McMechia 
.Albers Frederick, brickmaker, 132 s Wolfe 
.Albers Henry, driver, 283 n Dallas 
.AUiers Dr. Henry, 95 s Sharp 
.Albers Henry jr. clerk, 95 s Sharp 
.Albers Henry, brickmaker, 132 s Wolfe 
Albers Wm. cutter, 117 s Washington 
Albert .Alfred H. clerk, 97 Hanover 
ALBERT A. & H. J. paperhangings, &c. 18 n 

.Albert .Augustus (.A. & H. J. A.) 18 n Eutaw 
Albert Aug. J. (Albert & Bro.) Baltimore Co 
Albert .Augustus J. jr. (A. J. .A. jr. & Co.) Bal- 
timore CO. 
ALBERT A. J. jr. k CO. (Aug. J. A. jr., J. T. 

.Albert,) imps. Sheffield cutlery, 8 s Charles 
Albert & Bro. (A. J. Albert and Wm. J. .Al- 
bert, ) office 8 s Charles 
.Albert Charles, laborer, 207 .AHceanna 
Albert Charles, carpenter, 196 Preston 
Albert Charles H. confectionery, 424 Saratoga 
Albert D.iniel, boot crimjier, 39 L. .McElderry 
Albert Daniel, h irnessmaker, 20 Neighbor 
Albert Erwjn. clerk, 433 w Fayette 
.Albert Francis, (Penniraan & Bro.) 242 Druid 

Hill av 
.Albert Frank, tailor, 119 Jackson sq av 
Albert Frank, bookkeeper, 8 s Charles 
Albert Fred, clerk, 433 w Fayette 
Albert George, tailor, 164 s Bond 
.Albert George, laborer, 295 s Durham 
Albert Henry J. (A. & H. J. Albert,) 69 Har- 
lem av 

Assets $60,000,000 Cash Invested. 






Albert Henrv, shoemaker, 11?. Henrietta 
Albert Henry, CMrpenttr, 270j s Bond 
Albert Henrj, 173 s Clio])tank 
Albert Plenry, potter, 10i> Eastern iiv 
xVlhert Jacob R. clerk, 300 Sar;\to<!;.i 
Albert Jacob, frrocery, 314 ]\Iontgomery 
Albert John, brewer, 59 Ksscx 
Albert Jolin, butcher, 93 Lexington, 15 Rol- 
lins and 50 Hanover marlcets, thv Hollinsext 
Albert John, jr. bootlittcr, 5" Hank 
Albert Jolii), sr. bootfittt-r, 57 Haul* 
Albert Joseph S. carpenter. 3<iO Saratoga 
Albert John, brewer, cor IJurke and Lancaster 
Albert J. Taylor, (A. J. A. jr. k Cu.) 1(] .Mc- 

Albert .Mrs Maria E. rear 97 Hanover 
Albert Michael, butclier. 31 Lexin,iitf>ii and 21 
Richmond makts, dw Penna av n of North av 
Albert, laborer, 284 s Bond 
Albert Sebastian, laborer, 66 s Central av 
Albert Talbot J. attorney, U. S. co«rthouse, dw 

52 Cathedral 
Albert Wm. conductor, 62 s Poppleton 
Albert \Ym. J. (Albert k Bro.) 52 Cathedral 
ALBERTI, PRIOR & CO. (C. Albert!, E. A. 
Prior, S. Bolte, ) importers fancy goods, 348 
w Baltimore 
Alberti Chas. A. (A., Prior & Co.) 328 Les- 

ALBERTSON ISAAC, proprietor Mansion 

house, n w cor Fayette and St. Paul 
Alberts Albert, laborer, 196 Canton av 
Albertz Bartlein, laborer, 237 Cross 
Alberton Cotton Mills, oflice 24 German 
Albiker John, butcher, Lexington and Hano- 
ver markets, dw Gai'rison la 
Albion House, Mrs. Eliza V. Conway, proprie- 
tress. Cathedral and Richmond 
Albrecht August, driver, 120 Henrietta 
Albrecht August, paver, 318 n Central av 
Albrecht Christian, cooper, 14 Sterrett 
Albrecht Fiederick, operator, 79 Leadenball 
Albrecht Frederick, cooper, 109 Frederick av 
Albrecht Frederick, 20 Bank 
Albrecht Frederick, carver, 128 w Fayette 
Albrecht George, laborer, 244 n Central ar 
Albrecht Henry, cooper, 231 Frederick av 
Albrecht Henry, woodsawyer. 8 e Lombard 
Albrecht Jacob, sr., cooper, 023 w Pratt 
Albrecht Jacob F. cooper, 943 w Pratt 
Albrecht Pliilipina. lager beer, 363 s FJutaw 
Albrecht Jcsepb, shoemaker, cor Mulberry and 

Albrecht P. A. (A. & Schroedcr,) 185 e Monu- 
Albrecht & Schroeder, (P. A. Albrecht, L. 

Schroeder. ) leaf tobacco, 62 s Calvert 
Albrecht Timotheus, joiner, 14 Sterrett 
Albrecht Tiuiotiieus, bootfiiter, 24 t> Eden 
Albrecht Werner ('. barber, 147 w Madison 
Albrecht Win. laborer. 42,3 Aliceanna 
Albrecht Wm. laborer, 3 Burke 
Albrecht Wm. sugar boiler, 81 s Exeter 
Albriiiht Aug. (J. boilermaker, 7 I^)Hin3 al 
Albright Ernest, shoemaker, 06 Ilillen 
Albright E. R. 533 w Baltimore 
Albri<;ht Jesse P. bricklayer, 142 Columbia 
Albright Julius, blacksmith, 32 n Ann 
All»right F. Lewis, brass finisher, .302 .McHenry 
Alceminn Brother S. teacher, 79 Saratoga 
Alcock J. Dorsey, .salesman, Franklin house 
Alcock James, hostler, 6 Diamond 

Alcock W'm. H. D. bookkeeper, 293 w Biddle 
Alden J.M., manager Florence sewing machine 

CO. 49 n Charles, dw. 33 Forest pi 
Alden Mrs. Mary Ann, 219 e Baltimore 
Alder John, stonemason, Druidville 
Alder Ophelia, Druidville 
Alder Wm. blacksmith, 53 Frederick av 
Alderson Geo. D. salesman, 26 Barnet 
Aldersou Mrs. Lucy, boarding, 42 German 
Aldrcd -Mrs. Sarah'A. 228 Aisquith 
Aldridge Andrew, sr. 124 n Charles 
Aldridge Barbara, 4 Second 
Aldridtie Geo. W. carpentei-, 78 Warner 
Aldridge Dr. John H. 124 n Charles 
Aldridge John, conductor, 37 Scott 
Aldridge James C. machinist, 37 Scott 
Aldridge Louisa, 37 Sc'Ott 
Aldridge W. A. clerk, 37 Scott 
Alemania Fire Ins. (Jo. of Cleveland, 0., J. A. 

Rigby, agent, 26 Second 
Aler En:anuel, shoefitter, 72 s Carey 
Aler Mrs. Elizabeth, 79 Hollins 
Aler Jeremiah, finisher, 72 s Carey 
Aler John, machinist, 9 s Oregon 
Aler John, moulder, 175 Mulberry 
Aler John, 82 n Eutaw 
Aler John T. moulder, 175 Mulberry 
Aler John T. pumpmaker, 103 Mulberry 
Aler John-W. clerk, 82 u Eutaw 
Aler Reuben J. clerk, 31 Garden 
Aler Washington Z. bookkeeper, 103 Mulberry 
Aler Wm. O. clerk, 103 Mulberry 
Aler Wm. H. jr., moulder, 4G6 w Lombard 
Aler Wm. H. sr., timekeeper, 423 Lexington 
Alers Dorothea, 244 s Bond 
Alexander Amos, laborer, 57 Columbia 
Alexander Andrew D. clerk, 41 Mulberrj' 
Alexander Charles, weigher C. H. 192 Hanover 
Alexander Douglas, 294 Lombard 
Alexander Ebenezer, ganger, 327 n Eden 
Alexander Elijah, fisherman, 163 William 
Alexander F. W. ass't assessor, 272 Lexiuirton 
Alexander James A. brakeman, Pratt nr Gilmor 
Alexander Jas. {.Mettee k A.) 175 w Lombard 
Alexander Jiis. R. butcher, Aisquith nr Point la 
Alexander Julia, 131 Montgomery 
Alexander Julian I. allorney, n e cor Charles 

and Lexinrjtoti, dw 272 Le.'cington 
Alexander Mrs. John H. 272 Lexington 
Alexander Lathan E. laborer, 15 s Oregon 
Alexander Mrs. Margaret H. dressmaker, s e 

cor Charles and Pleasant 
Alexander Martha J. notions, 121 e Eager 
Alexander Simon, clerk, 213 vv Pratt 
Alexander Myer, tobacconist, 213 w Pratt 
Alexander Richard, Starr hotel 
Alexander Thomas, salesman, 61 s Washington 
Alexander T. R. (Robertson & A.) 247 Lanvale 
Alexander \V'm. treas. Georges <Jreek Coal and 

Iron ("o. 10 Siiuth, dw Carrollton hotel 
Alexander Wm. att'y and solicitor iu equity, 

32 St. Paul, dw 117 e Baltimore 
A 1 ford Chas. H. bookkeeper, 18 Jackson sq av 
ALFORD JAMES E., insurance agent, 26i 

Second, dw 132 s High 
Alfonl James H. clerk, 132 s High 
Alford Samuel M. carj)e!iter, 132 s High 
Alford Wm. E. clerk, 132 s High 
Alger Porter R. (Russell cj- A.) 243 Lanvale 
Alger Wm. laborer, 11 w Lombard 
Aliii<! Mrs. Jane, 86 n Caroline 
Albeit Frederick, shoemaker, 149 e Fayetta 

Mutual Life Iiisuranca Co. of New York. 




Allieit Georce, blacksmith, 204 Columbia 
AUu'it JobnG. blacksmith, 204 Colnmbiii 
All Saints ChKi)el ( P. E.) cor Balto. iinil Calhoua 
Alispa Lewis Santo, frardener. Swoet Air 

k Co. a(£ents, 9 s Charles 
Allaire Joseph B. (Bunker & A.) 16 s Caroliuc 
Allaire Joseph, 32 n Gay 
Ailnrd Albert A. tinner, 163 e Eager 
AUard Charles, carpenter, 199 n liond 
Allard Edward C. carp. Aisqnith and Point la 
Allard Edward C. sr. carp. 335 n Gay 
Allard John E. shoemaker, 320 n Broadway 
Allard John H. stairbuildel", 335 n Gay 
Allard Mrs. JIarv C. 54 Myrtle av 
Allard Thos. B. inspector C. H. 156 s Paca 
Allard Wm. carpenter, 346 u Gay 
Allard Wm. H. H. 204 e Eager " 
Allemand Charles L. clerk, 46 w Biddle 
Allen Alexander, 204 Aisquith 
Allen Ale.xander, engraver, 166 Scott 
Allen Mrs. Anne, 113 n Pine 
Allen Arthur, clerk, Merchant's hotel 
Allen Mrs. Billizeppa. 580 w Lombard 
Allen BrronL. salesman, 93 Ai.^^quith 
Allen Charles H. printer, 13 s Caroline 
Allen Charles, 2G0 e Madison 
Allen Charles P. conductor, 155 Cross 
Allen Daniel W., Mount Vernon Mills 
Allen David, brakenian, 502 w Lombard 
Allen Edward Gray, U.S. N. n e cor Eutaw pi 

and McMechin 
ALLEN k GARDNER (G. W. Allen, F. Gard- 
ner, 1 liquors and wines, 130 w Lombard 
Allen G. W. (A. & Gardner) 24 s Strieker 
Allen Geo. W. fireman, 235 Conway 
Allen G-'O. W. baker, 3 Columbia 
Allen Geo. W. painter, 205 n Eutaw 
Allen Geo. ^Y. fire dept, 205 n Eutaw 
Allen Geralbus S. driver, 107 Walsh 
Allen Henry (Timson & A.) 159 e Baltimore 
Allen Henry, carpenter, 1 n Ann 
Allen Henry A. professor of music, cor. Eutaw 

pi and JIcMechin 
Allen Henry D. puddler, 40 O'Donnell 
Allen Henry L. baker, 169 Orleans 
Allen Isabella, 101 High 
Alleu Isaac jr. caulker, 52 Cross 
Allen Isaac, ferryman, 52 Cross 
Alleu James, machinist, 204 Aisquith 
Allen James, iirinter, 200 Barre 
Allen James, ;)aper carrier, 61 Holland 
Allen James W. cooper, 339 w Lombard 
Allen James W. mariner, 140 Forrest 
Allen John T. peddler, 15 O'Donnell 
Allen John, barkeeper, 65 w Pratt 
Allen Joim R. machinist, 163 n Fremont 
Allen John, cooper, 133 L Greene 
Allen John T. shucker, 15 Burrough 
Allen John \V. blacksmith, 38 n Poppleton 
Allen Joseph H. com. mercht, 68 s Broadway 
Allen Joseph, huckster, 9 Centre Market sp 
A.llen Joseph, lab. 19 Burrough 
Allen Joseph S. carp. 58 Jackson sq .av 
Allen Mrs. Laura, 93 Aisquith 
Allen Lawrence, baker, 173 n Spring 
Allen Lewis,U. S.N. cor. McMechin and Eutaw pi 
Allen Lewis F. carpenter, 580 w Lombard 
Allen ilrs. Mary E. confect'ry, 38 n Poppletoa 
Allen Martha, dressmaker, 50 n Paca 
Allen R. R. clerk, 266 w Baltimore 
Allen Reuben, tinner, 116 n Central av 

Allen Rhodes G. sign painter, Carey nr Lemmon 
Allen Robert E. 12 Maryland av 
Allen Robert S., Mount Vernon Mills 
Allen Robert J. bricklayer, 419 Franklin 
Allen Mrs. Sarah A. 71 Columbia 
Allen Sarah, sec. hand clothing, 266 s Bond 
Allen Solomon, carpenter, 103 n Oregon 
Allen Thonuis, machinist, 71 Columbia 
Allen Thomas F. shoemaker, 125 Leadenhall 
Allen W. M. 24 s Strieker 
Allen Wm. carpenter, 71 Columbia 
Allen Wm. carpenter, 203 George 
Allen Wm. rags, Wilco.K nr Chase 
Allen Wm. 237 Franklin 
Allen Wm. R. overseer, Mt. Vernon Mills 
Allen Wm. weaver, Clipper Mills 
Allen Wm. ship carpenter, 14 Burrough 
Allen Wm. B. gunsmith, 250 e Madison 
Allen Wm. H. architect and builder, cor. Lex- 
ington and North, dw 265 e Baltimore 
Allen Wm. H. shoemaker, 1 Hope al 
Allen Wm. H., Gen. Wayne hotel 
Allen Wm. H. lab. 2fi s Caroline 
Allen Wm. H. 146 Peirce 
Allen Wm. M. jr. clerk, 24 s Strieker 
Allen Wm. N. (A. & Harden) 682 w Lombard 
Allenbaugh Chas. T. plumber, 184 Pearl, dw 

80 George 
Allenbaugh Geo. W. plasterer, 17 Monroe 
Allenbaugh John 0. carpenter, 368 e Monu- 
ment, dw 49 Milliman 
Allenbaugh Wm. H. shoemaker, 499 Saratoga 
Allender George H. carpenter, 418 n Eden 
Allenton Benj. mariner, 10 e Lombard 
Allers Diedrich H. groc'y and feed, 140 s Eutaw 
Allers Harman E. lab. 404 s Charles 
Allers John A. brickmaker, Gilmorand Hollins 
ALLERS JOHN A. brickmaker, 410 s Charles, 

dw n e cor Hollins and Gilmor 
AUes Philip, (Heinz & A.) 35 n Calvert 
Allewelt John Q. (Klinefelter, Etzler & Co.) 72 

e Eager 
Allgeur Albert, potter, 133^ s Caroline 
Allison Mrs. Ann, 67 s Eden 
Allison Chas. W. printer, 165 Chesnut 
Allison James S. jr. clerk, Starr hotel 
Allison James S. weigher, Starr hotel 
Allison John T. engineer, Mt. Vernon Mills 
Allison Philip S.. bookkeeper, 209 e Pratt 
Allison Philip S. (John H. Hugg & Co.) 209 e 

Allison Richard T. dept. clerk Supreme Bench, 

dw Baltimore co 
Allison Robert H. grocery, 321 e Baltimore 
Allison Wm. J. carp. 657 Penna av 
Allmack Geo. W. blacksmith, 317 Mulberry 
Allraan John, blacksmith. Eagle hotel 
Allman John, 347 s Charles 
Allmand John 0. G. (Gegan Bros. & A.) 84 

AlhiHtt E. S, & Co. (Edmund S. Allnutt, M. B. 
Johnson,) boots and shoes, wholes, over 258 
w Baltimore 
Allnutt Christiana V. 100 Lee 
Allnutt Georse, 121 McCulloh 
Allnutt EdmnndS.(E. S. A. & Co.) 137 Bolton 
Allnutt Henry, clerk, 258 w Baltimore 
Allnutt Randolph, screwman, tobacco ware- 
house No. 2, dw 100 Lee 
Allnutt Thomas A. clerk, 100 Lee 
Allnutt Thos. W. carpenter, 607 w Lombard 
Alloway Geo. N. clerk, 55 Lexington 






















The Largest Life Insurance Co. in the World. 







Wra. Brown, pres't, H. C. ^YagIler, sec'y 
ALLSTOX JOSKPH BLYTH, attorney, 32 St. 

Paul, d\v 20 Mulberry 
Alls John P. D. shoemaker, 390 e Eager 
Alls William, shoemaker, 16 n Schroeder 
Alluisi Salvator, figure and modelinaker, 202 

All well Stephen D. roperaaker, 119 n Bond 
All well Stephen S. canmakcr, 121 n Bond 
AlKvell Win. mariner, 154 s Bond 
Allwell Wm. J. bricklayer, 487 e Baltimore 
Allwell Wm. W. mariner, 154 s Bond 
Almond John, butcher, 40 Oxford 
Almond John F. butcher, 40 Oxford 
Almoney John W. (Wikox k A.) Farmers 

and Planters hotel 
Almoney Mordecai, carpenter, IGT Chesnut 
Alnntt Sirs. J. A., 177 Saratoga 
ALXUTT JAMES W. prest. Bank of Com- 
merce, 177 Saratoga 
Alose Henrietta, confectionery, 19 Jefferson 
Alose Joseph, tailor, 19 Jefferson 
Alps Fire Ins. Co. of Penna., J. A. Rigby agt, 

26 Second 
Alpsteg Jacob, cooper, 158 s Spring 
Alridee Alfred, clerk, 224 Columbia 
Alrick Mrs. H., 121 w Madison 
Alt Casper, broommakcr, )0G McEIderry 
Alt Conrad, laborer, 222 Aliceanna 
Alt John, shoemaker, 39 s Oregon 
Alt John, shoemaker, 167 Sarah Ann 
Alt Peter, grocery, 557 n Gay 
Altemus W\ E. cierk, 87 s Eden 
Altenborg Wm. butter, 232 Canton av 
Altevogt Frederick, beer, cor Third av and 

Altevogt Herman, lab'r, 351Aliceanna, Canton 
Altevogt Wm. laborer, 351 Aliceanna, Canton 
Althorf Frank, baker. Eastern av ext 
ALTPETKR GEO. beer, Howard and Rich- 
mond, dw 289 n Howard 
Altman Isaac J. F., 37 Conway 
Altman Rev. Neheraiah,37 Conway 
Alton George T. laborer, 100 Lee 
Alton Lewis, carpenter, 84 n Washington 
Altrieth Christian, beer, 259 Hanover 
Altrieth David, apothecary, 259 Hanover 
Altrieth Wm. confectioner, 259 Hanover 
Altvater Chas. clerk, Wolfe nr Jefferson 
Altvater Conrad, billposter, 148 s Washington 
Altvater Geo. porter. J5urke and Aliceanna 
Altvater Jacob, clothing cutter, Sarah Ann nr 

Altvater Mr3. John, liquors, 110 and 112 East- 
ern av 
Altvater John, clerk, 51 n Greene 
Altvater John, bricklayer, 193 e Fayette 
Altvater Lewis, boots and shoes, 331 n Gay 
Altvater AVra. carpenter, 181 n Central av 
Aivater Garuch, cliemist, 108 e Fayette 
Alvater Dr. Garrett, 108 e Fayette 
Aivater Garrett, jr. granitecutter, 108e Fayette 
Alvater Morris, telegraphist. 108 e Fayette 
Alvers Fred. H. laborer, 301 Aliceanna 
Alvey, Coalc k Co. (J. F. A., S. R. Coalc) im- 
porter.'? and jobliers dry goods, 17 s Sharp 
Alvey John F. (A., Coaje k Co ) 65 McCuUoh 
Alvey Samuel B. stevedore, 13 s Broadway 
Alwood John, copjiersmith, 44 Bennett 
Ahvood Thomas, laborer, 44 Bennett 
Aman Mrs. Goifried,launds. Castle nr Monument 

Aman Martin, laborer, 200 s Bethel 

Ambach Adolph, tailor, 253 n Bond 

Ambach David, (Burguuder, A. k Co.) 257 w 

Ambach Mike, (Burgunder, A. & Co.) 150 \v 

Ambach S. porter, 246 w Pratt 
Amberg Fulton, laborer, 123 s Durham 
Ambkr Dr. J. M. (Hollyday k A.) Frederick 

av nr Monroe, dw 212 Madison av 
Ambracht Joseph, laborer, 78 Frederick av 
Ambrose Geo. blacksmith, 272 s Bond 
Ambrose Gertrude, 3 Madeira al 
Ambrose .Mrs. Mary, 14 Stockton al 
Ambrose Peter, laborer, 3 Madeira al 
Ambrose W. 11. police, 160 Scott 
Amelang August, merchant tailor, 2 n Caroline 
Amelang Augusta, clerk, 2 n Caroline 
Amelang Chas. A. tailor, 2 n Caroline 
Ameliug Henry, barber, 43 e Fayette 
Amelung August, baker, 260 s Eutaw 
Amelung Frederick, tobacconist, 7 e Monument 
Amend Mrs. Barbara, 58 West 
Amend Christoph, laborer, 58 West 
Amend Geo. blacksmith and wheelwright, 237 

s Ann. dw 235 
Amend John, laborer, 78 Johnson 
Amend John, drayman. Baker nr Penna av 
Amend John, blacksmith, 131 Peirce 
Amend -Mathias, blacksmith, 235 sAnn 
Amend Valentine, shoemaker, 12 Spruce al 
Ament Andrew, shoemaker, 195 Eastern av 
Anient Joseph, junk, 98 s Eden 
Amer Joseph, carter, 114 West 
Amer Martin, carter, 114 West 
Amer Martin, paver, 3 Gould la 
Amer Mrs. Mar^', 49 n Central av 
Amerback Leonard, tailor, 22 Anthony 
American Colonization Society, Dr. Jas. Hall, 

agent, over 87 Second 
American Earth Closet Co. under Masonic 

American Farmer, Samuel Sands k Son, pub- 

lisiiers, over 9 North 
timore, 6 South, James L. Armstrong, pres't. 
delphia, agency 9 and 11 North 
American Coal Co., James Boyce, presi- 
dent. 1 and 3 (ierman 
AMERICAN HOTEL, Mrs. R. C. Fairchilds, 

proprietress, n w cor Franklin and Calvert 
American Kindling Wood Co. (Richard Barker, 

James R. Hooper) 248 e Baltimore 
American Life Ins. Co. of Philadelphia, E. B. 

Tvler, agent. 131 w Baltimore 
salesroom 13! w Baltimore, E. B. Tyler, agt. 
Ames Rev. A. H. 99 .Mulberry 
Ames Daniel R. fancy goods, 163 n Gay 
Ames Edward, tailor, 5(> Tvson 
Ames Rev. Kdward R. 184 McCuUoh 
Ames Emerson, 293 n Bond 
Ames Frank A. clerk, 126 w Fayette 
Ames Howard E. med. student, 293 n Bond 
Ames Hudson N. clerk, 98 Myrtle av 
Ames .loliii, 43 Clarke 

Ames Preston A. macliinist, 648 w Lombard 
Ames Wm. trackman, .Melville 
Amey George, moulder, 439 w Lombard 
Amey .lames, furn. wagon, 1218 Po[)[deton 
Amey Joseph, bricklayer, 148 s Paca 

Mutual Life Insurance Co. of New York, 



Amey VVm. bricklnyer, 121 s Pojipletou 
Amey Wm. fisherman, 144 Battery av 
Auiey Wm. E. fisherman, IGT William 
Aniick Wm. ropemaker, Hope al, nr Point la 
Amlein Csper, lab. 173 Madeira al 
Amling George, beer, 265 e Lombard 
Amiing Geo. macht. 48 Washinirton av 
Ammc Diedrick, varnisher, 161 Hughes 
Ammen Prof. Samuel, 98 McCuUoh 
Ammer Jacob, tanner, 37 Raborfr 
Amraer Airs. Marjraiet, grocery, 35 Rabors 
AM.MIDOX k CO. (J. P. Ammidon, D. F. 
Hayiies, Geo. Lock\vood)kerosene oil, lamps, 
glassware and queensware, 60 German and 
347 w Baltimore 
Ammidon John P. (A. & Co.) 263 Linden a.v 
Ammin Geo. F. tobacconist, 103 n Paca 
Ammold Mrs. Frances, laundress, 115 n Paca 
Anion John, laborer, 219 s Durham 
Amos Ann M. 284 Orleans 
Amos Mrs. Annie, 15 n Fremont 
Amos 15enj. F. tobacconist. 176^ e Baltimore 
Amos Charles, lab. Cathedral nr Townsend 
Amos Chas. L. clerk, 277 Druid Hill av 
Amos Fred'k A. bricklayer, 277 Druid Hill av 
Amos I. R. (I. R. A. & Co.) Lutherville, Bal- 
timore CO. 
Amos I. R. & Co. (I. R. Amos,) blank book 

mannfs. and bookbinders, 12:Jw Baltimore 
Amos Rev. J. Edwin, 83 w Biddle 
Amos Jas. H. huckster, 18 Richmond market, 

d\v 305 n Eutaw 
Amos Jas. T. wagoner, 508 Harford av 
Amos Jarrett, clerk, Franklin hotel 
Amos Joshua X. shoemaker, Clipjjer Mills 
Amos ^[ary Y. millinery goods, 165 n Eutaw 
Amos Wm. W. photographer, s w cor Balti- 
more and Poppleton 
Amoss Alfred P. jr. (John Whittington & Co.) 

83 e Pratt 
Amoss A. P. sr., bookkeeper, 367 w Baltimore 
Amoss Chas. E. musician, 5 Wolfe, n of Mon- 
Amoss Cha^. F. agent, 139 Mulberry 
Amoss Jas. E. dejiuty sheriff, 328 n Caroline 
Amoss Mrs. Rebecca, 187 n High 
Amoss Wm. F. lab. 5 Wolfe n of Monument 
Amrhein Andreas, laborer, 5 Smith al 
Amrhein Cas])or, cooper. 173 M;ideira al 
Amrhein Chrisr. baker, 22 P.itterson Park av 
Amrhein Henry, shoemaker, 238 s Durham 
Amrhein Jacob, shoemaker, 198 Harford av 
Amrhein Philij», cooper, 44 Duncan al 
Amrhtim Joseph, cabt. maker, 18 n Castle 
Amrheim Jose[)h, cooper, 180 s Chapel 
Ams John, bihorer, 147 n Bethel 
Amthor Dr. Robert, 124 n Central av 
Anacker John, laborer, 218 Scott 
Anchor Line of Steamers, W. Taylor Hall, agt. 

26^ Second 
Anchor Line of Steamers, Thos. D. Loncy & 
Co. agents, 4 s Holliday, and D. W. Jano- 
■witz, agent, 143 %v Baltimore 
Anchuiz Ficderick, engineer, 4 Swan 
Anderfuhren Edw. G. shoemkr. 134 J Saratoga 
Anderfuhren Louis A. wood toys, 5 Swan, dw 

90 e Lombard 
Anderson Ann .M. Ill McElderry 
Anderson Ann ]\L 134 Ensor 
Anderson Agnes, school, 385 n Gay 
Anderson Andrew, general agent for N. York 
and Washington Air Line, 82 Camden 

Anderson Andrew, fireman, 251 s Durhani 
A.VDl'^RSON BROTHERS, (T D.Anderson,) 

importers hardware, n w* cor Light and Pratt 
Anuerson Chaney, carpenter, 40 Chatswonli 
Anderson Chas. E. salesman, 343 w Baltimore 
Auderson Chas. blacksmith, 214 German, dw 

4.')1 Franklin 
Anderson Chas. E. baker, 12 Patterson Park av 
Anderson Charles 11. blacksmith, 451 Franklin 
Anderson Clifford C. clerk, 96 n Re[.ublican 
Anderson David, horse shoer, 102 German, 

dw 166 Saratoga 
Anderson Kdvvard, carpenter, 47 Pine 
Anderson Rev. Eldred R,. salesman. 1 Hanover 
Andeison Kliza J. saleswoman, 516 w Baltimore 
Anderson Elizabeth, 137 Ensor 
Auderson Elizabeth, dressmaker, 75 n Charles 
Anderson Mrs. E. J. fancy goods, 189 Walsh 
Anderson P^lizabetli, produce, 116 York 
Anderson Elizabeth, 144 William 
ANDERSON EPHRAIM F., appraiser C. H., 

Howard co. 
Anderson Geo. railing maker, 301 s Paca 
Anderson Geo. H. lab. 108 Ramsay 
Anderson Frederick T. printer, 385 n Gay 
Anderson Geo. 33 Hamilton 
Anderson Geo. F.(Scevers & A.)640 Lexington 
Anderson Geo. W. machinist, 301 s Paca 
Anderson Harry A. machinist, Youncr la 
Anderson Mrs. Henrietta, 55 Greenwillow 
Anderson Henry jr. boxmaker, 177 s Wolfe 
Anderson Henry, salesman, 65 n Front 
Anderson Henry, mariner, 177 s Wolfe 
Anderson Herbert W. clerk, 183 n Calvert 
Anderson Hugh, boatbuilder, 71 Centre Mktsp 
Anderson Ca[)t. Isaac J. 196 n Broadway 
Anderson Jas. (Scally k A.) 375 e Baltimore 
Anderson Jas. clerk, 209 Mulberry 

(James M. Anderson, W. S. An- 
derson,) Engravers, Printers, Sta- 
tioners, Blank Book Manufactur- 
ers, and Dealers in Fancy Goods, 
148 W. Baltimore. 

Anderson Jiis. hackman, 22 Garden 
Anderson Jas. D. police, 116 York 
ANDERSON JAMIIS M. (James M. Anderson 

& Son.) city collector, 183 n Calvert 
Anderson Jas. cooper, rear 332 William 
Anderson Jas. cooper, Byrd n of Fort av 
Anderson Jas. engineer, 55 Hamburg- 
Anderson Jas. N. (Wheat & A.) Fayette near 

Anderson Jeanette, nurse, 65 Forrest 
Auderson Jesse N. plasterer, 220 Saratoga 
Anderson J. H. painter, 362 w Lombard 
Anderson John, 80 s Regester 
Anderson John, tailor, 22 Jasper 
Anderson John, hackman, 141 w Madison 
Anderson John, hackman, 20 Garden 
Anderson John W . blacksmith, 29 s Republican 
ANDERSON JOHN W. & CO. (John W. An- 
derson, ) oyster and fruit packers, 7 and 9 
Anderson John, ir. mariner, 23 Thames 
Andeison John W. (John W. A. & Co.) 160 

Anderson John, tavern, 23 Thames 
Anderson John, tinner. Bond nr Jefferson 

O. F. Bresee, General Agent, 15 South. St. 







I— t 
























• 1—1 











Anderson John R. com. mercht. f>8 Loe 
Anck'ison Jolin G. jirocesser, 5') Green willow 
Anderson Jos. cicrarraaker, 382 Enstern av 
Anderson Josluia, cai'iienler, 48 George 
Anderson Jnlius H. accountant, 74 w Biddle 
Anderson Kate, milliner, 1G6 Saratoga 
Anderson Mrs. L. T. 41 Lee 
Anderson L. T. billiards, n e cor North and 

Baltimore, dw 41 Lee 
Anderson Mrs. Mary, milliner, IGO FTanover 
Anderson Mary, dressmaker, 75 n Charles 
Anderson Oliver, police, 145 s Wolfe 
Anderson Mrs. Rebecca, confect'y, 59 Mnllikin 
Anderson Richard B. cooper, 92 Ilambnrg 
Anderson Riclrd T. bi-akeinan, 534 Le.\ino-ton 
Anderson Richard, shipsniith, 159 Choptank 
Andeison Rcjbert M. com. mercht. 98 Lee 
Anderso'n Robert S. clerk, 29 Pleasant 
Anderson Mrs. Ro.=a, liquors. Dover nr Fulton 
Anderson Samuel, engineer, 110 Battery av 
Anderson Samuel E. 15 .Myrtle av 
Anderson Dr. S. H. 199 Penna. av 
Anderson Mrs. Sarah, 15 Myrtle av 
Anderson Theodore, engrineer, 718 w Pratt 
Anderson Thos. J. carpenter, 100 Mosher 
Anderson Tlios. lab. 193 Peirce 
Anderson Thos. carpenter, 212 n Caroline 
Anderson Thos. jr. car|)enter, 212 n Caroline 
Anderson Thos. 1). (Anderson Bros.) Hampden, 

]]aliimore co. 
Anderson Thos. canmaker, 187 Jolinson 
Anderson Thos. J. engineer, 147 William 
Anderson W. E. k Co.(Wm.E. Anderson, Wm. 

R. Sherwood,) furniture, 8 and 10 Second 
Anderson W. D., Calverton road 
Anderson Mrs.Wra. E.{W. E. Anderson <& Co.) 

210 Linden av 
Anderson W. S.(J. M.A. & Son,) 183 n Calvert 
Anderson V/m. grocery, s e cor Buren and 

Anderson Wm. painter, cor Walsh nnd Lanvale 
Anderson Vrm. 0. painter. 220 Str^itoga 
Andeison Wni. H. painter, 3 n Sharp, dw 358 

Anderson Wm. H. IL attorney, 23 Lexington, 

dw Anne Arunde] co 
Anderson Wm. T. ciparmakrr, 1G2 Bank 
Andes Fire and Marine Insurance Co., Selby & 

Miller, agents, 44 Second 
Anderton W.'ilter I'], oyster packer, 89 n Calvert 
Andrathy Francis, lab. 82 (tranliy 
Andrathy John F. lab. 82 (Jranhy 
Andre Adam, lab. 18 Gninby 
Andre Cliri.-^topher k Son,(C. and Geo. Andre, ) 

painters and dealers in paints, kc, 308 Lij,'hl 
Andre Chiistoidier. (C. A. & Son,) 308 Light 
Andre Geo. (C. A. & Son,)\Villiam nr Gittings 
Andre Dr. J. Rid^way, 121 e Baltimore 
Andrea Henry, shoemaker, 292 s Bond 
Andres John, cooper, 383 liasteinav 
Andres John, tinner, 130 s Wolfe 
Andres .Mrs. Margaret, 130 9 Wolfe 
Andres Wm. tinner, 130 s Wolfe 
Andiew (/'liarlcs, 118 a Hiirli 
Andrew Conrad, porter, 93 Lex;n:,'ton 
Andrew Geo. W. boilermaker, 149 n S|)ring 
Andrew John J. shoemaker, 391 Eastern av 
Andrews Alonzo M. mariner, 23 Holland 
Andrews Mrs. Amanda, 23 Hoil.and 
Andrews Benj. letter carrier, 97 n Wolfe 
Andrews Benj. F. sii:iipainter, 265 Saratoga 
Andrews Mrs. Catharine, 2 Gould la 

Andrews Mrs. Catharine, stationery, 1 n Greene, 

dw 228 Saraloea 
Andrews Chas. IL gunsmith, 219 s Castle 
Andrews David S. lal). 144 McHenry 
Andrews Mrs. Elizabeth, 402 Eastern av 
Andrews Mrs. Elizabeth. 209 JetFerson 
ANDREWS k CO. (J. W. Andrews, I. P. Bur- 
gess, ) shi|) brokers and gen'I com. merchanls, 
and general ajrents B;dto and Nevvbern.N C. 
steamers and Southern Transjiortation Co., 
73 Smith's wharf. — [«%« Advertisement. 
Andrews liliizilieth, dressmaker, 52 n Paca 
Andrews G. Wansey, 227 n Eniaw 
Andrews Geo. grocery, 37 n Frederick 
An<lrews H. P. lab 8(5 s Poppleton 
Andrews Hercules R. W. fiG Barre 
Andrews Jacob, lab. 227 HoUins 
ANDREW.S JAMES B. agt. Balto. and Savan- 
nah Steamship (jO.,o flice 73 Sniith's wharf, 
dw 231 n Fremont. — l_See Advertisement. 
Andrews J. G shoemaker, 391 Eastern av 
Andrews John, sh'emaker, 391 Eastern av 
Andrews, John W. sailmaker, 23 Holland 
Andrews John G. lab. rear 212 Canton av 
Andrews John, hod carrier, 214 Canton av 
Andrews John, watchman, cor Exeti r and Gaj" 
Andrews John, huckster, llO n High 
Andrews John H. machinist, 200 n Exeter 
Andrews Jolin H. shoemaker, 9 n Pine 
Andrews John J. undertaker, 4 Druid Hill av 
Andrews Joseph W. (Andrews & Co.) Strieker 

near Fayette 
Andrews Louisa J. grocy. 141 n Exeter 
Andrews Mary, dressmaker, 227 Ilollins 
Andrews Ringgold, miller, 141 n Exeter 
Aiidrews Robert, carter, Druid Hill av near 

Andrews Robert, law student, 31 n Front 
Andrews R. Snowden, architect, cor North av 

and Dec'-er 
Andrews Samuel K. watchman 117 Park av 
Andrews Mrs. Sophia, laundress, 191 Chesnut 
Andrews Slcidien, weigher, Ramsay nr Milling- 
ton la 
Andrews Dr. T. F.. Barnum's hotel 
Andrews Thomas B. gunsmith, 141 n Exeter 
Andrews k Thompson, (W. S. Thompson,) 

druggists and chemists, 5 w Baltimore 
Andrews W. A. clerk, 226 Saratoga 
Andrews W. T. shoemaker, 97 William 
Andrews Wm. jjrovisions, 202 s Entaw 
Andrews Wm. laborer, 80 Grindall 
Andrews "Wm. E. clerk, 1 n Paca 
Andi-ews Wm. currier, 57 n Frederick 
Anfang Jolin, l.tborcr, 07 s Wolfe 
Angbraudt Henrietta, lannd. 73 s Dallas 
Angel ("^aspcr, moulder, 126 Stirling 
Angel Geo. carter. 19 Wolfe 
Angel Mdward, lab. 8 Harford av 
Angel John T. stonecutter, S Harford av 
Angelinyer Mattliias jr. carter, 5.37 Saratoga 
Angelmyer .Matthias, carter, 537 Saratoga 
Angebnan Gnstav. bootfitter, 328 Ilaborg 
Angels .lulius, fruit, 8 New Church 
^Vnger Valetrtine J. barkeeper, 118 n Gay 
Angelmier .Matthias, carter 46 'Woodyear 
Angernian Henry, coachtrimmer, 250 (Jeorge 
Angerman ^Vm. H. clerk, 250 George 
Angermeyer .lohn, lithographer. 261 :i Fremont 
Angler John, printer, 417 w Pratt 
Angst Ferdinand. shoem:d<er, 12 Jasper 
Aniker John A. lab. 218 Scott 

Mutual Life Insnrance Co. of New York, 

ANK 27 

Anker John, tailor, e Fayette ext 
Anker Joseph, shoemaker, 282 n Central av 
Anker Mich'l. shoemaker, Waverley 
Annan Roberdeati, flerk, 17 n Fremont 
Annandale Wm. J. bookkeeper, 142 s Broadway 
Annen Henry, huckster, 226 n Dallas 
Annen John, paver, 226 n Dallas 
Annesley Mrs. Amanda, hat trimmer, 51 Hillen 
Arishel Michael, pedrtler, 166 w Lombard 
Anshe] Saml peddler, 166 w Lombard 
Ansliutz Albert, ujiholsterer, 98 n Exeter 
Anshutz Chas. locksmith and stoves, 217 Can- 
ton av 
Anshutz Valentine, lab. 228 s Ann 
Antelz Michl. lab. JIadeira nr Pratt 
Anthony David, brakeman, 103 s Gilraor 
Anthony Fdwd. fisherman, 44 Johnson 
Anthony Daniel, clerk, G2 Mnllikin 
Anthony G. W. edge tvl grinder, 62 Mnllikin 
Anthony Geo. W. jr. printer, 62 Jlullikin 
Anthony Henry A. (John D.FIammond & Co.) 

1,52 Myrtle aV 
Anthony James H. carpr. 10 Maccnbbin 
Anthony John W. dairy, 223 Jefferson 
Anthony Joseph, capper, 611 Belair av 
Anthony Jordan, clerk, 20 Mulberry 
Aiithony Wni. carpenter, 265 n Central av 
Antlitz John, hib. 125 s Spring 
Anton Geo. cutter, 216 e Eapjer 
Anton Adam, lajjer beer, 247 s Wolfe 
Anton Henry, tailor, 216 e Eager 
Anton Henr3% cooper, 336 e Lombard 
Anzniann Joseph, bootmaker, 173 German 
Anzmann Anthony, notions, 227 Lexington 
Ajiel Adolph, tailor, 159 e Pratt 
Apel John, clerk, 334 Aiiceanna 
Ai)i<e Jacob, laliorer. 184 Peirce 
APPEAL TAX COURT, City Hall, n w cor 

Fayette and Calvert 
Appel Chas. shocm'kr, 406 Eastern av 
Appel Chas. macht. 30 s Poppleton 
Ap[)el Conrad, tailor, 414 Eastern av 
Appel Christian, cabinetmaker, 30 Pearl 
Appel Edward, tailor. 29 n Dallas 
Ap[iel Fredk.'lab. 6 Rollins al 
Ajjpel Fredk. lab. 216 Canton av 
Appel Fredk lab. 32 n AVolfe 
A])jiel Frederika, 22 Shakspear 
Apiiel F. W. stationer, 90 e Lombard 
Ap[X;l Frederick, laborer, 273 s Durham 
Appel Frederick, laborer, 478 Canton av 
Appel George, butcher, ,33 Elanover market, dw 

Frederick road 
Appel George, laborer, 42 Lancaster 
Appel Henry, carp. 59 Walker 
Appel Henry, cigarmaker, 66 Mnllikin 
Appel Henry, letter carrier, 39 Portland 
Appel Henry, drayman, 363 s Charles 
Appel John, carp. 88 St. Peter 
Appel John, clerk, 73 flanover 
Appel John, plasterer,. 100 Frederick av 
Appel John, tailor, 66 Mullilun 
Appe! John, shoemaker, 152 Raborg 
Ap|)el John, tailor, 87 s Regester 
Appel John, tailor, 101 Cambridge 
Appel John C. mariner, 317 Aiiceanna 
Appel John 11. tailor, 87 s Regester 
Appel Joseph, lab. 177 Eastern av 
Appel Leonard, laborer, 89 Fort av 
Appel JIrs Margaret, confectionery, 30 Pearl 
Appel Martin, tailor, 66 Mullikin 
Appel Nicholas, tailor, 87 s Regester 


Appel JIrs. Rosa, 90 n Eden 
Appel Wm. shoemaker, Sweet Air 
Apple H( nry, laborer, 5 Biannan ct 
Appleby Mrs. Andrew J. 109 n Ann 
Ap|)leby ('bus. patternmaker, 49 Hamburg 
Appleby (jeo. printer, 31 e Lombard 
Appleby Edwarl H. patternmaker, 304 n Eutaw 
Appleby Horatio, lab. Hudson 
Appleby Horatio, blacksmith, LancastcrnrHare 
Appleby John, canmaker, 96 s Ann 
Appleby Lemuel, overset^r. Woodbury 
Appleby Reazon, store, 479 I'enna. av 
Appleby Wm. machinist, Sweet Air 
Appleby Saml. apothy. 479 Penna. av 
Appleby Mts. Sarah, 146 Mulberry 
Appleby Wm. A. stovemaker, 15 Baker 
Applegarih Alex. 153 Saratoga 
Api)legarti) ''has. L. packer. 24 Warren 
garth, J. Frame) attoriiies, 40 St. Paul 
Applegarth Henry C. jiacker, 79 s Fremont 
Ap[)legarth Henry jr. clerk, 79 s Fremont 
Applegaith John A. commission merchant, 91 

Smith's wharf, dw 191 Townsend 
Applegarth Cajjt. Lawson J. 28 Fawn 
Applegarth Nathaniel J. commi.ssion merchant, 

3 Hollingsworth, dw 153 Saratoga 
Applegarth Nathaniel, (AVm.A.&Sons)48 Fawn 
Applegarth Robt.,cigarmkr, 268 Hanover 
Ap]ilegarth Root. H.jr.,cii;armkr, 59 Henrietta 
Applecartli Rnfus W.( Frame) loSSaratoua 
Apple::arth Thos. M. ( Wm.A.& Sons)12 s Hi-^h 

Applegarth, Nathaniel & T. M. Applegarth) 

ship brokers and commission merchants, 37 

w Pratt, cor Buchanan's whf 
Ajiplegarth Capt. AVm. (Wm. Applegarth & 

Sons) 12 s High 
Applegarth Wm. pilot, 92 s Chester 
Ajiiilt'garth Wm. J. clerk, 48 Fawn 
Applegate Mrs. Johanna, 12 e Baltimore 
Appier Orlando i\L paper hanger, 6 s Pojipleton 
Ap!)ler Thos. clerk, 137 LanvaJe 
Appleton Thomas, laborer, 15 Sloi'kton 
Ai)pler F. C, conductor, 6 s Poppleton 
Applewaite Henry B., raacbinibt, 199 Druid 

Hill av 
Ai>plewhaite Jas. T., clerk, 199 Druid PHll av 
A|i[ilewhaite i>L .M. 199 Druid Hill av 
Appold Charles H. laborer, 170 Cross 
Ap[)old Andrew, bark mills, s e cor Caroline 

and McElderrv, dw 420 e Jlonument 

& W. H. Appold ) hide and leather dealers, 8 

and 10 Water, tannery Noitli nr Madison 
Appold Geo. A. clerk, 194 e Monument 
Appold Geo. J. (Geo. A. & Sous,) 262 n Charles 
A.ppold Geo. N. clerk, 262 n Charles 
Ap[)old Howard A. clerk, 214 n Calvert 
Appold (M. E.) Chapel, Washiiiston nr Chase 
Appold Samuel, (Geo.A.& Sons,V214 n Calve: t 
Aiipold Samuel A. engineer, 93 McElderry 
Appold Theo. R. 174 n Eutaw 
Appold Wm. H. (G. A. & Sons) 214 n Calvert 
APPRAISi<:R'S OFFICE, (U. S.) cor Gay and 

Aj't Michael, laborer, 278 s Broadway 
Avata J. B., mtisician, 3 Plowra:'.n 
Arbeiier Hall and Workingmen's Union, 5 s 

Arbin Henry J. butcher, 19 Hanover and 25 

Belair markets, dw Jenkins lane 






Assets $60,000,000 Cash Invested. 







• i—i 





• r— I 





Arc Catherine, confectionery, 236 s Bond 

Arcli 1>. grocer}-, 19 n Chapel 

Arch Geo. laborer, 377 Canton av 

Arch Wni. laborer, 1G2 Biirpundy al 

Archer Calel), carpenter, IG H(jlland 

Archer Cornelin?, l.iborer, 7 Abbot 

Archer Geo. draughtsman. 188 Division 

Archer Geo. hatter, -IO.t e Lombard 

Archer George, Sweet Air 

Archer George, hatter, 109 Bank 

Archerd FredU, grocery, 440 Canton av 

Archibald Thos. laborer, 2 L. Second 

Ardin D. ladies shoemaker, 61 Lexington, dw 

314 n Ell taw 
Areus Henry, (Von Kapft\t Arens) 113 Park 
Arens Wra. mariner, 180 s Reiristcr 
Arey Edward II. driver, 209 Ensor 
Atey Thos. A. driver, 209 Ensor 
Arien Mrs. I']lizabeth, midwife, 259 Preston 
Aiing Ernest, 114 n Central av 
A ring Sam'l, furn. wagons, 333 w Hoffman 
Armacost Amos, stonemn. Falls rd nr North av 
Armacost, Jas. T. inspector C. II. 185 Ensor 
Armacost Jas. M. bricklayer, 150 e Eager 
Armacost Malcolm, well digger, 270 Walsh 
Armacost Margaret. 23 Lewis 
Armager Clias. "\V. 18G Hanover 
Armager Jes.~e, combmaker, 18G Hanover 
Armager Jesse, brickmaker, 310 William 
Armager L. teacher, 186 Hanover 
Arniandt Louis, cigar maker, 1G7 Hnmburg 
Armandt Paul, washing fluid, 27 n Chapel 
Armbrust John sr. painter, 276 s Sharp 
Armlirust John, p;iintcr, 276 s Sharp 
Armlirusler George, filemaker, 140 Raborg 
Armbruster John, blacksmith, 140 Raborg 
Armeling George, agent, 122 Bank 
Armeling John, blacksmith, 122 Bank 
ArmendtJohn E. gunsmith, 261 s Broadway, 

dw 20 s Chester 
Arniesworthy Benj. blacksmith, 32 Conway, 

dw 23 Barre 
Ainiiger Allen, carpenter, 377 e Fayette 
Armiger Benj. P., carpenter, 375 e Fayette 
Armiger Eli G. printer, over 162 w Baltimore, 

dw 104 e Monument 
Armiger Miss Elizabeth, dry goods, 414 n Eden 
Armiger Geo. U. bootfitler, 135 Mulberry 
Armiger .Mrs. Isabella, 377 e Fayette 
Armiger James R., Edmondson av ur Repub- 
ARJIIGER JOHN L. hats and caps, 100 n Gay, 

dw 332 Aisf|uiih 
Armiger Joseph II carp., 147 e Madison 
Armiger John, book binder, 188 n Caroline 
Armiger Joseph, combmaker, 188 n Caroline 
Armiger Joseph, mariner, 13 Henrietta 
Armiger Peter, coachinakor, 188 n Caroline 
Armiaer Richard, house furnishing store, 135 

n Gay, dw 321 e Eager 
Armiger Robert B. carpenter, 54 e Pratt, dw 

375 e Fayette 
Armiger Thomas R. carver, 377 e Fayette 
Armiger Thomas E. dt-rk, 414 n Eden 
Armiger Wm. L. clerk, 321 e Eavrer 
Armislead Anderson II. 223 n Charles 
Arniistead C. Hughes, 103 w .Monument 
Armistead Geo. bookkeeper, 103 w Monument 
Arniistead J. I. (Weedoii, A. & Co.) 223 n 

Armistead J. Ryan. col. clerk, 103 w Monument 
Armistead S. Gordon, 103 w Monument 

Armitage Geo. T. painter, ISO Chesuut al 

Armitage Dr. James, 14 n Paca 

Armitage James, nmchinist, 437 w Lombard 

Armitage Mrs. Kate, 104 n Republican 

Armitage Mrs. Rebecca, 437 w Lombard 

Armling Henry, beer, Lancaster nr Ann 

Armor Chas. G., Custom House, 49 s Ann 

Armor MrSv Eliz. dressmaker, 296 s Charles 

Armor .Mrs. Emma, 8G u Greene 

Armor Geo. F. glassware, lamps and oils, 164 

Franklin, dw 143 n Eutaw 
Armor John, brewer, Calverton rd 
Armor .Mrs. Joseph G. 216 Lee 
Armoi' Le.midas, clerk, 228 Conway 
Armory First National Guard, n e cor Calvert 

and Saratoga 
Armory Fifth Nat. Guaid, over Richmond mkt 
Armpreister Geo. painter, 89 s Strieker 
Armstrong Andrew, <*achtr'mr,83 e Baltimore 
Armstrong (fc Berry, (Geo. H. Berry ) publishers 

and booksellers, 156 w Baltimore 
Armstrong Benj. H. machinist, 205 Jefferson 
Armstrong Mrs. C. S. 251 n Eutaw 
Armslronir Mrs. Charlotte, Creek ill nr West 
ARMSTRO.XG, CATOR cj- CO. (R. W. Cator, 

J. F. Bealmear, W. J. H. Waiters, W. H. 

Pagon, J. McK. White) silk and millinery 

goods, 237 and 239 w Baltimore 
Armstrong & Co. (James Armstrong, Wm. E. 

Poulton) carpenters, 454 w Baltimore 
Armstrong ij- Denny, (W. Armstrong, John 

Denny)furn.manufac.Light and Montgomery 
Ari):strong Daniel S. painter, Waverley 
Armstrong I)aniel, painter, Fort av nr William 
Armstrong Edward A. plumber, cor Canton 

and O'Donnell 
Armstrong Edward, cleik, Howard house 
Armstrong Mrs. Elizabetli, 280 Madison av 
Armstrong, Jlrs. Eliza, 329 w Fayette 
Armstrong Emma P. teacher, 250 e Monument 
Armstrong Frank, huckster, 18 Baker 
Armstrong Enoch J., Mt. Vernon mills 
Armstrong Geo. laborer, 5 Rock 
Armstrong, Mrs. Henrietta, 35 n Front 

Armstrong, J. S. Hopkins) Provi- 
sion Commission Merchants, 5 
Exchange place. 

Webb. Thomas Armstrong) Soap 
and Candle Manufacturers, keep 
constantly on hand a lai'ge assort- 
ment of Soap and Candles of the 
best quality,manufactured at their 
Factory, Concord istreet, between 
Lombard and Pratt. 

Armstrong Mrs. J. L. notions, 234 e Pratt,dw239 
Armstrong James, 3(14 Madison av 
Armstrong Jas. (Armstrong k Co.) 198 Walsh 
Armstrong James maniifr. stoves and hollow 

wave, 60 Light, dw 297 e Biddle 
Armstrong James, coachman, 13^ sFrcml, 
Armstrong Jas. C. clerk, 250 c Monument 
Armstrong James, bricklayer, 31 s Gilmor 
Armstrouir Jas. L. jires't American Fire Ins. 

Co. of Baltimore, South, dw 52 n Greeuo 

Miitiial Life Insurance Co. of New York, 




Armstrong Jiis. T. clerk, 251 n Eutaw 
Armstrong Mrs. James D. ]66 McCnlloh 
Arnistrong James W. painter, 189 Battery av 
Armstrong John, 237 n Howard 
Armstrong Jolin, 134 s Sharp 
Armstrong John B. clerk 251 n Eutaw 
Armstrong John A. 19 Cathedral 
Armstrong John C. stonemason, Hampden 
Armstrong Joim F. clerk, 192 Ramsay 
Armstrong John, wireworker, 12 s Fremont 
Armstrong John M. teacher, 187 Battery av 
Armstrong Jos. shoemaker, Jit. Vernon mills 
Armstrong Jos. A. laborer, Mt. Vernon mills 
Armstrong Mrs. JMary J. dressmaker, 46 w 

Armstrong Mrs. Mary, dressmkr, 33 Myrtle av 
Armstrong Nora, 2 Donnelly ct 
Armstrong R. D.(A. & Hopkins) n w cor Mad- 
ison av and Mosher 
Armstrong Robert L. clerk, 237 n Howard 
Armstrong Mrs. Robt. W. millinery, 128 Lex- 
ington » 
Armstrong Dr. R.W. dentist, 153 n Eutaw, d\v 

128 Lexington 
Armstrong Sam' 1 E. tinware, Waverley, York rd 
Armstrong Sam'l L. huckster, Creek al nr West 
Armstrong Sam'l S. printer, 104 Chew 
Armstrong Mrs. Sarah, cor Canton av and 

Armstrong .Mrs. Susan, 250 e Monument 
Armstrong Thos. shoemaker, Cieek al nr West 
Armstrong Mrs. Thomas. 73 n Paca 
A'-mstrong Thos. G. clerk, 3.5' n Front 
Armstrong Thos (J. A. & Co.) 236 n Calvert 
Armstrong Victor C. (Tomlinsoa & A.) 571 

Armstrong V^m. J. (Hoffman, Staley & Co.) 

Ill n Charles 
Armstrong Wm. K. bricklayer, Hampden 
Armstrong Wm. (A. & Denny) 187 Battery av 
Armstrong Wm. F. wagoner, 167 Orleans 
Arnistroncr Wm. assist, sec'ry American Fire 

Ins. Co. 52 n Greene 
Arnd Richard^ tobacconist, 261 e Lombard 
Arndt Henry, porter, 83 Penna av 
Arndt Jacob, basketmaker, 1 1 Biddle al 
Arndt John, tinner, 1 Riddle al 
Arndt John, tinner, Biddle al nr Drnid Hill av 
Arnedt Wm. G. huckster, 13 Maccubbin 
Arnett C. Smith, clerk 5 McEldurry 
Arnett Chas. H. laborer, 83 Harrison, Canton 
Arnett George, 5 JlcElderry 
Arnett Jos. H. laborer, 83 Harrison, Canton 
Arnett Levi, shoemaker, 357 n Gay, dw 359 
Arnett Wm. H. salesman, 5 McElderry 
Arnold Dr. Abraham B. 7 s High 
Arnold Adam, provisions, Montgomery and 

Arnold Andrew J. carp'tr, 188 Greenmount av 
Arnold Charles A. baker, 239 n Gay 
Arnold Charles, carpenter, 275 Aisquith 
Arnold Conrad, blacksmith, 960 w Baltimore 
Arnold Conrad, shoemaker, 1 s Greene 
Arnold Edward A. clerk, 125 Mulberrv 
Arnold Mrs. Elizth. milk, 188 Greenmount av 
Arnold Mrs. Elizabeth, milk, 304 Johnson 
Arnold Francis, surgical instrument maker, 15 

S Sharp, dw 343 w Lombard 
Arnold Frank, clerk, 343 w Lombard 
Arnold Frank, clerk, 239 n Gay 
Arnold George, police, 213 n Front 
Arnold George, laborer, 304 Johnson 

Arnold George W. bakery, 239 n Gay 
Arnold Henry confectionery, 960 w Baltimore 
Arnold Henry, laborer, 47 s Rei)ublican 
Arnold Henry, bricklayer, 130 s Greene 
Arnold J. W. & Co. (J- W. & T. H. Arnold) 

fruit commission merchants, 15 Camden 
Arnold James, engineer. 343 w Lombard 
Arnold Henry, carpenter, 342 Hanover 
Arnold Isaac, 36 Holland 
Arnold James R, bricklayer, 25 McIIenry 
Arnold John, laborer, rear 185 s Register 
Arnold Jijlin, finisher, 960 w Baltimore 
Arnold J(din, tailor, 312 s Bond 
Arnold John W. clerk, 343 w Lombard 
Arnold John C. brickmaki'r,Trappe road 
Arnold John W. (J. W A. & Co. ) 83 Hill 
Arnold Josej)!), paver, Walsh nr Patterson av 
Arnold Mrs. Margaret, 262 Aisquith 
Arnold Michael, tanner, 194 n Front 
Arnold Richard H. rubber weather strips, 125 

Arnold R. Wm. printer, 125 Mulberry 
Arnold Samuel, clerk, 239 n Gay 
Arnold T. H.(J.W.A. & Co) An'ne Arundel co 
Arnold Wm. clerk. Castle nr Jefferson 
Arnold ^Vm. H. clerk, 25 McHenry 
Arnold Wm.H. M. clerk. Castle nr Orleans 
Arnold Wm. bricklayer, 209 Scott 
Arnold Wm., Sweet Air 
Arnold Wm. H. brickmaker, 8 Stockholm 
Arnold Wm. E. clerk, 241 n Carey 
Arnold Wm. J. shoemaker, 264 e Madison 
Arnold Dr. Wm. T. dentist, office 65 n Paca dw 

343 w Lombard 
Aro John, shoemaker, 12 s Dewberry al 
Aro John, laborer, cor. Amity and Lemmon 
Aro John, plasterer, 518 Aisquith 
Aro Joseph J. driver, 518 Aisquith 
Aro John B. beer, Amitj^ and Lemmon 
Aro Joseph, gardener, 518 Aisquith 
Aro Lewis, butcher, 470 Light 
Aro Wm. laborer, 30 Abey al 
Arold Christian, shoemaker, 190 s Bond 
Arold John, coojier, 107 s Dallas 
Aron Augustus, carpenter, 106 Battery av 
Aron Geo. clerk, 106 Battery av 
Aron Marcellus, carpenter, f06 Battery av 
Arras Catharine, confectionery, 236 sBond 
Arras Frederick, supt. Md. sugar refinery, 71 e 

Arrold John, cooper, 107 s Dallas 
Arscott Mrs. Ann, 183 Hughes 
Arscott Richard, mariner, 134 s Regester 
Arscott Saml.G. iM. sheet iron work. 183 Hughes 
Arratto Mrs. Anna, grocery, 61 President 
Arratto John, liquors, 61 iPresident 
Arthur Bridget, 81 Booth 
Arthur Chas\ bill poster, N. C. R., 45 Valley 
Arthur Anthony, tinner, 52 St. Peter 
Arthur Chas. W. clerk, 1 w Baltimore 
Arthur David, 212 Aisquith 
Arthur David, butter, 167 e Madison 
ARTHUR HENRY, baker, 53 n Eutaw, and 32 

Camden, dw 53 n Eutaw 
Arthur James D. 0. carpenter, 10 Patterson av 
Arthur .James, carpenter, 10 Patterson av 
Arthur James, engineer, 350 Washington av 
Arthur J. Flemming, teacher, 681 Lexington 
Arthur John, blacksmith, 7 Pleasant 
Arthur John, laborer, 350 Washington av 
Arthur John, 129 s Chapel 
Arthur John C. overseer Mt. Vernon Mills 


• r— I 













The Largest Life Insurance Co. in the World. 

















Arthur Patrick, hod carrier, 129 s Chapel 

-MITHUR DR. ROBKRT, dei.list, 59^ Franklin 

Arthur Mrs. Mary, 9 Viilley 

Arthur Thomas, coach painter, 13 Valley 

Arthur Wm. C. 719 Lexington 

Arthur Wm. D. salesuuin. I vv Baltimore 

Arthur Dr. Wm. S. 5'J n Eutaw 

Arthur Wni. \V. hat manuf. and h'.dies' furs, 1 

w Baltimoie 
Arthur .A[rs. C. 2GT St. Paul 
Arvcry Najioleon, sliipcarpenter, 55 Luzerne 
Aizt Henr_v, shoemaker, 122 Lancaster 
Arzner Chas. piauomaker. 233 Hamburg 
Asbeck Louis, restaurant, 13 s Eutaw, dvv Wil- 

Icins nr Frederick av 
Asbury Life Insurance Co. of New York, Rey- 
nolds* Savin, gen'l agts, 44 Postoffice av 
Aschbuch FranciS; paver, 90 a Schroeder 
Asemiorf Albert, 146 Pearl 
ASKNDORF BROS. (John k Henry A.) car- 
penters, 7 Cider al 
Asendorf Geo. ( Louis Grube k Go. ) 5 Myrtle av 
Asendorf Henry, (A. Bros.) IGi] Mulberry 
Asendorf John (A. Bros.) 382 Saratoga 
Asendorf Kate, beer, 382 Saratoga 
Ash k Franks, (G. T.Ash, W.W. Franks) ship 
brokers and com. inerchts. I(j4 Duj.:an's whf 
Ash Geo. T. (A. & Franks) ship chandlery, and 

junk, 104 Dugan's whf. dw 372 e Baltimore 
Ash Isadore, clerk, 68 n Carey- 
Ash Israel, 176 Hanover 
Ash Louis, (M. Gutman h Co.) 68 n Carey 
Ash Michael I. wool, cotton, furs, &c., 104 

Light St. whf. dw 176 Hanover Mrs. Susan, millinery, 170 Hanover 
Ashberry W.H. clerk, St. Paul, Peabody heights 
Ashberger John, tailor. 463 Saratoga 
Ashburn A. J. carpenter, Wolfe n of Biddle 
Ashburn Benjamin S. tobacconist, 280 w Balti- 
more, dw 33 n Pine 
Ashburuer Charles H. piest. Abbott Iron Co. 

cor Burke and Boston, dw 331 e Pratt 
Ashburn Capt. Kdvvard, mariner, 22 Cross 
Aslibury Joseph M. grocer, 301 Light, dw 174 

Ashby John R. conductor, 106 Holiins 
Ashbv Lulie, 136 n Central av 
Ashby Mrs. Mildred, 213 n Dallas 
Ashby Orville, med. student, 44 s Sharp 
A.shcom George W. mariner, 99 Gough 
Aslicom John L* pilot, 95 Gough 
Ashcom Nathaniel, ins. agent, 703 w Lombard 
Ashcroft Robert, shi(ibuilder, n e cor Thames 

and Wolfe, dw 54 s Broadway 
Ashcroft Robert J. clerk, 54 s Broadway 
A<hcroft Wells, ship joiner, 264 e Pratt 
Ashe Thos. P.gaslitier and painter, 260 s Eutaw 
Asiier Abraham, baker, 42 n Spring 
Ashley Charles C. box maker, 177 Hudson 
Ashley Win. carpenter, 50 Gratiby 
Ashley Wrn. H. bo.xmaker, 59 Columbia 
Asiily Win. JL currier, 46 e Biddle 
A.-hlock Mrs. .Mary, notions, 2S2 Penna av 
Aslimayer Wm. tailor, 74 Leadenliall 
Ashmore Wm.H (Harrison & A.)459 w Fayette 
Ashman Mrs. Mary A. 53 n Fremont 
Ashman Mrs. Susanna, seamstress, 23 Ryan 
Ashman Wm. H. huckster, 23 Ryan 
Asf---.iore Wm. II. confectionery, 44 n Pojipleton 
A.-lilon Clint(m J. printer, 135 n lieimblican 
Ashton Charles K. printer, 135 n Re[tublicnn 
Ashloii Geo. C. scourer and repa'r, 83 Mulberry 

Ashton John, U. S. storekeeper, 324 w Fayette 
Ashtar Mrs. Eliza, dressmaker, 254 n Central av 
Ashton John M. coachpainier, 34 Gough 
Ashton Mrs. Matilda, boarding, 54 Conway 
Ashton Jlorris, grocery, 25 n Fremont 
Ashton Mary, 141 Raborg 
Ashton Thomas, 135 n Republican 
Ashway Mrs. Catherine, 63 Albemarle 
Askew Albert C. upholsterer, 510 Saratoga 
.Askew diaries L. carpenter, 5o n Paca 
A.skew Mrs. Elizabeth, dressmaking, Pine and 

Askew Jane, grocery, Patu.xent and Hudson 
Askew Jeliu B. asst. postmaster, 45 s Exeter 
Askew John, engineer, 156 Hudson 
Askew Wm. Henry, postal clerk, Druid Hill 

av ext 
Askew Wm N. clerk, cor Pine and' Baltimore 
Askey James, salesman, 215 e Fayette 
Askey James R. clerk, 21.^ e Fayette 
Askey Joseph, carter, S3 Granby 
Askey Joseph, tinner. 215 e Fayette 
Askey Joseidi, carter, Broadway and Fayette 
Askey Win. coojier, 56 Stiles 
Askey Wm. shoemaker, 215 e Faj'ette 
Askins .Mrs. Mary, restaurant, 143 e Pratt 
Asman Jacob, cooper, 240 Hainimrg 
Asmus Daniel, carpeiiier, 200 L. Hughes 
Aspelinaier Fred. A. 254 w Fayette 
Asperger John, tailor, 459 Saratoga 
Aspril David S. mariner, 357 Eastern av 
Aspril James L. bookkeeper, 4G Fawa 
Aspril James S. clerk, 46 Fawn 
Assinan Jacob, cooper, 240 Hamburg 

4 South, John Gushing, president 
Astfalk Julius, pianoraaker, 59 s Oregon 
Atack Sylvester, machinist, 16 Bevan 
Atchison Mrs. Mary, grocery, 15 Ohio av 
Atachison Geo. F. plasterer, 248 n C.iroline 
Athman Gottleib, gardener, Philadelphia road, 

nr toll-gate 
Athman lienry, cigarmaker, 192 e Monument 
Alhiuann Clement, cigarmak, 15 Greenmount av 
Atkins George, St. Clair hotel 
Atkins John, driver, 85 Mullikin 
Atkins Sarah, dressmaker, Druidville 
Atkinson Alien, quarryman, 939 Lexington 
Atkinson .Mrs. Ann, seamstress, 61 Monroe 
Atkinson Mrs. Araminta, 9 McElderrv 
Atkinson ,j- Brothers, (J. H .j- W. C. Atkin- 
son) grocers and liq'r dealers, 186 s Broadway 
Atkinson (J. W. bookkeeper, 298 n Gay 
Atkinson I']dward T. clerk, 67 w Centre 
Atkinson Elizabeth J. 163 Linden av 
Atkinson Geo. butcher, 18 Smith 
Atkinson George sr., butcher, 27 Centre, 14 

Lexington and 32 Hanover markets, dw 427 

n Carey 
Atkinson Mrs. Geo. 427 n Carey 
Atkinson George G. clerk, 67 w Centre 
Atkinson Hiram, painter, 553 Saratoga 
Atkinson Dr. I. K. 151 w Biddle 
Atkinson Israel S. conveyancer, 106 Saratrga 
Atkinson James, barber, Ensor and Hillen, dw 

54 Chew 
Atkinson John F. laborer. Sweet Air 
Atkinson John P. clerk, }8I Aisquith 
Atkinson John W. dry goods, 298 n Gay 
Atkinson Josepii, cabinetmaker, 553 Saratoga 
Atkinson Joshua II. (Atkinson ij- Bros.) 285 e 


Miifaal Liife Insurance Co. of New York, 




Atkinson Laura J. teacher, 248 n Caroline 
Atlcinson >[rs. Mary 1"]. 248 ii Caruline 
Atkinson .Mrs. M.^vy J. 181 Aisquith 
Atkinson M. T. scliool, 54 Oaew 
Atkinson .MiUtljew S. (Locher ^- A.) 151 vv 

Atkinson Ruchel, te:K-!ier, 9 McSlderry 
Atkinson Dr. Robert, te.ic'aer,.90 Catliedral 
Atkinson Robt. M.luborer, Po[0!na.:;nr lliidsoa 
Atkinson Sam). E. sali-sinan, 277 e lionibard 
Atkinson Thomas, machinist, 47G Saratoga 
Atkinson .Mrs. Dr. Thos. G. school, G7 w Centre 
Atkinson Thomas F. carpenter. 23 n Paca 
Atkinson ^\''nl. George,(A. Schu.uacher & Co.) 

273 n Caroline 
Atkinson Win. butcher, 27 Centre, 14 Li.'.xing- 
ton and 34 Hanover markets, dw PcMina av e.x:t 
Atkinson Wm. C. (Atkinson ^ Bros.) 27 s 

Atlantic Fii-e Ins. Co of New Yurk, 9 North 

26 Postoffice av 
Atlee Isaac II. clerk, 173 w Lombard 
Attrill Henry F. 209 St. Paul 
Atler Francis, bricklayer, 230 Lee 
Atler Geo. W. coachsmith. 94 n Pojipletoa 
Ailer Wm. A. salesman, 94 n Po[)plttoa 
Atvvell Benj. laborer, 80 n Wolfe 
Atwell Daniel, carpenter, 219 Gough 
Atvvell Geo. M. ship carpenter. 250 s Ana 
Atwell Geo. A. clerk, 91 Gough 
Atwell James R. ship carpenter, 25G s Ann 
Atwell Jolia, stonecutter, 61 n Hij^h 
Atwell John, harnessmaker, 5!^ s Sloclctoa al 
Atwell Richard H. clerk, 23 Courtland 
Atwell Robert F. screwman, 33 w Pratt 
Atwell S.imuel. fireman, SO n Woit'e 
Atv.'ell Thos. mariner, Coviriorton nr Hamburg 
Atwell Thos. E. carpenter, 203 n Dallas 
Atwell Wm. F., U. S. storekeeper, \IS Hanover 
Atwell Wm. shipcarpenter, 134 William 
Atwood Ciias. shoemaker, 106 w Faj-ette 
Aubel Adam, driver, 286 Canton av 
Aubel .Mrs. Arunie, variety, 16 Sterrett 
Aubel Christian, laborer, 245 Aliceanna 
Aubel John, cabinetmaker, 16 Sterrett 
Aubrey &: Co. (Wm Aubrey.) com. merchts. 

18 Commerce 
Aubrey Lewis, clerk, 62 Sarato;za 
Aubrey Wai. {A. k Co.) 62 Saratoga 
Aubry Louis, French teacher, 93 n Charles 
Aubry .Mud. L., French flutinir, 93 n Charles 
Aucaigne .Madame, French jewelry, 167 Madi- 
son av 
Aucaigne M. Felix, French teacher, 167 Madi- 
son av 
Audibert Mrs. Anna E. fancy goods, 227 Lee 
Audoun k Bruscup, (J. H. Audoun, T. Brus- 

cup) real estate brokers, 10 Law bldg 
Audoun Jos. A. patternmaker, n vv cor Broad- 
way and Monument 
Audouu Joseph H. (A. & Bruscup, ) attorney, 

n w cor Broadway and Monument 
Audoun Louis, carpenter, 348 Orleans 
Audoun Oliver, (Binyon & A.) 132 Bank 
Audoun Oliver, jr. carpenter, 132 Bank 
Audrin Mrs. Josephine, dressmkr, 195 n Eutaw 
Auel Adam, shoemaker, 261 Battery av 
Auer Mrs. Catherine, 64 Park 
Auer John, helper, 51 Leadenhall 
Auerbach .Mrs. Elizabeth, 20 Hamburg 
Auerbach Jos. I. watchman, 139 n Paca 

Auerback Cliristian, drayman, 158 Henrietta 

Autl'liart Geo. laborer, 158 Madeira al 

Aug Wm. watchman, 14 s Eden 

Auger Jacob P. (J. P. A. & Co.) Broadway 

and Lombard 
AUUERJ. P.& CO. (J. P. Auger,) oyster 

packers, 66 Boston 
Augustine F'rank, laborer, 234 n Central av 
An! John, lager beer, n e cor Chase and Cen- 
tral av 
Aid .Mathias, shoemaker, 191 s Bethel 
A. Ill .Michael, shoemiikcr, 316 n Gay 
Aulaljaugh John H. grocery, 1 12 Garden 
Aulabaugh John H. grocery, 179 e Eager,dwl7 
Aulal)ai!gh Zephaniah N. teacher, 100 Chew 
.\ulbach Geo. butcher, Chester nr Madison 
.Aul!)ach Mrs. John A. butcher, 11 and 26 Fell's 

Point m irket, dw Belair road nr city limits 
Aulhacli John G. laborer, 19 Liberty 
.Auld Benj. F. lieut. police, 255 Gough 
Aiilii Edwin J., 255 Saratoga 
.Auld Capt. Edwitrd H., 383 e Baltimore 
.■Vuld Fannv, teacher, 333 e Baltimore 
AULD HADDAWA-V.rune and feed,31nGreene, 

dw 255 Saratoga 
Auld John E. shipsmith, 83 William 
Auld Joseph H. (Bo wen & A.) 83 William 
Aal<i Philip, sliip carpenter, 177 Hughes 
Auld Richard, mariner, 76 Gongh 
Auld Samuel, ship carpenter, 271 e Pratt 
Auld Mrs. Sophia, 383 e Baltimore 
Auld Wilson, engineer, 315 e Lombard 
.Aull Mrs. Isabella, 77 s Regester 
Aull Jacob, shoemaker, Waverley, York rd 
AuH Jacob H. master machinist, 51 Etting 
Aull Lewis, carpenter, 51 K-tting 
Aul! Louis, (.A. & Schauinloeffel) 79 S Regester 
Aull Mary, dressmaker, 79 s Regester 
Aull & Schauniloetfel,(Loui3.Aull,Wra.Schaum- 

ioeffel) coal and wood, 22 Park av 
Auk Samuel, 218 vv Fayette 
Ault Wm. machinist, 105 s Poppletoa 
.Aulihouse G. W. produce, 37 Light 
AultsJohn, cai-penter, 1S7 Hudson 
Aumann Wm. C. manuf. cigars, 62 s Calvert, 

dw 154 vv Lombard 
Aurin Rudolph, cigarmaker, cor German and 

.Austen Geo. C. carpenter, 103 West 
Aaisten Dr. Philip IL, 8 Cathedral 
Austen Wm. C. bricklayer, 103 West 
Austin Alex. R. b.ookkeeper Citizens' National 

Bank, Maryland av extended 
Austin J. Benjamin, mariner, 294e Lombard 
Austin James K. P., 134 Mclilderry 
Austin John T. stove mounter, 97 s Chester 
Austin Theodore D. chairmaker, 363 s Sharp 
Austin Theodore G. teller People's Bank, 50 n 

Austin Wm. shipsmith, 213 Bank 
Austin Wm. F. carpenter, 228 West 
Austin Wm. shipsmith, 565 e Fayette 
Austrian Mrs. B. hats and caps, 213 s Broad- 

Austrian Robt. (R. A. & Co.) 213 s Broadway 
Austrian Robt. ^- C'>. (R. Austrian, B. Levy,) 

hat and cap manufacturers, 9 s Liberty 
Auth Mrs. Barbara, 122 Johnson 
Auth John, laborer, 122 Johnson 
Auth Nicholas, tailor, 122 Johnson 
Avalear Joseph C. tailor, 218 vv Pratt 
Aversmeyer Frederick, laborer, 52 Gist 
















O. F. Bresee, General Agent, 15 South St. 




















Avcrill Edward S. (Hatch, Loud & Co.) 22 s 

Averill Mrs. Nellie, 84 n Greene 
Averis Andre, laborer, 242 s Dallas 
Await Ferdinand, shoemaker, 5G I'ark 
Awbrey Andrew J. cigarmkr, 30G e Monument 
Awbrey John S. plasterer, 241 n Eden 
Awhrey Priestly, shoemaker, 241 n Eden 
AwbreV Thomas P. painter, 160 n Caroline 
Ax Christian, (G. W. Gail & Ax) 59 Barre 
Axt Martin, ciparmaker, 177 s Sliarp 
Ayd John, apothecary, 261 Aisqnith 
Avdelott James, confectioner, 132 Pearl 
Aydelott Wm. confectioner, 132 Pearl 
Avdelotte John 13. W. salesman,! 56 w Lombard 
Avers Annie, 66 Chew 

Avers Franklin S. sewing- machine, 66 Chew 
Ayers Geo. W. engineer, 241 s Wolfe 
Ayers Mrs. Margaret, seamstress, 31 illU 
Avers Mary L., 157 Chesapeake 
Ayers Capt. Samuel, 214 s Ann 
Ayers Thomas, teacher, 652 Lexington 
Ayler Elizabeth, 86 .McElderry 
Avler Elizabeth, Hampton 
Ayler Jesse, ])ainter. 8(3 McElderry 
Ayler John W. clerk, 86 McElderry 
Ayler Wm. H. engineer, 34 e Baltimore 
Ayler Wm. H. engineer, Hampton 
Aylsworth B. M. C. G. carp. t:hase nr Chapel 
Aymold Benj. laborer, 385 s Charles 
Avmold Lewis, painter, 385 s Charles 
Avmold Mrs. Maria, 385 s Charles 
Ayres Isaac S. laliorer, 212 s Bond 
Ayrcs Geo. W. carpenter, 376 e Madison 


Baaekle Tobias, cooper, 143 Hamburg 
Baader Agatha, 20 Mott 
Baader Catherine, 20 Mott 
Babb Mrs. J. D. jr. cake baker, C8 s Charles 
Babbestella Francis, shoemaker, 114 s Durham 
Babbestella Geo. shoemaker, 114 s Durham 
Bahcock Amelia, 162 Lanvale 
Eabcock James, laborer, 18!) s Durham 
Bal)cock Mrs. Maria, 162 Lanvale 
Babendrier Louis jr. clerk, 69 ]^■lbo^g 
Babcndrier Louis, pimomaker, 69 Raborg 
Babendrier Mis. .Sophia, 69 liaborg 
Babikow Julius, painter, 269 Eastern av 
Babikow Wm. processer, 269 Eastern av 
Bacciguileppa iN'icholas, fruit stand, dw 61 

Bach Adam, broommaker, 52 n Wolfe 
Bach Adam, groceries, flour & feed, 329Aisquith 
Bach Mrs. Catherine, grocery, 52 n Wolfe 
Bach Geo. laborer. 389 s Eulaw 
Bach Henry Br. (Ilartman, Bach & Co.) 209 

Druid Hill av 
Bach Henry jr. clerk, 209 Druid Hill av 
B.H-h .Joiin, laljorer, 52 u Wolfe 
Bach John, laborer, 23S <Jileaiis 
Bach John A. broominaker, 52 u Wolfe 
Bach John C. carjjenter, 418 s Chai'les 
Bach John, shoemaker, 135 e Lomliard 
Bach Peter, shoemaker, 104 n Central av 
Bacharach Aaron, 164 e Lombard 
Bacharach Nathan, salesman, 12 n (Caroline 
Bachc Dr. Dallas, U. S. A., Fort McHeury 
Bache Mrs. .Sophia, teacher, Waverley 
Bachelder James, agent, 86 s Ann 
Bachler Jacob F. coufectiouer, 70 Druid Hillav 

B;ichman Adam, whitewasher, 189 s Wash- 
Bachman .\ndrew, lager beer, 64^[u)berry 
Bachmaii August, packer, 218 William 
Bachuiau Balthaser, lab. 58 F^ssex 
Bachman Balthaser, lab. 189 s Washington 
Bachman Ernest, tailor, 19 Barnes 
Bachman Fredi'rick, tavern, 215sEutaw 
Bachman Frederick, wagoner, 146 Johnson 
Bachman Geo. joiner, 133 Henrietta 
Bachuian Henry, laborer, 58 Essex 
Bachman John, liquors, 209 Iloliins 
Bachman John, cal)inctmaker. 104 s Castle 
Bachman John, tailor, 2 Stirling 
Bachuian John M. cigar manufacturer, 101 W 

Lombard, dw 60 Albemarle 
Bachman Joseph, laborer, 140 s Castle 
Bachman Louis, tailor, 36 Marion 
Bachuiann Chas. W. beer, 55 Hill 
Biichniann -Mrs. Christine, 175 Raborg 
Bachmanii Rev. Marcus, 127 Bank 
Uachmann Thos. y)iclure fi-amcs, 17 n Wolfe 
Baclirach Abraham, dry goods, 77 Ensor 
Bachrach David, furniture, 186 Pearl 
Bachrach David, jr., jihotographer, cor Lex- 
ington and Eut.iw, and cor Baltimore and 
Poppletou, dw 186 Pearl 
Bachrach Henrietta, 238 Canton av 
Bachrach Joseph, clerk, 238 Canton av 
Baclirach ^ioses, clerk, 186 Pearl 
Bacliter John, hostler, 58 Elliott 
Bachter Joseph, laborer, 58 P'Uiott 
Bachtol Wm. laborer. 30S Canton av 
Bacigalupi Domicka Mary, 5 Plowman 
Back Adam, wagoner, 312 w Hoffman 
Back Henry, baker, 143 Vine 
Back John, oysters, 312 w Hoffman 
Backer Mrs. Mary, 47 President 
Backert Andreas, shoemaker, 146 s Chapel 
Backerl Geo. brewer, 2 Bradford a! 
Backes Peter, shoemaker, 255 e Pi'att 
Backnian Jas. IC. pattern maker, 57 McHenry 
Backus Chas. 126 w Madison 
P,ackus Rev. Dr. John C. 126 w Madison 
B.icon Edwd. J. ticket agent. 952 w Baltimore 
Bacon Thomas, shoemaker, 22 Arbel al 
Bacon Capt. James, 119 s Broadway 
Bacon Wm. baggage master, 27i Aisquith 
Badchler George, brewer. Beck's la, nr Galver- 

ton I'oad 
I'.adders A. J. clerk. Black Horse hotel 
Bailders Henry H. carpenter, 77 P.ark av 
Hadders Nicholas, carjienter, Farmer'.s hotel 
Bade Gustave, upholsterer, 114 Lexington 
Baden Mrs. Frances E. 50 n Charles 
Badcr Mrs. Catherine, grocery, 268 S Sharp 
Bider Henry, barber, 191 Lexington 
Bailer Jact)b, varnish, 26S s Sharp 
P>adi>r John, cooi>er. 182 s Regester 
Bader Wm. cigar maker, 598 \v Baltimore 
Badger Benj. carpenter, lu4 L. tireenc 
Badger Chas. stonecutter, 617 w Pratt 
Badger Clarence, carp. 291 w Pratt 
Badger Edward, clerk, 632 w Baltimore 
Badger Ezekiel, shoemaker, 617 w Pratt 
Badger James, carpenter, 291 w Pratt 
Badger Joseph, clerk, 632 \v Baltimore 
Badger Thos. gaiter litter, 632 w Baltimore 
Badger Thos. shoemaker, 367 w Baltimore 
Biidinger Jacob, laborer, 172 s Wolfe 
Badly C. W. grocery, 323 n Durham 
Badlein John, laborer, 22 Fell 

Mutual Life Insurance Co. of New York, 

BAD 33 

BAduoy Edward, barber, 958 w Baltimore 

Baeckel John, shoemaker, 258 e Fayette 

Baer Mrs. Ann, grocery, 352 Orleans 

BAER ARTHUR P. & CO. (A. P. Baer, C. E. 
Savage, special, ) hides and leather, 7 and 9 
Cheapside, cor Lombard 

Baer Arthur P. (A. P. Baer & Co.) 147 Bolton 

Baer August, laborer, 12 Pouitney 

Baer Bankard, gard'ur, Patterson Park av nr 
Eastern av 

Baer Mrs. Betty, 116 Low 

Baer & Bro. (Geo. H. and C. W. Baer) gen' 1 
com. merchants, 22 Spear's wharf 

Baer Chas. W. (Baer & Bro.) 48 McCulloh 

Baer Christian, fireman, 115 s Strieker 

Baer Christian, cigarmaker, 114 Orleans 

Baer Christopher, laborer, 114 Orleans 

Baer Daniel, notions, 813 w Baltimore 

Baer Dr. Edward R. clerk, 142 Bolton 

Baer George, laborer, 98 s Spring 

Baer Geo. H. (Baer & Bro.) 175 n Howard 

Baer Henry jr. clerk, 98 s Spring 

Baer Henry, shoemaker, 169 e Baltimore 

Baer Isaac, furs, rags, &c., 11 Camden, dw 166 

Baer Jacob, blacksmith, 252 Orleans 

Baer John, cooper, 41 Goodman al 

Baer Rev. John, 48 McCulloh 

Baer John H. manager Baltimore branch U. S. 
bonded collection bureau, 22 Posloffice av, 
dw 203 w Fayette 

Baer John H. blacksmith, 518 Light, dw 527 

Baer Mrs. Julia, millinery, 193 n Gay 

Baer Lewis, 90 Lee 

Baer & McGlone, (T. S. Baer, J. T. McGlone,) 
attorneys, 15 St. Paul 

Baer Peter, blacksmith, 181 e Madison 

Baer Rev. Robt. N. 249 n Caroline 

Baer Solomon, clerk, 90 Lee 

Baer Tlios. S. (B. cj- McGlone) 48 McCulloh 

Baernstein Solomon, dry goods, 109 Camden 

Baetjer J. George (Colton ^ B.) 382 Franklin 

Baetjer Henry, 234 w Lombard 

Baetjer Mrs. JLouisa, 234 w Lombard 

Baetjer Wm. clerk, 234 w Lombard 

Bagget Towusend, laborer, 13 May 

Baggeti James H. butcher, 48 Parrish 

Baggett Mrs. Elizabeth B. dressmaker, 308 n 

Baggett Samuel, laborer, 150 n Caroline 

Bagger David E. carpenter, 104 L. Greene 

Bagley Dr. Charles, 75 n Broadway 

Bagley E. A. nursery and seedsman, Rising Sun 

Bagley Dr. Joseph H. apothecary, n e cor Bal- 
timore and Ann 

Baghoff Joseph, engineer, 102 Eastern av 

Bagnell Dr. Richard D. 572 w Fayette 

Bagwell Mrs. Catherine, 81j n Eutaw 

Bagwell Virginia, 81 J n Eutaw 

Bagwell John W. moulder, 159 Bank 

Bahl Christian laborer, 90 Eastern av 

Bahlla William, confectioner, 121 n Bond 

Bahlmaun A. (Nehmsmann & B.) 15 Green- 
mount av 

Bahlmann Clement, laborer, 311 Hamburg 

Bablmann Garrett H. laborer, 454 Light 

Bahlmann John N. laborer, 24 Clement 

Bahlmann Mrs. Margaret, grocery, 311 Ham- 

Bahn Frederick, bricklayer, cor Monument and 


Bahn ^Irs. Mena, grocery, cor Monument and 

Bahnlein John, laborer, 29 Goodman al 
Bahnlein John G. cooper 80 Durst al 
Bahnlein Jos. varnisher, 50 Durst al 
Bahye John, stonecutter, 4 Whatcoat 
Bahr Minnie, dressmaker, 147 e Madison 
Bahrs John H. laborer, 171 s Eden 
Baier August, cigarmaker, 296 Cross 
Baier August, cigarmaker, 57 President 
Baier George, laborer, 20 s Wolfe 
Baier John, beer, 41 Block 
Baier Lewis, laborer, 66 West 
Baierly Jos. laborer, Harford av nr city limits 
Bail Henry, clerk, Han.d tavern 
Baile Mrs. Catherine R. 249 e Fayette 
Bailey Mrs. Caroline, laundress, 341 s Charles 
Bailey Mrs. Catherine, 171 Preston 
Bailey Charles, ship carpenter, 178 Gough 
Bailey Chas. W. carpr. 43 Park av 
Bailey Chas. W. engineer, 143 William 
BAILEY E. & CO. (E. Bailey, W. Kelly,) ship 

chandlers, 105 and 107 Thames 
Bailey Edward, oysters, 309 8 Charles, dw 68 

Battery av 
Bailey Edward A. painter, 110 Preston 
Bailey Edwin, (E. B. ^ Co.) 16 s Broadway 
Bailey Edwin, carpenter, 170 Gough 
Bailey Ellen, 61 Eusor 
Bailey Geo. W. hatter, 363 Cathedral 
Bailey Henry, brass finisher, 20 Somerset 
Bailey Henry, pilot, 178 Gough 
Bailey Henry, shoemaker, 5 Sterrett 
Bailey Jacob W. elerk, 8 s Bond 
Bailey James, ship carpenter. 316 Canton av 
Bailey James W. P. machinist, 302 e Pratt 
Bailey Jenny, 9 New Church 
Bailey John, laborer, 77 s Mount 
Bailey John, engineer, 618 w Baltimore 
Bailey John P. plasterer, 37 Penna av 
Bailey John M. carpenter, 227 Dolphin 
Bailey John E. locksmith, 120 Cross 
Bailey John H. jeweler, 337 Ligbt 
Bailey John R. pumpmaker, 47 s Ann 
Bailey Mrs. Kate, tailoress, 5 Sterrett 
Bailey Levin, carpenter, 173 Montgomery 
Bailey Lewis E. (Cushings & B.) 237 w Lombard 
Bailey Mrs. Lucy S. confectionery, 61 Ensor 
Bailey Margaret, 43 Park av 
Bailey Maria, huckstress, 61 Ensor 
Bailey Mary E. 17 Park av 
Bailey Mrs Mary, 265 s Charles 
Bailey Mary, saleswoman, 171 Preston 
Bailey Mrs. Nancy, 123 Penna av 
Bailey Robert, conductor, 141 n Eutaw 
Bailey Parks D. furn. wagon, 100 Battery av 
Bailey Thos. F. machinist, 43 Park av 
Bailey Tliomas, laborer, fowt of Cross 
Bailey Thos. JI. mariner, foot of Cross 
Baile}' Thomas, mariner, 315 Eastern av 
Bailey Capt. Thos. mariner, 48 Jackson sq av 
Bailey Wm. 367 Cathedral 
Bailey Wm. boots and shoes, 64 n Howard, dw 

462 Lexington 
Bailey Wm. A. tailor, 173 Montgomery 
Bailey Wm. C. joiner, 21 Henrietta 
Bailey Wm. H. blacksmith, 42 Cross 
Bailey Wm. L. tailor, 315 Eastern ar 
Bailey W. L. agt. 0. A. & M. R. R. 149 w 

Baltimore, dw Fountain hotel 
Bailie John, carpet weaver, 234 n Caroline 
Bailiss John, cabtmaker, Walsh nrPatterson av 








I— I 


Assets $60,000,000 Cash Invested. 





• I— I 




















Bailone Pascal B.ciiipenter and builder. Centre 

nr Front, d\v 152 McElderry 
BAILY, CALDWELL & GO. (Geo. Baily, Wm. 
AI. Caldwell,) cutlery and hardware, 22 3 
Bailv G. F. clerk, 36 s Greene 
Baily Geo. _(B., Caldwell & Co.) 75 w Centre 
Bailj Geo. jr. clerk, 75 w Centre 
Baily James, chemist and druggist, 70 s Cal- 
vert, dw 36 s Greene 
Bain Geo. W. builder, 24 Bolton al, dw 12 

Bain John W. cooper, 128 McHenry 
Bainbridge Edwd. T. 149 Lauvale 
Bainer Mrs. .Mary, 112 n Gay 
Bainer Harry, shoemaker, 53 s Liberty 
Bair Bros. '^Wrn. and Geo. B. Bair, ) manufs. 
copper paint, cor Pratt and Buchanan's whf. 
Bair Edward, tobacconist,;89j Camden, dw 141 

s Paca 
Bair Michael, shoemaker, 9 China 
Bair Geo. B. (B. Bros.) 314 n Eden 
Bair Wra. jr. (B. Bros.) 314 n Eden 
Bair Wm. 314 n Eden 
Baird Geo. W., D. S. N. 69 Pearl 
Baird Henry, machinist, 7 n Gilmor 
Baird James, blacksmith, 40 Milliman 
Baird Dr. John N. 35 Camden 
Baird Mrs. Ophelia, 69 Pearl 
Baird Thomas D. principal Baltimore City Col- 
lege, 52 Lexington 
Baird Wm. L. teacher, 87 n Charles 
Baird Rev. Wm. S. editor Balto. Epis. Methodist, 

49 Lexington, dw. 14 s Strieker 
Baitz Wm. H. cabinet ranker, 32 Bank 
Baitzel Wm. E. bookkeeper, 255 n Fremont 
Baitzell Jacob G. carpenter, 155 n Fremont 
Bakenhause Henry, mariner, 205 s Ann 
Baker Adam, turner, 1 Burke 
Baker Mrs. Annette, 86 e Pratt 
Baker Arthur, shipcarpenter, 13 Williamson al 
Baker August, cigarmaker, 64 Lemmon 

:BAKER brothers & CO (Chas. 
J. Baker, Wm. Baker, jr., Charles 
E. Baker, and George B. Baker,) 
Manufacturers BaltimoreWindow 
Griass; Druggists' Glassware and 
Bottles; Importers Bicarb Soda, 
Sal Soda, and other Chemicals, 
Paints, Colors, Oils, Glue, &c. 32 
and 34 s Charles. 

BAKER, BRUFF & CO. (J. W. Baker, J. E. 

Bruff, A. B. Faulkner) wholesale dry goods, 

275 w Baltimore 
Baker Barbara, 315 Aliceanna 
Baker Benj. F. beer, 253 s Broadway 
Bilker Bernard, liquors. G9 s Eden 
JJrtker C. H. police, 175 Hollins 
Baker Capt. Caleb H. 131 Dolphin 
Baker Mrs. (latherine, dressmaker, 214 e Chase 
Baker Mrs. Catherine, grocery, 42 e Eager 
Baker Charles, conductor, 36 Baker 
Baker Charles D. clerk, 15 Pearl 
Baker Charles G. carpenter, 173 Jefferson 
Baker Charles A. (Wm. B. & Bro.) 244 Lee 
Baker Charles, lab. 315 Aliceanna 
Baker Charles R. carpenter, 210 n Bond 

BAKER CHARLES J. (Baker Bros. & Co.) 
prest. Franklin Bank, prest. Life Association 
of America, and prest. Canton Co. dw Athol, 
Frederick road 
Baker Charles, shoemaker, 54 Portland 
Baker Chas E. (Baker Bros.^-Co.)247 Linden av 
Baker Chas. H. police, 175 Hollins 
Baker Chas. beer, 51 Lancaster 
Baker Chas. T. butcher, 542 Peuna av 
Baker David, bricklayer, 263 n Dallas 
Baker Davis, mariner, 69 Harford av 
Baker Edward, i)rinter, 343 e Fayette 
Baker Edw'd J. (Dickey, Baker & Co.)Waverley 
Baker Edward J. jr. meterniaker, 15 e Madison 
Baker Edwaid. hoilerniaker, 100 Parkin 
Baker Mrs. Eliza, milk, 529 n Gay 
Baker Mrs. Eliza, 455 w Fayette 
Baker Elizabeth, 51 Diamond 
Baker Emanuel, canmaker, 19 Poultney 
Baker Mrs. Fannie, music teacher, 194 Saratoga 
Bak^r Francis, carter, Monroe nr Pratt 
Baker Francis, carpenter, 14 n Wolfe 
Baker Francis, carpenter, 13 n Washington 
Baker Fredk. attorney, 22 n Paca 
Baker Fredk. tailor, 218 n Caroline 
Baker Fredk. H. boilermaker, 83 McHenry 
Baker Fredk. jr. cooper, 156 Henrietta 
Baker Fiedk. W coacbmaker, 210 n Bond 
Baker Fredk. shoemaker, 198 Bank 
Baker Fredk. H. boilermaker, Hampden 
Baker Fredk. cooper, 156 Henrietta 
Baker Fredk. cooper, 322 s Sharp 
Baker Geo. cabinetmaker, 131 s Dallas 
Baker Geo. B. (Baker Bros. &Co.)Athol,Fredkrcl 
Baker Geo. confectionery, 91 Hanover market, 

dw 99 s Sharp 
Baker George C. painter, Franklin house 
Baker Geo. varnisher, 340 Mulberry 
Baker Geo. A. bookkeeper, 44 s Fremont 
Baker G. Alexander, bookkeeper, 194 Saratoga 
Baker Geo. W. dry goods, 64 s Ann 
Baker Geo. lab. Chase e of Wolfe 
Baker Geo. painter, Franklin house 
Baker Geo. lamps and oil, 306 n Gay, dw 38 

Baker Georgie C. teacher, 50 s Ann 
Baker Greenbury, milk, 529 n Gay 
Baker Gideon, nightman, 343 e Fayette 
Baker HaniKn, ship carpenter, 57 Block 
Baker Mrs. Harriet A. dressmaker, 77 Pearl 
Baker Henry, huckster, 134 s Howard 
Baker Henry, coachpainter, 210 n Bond 
Baker Henry, tailor, 26 n Holliday 
Baker Henry, tailor, 75 s Bond 
Baker Henry, undertaker, 38 Holland 
Baker Henry, lab. Boston e of Clintoa 
Baker Henry, milk, Sixteenth nr First av 
Baker Henry, lab. 14 President 
Baker Henry, milk, Trappe road 
Baker Henry, shoemaker, Fort av nr William 
Baker Henry, lab. Mt. Vernon Mills 
Baker Henry W. clerk, 207 Franklin 
Baker Herman, clerk, 69 s Eden 
Baker Jacob, lab. 154 Madeira al 
Baker Jacob, grocery, 213 Henrietta 
Baker Jacob, bricklayer, 199 Hamburg 
Baker Jacob, police, 455 n Gay 
Baker Jacob, brakcman, 42 e Eager 
Baker Jacob, butcher, 100 Centre, 59 Lexingr- 
ton and 55 Hanover rakts, dw 540 Penna av 
Baker Jacob, lab. Hampden 
Baker James, lab. 212 e Chase 

Mutual Life Insurance Co. of New York, 


Baker James C. jr. moulder, 175 Bank 

Baker James, porter, 198 e Lombard 

Baker James C. ship carpenter, 175 Bank 

Baker James B. canmaker, 171 s Ann 

Baker James M. bricklayer, 224 n Howard 

Baker James, machinist, 95 Harford av 

Baker James R. driver, 76 n Ann 

Baker Mrs. Jemima, 94 n Ann 

Baker John T. canmaker, 175 Bank 

Baker John, lab. 363 s Charles 

Baker John., lab. 72 Towson 

Baker John, boilerraaker, 83 McHenry 

B.ilver John, lab. 76 Somerset 

Baker John, stone cutter, 4 Point la 

Baker John, police, 713 w Lombard 

Baker John H. huckster, 23 McHenry 

Baker John J. mariner, 248 Gough 

Baker John, shoemaker, 198 Bank 

Baker John, ship carpenter, 135 Thames 

Baker John W. brickmaker, 17 Goodman al 

Baker John W. (B., BrufP & Co.) 207 Franklin 

Baker John G. canmaker, 31 Holland 

Baker John T. police, 263 n Dallas 

Baker John L. ship joiner, 343 e Fayette 

Baker John 0. boiiei-maker, 76 n Fremont 

Baker John T. baker, 440 Lexington 

Baker John M. shoemaker, 92 Jeflfersoa 

Biker John M. confectioner, 30 Miller 

Baker John H. clerk, 7 Irvine pi 

Baker John H. jr. canmaker, 7 Irvine pi 

Baker John V. police, 348 n Gay 

Baker John J. clerk, 53 Stockton al 

Baker John W. co;iI and vcood, 406 Harford av 

Baker John W. sr. 105 n Broadway 

Baker John W. jr. officer Pt-nitentiary, 105 n 

Bake. Mrs. Joseph, r94 Saratoga 
Baker Joseph, blacksmith, 207 Ramsay 
Baker Lawrence W. clerk, 31 n Fremont 
Baker Lewis W. manager Eagle Tobacco works, 

112 Lee 
Baker Louis, bookkeeper, 238 Barre 
Ba'ker Margaretta, teacher. 131 Dolphin 
Baker & McCracken,(N. Baker, J. McCracken,) 

paper and rags, 120 w Lombard 
Ba.ker Mrs. Mary, hosiery, 171 Columbia 
Baker Mary E. 79 Park av 
Baker Mrs. Mary E. 288 Johnson 
Baker Mrs. Mary, seamstress, 4 Hillen 
Baker Mrs. Mary A. notions, 157 L. Greene 
•Baker Mary C. saleswoman, 308 Light 
Baker Mrs. Mary, china and glass, 199 Hamburg 
Baker Mrs. Mary A. dressmaker, 216 w Fayette 
Baker Mrs. Mary E. dressmaker, 455 n Gay 
Baker Nelson, (B AMcCrackec, )133 .Montgomery 
Baker Nicholas, upholst-erer, 8 e Lombard 
Baker Philip, clerk, 218 s Caroline 

BAKER R. J. & CO., Importers and 
Dealers in Dye Woods, Dye Stuffs, 
Glue, Indigo, Madder, Bi-Carbon- 
ate of Soda, &c.. Oil Vitriol and 
Chemicals for making Superphos- 
phates and Fertilizers, 36 and 38 
S. Charles street. 

BAKER R. J. & CO. (R. J. Baker, R. J. Hol- 
lingsworth,) manufacturers dye wood, dye 
stuflFs, chemicals and oil of vitriol, 36 and 38 
s Charles 



Baker Richard J. (R. J. B. & Co.) Liberty rd 

Baker Robert, lab. 109 Peach al 

Baker Robert B. jr. cabinetmaker, 77 Pearl 

Baker Robert B, cabinetmaker, 31 n Fremont 

Baker Rosanna, seamstress, 15 Bevan 

Baker Reuben, lab. 77 s Gilmor 

Balrer Samuel, printer, 157 L. Greene 

Baker Samuel G. coachman, 49 s Dewberry al 

Baker .Mrs. Sarah A. 76 n Ann 

Baker Sarah, 348 n Gay 

Baker Sarah R. boardiu'g, 171 s Ann 

Baker Mrs. Sophia, 335 e Lombard 

Baker Mrs. Sophia, 50 s Ann 

Baker Mrs. Susanna, 6 Gough 

Baker Theodore H. cabinetmaker, Belair av nr 

Baltimore cemetery 
Baker Thos. carpenter, 38 s Poppleton 
Baker Thos. drayman, 6 East 
Baker W. G. clerk, 540 Penna. av 
Baker Wm. stonecutter, 99 s Sharp 
Baker Wm. H. vice-president and sujiervisor of 
national bcmded coU'n bureau, 19 South, dw 
258 e Biddle 
Baker Wm. B. clerk, 343 e Fayette 
Baker Wm. hostler, 504 Penna. av 
Baker Wm. shucker, 315 Aliceanna 
Baker Wm. M. (Griffith, B & Bryan, )39 George 
Baker Wm. huckster, 171 Columbia 
Baker Wm. W. cooper, 134 Bank 
B iker Wm. K. clerk, 107 s Broadway 
Baker Wm. joiner, 289 s Charles 
Baker Wm. marble worker, 99 s Sharp 
Baker Wm. engineer, Bayview Asylum 
Baker Wm C, engineer, 248 Gough 
Baker Wm. H. clerk, 240 Lexington 
Baker Wm. jr. (Baker Bros. & Co.) Balto. co. 
Baker Wm.W. ropemkr, Lanvale nr Harford av 
Baker Wm. J. hardware, 479 w Baltimore 
Baker Wm. A. shipcarpeiiter, 13 Williamson al 
Baker Wm. A. city missionary, 281 n Eden 
Baker Wm. (Wra."B. ^ Bro.) 72^ Columbia 
Baker Wm. ^ Bro. (Wm. and Chas. A.Baker) 

confectioners, &c,, 290 w Baltimore 
Baker Wm. junk, 92 Thames, dw 248 Gough 
Bakie Donald J. cooper, 87 s High 
Balbirnie Mrs. Ann L. teacher, 39.} Courtland 
Bald Frederick W. gunsmith, 91 Penna av 
Bald Geo. shoemaker, 30 Clement 
Bald Wm, shoemaker, 30 Clement 
Bald W. Chas. cigarmkr, 91 Penna av 
Balderston Dr. A. Holmes, (Isaiah B. & Son,) 

Barnum's hotel 
Balderston Geo. W. ironworker, 11 s Carey 
Balderston Hugh & Son, (J. Balderston,) wire 

■workers, 66 s Calvert 
A. H. Balderston,) real estate brokers, 21 
Balderston Jacob, (Hugh B. & Son,) 515 w 

Balderston John C. (B,, Ward & Co.) 213 St. 

Balderston Dr. Isaiah, (J. B. <fe Son,) 40 Lex- 
Balderston Marcellus, ironworker, lis Carey 
Balderston Thos. wire worker, 515 w Fayette 
BALDERSTON, WARD & CO. (J. C. Balder- 
ston, J. H. Ward,) boot and shoe com. mer- 
chants, McCreery bdg, cor German and Sharp 
Biildner Francina, dressmkr, 264 Mulberry , 
Baldt Wm. shoemaker, 30 Clement 
Baldus Augusta, cigarmaker, 145 Stirling 






I— ( 



r— 1 








r— I 




The Largest Life Ins-arance Co. in the World. 


3fi BAL 


• I— ( 











• I— t 










Baldus Mrs. Catherine, 153 Stirling; 
Baldus Elizabeth, Harford av nr Point la 
Baldus Wm. clerk, Harford av nr Point la 
Baldwin Andrew, moulder, G8 n Exeter 
Baldwin Mrs. Ann J. G8 n Exeter 
Baldwin Caleb C. detective, 64 s Caroline 
Baldwin Charles W. salesman, 23 Hanover 
Baldwin Charles, machinist, 92 Ensor 
Baldwin Christopher C. (Woodward, Baldwin 

k Co.) New York 
Baldwin & Cugle, (T. P. Baldwin, C. Cugle,) 
commission merchants, and wholesale cotton 
yarn, 21 German 
Baldwin David, treas. Savings Bank of Balti- 
more. 70 McCuUoh 
BALDAYIN Du. EDWIN C. 124 n Exeter 
Baldwin Mrs. Eliza, 212 George 
Baldwin E. Francis, (B. & Price) 57 Mosher 
Baldwin Geo. E. D. machinist, G8 n Exeter 
Baldwin Henry N. machinist, Mt. Vernon mills 
Baldwin H. T. oyster packer, 175 s Chester 
Baldwin Jas. T. "clothing cutter, 201 Mulberry 
Baldwin John F. stovemoulder. 152 Conway 
Baldwin John T. driver, 3o6 Eastern av 
Baldwin John H. of A. carp. 109 s Chester 
Baldwin John H. carpenter, 122 n Eden 
Baldwin John, engineer, 201 Barre 
Baldwin Joseph, machinist, 68 n Exeter 
Baldwin Joseph J. carpenter, Clipper mills 
Baldwin Le Rov E. siorekpr C. H. 27 s Gilmor 
Baldwin Oliver" P. asst. editor Sun, Waverley 
Baldwin Oliver P. jr. Wavcrley 
BALDWIN & PRICE, (E. F. Baldwin, Bruce 
Price) architects, s w cor Lexington and 
Baldwin Robert, carpenter, 100 s Chester 
Baldwin Robert, jr. 335 Madison av 
Baldwin Robert, 64 St. Peter 
Baldwin Robt. T. pres't Nat. Mechanics Bank, 

dw 335 Madison av 
Baldwin R. W. (B. cj- Trippe) Gilmor nr Win- 
B.aldwin Summerfield, (Norris & B.)nwcor 

Madison av and Mosher 
Baldwin Dr. Silas, physician Md. Penitentiary, 

470 n Carey 
Baldwin Thomas, clerk, Y'ork rd 
Baldwin Thomas, police, 289 n Dalliis 
Baldwin Thos. P. (B. & Cugle) 86 n Charles 
BALDWIN .j- TRIPPE, (R.W. Baldwin, A. C. 

Trippe,) attorneys, 42 St. Paul 
Baldwin Wm. H. jr. (Woodward, B. & Co.) 

115 Park . 

BaldwinWm. II. bl'ksmith, Ramsay nr Parrish 
Baldwin W. T. watchman. Cusiom House 
Balge Wm. tailor, 665 w Baltimore 
Balkc Fred'k, tailor, 9 Walker 
Balke Fred'k, carp. 33 Clay, dw 130 n Eutaw 
Bali Mrs. Ann, 34 Pearl 
Ball David, brick manuf. n w cor Putnam and 

Washington rd, dw 601 w Fayette 
Ball David C. clerk, 238 c Fayette 
Ball Edward, carpenter 75 Wyeth 
Ball Geo. 11. confectioner, 144 s Eutaw 
Ball (jeo. W. laborer, 428 Aliceanna 
Ball llenrv S. bricklayer, 102 Pearl 
Ball James C. blacksmith, 193 East 
Ball John. jr. blacksmith, 193 East 
Ball John L. shoemaker, 193 East 
Ball John, clerk, 249 e Eager 
Ball John W. shoemaker, Monroe and Lcramon 
Ball John, clerk, Ann nr Madison 

Ball John T. laborer, 49 Fawn 

Ball John H. bricklayer, 71 Pearl 

Ball John L. bricklayer, 171s Chester 

Ball John D. carpenter, 335 n Howard dw 40 w 

Ball Joseph M. carpenter, 47 n Gilmor 
Ball Joseph M. shoemaker, 34 Pearl 
r,d\\ Jlrs. Maroaret G. millinery, 102 Pearl 
Bull :\lrs. M. N. dressmaker, 34 Pearl 
Bill Mary N. dressmaker, 79 Pearl 
Bill Philip A. salesman, 103 Townsend 
Bull Samuel T. shoemaker, 224 William 
Ball Mrs. Sarah, dressmaker, 49 Fawn 
Ball T. S.'well, bookkeeper, 194 Madisou av 
Bill T AYalter, clerk, 359 w Fayette 
Ball Walter R. clerk, 266 w Baltimore 
Ball Walter, treasurer Balto. Steam Packet Co. 

8 South, dw 128 Bolton 
Ball Walter, jr. clerk, 89 Pearl 
Ball Walter S. clerk, 128 Bolton 
B.iU Wm. A. bricklayer, 49 Fawn 
Ball Wm. D. 79 Pearl 
Balla John R. machinist, .364 n Gay 
Ballantine Alex, shjpcarpeuter, 102 s Ann 
Ballard Chas. B. letter carrier. 7 w Chase 
Ballard Mrs. Elizabeth, 227 e Fayette 
Ballard Mrs. Edward J. 24 McMechin 
Ballard Mrs. Eliza A. 24 McM;'chin _ ^ 

Ballard Fred'k,coachmkr,Y'ork rd nr city limits 
Ballard Fred'k,jr.pain-ter,Yark rd nr city limits 
Ballard Geo. R. clerk, 133 Division 
Ballard Geo. blksmiih. Canton av andRegester 
Ballard Jas. blacksmith, 24 e Kager 
Ballard Jas. brakerar.n, 714 w Pratt 
Ballard Jas. T. painter, 148 Greenmount av 
Ball.ird Jas. T. pointer, York rd nr city limits 
Ballard Jas. B. coachsmith, 24 e Eager 
Ballard Jos. E. clerk, 24 McMechin 
Ballard Louisa, 24 McMechin 
Ballard Laura V. 24 McI\Iec.hin 
BALLARD LEVIN E. dining rooms and res- 
taurant, 57 Second and 58 Exchange pi 
Ballard Sam'l H. clerk, cor Clarke and Ogston 
Ballauf Augustus, feed and produce, 67j Har- 
rison, dw 69 
BALLAUF AUGUSTUS,(B. &Son)magistrate, 

15 w Fayette, dw 69 Harrison 
Ballauf A. Z. clerk, 69 Harrison 
Ballauf & Son, (A. and C. E. Ballauf) tanners 

and curriers, 69 Harrison 
Ballauf (."has. E. (Ballauf & Son) 53 e Fayette 
Ballauf Wm. canmaker, 5 e Biddle 
Balldufi' Lewis, cabinetmaker, 335 s Sharp 
Ballentine Archibald, plasterer, 191 S Paca 
Ballcntine Mrs. Eliza, 191 s Paca 
Ballet Christian, tailor, 108 u Eden 
Ballev Chas. T. tinner, 120 Cliesapenke 
Ballinan Frank, beer, 258 n Bond 
Balloch Rev. James, 403 Lexington 
Ballueder Conrad, tailor, 195 Orleans 
Balman John, laborer, 24 Clement 
Balster Chas. S. laborer. Sweet Air 
Balster t'has. cigar maker, 132 s Chester 
Balsler (Jeo. oysters, 228 s Ann 
Balsler John C. police, 297 Canton av 
Balster Wm. laborer, 232 Canton av 
Baltimore and Bremen Steamship Line, L. P., 

A. Schumacher & Co. agents, 9 s Ch.irles 
Baltimore AthenaMim, cor St. Paul and Sara- 
toga, occupied by Baltimore Library Co., 
Mercantile Library Association and Md. His- 
torical Society 

Mutual Life Insurance Co. of New York, 




CIAL ADVERTISER, C. C. Fulton . & Son, 
proprietors, 128 vv Baltimore 

Baltimore Association for Improving the Con- 
dition of the Poor, 122 w Fayette 

Baltimore Bag Factor}-, 73, 75, 77 South, John 
C. Grafflin & Co. proprietors 

Baltimore Boot and Shoe Company, Jos. Davis, 
proprietor, 349 w Baltimore 

Charles and Lexington 

BALTLMORE BREWERY,(F. Dandelet # Co.) 
cor Hanover and Conwav 

editors and proprietors, over 127 w Balti- 

Baltimore Business College and Telegraphic In- 
stitute, 8 n Charles 

Baltimore Butchers' Hide and Tallow Associa- 
tion, No. 1, A. L. Wolf, pres't, s w cor Bu- 
ren and Fall 

day and Pleasant 

Cochran, E. W. Robinson, corner Essex and 
Concord, Cantos, office 172 w Pratt — [See 

Baltimore, Calverton and Powhatan Railway 
Depot, Baltimore nr Calverton rd, ofEce 24 

Baltimore, Catonsville and Ellicott City Rail- 
way Station, Baltimore nr Mount 

Baltimore and Charleston Railroad and Steam- 
ship Co., Mordeoai & Co. agents, 45 s Gay 

Baltimore Club, 207 Madison av 

Baltimore Cotfee Polishing Co. 15 Th.ames, 
Thompson & Randall, agents, oflSce over 79 
Exchange pi 

Baltimore and Charleston Steamship Co. foot 
Concord, Mordecai k Co. agents, 45 s Gay 

BALTIMORE CITY JAIL, Madison e of Jones 

and Lombard 

59 s Charles 

Buildings, Second near Gav 

WAY CO., office s e cor Baltimore and Cal- 
vert, Henry Tvson, president 

judge, cor St. Paul and Court House la 

Baltimore Chemical, Paintand Varnish Works, 
cor Wolfe and Lancaster, office 104 w Lom- 

Baltimore City College, n e cor Holliday and 

Baltimore City Detectives, office 3.') n Calvert 

Baltimore City Fertilizing Manufacturing Co. 
ne cor Lancaster and Central av, P. F.Pope, 
sec'v and treas. office 4 Wood 

Thos. Wilson, pres't, Geo. A. Reed, sec'y 
and treas., Cemeterj' Belnir av extended 

Baltimore College of Dental Surgery, 2 n Greene 

Baltimore Cotton Exchange, Edward Clayton, 
sup't, 72 Exchange pi 

Chas. F. Diggs, agent, 2 South 

Baltimore City Bayview Asylum, Eastern av w 
of East av 

office n w cor Charles and Lexington, Jesse 
Tyson, pres't 


^ Coal Tar (ST^f 

1/ Jilanufactur-ers d- Dealers in all 




[See lines front cover.] 

ton, Canton, office 21 and 23 German, Wm. 

Ke.vser, president 
Baltimore Eye and Ear Infirmary, s w cor 

Greene and Lombard 
Baltimore Department Southern Life Ins. Co. 

7 Gernsan 

R. Magruder, pres't, over 44 Second 
suring houses from loss bj- fire, office 19 

South, Francis A. Crook, treasurer 
Baltimore Episcopal Methodist, Rev. Wm. S. 

Baird and J. Everett Martin, proprietors, 49 

Baltimore Extension Table Works, 21, 23, 25. 

27 Leadenhall 
Baltimore Eye and Ear Institute, Dr. Julian 

J. Chisolni, surL'eon in charge, 55 Franklin 
Baltimore Fire Extinguisher Works, W. F. 

Beasley, manager, 25 German 
Baltimore Female College, 53 St. Paul, N. C. 

Brooks, president 

South and Water, Wm. G. Harrison, pres't 
Baltimore Fire Depariment. — (See Appendix.) 

LINE OF STEAMERS, H. W. Corner, ag't, 

1 18 Spear's wharf 
Baltimore Free School and Colvin Institute for 

Girls, 39i- Courtland 
BALTIMORE GAZKTTE, 106 w Baltipore, 

Welsh, Taylor k Co. proprietors 
Baltimore General Dispensary, n e cor Liberty 

and Fayette 
Baltimore Glass Works, (Baker Bros. & Co.,) 

Ostend nr Eutaw 
Baltimore, Havana and New Orleans Steamship 

Co., Mordecai & Co. agents, 45 s Gay 
Baltimore Homoeopathic Pharmacv, 19 n Eutaw, 

F. E. Boericke 
Baltimore Galvanizing and Terne Sheet Iron 

'Jo. 40 e Monument, John Lippincott, agent 
Baltimore Infirmary, s w cor Lombard and 

Baltimore Marbleized Slate Works, Geo. R. 

McGee, manager, 22 n Eutaw 

ter, pub'r and prop'r, over 34 Postoffice av 
Baltimore Marine Observatorj', e end of Mont- 
Baltimore Medical and Surgical Society, n e 

cor Baltimore and Caroline 
Baltimore Museum, n w cor Baltimore & Calvert 


• I— I 


•p— I 















O. F. Bresee, General Agent, 15 South St. 




I— I 





r— ( 







Andrews & Co. apr'ts, 73 Smith's -wh.irf 
cor Lee and Liirlit — \_See, Advertiscvient . 

BALTIMORE NEWS CO. Ill w Baltinioie 
and 5 South, Sun building; 

BaUimore Nickel Phitinp Works, Henshaw & 
Greeiileaf, proprietors, 167 w Lombard 

Baltimore Oil Works, Robt. Read, prop'r, cor 
Canton av and Eden 

BaUimore Opera House, Kernan Bros, proprie- 
tors, Baltimore-st hridge 

Baltimore Orphan Asylum, Strieker nr Lexing- 

pean Frei^rht and Emigrant Wharf, L. P., 
and foot of Fell, F. P., L. F. Beeler, apent 

office Camden Station, Camden street 

FICE, s e cor Baltimore and Calvert, W. W. 
Browning, agent 

Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Co's central sta- 
tion, foot of Mill, J. B. Patterson, ag't 

Baltimore and Ohio through freight office, s 
e cor Baltimore and Calvert, Buckingham & 
Frye, agents 

Baltimore and Ohio News office, A. B. Sher- 
herg, manager, 121 Camden 

Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Co's elevator, L. 
P., Edward Roelkey, inspector of grain 

Baltimore, Peabody Heights and Waverley 
Railroad, Geo. P. Frick,prest. office 1 German 

North and Belvidere, Vnl. Winters, pres't 

chant's Exchange Reading Rooms, George 
U. Porter, publisher 

BOAT CO., 3 Light-st whf,J. Alex. Shriver, 
agent — \_See Advertisement . 

Baltimore and Potomac Railroad Co , Oden 
Bowie, prest, 168 n Culvert, ticket office n e 
cor Baltimore and Calvert 

Baltimore and Potomac Railroad temporary 
depot, Townsend ext 

Baltimore Permanent Building and L'lnd So- 
cietv, P. M. Snowden. ])rest, 83 w Fayette 

&Co., publishers, 205 w Baltimore 




B;illimore. Janics H. Wood, agent 

CO., Flannigan's whf, and 73 Stiiilh'a whf, 
James M. Aiidrew.-j, agt — [See Ai/i','rti«ement. 

nr North av., John F. Requardt, secy, over 
8 w Pratt 


Baltimore Sheep Butchers Wool Association No. 

1, 505 Penna av 
Baltimore Shoe and Gaiter upper manufactory, 

20 Second 
Baltimore Shoe and Leather Board of Trade, 

284 w Baltimore 
Baltimore Special Dispensary, 59 North 
Baltimore Steam Boiler Works, 25 s Front, C. 

W . Bentley, president 
Baltimore Steam Forge, s w cor Canton av and 

Baltimore Steam Laundry, 4 s High, Chris. 

Search, proprietor 
Baltimore Stock Board, over 12 South 
BALTIMORE SUN,sfe cor Baltimore and South, 

A. S. Abell & Co., proprietors 

office, Union Dock, office over 8 South, R. L. 

Poor, general agent 
Baltimore and Susquehanna Steam Co., Joseph 

J. Taylor, agent, office 212 West Falls av 
Baltimore Terra Cotta works, foot of Cross 

Ransom, publishers, marble building, 3 Post- 
office av 

TALLOW ASSOCIATION, n e cor Neighbor 

and McKim 
BALTIMORE WECKER, daily and weekly 

Germanjnewspaper,88i \v Baltimore, Schnauf- 

fer k Co., proprietors 

s Eutaw, 10 Union Dock, and 49, 51, 53 and 

55 s Frederick, 2 O'Donnell's whf, and 66 

Conway, office 2 Rialto Building, J. H. Bar- 

nev, president 


general agts, 73 Smith's whf, steamers whf 

Lee and Light — [See Advertisement. 
Baltimore and North Carolina Transportation 

Steamers, Tlios. E. Cahill, and Wm. S. Oler, 

Dodge & Worley, agents, office head Union 

Baltimore White Lead Works, Fort av nr 

ERS, Andrews & Co., agents, 73Smith's whf 
BALTIMOREAN, THE (weekly), Crutchfields 

& Haas, publishers, over s w cor Baltiiuore 

and South 
B:iltz Edward, butcher, 69 Woodyear 
Baltz Henry, butcher, 41 Woodyear 
Baltz Wm. butcher, 41 Woodyear 
Baltz Wm. butcher, 35 Belair and 34 Hanover 

markets, dw Belair av nr Baltimore cemetery 
Baltzell ('has.C! paper hang's, 52 Jackson sq av 
Baltzcll Dr. Frank K. 175 St. Paul 
Baltzell (Jeorge. carter, 148 s Wolfe 
BALTZELL DR. WM. H. 175 St. Paul 
Baltz' r Henrv, tailor, 140 e Pratt 
Halz Mr.s. Mary, 210 s Ann 
Balz Henry, driver, 280 (^anton av 
Balz Illiinehard, i)r()vision3, 331 w Fayette 
Balzer John, huckster, llotnestead 
Balzer Nicholas, porter, 16 s Chapel 
Balzer V.alentine, carter, 181 s Wolfe 
Bamlier Mrs. Ann 1)., Woodherry 
Bamber Wm. patternmaker, 270 Hanover 
Bamber James, moulder, Sweet Air 
Bamber James, machinist. Sweet .\ir 

Mntnal Life Insurance Co. of New York, 




Bamber Thos. machinist, Woodberry 
Bamberger Abraham, 60 n Spring 
Bamberger Ansel. (B. & Eilau) 107 s Sharp 
Bamberger Casper, laborer, 20 n Wolfe 
Bamberger David, auction goods, hosiery, &c., 

69 n Howard and 163 Lexington 
Bamberger E. 170 w Lombard 
BAMBERGER & EILAU, (A. Bamberger, A. 
Eilau) trimmings and fancy goods, 247 w 
Bamberger Isaac, 153 Lexington 
Bamberger Jame?, blacksmith, Homestead 
Bamberger Joseph C. bricklayer, 310 Green- 
mount av 
Bamberger Julius, clerk, 170 w Lombard 
Bamberg; er Louis, clerk, 170 w Lombard 
Bamberger Moses, 235 Saratoga 
Bamberger Moses, fancy goods and notions, 57 
n Howard and 143 Lexington, dw 235 
Bamberger Wm H. grocery and sewing ma- 
chines, 243 e Madison 
Bamberger Wm. W. letter carrier, 62 Brune 
Baraferth Squires, fireman, 67 Scott 
Bancroft Chas. F. bookkeeper, 22 e Fayette 
Bancroft Mrs. Emma, dressmkr,455 w Baltimore 
Bancroft Mary, seamstress, 77 Holland 
Bancroft John D. bricklayer, 22 e Fayette 
Bandel Andrew J. clerk, 37 Fawn 
Bandel Andrew J. jr. clerk, 37 Fawn 
Bandel Decatur A. (John M. Bandel & Sons) 

36. T e Pratt 
Bandel Edward W. carpenter, 185 n Eden 
Bandel F. B. clerk, 37 Fawn 
Bandel Grafton, cabinetmaker, 90 Holland 
Bandel Henry M. shoemaker, 185 n Eden 
Bandel I. Cook, stoves, 6 n Eden 
Bandel James L. shoemaker, 185 n Eden 
Bandel John M. c^ Sons, (J. M., J. W., Martin 
L. and D. A. Bandel) shipping and com. 
merchts, 97 Smith's wharf 
Bandel John M. (J. M. B. & Sons) 365 e Pratt 
Bandi-l Jobn W. (J. M. B. & Sons) 365 e Pratt 
Bandel Leonard J. block and pumpmaker, 97 

McKlderry's whf, dw 352 e Chase 
Bandel Martin L. (John M. B. ^ Sons) 365 e 

Bandel Philip, shipping mercht. 202 e Fayette 
Bandel Samuel G. boxmaker, 37 Fawn 
Bande'.l Mrs. Ann M., 185 n Kden 
Bandell (Jeo. W. carver, ]13 Hamburg 
Bandell Geo. W'. jr. dyer, 187 e Baltimore 
Bandell Geo. W . dyer, 187 e Baltimore 
Bandell Mrs. Mary L. 93 n Eden 
Bandell Michael, mariner, 141 w Fayette 
Bandell Samuel L. salesman, 267 n Broadway 
Bandell Mrs. Sarah, doctress, 112 s Caroline 
Bandell Mrs. V. M. boarding, 141 w Fayette 
Bandell Wm. R. clerk, 267 n Broadway 
Bandmann Chas. butcher, 275 Orleans 
Bando Frederick, barber, 267 n Bond 
Bando Wilhelmina, tobacconist, 267 n Bond 
Bang Geo. F. tailor, 8 Laurel 
Bange Frank, barber, Frederick av nr toUgate 
Bangert Mrs. Barbara, 172 Madeira al 
Bangert Frederick A. salesman, 82 Chew 
Bangert Henry, carpenter, 59 n Dallas 
Bangert James, clerk, 116 McElderry 
Bangert John H. ship joiner, 188 s Chapel 
Bangert Joseph, yeast, 385 Eastern av 
Bangert Philip, coal oil and lamps, s w cor Cen- 
tral av and Chew 

Bangert Rudolph, hatter, 116 McElderry 

Bangs Mrs. Adeline, 25 Penn 

Bangs Mrs. Amanda, 413 w Lombard 

Bangs Charles, clerk, 280 Madison av 

Bangs David A. 413 w Lombard 

Bangs Francis, barber, 1st toUgate Frederick rd 

Bangs Frank, clerk, 232 Barre 

Banks Laura, teacher, 232 Barre 

Bangs Mary Ann, 113 s Bond 

Bangs Mrs. Melvina, 232 Barre 

Bangs Wm. H. cooper, 14 Johnson 

BANK OF COMMERCE, 26 South, James W. 

Alnutt, president 
Bank-st. Chapel, (Ev. Luth.) Bank ext 
Bankard David, carpenter, 332 Mulberry 
Bankard Geo. carpenter, 714 w Lombard 
Bankard H. N. & Co. (H. N. Bankard) real es- 
tate agents, 5 St. Paul 
Bankard Henry N.(H. N. B. & Co.)22 s Strieker 
Bankard Jacob J. provisions, 74 and 76 Light 

St whf, dw Baltimore and Chester 
Bankard Jacob J. butcher, 386 e Fayette 
Bankard Jacob J. jr., Baltimore and Chester 
Bankard James M. butcher, 386 e Fayette 
Bankard John, laborer, 335 e Eager 
Bankard John L. butcher, 22 Fell's Point mkt, 

dw 438 e Baltimore 
Bankard Mrs. Margaret, grocery, 438 e Baltimore 
Bankard Martin A. tailor, 126 s Spring 
Bankard Michael, laborer, 242 n Dallas 
Bankard Philip, laborer, 242 n Dallas 
Bankard Mrs. Rusa, 17 n Durham 
Bankard Valentine, shoemaker, 125 s Bond 
Bankard Wesley, carp. 332 Mulberry 
Bankard Wm. H. salesman, 131 Columbia 
Bankerd John, shoemaker, 29 s Choptank 
Bankerd Dennis, provisions, 48 w Centre, dw 

226 Franklin 
Bankerd Josiah, clerk, 220 Saratoga 
Bankerd Wm. grocery, 213 w Biddle 
Bankhead Robert, clerk, 27 n Fremont 
Bankhead Robt. L. plasterer, 27 n Fremont 
Bankner John, shoemaker, 220 e Chase 
Banks Amanda, teacher, 33 s Howard 
BANKS ANDREW, 53 Lexington, dw 194 

Banks Benj. F. furn. wagoH, 52 Jefferson 
Banks Chas. W. S. clerk, 396 e Baltimore 
Banks Chas. W. apiarian, 16 Bowly's whf, dw 

177 n High 
Banks Mrs. D. 396 e Baltimore 
Banks Andrew, clerk, 194 Franklin 
BANKS DANIEL B. s e cor Charles and Lex- 
ington, dw 194 Franklin 
Banks Enos R. shoemaker, 258 n Caroline 
Banks Frank AV. clerk, 148 w Lombard 
Banks Geo. W. tax department, 65 n Gilmor 
Banks Henry, shoemaker, 259 s Dallas 
Banks Henry P. shoemaker, 258 n Caroline 
Banks James E. butter, 54 Greenmount av 
Banks John, machinist, 7 s Schroeder 
Banks John M. machinist, 7 s Schroeder 
Banks John W. clerk, 64 Fawn 
Banks Mrs. L. D. 121 Saratoga 
Banks Lewis, machinist, II Etting 
Banks Mrs. M. A. 64 Fawn 
BANKS MORTON D. furn. and chair factory, 

59 South, dw 137 n Broadway 
BANKS R. T. & SON, (R. T. and R. T. Banks, 

jr.) china and glassware, 53 South 
Banks Robert T. (R. T. B. & Son,) n e cor 
Calvert and Madison 


• i-H 


• 1—1 






Assets $60,000,000 Casli Invested. 

BAN 40 









t— '• 




















Banks Robert T. jr. (R. T. B. & Sou,) n e cor 

Calvert and Madison 
Banks Samuel, jr. clerk, 64 Fawn 
Banks Samuel, machinist, 243 Dolphin 
Banks Samuel, porter, 64 Fawn 
Banks Samuel, machinist, 194 Greenmount av 
Banks Mrs. Sarah A. 258 n Caroline 
Banks Saml. M. (W. H. B. ^- Bro.) IGl Druid 

Hill av 
Banks Wm. H. (W. H. B. & Bro.) 182 n'^utaw 
B.'inks W. H. ^- Bro. (W. H. and S. M. Banks) 

stoves and house furnishing, 182 n Eutaw 
Banks W. E. (Swain k B.) 199 n Calvert 
Banks Wm. J. butter, 54 Greenmount av 
Banks Wm. cooper, 14 Johnson 
Banks Wm. M. butter, 54 Greenmount av 
Bankstahl John, shoemaker, 277 n Dallas 
Bannan Hugh, stonecutter, l(t6 William 
Bannan Hugh, clerk, 41 s Stockton al 
Bannan John, picture dealer, 41 Stockton al 
Bannan John, painter, 211 Dolphin 
Bannan John A. engineer, 105 n Poppleton 
Bannan Lawrence, machinist, 79 York 
Bannan Michael, bottler, 411 w Pratt 
Bannan Owen, laborer, 120 Scott 
Bannan Patrick, drayman, 120 Scott 
Bannan Peter, laborer, 10 Stockholm 
Bannan Thos. laborer, 36 Camden 
Bannenberg Fred shoemaker, 135 s Fremont 
Banning Alexander, 285 Hollins 
Banning Catherine F. 280 Lexington 
Banning M. E. 280 Lexington 
Bannister Mrs. Maria T. 42 Frederick av 
Bannon Building, 32 St. Paul 
Bannon Michael, attorney, 32 St. Paul, dw 

Anne Arundel co 
Bannon Elizabeth, dressmaker, 53 Mulberry 
Bannon Patrick, lab. 62 Cooksie 
Bansbach Adolph, florist, 208 Greenmount av 
Bansemer G. A.( W.G.B.&Co.) 202 w Hoffman 
BANSEMER W. G. & Co. (W. G. and G. A. 

Bansemer) wholes, grocers and commission 

merchants, 45 German cor Howard 
Bansemer Wm.G.( W.G.B.&Co.)206 w Hoffman 
Banthem & Bro. (Geo. andChas. W. Bantham) 

carriage builders, 57 Henrietta 
Banthem Bros. (Chas. W. and Geo. Banthem) 

milk dairy, 276 s Charles 
Banthem Chas. W. (B. Bros, and B. & Bro.) 

276 s Charles 
Banthem Geo. (B. Bros, and B. k Bro.) 276 s 

Banthem James, coachmaker, 276 s Charles 
Banthem James M. painter, 105 Hamburg 
Bantz Dr. Edward, ins. agent, 30 South, dw 

22 Columbia 
Bantz Eugene H. 305 Lexington 
Bantz Gideon C. clerk, 22 Columbia 
Bantz Henry H. salesman, 168 Saratoga 
Bantz Theodore S. 305 Lexington 
Bantz Jesse, driver, 79 n Fremont 
Baniz Louis J. clerk, 168 Saratoga 
B;inz John, porter, 414 e Fayette 
Banzer Frederick, liquors, 239 8 IJond 
Banzer Louisa, lannd. 145 s Sprint' 
Baptist Church, Waverley, nr York rd 
Baptist Chapel, cor Elting and i>ol|)hin 
Baptist Church, Broadway and Pratt 
Baptiste Mrs. Ann, 16 s Chester 
Baquol & Co. (J. Ba(juol) wholes, manuf's 

French and American confectionery, 242 w 


Baquol Jules (B. & Co.) 242 w Pratt 

Bar Levi, tailor. 12 n Charles, dw 39 Aisquith 

Barber Daniel, lab. 12 Rupard 

Barber Geo. stonemason, 55 Stockton al 

Barber Geo. W. carpenter, 55 Stockton al 

Barber Hanson, lab. Clipper Mills 

Barber A. F. clerk, 2 Ryan 

Barber John G. sewing machines, Gilraor nr 

Barber John T. barber, 149 s Choi)tank 
Barber John W. stonemason, 55 Stockton al 
Barber Joseph M. mariner, 96 Chesapeake 
Barber Jos. lab. Homestead 
Barber Philip J. police, 65 Valley 
Barber Sarah, dressmaker, 53 n Fremont 
Barber Walter T. clerk, 205 Dolphin 
Barbine Jacob F. bricklayer, 253 Battery av 
Barbine .loseph S. turnkey police, lr>2 Hamburg 
Barbine Wm. E. shipcarpenter, 157 Battery av 
Barbieri Chas. lab. 57 President 
Barbosa Perfecto, nied. student, 165 St. Paul 
Barbour Daniel N. huckster, 68 McElderry 
Biirbour David M. clerk, 357 Hollins 
Barbour Susan E. 58 Preston 
Barcher Christopher, shipcarp. 22 s Chester 
Barcher Geo. upholsterer, 150 S Ann 
Barchman W.gardnr, Linden av nr North av 
Barclay Rev. Jas. H. 125 Lexington 
Barclaj' Capt. Richard, mariner, 24 n Ana 
Bard I3ernhard, quarryman, Frederick av nr 

Bard Thos P. traveling agent, 278 Lexington 
Bardell J. C. (E. Weaver & Co.) Pittsburgh 
Barden Fredk. carpr. 2 Etna la 
Bardroff Joseph, plasterer, 20 Rock 

Wood Dealer, 45 Boston streets 
dw 62 S. Chester. 

Bardroff Peter, pianomaker, 20 Rock 

Bare Holmes B. druggist, 872 w Baltimore 

Bare J. B. clerk, 5t) s Sharp 

Bargar Deeter, 65 Franklin 

Barpar Mrs. Elizabeib, 406 Mulberry 

Bargar Geo. W. luonlder, 84 Henrietta 

Bargar Geo. W. jr. moulder, 84 Henrietta 

Bargar Henry, bricklayer, 172 Mulberry 

Bargar Josi'ph .A. bricklayer, 84 Henrietta 

Bargar Joseph H. moulder, 84 Henrietta 

Barpar S. M. 239 Franldin 

Bargar Washington, brklayer, 97 Druid Hillav 

Barge Henry, bartender, 746 w Baltimore 

Barhaus Wim. tailor, 58 Portland 

Haricknian Mrs. S. E. 252 .VIeDonogh 

Barickman Jacob, cedar cooper, 200 e Baltimore 

Bark John, tailor 233 s Bond 

Barke ("hristian, shoemaker, 332 s Charles 

Barke John, bookkeeper, 332 s ('harles 

Barker Alfred, i)atlernmaker, 262 n Front 

Barker Alfred, jr. clerk, 262 n Front 

Barker Benj. S. screwman, 178 s Eutaw 

Barker Beuj. 77 n (/harles 


II. P. Chaiidlce, (\. E. Waggner, ) wholesale 

tobacco and cigars, 31 German, and manufs. 

cigars, 268 Hanover 
Barker (,'has. H. clerk, 4 Franklin 
Barker ('has. F., liuntinpdon av w of Charles 
Barker Edward W. (B. k Fisher) Huntingdon 

av w of Charles-st av 

Mutual Life Insurance Co. of New York, 




Barker D. L., St. Clair hotel 
Barker Evan T. 154 Oregron 
BARKER k FISHER, (Ed. W. Barker, C. D. 

Fishor) flour, grain and gen'l com. merch'ts, 

71 South 
Barker Geo. Y. cotton com. mercht. over 4 s 

Hollidav, dw 126 Bolton 
Barker Mrs. H. A. 138 w Madison 
Barker George E. music teacher, 168 Aisquith 
Barker James H. draughtsman. 130 w Hoffman 
Barker James T. mariner, 215 Montgomery 
Barker John A. real estate agent 42 St. Paul, 

dw Eutaw house 
Barker John W. lab. 380 s Charles 
Barker Josej^h, lab. 6 Whatcoat 
Barker Joseph H. (Woods, Weeks & Co.) 90 

Barker Lewis R. patternmaker, 262 n Front 
Barker Richard, (American kindl'g wood co.) 

248 e Baltimore 
Barker Robert, shipcarpenter, 373 e Lombnrd 
Barker Thomas M. (Goldsborough & Co.) 37 

Barker Wm. shipcarpeuter, 120 Gough 
Barker Wm. screwman, Union hotel 
Barker Wm. 4 Franklin 
Barker Wm. machinist, Franklin hotel 
Barker Wm. police, 8 Garden 
Barker Wm. C. lab. 700 Light 
Barker Wm. K. (B., Chandlee ^- Co.) 172 n 

Barklaoe .Mrs. Gertrude, 95 Pearl 
Barklage & Henneman, (H. A. Barklage, John 

Hennoman) packing boxmkrs, 15 Cowpen al 
Barklage Henry A. (B. & Henneman) 95 Pearl 
Barkley Geo. L. provisions, 267 e Lombard 
Barkley Mrs. H. C. 61 s Ann 
BARKLEY & HASSON, (J. C. Barkley, A. A. 

Hasson) manufrs. ground spices, mustard, 

yeast powder, roasted coffee, <fec. 50 s Charles 
Barkley James, bookkeener, 43 Eastern av 
Barkley .John C. (B. & Hasson) 311 e Eager 
Barkley Marcus C. engineer, 61 s Ann 
Barkley llobert, jr. 43 Eastern av 
Barkley R(;bert, tailor, 43 Eastern av 
Barkniiiu Mrs. Amelia, 54 Courtland 
Barkman Geo. conductor, 119 Columbia 
Barkman Jacob, com. merchant. 119 Columbia 
Barkman James S. bookkeeper, First Nat. Bank, 

21 s High 
Barkman Joseph, bricklayer, 42 Brune 
Barkman John M. bricklayer, 42 Brune 
Barkman Joseph, cigarraaker, 42 Brune 
Barkman Wm. H. cigarmaker, 42 Brune 
Barkmeyer Fred. W. grocery, cor McHeary and 

Barlag Fred, lithographer, 7 Lloyd 
Barlage Catharine, grocery, 4 Rock 
Barlage Herman H. milk, 4 Rock 
Barlage Herman H. jr. milk, 4 Rock 
Barleggs Joseph, mariner, 173 s Durham 
Barley Geo. W. engineer, 503 w Lombard 
Barley John, milk, 50 n Amity 
Barley Jdhn T. engineer, 286 Franklin 
Barling Ann, 231 George 
Barling Edward, carpenter, 152 n Bethel 
Barlow Bernard, cigarmaker, 260 Montgomery 
Barlow Charles E. bookbinder, 191 East 
Barlow Frank, grocery, 260 .Montgomery 
Barlow, James W. clerk, 12 Barnet 
Barlov,- James T. paperhanger, s w cor Aisquith 

and Lanvale 


Barlow John H. painter, 1 n Sharp, dw 294 e 

Barlow Joseph M. upholsterer, 21 Penna av 
Barlow Joseph, mariner, 173 s Durham 
Barlow Mrs. Kate, confect'y, 21 Penna av 
BARNARD CHARLES P.', Sherwood house, 

s e cor Harrison and Fayette 

STORE, n e cor Baltimore and 
North streets. 

Barnard James, canmaker, 18 Albemarle 
Barnard John, bricklayer, 141 n Fremont 
Barnard Mrs. M. E. 582 Lexington 

DINING ROOMS, E. G. Ulery, ^ 
proprietor, 72 w Fayette street. .^ 




Barnard Randolph, bricklayer, 141 n Fremont 

on the European plan, cor Fay- 
ette and Harrison streets* opposite 
Maryland Institute, 

Barndollar W. P. (Wentz & B.) 529 w Fayette 
Barnes & Adams, (J. S. Barnes, Jos. Adams,) 

oyster and fruit packers, 246 s Caroline 
Barnes Alex. M. lumber insp. 183 s Chester 
Barnes B. F. wheelwright, 124 n Schroedcr 
Barnes Bennett, bricklayer, 7 Centre Market sp 
Barnes Benj. 40 n Poppieton 
Barnes Benj. F. painter, 40 n Poppieton 
Barnes Bernard, grocery, 226 s Ann 
Barnes Christopher, bricklayer, 281 McDonogh 
Barnes Daniel J. blacksmith. 111 s Chester 
Barnes D. Wilton, clerk, 349 n Broadway 
Barnes Edmund L. printer. Ills Chester 
Barnes Edward, lab. 52 s Cnlhoun 
Barnes Kdward. lab. 45 s Calhoun 
Barnes Mrs. Eliza, 24 s Eutaw 
Barnes C Fletcher, bookkpr, 220 n Republican 
Barnes Geo. D. bricklaver, York rd 
Barnes Geo. F. lab. 136 s Wolfe 
Barnes Hanson P. oysters and produce, over 150 

w Pratt, dw 21 s Gay 
Barnes Henry, shipcarpenter, 99 York 
Barnes Henry A. oys. packer, 52 s Washington 
Barnes Henry C. barkeeper, 783 w Baltimore 
Barnes Henry, carpenter, 1 1 Courtland 
Barnes Henry E. oyster packer, 33 Hill 
Barnes Henry, lab. 188 Ramsay 
Barnes J. H. clerk, 29 Hanover 
Barnes Jacob S. (Barnes & Adams) 1 n Ann 
Barnes James, cabinetmkr, 442 Lexington 
Barnes James E. wheelwright, 136 s Wolfe 
Barnes James F. constable, 134 s Wolfe 
Barnes James H. baggage master, 410 w Fayette 
Barnes James S. brass moulder, 153 w Hoffman 
Barnes Mrs. Jane, grocery, 153 w Hoffman 
Barnes John H. 136 s Wolfe 
Barnes John R. clerk, 349 n Broadway 
Barnes John H. coal and wood, 306 s Caroline, 

dw 366 e Baltimore 
Barnes John A. grocery, 364 e Baltimore 
Barnes John H. cari)enter, 95 Parkin 
Barnes John R. clerk, 50 s Charles 




• rH 






The Largest Life Insurance Co. in the World. 

















Barnes John W. millwright, 124 n Rehroeder 
Barnes Joseph, carpenter, 73 s Central av 
BARNES J. T. MASON, deputy city collector, 

30 Pleasant 
Barnes Leakin, mariner, 57 s Gilmor 
Barnes Louis M. clerk, 2f>6 e Baltimore 
Barnes Mrs. M. A 20 Peirce 
Barnes Mary E. tobacconist, 280 e Monument 
Barnes Reuben M., Druidville 
Barnes Robert C. clerk, 69 Barnes 
Barnes Salina E. teacher, 362 Mulberry 
Barnes Samuel F. moulder, 2u [iamsay 
Barnes Samuel A. carpenter, 148 Scott 
Barnes Sarah A., Druidville 
Barnes Sarah A. tailoress, 2 Gould ct 
Barnes Sarah J. tailoress, 49 n Front 
Barnes Susan, tailoress, 49 n Front 
Barnes Thos. P. oyster measurer, 175 s Wolfe 
Barnes Capt. Thomas H. 14 Williamson al 
Barnes Thos. H. com. mcrcht. 78 w Pratt, dw 

6 s Ann 
Barnes Walter S. 29 Holland 
Barnes Wm. A. carp. 292 \v HofFraan 
Barnes Wm. A. canmaker, 183 s Chester 
Barnes Wm. oyster packer, 2.53 Bank 
Barnes Rev. Wm. M. 3)9 n Eutaw 
Barnes Wra. H. carpenter, 319 n Eutaw 
Barnes William, 183 n Bond 
Barnes Wra. R. (McWilliams & B.) 1 Grant 
Barnet John H. cigarmuker, 596 w Lombard 
Burnett Amelia E. millinery, 67 n Charles 
Barnctt Mrs. Frances, dressnikr, 50 James la 
Barnett Geo. W. salesman. Fountain hotel 
Barnett J. W. clerk, 13 s Howard 
Barnett James, caulker, 146 Battery av 
Barnctt James II. miller, 351 Cathedral 
Barnett John F. -ivheelwright, 434 Saratoga,dw 

122 n Poppleton 
Barnett Rosanna, tailoress, 125 Battery av 
Barnett Thomas, painter, 52 s Choptank 
Barnett ^Vade, salesman, 13 s Howard 
Burnett Wm. 11 clerk, 3 Ilojie al 
Barnett Wm. bricklayer, 3 Hope al 
Barnett Wiu. oysters, 86 Hill 
Barnett Wm. P. (J. Brown Baxley & Co.) cor 

Dolphin and Park nv 
BARNEY JAMKS H. prest. Balto. Warehouse 

Co. 2 Rialto bldg. dw 76 n Charles 
Barneycio Hisdon, engineer, 64 s Caroline 
Barnhart Alfred W. pictures, M3 n Poppleton 
Barnliart Wtn. N., Woodlierry 
Barnliill Andrew H. salesman, 364 e Eager 
Barnickel John F. tailor, 115 McKlderry 
Baruitz A. H. bookkeeper U. S. Treasury, dw 

Mt. Washington 
Barnitz Augustus M. law student, 29 George 
Barnilz Covington D. attorn<'y, 71 w Fayette, 

dw Lindiii av nr North av 
Barnitz Mrs. Lenora, 205 n Carey 
Barnsliow James, moulder, 37 s Eutaw 
Barnsky John, carficiiler, 572 Aisquith 
Barns'ickcr,iiia(liinist, Washington av nr 

Barnsticker Michael, lab'r, Washington av ext 
Rarnum Allen S., 300 Walsh 
BAUMIMS CITY iiOTHL, fronting Calvert, 

St. P.iul and Fayette. Barnum & Co. propr's 
BARNU.M k (JO. pro])! ietors Barnum's City ho- 
tel, cor (Jnlvert and Fayette 
Barnum Kdward T. clerk, 300 Walsh 
Barnum Hinry II. collector, 300 Walsh 
Barnwell Mrs. Ro.-e, grocery, 18 Union 

Baroch rhas.Iab'r,corWashington awd Jefferson 
Baroux Edwin G. paints, oil and glass, 338 w 

Pratt, dw 149 s Fremont 
Baroux Geo. W. shoemaker, 149 s Fremont 
Burr Bertha, 218 Canton av 
Barr Geo. Y. brakeman, 293 w Pratt 
Barranger C. C. (G. W. & C. C. Barranger,) 

Penna av ext 
Barranger Francis, gardener, York rd nr Ist 

toll gate 
Barranger Geo. W. (G. W. & CC. Barranger,) 

Penna av ext 
Barranger G. W. ,J- C. C. butchers, 34 Centre, 

71 Lexinirton and 63 Hanover markets 
Barranger Henry C. butcher, Penna av ext 
Barranger James L. butcher, McElderry ext 
Barranger John F. provisions, s w cor JIcElder- 

ry and Spring 
Barranger John A. butcher, 36 Hanover mkt, 

dw 288 Saratoga 
Barranger John L. police, 400 e Eager 
Barranger Lewis L. sr. butcher, 77 Lexington, 

34 Centre and 63 Hanover markets, dw 283 

Barranger Lewis L. jr. butcher, 62 Centre, 44 

Lexington, 53 Richmond and 65 Hanover 

markets, dw 169 Penna av 
Barranger Lewis, wagoner, 76 McElderry 
Barranger Thomas, police, 196 n Caroline 
Barranger Zachariah, canmaker, Orleans ext 
Barranger Wm. hostler, 63 McElderry 
Barrett A. J. musician, Calverton rd 
Barrett Asa, 124 Park av 

Batrett & Carroll, (Jas. J. Barrett, James Car- 
roll,) hardware, 893 w Pratt 
Barrett Catherine, millinery, 546 w Fayette 
Bai-rett David, watchman, C. H 107 Peirce 
Barrett E. millinerv, 90 Richmond 
BARRETT & EARL, (James Barrett, Wm. D. 

W. I'^arl,) proprs. St. Nicholas hotel, Hol- 

liday nr Fayette 
Barrett Edward, carter, 53 s Central av 
Barrett Francis 0. (J. Post & Co.) 12 Park av 
Barrett George, laborer, 20 n Castle 
Barrett Geo. silversmith, 4 McClellan, dw 476 

Barrett Geo. B. B. juusician, 288 n Howard 
Barrett George E. cutter, 18 s Fremont 
Barrett Gregory, sr , 115 n Fremont 
Barrett Harry, clerk, 18 s Fremont 
Barrett Henrv W.carp. 34 Monroe 
BARRETT & HIGGINS, (W. D.Barrett, J. T. 

Higgins, ) wholes, hats and caps, 244 w Bal- 
Barrett James J. musician, 17 McElderr_y 
Barrett Jas. J. (B. & Earl,) St. Nicholas hotel 
Barrett James, laborer, 152 Dovi-r 
Barrett Jame.^ II. clerk, 310 n Howard 
Barrett Jiis.J.(B. & Carroll, )Fulton nrFranklin 
Barrett James L. carpi'uier, 17 McKlderry 
Barrett James W. liatfinisher, 415 e Kager 
Barrett John, w.'Uchman Millers hotel 
Barrett John M. clerk, 162 Lanvale 
Barrett John, laborer, Cooksie nr Nicholson 
Barrett John jr. clerk, 289 e Pratt 
Barrett John, driver, 40 Penn 
Barrett John, grocery, 289 e Pratt 
Harrett John L., 3(1 s Eden 
Barrett Kate, fancy goods, 546 w Fayette 
liarrett Leo, laborer, 20 11 Castle 
Barrett L. Z. clerk. 231 Franklin 
Barrett Margaret. 162 Lanvale 

Miitnal Life Insurance Co. of New York, 




Barrett Kargaret E., 18 s Fremont 
Barrett Margaret. 99 Eastern av 
Barrett Mrs. Marv, 239 w Fayette 
Barrett Maurice W. clerk, 231 Franklin 
Barrett Michael, maltster. 145Ridgely 
Barrett Nalliau, (B., Nephews & Co.) Staten, 

Island, N. Y. 
Barrett, Nephews & Co. (N. Barrett, Nathaa 

Edward and Jos. Heal, A. C. Wood,) Staten 

Island Fancy Dyeing Establishment, 110 w 

Barrett P. Henry, clerk, 18 s Fremont 
Barrett Patrick, laborer 100 Duncan al 
Barrett Peter, junk, 40 Penn 
Barrett Susie, hair goods, 89 n Howard 
Barrett Thomas, fish, 371 s Eutaw, dw 373 
BarrettWm D. (B. & Higgins) 198 McCulloh 
Barrett Wm. H. jui:k, 171 Barre 
Barrett Wm. T. clerk, 162 Lanvale 
Barretto J. D. clerk, 9 s Calvert 
Barrick Mrs. Alice, 31 Parkin 
Barrick Eugene C. clerk, 185 w Fayette 
Barrick James, clerk, 31 Parkin 
Barrick Wm. E. carpenter, 389 s Charles, dw 

91 Hollins 
Barrickman Eleanor R. 169 n Paca 
Barrickman Marietta, teacher, 169 n Paca 
Barrier Isadore, cook, 129 s E.xeter 
Bariinglon Edward P. book'pr, 663 w Fayette 
Barrington Frank R. clerk, 238 n Carey 
Harrington Frank T. prof, music, 238 n Carey 
Barrington J. T. clerk, cor North and Madison 
Barris Peter, mariner, 18 Block 
Barroll Benj. C. attorney, 54 Saratoga 
BARROLL BENJ. C. JR. (G. Meredith ^ Co.) 

agent Connellsville Gas Coal Co. 25 s Gay, 

dw 54 Saratoga 
Barroll Edmund, clerk, 286 Madison av 
BARROLL J. W. cj- CO. (J. W. Barroll) real 

estate brokers, 5 Courtland 
Barroll Jas. W.(J.W.B. k Co.) 286 Madison av 
Barroll Wm.V. attorney, 5 Courtland, dw 286 

Madisoi^ av 
Barron Edward T. horseshoer, 26T w Biddle 
Barron James, carpenter, 137 e Lombard 
Barron John, carpenter, 89 Walsh 
Barron John, (Delcher & B.) 79 s Paca 
Barioii John, laborer, 141 Chew 
Barron John M. 370 Hollins 
Barron Richard, porter, 94 Franklin 
Barron Richard, laborer, Hampden 
Barron Roger W. clerk, 79 s Paca 
Barron Thomas, police, 146 George 
Barron Thos. dresslrimmirigs, 72 Le.xington 
Barron Thos. F. veterinarian, 97 Walsh 
Barron Thos F. jr. veterinarian, 97 Walsh 
Barron Thos. D. ship, and com. merchant, 60 

South, dw 169 w Lombard 
Barron Wm. driver, 352 Ostend 
Barron Wm. D. salesman, 169 w Lombard 
Barron Wm. barkeeper, 297 North' 
Barron Francis, laborer, 207 Chesnut 
Barross Henry C.N.S. engineer, 107 s Broadway 
Barrosv Jacob F. house furn. goods, 13 n Gay, 

dw John nr Spring 
Barrow Thos. H. salesman, 517 w Fayette 
Barrow Rev. Thomas, 227 e Baltimore' 
Barrus Daniel, tinner, 116 n Central av 
Barrus Frauk, tinner, 116 n Central av 
Barrus Geo. J. painter, 116 n Central av 
Barrus George W. cooper, 116 n Central av 
Barry Agnes M. dressmaker, 546 n Gav 

Barry Mrs. Arietta, 503 w Fayette 

Barry Mrs. Bridget, 17 Bank 

Barry & Bro. (J. M. and J. W. Barry) wholes. 

and retail game, 80 Light street whf 
Barry Mrs Catheiine, 9 w Chase 
Barry Mrs. Catherine, 56 Park 
Barrv David, laborer, 269 Forrest 
BARRY & H00GEWP:RPF, (J. C. Barry, S. 

E. Hoogewertf ) merchandise brokers, 4 Gro- 
cers' Exchange, Commerce 
Barry Dennis, plumber, 17 Harford av 
Barry Mrs. Elizabeth, 32 Etting 
Barry Geo. E. clerk, 360 w Fayette 
Barry Geo. W. 145 St. Paul 
Barry Henry A. coal, 18 Postoffice av, dw 232 

BARRY HALL, John Kelly,proprietor, 12 St. 

Barry Mrs. H , John nr McMechin 
Barry James A. clerk, 413 n Calhoun 
Barry James, 17 Harford av 
Barry James C. (B.& Hoogewerff) 11 McCulloh 
Bairy James, painter, 138 s Paca 
Barry James B. clerk. 197 Hollins 
Barry John, clerk, 103 Hanover ^ 

Barry Joseph W. (Barry 6f Bro.) 160 Green- "^ 

mount av ^ 

Barry Joshua H. salesman, 350 Franklin '^ 

Barry John W. clerk, 503 w Fayette 
Barry J. Marshall, (B. & Bro.) 241 Hanover o 
Barry John, laborer, 118 York ~Ti 

Barry Mrs. John S. 107 McCulloh -r^ 

Barry John J. actor, 69 Vine "t^ 

Barry John, carpenter, 3 Watson 
Barry L. laborer, 88 n Schroeder 
Barry Mrs. Mary, 269 Forrest 
Barry Mrs. Mary, dresslnaker, 546 n Gay 
Barry Philip, collector, 115 w Monument 
Barry Patrick T. plumber, 149 Dolphin, dw 17 

Harford av 
Barry Staadish, currier, 546 n Gay 
Birry Samuel, mariner, 42 e Ea^er 
Barry Thomas, laborer, 144 Lanaaster 
Barry Thomas, stonemason, 120 Presron 
Barry Wm. millwright, 118 York 
Barry Wm. porter, 69 Vine 
Barry Wm. R. 258 Druid Hill av 
Barry Wm. J. collar maker, 69 Vine 
Barry Dr. W. A. 18 PostofiSce av, dw 189 n 

Barry Wm. H. game, 10 Ridgely 
Barry Dr. Wm. J. 35 n Calvert 
Barry Dr. Wm. W. 18'J n Oregon 
Barschdorf Gotleib, (i reman, 52 Stiles 
BartWm. laborer, 219 Eastern av 
Barsotte Jacob, artist, 13 n Frederick 
Bartell Christopher, feed, &c., 283 w Pratt 
Bartell Fred'k, teacher, 189 e Monument 
Bartells Chas. boxmaker, 15 New Church 
Bartells Henry, carpenter, 24 Callendar al 
Bartells Henry, cigarmakt^r, 9 s Chapel 
Bartenbacker Geo. P. junk. 906 w Pratt 
Bartgis Chas C. 329 e Biddle 
Bartgis John M. clerk, 128 n E.xeter 
Bartgis Mrs. Mary C. 128 n Exeter 
Bartgis Mrs. Sophia E. 329 e Biddle 
Barth Chris, boots and shoes, 182 Lexington 
Barth Christian E. trunkmaker, i82 Le.xTogton 
Barth C. S. grocery, 122 s Fremont, dw 126 
Barth Daniel, barnessmaker, 8 St. Mary 
Barth Henry, tobucco, 138 Aisquith 
Barth Herman, marblecutter, Belair av 







O. F. Bresee, General Agent, 15 South St. 













Bartb John, marble cuUer, Belair av nr Balti- 
more cemetery 
Barth Lewis, locksmith, 2 Fountaiu 
BARTH SAMUEL, com. merchant and impor- 
ter of liquors, wines, cigars, <fec., office 21 
South, dw 316 Lexington 
Barth Wm. clerk, 828 w Baltimore 
Barihle Conrad, laborer, 153 Madeira al 
Barthle Philip, laborer, 153 Madeira al 
Barthol Krnst, scowman, 71 Cambiidge 
Barthold John, tailor 151 Dover 
Bartholomaei C. G. cabinetmaker, 13 w Chase 
Bartholomaei Geo. clerk, 13 w Chase 
Bartholomaei Geo. clerk, 28 Barre 
Bartholoraaeus Leonard, cabineimkr, 249 George 
Bartholomay August, tailor, 196 Kastern av 
Bartholomaj Geo. cabinetmaker, 147 s Spring 
Bartholoniee Jno.J.cigarpitcker,811w Baltimore 
Bartholomee T. M. & Co. (T. M. Bartholomee, 

R. C. Maclellan) produce, 99 w Lombard 
Bartholomee Theodore M. (T. M. B. &Co.) 96 

n Gilraor 
Bartholomew Henry, salesman, 13 Bartlett 
Bartholomew Thos. harnessmaker, 57 JetFerson 
Bartholomous Christr. lab. rear 49 Thames 
Bartholow And'w J. passenger agent N.C. R. 

72 n Popf)leton 
Bartholow B. A. agt. Penua. Central R. R. dw 

72 n Poppleton 
Bartholow B. F. (G. P. Thomas & Co.) Cal- 
houn and Hollins 
Bartholow Christian, tailor, 246 n Central av 
Bartholow Geo. McK. dairy, 822 w Baltimore 
Bartholow John, butcher, 222 George 
Bartholow Samuel, carpenter, 344 Franklin 
Bartholow TM.C. (Chase, Stewart & Co.)N.Y. 
Bartholow Mrs. Cornelia, 344 Franklin 
Bartkson Alonzo D. clerk, 13 Park av 
Bartleson Mary A. 13 Park av 
Bartlett A. W. carpenter, 7 Irvine pi 
Bartlett Chas. W. boatbuilder, 215 William 
Bartlett David L.(B., Bobbins k Co.)57 Hollins 
Bartlett Edward L. (B., Robbins «fe Co.) 216 

Linden av 
Bartlett E. Seymour, clerk, 94 e Baltimore 
Bartlett Garver, farmer, Waverley 
Bartlett George. 31 Franklin 
Bartlett Geo. \V. B. hardware, 31 Franklin 
Bartlett George W varnisher, 135 Saratoga 
Bartlett James, boatbuilder, foot Montgomery, 

dw 424 Light 
Bartlett James, jr. boat builder, 108 West 
Bartlett James L. tobacconist, 15 s Chester 
Bartlett Josejih, apothecary, Bayview asylum 
Bartlett (j- Pomeroy, (Wm. W. Bartlett," .A . IT. 
Pomeroj', ) inanuf. adjwstalile spring bed, 4 
Postoffice av. — [See Advertisement. 
BARTLETT, ROBBLNS & CO. (D. L. Bartlett, 
H. W. Bobbins, ) wholes, stove warehouse 
and architectural iron works and heating 
apparatus, 24 Light, foundry Pratt and Scott 
B,irllett .Mrs. Mary, 28 n Higli 
Bartlett Thomas, blacksmith, 15 s Chester 
Bartlett Win. S. boat builder, 217 Bank 
Bartlett Wm.W ( «. k Pomeroy) 94 e Baltimore 
liirtlett Rev. Wm. lO'i n Charles 
Bartman ('alherine, 222 Eastern av 
Bartinan Christ, brass finisher, 222 Eastern av 
Bartman John P. broommaker, 222 Eastern av 
Bartman Wm. F. broommaker, 222 Eastern av 
Bartol & Bockmiller, (H. B Bartol, Wm. P. 
Bockniiller) carriage manufs. 94 n Calvert 

Bartol Henry B.(B. & Botkmiller)219 Aisqnith 
Bartol James L. chief judge Court of Appeals, 

6f)4 w Fayette 
Bartol Sophia A. 61 Courtland 
Barton Andrew C. sailmaker, 96 Granby 
Barton Augustus, laborer, 8 Rupard 
Barton Bcal R. (Shijiley & B.) 517 n Gav 
Barton Dr. Boiling W. 128 w Madi.>on 
Barton Daniel P. bookkeeper, 30 s Broadway 
Barton Daniel, miller, 293 Johnson 
Barton Edward, processor, 3G9 Canton av 
Burton Esau, miller, 118 n Gaj' 
Barton Eugene, tailor, 144 e Lombard 
Barton Frank, laborer, 3.55 s Bond 
Barton George, machinist, Hampden 
Barton Greenbury, 96 Granby 
Barton Ignatius D. printer, 28 n Caroline 
Barton James, ship joiner, 145 n Wolfe 
Barton JamcsI.(B.& Keyworth)30 s Broadway 
Barton Jennings, ship joiner, 86 s Chester 
Barton John T. collector water department, 62 

s Washington 
Barton Joseph, wagoner, 152 n Spring 
Barton Joshua, finisher, 289 William 
Barton Joshua N. finisher, 235 s Paca 
Barton & Key worth, (Jas. I. Barton, C. B. Key- 
worth) merchant tailors, 2 Light 
Barton Lazarus, engineer, 235 s Paca 
Barton Martin, laborer, 29 Potomac 
Barton Mrs. Mary, 369 Canton av 
Barton Marj' J. dressmaker, 33 n Eden 
Barton Patrick, capper, 369 Canton av 
Barton Philip A. tanner, currier and leather, 

118 n Front, dw nr Waverl^' 
Barton Randolph (B. k Wilmer)181 w Fayette 
Barton Mrs. Rebecca, 517 n Gay 
Barto.i Mrs. Rebecca, 258 e Madison 
Barton Robert, flagman, 357 Cathedral 
Barton Samuel, police, 423 e Lombard 
Barton Samuel S. (Fletcher ,j- B.) 33 n Edeu 
Barton Samuel S. carpenter, 217 n Bond 
Barton Samuel S. carpenter, 225 n Eden 
Barton Seler, gatekeeper, Patterson park, dw 

256 s Ann 
Barton Stephen, millwright, Druidville 
Barton Thad. J. theatrical manager, 174 e Pratt 
Barton Theodore, employm't agt. 18 n Liberty, 

dw 155 Saratoga 
Barton Tliomas L. finisher, 87 Boyd 
Barton Willard G. provisions, 53 s Schroeder 
BARTON & WILMER,(R. Barton, S. Wilmer) 

attorneys, 35 St. Paul 
Barton Wm. L. printer, 34 e B:\ltiniore 
Bartram Wm. potter, 260 e Monument 
Bartsch Frederick, passe partouts and show 

cards, 1 s Shar[), dw 437 w Baltimore 
Bartscher George, upholsterer, 150 s Ann 
Bartscher John, upholsterer, 101 Jackson sq av 
BARTZ DANIEL, restaurant, 147 w Lombard 
Bartz P. C. bookkeeper, 147 w Lombard 
Barwick John W. laborer, 72 Elliott 
Base Daniel F. tailor, 339 e Eager 
Bash Fdward H. 330 n Eutavv 
Bash Henry M. 82 w Monument 
Hash John^H. (Patterson cV B.) 244 Linden av 
Basil John, clerk Custom House 
Basler Frederick, cigarmaker, Frederick road 

near Calverton road 
Basler .lohn F. caliiuetmaker, 52 Brucie 
Bass Abraham, liquors, 108 Low 
Bass Sigmund, peddler, 152i s Broadway 
Bassett Mrs. Alice, 119 e Baltimore 

Mutual Lif? Insurance Co. of New York. 




Bassett Mrs. Caroline, 2 Gould ct 
Bassett Freeman, boilermaker, 228 Montgomery 
Bassett Harriet, 71 Centre Market sp 
Biissett Mrs. Henrietta, 45 James la 
Bassett John S. printer, 202 s Charles 
Bassett John B. mariner, 161 s Washington 
Bassett Martraret, 41 Lancaster 
B.assett Richard, agent, 142 s Wolfe 
Bassett Wm. H. huckster, .32 Barre 
Bassford Mrs. Albert E., Oreg^on and Franklin 
Bassford Mrs. Maria 0. 118<Park av 
shor, W. Stebbins, ) eng'rs and manuf. heat- 
ing apparatus 28 Light. [See Advertisement. 
Bass'hor Thomas C. (T. C. Basshor ^ Co.) 269 

Linden av 
Basston J. T., Eutaw house 
Bast John, upholsterer, 6 Haw 
Bast John, bakery, 98 e Lombard 
Bast Mrs Louisa L. boarding, 121 Hollins 
Bastable Alvin N. (Crosby k B.) 64 McCulloh 
Bastable James G. salesman, Eutaw house 
Bastert August, hammerman, 35 s Cannon 
Bastert Wm. moulder, 35 s Cannon 
Basye Fredk. F. clerk, 35 n Greene 
Batchell Louis H. machinist. 91 s Caroline 
Batcheller H. C. (Cochran k Co.) Frederick rd 
Baswitz Henry, bookkeeper, 187 n Gay 
B;iswitz Moritz, millinery, 187 n Gay 
Batchelor And. J. ship carp. 5 s Washington 
Batchelor Benj. E. sailmaker, 222 e Lombard 
Batchelor Christopher C. contractor, 50 Aisquth 
Batchelor David, shoemaker, 39 Holland 
Batchelor Geo. W. roofer, 20 Penn 
Batchelor Joseph^ police, 307 Aisquith 
Batchelor Louis F. messenger Adams Express, 

590 Penna. av 
Batchelor Mrs. Mary A. confectionery and oys- 
ters, 155 e Monument 
Batchelor Samuel K. 87 n Ann 
Batchelor Thomas, painter, 39 Holland 
Batchelor Wm. watchman, 45 Hillen 
Batchelor Wm. moulder, 42 Jackson sq av 
Batcheloi* Wm. H. painter, 13 Holland 
Batchelor Wm. watchman, 205 Orleans 
Batchen Conrad, bookkeeper, 189 Barre 
Bateley Columbus, carpenter, Biddle and Wolfe 
Bateman A. W. attorney, cor Lexington and 

St. Paul, dw Howard house 
Bateman Benj. M. G. tin and sheet iron worker, 

270 Light 
Bateman Frank, clerk, 195 e Monument 
Bateman Francis T. canmaker, 117 e Madison 
Bateman Howard, huckster, 413 e Eager 
Bateman Hudson, clerk, 209 Aisquith 
Bateman Hudson, grocery, 209 Aisquith 
Bateman Jacob, painter, 130 Jefferson 
Bateman J. E. & T. B. grocers, 115 u High 
Bateman James J. bookkeeper, 278 e Fayette 
Bateman Jas. S. tobacco and coal oil, 126 Hillen 
Bateman Joseph, shoemaker. 201 n Bond 
Bateman Jos.E.{J.E.&T.B.B.) 195 e Monument 
Bateman John L. boilermaker, 446 Lexington 
Bateman Mrs. P. A. confect'ry, 89 s Fremont 
Bateman Samuel, jr. fireman, 224 Light 
Bateman Sam'l D. printer, 282 Greenmount av 
Bateman Samuel H. packer, 361 Lexington 
Bateman Samuel sr. moulder. 224 Light 
Bateman Thns. B. (J.E.&T.B.B.) 2'/9 Aisquith 
Bateman Thos. E. salesman, 195 e Monument 
Bateman Wm. H. machinist, 130 Jefferson 
Bateman Dr. Wm. L. 89 s Fremont 

Bateman Wm. L. 117 e Madison 

Bateman Wm. W. lithographer, 117 e Madison 

Bates August, hostler, 188 Vine 

Bates Dr. Benjamin, tonic beer, 19 s Gay, dw 

254 Madison av 
Bates Benjamin, 5 Henry 
Bates Chas. W. machinist, 12 e Lombard 
BATES EDWARD B. attorney, 31 St. Paul, 

dw 41 s Greene 
Bates Edward, moulder, 21 Parkin 
Bates Ernest, moulder, 21 Parkin 
Bates Frank, clerk, 254 Madison av 
Bates Franklin L. manufacturer patent eleva- 
tors and hoisting machines, 9 Harrison, dw 
394 e Baltimore 
Bates Dr. J. Anson,- 327 Madison av 
Bates Dr. J. W. P. 73 e Baltimore 
Bates James, coach painter, 505 w Lembard 
BATES JAMES sr. iron founder and patentee 
of safety elevator, and hoisting wheel manuf. 
s w cor Pratt and President, dw 8 s Broad- 
way. [See Adoertisement. 
Bates James W. clerk, 8 s Broadway 
Bates John, clerk, 25 s Exeter 
Bates John, lab. 86 Towson 
Bates Joshua A. foreman, 8 s Broadway 
Bates Rev. Lawrence W. editor Methodist Pro-, 41 s Greene 
Bates Wilbur F. carp. 8 s Broadway 
Bates Wm. wheelwright. Castle nr Orleans 
Bathara Eugene H. blacksmith, 105 Vine 
Bathauer Eliz ibeth, 253 s Durham 
Bathon George, tailor, 175 Harford av 
Bathon Joseph G. barber, 9 Greenmount av 
Bathchatis Albert, shoemaker, 9 Barnes 
Bathchatis Henry A. agpnt, 9 Barnes 
Bathurst John, 49 Mt. Vernon pi 
Batsching John, lab. 22 Walker 
Batson Benj. ? . janitor, U. S. courthouae 
Batson Sarah, 373 Saratoga 
Batszer Franklin, car driver, 27 e Eager 
Battee John, carpenter, 16 s Castle 
Battee Richard Ridgeiy, attorney, 5 St. Paul, 

dw 327 Druid Hill av 
Battel Philip, lab. 153 Madeira al 
Batten C. Norman, clerk, 160 Mosher 
Batten Samuel, (Horsey, Miliar & Co. and Hor- 
sey Bro. & B.) 160 Mosher 
Battenfield Anna, confectionery, 369 Canton av 
Battenfield Daniel, tailor, 98 Leadenhall 
Battenfield Daniel, tinner, 369 Canton av 
Battenfield Henry, huckster, 218 Eastern av 
Batterden Patrick, lab. 249 Forrest 
Battiu Harman, trimming maker, 3 s Exeter 
Battinger Wm. butcher, 207 n Central av 
Batton James, moulder, 305 w Pratt 
Batton Wm. cigarmaker, 305 w Pratt 
Battorj' Ignatius, property agent, 240 Mul- 
Batty Jos. engineer, cor Orleans tsnd Durham 
Batz Nicholas, lab. 24 Clinton 
Batzer George, beer, 4 Pleasant 
Batzer John, tailor, 243 e Eager 
Batzer John jr. tailor, 243 e Eager 
Batzer John A. tailor, 249 e Eager 
Batzer John G. tailor, 225 e Eager 
Batzer Joseph, beer, 249 e Eager 
Batzer Joseph, cutter, 243 e Eager 
Batzer Mrs. Mary, grocery, 225 e Eager 
Bau Chas. carp Frederick av nr tollgate 
Ban Henry, tailor, 109 s Regester 
Bauch Philip, tailor, 239 e Eager 


• .-( 














Assets $60,000,000 Cash Invested. 














• 1—1 








I— I 





Bauchart Siraon W. parasols and umbrellas, ^5 

n Eutaw 
Bauduin Godfrey, bookkeeper, 106 Frederick av 
Bauer Adam, laborer, 107 n Bethel 
Bauer Dr. Adolphus, Sweet Air 
Bauer Adam, cooper, 247 e Lombard 
Bauer Alex. H. telet,'raphist, 211 George 
Bauer Andrew, carpenter, lOG Warren 
Bauer Andrew, grocer}', 163 n Eutaw 
Bauer Anton, paver, G Point la 
Bauer Bernard, cooper. 9 China 
Bauer Casper, shoemaker, 31 n Chapel 
Bauer Charles, laborer, 19 Monroe 
Bauer Charles, moulder, 205 Conway 
Bauer Charles, beer, 54 Hillen 
Bauer Mrs. Christina, grocery, 12 Penn 
Bauer Christopher, baker, 2o"4 Eastern av 
Bauer Edward, tailor, 476 Canton av 
Bauer Elizabeth, seamstress, 82 Eastern av 
Bauer Mrs. Elizabeth, dyeing and scouring, 172 

n Eutaw, dw 542 w Baltimore 
Bauer Ferdinand, marble cutter, 247 e Lombard 
Bauer Ferdinand C. wireworker, 61 Myrtle av 
Bauer Francis, cooper, 150 s Spring, dw 152 s 

Bauer Francis, wireworker, 231j Mulberrv 
Bauer Fredk. beer, cor Chesapeake and Elliott 
Bauer Fredk. W. liquors, cor Jackson sq av and 

Bauer Frederick, shucker, 47 Duncan al 
Bauer Frederick, carver, 379 w Pratt 
Bauer Geo. confectioner, 308 Canton av 
Bauer George L. tailor, 259 n Gay 
Bauer George, laborer, 270 s Bond 
Bauer George, shoemaker, 8 n Caroline 
Bauer George, cabinetmaker, 12 n Schroeder 
Bau«r Henry, tailor, 90s Eutaw 
Bauer Henry, huckster, 234 Canton av 
Bauer Jacob, laborer, 171 Madeira al 
Bauer John, tailor, 290 n Central av 
Bauer John, tailor, 164 e Madison 
Bauer John, bakery, 358 Canton av 
Bauer John A. shoemaker, 67 s Castle 
Bauer John, laborer, 308 Canton av 
Bauer John, grocery, 257 e Monument 
Bauer John, laborer, 40 n Durliam 
Bauer John, broommaker, 7 Hull la 
Bauer John B. tinner, 259 n Gay 
Bauer John, ship carpenter, 321 Canton av 
Bauer John A. wirecloth maker, 60 s Calvert, 

dw 61 Myrtle av 
Bauer John, coachsraiih, rear Federal and 

Jauer John H. clerk, 257 e Monument 
{auer Joseph, marblecutter, Belair av eit 
Jauer Joseph, dry goods. 140 n Eden 
iauer Lewis, cooper, 273 s Sharp 
Juuer Mrs. Margaret, rear Federal and Cathedral 
!'.auer .Matthew, tailor, 136 n Eden 
'auer Michael, milkman, 12 Penn 
5auer Wm. locksmith, 141 King 
5auer Wm. H. telegraphist, 25 Park 
Uauerfeind Henry, laborer, 13 6 Durham 
'auerfeind Heniy, watchman, 13s Dallas 
);iU(,rlein Mrs. Barbara, milk, 1 St. Peter 
{ luerlein George, 1 St. Peter 
.{auerlein John, toliaccoiiist, 228 s Sharp 
IJauernschub John, Eastern av or Washington 
Bauernschmidt Conrad, cigarmaker, 158 Ma- 
deira al 
Bauernschmidt George, brewer, Belair av nr 
Greenwood park 

Bauernschmidt George, rags, 113 s Castle 
Bauernschmidt John, brewer, 222 Scott 
Baui'rnschmidl John, laborer, 192sChapel 
Bauernschmidt John, laborer, 163 Madeira al 
Bauernschmidt John, brewer, foot Ridgely, and 

281 w Pratt 
Bauers Finest, cabinetmaker, 39 Milliman 
Bauers Francis, cooper, 152 s Dallas 
Bauers John, broommaker, 7 Hull la 
Bauers John, wheelwright, 527 Light 
Bauersfeld Frederick, beer, 73 Park 
Bauersfeld Wm. baker, 51 Grauby 
BAUGHER & C0.( W. H. Baugher, A. R. Red- 
seeker,) |)roprietors Calverton hotel 
Baugher James, carpenter, 96 George 
Baugher John P. clerk, 96 George 
Btiugher Joseph, jr. 263 w Hoffman 
Baugher Marv, boarding, 96 George 
Bauiher Wm'. H.(Redsecker & B.and B. & Co.) 

Calverton hotel 
Baughuian Chas. W.G.shoemkr,13 Patterson av 
Baughman Daniel, carp'r, Saratoga nr Strieker 
Baughman Mrs. Elizabeth, 434 w Fayette 
Baughman Geo. cabinetmaker, 133 Henrietta 
Baughman John, painter, 41 n Schroeder 
Baughman John W. painter, 41 n Schroeder 
Baughman Joseph K. painter, 467 Lexington, 

dw 134 n Schroeder 
Baughman Joshua, painter, 108 Battery av 
Baughman Samuel W. painter, 9 Oxford 
Bauhaus Anton, tailor, 112 Somerset 
Bauhaus Wm. tailor, 58 Portland 
Baules John, hostler, Baltimore and Choptank 
Baura Adam, wheelwright, 493 Penna av 
Baum Alice, 38 Pearl 

Baum Bernhardt, porter, 348 w Baltimore 
Baum Eliza, 81 Pearl 
Baum Elizabeth, 218 Saratoga 
Baum Klk-n, dry goods, 81 Pearl 
Baum Ernest, beer, 194 Eastern av 
Baum Gotleib, laborer, 140 Bank 
Baum Hannah, 38 Pearl 
Baum Isaac, grocery, 527 e Fayette 
Baum John, laborer, 59 Gough 
Baum John, cooper, 237 s Durham 
Baum Kushraan, butcher, 3 Fell's Point mkt, 

dw 554 e Fayette 
Baum Lewis, painter, 218 Saratoga 
Baum Valentine, shoefitter, 131 Peirce 
Bauman Chas. (John H. Farber & Co.) s e cor 

North and Pleasant 
Bauman John, paver, 162 Preston 
Bauman John, carpenter, 17 Dover 
Bauman Zecharias, shoemaker, 43 Tessier 
Baumann August, 70 s Fremont 
Baumann John T. musician, 223 e Madison 
Baumann N'icliolas, shoemaker, 246 West 
Baumann Philip, beer, 43 n Frederick 
Baumbach Andrew, tailor, 68 n Bethel 
Baumeister Eugene, clerk, Washington hotel 
Baumer Leonhard, laborer, 125 Elliott 
Baumgart Catherine, confectionery, 263 Hano- 
Baumgart Jacob, cabinetmaker, 263 Hanover 
Baumgart Morris, artist, 291 Hanover 
Baumgarten Charles, jr. 15 L. Gough 
Baumgarten Charles, carpenter, 15 L. Gough 
Baumgarten Frederick, tailor, 346 e Eager 
Baumgarten Louis, engraver, 45 e Fayette 
Baumgarten Morris, artist, 1 n Gay 
Baumgarten Mrs. Rosalie, trim'gs, 43 Brown la 
Baumgarten Selig, (S. B. k Son,) 45 e Fayette 

Mutual Life Insurance Co. of New York, 




Baunigarten S. & Son, (Selig and Wm. S. 

Baumgarten. ] engravers, 45 e Fayette 
Baiimgarten Wm. S. (S. B. & Son,) 45 e 

Baiiragartner Adara, shoemaker, 91 Johnson 
Bauniizartner And. jr. clei-k, 47 Albemarle 
BAUMGARIWER ANDREW, lager beer, 47 

Baiimgartner Geo. plumber and gas fitter, 170 e 

BAD.MGARTNER JOHN, pharmacist, s e cor 

Pratt and President, dw 47 Albemarle 
Baumgartner John, cabinetmaker, 419 Cross 
Bauingartner John, dairy, Fast av nrJIonument 
Baumhauer Gustavus, paperhanger, 9 Baker ct 
Baumhauer Edward, cabinetmaker, over 3 Clay, 

dw 9 Baker ct 
Baumhauer Ralph, cabinet maker, 9 Baker ct 
Baumhauer Robert, printer, 9 Baker ct 
Baumiiier Sigmund. cooper, 177 s Eden 
Bauraler John H. jr. cigarmaker, 68 Ridgely 
Baumler John H. laborer, 68 Ridgely 
Baundollar W. S., Fountain hotel 
Baumuller John, shoemaker, 3.31 William 
Baureis John, actor, 51 German 
Baurman Christn. blacksmith, 341 Orleans 
Baurinfind Christopher, laborer, Lancaster ext 
Baurgelt Mrs. Elizabeth, 116 Lee 
Baus Conrad, huckster, 5 Chesnut al 
Bausch Conrad, laborer, 189 s Chester 
Bauscher Geo. feed, 431 Cross 
Bausman Mrs. Anna, 304 w Fayette 
Bausman Mrs. Sophia D. 24 w Lombard 
Bausman Lawrence H. 55 e Eager 
Bausmith Chas. moulder, 78 n Washington 
Bausmith Wm. T. (Heironimus & B.) 558 Ais- 

Bauther Fritz, beer, Lancaster ext. Canton 
Bavis James, driver, 86 Hillen 
Bavis Wra. hackman, 167 e Eager 
Bawden John H. clerk, 108 n Broadway 
Bawden John, 108 n Broadway 
Bawe John, sawyer, 152 East 
Bawn James, tinner, 97 Pierce 
Bavvn Rob%rt, clerk, Howard house 
Biiwn Thomas^ 97 Peirce 
Baxley Mrs. Eliza, yeast cakes, 165 Chesnut 
Baxiey L Rieman, attorney, 31 n Calvert, dw 

154 Park 
BAXLEV J. BROWN & CO. (J. B. Baxley, 
Wra. P. Barnett, ) pharmacists, n e cor Dol- 
phin and Park av 
BAXLEY J. BROWN, (J. B. B. & Co.) phar- 
macist, s ecor Howard and Franklin 
Baxley James, blacksmith, 25 Chew 
Baxley Mrs. Mary 154 Park 
Baxley Mrs. Sarah, 106 Orleans 
Baxley Wm. H. tinner, 136 Camden 
Baxter James, cooper, 49 s Choptank 
Baxter James R. sup't Balto. chemical works, 

4 Clinton 
Baxter Jos. V. bailiff tax dep't, 314 William 
Baxter Michael, laborer, 344 Hanover 
Baxter Thos. W. (Norval A B.) 260 n Charles 
Baxter W. P. 85 Jackson sq av 
Baxter Wm. stonecutter, 45 Preston 
Baxter Wm. cooper, 122 Orleans 
Baxter Geo. E. carpenter, n e cor German and 

Eutaw, dw 219 w Hoffman 
Bay James H, clerk, 211 Franklin 
Bay John W. feed, field seeds, fertilizers, &c. 
39 and 41 s Frederick, dw 16 n Bond 

Bay Jane, 81 w Biddle 

Bay Oliver, carpenter, 211 Franklin 

Bayard R. B. (James Knox & Co.) North av, w 

of Decker 
Bayer Andrew, restaurant, Monument nr Castle 
Bayer Mrs. Catherine, 71 s Regester 
Bayer Edward, cooper, 67 President 
Bayer George, mer. tailor, 453 w Baltimore 
Bayer Geo. beer, Madison av nr Northern av 
Bayer Geo. C. confectionery, 182 Barre 
Bayer Joseph, upholsterer, 164 s Regester 
Bayer Leonhardt, tailor, 66 Mulberry 
Bayer Martin, barber, cor High and Lombard 
Bayer Martin, barber, 32 e Lombard 
Bayer Nicholas, laborer, 168 s Regester, 
Bayfield & Gregg, (John and James Gregg,) 

tanners, s e cor HoUiday and Centre 
Bayfield James, 93 n Pine 
Bayhart Henry, laborer, 35 Essex 
Bayles Bernard, (Royston & B.) 272 Hanover 
Bayles Lamden, confectioner, 272 Hanover 
Bayless Albert J. bookkeeper, 28 Bowly's whf 
Bayless John T. carpenter, 226 Harford" av 
Bayley Chas. grocery, 22 n High 
Bayley Chas. jr. 22 n High 
Bayley Most Rev. James R. archbishop of Balti- 
more, 106 n Charles 
Bayley John E. mariner, 68 Battery av 
Bayley R. P. & Co. (R. P. Bayley,) glass and 

queensware, 20 Hanover 
Bayley R. P. (R. p. B. & Co.) 633 w Lombard 
Bayley Mrs. V., Wilson a:.d Division 
Bayley Wm. clerk, 45 n Eden 
Baylies Chas. F. & Bro, (C. F. and E. Baylies,) 

grocers, s e cor Eden and Jefferson 
Baylies Chas. F.(C. F. B.& Bro.)400eBaltimore 
Baylies Edw. (C. F. B & Bro.) 79 n Carey 
Baylies Geo. H. grain, 127 McElderry whf, dw 

22 Aisquith 
Baylies James L. (Humrichouse, B. & Co.) 538 

w Fayette 
Baylies John H. (Humrichouse, B, & Co.) 79 a 

Baylies R.'uben, clerk, 152 Scott 
Baylies Thos. laborer, Potomac nr Hudson 
Baylies Wm. T. (Humrichouse, B. & Co.) 402 

e Baltimore 
Baylis Isaac T. carpenter, 150 Scott 
Baylis Joseph T. moulder, 150 Scott 
Baylis James R. machinist, 400 w Lombard 
Baylis John W. machinist, 400 w Lombard 
Baylis Reuben, salesman, 150 Scott 
Bayliss John, laborer, 63 Pntuxent 
Bayliss Thos. laborer, 29 Potomac 
Baylor Robert B. bookkeeper, 263 St. Paul 
Bayly Chas. B. clerk, 525 w Fayette 
Bayly Edgar, clerk, 52 Saratoga 
Bayly Geo. J. clerk, 525 w Fayette 
Bayly Mrs. Hamilton J. 127 w Biddle 
Bayly Jacob W. clerk, 8 a Bond 
Bayly James P. agent, 319 Hollins 
Baylj James P. clerk, 243 w Baltimore 
Bayly James F. clerk, Bay view Asylum 
Bayly Mrs. Margaret, 525 w Fayette 
Bayly Mrs. Sarah A. 22 s Calhoun 
Bayn Dashfield, paperhanger, 219 Bank 
Bayn James F rigger, 219 Bank 
Bayn John, bricklayer, 198 n Caroline 
Baynard Mrs. Eliza, 7 Cathedral 
Baynard Dr. Geo. 7 Cathedral 
Baynard Wm. H. brickl.iyer, 246 George 
Bayne Benjamin C. pilot, 264 e Lombard 





• I— I 



• p-l 





The Largest Life Insurance Co. in the World. 





1— ( 











I— I 










• I— I 








Bayne Benj. C. jr. coppersmith, 264 e Lombard 

Biyne Geo. H. clerk, 71 St. Paul 

Biijne Geo. C. mercht,. 6 Barre, dw 253 

Bayne John, pilot, 264 e Lombard 
Bayne Patterson & Go. (P. Bayne, II. Sim- 
moiids) wh. molasses and syrups, 4 Commerce 
Bayne Daniel K.(Wm.B. & (Jo.) 162 Towusend 
Bayne Patterson, (P. B. & Co.) 45 Gilraor 
Bavne Susrai A. seamstress, 68 Chew 
BAYNE WM.& CO.(Wm.&D.K.Bayne)wholes. 

grocers, 14 Commerce 
Bayne Wm. C. conductor, 590 Light 
Bayne Wra. (Wm. B. & Co.) 162 vv Townsend 
Bayner Conrad, briclimaker, 51 Johnson 
Baynes Geo. B.(Jas.B.&Sons)151 n Republican 
Baynes James & Sons, (Jamrs and George B. 

Baynes) wool, Hollingsworth nr Lombard 
Baynes Dover, carp. 103 Ensor 
Baynes James, carpenter, 103 Ensor 
Baynes John, hay presser, 207 e Madison 
Baynes John B. 151 n Republican 
Baynes John H. salesman, 105 n Caroline 
Baynes Joseph P. bay and straw, s e cor Mon- 
ument and Eden, dw 207 e Madison 
Baynes Wm. W. bookkeeper, 64 s Chester 
Bayr Peter, combmaker, 151 Stirling 
Bayrle George, shoemaker, 131 s Fremont 
Baysman James, lab. Falls rd nr tollgate 
Baysman John W. lab. Falls rd nr tollgate 
Bay view Asylum, Eastern av ext. betwPhila- 
d;'lphia and Mt.Carmel cemetery roads, office 
23 Cheapside 
Ba^-view Brewery, Eastern av ext. opp Bay view 

Bayzand Wra. H. magistrate, 9 Law buildings 

St. Paul, dw Mansion house 
Beaber A.dara, stovemounter, 75 Battery av 
Beach Wm.H. collector City Court, 199 e Fayette 
Beach Wm. J. carpenter, 149 Druid Hill av 
Beacham Chas. conductor, 309 e Baltimore 
Beacham Elizabeth, tailoress, 36 Wyetb 
Beacham Elizabeth J. 209 s Ana 
Beacham- Fred. B. (G. A. Kirby & Co.) 670 

Beacham Geo. grocery, Clinton and Boston 
Beacham Harry T. clerk, 273 w Lombard 
Beacham J. S. & Bro. (J. S. Beacham, S. T. 
Beacham) luarine railway and ship yard, 
Covington foot of Wanen 
Beacham JamesW.( Jones&B)26 Greenmount av 
Beacham Jno.S.(J.S.B.& Bro.) 273 w Lombard 
Beacham J. Summers, (Macneal&B.) 34 s Calvert 
Beacham Lenox, sparmaker, 58 Lee 
Beacham Levin, laborer, 69 Cross 
Beacham Robert, carp. 110 Hamburg 
Beacham Mrs. Rose, receiver Citizens Pass. Rail- 
way Co. 309 e Baltimore 
Beacham Saml.T. (J.S.B.&Bro.)670 Lexington 
Beacham Sarah, 259 s Wolfe 
Beacham Wm. confecy. 75 s High 
Beacliamp Chas. E. clerk, 11 Warren 
Beachamp (Jeo. R. carpenter, 11 Warren 
Beachamp Mrs. Mary E. 11 Warren 
Beachamp Wra. A. bookkeeper, 11 Warren 
Beachum Elijah T. photographer, 75 s High 
Beadenkopf Charles, hatter, 93 n Eutaw, dw 8 

Beadenkoff Henry, clerk, 8 Ensor 
Beadenkoff Martin sr. 8 Ensor 
Beadenkoff Martin jr. carp. 8 Ensor 
Beahan Edward, clerk, 70 Lexington 

Beahan John S. grocery, 23 New Church, dw 

70 Lexington 
Beahan John A. clerk. 70 Lexington 
Beal Francis, cooper, 863 w Piatt 
Beal H. S. clerk, pier 8 Light st whf 
Beal W. S. N. agent Magothy Steaiuboat Co., 

pier 13 Light st whf. dw 126 s Ann 
Beal Hayward, saghraaker, 86 s Exeter 
Beal Levi, laborer, 26 n Strieker 
Beale Rev. David J. 63 Williara 
Beale John R. carpenter, 93 n Bond 
Beale Robert A. (Sanford & B.) 268 Light 
Beale Solon, collector, 388 n Gay 
Beale Mrs. Sarah, notions, 388 n Gay 
Beale Mrs. Wm. E. 93 n Bond 
Bealing Albert, butcher, 209 Aliceanna 
Bcall A. carp. 457 u Calhoun 
Beall Benj. B. 191 Franklin 
Beall Mrs. Benj. L. 55 McCulloh 
Beall Mrs, Annie, boarding, 6 Smith 
Beall Edward S. bookkeeper, 93 Saratoga 
Beall Geo. T. jr. attorney, 31 St. Paul, dw cor 

Liberty and Saratoga 
Beall J. M. bookkeeper, Eutaw house 
Beall Saml. F. baggage master, 362 w Lombard 
Beall & Stonebraker, (T. B. Beall, Joseph R. 

Stonebraker) wholes, liquors, 4 s Howard 
Beall Thos. B. (B. & Stonebraker) 191 Druid 

Hill av 
Beall N. E. salesman, 1 Hanover 
Beall W. Francis, police, 408 e Fayette 
Bealmear J. Francis, (Armstrong, Cator &Co.) 

48 n Calhoun 
Bealmear Samuel, millinery, straw and fancy 

goods, s e cor Liberty and Lexington, dw 

Charles st av ext 
Bealmear James A. (S. H. Hooper & Co.) 157 

Bealmer James A. 157 George 
Bealmer Thos. clerk, 88 Columbia 
Bealmer Wra. B. clerk, 198 n Howard 
Beam Albert S. lab. cor Pratt and Carey 
Beam Esaias K. pharmacist, cor Charles and 

Beam Geo. W. milk, 257 Walsh 
BEAM ISAAC R. apothecary, n w cor Charles 

and Read 
Beam James R. grocery, cor Pratt and Carey 
Beam Henry, carpenter, 204 u Fremont 
Beam Joseph, stairbuilder, Calvertou rd 
Beam Lewis, clerk, 74 s Republican 
Beam Wm. H. carpenter, 236 Peirce 
Beamer Mrs. Priscilla, 580 w Fayette 
Beau Benj. cabinetmaker, 240 Gough 
Bean iMrs. Christina, 110 s Chester 
Bean Mrs. Elizabeth, 88 s Washington 
Bean George, plumber, 200 s Ann 
Bean Jas. W. canmkr. 74 s Washington 
Bean Isabella, seamstress, 17 s Broadway 
Bean Johu H. pilot, 74 s Washington 
Bean .Mrs. Lotta, 541 w Fayette 
Bean Robert M. pilot, 82 s Washington 
Bean Thos. C. pilot, 86 s Washington 
BKANS EDWARD, proprietor Franklin hotel, 

High and Hillen 
Beans Elias, engineer. Mount nr McHenry 
Beans Henry, traveling agt. Mount nr McHenry 
Beans Howard, clerk, 214 Aisquith 
Beansack Adam, driver, Belair av ext 
Beans Jonathan, 99 Jackson Square av 
Bear John W. special agent U. S. treasury, 316 

n Eden 

Mutual Life Insurance Co. of New York, 




Beard C L. cl-erk, 98 Saratoga 
Beard Mrs. Catharine, huckstress, 56 Penna av 
Beard Daniel, bricklayer 124 Conway 
Beard Elizabeth A. 156 e Eager 
Beard Elizabeth, tailoress, 13 Scott 
Beard Elizabeth, confectionery, 24 Miller 
Beard Francis, carpenter, 60 Lee 
Beard George, U. S. N., 13 n Strieker 
Beard Geo. W. tinner, 66 Greeninount av 
Beard Henry, (H. A. Gable & Co.) Williams- 
port, Pa 
Beard Henry C, Adams Express, Russell nr 

Beard Isaac, engineer, 85 Oak 
Beard Isaiah L. porter, 358 u Gay 
Beard John C. mariner, 264 Aliceanna 
Beird J. F. clerk, 98 Myrtle av 
Beard Capt. John, wharfinger, 60 Lee 
Beard Joseph, 19 n Front 
Beard Joseph, jr. 19 n Front 
Beard Louis J. printer, 57 Columbia 
Beard Maria, boarding, 57 Columbia 
Beard Mrs. JIary K. dressmaker, 487 Saratoga 
Beard Mrs. Margaret, dressmaker, 487 Saratoga 
Beard 0, A. helper, 487 Saratojia 
Beard Samuel, coachmal<er, 24 Miller 
Beard Thos. B. clerk, 152 s Sharp 
Beard Wm. D. carpenter, 60 Lee 
Beardsley H. M.(H. M.B. & Co.)St. Clair hotel 
Beardsley H. M. & Co. (H. M. Beardsley,) fire 

and marine ins. 85 Second 
Beardsley Isaac, machinist, 357 Aisquith 
Bearsch Benj. barber, 225 s Broadway 
Bearsch Geo. shoemaker, 225 s Broadway 
Bearsch Philip, barber, 64 s Ann 
Beasley Wm. F. manager Bait, fire extinguish- 
er works, 25 German, d\v 279 Madison av 
Be^tsman August, lab. 257i s Durham 
Beastell Augusta, dressmaker, 31 George 
Beastell Margaret, 31 George 
Beastell Wm. H. clerk, 31 George 
Beasten Charles jr. attorney, 48 St. Paul, dw, 

318 Madison av 
Beatin Malaolm, shipcarpenter, 91 Patuxeat 
Beatley Baldwin, lab. 196 s Charles 
Beatley Mrs. Frances, tailoress, 196 s Charles 
Beatley John T. shucker, 332 Aliceanna 
Beatley Capt. Nathaniel, mariner, 406 Eastern av 
Beatley Wm. lab. 332 Aliceanna 
Beatson Geo. H. coal, 312 w Lombard 
Beatson John, teller National Exchange Bank, 

dw 210 w Lombard 
Beatty Amelia A. dressmkr. and millinery, 266 

e Pratt 
Beatty Chas. W. agent Bellona Gunpowder Co. 

155 w Pratt, dw Balto. co. nr Catonsville 
Beatty Eli, moulder, 247 Bank 
BEATTY Da. G. D. 226 w Hoffman 
BEATTY JAMES k CO. (James B., Geo. R. 
Skillmaa) cracker bakere, 92, 94 and 96 Du- 
gan's wharf 
Beatty Mrs. Ida, 6 Mulberry 
Beatty J. Edwin, clerk, 284 e Baltimore 
Beatty James, (Jas. B. & Co.) 35 Courtland 
Beutty James L. 244 HoUins 
Beatty John T. bricklayer, Orleans nr Wash'n 
Beatty John B. clerk, 85 Walsh 
Beatty Joseph, baker, 135 s High 
Beatty Joseph, jr. baker, 5& Fawn 
Beatty Mary, grocery, 75 s Dallas 
Beattj Michael, lab, 116 Townsend 
Beatty Wm. R. moulder, 247 Bank 

Beatty Wm. H. conductor, 266 e Pratt 
Beatty Wm. blacksmith, 37 Barre, dw 149 

Beatty Wm. J. A. baker, 130 s High 
Beatty Wm. R. (Jas. J. Lacy & Co.) 247 Bank 
Beauchamp Geo. H. mariner, 131 William 
Beauchamp John T. painter, 395 w Fayette 
Beauchamp John S. shoemaker, 395 w Fayette 
Beauchamp Robt. S. merch. tailor, 189 w Pratt, 

dw 39 s Strieker 
Beauchamp Thos. K. bookkpr, 39 s Strieker 
Beauchamp Capt. Wm. S. mariner, 145 Bank 
Beaudengiiff Geo. baker, 57 e Lombard g 

Beaufort F.inny C. teacher, 12 Walsh^ .^ 

Beaufort Marv"E. t&icher, 12 Walsh ^ 

Beaufort Sarah J. 12 Walsh ^ 

Beaumont Alex, finisher, Milton av nr Freder- W 

ick av -^ 

Beaumont Alex. H. finisher, Loudon av nr Mil- ^ 

lington la .^ 

Beaumont Lewis, carp. Schroeder nr Franklin 
BeaumoGt }.h-s. Mary L. dressmaker, Schroeder S^ 

nr Franklin r— 

Beaumont Oliver, machinist, Calverton q^ 

Beaver Geo. W. machinist, rear Federal nr Ca- C/2 

Beaver Mrs. James W. 215 n Dallas (-3 

Beaver James S. salesman, 146 e Fayette 
Beaver Mrs. Elizabeth, rear of Federal 
Bebee Henry, artist, 190 Saratoga 
Bebe John, brickmai^er, Lower Canton 
Beccol Anton, lab. Potomac nr Elliott 
Bechert Godfrey, boxmaker, 399 w Pratt 
Bechler Sigmimd. tailor, 714 \v Baltimore 
Becht Conrad, cooper, 280 w Pratt 
Becht Edward, 394 w Lombard 
B'-cht John, carpenter, 345 e Fayette 
Bechtel John W. plumber and stove dealer, 93 ^ 

n Eutaw, dw 93 Mulberry -^ 

Bechtel Mrs. Louisa, 110 Low ^ 

Bechtfl Louis, cooper, 37 Bank ^ 

Bechter John, shoemaker, Aliceanna nr Wolfe 5 











Bechtold Henry, shoemaker, 69 Orleans 

Bechtold Martha, grocery, 116 n Central av 

Bechtold Wm. cabinetmkr, 116 n Central av 

Bechtold Wm. lab. 308 Canton av 

Beck Adam, beer, 336 n Gay 

Beck Adam, tailor, 51 s Durham 

Beck Anton, lab. 351 Orleans 

Beck August, lab. 75 Bank 

Beck August, (T. B. & Son) 29 Calverton 

Beck August, lager beer brewery, Garrison la 

nr Frederick rd 
Beck August, clerk, Frederick av nr tollgate 


Manufacturers of 


WAREROOMS, 24 S, Calverl, 

Corner of Mercer St. /, 

Factory, Cor. Hampstead & Bond Sts, 

BECK & BOLTE, (Geo. Beck, Hy. Bolte,) fur- 
niture raanufrs. 24 s Calvert 
Beck Charles, clerk, 304 Canton av 
Beck Charles, clerk, 147 w Baltimore 
Beck Charles R. R., Eutaw and Hofifman, dw 
26 8 Carey 


Assets $60,000,000 Cash Invested. 




Beck Charles, lab. 419 Aliceanna 
Beck Conrad, shoemaker, 84 s Fremont 
Beck Conrad, barber, 472 a Gay 
Beck Conrad, lab. 259 s Bond 
Beck Edniond, cabinetmaker, 189 s Charles 
Beck Ernest W. letter carrier, 71 Greeumount av 
Beck Francis, lab. 174 s Washington 
Beck Francis, tailor, 186 Aliceanna 
Beck Fred, butcher, 72 n Amity 
Beck Fred, tailor, 463 n Gay 
Beck Fred, clerk, 327 s Sharp 
Beck Fred, urabrellainaker, 147 w Baltimore 
Beck Fred. W. (F.W. Beck & Co.) 279 e Biddle 
Beck Geo. carpenter, 370 Penna av 
Beck Geo. (B. & Bolte, ) 42 Harrison 
Beck Geo. beer brewery, 360 Penna av 
ry^ Beck Geo. restaurant, 43 Centre Market sp 

Beck G. Herman. (B. & Hayen,) 243 Walsh 
fl BECK k HAYEN, (G. Herman Beck, E. Haven) 
^ com. merchants, importeis and dealers in leaf 
tobacco and cigars, 60 s Gay 
Beck Henry, beer, s w cor Fayette and Durham 
_H Beck Henry, lab. 304 Canton av 
M Beck J. Adam, butcher, 55 Lexington and 50 
«t5 Hanover mkts., dw Garrison la 

Beck Jacob, tobacconist. Gay and Caroline 
Beck Jacob, liquors, 212 Aliceanna 
Beck 'Sirs. Jeanette, uraVirellas, 147 w Baltimoie 
BECK JOHN, cooper, tools and truss hoops. 26 

and 28 William, dw 147 Slontpromery 
Beck John, lab. Loudon av nr Millingtou la 
K^ Beck John, barber, 278 s Ann 
Beck John, shoemaker, 66 Park 
Beck John, shoemaker, 94 Leadenball 
Beck John, butcher, 95 Lexington and 6 Hol- 

lius mkts, dw HoUins ext 
Beck Jolin, driver, 66 Jasper 
Beck John jr. butcher, Hollins ext 
BECK JOHN, restaurant, 325 Cathedral 
Beck John, cabinetmkr, Bethel nr Canton av 
Beck John, shoemaker, 75 Raborg 
Beck John G. pianomaker, 327 s Sharp 
Beck J. Harry, bookkeeper, ll^ n Gay 
Qj Beck John M. clerk, 210 n Fremont 
.^ Beck Joseph, capper, 174 s Washington 
^ (—1 Beck Joseph, shoemaker, 212 Preston 
Oi Beck Josei)h A. painter, JO Orleans 








Beck Louis, slioemal<er, G2 Thames 

Beck .Mis. iMaria E. furnish'g store, 115 n Gay 

Beck Michael, gilder, 107 Jackson sq 

Beck Peter J. engineer, McHenry nr Strieker 

Beck Philip, whipmaker, 542 n Gay 

Beck Bosa. rear 215 s Bethel 

Beck Rudolph, bot)kiiinder, 75 Raborg 

Beck Thos. (T. B. k Son. ) 29 Calrerton rd 

BECK THOMAS & SON, (T. and AugustBeck,) 

Rock Spring lager beer brewery, Baltimore 

cor (^alverton rd 
Beck Wm. clerk. 304 Canton ay 
Beck Wm. printer, 98 s Caroline 
Beck Wm. R. tinuT, 67 ti Eden 
Beck Wm. R. furniture wagon, 319 Mulberry 
Beckenbaugh Geo. bookkeeper, 38 s Eulaw 
Beckenbaugh Dr. Thomas L. (J. B. Thomas ^ 

(/o.) Fremont and Patterson av 
Beckenheimer Abraham, 344 Orleans 
Becker August, tailor, 238 Barre 
Becker .August, canmaker, 295 s Bond 
Becker August, shoemaker, 78 Druid Hill av 
Becker August shoemaker. 259 Hamburg 
Becker ^' Bro. (Francis and Christian Becker,) 

merchant tailors, 229 Eastern av 

Becker k Bro. (Henry and Philip Becker,) box 

makers, 47 n Frederick 
Becker Bros. (C, F. andL. Becker, ) leaf tobac- 
co, 98 w Lombard 
Becker Chas. (H. B. & Son,) 440 w Baltimore 
Becker Chas. (B. Bros.) 77 n Carey 
Becker Chas. cabinetmaker, 381 w Pratt 
Becker Christian, (B. k Bro.) 229 f^astern ay 
Becker Christian, butcher, 204 Aliceanna 
Becker Christian, laborer, 164 s Eden 
Becker Christian, uatchmkr, 37 Druid Hill ay 
Becker Conrad, cigarmaker, 120 Raborg 
Becker Conrad, huckster, 111 Bank 
Becker Conrad, laborer, 126 Henrietta 
Becker (^onrad, carpenter, 309 Mulberry 
Becker Conrad H. liquors, 64 e Fayette 
Becker Eliaibeth, confectionery, 38DruidHill ay 
Becker Mr:^. Elizabeth, 51 Diamond 
Becker Francis, (B. & Bro ) 229 Eastern ay 
Becker Frederick, (B. Bros.) 161 s Paca 
Becker Frederick, 161 s Paca 
Becker Frederick, blacksmith, 4 Fell 
Becker Frederick, tailor, 379 \y Pratt 
Becker Geo. polisher, 2!0 Mulberry 
Becker Geo. siioemaker, 15 e Lombard 
Becker Geo. butcher, 23 Fell's Point mkt, dw 

Highland town 
BECKER GliO. W. wholes, liquors and wines,. 

303 w Pratt 
Becker Henry, (Kummer& B.) 176w Lombard 
Becker Henry, (B. tt Bro.) 122 Conway 
Becker Henry, 151 Bjirre 

Becker Henry, (H. B. & Son,) 440 w Baltimore 
Becker Henrv, pianomaker, 2 St. Peter 
BROKER H". k SON. (Henry and Charles 

Becker,) tobacconists, 440 w Biiltimore 
Becker John, grocer, 79 Druid Hill av 
Becker John, huckster, 24 Centre Market sp 
Becker John, shoemaker, 4 Fell 
Becker John A. clerk, 303 w Pratt 
Becker John C. beer, 31 Lee 
Becker John G. laborer, 211 Frederick av 
Becker J. A. H. paying teller ChesapeakeBank, 

154 u Exeter 
Becker Julius C. printer, 85 e Lombard 
Becker Mrs. Kate, 85 e Lombard 
Becker Lawrence, laborer, 135 Ridgely 
Becker Louis, bookkeeper, 515 Lexington 
I'.ecker Louis, (B. Bros.) 151 Barre 
BECKER LOUIS, druggist, Pratt and Ann 
Becker Louis, shoemaker, 156 Cathedral 
Becker Margaret, grocery, 515 Lexington 
Becker Mrs. Margaret, 126 Henrietta 
Becker Nicholas, tavern, 55 President 
Becker Peter, laborer. 38 Druid Hill av 
Becker Philip, (B. ^- Bro.) 27 n Frederick 
Becker Valentine baker, 896 w Pratt 
Becker Mrs. Wilheln>ina, 154 n Exeter 
Becker Wm. shoemaker, 124 Lee 
Becker Wm. carpenter, 239 Montgomery 
Becker Wm. locksmith, 710 w Baltimore 
Beckett E. A. machinist, 52 n Washington 
Beckett (Jeo. W. driver, 441 Hamburg 
Beckett John O. letter carrier, 204 Barre 
Beckett Patience, 204 Barre 
Beckett Thomas, engineer, 204 Barre 
Becketts J. E. com. mercht. 150 Forrest 
Beckhaus Justus, laborer, 92 Harrison, Canton 
Beck ley John W. cooi>er, 2 s Oregon 
Beckley Wm. H. paperbangcr, 202 n Gay 
Becktnan Francis, blacksmith, 43 Duncan al 
Beckman Henry, wood, 214 s Caroline 

Miitual Life Insiirance Co. of New York, 




Beekman Henry, tailor, 78 n Durham 
Beckmimn Frederick, gasfitter, ]51 s Charles 
Beckmunn Geo. beer, ■] 1 Saratoga 
Beckniatin Mrs. P. saleswoman, cor Fayette and 

Beekmanu Wra. tailor, 78 n Durham 
Beckmever Walter H. wirevvorker, 75 McElderry 
Beckmeyer Wm. porter, 75 McElderry 
Beckmeyer Wm. jr. carpenter, 76 McElderry 
Beckner Rolundis, laborei', 84 Parkin 
Beckiim Cliarles, driver, 188 n Eden 
Beckwith David G. cooper, 183 Gough 
Beckwith Frank M. letter carrier, 228 Gough 
Beckwith Horace, laborer, rear 104 Granby 
Beckwith James, laborer, 92 Thames 
Beckwith Margaret, artist, over 122 w Fayette, 

dw 421 Kutaw pi 
Beckwith Mrs. Sarah, 92 Thames 
Beckwith Wm. wood inspector, 179 Hughes 
Becraft Mrs. Elizabeth, seamstress, Bouldin al 

nr Tuwnsend 
Becraft John P.painter,Bouldin al nr Tovvnsend 
Becraft Joseph, plasterer, 139 s Strieker 
Bedecker Henry, lager beer, 243 Frederick av 
Bedeler Chas. H. prop'r Ivy paper mills, 23 
Lexington, dw cor Lexington and St. Paul 
Bedeworth Mrs. Rachel, 107 n Caroline 
Bedford & Houlton, (John R. D. Bedford, 
Samuel C. Houlton,) attorneys and coavey- 
ancers, u w cor Lexington and St. Paul 
Bedford John R. D. (B. ^- Houlton,) 135 n 

Bedford Thomas, brakeman, 138 Scott 
Bedgar Christina, furniture, 65 Penna av 
Bee Henry, patternmaker, 63u w Baltimore 
BEEBE CHAS. S. woodeuware and cordage, 94 

w Lombard, dw St. Clair hotel 
Beebe John B. brickmaker, Dillon and Hare 
Beebe Mrs. S irah A. 180 Chesnut al 
Beecher J. Gregg, clerk, 203 u Eutaw 
Beecher Wm. N. clerk, 204 n Eutaw 
Beecher Wm. W. druggist, 204 n Eutaw 
Beefelt Edward, cigarmaker, 44 n Schroeder 
Beehl Frank, tailor, 2 L-vine pi 
Beehl Micftael, cutter, 2 L-vine pi 
Beehler Chas. tobacconist, 39 Clarke 
Beehler David li. (Mrs. Francis B. & Son) 624 

Beehler Mrs. Francis & Son (Mrs. F. and D. E. 
Beehler, ) umbrella, whip and cane manuf. 
23r) w Baltimore 
Beehler Fanny, lo8 Raborg 
Beehler Mrs. Francis (Mrs. F. B. & Son,) 624 

Beehler Francis T. whipmaker, 624 Lexington 
Beehler Wm., U. S. N. 624 Lexington 
Beeks John, laborer, 383 Eastern av 
Beeks Wm. laborer, 383 Eastern av 
Beeler Henry S. clerk, 23 Stiles 
Beeler Louis P. agent B. & 0. R. R., European 
whf, Locust Point, and Fell^t station, Fells 
Point, dw 103 Gough 
Beer Michael, driver, 21 Eastern av 
Beer Patrick, beer, 3 w Lombard 
Beer Rev. Robert C. cor George and Ogston 
Beers Chas. W. salesman, Pratt nr Patterson 

Park av 
Beers Capt. Wm. mariner. Pratt nr Patterson 

Park av 
Bees Elizabeth, grocery, 491 w Lombard 
Bees B'rederick, shoemaker, 491 w Lombard 
Beesnev James, smelter, Clinton s of Boston 

Beetley Jas. R. carp. 242 Eastern av o3 

Beetley Jos. L. tobacconist, 161 e Pratt Q 

Beetley Robert S., Jones Falls Comm'n, 42 n t^ 

Broadway '^ 

Befelt Wm." police, 226 Scott O 

Begel John, blacksjnith, 150 s Wolfe . 

Begl Casper, laborer, 13 Chapel ^ 

Begnel John H. shoemaker, 32 Anthony q 

Beh John, brewer, Belair av cxt ^ 

Behra Frank, laborer, 128 Thames -^a 
Behm John, blacksmith, 408 Canton av, dw ^ 

212 e Lombard "t^ 

Behm Wolfgang, cloth cutter, 86 s Castle q^ 

Behn B. clerk, cor Park and Lexington t> 
Behn Henry, furnishing goods and notions, 160 ^2 

n Eutaw r~\ 

Behn John, bricklayer, 245 n Dallas . 
Behning Henry, cigarmaker, 15 Stiles 

Behnlein John, tailor, 94 s Castle Oi 

Behr Casper, butcher, 37 Duncan al '""^ 

Behr Jacob, laborer, G Curley kT 

Behr John, laborer, 12 Poultney .^ 

Behrend Aaron, butcher, 26 s Bond '^ 

Behrend Jacob, 8 Myrtle av ^ 

Behrend Michael, clerk, 86j Hanover ^ 

Behrend Michael (M. B. k Co.) 55 Aisquith i^ 
Behrend M. & Co. (M. Behrend., S. G. Taylor,) "^^ 

grocers, 15 e Baltimore . 

Behrend Philip K. 55 Aisquith ^ 

Behrends Leopold, dry goods, 61 n Howard o 
Behrens Aaron M. tailor, s e cor Eastern av '_^ 

and Washington ^ 

Behrens Bernai-d, cabinetmaker, 270 n Gay '^ 

Behrens Conrad, boileimaker, 295 Hanover r^ 

Behrens Mrs. Eva, grocery, 60 L. Church p 

Behrens Frederick, coachmkr, 69 L. Church "^ 

Behrens Henry, mariner, 232 s Ann o 

Behrens Henry sr. machinist, 302 s Charles ^ 

Behrens Henry, lab. 385 Canton av g 

Behrens Henry P. silverplater, 302 s Charles .ri 
Behrens Jacob C. cigarmaker. Eastern av and q 

Washington -*-» 

Behrens Jacob, shoes, 91 J n Gay ,__, 

Behrens Jacob, watchmaker, 93 n Gay c3 

Behrens John, clerk, 186 w Lombard r3 

Behrens John H. lab. 170 s Wolfe ^ 
Behrens Mano, tobacconist, s e cor Eastern av "^ 

and Washington t*~» 

Behrens Mrs. Theresa, milliner, 270 n Gay ^U 

Behrens Wra. C. clerk, 302 s Charles ^ 
Behrens Wm. boilermaker, 302 s Charles 

Behrer Christian, cooper, 190 s Bond g 

Behrge Prichard, carpenter, 134 Barre ^ 

Behringer John, candy maker, 193 Barre ^ 

Behringer John G. 370 Saratoga j/^ 
Behringer Phil, canmkr, 25 Lancaster 
Beierlein Fredk, driver, 395 n Gay 
Beierlein Jacob, lab. 106 West 
Beierlein John, tobacconist, 395 n Gay 
Beiker Geo. cooper, 118 e Lombard 

Beikirch A. J. clerk, 104 Peirce ^ 

Beikirch Lawrence, tailor, 104 Peirce qq 

Beikirch Valentine, cigarmaker, 404 Peirce O;) 

Beil Jacob, gardener. First av and Sixteenth ^ 

_ o 

BEIL JOHN, Artificial Flowers, 130 ^ 

Lexington^ ^ 


Beiler John, shoemaker, 184 Madeira al 
Beil Andrew, lab. Griffin ct 
Beilstein Henry, lab. 346 Cross 

The Largest Life Insurance Co. in the World. 






• I— ( 














■ I— ( 



BeimsL-hla Henrj, tailor, 284 s Charles 
Beimschla Henry jr. tailor, 284 s Charles 
BP;iN CH AS. walchinaker and jeweler, 84 Lex- 
Bein Henry, cabinetmaker, 252 Aliceanna 
Beine Joseph, lab. 205 Dover 
Beinke Harman, tailor, 123 u Central av 
Beir Frederick (J. cabinetmaker, 258 s Eutaw 
Beir John, lab. 428 Canton av 
Beis Mrs. Barbara, 188 s Ann 
Beisheim Nicholas, painter and paints, 51 Essex 
Beissler Frank, grocerv, 294 e Pratt 
Beissler Nicholas, carpenter, 83 s Durham 
Beiswanger John, grocer_v, 26G s Howard 
Beitzel Daniel, shoemaker, 86 s Howard 
Beitzel Francis, grocery, 110 Henrietta 
Bekhart Abraham, junk, 78 Penna av 
Belair Montague, porter, 95 e Eager 
Belbin Charles T. shipsmith, cor Warren and 

Covington, dw 83 Gough 
Belbin Wm. J. laborer, 72 s Caroline 
Belden James, conveyancer and prop, agt, over 

Chesapeake Bank, cor North and Fayette 
Belgeii Louis, lab. 224 s Ann 
Belger John, tailor, 221 e Fayette 
Beltiour Henry, wliitewashcr, 33 Goodman al 
Belitski Edward, barber, Forrest nr Low 
Belitz Adelbert, bookkeeper, n w cor Walsh 

and Dolphin 
Belknap Evan, 243 n Charles 
Bell Abraham, plasterer, 37 n Wolfe 
Bell Adelbert T. clerk, 52 Holland 
Bell Albert, stable boss, 162 German 
Bell Alexander, (H. Straus, Bro. &B.) 232 n 

Bell Dr. Ale.x'r T. homoeopath, 306 Madison av 
Bell Alpheus, carpenter, 457 n Calhoun 
Bell Andrew J. carpenter, 233 Dolphin 
Bell Anthony, 254 Lanvale 
Bell Austen, clerk, 37 n Wolfe 
Bell Chas. F. ^ Co. (Chas. F. and Geo. Bell,) 

tinners, 859 w Baltimore 
Bell Chas. F. (C. F. B. & Co.) cor Baltimore 

and Calhoun 
Bell & Co. (J. D. Bell, J. H. Lecompte, ) com. 

merchants, n w cor Camden and Light 
Bell Cornelia J. confectionery, Pratt and Castle 
Bell Cornelius, clerk, 179 s Charles 
Bell Daniel, machinist, 96 e Lombard 
Bell David, manager Clipper Mills 
Bell Edmund F. stonecutter, 155 Forrest 
Bell Edward, clerk, 92 Saratoga 
Bell Kdward, lab. 249 s Durham 
Bell Edward E. engineer, 109 s Poppleton 
Bell Edward H. wheelwright, 62 e Lombard 
Bell Franklin, 63 n Chapel 
Bell (ieorge, tin and sheet iron worker, 616 w 

Bell George, machinist, 62 e Lombard 
Bill Geo. (C. F. B. & Co.) 859 w Baltimore 
Bell Geo. W. com. metcht. 205 w Pratt, dw 

14 Pearl 
Bell Geo. W. wheelwright, 62 e Lombard 
Bell Geo. W. laborer, 557 Saratoga 
HELL GEO. W. C. magistrate, 76 w Fayette, 

dw 239 .Mulberry 
Bell George W. tinner, 616 w Baltimore 
Bell Geo. W. liuckster, 176 Ramsay 
Bell G. W. (G. W. B. & Co.) Accomac co. Va. 
Bell Geo. W. clerk, 123 w Biddle 
Bell Harry T. expressman, 155 Forrest 
Bell Henry T. clerk, 155 Forrest 

Bell Henry B. clerk, 26 Camden 

Bell Henry C. tinnrr, 31 .McHenry 

Bell Rev. Henry, 26 Camden 

Bell Henry, overseer, Hampton 

Bell Henry C. (Wheedon, Armistead & Co.) 54 

n Republican 
Bell Isaac H. sr. huckster, 783 w Baltimore 
Bell Jas. H. engineer, 200 Conway 
Bell Jan:es B. bookkeeper, Gilmor nr Mulberry 
Bull James C. clerk, 179 s Charles 
]}ell James H. canmaker, 32 St. Peter 
Bell James H. clerk, Poppleton nr Mulberry 
Bell James 1. paperstaiiier, 40 s Poppleton 
Bell Jehu A. millwright, 46 s Schroeder 
Bell John, jjolter, 54 .Myrtle av 
Bell John, gasfitter, 140 William 
Bell John, carpenter, 248 n Howard 
Bell John, fireman, 5 e xMadisou 
Bell John D. (B. & Co.) cor Camden and Sharp 
Bell John, expressman, 1G2 German 
Bell John A. letter carrier, 48 Jackson square av 
Bell John E. (B. & Thompson) 363 Columbia 
Bell John H. licjuors, 412 w Baltimore, dw 35 

n Fremont 
Bell John N. conductor, 176 Ramsay 
Bell John S. grain weigher, 134 s Sharp 
Bell Josiali V. milk, Pratt and Castle 
Bell Laura E. 108 Raborg 
Bell L. T. vet^-M-inarian, 532 w Fayette 
Bell Marion, engineer. 63 n Chapel 
Bell Marv E. A. 57 n Front 
Bell N."H. & Co. (N. H. Bell) whip manufs. 

over 300 w Baltimore 
Bell Nelson H. (N. H. Bell c5-Co.)94 Townsend 
Bell Parthenia, teacher, 40 s Poppleton 
Bell Richard, Clipper Mills 
Bell Richard H. shipcarpenter, 73 n Bond 
Bell Dr. Samuel A. 161 s Sharp 
Bell S. P. ironmoulder, 4 McHenry 
Bell Samuel, horses, 150 Forrest 
Bell Samuel J. K., Custom House, 40 Jackson 

square av 
Bell Thatcher, laborer, 88 Dolphin 
Bell Thomas, stonecutter, Oxford, York rd 
Bell Thomas B. tobacconist, 155 Forrest 
Bell Thomazin V. tailoress, 93 Hillen 
BELL & THOMPSON, (John E. Bell and John 

A. B. Thompson, )com. mclits. 14 Bowly's whf 
Bell Walter, laborer, 57 .Milliman 
Bell Wm. brakeman, 184 Lee 
Bell Wm. H. blacksmith, 46 s Schroeder 
Bell Wm. stonecutter, Poppleton nr Mulberry 
Bell Wm. H. phoiogra|>her, 206 Aisquith 
Bell Wm. H. huckster, 485 w Pratt 
Bell Wm. W. salesman, 225 e Pratt 
Bell Wm. D. carpenter, 41 a Central av 
Bellarman Fred. W. driver, 18 Essex 
Belle Francis, tailor, 21 n Spring 
Bellebaum Elizabeth, 2 Portugal al 
Bellerman Mrs. Henrietta, 22 Sarah Ann 
Bellerman Wm. cigarmaker, 22 Sarah Ann 
Belleson Thos. N. blacksmith, Mt. Vernon Mills 
Bellis .Mrs. John, 335 Kastern av 
Bellman Conrad, hostler, 33 n Durham 
Bellman Frank A. carver, 24 Miller 
Bellman John, engineer, 209 n Front 
BollmKti Mrs. Jolin, 205 s Bethel 
Bellmont Fanny, 44 Woodyear 
Bellmont Laura, 141 Raborg 
Bello Serafin, cigars, 483 w Baltimore 
Belschner Geo. laborer, 4 Green ct 
Bels John, laborer, Monmonier ct 

Mutual Life Insurance Co. of New York, 




Belt Mrs. A. R., 94 Division 

Belt Chas. T. (T. B. & Son) Sweet Air 
Belt Clias. W. clerk, 48 Courtland 
Belt Clius. E. plumber, 343 s Shiirp 
Belt Mrs. E. S. 550 Lexington 
Belt Kli, laborer, Hampdtn 
Belt Elisha, blacksmith, 255 Mulberry 
Belt Eugene N. (Cahn, B. & Co.) 75 w Centre 
Belt Henry S. clerk, 48 Courtland 
Belt, Hickman, carpenter, 189 e Monument 
Belt John, flagman, 349 Cathedral 
Belt Joanna, dressmaker, 243 w Fayette 
Belt John R. driver, Hampden 
Belt John S. conductor, 75 Division 
Belt Leonard, laborer, 343 a Sharp 
Belt R. iM. teacher, 94 Division 
Belt Mrs. Louisa A. 75 w Centre 
Belt S. Sprigg, (T. Belt c^ Sons) W. M. R. R. 
Belt Thomas, (T. B. & Son) Sweet Air 
Belt Thos. & Son, (T.B. and C.J.B.) Sweet Air 
Belt Thos. G. P. clerk. 87 Bolton 
Belt Thos. H. 260 w Hoffman 
Belt Trueman ^- Sons, (Trueman Belt,sr., True- 
man Belt, jr., S. S. Belt) tobacco, grain and 
and com. merchants, 13 Camden 
Belt Trueman sr. ^T. B. & Sons) 87 Bolton 
Belt Trueman jr. (T. B. & Sons) York rd 
Belt Wm. laborer, 243 w Fayette 
Belt Wm. carpenter, Hampden 
Belt Wm. 189 e Monument 
Belt Wm. clerk, 87 Bolton 
Beltz August, laborer, 214 Canton av 
Beltz Elizabeth, seamstress, 200 s Bond 
Beltz Geo. I. trunkmaker, Penna av ext 
Beltz Geo. carpet weaver, 145 Camden 
Beltz Sophia, seamstress, 200 s Bond 
Beltzer Henry laborer, 179 West 
Bellzner John, boxmaker, 9 n Bethel 
ASSOC'N, Edward D. McConkey, pres't24 
n Charles 
Belvidere Nursery, Eager nr Constitution 
Belvidere Oil Ri'finery,NewboId tj'SonSjpropr's, 

cor Chase and North 
Belz Geo.^laborer, 373 Penna av 
Belz John L. baker, 339 n Central av 
Belz John B. butcher, 21 Richmond mkt, dw 

Penna av n of North av 
Belz Peter, boih-rinaker, 381 Penna av 
Belzer Adam, glass finisher, 323 s Sharp 
Bemesterfer John, tailor, 267 s Durham 
Benchoff C. F. salesman, 275 Hollins 
Benchoff John J. bookkeeper, 275 Hollins 
Benda John, tailor, 696 w Baltimore 
Benden Thomas, engineer, 74 s Castle 
Bender Charles, baker, 10 Union 
Bender Christian, beer, 142 Eastern av 
Bender Christian, baker, 10 Union 
Bender Christiana, 21 Parkin 
Bender Mrs. Christiana, confect'y,45 Henrietta 
Bender George, blacksmith, 10 Union 
Bender George, brakeman, 52 s Schroeder 
Bender Henry, laborer, 340 Lemraon al 
Bender Henry, tailor, 116 Low 
Bender Henry, polisher, 240 Lemon al 
Bender Joseph, harnessmaker, 45 Henrietta 
Bender Lewis, brakeman, 52 s Schroeder 
Bender Samuel, carpenter, Hand house 
Bender Wm. stone cutter, 17 L. Gough 
Bender Wm. H. tinner, 17 L. Gough 
Bendewalt Henry, laborer, 13 Stockholm 
Benedict Benj. clerk, 140 n Eden . 

Benedix Joseph, dry goods, n w cor Eden and 


BALTIMORE, Chesajieake bank building s e 

cor Fayette and North 
Benesh Aloysius, laborer, 56 Short 
Benesch Isaac, furniture dealer, 285 n Gay 
Benezet Thos. K. plasterer. 54 Druid Hill av 
Bengel Mrs. Caroline, 29S Canton av 
Bengel Mrs. Mary, 238 s Durham 
Benger Mrs. Johanna, huckstress, 29 Lancaster 
Bengers Henry, carpenter, 72 Portland 
Bengert Julius, laborer, 422 n Fremont 
Benges Henry, carp. Portland nr Penn 
Benhoff Adam, laborer, Clinton nr Boston 
Benhoff George, machinist, Clinton nr Boston 
Benhoff Geo. jr. machinist, Clinton nr Boston 
Benhoff John Fred'k, collier, Clinton s of Boston 
Benhoff Wm. engineer, Hudson nr Hare 
Benjamin Charles A. dispatcher B. & 0. R. R. 

15 McHenry 
Benjamin Evan, laborer, Clipper mills 
Benjamin Evan T., Clipper mills 
Benjamin Geo. A. moulder, 222 e Fayette 
Benjamin J. & Co. (J. Benjamin, B. F. Ulman,) 

gen'l loan office, 22 n Gay 
Benjamin Jacob (J. Benjamin ^ Co ) 22 n Gaj' 
Benjamin Samuel, 110 n Caroline 
Benjamin Sainuel S. carpenter, 5 Orleans 
Benjamin Wm. express, 272 n Bond 
Benick Lewis, shoemaker, 170 e Fayette 
Benker Clements, laborer, 108 West 
Benn Walter, actor, Ensor and Chesnut 
Benneberger Geo. E. clerk, 221 Madison av 
Bennemen John, butcher, 161 West 
Benneng Henry, cigarmaker, 61s Oregon 
Benner Adam, butcher, 15 Richmond market, 

dw Penna av ext 
Benner Albert, machinist, 19 Warren 
Benner Benjamin D. canmaker, 401 e Eager 
Benner Charles, carver, 325 Hanover 
Beuuer Charles F. bricklayer, 111 Parkin 
Benner Daniel, provisions, 10 Somerset 
Benner Ferdinand C. engineer, 19 Warren 
Benner Geo. laborer, 325 Hanover 
Benner Geo. L. stonecutter, 401 e Eager 
Benner Henry, stonemason, Clintons of Boston 
Benner John, shoemaker, 48 Rue 
Benner Mrs. .Margaret, 7 Byrd 
BENNER OTTO, magistrate, cor Baltimore 

and Paca, dw 164 German 
Benner Samuel, machinist, 19 Warren 
Benner Thomas S. clerk, 147 Aisquith 
Benner Wm. tailor, 55 Leadenhall 
Benner Wm. H. H. potter, 100 n Bond 
Bennet Harry A. clerk, 138 w Madison 
Bennet James, clerk, 408 e Baltimore 
Bennet John M. coal, cor Central av and Gough, 

dw 408 e Baltimore 
Bennet Mrs. Fanny, 138 Madison 
Bennet Samuel, clerk, 408 e Baltimore 
Bennett A. W. clerk, 332 Hanover 
Bennett Alfred, bookkeeper, 398 Druid Hill av 
Bennett Mrs. Ann E. 225 w Hoffman 
Bennett Mrs. Ann E. H. 415 e Lombard 
Bennett Asbury F. plasterer, 348 McDonogh 
BENNETT BKNJAMIN F. (J. W. Stallings & 

Co.) 44 s Howard, dw 130 s Sharp 
BENNETT BROTHERS, (G. R. and Thomas S. 

Bennett) coal and wood, 169 n Howard and. 

Cathedral nr John 
Bennett Charles, cigarmaker, 48 n Central av 







O. F. Bresee, General Agent, 15 Soutli St. 

















Bennett Charles E. carpeuter, 265 n Caroline 
Bennett D. Curtis, 25 Harfurd air 
Bennett Daniel H. carpenter, 415 e Lombard 
Bennett David T. builder, 205 George 
Bennett David, letter carrier, 26 s Ann 
Bennett David letter carrier, 165 e Pratt 
Bennett Mrs. E. B. 172 Druid Hill av 
Bennett Edward, plasterer, 348 McDonogh 
Bennett Edward, carpenter, 2ii5 Ensor 
Bennett Edward, machinist, 126 Lee 
Bennett Edward W. wood and grocery, County 

wharf, d\T 251 e Pratt 
Bennett Edward W. jr. salesman, 279 e Pratt 
BENNETT EDWIN, manuf. white, yellow and 

Rockingham ware, aud agent flint glass, cor 

Canton and Central avs and Eden nr Canton 

av, dw 273 n Caroline 
Bennett Mrs. Eliz'th A. grocery, 321 Eastern av 
Bennett Francis P. cauniaker, 321 Eastern av 
BENNETT F. W. &C0. (F.W.Bennett, A. C. 

N. Matthews I auctioneers and commission 

merchants, 28 and 30 s Charles 
Bennett Francis W. (F. W. B. & Co.) 30 Mul- 
Bennett Geo. W. peddler, 108 w Townsend 
Bennett Geo. L. canraaker, 42 Amity 
Bennett Geo. ferryman, 255 s Broadway' 
Bennett Geo. pilot, 332 Hanover 
Bennett G. R. (Bennett Bros.) 175 n Ploward 
Bennett Geo. W. pilot, Caroline nr Biddle 
Bennett Geo. I. carpenter, 122 n Caroline 
Bennett Geo. .M. caulker, 321 Eastern av 
Bennett Geo. A. salesman, 225 w Ilotfuian 
Bennett Mrs. Hannah, Division nr Clifton 
Bennett & Helm, (I. M. Bennett, I. W.M. Helm) 

tobacconists, 110 w Pratt 
Bennett Isaac M. (B, k Helm) 415 e Lombard 
Bennett James W. plumber, 44 Wyeth 
Bennett Jas. grocery, s e cor Howard and Lee 
Bennett James, glassware packer, 126 Lee 
Bennett James, gasfitter, 60 Portland 
Bennett John, grocery, 218 Lexington 
Bennett John, carpenter, 70 Lancaster 
Bennett John, carjjenter, 45 Fountiiiu 
IJennett John E. mariner, 6 Frederick av 
Bennett J. Hull, carpenter, 97 n Schroeder 
Bennett John H. fireman, 327 Eastern av 
BENNETT JOHN \ grocerand wood yard, 263 

s Broadwav, dw 251 e Pratt 
BENNETT JOHN M. coal, cor Central av and 

Gough, dw 408 e Baltimore 
Bennett John R. wagon cover mkr, 70 Lancaster 
Bennett John Wesley, plasterer, 348 McDonogh 
Bennett Joshua, machinist, 180 n Front 
Bennett J. H. carpenter, 97 n Schroeder 
Bennett L. 0. clerk. Mansion house 
Bennett Lewis H. i)lumber and gasfitter, Eutaw 

and Biddle, dw 230 .Mulberry 
Bennett L. H. tinner, 317 Light 
Bennett Louis, clerk, 361 n Central av 
Bennett .Mrs.Louisa,seamstr's, 104 Druid Hillav 
Bennett L. >S. mariner, 24 Lee 
Bennett Margaret, butter, 6 Orleans 
Bennett .Mrs. .Martha, Hammond al 
Bennett .Mrs. Mary, 68 n Calvert 
liennett Mrs. .Mary, 4 Bank 
Bennett Matthew, 121 Saratoga 
Bennett Nicholas, laborer, 3 10 Canton av 
liennett Patrick, huckster, C (Jrleana 
Bennett Peter V. (Ilolden & B. ) 65 e Baltimore 
Bennett P. IL real estate, 23 Ettiiig 
Bennett Richard S. clerk, 407 n Central av 

Bennett Robert, huckster, 321 Eastern ar 
Bennett Robert McL. clerk, 32 Eastern av 
Bennett Robert, blacksmith, 84 s Republican 
Bennett Robt.McL. confectioner, 245 Cantou av 
Bennett Rufus, carpenter, 201 w Biddle, shop 

in the rear 
Bennett Samuel, clerk, 408 e Baltimore 
Bennett Samuel H. shoemaker, Burgundy al nr 

Bennett S. F. carpenter, 130 s Sharp 
Bennett Severing, shoemaker, 22 Granby 
Bennett Silas B. collector, 172 Druid Hill av 
Bennett .Mrs. Susan, 341 Canton av 
Bennett Thomas S. (B, Bros.) 407 n Central av 
Bennett ^Vm. 121 Saratoga 
Bennett Wra. 0. shucker, 70 Lancaster 
Bennett Wm. painter, 25 s Fremont 
Bennett Wm. D. car(ienter, Eager nr Gay 
Bennett Wm. F. carpenter, Caroline n of Biddle 
Bennett Wm. H. (Jeflerson & B.) 17 s Chester 
Bennett Wm. H. coachmaker, 126 Lee 
Bennett Wm. harnessmaker, 21 Buren 
Bennett Wm. T. clerk, 97 n Schroeder 
Bennett Wm. E. plasterer, 201 w Biddle 
Bennewitt George, cigar maker, 37 e Pratt 
Beiiney Joseph, brushmaker, 374 s Sharp 
Bennliard George, carver, 106 Johnson 
Bennick Samuel, barber, 399 s Charles 
Bennig G. Aloy.sius, laborer, 56 Short 
Bennin Thos. potter, 278 s Bond 
Benninghaus H. & Co. (H. Benninghaus, Wm. 

W. Wilkens) leaf tobacco and gen. com. 

merchts, 71 s Charles 
Benninghaus Herman (H.B.&Co.) Baltimore CO 
Bennion James, potter. Eastern av and Exeter 
Bennis John, laborer, 108 Preston 
Bennis Mrs. Mary, grocery, 108 Preston 
Bennosky Conrad, shoemaker, 58 Portland 
Benny David, l)rushmaker. 111 Peach al 
Benny Jubu, shoemaker, 251 Orleans 
Benny Wm. 0. shoemaker, 329 e Mouumeat 
Beusel Conrad, baker, 137 s Wolfe 
Bensel Henry, carpenter, 233 e Biddle 
Bensel Henry, carpeuter, 81 n Schroeder 
Bensel Wm. carpenter, 81 u Schroeder 
Benseler August, tailor, 2S9 Columbia 
Benseler Henry, wines and liquors, Monroe and 

Benser Henry, driver, 39 
Benson Mrs. Adelaide, 387 Canton av 
Benson A. Theodore, clerk, 195 s Paca 
Benson Alliert, engineer, 159 Hughes 
BKNSON BENJAMIN S. founder and water 

and gas pipe maker, 52 e .Monument, dw 132 

St. Paul 
Benson Benj. S. jr. overseer, 132 St. Paul 
Benson Dr. Charles C. W. 106 n Euiavr 
BeHS(ju Mrs. Charlotte, 179 s Charles 
Benson I'-. F. A. clerk, 80 Hanover 
Benson Francis A. (J. Fussell & Co.) 272 Druid 

Hill av 
BENSON DR. GEORGE W. commissioner of 

Health, 141 Hanover 
Benson Henry, whipmnker, 387 Canton av 
15enson Henry T. painter, 12 Stirling 
Benson Isaac, peddler, 10 Gould ct 
Benson James, lab. 426 Li<;ht 
Benson John, plasterer, 1 Welister al 
Benson John, mariner, 498 w Fayette 
Benson John, fireman, 243 s Broadway 
Benson John 1'. clerk. 653 w Fayette 
Benson John S. car[)cnter, 107 Parkin 

Mutual Life Insurance Co. of New York, 




Benson Capt. John B. mariner, 195 s Paca 
Benson Joseph E. painter, 192 e Madison 
Benson Joseph B. painter, 107 Parkin 
Benson Joseph II. com. niercht, 37 Columbia 
Benson Mrs. Louisa, 238 Madison av 
Benson Mrs. M. H. 130 Montyromery 
Benson .Mahlon A. com. niercht, 125 s P&ca 
Benson Mrs. M. dressmaker, 67 n Charles 
Benson Nicholas, mariner, 46 Castle 
Benson Nicholas, lab. Clipper mills 
Benson Oregon R. attorney, 15 St. Paul, dw 

BHllimore co. 
Benson Dr. Philander V. office and apotkecarj^ 

s e cor HoUiiis and Oregon 
Benson Randolph S. oil refiner, 410 e Eager 
Benson Sarah, 259 s Wolfe 
Benson Samuel. Sweet Air 
Benson Thomas J. mariner, 330 Aliceaana 
Benson W. H. surveyor, 150 Forrest 
Benson Waltei" Wm. mariner, 105 e Fayette 
Benson Wm. H. lab. Hampden 
Benson Capt. Wm. D. 89 s Bond 
Benson Wm. P. ship joiner, 10 Irvine pi 
Benson Wm. painter, 150 n Howard. 
Benson Wm. jr. 150 n Howard 

ROOMS. Mason & Hamlin's Cab- 
inet Organs; and Pianos and Or- 
gans for rent. No . 8 w Fayette st. 

Benter John, lab. 324 s Bond 
Benteen T. C. clerk, 116 Pearl 
Benteen M. C. dressmaker, 1 16 Pe;irl 
Benthall Capt. Rubt. mariner, 313 e Baltimore 
Beuthall Robert jr. niiiriner, 313 e B.iliiraore 
Beathal! Wm.McR. bookkeeper, 31 3 e Baltimore 
Bentley Charles K. ( W. H. & C. E. B.) stamj>- 

ing, 132 Le.\:ington, dw 493.J w Baltimore 
Bentley C. W. prest. Baltimore Steam Boiler 

Works, 25 s Front, dw 37 n Broadwaj' 
Bentley Edgar, clerk, 523 w Lombard 
Bentley Edward R. brickmaker, 11 W\'eth 
Bentley Gec^rge, engineer, 185 Bank 
Bentley John E. 40 n Front 
Bentley Peter, pawnbroker, 493^ w Baltimore 
Bentley Thomas, brickmaker, 269 s Paca 
Bentley Thomas jr. brickmaker, 277 s Paea 
Bentley \V. H. (W. H. k C. E. B.) 403| w 

Bentley W. H. & C. E. embroideries and stamp- 
ing, 132 Le.xington 
Benton Chas. S. brass finisher, 49 s Schroeder 
Benton Francis, carpenter, 33 Hambui'g 
Benton Geo. C. cabinetmaker, 333 e Monument 
Benton Mrs. Hester Jane, 464 w Lombard 
Benion Jas. H. Iirass finisher, 438 w Lombard 
Benton Julia A., Atlantic whf, Lower Canton 
Benton Richard, mariner, 410 Hanover 
Benton Samuel, cabinetmaker, 333 e Monument 
Benton Wm. H. ship j<jiner, 70 Johnson 
Bentrup Fredk. carter, 143 s Bethel 
Bentz George, shoemaker, 89 Low 
Bentz George, mariner, 305 Canton av 
Bentz Geo. W. of fire dep't and laundry, 131 

w Baltimore 
Bentz George, hackman, 473 Saratoga 
Bentz John jr. tinner, 473 Saratoga 
Bentz John, baker, 473 Saratoga 
Bentz Sophia, grocery, 305 Canton av 
Bentzel Henry J. blacksmith, 125 n Schroeder 
Benville Thomas, porter, 122 Franklin 

Benz Casper, hackman, 443 w Fayette 
Benz Jesse W. coachmak. Fremont nr Saratoga 
Bencel Daniel, beer, 123 n Spring 
Benzel Daniel, woodturner, 123 n Spring 
Benzel James, blacksmith, 14 Anthony 
Benzing Geo. lab. Belair av est 
Benzinger Fredk. F. attorne}-, 19 Law build- 
ings, dw 17 McCuiloh 
Benzinger Dr. Joseph C. 5 n Front 
Benzinger John M. apothecary, 62 e Fayette 
Benzinger Col. Matthias, 219 Madison av 
Benzinger Matthias, clerk, 62 e Fayette 
Beiizley John, car)). Stockholm nr Leadenhall 
Bepperiing Ludwig, tailor, 28 s Dallas 
Berbera Chas. gardener, 57 President 
Bercmanoii John, tailor. 173 German 
Bereis George, tailor, 255 e Chase 
Ber^ Aloerl, carpenter, 156 Mulberry 
Berg Mrs. Annie, grocery, 107 Raborg 
Beyr Augustus T. bookkeeper, 156 Mulberry 
Berg Francis, shoemaker, 265 e Eager 
Beru' John J. porter, 9 Ridgely 
BERG MRS. LOUISA, tobacconist, 57 Holland 
Berg O. H. stock and exch. broker, 42 Second, 

dw 91 s Sharp 
Berg Philip, boots and shoes, 60 w Pratt, dw 

45 s Eden 
Berg Wm. stoves, 146 s Fremont 
Berge Henry, manuf. cement stone, Belair av est 
Berge Henry, clerk, 746 w Baltimore 
Bergel Gotleib, lab. 393J Canton av 
Bergen Everhard, shoemaker, 907 w Baltimore 
Bergen George S. 10 n Calhoun 
Bergen John G. gen. sec. Y M.C.A.IO u Calhoun 
Bergen Michael, clothier, 343 s Charles 
Berger Andrew, harnessmaker, 2 Forrest pi 
Berger Andrew, lab. 73 n Chapel 
Berger August, nightman, 114 Myrtle av 
Berger Caroline, 262 Eastern av 
Berger Christian, lab. 41 Bank 
Berger Ernest, boxmaker, 16 New Church 
Berger Frank C. H. jeweler, 37 e Lombard 
Berger Frank, whipmaker, 30 Leadenhall 
Berger Fredk. shoemaker. 40 Bnidford al 
Berger Geo. baker, 489 w Lombard 
Berger Henry, cigarmaker, 70 s Fremont 
Berger John L. tailor, 156 Stirling 
B.-rger John, tailor, 123 s Bond 
Berger John, lab. 69 Wyeth 
Berger John, bookfolder, 10 Russell 
Rerger John, cooper, 171 s Bethel 
Berger John, clerk, 5 s Exeter 
Berger Joseph, caViineimaker, II Sterrett 
Berger Joseph B. machinist, 148 e Fayette 
Berger Martin, baker, 233 n Front 
Berger .Maurice, lab. 72 Frederick ar 
Berger Moritz, musician, 37 e Lombard 
Berger Philip, tailor, 156 Stirling 
Berger Philip R. police, 33 St. Mary 
Berger Wm. shoemaker, 248 e Lombard 
Berger Wm. H. cigarmaker, 173 King 
Bergerdink Henry, milk, 157 s Choptank 
Bergheimer Mrs. Catharine, 376 S Charles 
Berghoff .\nthony, laborer, 32 s Howard 
Berghoff Joseph, engineer, 102 Eastern av 
Bergin Arthur, sawyer. 76 Johnson 
Bergiu Dennis, machinist, 1(32 German 
Bergin Kyran, porter, 188 Hollins 
Bergler Andrew, laborer, 71 s Castle 
Bergler George, laborer, 450 Canton av 
Bergman Andrew, brewer, Pratt and Fredk av 
Ber,<;nian Henry, shoemaker, 333 Cross 





• 1—1 




t— I 












Assets $60,000,000 Cash Invested. 
















I— H 


Bergman Isaac, contractor Md. penitentiary, 112 

s Sharp 
Bergman John, coppersmith, 55 Centre markt sp 
Bergman John, tailor, 173 Germiin 
Bergman John, slioeraalccr, 102 n Dallas 
Bergman J()se|)h. (Scott & B.l 24 s Greene 
BERGMAN JOHN C. tavern, 72 Conway 
Bergman Meinhard, laborer, Wavorley 
Bergman Michael. (P. B. k Son) 1 I2"s Sharp 
Bergman Philip, (P. B. & Son) 112 s Sharp 
liergman P. itSoii, (Philip and Michael IJerg- 
maii) curriers and leather, 369 \v Baltimore 
Bergman Saimiel, butcher, 32(i E isti-rn av 
Bergmabn Moses M. hoots, shoes and clothing, 

244 s Charles 
Bergner Fred-'rick, i)iclure fraiiien>aker, 60 n 

Gay, dw 143 n Bond 
P.ergner Frederick, jr. frameroaker, 143 n Bond 
Bergner Herman, carpenter, 172 Sarah Ann 
Berger Jcdin, laborer, 254 s DaUas 
Bergner Lewis, 143 n Bond 
Bergund Fredi-rick, hiboier, 349 Eastern ay 
Bei>rns Henry, tanner, 25G Canton av 
Berian Josejih, engineer, IG Henrietta 
Berian Joseph R. mariner, IG Henrietta 
Berigtold Christopher, tailor, 16 VVilliamson al 
Beritz Ernest, paver, 364 Penna av 
Berk Charles, ciiiarinaker, Monnment ext 
Berkemeyer Henry, grocery, 107 Granby 
Berkemier August, beer, 299 s Bond 
Berkholiz Gotleib, laborer, 102 s Wolfe 
Berkley Edris, 225 n Eutaw 
Berkley James, clerk, 65 e Riltimore 
Berkley \Vm. F. mouhler, 3 Ogstou 
Berlau Jolin, hatter, 179 Cross 
Berl Peter, milk, Trapfte road 
Berlin Geo. A. tobacconist, 243 Canton av 
Berliner Emanuel, clerk, 240 s Ann 
Berliner Isaac, 49 Watson 
Ber-liner Ravel, shoemaker, 240 s Ann 
Berliner Mrs. Rosa, 49 Watson 
Berliner Samuel jr. clerk, 49 ^Vatson 
Berlinei' Samuel, solicitor, 49 Watson 
Jerlinicke Chris, eigarnaaker, 8 Watson ct 
krlinicke Henry, car{>enter, 8 Watson ct 
ierminghatn John, driver, 142 s Central av 
Bernard James L. pa i titer, 523 \v Baltimore 
'i^rnard Richard, gilder, 341 n Broadway 
Jernard Wni. fisherman, 159 Cross 
ierndt August, labor(;r, 24^ West 
Jerneljerg George, machitic shop, 350 w Pratt 
Berneberg John .V. pickles, 9 Arch 
iernei Benj. (S. B. k Sons) 129* e Baltimore 
>eriiei Ferdinand, (S. B. & Sons) 129 e Balto. 
iernei Seligman, (S. li. & Sons) 129 e Balto. 
Jernei S. & Sons, (Seligman, Ferd. and Ii(Mij. 
Bernei) wholesale and retail dry goods, s e 
cor Lexington and Eiilaw 
ierneke Anthony, tailor, 337 n Central av 
Jerner John, cabinetmaker, 1 15 s Wasiiington 
{erncr Louis, beer, 192 Lexington 
Berner Win. rigger, 115 s Washington 
'ierney liernard, 109 e Lombard 
ierney David, shoes, 17 Bi'own la 
U*rney .Iose[)h, clerk, 109 c I,o!nbard 
ierney Philij), clerk, 109 e IiOMil)ard 
Jerney Samuel, manuf. boots and shoes, cor 
(German and Sharj). dw cor Bdlimore and 
Jernhard .\ugust, tailor, 7 ("hina 
{ernhard John, carder, 227 s l)nrham 
Bernhard John jr. canler, 227 8 Durham 

Bernhard John, shoemaker, 149 Penna av 
Bernhard John M. locksmith, 359 Eastern av 
Bernhard Lazarus, 19 n Frederick 
Bernhard Valentine, tailor, Belair av ext 
Bernhardi Caroline, 207 Hudson 
liernhardi Charles, driver, 207 Hudson 
Bernhardt Cisper, laborer, 272' Cross 
Bernhardt Mrs. (Conrad. 27 Randall 
Bernhardt Geo. diiver, Frederick av nr Wilkens 
Beriihardt Henry, shoemaker, 197 Canton av 
Bernharih John, cabinetmaker, 491 w lialtimore 
Bernhardt Sarah, dry goods, 197 Canton av 
lieriiheimer Mrs. B. 313 Saratoga 
Bernheimer Henry, (H. IJ. & Co. ) 601 w Balto. 
Bernheiin(;r H. & Co. (II. Bernhejmer, G. Wis- 

sig I furriers, 225 w Baltimore 
Beriiheimer Sigmund, tailor, 684 w Baltimore 
Bernstein Mrs. Cecelia, notions, 841 w Baltimore 
Bernstein Charles, teaclier, 341 w Bjiltimore 
Bernstein Jacol), optician, 238 Aisquith 
JJerntheusel Wm. bakery, 397 n Central av 
Berrick John, carpenter, 65B<ittery av 
BERRIDGE M. C. attorney, 31 Lexington ,dw 70 
Berry A. L. (B. & Heighe) North av nr John 
Berry Albert W. treas. Md. Marble Co., John 

and Cathedral, dw 140 Park av 
Berry Alberttis D. printer, 37 McElderry 
Berrv Alexander C. police, 120 Hollins 
BERRY BENJAMlN,proprietor China Tea Co., 

25 w Baltimore and 186 Lexington, dw 23 s 

Berrv Benjamin F. moulder, Eagle hotel 
Berry Benjamin W. clerk, 65 Caniden 
Berry Mrs. Catherine, 172 Kamsav 
Berry Charles, helper, 69 s Fremont 
Berry Mrs. Charles, 191 Druid Hill av 
Berry Edward, barber, 240 Canton av 
Berry Edward R. cooper, 83 s Fremont 
Berry Edwin D. briokn>kr, 21 Harrison, CantOQ 
lierry Mrs. Ellen. 69 n High 
Berry Frank T. cl*rk, 325 Druid Hill av 
Berry Frank, 65 Camden 

Berry Mrs. Fanny, restaurant, 138 s Broadway 
Berry George, luonlder, Druidville 
Berry G. Henry, 8 s Greene 
lierry Geo. R."(J.S. & GR. Berry) 160 s Sharp 
Berry Geo. W. (G. W. B. k Co.) 164 Mosher 
Berry Geo. W. k Co. (G. W. lierry) grocery, 

n e cor Fremont ami Mosber 
BERRV & HElGHE, (Allan L. Berry, Thos. B. 

Heighe) dried fruits, nivls, &c., I and 3 Bal- 

Berry George W. printer, 638 w Baltimore 
Berry Henry, clerk, 65 Camdeu 
Berry Horatio E. secy Patapsco Guano Co., 624 

w Favette 
Berry Mrs. Isabella C. 325 Druid Hill av 
Berry James, conductor, 21 Parrish 
Berry James W. laborer, Druidville 
lierry Jan>os W. conductor, 1,!4 Columbia . 
Berry James W. clerk, 32sSiiarp 
BERRV JASPER M. oyster and fruit packer, 

36 and 3b York, dw 171 IJuden av 
Berry & Jamison (N. K Berry, J. Mason Jami- 

son)com. merchls.cor BowMy's whf.and Wood 
Berrv Jesse L. ('. clerk, 108 Ijce 
Berry John B N. k Co. (J. B. N. Berry) com. 

merchts. 52 s Calvert 
Berry John B,N.(J.B.N.B.& Co.) 158 McCulloh 
Berry John, saw\er, 9 Patuxent 
Berry John Vi. k Geo. R. lire brick manufac- 
turers, s w cor Hamburg and Warner 

Mutual Life Insurance Co. of New York. 




Berry John W. (B & Kenirtrd) 74 Harford av 

Berry John, 97 s Washington 

Berry John S. (J. S. & G. R. B.) 164 w Fayette 

Berry John W. clerk, 150 n Caroline 

Berry J. Thos., Druid Hill av nr Mosher 

Berry & Kernard (John W. Berry, John T. 

Keroard) carpets, 162 n Gay ' 
Berry Mrs. iMargaret S. 670 vv Fayette 
Berry N. E. (B. k Jamison) Anne Arundel co 
Berry Nicholas, pressman, Wecker office 
Berry Nirarud B. moulder, Druidville 
Berry Patrick, laborer, 3 Cotton row 
Berry Mrs. Rebecca, 97 s Washington 
Berry Richard, watchman, 248 e Fayette 
Berry Samuel, mariner, 21 Pleasant al 
Berry Theodore, clerk, 65 Camden 
Berry Mrs. Thos. L. 64 n Paca 
Berry Thos. L. 64 n Paca 
Berr}^ Walter W. com. merchant, s w cor Light 

and German, dw 638 w Fayette 
Berry Wm. B. 64 n Paca 
Berry Wm. G. cooper, 83 s Fremont 
Berry Mrs. Wm. H. grocery, 63 and 65 Camden 
Berry Wm. H. shoemaker, 83 s Fremont 
Berry Wm. T. tinner, 118 Battery av 
Berryman Eliza, 233 n Caroline 
Berryman Edward, baker 223 Hanover 
Berryman Joseph H. laborer, 197 Montgomery 
Berryman Julia A. 197 Montgomery 
Berryman Thos. lab. 197 .Montgomery 
Berryman Wm. H.(Rupley & B.) Tinker house 

Calverton rd 
Bersch Christ. (Ehrman & Bersch) 193 Lanvale 
Bersch H. & Co. (H. Bersch) com. merchants, 

65 s Gay 
Bersch Henry, (H.B.& Co.) collector and agent 

North East Hose manuf g Co. of Boston, 325 

n Broadway 
Bersch Henry A. clerk, 325 n Broadway 
Bersch Joseph, shoemaker, 114 s Chapel 
Bersch Wm. woodworker, 193 Lanvale 
Bersch Wra. clerk, 193 Lanvale 
Bersick Michael, 41 Scott 
Bersteynan Frank, carpr. 191 n Caroline 
Berschmidt John, tailur, 173 Columbia 
Bert Chas. hats, caps and furs, 515 w Baltimore 
Bertels Henry, clerk, 80 York 
Berteraan .Mrs. Mary, tailoress, 9 Wolfe n of 

Berthey Mrs Catherine, nurse, 124 Saratoga 
Bertling Herman, clerk, 82 Centre Market sp 
Bertling Bernard, store, Waverlej' 
Bertram Charles F. butcher, 53 Belair market, 

dw Penna av nr toll gate 
Bertiam John, shoemaker, 734 w Lombard 
Bertram Wm. butcher, 102 Centre and 58 Belair 

mkts. dw Penna av ext 
Bertram Wm. A. engraver, overs w cor Balti- 
more and South, dw 60 n Exeter 
Bertrand John J. jr. tinner, 115 Chew 
Bertrand John J. plasterer. 115 Chew 
Bertsch jjernhardl, shoemaker, 20 Granby 
Bertsch George, barber, 422 Canton av 
Bertsch Jacob, shoemaker, 149 s Bond 
Berwan^er Abraham, peidler, 115 n Exeter 
Bervvanger Benj. (Likes & B.) 107 s Eden 
Berye Wm. H. clerk, 189 Aisquith 
Berz William, baker, 47 L. McElderry 
Besch Joseph, upholsterer. 16 Park 
Bessel Henry, carpenter, 246 n Gay 
Bessel Jacob, brewer, 404 (Janton av 
Bessel Mrs.Magdalena, hats and caps, 246 n Gay 

Besser John, gla^s cutter, 141 Battery av 

Bc'sser John W. grocery, 267 Mulberry 

Besser Jacob, lab. 141 Battery av 

Besser Jacob jr. glassblower, 141 Battery av 

Best B. James, clerk, Maltby house 

Beste Haman, baker, 211 e Lombard 

Besti'on Htnry, lab. 213 Eastern av 

Bestor J. Rolliu, engineer, Waverley 

Better Wm. shoemaker, 125 s Bond 

Bethany (Ind.) Church, (Jnlhoun nr Lexington 

Bethlehem Green, (Welch Lid. Church) Tooue 

e of Clinton, Canton 
Betsch John, lab. 64 Rue 
Betschler John JL leather, 110 s Sharp 
Betsworth Wm. (E. B. Mallory & Co.) Pratt nr 

Patterson Park av 
Bettinger Geo. cooper, 226 Frederick av 
Betts Albert A. printer, 60 Jefferson 
Betts Alexander P. ( Wheeden & B. ) 178 s Ann 
Betts (Jharles, H. trader, 42 Gough 
Betts Mrs. Elizabeth, 33 s Castle 
Betts John H. millwright, 57 n Poppleton 
Betts Robert, lumber inspector, 37 Jackson 
Betts Robert jr. saddler, 60 .Jefferson 
Betts Royston M. clerk, 338 w Lombard 
Betz August, moulder, 145 William 
Betz Mrs. Catherine, grocery, 145 William 
Betz Charles, bootfitter, 41 Lewis 
Betz Christopher, fancy hardware, 23 German, 

dw 7 Pearl 
Betz Conrad, porrer, 104 n Spring 
Betz Elizabeth, shirt store, 245 Canton av 
Betz George sr. laborer, 86 Eastern av 
Betz Gustavus. coachmaker, 224 n Central av 
Betz Henry, shoemaker, 53 Frederick av 
Betz Jacob, carpenter, 164 Chesapeake 
Betz Jacob, tailor, 54 s Caroline 
Betz John, shoe stitcher, 41 Lewis 
Beiz John, tailor, 58 Centre Market sp 
Bets John jr. laborer, 86 Eastern av 
Betz John, cabinetmaker, 213 s Regestcr 
Betz John jr. driver, 86 Eastern av 
Betz John, lab. 205 s Bethel 
Betz John, laborer, 16() Madeira a! 
Betz John, framemaker, 104 n Spring 
Betz .John N. milk, Trappe rd nr Third av 
Betz Lewis, tailor, 50 s Caroline 
Betz Michael, lab. Aliceanna nr Burke 
Betz Thomas, shoemaker, 245 Canton av 
Betz Win. laborer, 52 Elliott 
Betzel John, tinner, 152 Eist 
Betzel Henrv, carpenter, 16 n Chnpel 
Betzler .Matthias, cooper, 223 Frederick av 
Betzenberger John, barber, 29 n Greene, dw 196 

Betzold Fred, peddler, 263 e Lombard 
Betzold John, butcher, 27 Abbot 
Beucke Charles L. cutter, 37 n Gilmor 
Beucke Mrs. Elizabeth A. 37 n Gilmor 
Beucke Felix, painter, 37 n Gilmor 
Beucke George W. clerk, 37 n Gilmor 
Beucke John H. clerk, 37 n Gilmor 
Beurrier Louise, bleacher, 79 Mulberry 
Ik'ushusen Fred, bookkeefier, 58 Ridtrely 
Beutelsj)acher Mrs. Eliza, boarding, 179Hollins 
Bevan Chas. F. (Bevan & Sons; Linden av 

and Lanvale 
Bevan Dr. Chas. F. jr. Lanvale and Linden av 
Bevan Charles, clerk, 133 Conway 
Bevan CM. clerk, 123 w Lombard 
Bevan (Jeo. F. clerk, 41] Eutaw pi 
Bevan George, 100 s Paca 






• p— I 






The Largest Life Insurance Co. in the World. 

















Be Villi & Hannah (Wm. T. Be van, Saml Han- 
nah) marble yard, 200 e Monument 
Bevan John, 380 Eutaw pi 
Bevau John, stonecutter, 206 n Central av 
Bevan Mrs Mary Eliza, 254 n Howard 
Bevan Nichobis 'K.{N.K.B.c5- Co.) 68 Lexington 
Bevan X.K.& Co. (Nicholas K. Bevau) maniifs. 
silver plated and white metal, 43 n HoUiday 
Bevan Saral.(S. Bevan & Co. and Perkins & Co.) 

380 Eutiiw 1)1 
BEVAN SAMUEL & CO. (Saml. Bevan, Wm. 
A. Williar, E. G. Miller) imports, and job- 
bers in drv goods, 279 w Baltimore 
BEVAN & 'son, (C. p. and Wm. F. Bevan) 
marble worliers, 140 Saratoga and TO n 
Bevan Thos. copper smelter, Clinton s of Boston 
Bevau Thos. H. (Waters & B.) attorney, 13 

Courtland, dw 155 Lanvale 
Bevan Wm. smelter, Clinton s of Boston 
Bevan Wm. F. (Bevan k Son) 155 Lanvale 
Bevan Wm. T. (B.& Hannah) 206 n Central av 
Bevaus David, 121 n Paca 
Bevans Henry, watchman, 90 e Madison 
Bevans James L. 117 n Broadway 
Bevans Joshua S. scroll sawyer, 374 e Fayette 
Bevans .Mrs. Mary Jane, hiickstiess, 117 n Paca 
Bevans Reuben A.L. furniture, 281 e Baltimore 
Bevans Richd. M. shoemaker, 205 e Baltimore 
Bevans Robert, mariner, 136 Montgomery 
Bevans Wm. laborer, 86 Luzerne 
Bevans Wm. A. tinner, 249 e Madison 
Beverenger A. butcher, 32 Fells Point market, 

dw Patterson Park av 
Beveridgo .Mis.Aj^'ncs.dry goods, 146 w Madison 
Beveridge John, harness, cf-c. 279 w Pratt 
Beveridge Robert, 146 w Madison 
Beverid;ie T. H. cashier, Pepper's hotel 
Beveruiiger Louis, .McElderry e.xt 
Bewig Henry, confectionery, 362 Canton av 
Beyer Andrew, lab. 37 Jaincs la 
Beyer Catherine E. grocery, 171 Sarah Ana 
Beyer Cliristian, butcher, 13 Hollins market, 

and provisions, 9 s Poppleton 
Beyer Fred'k, beer, 80 n Eden 
Bi'ver Fred'k A. musician, 56 e Lombard 
Beyer Henry, painter, 37 James la 
Beyer Hemes, laborer, 20 s Wolfe 
Beyer John, baker, 79 Chew- 
Beyer John, brickmoulder, 37 James la 
Beyer Joseph, baker, 281 e Pratt 
Beyer Louis, cabinetmaker and undertaker, 78 

S Broadway 
Beymer H. B. broker, 61 E.xchange pi, dw 224 

bruid Hill av 
Beynou Wm. copper smelter, 32 Clinton 
Bezeck John L. (Isaac Coale jr. k Bro.) 187 n 

Bcziat Francis S. (isherm>in, 2 Stockholm 
Beziat Frank, finisher, 2 Stockholm 
B-ziat Wra lab. 2 Stockholm 
Beziat John .M. cigarmaker. 48 n Pine 
Bi :11a Hugo, Frencii millinery, 144 Lexington 
Bialla .Morilz, real estate broker, 16 Law bnild- 

injr, dw 144 Lexington 
Bians Wni.H. conductor B. k ().R.R.293 Light 
Biays Ceo. manajrer Coates rolling mills, L. P., 

dw 86 n Charles 
Bibb Bentloy C. (Bibb & Co.) 256 Linden av 
Bibb Bentley S. 256 Linden av 
Bibb Jf Co (B. C. Bibb) stove warehouse, 39 
and 41 Light 

Bibb Wm. K. bookkeeper, 47 n Paca 
Bibelheiser Mrs. Ellen, tailoress, 64 Myrtle av 
Bilielheiser Francis, tinner, 64 .Myrtle av 
BIBLE HOUSE,'t", 75 w Fayette 
Bice Abram, sliot-maker, 337 n Calhoun 
Bichoff Chas. F. cigarmaker, 169 Columbia 
Bichoff Geo. beer, 307 s Bond 
Bichy Herman, tailor, 113 Lexington 
Bichy John, bakery. 117 William 
Bickel John, clerk, 102 w Fayette 
Bickerstaff John, blacksmith, 55 Tyson 
Bickford & Huffman, (L. Bickford) mauufs. 

agricul. implements, 592- ^ Charles 
Bickford Lyman, (B. k Huffman) New York 
Biddison Annie M. 211 Orlean.s 
Biddison Geo. H. huckster, Biddle e of Castle 
Biddison James A. plasterer, 211 Orleans 
Biddison James L. plumber, 211 Orleans 
Biddison .Mrs. Mary, grocery, 132 Ramsay 
Biddison Saml. lal)orer, 135 n Bethel 
Biddison Wm. paper hanger, 132 Ramsay 
Biddison Zechariah, baggage master, 108 s Paca 
Biddle Mrs. Anna E. boarding, 61 n High 
Biddle Fritz, moulder, 148 Ramsay 
Biddle Jonathan S. (Isaac A. Sheppard & Co.) 

35 n Broadway 
Biddle John, laborer, Peach al nr Henrietta 
Biddle Mary M. B. nurse, 23 Henrietta 
Biddle Win. H. moulder, 166 L. Greene 
Biden Edward, huckster, 60 s Carey 
Biden Mrs. Mary E., Calhoun ur Pratt 
Bidleman Edward, lumber marker, 160 n Bond 
Biebelheiser C. G. liquors, 135 Druid Hill av 
Bieber Geo. N. clerk, 288 e Fayette 
Biedebark John, shoemaker, 393 Cross 
Biedler Chas. E. salesman, Favette nr Howard 
Biedler Wra. T. (Shipe, Cloud & Co.) 130 w 

Bieger Adam, laborer, 29 n Chapel 
Bielefeld Henry, cigarmaker, 185 Hanover 
Bielefeld Herman H. cigarmaker, 185 Hanover 
Bielstein Henry, piano maker, 346 Cross 
Biema Abram, salesman, 24 Harrison 
Bieman August, shoemaker, 258 s Duiham 
Biemiller Mrs. Annie, confect'r, 3 L. Paca 
Biemiller J. Henry, flour and feed,282.J w Pratt, 

dw 4 Jasper 
Biemiller John, teamster, 3 L. Paca 
Bien Charles, carpenter, 492 Penna av 
Bien Christian, laborer, 263 Canton av 
Bien Henry, merchant tailor, 390 Penna av 
Bien John, tinner and stoves, 247 s Anu 
liion .lohn, restaurant, 492 Penna av 
Bien John, butcher, 12 and 13 Fells Point mkt, 

dw McElderry ext 
Bier Charles, butcher, Castle nr Monument 
Bier f'hirles, (A. K. Robbins k Co.) 312 Light 
Bier Christian, cabitielmaker, 312 Light 
Bier Clarence, tin and sheet iron worker, 312 

Bier Geo. H. 129 w Biddle 
Bier John, carpenter, 166 R.iborg 
Bierbower Albert, boxuniker, 117 Welcome al, 

dw 92 ]5arre 
Bierbower Dr. Charles E. 92 Barre 
Bierbower Lemuel, boxmaker, 117 Welcome al, 

dw 92 Barre 
Bierer i'aul, lirewer, Second av and O'Donnell 
Bierhart Martin, butcher, Cliai)el nr Biddle 
Bierlcy Wm., B. and P. 11. R., Carlton nr Ed- 

moiidsou av 
Bierman Giistav, driver, 62 Stiles 

MTitnal Life Insurance Co. of New York 



Bierman Mrs. Susan, 151 Vine 
Biermaan August, laborer, 13 e Lorubard 
Biermaun George, engineer, 55 s Strieker 
Biermaiin Louis, restaurant, 51 Harrison 
Biersmitb Henry. laborer, 61 Bank 
Bies Christian, laborer, 175 s Caroline 
Bieskanter Fred, locksmith, 5 u Fremont 
Bigelow KdmundD.(E.D.B.&Co.)218Lindenav 
BIGELOW E. D. & CO. (Edmund D. Bigelow) i 
com. merch'ts and ship brokers, cor Pratt and 
Smith's wharf 
Biger John, carver, 116 Franklin 
Bigernian John, laborer, 11 Clinton 
Biggar John, Uxford, York rd 
Bigger Robert H. (Dugan J;- B.) 42 Courtland 
Biggins Catherine T. grocery, 8o Ensor 
Biggins Mary C. dressmaker, 83 Ensor 
Biggins W J. H. police, 83 Ensor 
Biggins Win. R. R. carpenter, 83 Ensor 
Biggs -Mrs. Amanda, 14 Baker ct 
Biggs Frank, conductor, 535 w Lombard 
Biggs James M. bookkeeper, 12 s Calhoun 
Biggs John A. butcher, 179 e Fayette 
Biggs John T. plasterer, 272 e Madison 
Biggs Jonathan, fireman, 68 s Strieker 
Biggs Joseph, watchman, 272 e Madison 
Biggs Joseph J. com. merchant and cotton fac- 
tor, 120 s Charles, dw 12 s Calhoun 
Biggs Richard J. clerk, 12 s Calhoun 
Biggs Zachariah, fireman, 53 s Poppleton 
Bigham ^ Bradford, (M. M. Bigham, G. W. 
Bradford) com. merchants, flour, &c., n w 
cor Franklin and Eutaw 
Bigham John L. clerk, 285 Madison av 
Bigham J.Plumer, clerk, 154 Bolton 
Bigham John B. currier, 175 n High 
Bigham Marshall M. (Bigham & Bradford) 

George w of Brune 
Bigler Philip, laborer, 243 n Bond 
Bigley Dennis, hostler, Foster al nr Dolphin 
Bilefeldt Fritz, blacksmith, 114 e Madison 
Biles Joseph S. farmer, 493 s Sharp 
Biles Wm. carpenter, 493 w Pratt 
Billings Edrt-iu E. clerk, 114 Burgundy al 
Billings John, potter, 89 s Chester 
Billings John H. potter, 89 s Chester 
Billingslea A. inspector. Custom House 
Billingsley James, clerk, 71 n Bond 
Billington Gover, laborer, 28 Laurel 
Billington James P. huckster, 175 Orleans 
Billington John J. broommaker, 28 Laurel 
Billington Wm. L. tinner, 77 n Broadway 
Billman Francis, carpenter, 55 Monroe 
Billmau George, provisions, 1 s Poppleton 
Billman John, 343 Franklin 
Billmau Mrs. Margaret, 343 Franklin 
Billmau Michael J. shoemaker, 206 Mulberry 
Billman Mrs. Sarah J. dressmaker,206 Mulberry 
Billmeyer Jacob, shoemaker, 100 w Towusetid 
Billmeyer Joseph, shoe store, 142 w Pratt dw 

Billmire George A. eijgineer, 100 s Exeter 
BillmireW. H. 0. 4 Postoffice av, dw 336 

Billmyer Charles, conductor, 377 Light 
Billmyer Charbs E. costurner, 129 Division 
Billmyer John, wheelwright, 323 e Madison 
Billips Mrs. Cecilia, 134 s Howard 
Billups Alfred M. currier, 292 Aisquith 
BILLUPPS B. F. 4' CO. (B. F. Billups. T. C. 
Pugh) wholes. liquors and gen'l com. merchts. 
25 Cheapside 


Billupps Benjamin F. (B.F. B. & Co.) Mulberry 

nr Gilmor 
Billups John, mariner, 113 Orleans 
Billups John, sailmaker, 15 L. Church 
Billupps Joseph R. clerk, 216 George 
Billups Mrs. Lavinia, 228 w Pratt 
Bilson Andrew J. jr. 81 Division , 
Bilson Mrs. And. J. dressmaker, 81 Division 
Bilson Ann M. boarding, 438 w Lombard 
Bilson Daniel, jjlasierer, 30 Myrtle av 
Bilson Elizabeth, 237 w Fayette 
Bilson John E. plasterer, 30 Myrtle av 
Bilson Samuel, plasterer, 154 n Howard, dw 

237 w Fayette 
Bilson William jr. machinist, 61 Boyd 
Biltner William, laborer, 157 Madeira al 
Binau John M. shoemaker, 333 n Central av 
Bindeman Charles, shoemaker, 193 Preston 
Binder August, locksmith, 185 Raborg 
Binder John F. machinist, 56 Brune 
Binder Frederick, cutter, 140 s Howard 
Binder Lewis, liquors, 34 n Fremont 
Bindewald August, shoemaker, 50 Raborg 
Bindewald Chas. gilder, 152 Lee 
Bindewald Louis, liquors, 152 Lee 
Binding Geo. grocery, 208 Lee 
Binding Henry, grocery. 265 s Ann 
Bindoifin Mrs. A. 52 Carlton 
Bindorfin Rosa, fruit stand, 52 Carlton 
Bines Eliza, grocery, n w cor Randall and Byrd 
Bines Frank, huckster, n w cor Randall and 

Bines John A baggage master, 311 s Charles 
Bines John, distiller, 311 s Charles 
Bines Martin, hatter, 119 Montgomery 
Bines Robt. bookkeeper. 131 s Paca 
Bing Eleanor, grocery, 369 Hamburg 
Bin"- Geo. V. porter, 120 Burgundy al 
Bing John H. salesman, 369 Hamburg 
Bingel Frederick, barber. 421 Saratosra 
Bingel Henry, tobacconist, 873 w Baltimore, 

dw 421 Saratoga 
Bingel Henry, tobacconist, 336 n Gay 
Bingel Jacob, restaurant, 177 Franklin ^ 
Bingel Mary, 421 Sitratoga 
Binirei- Albert, beer, 89 s Spring 
Binger John H. shoemaker. 89 s Spring 
Binger John H. shoe fitter, 124 s Spring 
Bingham Benj. T wood and coal. Myrtle av 

and Chesnut al, dw 291 Franklin 
Bingham John, carpenter, 7 n Front 
Bingham John, fancy store. 853 w Baltimore 
Bingham John, currier, 175 n High 
Bingham John L. clerk, 285 Madison av 
Bingham Marshal, grocery, cor Franklin and 

Kutaw, dw George nr Brune 
Bingham Robert, stonecutter, 106 Cathedral 
Bin^'ham Wm. clerk, 15 Warner 
Binhler George, carpenter, 117 Low 
Binhler John, carpenter, 117 Low 
Binner Wm. H. potter. 100 n Bond 
Binney James, coal oil, 9 s Bond 
Binney Capt. Joshua, marine surveyor, s w cor 

Gay and Lombard, dw 30 Spring row 
Binnev Robert, coal oil, 9 s Bond 
Binnix Mrs. A.R. milliner and dressmaker, 216 

Madison av 
Binnix Louis D. machinist, 154 Myrtle av 
Binstine Frederick, laborer, 35 Lewis 
Binswanger David, (D. B. & Co.) 43i n Exeter 
BINSWANGER D. & CO. (D. Binswanger) 
printers, over 17 s Gay 



I— I 


r— I 


• <-i 








O. F. Bresee, General Agent, 15 South St. 


• I— I 




Binswanger Emanuel, secoud Laud furniture, 

727 \v Baltimore 
Binswansrer Simon, bookkeeper, 65 Pearl 
Bining Georye, cooper, 208 Lee 
Binyon & Audoun, (W. W. Binyon, 0. Au- 

doun) builders, 137 s Ann 
Binyon Benj F. carpenter, 11 n Strieker 
Binyon Thos. W. clerk, 120 Gough 
Binvon Thos jr. carpenter, 130 Bank 
Binyon Mrs. Ursula, 331 e Pratt 
Binyon Wm. H. IT. carpenter, 130 Bunk 
Binyon Wm. W. (B. & Audoun) 130 Bank 
Binz Casper. 443 \v Fayette 
Binz Geo. W. hackdriver, 473 Saratoga 
Binz John, hackdriver, 443 w Fayett^ 
Binz John, baker, 473 Saratoga 
Binz Jt)hn jr. tinner, 473 Saratoga 
Birch Chas. (Haugh & Birch) 30 n Strieker 
Birch Charles, junk. 19« f^ast 
Birch Clinton S. printer. 6.50 w Baltimore 
Birch James, coachmaker, 133 McElderrv 
Birch James D. shipjoiner. 115 s Broadwaj 
Birch Wm. R. salesman, 80 s Bond 
Birch Wm. R. clerk, 80 s Bond 
Birckenbach Lorens, shoemaker, 46 Oxford 
Birckhead (Hiris. C. watchman, 33 n Strieker 
Birckhead G. E. clerk, 263 n Howard 
Birckhead Henry J. claim agent. 77 Granby 
Birckhead J.imes, brakeman, 22 Penn 
Birckhead James jr., National Lloyds, 30 South 

dw 87 Park 
Birckhead Jane E. 231 St. Paul 
Birckhead Juliet M. 231 St. Paul 
BIRCKHEAD LENNOX, real estate ncrent and 

collector. 33 St. Paul, dw York road 
Birckhead P. M. 87 Park 
Bird Mrs. Edtjeworth, 40 Mt. Vernon pi 
BIRD J. EDWARD, dry goods, 213 w Balti- 
more, dw 243 Linden a%' 
Bird Empson C. tobacconist, 28 w Pratt, dw 23 

Bird Jacob fireman, 718 w Pratt 
Bird Robert, machinist, 9,5 Jackson sq av 
Bird Stephen L. &Co. (S. L. Bird) dry goods, 

59 n Howard 
Bird Stephen L. (S. L. B. & Co.) 345 n Eutaw 
Bird W. E. clerk, 40 .Mount Vernon pi 
Birdsall Samuel. ])aver, 102 East 
Birely Mrs. Evelina H. 93 McCulIoh 
Birely Lewis A. (Wm. Ohler & Co.) ice, 247 w 

Birkett Mrs. .Mary, 420 vr Lombard 
Birkenstock Henry, tailor, 141 n Bond 
Biikey Edward H. clerk, 219 Druid Hill av 
Birkey Thomas H. 219 Druid Hill av 
Birkey Thomas, carpenter, 166 Division 
Birkholz Chas. A. k Co. (Chas. A Birkholz) 

tobacco, M4 n Eutaw 
Birkholz Chas. A. (Chas. A. B. & Co.) 159 

Birkholz .Mrs. Doris, mn.sic teacher, 156 Mul- 
Birkuer George, cooper, 78 Bank 
Biriey Th()ma.s, engineer, N. C. R depot 
Birknicytr J. F. fnrn. goods. 644 w Baltimore 
Birmingham Mrs. Ann, 89 Elliott 
Birmingham .Andrew, carpenter, 420 n Eden 
BirmingliMm Andreu, jr. canmaker, 420 n Eden 
Birmingham Daniel, jiuddler, 129 s Castle 
Birmingham .Mrs. Kllen, 4 Miller 
liirniingham Jns E. plasterer, 227 Henrietta 
Birmingham Jns. L. currier, 42 Albemarle 



Birmingham John, 42 Albemarle 
Birmingham John E. painter, 4 .Miller 
Birmingham Miss L. shoefitter, 42 Albemarle 
Birmingham Mary, 42 AH)emMrle 
Birmingham MisJS. shoefitter, 42 Albemarle 
Birmingham .Michael, clerk, s e cor Baltimore 

and Charles 
Birmingham Thos. laborer, 255 West 
Birmingham Wm stonecutter. 32 n Amity 
Birmingham Wm. laborer, 463 Canton av 
Birmingham Wm. currier, 42 Albemarle 
Birmingham Wm. T. tailor, 11 n Pine 
Birnie Upton, salesman, 343 Le.xiiiL'ton 
Birth whisel Patrick, laborer, 63 Granhy 
Bir.x Christian, laborer, 49 Covington 
Birx Conrad, baker. 64 Bariics 
Bisbee Mrs. Catherine, stationery, 78 Camden 
Bisbee Samuel, shoemaker, 78 Camden 
Bischoff Chas. cigarpacker, 18 w Pratt 
Bischoff Chris, cabinetmaker, 239 8 Charles 
BischofF Franz, shoemaker, 33 a Wolfe 
Bischoff .Mrs. Mary, 326 Canton av 
Biscoe Charles .M. clerk, 296 Eastern av 
Biscoe Geo. W. clerk, 330 w Lombard 
Biscoe James, com. merchant, over 149 w Pratt, 

dw 330 w Lombard 
Biscoe Robert B. blacksmith, 230 Conway 
Biscoe Theodore, clerk, 330 w Lombard 
Biscoe Wm. M. shipjoiner, 296 Eastern av 
Biser Daniel G. grocery, 550 w Fayette 
Biser G. C. salesman, 178 w Lombard 
Bishop Augustus, cabinetrakr, 239 s Charles 
Bishop Caleb, lightnin<r rods, 51 Ensor 
Bishop Chas. S. 339 e Pratt 
Bishop Chas. A. dep. U.S. marshal, Starr hotel 
Bishop Chas. B. actor, Howard house 
Bishop David J. 51 Harford av 
Bishop David E. 339 e Pratt 
Bishop David E. jr. bookkeeper,417 e Lombard 
Bisho}> Elijah C. huckster, 75 Harford av 
Bishop Elizabeth, 214 e Pratt 
Bishop Frank C clerk, 75 Harford av 
Bishop Ceo. machinist, 364 Canton av 
BISHOP GEO. W. hquors, cor Haubert and 

Bishop Ceo. C. milk, 93 n Caroline 
Bishop Geo. A. lab. 202 s Durham 
Bishop Geo. W. judge orphans' court, 47 S 

Bishop Geo. W. cirpenter, 179 Aisquith 
Bishop Geo. W. clerk. Mount nr Lexington 
Bi.«hop Mrs. Harriet A., Mount nr Lexington 
Bishop James, 87 n Pojjpletoii 
Bishop James B. tinner, 94 n Caroline 
Bishop John E. (Levi Cromwell's Son & Co.) 

118 Thames 
Bishop John, shipcarpenler, 19 s Choptank 
Bishoi) John H. lightning, 81 n High 
Bislio]) John T. stonemason, 173 McCulIoh 
Bish^op John T. jr. hookkj.r, 173 McCulloli 
Bish6p L. R. (Dil worth & B ) 14 n Gilmor 
Bishop Margaret C. 14 Division 
Bishop Mrs. Mary C, Division nr Hoflfman 
Bishoj) Mrs. Mary M. 162 s Wolfe 
Bishof) Patrick, lab. 4.-I5 w Lombard 
I5ishop Mis. Priscilla, St. Peter's Home (P. E. ) 

192 Penn a av 
Bishop Robert, 339 e Pratt 
Bishop Robert F. bricklayer, 87 n Pop[)hton 
Bishop Mrs. T. F. dressmaker, 331 n lOden 
Bishop W. Graham, bookkpr, 331 n Ivlen 
Bishop Wm. D. builder, Mount and Pratt 

Mutual Life Insurance Co. of New York, 




Bishoi) Win. J. clerk, 533 Lisht 
Bishop W'm. T. bacon, 74 Aisqtiilh 
Bishop Wm. H. rigger, 10 Cross, dw 3(54 Can- 
ton av 
Bishop Wm. H tobficconist, cor Lexington and 

Greene, dw 37 n Pine 
Bishop Wni. R. clerk, 222 e Madison 
Bishop Win. R. clerk, 331 ii Eden 
Bishop Winfield S. clerk, 331 n i-Mcn 
Bissell Benjamin, clerk, 25 Hollins 
Bissell Mrs. Margaret, 25 HoUins 
Bissell Wm. T printer, 3 n Strieker 
Bissett Jacob, butcher, 53 Lancaster 
Bisselt Thomas, jr. stonecutter, 63 McHenry 

BISSING W. P., Watchmakei', 280 
w Baltimore, dw 169 German. 

Bisson Mrs. Martha, grocery-, 7o s Chester 
Bisson Wm. mariner, 70 s Chester 
Bisson Wm. jr. mariner, 70 s Chester 
Bistow Christopher, taiior, 242 Canton av 
Bittenbacher Andrew, lab 240 s Durham 
Bitter Christ' n. weis beer and bottler, Pratt nr 

bridge, dw 46 s Washington 
Bitter D. lithographer, over 11 South, dw 380 

\v Fayette 
Bitter Henrj-, pianomaker, 218 Barre 
Bitter's Hotel, L. Bitter proprietor, cor Pratt 

and Concord 
Bitter John George, lab. 216 e E iger 
Bitter Justus, 41 n Eutaw 
Bitter L.(Salzig k B.) propr. Bitter's hotel, cor 

Piatt aud Concord 
Bitters Comley, engineer, 41 H iraburg 
Bitters James W. engineer, 41 Hamburg 
Bittiger August, grocery, 80 Orleans 
Bittiger Mrs. Mary, boarding, 456 w Pratt 
Biltinger Dan. N. carpenter, 547 w Lombard 
Bittiuger Fred, drayman, 173 Columbia 
Bittiuger John D. shoe store, 7 Penna av 
Bittle Hezekiah, t'urn. wagon, 2 St. Mary ct 
Bittle John, lab. 11 Patterson av 
Bittmeyer John, butcher, 489 Harford av 
Bittner Adam,' baker, 66 Granby 
Bitlner Casper, shoemaker, 298 Canton av 
Bittner Conrad, tailor, 119 Harford av 
Bittner Edward, barber, 52 Elliott 
Bittner Fred, sugar boiler, 36 s Castle 
Biituer Geo tailor, Hope nr Point la 
Bittner Gottleib, bootiitter, 36 s Castle 
Bittner John, lab. 212 Canton av 
Bittner John, lab. 40 Lancaster 
Bittner John, tailor, 252 e Chase 
Bittner Leonard, shoemaker, 123 Bank 
Bittner Louis F. clerk, foot of Cross 
Bittner Nicholas, tailor, 383 Aliceanna ext 
Bittner Peter, shoemaker, 188 s Caroline 
Bittner Richard, lab. 249 s Broadway 
Bitlorf Christian, polisher, 269 Hanover 
Bittorf Geo. C. tailor, 501 n Gay 
Bittorf Henry, tailor, 5 Sterrett 
Bittorf Wilhelmina, confectionery, 501 n Gay 
Bittroff Franz, barkeeper, 223 s.Bond 
Bitz Mrs. Annie, millinery, 67 Penna av 
Bitz John, porter, 67 Penna av 
Bitz John R. barber, 28 Penna av, dw 67 
Bitzel Adam, confectionery, 204 n Broadway 
Bixby H. C. fireman, 43 Leadenhall 
Bixler Daniel jr. bookkeeper, 73 Courtland 
Bixler Daniel, clerk, Franklin house 
Bixler Henry C. lab. 53 n Gilmor 




Bixler Louis A. tobacconist, 102 n Howard -i-^ 
Bixlor Win. H. H. ship chandler, Hughes nr ^ 

basin, dw Strieker nr Mulbcrrj' -^ 

Bixler Win. T. clerk to commiss'rs for opening ^ 

streets, 53 n Gilmor ^ 

Black Adam, clerk, Ogston nr Georofe "— ^ 

BLACK ANDREW L., Belvidere Nursery, e f< 

Eager nr Consiitution ^"'^ 

Black A. Campbell, (B. & Son) 325 Madison av ^ 
Bl tck Benj. F. sign painter, 178 Barre 
Black Bernard, painter, 16 n Wolfe Ct) 

Black Dr. Calvin, 668 w Fayette '~^ 

Black Daniei, wagoner, 167 William r 

Black D. Henry, yeastmaker, 96 Aisi^uith O 

Black Edwani, cooper, 63 s Chester O 

Black George, carrier, 218 Columbia ^ 

Black George, clerk, 12 Essex "^ 

Black Henrietta, Druidrille p^ 

Black Horse Hotel, 111 n High, T. Burton, pro- O 

prietor '7^ 

Black Horse Tavern, M. Carling, proprietor, 63 O 

Penna av p|j 

Black Mrs. Isabella, 317 e Pratt 
Black Mrs. J. E. (Mrs. Butt cj- Mrs. Black,) JiJ 

169 Preston 
Black James B. carpenter Ogston nr George ^ 
Black .James, marble yai-d, cor Cathedral and ^ 

Biddle, dw 258 Myrtle av ;>^ 

Black James F. messenger Adams Express Co., ^ 

218 Columbia 
Black James R bookbinder, 13 s Howard 
Black James H. engineer, 230 Bank 
Black John, harbormaster, 176 Bank 
Black John, laborer, 75 Hampstead 
Black John, (B. &Son,) 325 Madison av ^ 

Black John S. teacher, 176 Bank '^ 

Black John, (B. & Krebs, ) 296 Lexington P- 

Black John R.carp. 18 Marion, dw Frederick rd i-^ 
BLACK & KREBS, (J. Black, G. L. Krebs, --h 

Jacob E. Krebs) pork packers and provisions, ^ 

49 and 51 South and 53 n Caroline 
Black Margaret, seamstress, Hampden "^ 

Black Mrs.' Mary, 118 s Castle K 

Black Mrs. Mary, yeast, Orleans and Castle . -"^ 
Black .Michael, ship carpenter, 118 s Castle r^ 

Black Millard S. clerk, 374 Madison av ^ 

Black Morris, peddler, 326 Aliceanna j3 

Black R. P. cattle, Calverton hotel p| 

Black Samuel, builder, 374 Madison av C^ 

Black Samuel, machinist, Decker and Hoffman Q 
Black Mrs. S. J. 270 Mulberry 
Black & Son, (J. and A. C. JBlack) hardware, O 

160 n Gay ^ 

Black Wm. K. carpenter, 643 w Lombard ^ 

Black Wm. scalemaker, 270 Mulberry ^ 

Black Wm. E. cooper, 63 s Chester 
Black Worthington, driver, 122 Franklin 9 

Blackburn Cyrus, (C. B. & Bro.) 132 n .^^ 

Eutaw r^ 

Blackburn C. & Bro. (Cyrus and Edwin Black- i^ 

burn) flour, grain and com. merchs. n e cor Q 

Franklin and Eutaw "^ 

Blackburn Edwin, (C. B. & Bro.) 68 Bolton o 
Blackburn Elizabeth P. teacher, 132 n Eutaw O 
Blackburn Henry, miller, Loudon nr Milling- q 

ton la J^ 

Blackburn Samuel, laborer, 152 West ^ 

Blackeby Joseph, machinist, 9 Russell ^ 

BLACKFORD & CLARK, (W. H.Blackford, --. 

F. P. Clark) general ins. agents, consolid. ^ 

bldg cor South and German i--< 

Blackford Wm. H. (B. & Clark) 390 Eutaw pi ^ 

The Largest Life Insurance Co. in the World. 

















Blackhead M. tinner and sheetiion worker, 515 

Blackiston Albert C. clerk, 138 s Sharp 
Bliickiston Mrs. Annie, dry good?, 250 Lexington 
Blackiston John B. clerk, 352 Aisquith 
Blackiston John B. cab. maker ami undertaker, 

562 w Baltimore, dw 684 \v Lombard 
Blackiston John B. jr. moulder, 684 w Lombard 
Blackiston John H. clerk, 250 Lexington 
Blackiston Walter, clerk, 240 n Carey 
Blackiston \Vm. C. lumber inspector. Concord 

nr Pratt, dw 138 -s Sharp 
Blackkr Alex. C.( Elliott k B.)H1 n Broadway 
Blacklar Charles R. salesman, 115 s Bond 
Blacklock Allen R. salesman, 233 Franklin 
Blacklock Frank, clerk, 33 s Howard 
Blacklock Nicholas F. paper stock, metals,bagg, 

&c. 116 Light-st whf, dw Anne Arundel co 
Blackman Mrs. Marian, Oxford, York rd 
Blnckshire E. A. stockbroker, 196 w Lombard 
Blackwell Mrs. Elizabeth S. children's clothing, 

184 w Madison 
Blackwell Thomas J. plater, 50 s Sharp 
Blackwire Patrick, laborer, 50 Cooksie 
Blackwood Mrs. Dr. 99 St. Paul 
Blades AmericusO.,Pratland Patterson Park av 
Blades Charles W. laborer, 148 n Exeter 
Blades Mrs. Elizabeth, 148 n Exeter 
Blades John J. paperhanger, 148 n Exeter 
Blades John L. livery stables and night carts, 

114 s Washington, dw Pratt and Patterson 

Park av 
Blades John M. clerk, 30 s Eden 
Blades Samuel, chainuaker, 148 n Exeter 
Blades Thos. W. insurance agent, 103 s Bond 
Blades Wm. A. clerk, 416 n Carey 
Blades Wm. H. mariner, 5 L. Church 
Blades Wm. P.(Wm. P. B. & Co.) 410 n Carey 
Blades Wm. P. & Co. (Wm. P. Blades) general 

com. merchants, 100 w Pratt 
Blaich John F. teacber, 113 n Caroline 
Blair Chas. E. accountant, 381 Lexington 
Blair James A. (Jos. Harris & Co.) clerk P. 0. 

188 Hanover 
Blair James G. machinist, 136 Mosher 
Blair John, tailor, 412 w Lombard 
Blair John, shoemaker, 370 e Fayette 
Blair Mrs. Laura V. 39 Preston 
Blair Llewellyn P. gasfitter and plumber, 455 \v 

Baltimore, dw 47 n Paca 
Blair Mrs. M. school, 210 Hollins 
Blair .Montague, clerk, Genl. Wayne hotel 
Blair Samuel S. div. supt. N. C. R., St. Paul, 

Peabody heights 
Blake Albert C. cigiirmaker, 99 Cathedral 
Blake Benson, (B. & Kyle) 107 n Oregon 
Blake Chas. B. builder,' 380 e Pratt 
Blake Charles, porter, 182 Kastern av 
Blake Charles, watchmaker and jeweler, over 205 

\v Baltimore, dw Baltimore co 

BLAKE CHARLES W., Dealer in 
Watches, Jewelry, Silver and 
Plated Ware, 205 w Baltimore, 
dw Baltimore County. 


Blake Mrs. Emily, hoarding, 171 w Lombard 
Blake E. B. (B. tj- Rouzie) 20 Whatcoat 
Hlake Eugene, clerk. 145 Hanover 
Blake Francis T. bricklayirr, 112 n Caroline 
Blake Frank T. bricklayer, 204 n Central av 

Blake George, grocery, 151 York 
Blake Geo. X. carj). and builder, 428 e Balto. 
Blake Geo. R. clerk, 112 n Caroline 
Blake Henrietta M. 145 Hanover 
Blake Henry, carpenter, 305 n Central av 
Blake Henry S. teacher, 145 Hanover 
Blake Henry, painter, 143 e Eager 
Blake Jame.-^, police, 143 e Eager 
Blake Jas. P. carpenter, 171 w Lomhnrd 
Blake .Mrs. Jane, dressmalcer, 48 Walker 
Blake J. W. watchman. Custom House 
Blake Joel N. machinist and founder, cor Frank- 
lin and North, dw 931 w Baltimore 
Blake John A. porter, 99 Cathedral 
Blake John D. clerk, 171 w Lombard 
Blake John H. clerk, 48 Walker 
Bl.ike JohnH. clerk, 171 w Lombard 
Blake John L. clerk, 67 eBiltimore 
Blake John R builder, 112 n Caroline 
Blake John W. engineer, 143 e Eager 
Blake Jos. Yv'. messenger C. H. 99 Cathedral 
BLAKE k KYLK (Benson Blake, J. W. Kyle) 

com. merchant, flour, feed, grain, &c. 50 s 

Blake Lawrence, painter, 143 e Eager 
Blake Margaret, 143 c Eager 
Blake .Martin, 305 n Ontral ar 
Blake Mrs. Marv, 52 Laiicaster 
Blake Mrs. Mary, 99 Cuhcdral 
Blake k Rouzie (E. B. Blake, R. R. Rouzie) 

commission merchants, 16 Barro 
Blake Samuel F carpenter, 330 Mulberry 
Blake Sarah, saleswoman, 227 Lexington 
Blake Thotnas, laborer, 89 Johnson 
Blakeslce Abrani, cloth cutter, 434 w Baltimore 
Blakeney Albert A cotton manufac.Woodherry 
Blakeney Chas. carp. Woodberry 
Bl ikeney Sarah, Woodberry 
Blakeney Wm. painter, John nr Central ay 
Blakeney Wm. stonecutter, 4 Willow 
Blakeney Mrs, Rebecca, 170 Aisquith 
Blackistone T. Wallis, attorney, 37 St. Paul, 

dw 85 u Charles 
Blackistone Walter, clerk, 240 n Carey 
Hlamherg Herman, cab't maker, '75 .Milliraan 
Blanch James (L potter, 84 n Bond 
Blanch James T. carpenter, 199 e Lombard 
Blanch Jeremiah, carpenter and builder, 718 

Blanchard Bennington G.bookpr. 274 Myrtle av 
Blanchard C. A. clerk, 150 Bolton 
Blanchard Clarence, clerk, 150 l?olton 
BLANCHARD K. WYATT, attorney, 57 St. 

Paul, dw 81 Cathedral 
Blanchard Frank, shocmkr, 152 Lexington 
Blanchard George R. freight agent, 150 Bolton 
Blanchard Harris C. architect, 217 n Carey 
Blanchard James A. J. rigger, 68 Battery av 
Blanchard Mrs. Mary, 217 n Carey 
Blanck A. C. restaurant, 471 w Baltimore 
Blanck C. Henry, clerk, 471 w Baltimore 
Bland .lohn 11. Iirakeman, 50 Barre 
Blandford Wm. H. (B. .fe Gwynn,) 228 Pcirce 
Blandford k (iwynn (Wm. IL Blandford, Jas. 

S. (jwynn,) com. merchts. 112 s Charles 
Blaney ('has. E. bricklayer, Tovvnsend ext 
Blaney Frank, aiiothecary, cor Prattand GUmor, 

dw 20 3 Fremont 
Blaney fJeo. W. stonecutter, 304 Forrest 
IManey (Jco. W. clerk, cor Pratt and Gilmor 
Bltiney (Jeo. W. clerk, 20 s Fremont 
151aney Henry C. bricklayer, Townsend nrFulton 

O. F. Bresee, General Agent, 15 South St. 




Blaney Jas, M. biicklaver, 163 Green mount av 
Blaney James W. bricklayer, 20 s Fremont 
Blaney John T., Townsend ext 
Blaney John T. carpenter, 161 Greenniount av 
BlanejMrs. Sarah, huckstress,26GGreenmountav 
Blaney Wra. H. bricklayer, 238 George 
Blank Fred'k, packer, 135 Battery av 
Blank George, mariner, 259 Bank 
Blank John, mariner, 259 Bank 
Blank Mrs. Ursula, grocerj-, 135 Battery av 
Blankenberg Emma, teacher, 334 w Lombard 
Blankenburg Charles, shoemaker, 80 llullikin 
Blankenburg Jacob, clerk, 80 Mullikin 
Blankenheime John, stonemason, 417 Hamburg 
Blankenstein August, shoemaker, 19 Pearl 
Blankfeld Geo. cooper, 91 Granby 
Blaukfurd Jacob, huckster, 361 n Broadway 
Blankenship Dan. D. engin'r, 3 Williamson al 
Blass Josejih, cabinetmaker, 371 Penna av 
Blass Utto, clerk, 316 Aliceanna 
Blasse Robt. bakery, 487 n Gay 
Blatcbford Mrs. Cecelia, 8 Fish Market sp 
Blatchley George, coachman, 141 w Madison 
Blatchley Mrs. Harriet, Waverley 
Blatchley Mrs. PrisciUa, 241 e Chase 
Blattenberger H.C. clerk, cor North and Centre 
Blatter John, laborer, 225 s Wolfe 
Blaufuss Lewis, tailor, 267 Franklin 
Blaut Levi, shoemaker. 152 Chesnut 
Blazer Cliris. laborer, 122 s Wolfe 
Bleasdale Howard, clerk, 110 William 
Bleasdale John, engineer, 110 William 
Bleecher Jwhn. blacksmith, 237 Lemmon al 
Bledsoe Dr. Albert T. 34 McCuUoh 
Bledsoe Dr. A. T. editor Southern Review, 49 

Lexington, dw 34 .McCulloh 
Bledsoe Robt. conductor, 476 w Lombard 
Blego Frank, lab. 46 Thames 
Bleicker Lewis, shoemaker, 17 Baker 
Blenkner John, confectioner, McHeiirynr Payson 
Blenkner Peter, tailor, 243 n Dallas 
Blessing Andrew, bag cutter, 3G Hampstead 
Blessing Mrs. Barbara, 154 e Monument 
Blessing Daniel, carpenter, 47 n High, dw 154 

e Monument 
Blessing D. G. jr. carp. 154 e Monument 
Bbssing Mrs. Elizabeth, 72 Bank 
Blessing James, carpenter, 241 n Gay 
Blessing John, cakes, 36 Hampstead 
Blessing John, tobacconist, 241 n Gay 
Blessing Jno. F. tobacconist, 104 w Pratt, dw 

241 n Gay 
Blessing Margaret, 36 Flampstead 
Blessing Margaret, 154 e .Monument 
Blessing Simon, bag cutter, 36 Hampstead 
Blessing W. T. clerk, 241 n Gay 
Bletzer Philip, shoemaker, 184 "s Bethel 
Blcuber Rudolph, machinist, 299 >v Pratt 
Bley Chas. shoemaker, 7 s Greene 
Bley John, laborer, 49 Union 
Bley Rudolph, sec. hand cloth'g,121 Eastern av 
Bley Samuel, cigarmaker. 121 Eastern av 
Btick Thos. H. 362 e Baltimore 
Bligh Patrick, laborer, 483 w Lombard 
Blimline Andrew, 14 Dawson al 
Blimline Bernard (H. Sonneborn & Co.) 195 

Druid Hillar 
Blimline Henry, cutter, 285 Franklin 
Blimline J. & Son, (J. Blimline) manufs. shirts 

and drawers, over 17 s Sharp 
Blimline Joseph, {J.B.k Son) 195 Druid Hill av 
Blimline Wm. moulder, 61 McHenry 

Blinn Chas. A. clerk, 687 w Fayette 
Blinsinger W. M. carp'r, 125 Franklin 
Bliss Horace, Eutaw house 

Blithe , clerk, 76 Lexington 

Blizzard Caleb H. undertaker, 66 Etting 

Blizzard Elijah, quarryman, Clipper mills 

Blizzard Geo. W. engineer, 193 F'orrest 

Blizzard John R. engineer, 166 Battery av 

Blocker Daniel, brickmaker, 22 s Gilmor 

Blocker Henry, blacksmith, 222 Hollins 

Blocker Wm. S. bookk'r, 679 w Lombard 

Block .Mrs. Barbara, 118 s Eden 

Block Mrs. Elizabeth, 64 McCulloh 

Block Ernest, machinist, 510 Light 

Block Henry, clerk, American hotel 

Block John, 44 Franklin 

Block John H. bricklayer, 7 Cuba 

Block Lo'uis, peddler, 217 Eastern av 

Block ilarcus, cigarmnker, 121s Caroline 

Block Mary, 99 (Jrleaiis 

Block Myer, clerk, 118 s Eden 

Block Peter, laborer, 19 Albemarle 

Block Sarah, 99 Orleans 

Block Solomon S. liquors, 40 Light 

Block Solomon S. salesman, 29 s Eden 

Blogg Rev. E. N. S. salesman, Mulberry and 

Bloiiie Mrs. Christian, confect'ry, 44 Lancaster 
Blome Frederick, bricklayer, 44 Lancaster 
BLOME GEO. confectionery, 445 w Baltimore 
Blome John, conft-ctionery, 911 w Baltimore 
Blomeier Chris, blks'h, 240 s Caroline, dw 178 
Blomeier Ennis, shoemaker, 30 President 
Blondell John, laborer, 297 Norih 
Blondell John, brakeman, 132 n High 
Blondell Malachi, clerk, 1 Sterrett 
Blondheim Charles, 93 n Howard 
Blondheim Heart, clothing, 105 n Howard 
Blondheim Mich'l, clothing, 93 n Howard dw 105 
Blondheim Solomon, clothing, 173j Franklin, 

and s w cor Baltimore and Paca, dw 105 n 

Blondheim Simon, clerk, 105 n Howard 
Blood Wm. H. car driver, 968 w Baltimore 
Bloodgood C. Bonsai, 263 St. Paul 
Bloodgood Mrs. James L 263 St. Paul 
Bloodworth Capt. Jacob, mariner, 81 s High 
Bioom Albert, clerk, 75 s Caroline 
Bloomer Mrs. John W. sr. 157 n Caroline 
Bloomer Wm. E. conductor, 350 n Broadway 
Bloss Geo. bricklayer, 62 Hill 
Bloss Joseph, shucker, 771 Light 
Bloss Mrs. Mary, grocery, 771 Light 
Blotkamp Wm. hacks, 260 e Lombard 
Blotkamp Wm. J. harnessmkr. 257 e Lombard 
Blottenberger Benj. carpenter, Charles st av 

nr Walnut 
Blottenberger Mrs. Mary, 146 Orleans 
Blowors Wm. W. laborer, 41 s Strieker 
Bloxham J. W. salesman, Fuuntain hotel 
BLOXHAM JOHN .j- SON, (John and John L. 

B.) hardware and stoves, 56 Harrison 
Bloxham John fJohn B. & Son) 157 n High 
Bloxham John L. (John B. ^ Son) 157 n High 
Bloxham Richard J. telegraphist, 157 n High 
Bluche David, polisher, 239 Columbia 
Blucher Albert H. laborer, Hampden 
Bluclier Mrs. Angelina, Hamjiden 
Blncher Richard T. overseer Clipper mills 
Bluemenkamp E. grocery, 128 n Central av 
Bluet Ellen, dressmaker, 127 w Madison 
Bluet Mary, dressmaker, 127 w Madison 



















Assets $60,000,000 Cash Invested. 
















Blufford Wm. H., Catliednil nr Townsend 

Blum Anton, laborer, 69 Somerset 

Blum Benj. ti^arinaker, Go n Wasliinfrton 

Blum Bernard, cigarmaker, 9 McElderry 

Blum Mis. Catherine E. 20 s Caroline 

Blum Frederick, driver, 96 s Castle 

Blum Georice, tailor, 177 Harford av 

Blum Goileib, laborer, 96 s Castle 

Blum Gumby S. bookkeeper, 301 Lexington 

Blum G. (B., Hechinger & Co.) 76 Columbia 

Blum, Hechinger k Co. (G. Blum, P. and D. 

ilechinirer) wholesale clulliiers, 282i \v Pratt 
Blum Ilartwig F. barber, 397 n Gay 
Blum Isaac, sec. hand dealer, 193 e Lombard 
Blum Isaac, Sfc. hand clothier, 231 s Caroline 
Blum Jacob, ci}xar manut'. J93 e Lombard 
Bliini John, driver, 96 s Castle 
Blum Joseph, glazier, 153 n Eden 
Blum Joseph, laborer, 98 s Castle 
Blum M. M. tobacconist, 84 Park 
Blum Mrs. Mina, rag shoes, 145 w Lombard 
Blum Philip, bo.xmaker, 45 s Caroline 
Blum S. II. bookbindt'r, 69 s Paca 
Blum yoloraon. (Hess, B. &Co.) 301 Lexington 
Blum Wm. jeweler, 538 w Baltimore 
Blum Wm. laliorer, 137 s Castle 
Blumauer Louis, bo(;ts and shoes, 275 s Charles 
Blume Albert, clerk, 75 s Caroline 
Blume Casjier, laborer, 147 Hill 
Blume Frederick, artist and saloon, 27 Harrison 
Blume Henry, carfjenter, 74 Leadeiihall 
Blume Henry, barber, 287 w Pratt 
Blume Herman, (B. l^ Stiertz) Cross nr Paca 
Blume Phili|), (Taylor & B.) 45 s Caroline 
BLUME & STIERTZ, (Herman Blume, John 

Stiertz, ) looking glass and picture frames, 

over s e cor Fayette and Howard 
Bluujehardt Chas. G. butcher, 157 Lexington 
Blumenburg Julius J. 158 w Fayette 
Bluuienburg L. agent North American Life 

Ins. Co. 74 w Baltimore, dw 37 n Exeter 
Blumenburg Marc A. pianos and organs, 158 

w Fayette 
Blumenburg Rudolph, 208 e Baltimore 
Blumenour Henry, baker, 152 Hamburg 
Blummrather John, tailor, 263 Preston 
Blumenthal Abraham, sec. hand goods, 184 

Light St whf and 27 1 s Charles 
Blumenthiil Geo. (Schnauffer&Co.)St. Clair hotel 
Blumenthal Isa^c, tobacconist, 48 Lee 
Blumenthal Lewis, (M. B. & Bro.) cor Ilollins 

and Repul)lican 
Blumentlial M. Sf Bro. (M. k. L. Blumenthal,) 

dry goods, cor Ilollins and Republican 
Blumenthal Max (M. B. & Bro.) cor Hollins 

and Reijublican 
Blumenthal Simon, clerk, cor Hollins and Re- 
Blumer Frederirk, currier, 37 Orleans 
Blumer Margaret, beer, 20 Shakspear 
Blumer Philip, laborer, Hampden 
Blumer Samuel, printer, 20 Shakspear 
Blumh(jll' Herman, confectr. 171 s Broadway 
Blundcll Dennis, salesman, 172 Myrtle av 
Blundell Dennis, collector, 541 w Lombard 
Blundell Milachi, tailor, 195 Forrest 
Blundell Malachi, clerk, 1 Sterrett 
Blundell Mrs. Margaret, 1 Sterrett 
Blundell Michael, gasfitter, 1 Sterrett 
Blundell Lewis, laborer, 149 n Front 
Biundon R. M. (J. A. Edmondson & Son) 60 

8 Sharp 

Blunt Benj. clerk, 74 w Biddle 

Blunt Geo. W. printer, 75 Pearl 

Blunt Nelson, laborei-, 21 Walker 

Blunt Thus. J. flour and feed, 74 vv Biddle 

Blunt Wra. R. bricklayer, 553 e Fayette 

Boacker Wm. tailor, 381 w Pratt 

Boanmaiin Heniy. driver, Belair av ext 

Board of ilanagers, H(mse of Reformation and 

lust, fur Colored Children, over 12 South 

SIO.SERS, n e cor Ilollidav and Fayette 
BOARD OF TRADE, office New Exchange 

Buildings, George U. Porter, secretary 
BOARD OF HEALTH, office 28 n Holliday 
Boardman Dr. F. E. 485 w Fayette 
Board man Francis, supt. Sherwood house, 104 

e Baltimore 

Boarman •, 461 n Fremont 

Boarman Robert J. carpenter-, 215 e Fayette 

Bobart Carroll, huckster, 33 Stiles 

Bobart Charles, clerk, 33 Stiles 

BOB.ART THOMAS W. restaurant, 242 s 

Bro. id way 
Bobb Lawrencf, notions, 157 Eastern av 
Bobb Mrs. Mary, 157 s Choptank 
Bobbs Elizabeth, 192 s Chapel 
Bobee Joseph F. machinist, 363 West 
Bobeth Charles, 429 w Fayette 
Bobetli Louis E. piano maker, 77 St. Peter 
Boblitz Wm. II. puuipmaker, 277 n Durham 
Bochman Fred'k, saddler, 366 Light 
Buchuum Henry, sec. hand cloth. 214 s Caroline 
Bochel Nicoli, fruit, 19 New Church 
Bock Charles, carjjentei-, Monroe and Pratt 
Bock Herman, tobacconist, n e cor Bond and 

Bock Jacob, polisher, 176 L. Greene 
Bock Julius, painter, 322 e Monument 
Bock Wm. tailor, 114 Low 
Bockel Charles, shoemaker, Frederick rd nr 

Gwynn's Falls 
Bockelman Amelia, dressnikr, 140^ s Spring 
Bockelman Chris, machinist, 140^8 Spring 
Bockelman Conrad, tailor, 25 Barre 
Bockelman Dietrich, shoemkr, 158 s Fremont 
Bockelman Wm. P. upholsterer, 11 Painter ct 
Bocker John, painter, 226 n Fremont 
Bockhotf Wm. huckster, 20 Thomsen 
Bockman Au^^ustus, shoemkr, 670 w Baltimore 
Bockiniller Wm. tanner, 98 Chew 
Bockmiller Wm. P. (Barlol & B.)Eden nr Chew 
Bode Mrs. Annie, 19 Conway 
Bode Charles, tailor, 216 n Caroline 
Bode Dietricli, shoemaker, 12 Emory 
Bode Lewis, drayman, 44 ividgely 
Bode S. W . clerli, 19 Conway 
Bodei.i Charles, foreman, 302 n Bond 
Bodein Mrs. M. laundress, 40 Barnes 
Bodeker Chas. butcher, Cross-st rarkt. dw 194 

Boden .Mrs. Marg. I. dressnikr, 299 e Monument 
Bodeii Wm. H. confect'r, 299 e .Monument 
Bodenburg Charles, capmaker, 384 s Charles 
Bodenshatz John, tavern, 8()3 w Pratt 
Bodensick Chas. F. liookbinder, over 160 W 

Baliimore, dw 407 Franklin 
Bodensick David, printer, 391 Franklin 
Bodensick Geo. miller, Millington rd rear Fred- 
erick av 
Bodensick Mary, 391 Franklin 
Hodensick Mrs. Sarah, 263 Franklin 
Bodensick Wm. T. bookbinder, 263 Franklin 

Mutual Life Insurance Co. of New York, 




Bodensein Henrj, teamster, 15 New Church 
Boder Herman, carter, 255 s Paca 
Bodhoff Jacob, cooper, 376 Haiiiburg 
Bodioe Charles, laborer, 302 n Bond 
Bodine Jidin, umbrella maker, 79 MuUikin 
Boeckel Clias. F. shoemitker,53 Frederick av 
]3oecker August, tailor, 405 Lisht 
Boecker Mrs. Christina, notions, 4ii5 Light 
Boeckner Charles, beer, 485 w Baltimore 
Boeckaer Jacob, tinner, 105 s Rofrester 
Boeckner John, laborer, 105 s Regester 
Boedecker Charles, huckster, 194 Cross 
Boedeker .Mrs. Agnes, grocery, 226 s Eutaw 
Boehl Gforge, cigarraaker, 145 Canideii 
Boehl .Mrs. Henry, carpetstore, 145 Camden 
Boehlein Frank, laborer, 2 Spruce al 
Boehui Anton H. barber, 20 s Wolfe 
Boehm Dr. Adolphus, 131 Hanover 
Boehm August, tailor, 126 s Dallas 
BOEHM CHAS. T. cashier Nutional Exchange 

Bank, 118 McCulloh 
Boehm Chas. E. harnessmaker, 109 George 
Boehm Constantine, beer, 26 s Wolfe 
Boehm Edward, clerk, 30 Miller 
Boehm Henry, baker, 199 George 
Boehm Henry E. brassnioulder, 199 George 
Boehm Herman, clerk, 131 Hanover 
Boehm John, butcher, 42, 190 and 192 Belair, 
and 71 and 72 Centre nikts. dw Harford av 
Boehm John C. shoemaker, 169 Elisor 
Boehm John W. Avheelwrit;ht, I n Bond 
Boehm Mrs. Kate, 242 w Fayette 
Bitehm Margaretta, confect'j', 346 Eastern av 
Boehm Michael, blacksmith, 1 n Bond 
Boehm Wra. tailor. 50 Milliman 
Boehm Wm. machinist. 95 n Gay 
Bochnie Augustus, clerk, 34 Conway 
Boehiue Aug. sr. grocer, 128 Hanover, dw 130 
Boehmer Henry, groc. cor Warner and Wayne 
Boehnlein Joseph, laborer, 309 Eastern av 
Boehiinger Ferd. driver, 8 Brannan ct 
Boehringer Louise, seamstress, 8 Brannan ct 
Boendu Geo. H. grocery, 248 s Charles 
Boenzli John, barber, 18 Orleans 
B0P:RICKE FRANCIS E. homeopathic drug- 
gist, 19 n Eutaw, dw Philadelphia 
Boerner Kdward, tiiilor, 283 s Bond 
Boerner Geo. C. cabinetmaker, 39 n Amity 
Boesc.he Diedrich, clerk, 6 Fort av 
Boesche Henry, blacksuiitb, 362 Hanover 
Boesenberg Henry, tailor, 123 Stirling 
Boesser Geo, C. grocery, 64 n Edea 
Boest Fred'k, laborer, 29 Fornst 
Boeth Charles, 429 w Fayette 
Boette Theodore, shoemkr, Pratt nr Monroe 
Boettger Conrad, finisher, 328 Hamliurg 
Boettinger Peter, shoemkr, 209 n Central av 
Bnettinger Wm. cigarmaker, 209 n Central av 
Boetz Rudolph, blacksmith, 5 Truxton 
Boger Henry, basketmaker, 1 L. McElderry 
Bogert Wni. F. clerk, 104 McCulloh 
Boggess Wm. B. F. carpenter, 264 McDonogh 
Boggs A. G. bookkeeper, 56 e Baltimore 
Boggs A. A. ( S. S B. &Son) 43 Hanover 
BOGGS A. L. JR. & CO. (A. L. Boggs, jr.) 
wholes, and retail grain, flour, and mill feed, 
141 n Howard 
Boggs F. Hy, (Brown, B.^ Co.)210 w Hoffman 
Boggs A. L. jr. (A.L.B.& Co.) 242 n Eutaw 
Boggs J. Greer, bookkeeper, 56 e Baltim'>re 
Boggs Robt. J. B., Custom house, 242 n Eutaw 
Boggs S. S. (S. S. B. & Son) Brtltimore co 

BOGGS S. S. & SON (S. S. and A. A. Boggs) 

oysters and fruit packers, 184 York 
Boggs Wm. (Kilpalrick & B.)291 Druid Hill av 
Boggs Wui. H. clerk, 56 e Baltimore 
BOGUE HENRY k SON, (Henry and Rob't H. 

Bogue) tailors' tiimgs. over 226 w Baltimore 
Bogue Henry (H. Bogue cj- Son) 71 Cathedral 
Bogue Jas. grocery and liquors, 11 Mercer 
Bogue Mrs. John, 697 w Fayette 
Bogue Joseph F. clerk, 697 w Fayette 
Hogue Robert H. (H. B. & Son) 71 Cathedral 
Bogue Thomas, clerk, 11 Mercer 
Bogue Vincent T. salesman, 697 w Fayette 
Bohager Samuel, junk, 5 Bank 
Bohan Ellen, grocery, 34 Rock 
Bohan James, gardener, 34 Rock 
Boha^an Emma, dressmaker, 121 n Front 
Bohanan Leroy. bricklayer, 144 Montgomery 
Bohanan Mrs. M^goje E. 56 n Broadway 
Bohanan Mrs. Martha, 100 North 
Bohanan Mrs. Martha, 121 n Front 
fiohenk Frank, laborer, 6 Barnes 
Bohl August, ciearmaker, 405 Canton av 
Bohl Frank, cigurn,aker, 214 Light 
Bohland Philip, painter, 140 Peirce 
Bolile Charles, grocery, Beason and Cooksie 
Bohlken Cornelius, tinner, 41 s Exeter 
Bohm Christopher, shoemaker, 169 Ensor 
Bohm John G. blacksmith, 212 e Lnmbard 
Bohnum Charles, laborer, Monroe and Pratt 
Bohn Anton, barkeeper, 18 n Howard 
Bohn August, turner, 97 Somerset 
Bohn C. tailor, 50 n Eutaw 
Bohn H. &Co. (H. Bohn, A. Schwallenberg) 

turning and saw mill, 5 Swan 
Bohn Henry, (H. B. & Co.) 43 Holland 
Bohn Michael, turner, 43 Holland 
Bnhn Wra. turner, 43 Holland 
Bohne Ferd. cabinetmaker, 121 Vine 
Bohne Henry, grocery, 20 Myrtle av 
Bohne Henry, jr. shoemaker, 20 Myrtle av 
Bohne Henry, tailor, 54 n Caroline 
Bohnert Henry, laborer, 45 Portland 
Bohnlein John G. cooper, 80 Durst al 
Bohnlein Joseph, varnisher, 50 Durst al 
Bohner Nicholas, tailor, 39 Cambridge 
Bohnert Michael, shoemaker, 23 St. James 
Bohiilofink John, .^-hoemaker, 194 e Lombard 
Bohnlofink John, jr. shoemaker, 194e Lombard 
Bohrer Dr. Frank, Dolphin and Druid Hill av 
Bohrer Wm. 0. ice cream maker, 181 Dolphin 
Bohsien Charles, cooper, 903 w Pratt 
Boice Geo. M miller, 240 HoUins 
Boice Mary E. dressmaker, 240 Hollins 
Boileaii Paul, cornicemaker, 7 McHenry 
Boiner Gotleib, tanner, 198 Forrest 
Boinraf Joseph, cooper, 42 Duncan al 
BokeeGeo. M. & Bro.(G. M. and M. H. Bokec) 

china, glass, queensware, 41 n Howard 
Bokee Geo. M.(G. M. B. & Bro.) 277 Le.xington 
Bokee Howard, oil and lamps, 14 n Howard, 

dw Howard house 
Bokee Morris H. (G.M.B.<t Bro. ) Ho^v:rd ilou^e 
Bokee Wm. F. (Wm. F. B. ^|-Co. ) i»3 n From 
Bokee Wm. F. ^ Co. (Wm. F. Bokte.) china 

merchnnts, 1 and 3 Harrison 
Bokee Wm. H. assessor tax court, 344 n Eutaw 
Bokel Alfred, clerk, York rd 
Bokel John G. grocery, 283 e Eager 
Bokel Joseph A. clerk, 283 e Eager 
Bokel Joseph H. clerk, Woodberrv 
Bokel Theodore A. grocery and feed, York rd 









O. F. Bresee, G-eneral Agent, 15 South St. 














Boker Bernard H. furniture, 48 Penna av 
Bokern Fred. carp, and undertaker, 36 Thames 
Bolaek Peier, cooper, 437 Canton av 
Bolack Peter, jr, cooper, 437 Canton av 
Boklrtde Francis H. gardener, U'Doiinell ext 
Bokman Henry, sec. hand poods, 204 Cftntonar 
Bolan Thc^s. laborer, 23 Wood.vear 
]5oland August, finisherj 137 Baitery av 
Boland James L. junk, 170, and grocery 168 

Ciinton av 
Boland Malachi, lab. 6 Lemiiion 
Boland Margaret E. dressmaker, 8 Bolton 
Boland Michael, clerk, 59 t- Madison 
Boland .Mrs. .M. contectioncry, 263 Forrest 
Boland Odes, blacksmith. Mount iir Mcllenry 
Boland Patrick W. bookkeeper, 265 Forrest 
liolaud Thos. bidlerraaker, 20 Constitution 
Boland Thos. plumber, 23 Woodyear 
BoL-uid Thos. plumber, 8 Bolton" 
Bolandei- David, shoemaker, Stockholm near 

Bolata Frances, shucker, 99 Lancaster 
Bolden James, caulker, 131 Hamburg 
Bolden Wm. machinist, 287 Ramsay 
Bole Chailes, grocery, Beason and Cooksie 
Boldt Wm. tavern, cor Cliew and Dallas 
Bolen Edward, lab. 26 HiUen 
Boleuius Adolphus W. assl. weigher C.H., 256 

n Howard 
Boleuius Mrs. Emma, 19 Etiing 
Bolenius Ernest \V. (G. H. B. & Co.) Hunt- 
ingdon av nr St. Paul 
Boleuius Fred. H. carjieuter, 19 Etting 
Bolenius Geo. H. (G. H. B. k Co.) Hunting- 
don av nr Charles 

r^ BOLENIUS G. H. & CO. (G. H. Bo- 

^ lenius, E. W. Bolenius,) dealers in 

jH Leaf Tobacco and Cigars, n w cor 

<^ Charles and Pratt. 


Bolenius Mrs. L. C. upholsterv, It) Etting 
Bolgiauo Gilbert C. locksmith and bellhanger, 

127 iSaratoga, dvv Clarke nr Fremont 
Bolgiano Josej)!) A. (M. & Son) B dtimore co 
Bolgiano John (B, & Son) .McMechin k Madison 
Bolgiano & Son, (J. and J. A. Bolgiano) shoe 

findings and garden seeds, 28 s Calvert 
Holland Mrs. Fllizi, cor Charles tuid West 
Bolliiii: .Mrs. .Mary J. 106 Siratoira 
B(dle Henry, laborer, 97 Cambridire 
Bollena John, fruit stand, 129 Camden 
Boiler Henry, musician, 319 Mulberry 
I'.oller Wm. bfcr, 039 w Baltimore * 
Boiler Wm. brak(Mnaii, 49 s Oregon 
Bollinger Abtil, 349 Cathedral 
Bollinger Caiherine, 2 Voung 
Bollinger Chester, conductor, 255 Forrest 
Bollinger John, jiorli-r, 1 1 Portugal al 
Bollinger .loseph, piaiioinaker, 10 \Vashn. av 
Bollman Andrew, m-icliinist, 201 Burgundy al 
Bollman August, Lanciisier nr Third 
Bollman August F. clerk, 197 e Fayette 
Bollman k Carl, (Fred. M. Bollman, E. E, 

Call) imps, wine and vinegar, 63 s Gay 
Bollman Chas. A. machinist, 112 Burgundy al 
Hollm in Ernst, drayman, 217 (,'onwav 
I$ollman Fredk. M.*(B. k Carl) Mt. Washing'n 
Bollman Henry, laiiorer, William nr Fort av 
Bollman Honry, porter, 69 I'ark 
Bollman Henry, clerk, 197 e Fayette 

Bollman Herman F. drayman, 197 e Fayette 
Bollman Jacob M. machinist, 431 n C-irey 
Bollman James H. finisher, 35 .McHeiiry 
Bollman Jidin W. civil and constructing en- 
gineer, Clinton s of Boston, dw 343 e Pratt 
Bollman Smith, clerk, 112 Penna av 
Bdllman This. S. di-aughtsman, 112 Penna av 
BOLL.MAN WENDELL, civil and constructing 
engineer, Patapsco Woiks, (Jlinton s of Bos- 
ton, office 8 s Gay, dw 112 Penna av 
Bolst Andrew, laborer, 129 n Spring 
Bolst Mrs. Margaret, peddler, 7 Hulls la 
Bolst Mary, seamstress, 7 Hulls la 
Bolster Conrad, brickmaker, 26 Wyeth 
Bolster (Jeo. T. prisiter, 167 Ai.^qnith 
Bolster Henry, tailor, 390 Aliceanna 
Bolster John, l.ihorer, 390 Aliceanna 
Bolster John, clerk, 167 Aisqnith 
Bolster Thos. E. clothing cutter, 167 Aisquitb 
Bolte Christian, wheehviight, 9 Ijcadimhall 
Bolte Henry, (Beck k Bolte,) 54 s Eutaw 
Bolte Simon, (Alb.-rti, Prior & Co.) 543 w 

BOLTE SIMON, china and glassware, 543 w 

Boltev Augustus, furn. wagon, 7 s Republican 
BOLTON BROTHERS, (Wm. H., D. K. and J. 
T. Bolton, jglass, oils, paints, 82 and 84 w Pratt 
Bolton Charles W. clerk, 1 Jackson 
Bolton Daniel K. (B. Bros.) Harford co. 
Bolton Edw'd I. grcK'ery, 39 Greenmountav 
Bolton Harry N. clerk, 41 e Baltimore 
Bolton Henrv W. book agent, 483 w Lombard 
BOLTON HUGH k CO. (H. Bolton, Glendv 
Stuart, H. W. Bolton. W. B. Bolton) glass, 
oils and paints, 81 and 83 Mcl'ildi-rry's whf 
BoltDu Huuh, (Ilimti B. k Co.) 151 Dolphin 
Bolton Hugh W. (Hugh B. & Co.) 151 Dolphin 
Bolton James K. clerk, 114 s Bond 
Bolton James S. clerk. 1 Jackson 
Bolton James T. (B<^)lt(ni Bros.) 1 Jackson 
Bolton Dr. John 11. drug store, n e cor Bond 

and (Jay 
Boltiin .Mrs Martha, dressmaker, 330 Aisquitl: 
Bolton Wm. as.-t. eugineei-, St. Chiir hotel 
Bolton Wm. II. firem;in, 114 s Bond 
Bolton Wm. B. (H. B. k Co.) (>4 n Front 
Bolton Win. II. (Bolton Bros.) 126 n Broadway 
Boltz John, cooper, 10 s Durham 
B(»man (Jco. H. lab. cor. Fort av and William 
BOMBAUGH DR. CHAS. C. editor Baltimore 
Underwriter, 3 Postoffice av, dw 432 Madi- 
son av 
Bomberger Geo. shoemaker, 4 Pros[)ecl la 
Boniberger John, hostler, 23 Shakspear 
Bomber;^er John II. shoemaktr, 239 Light 
Bumhard (;iiristoi)her, lab. S Bradford al 
Bombard .lacob, lal). 8 Bradfor<l al 
Bomhotr Edward, mariner, 16 Williamson al 
Bommer ,\dam, Ciirpeutci', 8 .Monmonier ct 
Bommer .Mcyidiard, blacksmith, Waverley 
Bommer Henry, barlx'r, 90 n (Jay 
Bona Bcrnaid, collector, 175 s Charles 
Bona Louis C. bookkeeper, 175 s ('hiirles 
Bonacker Phili|), beer. lOti Mcl'ilderry 
Bonaker John G. butcher, 54 n Spring 
Bomiparte Col. Jerome Napoleon, 143 n Cliarica 
Bonaparte Mrs. Susan Napoleon, 95 Park 
Bonaparte Midame, 87 n Charles 
l^.once John, Biddle nr Bond 
Bond Alexander .j- Co. (A. Bond, Jidin C. Bra- 
den) jirodiice and oysters, 5 Hollinysworth 

The Largest Life Insurance Co. in the World. 




Bond Alexander, (A. B. cj- Co.) 245 e Biddle 

Bond Alexander, clerk. 268 w Baltimore 

Bond Alexander T. clerk, 82 Read 

Bond Alex. J. carpenter, 177 Druid Hill av 

Bond Alfred, conductor, 413 n Calhoun 

Bond Alfred, carpenter, 14 s Oretron 

Bond Arthur W. salesman, 22 s Charles 

Bond Aquilla, iron roller, 10 Binney 

Bond Hainet, com. merchant, 150 w Pratt, dw 

31.^ Aisquith 
Bond Caleb J. fish, 69 Granb,y 
Bond Charles, painter, 162 McHenry 
Bond Charles H. bookkeeper, 216 n Broadway 
Bond K. J. attorney, 19 Lexington, dw Anne 

Arundel co 
Bond Kli, cardriver, 4 Strieker 
Bond Mrs. Eliza, 101 Druid Hill av 
Bond Mrs. Elizabeth, 21 n Durham 
Bond Eugene D. C. clerk, 330 e B:Utimore 
Bond Francis E. 471 n Fremont 
Bond Frank, shoecutter, 108 s Eutaw 
Bond Frank, clerk, 471 u Fremont 
Bond G. Moiris, ( B. & Tidv,) 82 Read 
Bond George, collector, 9 s Gilinor 
Bond Geoige W. lab. 15 Bank 
Bond George W. clerk, 720 w Baltimore 
Bond George, clerk, 720 w Baltimore 
Bond Harry 1. 348 e Monument 
Bond Hon. Hugh L., Judge of U. S. Circuit 

Court, s e cor Bolton and Lanvale 
Bond James, (Thos.B.&Son ) s e cor Broadway 

and Madison 
Bond James, fruit, produce and fish, 3 Hollings- 

worth, dw 348 e Monument 
Bond James E. clerk. 311 Aisquith 
Bond James H. {J. W. B. & Co.) 389 Eutaw pi 
BOND J. W. & Co. (J. W. and J. H. Bond) 

booksellers, 86 w Baltimore 
Bond J. AV. (J. W. B. <j- Co.) 229 e Baltimore 
Bond John 0. machinist, 49 Hamburg 
Bond John, clerk, 311 Aitquith 
Bond John H. carpenter, 81 n Pine 
Bond John, blacksmith. 7)4 Penna av 
Bond Joseph, clerk, 471 n Fremont 
Bond Joseph, huckster, 423 e Fayette 
Bond Joshua B. clerk, 471 n Fremont 
Bond Joshua, lab. 21 n Durham 
Bond Joshua R. lab. 21 n Durham 
Bond Leander, carpenter, 264 Penna av 
Bond Leonard, driver, 264 Penna av 
Bond Lewis B. canmaker, 115 n Bond 
Bond Lorenzo D. carpenter, 273 Walsh 
Bond Martha A.teacher,Baltimorenr Broadway 
Bond .Mrs. i^Iary, 56 Conrtland 
Bond Mrs Marv, laundress, 76 Richmond 
Bond Mrs. Jlary W. clerk, 66 Walsh 
Bond Peter P. letter carrier. 264 Penna av 
Bond Richard B. clerk, 66 Walsh 
Bond Samuel, iron roller, 34 s Burke 
Bond Samuel W. carpenter, 426 n Carey 
Bond-st. M. B. Church South, Bond nr Hamp- 

BOND & TIDY, (G. Morris Bond, John B. 

Tidy, jr.) attorneys, 8j St. Paul 
Bond Thos. blacksmith, 51 Harrison 
Bond Thos. B. 66 Walsh 
Bond Thos. B. caulker, 3 Potomac 
Bond Thos. G. barkeeper, 73 s Paca 
Bond Thos. J. restaurant, 172 n Bond 
Bond Thos. J. manager, Eden nr Jefferson 
BOND THOMAS & SON. (T. and J. Bond) 

produce, n w cor Calvert and Pratt 


Bond Thos. (Thos. B. & Son) 99 n Bond 
Bond Wm. 257 n Eden -^ 

Bond Wm. 35 Elliot o 

Bond Wm. clerk, 348 e Monument k- 

BOND WM pyrotechnist, Philadelphia rd nr 'I* 

city limits, office Durham nr Fayette, dw 330 rj 

e Baltimore 
Bond Wm. C. restaurant, 215 Canton av, dw c/2 

368 e Fayette — ^ 

Bond Wm. lab. 4 Warner ^ 

BOND WM. & CO. (W. Bond) com. and pro-^ 

duce merchants, n e cor Pratt and Hollings- OQ 

worth t|_( 

Bond Wm. (Wm.B.&Co.) Pratt and Duncan al ^ 
Bond Wm. S. B. clerk, 471 n Fremont G 

BONDAY JAMES, Ja. wharfinger, Gibson's ^ 

whf, dw 106 s Chester g 

Bonday Jas. wharfinger, 172 Fell.dw 187 Gough 
Bondav James, ( B. & Thurlow) 187 Gough O 

Bonday k Thurlow, (J. Bond.iy, J. Thurlow) Q 

oak coopers, 1 1 1 Thames 
Bonday Wm. W. clerk, 187 Gough "^ 

Bondurant J. P. (Adam, Smith & Co.) Au- rv 

gusta, Ga. q 

Bone John M. clerk. Sweet Air '—^ 

BONE WILLIAM, justice of the peace, 58 o 

Camden, dw 9 Warren hj' 

Bone Wm. of F. telegraphist, 9 Warren 
Bonhage Fredk. tailor, 36 u High j-C 

Bonhage Henry W. tailor, 12 e Pratt ^^ 

Bonhage Philip, tailor, 72 n Gay ^^* 

Bonhage Louisa, 35 Portland JS* 

Bonhak John, carter, 107 Frederick av 
Bonheim David, tailor, 52 Druid Hill av 
Bonheim Henrietta, second h-and clothing^ 52 q^ 

Druid Hill av o 

Bonheim Herman, clerk, 150 s Eutaw ^ 

Bonheim .Martin, dyer, 150 s Eutaw ^ 

Boninger Bros. (E.Boninger, R. Lehr) tobacco'-'-' 

com. and ship, merchs, over 29 s Charles O 
Boninger Edward, (Bros. B.) Mt. Vernon hotel. ^ 
Boninaer Kate, 154 s Sharp ^ 

Boninger Rudolph, 210 n Howard ^ 

Boninger R. C (Mcllwaine & B.)210 n Howard o3 
Bonninger Christopher, sawyer, 40 Lancaster -^ 
Bonninger John, boilermaker, 40 Lancaster q^ 
Bonmilier Jephardt, printer, 2 Smith O 

Bonn Anthony S.,Edmondson av nr Republican ^ 

Bonn Anthon_y, watchman, 30 n Pine 


Bonn D. W. & Co.(D.W. and R. Bonn)manufs. 
snuff, 3 Perry, and wholesale tobacconists, ^ 
21 Light -^ 

Bonn Danl. W. (D. W. B. & Co.) Eutaw house g^ 
Bonn Fred, cigarmaker, 3 Essex ^ 

Bonn George, cooper, 155 Jefferson ^ 

Bonn John, cooper, lf>5 Jeft'erson l2j. 

Bonn Richard, (D. W. B. 4' Co.) 62 s Paca P-1 
ISonn Thos. lab Belair av nr North av •_ 

Bonn Mrs. Wilhelmina, 3 Essex ,0 

Bonn Wra. carpenter, 1 Essex 
Bonner Dr. Bernard, teacher, 492 w Fayette ^ 
Bonner Capt. Elijah, mariner, 14 Gough, (^ 

Bonnet Jacob, shoemaker, 306 Canton av O 

Bonnett Jacob, lab. 138 Bank ''^ 

Bonnett John, tailor, 148 s Regester CD 

Bonnett Joseph A. clerk, 307 e Biddle ;_, 

Bonnett Joseph L. currier, 307 e Biddle ^ 

Btmnett Wm. painter, 138 Bank O 

BONNEY ELIAS, lace.9, embroidery, fancy and' ^ 
millinery goods, under the Carrollton, 177 w m 
Baltimore, dw 124 Cathedral OJ 

Bonney James E. clerk, Maltby house -^ 

Assets $60,000,000 Cash Invested. 








Bonne}' John, clerk, Guy's Monument house 
Bonsai & Uo. (Stephen Bonsai, Robertson Tay- 
lor) wholesale <frocers, 6.i Esrhange pi 
Bonsai Edward, clerk, 115 Barre 
Bonsai John il. carpeiiier, Wuverley 
Bonsai John H. plasterer, Waverley 
Bonsil Lewis E. driver, 49 Fawn 
Bonsai Robert F. silversmith, 113 s Eden 
Bonsai Stejjhen ( Bousal & Co.) n w cor Charles 

and Eager 
Bonsai Tuwusend S. keeper 1st tollgate York 

rd, and [lostuiaster at Waverley 
Boods Conrad, Clipper mills 
Book and Publishing Co. .M. E. Church South, 

E. R. Smith, anient, 10 n Charles 
Booker H'}" C. engraver and plate printer, over 

205 w Baltimore, dw Ills Sharp 
Booker James W. painter, 723 Lexington 
Booker John T. 226 n Fremont 
Booker Thomas L. (Millonee & B.) Gilmor nr 
_ Patterson av 

O Booker Wiufield S. law student, 247 George 
Cj Bookhite Peter, carter, 286 Johnson 
C3 Bookhultz Geo. watchman, 122 Henrietta 
^ Bookhuliz Geo. L. driver, 122 Henrietta 
•^ Buokhultz Mrs. Mary, 230 Lee 
Cw Bookhultz John F. canmkr, 98 Goodman al 
p Bookman Hannah, junk, 204 Canton av 
p I Bookman Henry, peddler, 204 Canton av 
O Bookman Henry, shoemaker, 75 Harrison 
P_l Bookman Joseph, coofier, 28 Willow 

IBookman Sarah, shoes, 206 Canton av 
32 Boom John, watchman, 52 Philpot • 

O Boom Matthew, moulder, 52 Philpot i 

2 Booman Christian, lab. 14 Diamond I 

Boon Benjamin T. lab. 24 Lee i 

Boon John R. pattern finisher, 355 w Lombard j 
^ Boon Joseph H. car[ienter, 122 Druid Hill av j 

Boon Oliver, machinist, 163 n Fremont 
O Boone Chas. F. gaafitter, 163 Aisquith 
^ Boone Chas. H. lumber inspector, Cilj' block, I 
5 dw 150 e Pratt 

J.-X Boone Daniel A. (M. A. Hamilton & Co.) 48 
"'^ Courtland 

O Boone Edward B. lab. Eastern av e.xt 
.^ Boone Rev. Edward D., Loyola (College 
Boone Gideon, lab. 91 Uak 
Boone H. Jerncy jr. 11." n Charles 
Boone James H. broom maker, 88 .\isquith 
lioone John, teamster, 11 e Madison 
Q^ Boone John H. shoemaker, 109 Sarah Ann 
O Boone John H. D. jr. broker, 230 Aisquith 
'•^ B'loneJohn H. D. 36 Greenmount av 
I. Boone John \V. jr. lunil)cr, 392 e Fayette 
"^ I5oone John W. sr. lumber, 392 e Fayette 

Boone Joseph H. shoemaker, 413 e Fayette 
•~ Boone .Mrs. Margaret, Hampden 
A Boone Matthew, police, 89 Oak 
^ Boone .Milton H. lumber, 392 e Fayette 
CC Boone Robert, brakeman, G51 w Baltimore 
1 ^ Boone Robt. W. cabinetmaker, 55 Harford av 
hH iioone Samuel, boolckeeper, 413 e Fa\'ette 

Boone Samuel, junk, 1 West Falls av, dw 413 

e Fayette 
Boone Wm. cabinelmkr, 778 w Ijaltimore 
Boone Wm. caliinetrakr, 152 n Exeter 
Boone Wm. Inli. Hampden 
Boone Wm. cabinctmkr, 788 w Baltimore 
Boone Win. G. painter, 257 Gough 
Boone Win. H. steam fitter, 166 Aisquith 
Boone Will .M. vice-prest. Mt. Vernon Co. 26 
Mulberr> and York rd 

Boot Robert, lab. 90 Eastern av 
Booth A. E. clerk, 7 s Broadw.ay 
Booth Albert, oyster and fruit {)acker, cor Alice- 
anna and Ciiester 
Booth k Bro. (Geo. W. and Henry A. Booth) 

house and si;.ni painters, over 18 Water 
Booth Charles. 248 e Pratt 
Booth Francis,(\V.O.L. B. k Co. )53 s Caroline 
Booth Geo. lab. 1 1 Buren 
Booth Geo. W. (B. & Bro.) 247 n Eden 
Booth Henry A. (B. k Bro.) 89 n Ann 
Booth Jafnes,(W. O. L. B. & Co. ) 53 s Caroline 
Booth John C. upholsterer, 219 Aisquith 
Booth Capt. John H. mariner. 208 Gough 
Booth .Mai shall, tailor, 155 Hamburg 
Booth Robt. agent Brown's Catalina, 84 Light 

St whf, div 47 Mulberry 
Booth Mrs. Sarah, 57 n Broadway 
Booth Stanislaus L. 9 ii Popjjleton 
Booth Mrs. Thomas B. 30 n Gilmor 
Booth Thomas B. dairy, 30 n Gilmor 
Booth Washington, (Fitzgerald, Booth & Co.1 

28 Franklin 
Booth Washington, (W. 0. L. B. k Co.) 53 s 

Booth \V. 0. L. & Co.( W. 0. L., Francis, Ja3., 

and Wasb'n Booth) painters, 53 s Caroline 
Booth Wm. 0. L. (W. 0. L. B. k Co.) 53 s 

Bootman Sherwood, shoernkr. 51 n Caroline 
Booz Mrs. Ann .M. 123 s Washington 
Booz Chas. W. ship builder, Atlantic whf, dw 

125 s Ann 
Booz Daniel W. oysters, n e cor Albemarle and 

Fawn, dw 174 Gough 
Booz Edward G. (John T. Jordan k Co.) 42 s 

Booz Henry P. ship carpenter, 112 s Regester 
Booz John, ship carpenter, 213 s Bethel 
Booz John J. ship carpenter, 205 Gough 
Booz John J. junk, 292 s Caroline, dw 123 s 

Booz Joseph L. wood, opp. 102 Light st ■yvhf, 

dw 331 Light 
Booz Randolph, curdriver, 142 Chesapeake 
Booz .Mrs. Susan, 110 Duncan al 
]5ooz Washington B machinist, 125 s Ann 
Booz Wm. H. clerk, 88 s Ann 
Booz Wm. B. clerk, 88 s Ann 
Booze Mrs. Elizabeth, 77 William 
Booze Geo. plasterer, 35 s Chester 
Booze Jas. W. oyster packer, 94 n Broadway 
Booze Josei)h, wood, 92 Light, dw 331 Light 
Booze Capt. Marcellus, mariner, 157 Conway 
Booze Thos. moulder, 35 s Chester 
Booze Wm. salesman, 94 n Browdway 
Booze Wm. wood, opp 102 Light st whf, dw 88 

Bojip Chas. L. constable, 11 Courthouse la, dw 

240 Wilham 
Boi)p Francis L. teacher, 413 Light 
Bopp Francis, teacher. West and Light 
Bopp Geo. (B. tj- Reinhardt) William nr West 
Bopp John, butcher. 11 Hollins market, dw 

Frederick rd nr toll pate 
Bopp Mrs. .Margaret, 8 Madeira al 
Boi)p Mrs. Mary L. dry goods, 413 Light 
Bopp& Reinhardt, (Geo. Bopp, Melchoir Rein- 
hardt) merchant tailors, 154 Light at whf 
Boram Mrs. Al)raham, 39 Abbot 
Boram Thos. J. laborer, 39 Abbot 
Borchard Edward, carpenter, 253 Eastern ay 

Mutual Life Insurance Co. of New York, 




Borchardt Alexander, liquors, 177 Eastern av, 

d\v 131 s Eden 
Borcherding John G. restaurant, 13 Dover 
Borcherding John H. clerk, 149 s Sharp 
Borcliers August, i-i;.';tni:aker, 31 Hampstead 
Borcliei-3 Henry, cigarniaker, 17 n Kden 
Borek David, uppermaker, 25 s Eutaw 
Borck Henry, uppcrmaker, 25 s Eutavv 
Borek Theodore, uppertiuiker, 25 s Eutaw 
Bordlev George S. clerk, Waverley 
Bordley Mrs. I. E. 39 w Eager 
Bordlev Mary E. boarding, 87 n Charles 
Bordley Mrs. M. V. ladies hairdresser, 97 Lex- 
Bordley Robt. G. 97 Lexington 
Bordley Samuel C. tinner, ilti s Paca 
Bordley Samuel C. jr. tinner, 178 s Paca 
Bordley Wm. C. sr. bookkeeper, Waverley 
Bordley- Wm. C. jr. teller Mechanics' National 

Bank, 73 Mosher 
Bordmau Frank, caterer, Sherwood house 
Bore Johnson C sailmaker, 128 Bank 
Borged Geo. (Hoover &Co.) 47 McHenry 
Borgelt Alfred, painter, 91 Peirce 
Borgelt Mrs. Catherine, grocery, 91 Peirce 
Borgeli Mrs. Emma, 4 n Oregon 
Burgerding Henry, milk, 247 n Eden 
Borgiuan Henry, cabinet maker, 45 Clay 
Borgman Mary, confecty, 37 Wyeth 
Borgmann Henry, butcber,46 Belair market, dw 

18 Point la 
Borgtneyer Adam, drayman, 92 Somerset 
Boring Elias H. stonecutter, 300 Franklin 
Boring John T. & Co ( J. T. Boring, John H. Ire- 
land) manufacts. cigars, 265 w Pratt and 26 
s Sharp 
Boring .lohn T. (J. T. B. & Co.) 96 s Paca 
Boring Saml. T. laborer, Svvert Air 
Borix Henry, rags, 210 s Bethel 
Borkel Edward, lab. 128 Aisquith 
Bormau Christian, spice grinder, 100 n Spring 
Bormau John, spice grinder, 100 n Spring 
Borman John jr. barber, 100 n Spring 
Botman John, barber, 264 Canton av 
Borman Mrs. Marv, .i;rocery, UiO n Spring 
Borman Wm. barber, 100 n Spring 
Borman Wm. barber, 204 (Janton av 
Bormeister August, carpenter, 272 Canton av 
Bornieister Fred, boxmaker, 272 Canton av 
Born August, liquors, 71 s Paca 
Born Herman, distiller and essence manuf. 16 

Born Herman (B. & Roth) 37 Waesche 
Born John, liquors, 104 n Fremont 
Born John, grocery, 124 n Caroline 
Born Joseph, grocery, Lexington and Schroeder 
Born & Both, (Herman Born, H. Roth) black- 
smiths and wheelwrights, 37 Waesche 
Born Tobias, carter, Frederick av nr Wilkens 
Boineman Otto, veneerer, 112 Warner 
Borneniiin Wiu. tailor, 65 n Exeter 
Bonier Clias. moulder, 393 w Pratt 
Boiiiheim ileyer, salesman, 107 Aisquith 
Boruheim Moses, 107 Aisquith 
Bornheim William, trimmings, 107 Aisquith 
Bornitz Frederick, laborer, 284 s Bond 
Bornman Christian, blacksmith, 343 Orleans 
Bornman Louis, currier, 26 n Holliday 
Bornman Otto, canmaker, 112 Warren 
Borumann Christian, bakery, 329 s Bond 
Bornscheuer Wm. tailor, 105 Low 
Bornschine Doretta, 16 Stirling 

Bornschlagel Mrs. Catharine, grocery, 22 Cross 

Bornschlagel Geo. laborer, 22 Cross 

Borrell P. M. 54 n Bond 

Borring Chas. H. marblecutter, 300 Franklin 

Borrow Nicholas, (Stevens, McGrew & Co.) 

Zanesville, O. 
Borst Herman, lamps and oils, 348 s Charles 
BortelLs F. L. bookkeeper, 22 Second 
Bor^- Fredk. stovemaker, 77 n Wolfe 
Bosch Chas. tailor, 164 Columbia 
Bosch Jacob, potter, 310 e Fayette 
Boschee A. engineer, 2 Cotton row 
Bose \Villiam,''ll4 St. Paul 
Boshammer Henry C shoemaker, 94 s Regester 
Boshamer Anton, tailor, 280 s Bond 
Bosley Mrs. Anne, 180 William 
Bosley Bernard, lab. 28 Byrd 
Bosley Chas. H. conductor, 180 William 
Bosley John D. caulker, 356 William 
Bosley Jacob, lab., Mt. Vernon mills 
Bosley Jas.A. blacksmith, North av nr York rd 
Bosley John, watchman City Hall, 2 n Bond 
Bosley J. W. restaurant, 29 Covington 
Bosley Mrs. Jane, 370 Aisquith 
Bosiej- John, processor, 16 Fountain 
BOSLEY JOHN C. restaurant, 183 Lexington 
Bosley Mrs. R. C, Carey nr Franklin 
Bosley Talbot, carter, Farmers and Planters 

Bosley Washington, of City Pass. R. R. dw 

Harford av nr city limits 
Bosley Wm. machinist, 48 Parrish 
Bosley Wm. lab. Stockholm nr Washington av 
Bosley Wm. H. clerk, 82 n Wolfe 
Bosman Alex, carpenter, 2o9 William 
Bosman Sarah, dressmaker, 52 Lancaster 
Bosman Tlios. mariner, 191 e Pratt 
Bosman Wm. carter, 125 Hamburg 
Bosman Wm. J. engineer, 33 Covington 
Boss Adatu, laborer, 178 Maderia al 
Boss Berk-ard, tailor, 218 n Caroline 
Boss Christian, lab. Frederick av nr Wilkens 
Boss Francis, cooper, 163 s Eden 
BOSS GEO. L. wines, 48 Hanover 
Boss Geo. mariner, 139 s Bond 
Boss Henry, upholsterer, 187 Madison av 
Boss Heury, plumber, i09Tharaes,dvTl39sBond 
Boss Henry C. clerk, 112 n Eden 
Boss Johnj blacksmith, 172 Preston 
Boss John D. 84 e Lombard 
Boss .Mrs. Martha, 2 n Bond 
Boss Mrs. Mary, 34 Albemarle 
Boss Rebecca, 256 n Eden 
Boss R(jbert D. clerk, 143 w Townsend 
Boss Wilheliuina, dressmaker, 84 e Lombard 
Bosse Andrew, shoemaker, 221 s Charles 
Bosse Anton, (Myers & B.) 87 PattersonPark av 
Bosse Henry, clerk, 87 Patterson Park av 
Bosselle Louis jr. fancy store, 174 s Broadway 
Bossle Charles, 7 e Pratt 
Bossle Joseph C. bakery, 5 e Pratt 
Bosson Alfred W. clerk, 326 Franklin 
Bosson Geo. F. upholsterer, 20!) Ltmvale 
Bosson Jas. W. sr. upholsterer, 200 Lanvale 
Bosson Jas. W. jr. upholsterer, 42 n Eutaw,dw 

21 Etiing 
Bostert Louisa, 202 Canton av 
Bostick Chas. laborer, 78 Beason 
Bostick Ferdinand, laborer, 15 New 
Boston Chas. G. porter, 16 n Washington 
Boston Francis A. boilerniaker, Hampden 
Boston James M. canmaker, 172 s Ann 















O. F. Bresee, General Agent, 15 South St. 










Boston John E. H. (EL. Parker & Co.) 244 

La n vale 
BdSlon John T. shipioiiier, 1 in s Eden 

agent, office Boston whf ft of Long Dock 
Boston Mrs. Louisa, 202 Canton av 
Bi'Ston Mrs. Martha, 119 s Eden 
Boston Mrs. Ruthelia, 10 n WashinL'ton 
Boston Samuel A. puddkT, 161 s AVolfe 
Boston Wiu. L boxniaker, 111 Vine 
Boston Wni. J. canmaker, 8 n Bond 
Bdstwick Jos. iron worker, 124 s Central av 
Bostwick Richard, iron worker, 46 Essex 
Boswell Geo. flagman, 357 Cathedral 
Boswell Geo. plumher, 134 Coluuihia 
Boswell James, machinist, 417 w Pratt 
Boswell M. F. S.(B., Wi^ht & Co.)72McCul!oh 
Boswell Marriott, clerkPoliceBoard,362nEutaw 
Boswell Milton A. clerk, 93 Lee 
Boswell, Wig;ht & Co (M. F. Boswell, W. H. 

Wijiht) wholes, dried fruits and canned 

goods, 57 South 
Boswell Wm. brickmaker, 134 Columbia 
Boswell Wm. jr. IS Johnson 
Boswell Wm. police, 83 Grindall 
Bosworth Ebenezer C. clerk, 121 Hollins 
Bosworth Jeremiah, stonecutter, 750 w Pratt 
Bosworth Tlios. collector, 83 n Caroline 
Botching Laurence, laborer, 122 Lancaster 
Boteler A. Eugene, machinist, 481 w Fayette 
Boteler Andrew, carpenter, 285 Walsh 
Boteler Barton, 421 n Calhoun 
Boteler Beverly W. chief clerk road dept. B. & 

O.R. R. 481 w Fayette 
Boteler C. R. dentist, 37 Aisquith 
Boteler Chas. L machinist, 432 Le.xington 
Boteler Columbus, shoemaker, 107 Columbia 
Boteler Ellen, confectioner, 107 Columbia 
Boteler Geo. M. shoemaker. Homestead 
Boteler J. H. clerk, Camden station 
Boteler Wm. clerk, 16 Cumberland 
Botenmiller Henry, laborer, 88 s Bethel 
Botey Julien, umbrellumaker, 177 w Pratt 
Both Mrs. Frederica, 57 n Pine 
Both Herman, huckster, 174 Raborg 
Both Elizabeth, grocery, 174 Rnborg 
Botha Henrietta, laundress, 63 Wyeth 
[!()the Julius, grocery. Brown and James la 
Bothe Lewis, cigarmaker, 17 Butler 
Bothe Melchor, rigger, 2.i6 s Bond 
Bothmann Chas. -waichmaker, 202 Hanover 
Bothmann Ernest F. C. collector, 202 Hanover 
Bothmann Gustavus. beer, 277 w I'r itt 
]5otsford (^has. T. chairmaker, 166 Hudson 
Botsford Mrs. Temperance A. L. 166 Hudson 
IJotteiill George, 179 e Monument 
Botterill John, clerk, 29 Greentnonnt av 
Botterill Mrs. Mary, 29 Green mount av 
Botterill .Mrs. Susan, milk, 221 e Madison 
I{<)ttiner James, cahinctmkr. corEiifaw and Leo 
Bottiuger .\iidrew, shoemaker, 91 n Spring 
Botfner Aloes, shoemaker, 119 Hanover 
Bottomer Frcdk. J. boot and shoemkr, 90Snra- 

Bottrill Francis, furn. wagons, 44 w Biddlc 
Bottrill I.saac. 323 Penna av 
]5otts Geo. W. machinist. 34 Stiles 
Botzler John, moulder, 32 s Burke 
Bouchat John, painter, 139 Peirce 
Boucher Francis X salesman, 232 Lanvale 
Boucher John F. cigarmaker, 42 Orleans 
Boucher Valentine, tailor, 60 Millinmn 

70 BOW 

Boucher Wm. gilder. 60 .Milliman 

Boucher Wm. jr. musical instruments, 38eBal- 

timore, dw 232 Lanvale 
Bouchet Mrs. Elizab. grocery, 42 Constitution 
Bouchet Jos. A. police, 31 Constitution 
Boucsein Lewis, apoth'y. corOileans andWolfe 
Boucsein Lewis, cigarmaker, 222 n Caroline 
Boughen Patrick, laborer, 9 McLeary ct 
Boughman Louis, harnessmaker, 6 Pearl 
Boughton Thos. A. clerk, 114 Hanover 
Bonis John H. bookkeeyier, 156 Mosher 
Bould Joseph, (J. B. & Co.) 64 Etting 
Bould Jos. cj- Co. (J. Bould, F. Winter,) collar 

makers, 5 s Eutaw 
Boulden John W. letter carrier, Postoffice 
Boulden John T foreman. First nr Toone 
Boulden Dr. J. E. P., 96 Park av 
Boulden Mrs. W. J., 72 s Washington 
Boulder John W. letter carrier, 42 n Liberty 
Bould in Ann, 127 Hudson 
Boiildin Mrs. Arianna. 215 Aisquith 
Bouldin Augustus, surveyor, over 11 North, dw 

38 Aisquith 
Bouldin Daniel, driver, Belair av and Hoffman 
BouldinGeo.H nightman, Belair a v and Iloffaian 
Bouldin Mrs. Kate, 110 n Gav 
Bouldin Louis, puddler, 127 Hudson 
Bouldin Mary, 215 Aisquith 
BOULDIN RANDOLPH J. attorney, 31 n Cal- 
vert, dw 542 Lexington 
Bouldin Robert, blacksmith, 33 sGilmnr 
Bouldin Susanna S. teacher. 215 Aisf(uith 
Boult John, cor Watson and Exeter 
Boult Thomas H. jiilot, cor Watson and Exeter 
Boult Thomas H. jr. cor Watson and Exeter 
Bouraan Henrv, driver, Belair av ext 
Bounds Hezekiah, carpenter, 25 Woodyear 
Bounds Richard, shoemaker, 28 Oxford 
Bourbon August, cook. 75 Park 
Bouree Robert, tailor, Harford av nr city limits 
Boureruet Francis, 714 Lexington 
Bourke Joel, driver, Fremont nr Cross 
Bourke Thos engraver, 59 Lexington, dw Ox- 
ford. York rd 
Bourke Thos. laborer, Cooksie nr Nicholson 
Bourne A. E. confectionery, 412 Lexington 
Bourne Mrs. AnnW. grocery, Chopt'k and Gough 
Bourne Geo. clerk, 710 Sarntoja 
Bourne James F. provisions, 90 s Cho[)tftnk 
Bourne John, h.ttter. 60 n Eden 
Bourne Mrs Mary, crocery, 60 n Fdcn 
Bourne Samuel, Iiatter, 162 e Baltimore, dw 60 

n I'M en 
Bourne Virgil, clerk, ina w Favette 
l?ourne Wm. \i. clerk, 412 Lexington 
Bourrque .Alphons, U.S.A. 16 Centre Market sp 
lioury Joseph, laborer, 66 Wyelh 
Bouse Ann, 10 Cuba 
Bouse John, moulder, 10 Cuba 
Bouse Robert, laborer, 10 Cuba 
Bou«e Wni. B. entrineer, 10 Cuba 
Boushej John S shipcarpenter,40 n Washington 
Ronton .\lonzo (?. dentist, 248 Madison av 
Bontler Emma, 85 Thames 
Boutwell Minson, sulmaker, 133 Scott 
Bowdoin Geo. E. (G E B. k ^^o.lLSO a Charles 
Bowdoin Geo. E. k Co. (Geo R. Bowdoin, Geo. 
Frame) com merchants, over ('or Bowly's 
whf and Pratt 
Bowdoin Wm. G. (Alex. Brown k Sons) 130 n 

Bowe Edward, hostler, 309 s Sharp 

Mutual Life Insurance Co. of New York, 




Bowe Jobn S. 242 Lanvale 
Howe Patrick FT. g-lMsscutter, 309 s Sharp 
Bowen Albeit M, snilniaker. G7 Williiim 
Hovven Andrew J. rt^porter Sun, City Hall hotel 
Bowen Mrs. Angelina, 145 n Fremont 
Bowen Mrs. Ann, 1S9 Hanover 
Bowen Mrs. Ann, 16 s Central av 
B'.wen Mrs. Annie M, 132 n Bond 
liowen ^- Auld, (L. Bowen, J. H. Auld) ship- 
smiths, Covington nr Cross 
Bowen Bridg-et, lanndress. 52 Kinpr 
Bowen Mrs. Driisilla C 101 William 
Bowen Edward, car diivei', 4fil Prestott 
Bowen Edwju-d. pnuiter, 109 Bank 
Bowen Frank. Ijlacksinith, 194 Prestou 
Bowen Geo. D. G."* s Bond 
Bowen Geo. D. printer, 6 Watson 
Bowt^n Geo. W. jr. painter, 64 Aisqnith 
Bowen Geo. W. jiriiiter, 17 Myrtle av 
Bowen Geo. \V. Imtcher, 82 Lexingctou and 42 

Centre markets, dw Penna av ext 
Bowen G. S. carpets, oil cloths, fcc, 146 s Broad- 

Wiiy, dw 20 Jackson sq^ 
Bowen Geo. W. (B. & Mercer) 20 Jackson sq 
Bowen Granville, carpenter, 8 s Fremoati 
Bowen Heviry, salesman, 101 William 
Bowen Henry, salesman, 94 Warner 
Bowen Isaac, grocery and magistrate, u e cor 

Pi'tina av and Clifton 
Bowen James M. clerk. Brown's hotel 
Bowen James, mariner. 214 Bmk 
Bowen Jesse N. 31 St. Paul.dw 206 e Baltimore 
Bowen John, laborer, Cooksie nr Beason 
Bowen John T. butcher, Fremont nr Patterson av 
Bowen John L. salesman, 6,3 Lexingloa 
Bowea Joseph L. conductor, Gilmor nr Patter- 
son av 
Bowen Josi^h S. (Ranch k B.)66 s Washingtoa 
Bowen Levi, (B. & Auld) 67 William 
Bowen Lewis F. ]>ol\ce, Calverton 
Bowen Mrs. Martha L. 3 n Broadway 
Bowen Mrs. Mary A. 275 Preston 
Bowen Nathaniel M. (B. & Son) 11 Columbia 
Bowen & Mercer, (G(o. W. Bowen. Charles H. 

Mercer) y)hosphates, lime and oils, 65 s Gay 
Bowen Philander A. {Adams, B.& Co.) Prince 

George Co 
Bowen Philip, cigarmaker, 275 Preston 
Bowen Richard. 20 Jitckson sq 
Boweti Richard S. sailmaker, over s w cor Cam- 
den and Light, dw 189 Hanover 
Bowen Samuel, carpenter, 28 n Pine 
Bowen k Son,(N. M. and W. T. Bowen )shoes, 

132 Penna av 
Bowen Stejjhen S. oyster packer. 23 s Chester 
Bowen Susie, teacher, 132 n Bond 
Bowen Sol. flour and feed, 863 w Bjiltimore 
Bowen Thomas H painter, 11 n Sharp, dw 211 

e Baltimore 
Bowen Welister, Frederick rd nr tollg&te 
Bowen Wni. farmer. 275 Prfston 
Bowen Wm. H. butcher, 63 Lexington market, 

dw Fremont nr Patterson av 
Bowen Wm. L bookkeeper, 17 Myrtle av 
Bowen Wm. H sergeant police, 55 William 
Bowen Wm. H. bra.ssfinisher, 23 e Madison 
Bowen Wm. P. bricklayer, Hudson al nr Falls 
Bowen W. T. (B. & Son) 132 Penna av 
Boweu Zachariah, dept.inspec.tob., Buck's hotel 
Bower Barney, cooi)er, 9 China 
Bower Charles, cabinetmaUrr, 510 Saratoga 
Bower Charles, moulder, 205 Conway 

Bower E. dyeing, 542 w Baltimore 
Bower Edward C. clerk. 150 n Eden 
Itower Mrs. Elizabeth, 3 n Durham 
Bower Frank J cli-ric, Belair av ext 
Bower Francis G. clerk', 42 Columbia 
Bower Frederick, baker, 68 Richmond 
Bower Henry, gardener, Belair av ext 
Bower Mrs. H. Cornelia, 510 Saratoga 
Bower John, shoemaker. 95 n Calvert 
Bower John, tinner. 156 n Eden 
Bower Mrs. J. J. 494 Saratoga 
Bower Lewis M. butcher, 494 Saratoga 
Bower T. C. clerk, 156 n Eden 
Bower Wm. sr. laborer, 205 Conway 
Bower Wm. moulder, 203 Conwiy 
Bower Wm. blacksmith, 141 King 
Bowerfeldt Wra, baker, 80 n Howard 
Bowernian Jas. B. lO n Washington 
Bowerman Richard N. 78 n Carey- 
Bowers Alex, clerk, 50 s Calvert 
B(jwers .\dam, laborer, 56 St. Peter 
Bowers Mrs. Ann, 14 Davis 
Bowers Chas. F. moulder, 141 King 
Boweis Chas B bookkeeper, 384 w Fayette 
Bowers Chas. W. carpenter, 241 n Central av 
Bowers Elizabeth, steam dyeing, 132nEutaw 
Bowers Elizabeth, sewing uiacli. operator, 105 

w Fayette 
Bowers Eliz'h, coal oil, lamps, &c. 65 e Fayette 
Bowers Frank, clerk, Belair av ext 
Bowers Frank, clerk, 14 Davig 
Bowers Frederick J. painter, 244 Conway 
Bowers Geo. c^nidy maker, 492 Lexington 
Bowers Geo. W. clVrk, 203 Frederick av 
Bowers Geo. W. laborer, 56 St. Peter 
Bowers Geo. E. 130 e Madison 
Bowers Gotleib, milk, 393 s Slwrp 
Bowers Henry A. (Wm. B & Sous) 384 w Fayette 
B iwers Henry, laborer, 53 Harmony la 
Bowers Henry C. furniture wagon, 35 s Oregon 
Bowers Henry, 159 e Monument 
Bowers James, shoemnker, 501 n Frpraont 
Bowers Jas. W. apothecary, 705 w Baltimore, 

dw 5 n Calhoun 
Bowers John, laborer, 277 n Durham 
Bowers John, driver, 36 Laurel 
Bowers John G. cooper, 170 s Central av 
Boweis John, butcher, Walsh nr Patterson av 
Bowers John E. 122 Mosher 
Bowers John, machinist, 27 Brown la 
Bowers Mrs. John, queensware, 27 Brown la 
Bowers John H. canniaker, 56 St. Peter 
Bowers Josiah B. miich'inist. Friendship, York rd 
Bowers L. k Co. (L. Bowers, G. Saltzgiver) 

liMtters, 78 Harrison 
Bowers Louis. (L. B. & Co.) 78 Harrison 
Bowers Mrs. Mary C. grocery, 35 s Oregon 
Bowers M. R. stationery, 123 Penna av 
Bowers Martin H. plumber, 169 Barre 
Bowers Mrs. Margaret, 176 e Fayette 
Bowers Peter, laborer, 8 Baker 
Bowers Robert, baker, 117 Greenmount av 
Bowers Roswell N. bookkeeper, 384 w Fayette 
Bowers Sam'l, grocery, Belair av ext 
Bowers Samuel C. boxmaker 11 n Front 
Bowers Thus. J. stevedore, 80 Towson 
Bowers Thos. M. tobacconist, n w cor Gay and 

Pratt, dw 176 e Fayette 
Bowers Wm. laborer, 67 s Republican 
Bowers Wm. 384 w Fayette 
Bowers Wm & Sons, "(H. A. Bowers) coach- 
makers, 406 w Baltimore 











The Largest Life Insnrance Co. in tlie World- 





^ Bowers Wm. collar maker, n w cor Cotntuerce 

^ and Pratt, Aw 65 e Fayette 
^ Bowersock Austin, telegraphist, 288 Walsh 
(P Bowersock Geo. W. tailor, 116 n Pine 
^ Jioweisock J. W. asst. ticket agt. n e cor Bal- 
timore and Calvert, d\v Chase nr McDonogh 
^ Biiwersox Augustus, boilermaker, 34 Walker 
Bowersox ('has. C. cigaimaker, WoodUerry 
Boweisox Diiiiel, laliorer, 8 WaliuT 
^ • Bowersox David .M carpe ter, o!T Rahorg 
x; Bowersox George, laliurer, 8 \Vall<er 
,^j Bowersox Hor.ilio. laborer, 8 Walker 
'—' Bowersox James H. fiie dept. 217 w Biddle 
P Bowersox Mrs, Mary, 8 Walker 
^— . Bkwlmsox Th''ii. King, sales'n, 4ii3 w Fivelte 
^^ BOWES k STARR, (J Bowes, J. J. Starr) 
O imps, of Worsted goods, &c. 3 s Charles 
Bowes John, ( B. ij- Starr) 2i>l Lrtuvale 
Bowie Alijert B. 4 McCiilloh 
Bowie Bernard, laborer, 44 Greenmouiit av 
r— I Howie B. H. clerk, 4 Parkin 

^ Bowie W. & Co. (C. \V. Bowie, Geo. \Y . 
Q Teal) photographers, \')3 w Baltimore 
^ Bowie Chas.W.(C. W.B. &Co.)ll.^) n Broadway 

Bowie Charity, tailoress, 125 Saratoga 
«^ Bowie Dr. H."j. 338 Penna av 
Q^ Bowie Geo. W. painter, 16 Ai-quith 
Q Bowie H. B. sampler tobacco wareh. No. 1, 4 
1-^ Parkin 

^ Bowie Jas. tailor, 115 n Bioadway 
HH Bowie Mi'lviua H. 4 McCuiloh 
•^ Bowie Oden, prest. B Sf P. R. R. 168 n Calvert 
Bowie Mrs. I\. M., John ur North av 
Bowie W. U. cierk, 310 \v Biltimore 
Bowie W. W.W. att'y, Strieker nr P.itterson av 
Bowie W . W. as3t. editor Md. Farn^er and 

attorney, 29 Lexington 
Bowie Win. J. tailor, 10 Courthouse la, dw 16 

Bowler Edward, clerk, 00 Mulberry 
BowinkelmaiinTheo. laborer, Tft.McElderry whf 
Bowitch Ellas, tailor, 24,'i s Charles 
Bokvles James, engineer, i 13 n Front 
Bowles Mrs. Jane, boarding, 281 w Fayette 
Bowling Alexander, clerk, 31 s C.ilboun 
Bowling Chus. O. shipsmilh, 7 n Bond 
Bowling James C. clerk, 7 s W.ishinglon 
Bowling James T.. Bioadway nr .M.ulison 
Bowling Jolm L. shipsmith, Ul s Ciiester 
Bowling Joseph, mariner, 10 s Ann 
liowling Lewis, sheetiron worker, 154 Bank 
Bowling Mis. Marv 11. 7 s Wajliington 
Bowling, W. P. Patterson) wholes, wines, 
liquors, &C. s e cor Calvert and German 
Bowling U. Robert, (B., Patterson & Co.) 427 

.Mrtc'ison av 
Bowling R. Q. clerk, 75 n Liberty 
Bwwling Richard 11. mariner, 56 s Ann 
Bowling Thos. pilot, 56 s Ann 
Bowliuj; Wni. H. shipcarpenter,50 s Ann 
Bowling Win. civil engineer, 22 Pleasant 
Bowling Win. J. constable, 221 s Broadway 
Bowlus Emory .M. dentist, 117 German 
O Bowly E. D. clerk, 103 Hanover 
^ Bowly Samuel, clerk, 38 Si. Paul 
■^ Bownum Bennet, labcner, '),')4 Light 
aQ Bowman Elizabelli, dressmaker, 23 Pearl 
O Bowman Geo. moulder, 70 s Fremont 
Q Bowman Henry C. plumber, 104 n llow.trd, dw 
•y^ 00 Walsh 
O Bowman John, stonecutter, 347 Cathedral 





Bowman Mrs. Mary J. 23 Pearl 
Bowman Samuel, clerk, Franklin house 
Bowman Win. (Wm. B. & Son) 4j miles oa 

Harford rd 
BOWMAN WM. & SON, (Wm. and Wra. E. 
Bowman) old iron and metal, 116 Eastern av 
and s w cor Ivistern av ;ind Eden, and car 
ICden and Hammond al 
Bowman Wm. glassblower, 141 .Moiitgomery 
Bowman Win. E. ( Wm. B.& Son,) 4^ miles on 

Harford rd 
Bowman Zachariah, [)aperhanger, 8 e Baltimore 
hJowne Chas. S. cigarmakcr, 58 3 Bond 
Bowae Edward S. wholesale boots and shoes, 
2 s Howard, dw cor Druid Hillav and Lanvale 
Bowiiess Jos, juiik,27 1 s Fremont, dw 42 Lemmoa 
Bowyer Tiieodoie, wheelwright, 4 Forrest pi 
Bowyer Thomas T. bricklayer, 4 ForrfSt pi 
Bowyer John, conductor, 46 Columbia 
Boxwell Wm. F. tailor, 132 s Paca 
Boyce Mrs. Eliza, dressinkr, 218Miillikin 
Boyce Henry, mariner, 140 Lancaster 
BOVCli JAME.S, bituminous coal office, 3 Ger- 
man, whfs Locust Point, dw 291 Madison av 
Boyce James, [irisident Franklin Coal Co. and 

American Gas Coal Co. 291 Madison av 
Boyce Jcjhn D mariner, 218 .\lullikiu 
Boyce Wm. currier, 24 Sarah Ann 
Boyd Amelia, 202 Scott 
Boyd And. J. cigarinaker, 358 .McDonogh 
BOVD A. McK. 43 n Carey [See Addilions, c^c. 

back of lith.'\ 
Boyd Mrs. Anna, G3 w Biddle \ 

Boyd Bi'iijamin F. shoemkr, 523 Saratoga 
Boyd D.ivid F. clerk, 106 w Lombard 
Boyd .Mrs. Francis A. 13 Goodman al 
Boyd Geo. S. k Co. (Geo. S. Boyd) clothiers, 

20 a Eutaw 
Boyd Fr.incis H. B. measurer, 22 Second, and 
carp. Bradenbaugh al, dw cor Oregon and 
Lafayette sq 
Boyd Frederick, detective, 34 Henrietta 
B.jyd Frederick E. bricklayer, 203 Colunjbia 
Boyd Geo. lab. 690 w Pratt 
Boyd Geo. S ^G.S. Boyd k Co.) 60S Lexington 
Bo.\ d Hugh S. property agt-ni, 84 a Givroliiic 
Bo) d Capi. Isaac L. 74 William 
Boyd James, 74 William 
Bo> d James, tinner, 145 Penna av 
Boyd James, butcher, 00 Penna av 
Boyd James, 106 e Baltimore 
Boyd James, eugincir, 6i" Somerset 
B03 d James, clerk, 205 Columbia 
Bo_) d James D. maiiner, 203 Bank 
Bo>d James H. saddler, Charles and Lexington, 

dw 1 10 Lexington 
Boyd Jeremiah L. machinist, 325 s Charles 
Bo.\d John C. sect'y Associated Firemen's Ins. 

Co. 3i7 e Eager 
Boyd John E. i)rov'ns, Fremont and Columbia 
Boyd John W. police, 107 s .•Vim 
Boyd John J. (Dare .J- B.) 5 n Carey 
Boyd Jno. jr. (Boyd k Ricketts) 362 n Fremont 
Boyd John L. carpenter, 126 Chew 
Boyd Joseph, driver, 136 w Fayette 
Boyil Joseph B. conducior, 70 Walsh 
Boyd Ji)se[»h C. Btndent, 63 w Biddle 
Boyd Joseph C. i)lasterer, 5.50 w Lombard 
Bo> d Mrs. Jost'ph H. 270 e B.iltunore 
Boyd .Malcolm, lab. Potomac nr O'Donnell 
Boyil -Matthew, paperhangcr, 12 .McFlderry 
Boyd .Micha.'l, porter, 184 n Front 


Mutual Life Insurance Co. of New York, 




Boyd Pbilip D. clerk P. 0. 260 e Baltimore 

BOYD & RICKETT3, successors to 
John Boyd. Maltsters and Dealers 
in Hops, Malt House foot of Eutaw 
street, 0£ace 14 s Gay street. 

[&e Adverliisement.'] 

Boyd Robert, K. cleric P. 0. IGO Jetfersou 
Boyd Saimiel, shoeiiialver, 690 \v Pratt 
Boyd S-irauel G. slioeuiiiker, 67 n Ann 
Boyd Samuel R. clerk, 270 e Baltimore 
Boyd Mrs. Sarah Ann, 173 Townsend 
Boyd Mrs. Susan, Mt. Vernon mills 
Boyd Tlios. S. W. saddler, 741 w Baltimore 
Boyd Viri;;!!, piintei-, 67 n Ann 
Boyd Wm. shipjoiner, 107 s Ann 
Bovd Wm. salesm lu, cor (jilmor and Presstmun 
Boyd Wm. A.(Wra. A. B. & Co.) 271 e Biddle 
Boyd Wm. A. jr.( W.A.B. & Co.) 20 s Strieker 
BOYD WM. A. k CO. (Wm. A. and Wm. A. 
Boyd, jr . T. W. Cromer; tobacco com. mer- 
chants, 33 South 
Boyd Wm. B. restaurant, 8 n High 
Boyd Wm. H. carpenter, 126 Chew 
Boyd Wm. H. puddler, 220 Gough 
Boyd Wm. J. painter, Rainsay and Fulton 
Boyd Wm. J. clerk, 242 Lauvale 
Boyd Wm. L. clerk, 5 n Carey 
Boyd Wm. clerk, cor Freuioni and Columbia 
Boyden Wm. patternmaker, 56 e Fayette 
Boyer Charles H. m ichinist, 29 Miller 
Boyer David, sufierinteudent, 20 Bartlett 
Boyer Geo. E. salesman, 242 Mulberry 
Boyer Henry, eiijiineer, 291 Peuna av 
Boyer James, lab. 45 Fountain 
Boyer John W. cloth cutler, 57 Lancaster 
Boyer John W. clerk, 9 Jffferson 
Boyer Mrs. Margaret, dressmkr, 29 Miller 
Boyer Mary, 57 Lancaster 
Boyer Thomas H. feed, 5 s Bond 
B.>yer Thomas H. car[ieatei- ,ind builder, 402 e 

Buyer )^ia. H. sashmaker, ISO s Eden 
Boyer Wm. 11. blacksaiith. 25 Parrish 
BO\'ER W. H. agent Urover k Baker's sewing 

machines, 17 n Charles, dw St. Clair hotel 
BOVER W.M. W. oyster and fruit packer, 25 

and 27 Block, dw 89 n Bond 
Boykin R. II. merchant, 76 s Sharp 
Boykin Dr. Thos. J. (Wade, B. ^ Co.) 184 Ar- 
lington av 
Boylan Geo. huckster, 24 Dewberry al 
Boylan James, 35 Ryan 
Boylan James, manner, 130 Harford av 
Boylati James, h ickman, 5 L. Paca 
Boylan Michael, lab. 35 Ryan 
Boylan Owen, wagoner, 60 Perry 
Boylan Thomas, hostler, 24 Conway 
Boylan Thomas, clerk, Guy's hotel 
Boyle Andrew, puddler, CooUsie nr Beason 
Boyle Charles H. printer, 20 .Mulberry 
Boyle Charles, lab. .'i3 s D-wbi-rry al 
Boyle .Mrs. Charlotte N. 20 Mulberry 
Boyle David, drayman. Hunter al nr John 
Boyle Mrs. lidwa'rd, 328 .Myrtle av 
Boyle Mrs. Elizab. grocery. Chase and Decker 
Boyle George W. engineer, 824 w Baltimore 
Boyle J. W. (Chas. Darrell k Co.) 189 w John 
Boyle James, lab. 99 Hillen 
Boyle Ja'.ces, ;;rocery, liquor and feed store, n w 
cor Hillen and Chesnut 

Boyle Dr. John Brooke, 174 e Eager 

Boyle John, clerk, 83 Hilhn 

Bo\le J. Yoiin>:, (Wm. K. B. k Son) cor 

George and Pine 
Boyle Junius I. bricklayer, 112 n Chajiel 
Boyle Joshua Y. (Wm. K. B. &Soii) I i7 n Pine 
Boyle Llewellyn, attorney, Druid Hill av ext 
Boyle Mis. Mary, grocery, !10 Greeumount av 
Boyle Michael, laborer, 61 Buren 
Boyle Michael, engineer, 126 Dolphin 
Boyle Michael, laliorer, 41 s Dewberry .al 
Boyle Patrick, baker, 75 Cooksie 
Boyle Pat' k, stonecutter, F.irmers and Planters 

Bi)yle Patrick, laborer, 75 Cooksie 
Boyle VVni. H. carver, and mannfr. piano legs, 

77 e MonuMieut, dw 77 n Broadway 
Boyle Wm. K. k Son, (Wm. K. and J. Y. 

Boyle) book and job |)rinters, over n w cor 

Baltimore and St. Paul 
Boyle Wm. K. ( W. K. B. & Son) 166 s Charles 
Boyle Wm. H. liquors, 175 Hanover 
Boyle Rev. W. K. 338 Lexington 
Boylston Wm. Cloud, attorney, 35 St. Paul, 

dw 48 S.iratoga 
Boys Home of the Friendless, Mrs. Hannah 

Atkinson, pres't, Druid Hill av nr Townsend 
Boys Home .^ssoci.ition of Baltimore, n w cor 

Pleasant and Calvert, S. J. Lincoln, su[t'l 
Bozatichy Jose|,)h, shoein.iker, ISO n Dallas 
Bozernheim .M^ses, peddler, 63 Forrest 
Buzmin iOdwaid, helper, 53 Preston 
Bozman James, patternmaker, 21s Monroe 
Bracco Edward L. clerk, 68 Lexington 
Brach Geo shipcarpenter, 60 Esse.x 
Brach Sebasti m, tailor, 149 n Beiliel 
Bracher James, lab. IGG Canton av 
Brack Albert, machinist, 28 e B.iltimore 
Brack Amelia, grocery, 60 E.ssex 
Brack Mrs. Ann M. confectionery, 399 n Gay 
Brack Charles E. apothecary, n w cor Ensor 

and Forrest 
i^rack Christian, carpenter, 399 n Gay 
Brack Mrs. Wilhelraina, stationery, 28 e Bal- 
Bracken Mrs. Citherine, 96 e Midison 
Bracken John, laborer, 96 e .Madison 
Bracken John F. tin and sheet iron worker, 57 

Bracker Ernest, tailor, 4.5 Albemarle 
Brackelt John T. baker, 174 w Biddle 
Biackland Bernard, watchmaker, H w Pratt 
Brackleiu Ludwig, ci'.rarpacker, 7 Warner 
Brackney Fr.incis I. fireman, 10 s Fremont 
Braconier Geo. clerk, 15.'> w Pratt 
Bradan Geo. oyst-jrs, 276 n Howard 
Bradburn Isaac, jr. painter, 341 Fra'iklin 
Bradburu Isaac, sr. painter, 341 Franklin 
Br.idburu Joshua H. painter, 341 Fr.inkliu 
Bradburn Lewis T. mariner, 35-i n Gilmor 
Br.iilbitr/ Robert R mariner, 103 s Wolfe 
Bradburv Cipt. Saml. B. shipcarp. 190 Bank 
Braden Bernard, lab. 21 Sterrett 
Bralen James, ovsiers, H4 P irk av 
Braden Jnhu C. (Alex. Bond & Co ) 175 Vine 
Braden Miohai'l, t)o vtbuilder, 38 Lancaster 
Br.idea R )bt. .A. moulder, 234 vv Holfman 
Biaden R.>l)t. moulder, Bolton depot 
Braden Robert J. Salesai-m. 13 e .Monument 
Bradenbiugh Casper, cooper, 24 s Wolfe 
Braileu'iauirli Chis. H. bookk'r, 5 llollins 
Br.idenbau^ch Jacob, watchni iker, 5 llolliua 









Assets $80,000,000 Cash Invested. 




Bnidenbaiigli J. F. (Ciirlia & Fulton) n w cor 

Fayette atid Paca 
Biadenliaus Randolph, clerk, 103 s Caroline 
Brader Frederick, lab. 181 s Caroline 
Biadford Mrs. Delia, di'cssinaker, 5 Cotton row 
Bradford Geo. W. (Bingham & B.) 100 Park av 
Bradford James, hihorer, 172 Doljiiiin 
^ Bradford John A. blacksmitli, 8 Frederick av, 
cjg d\v 452 Le.\inrjton 

^ Bradford Juhnnua, variety- goods, 6Iin Eutaw, 
_r* ' d\v 140 n Fremont 

OQ Bradford John, teamster, cor Chew and Stirling 
[V Bradford John L. orain and i^'en. com. mercht. 
'^ 90 s Eutaw, dw 83 n Strieker 
af Bradford Lemuel S. mariner, 81 Hanilnirg 
O Bradford Mrs. .Mary, urucery, John and S[iring 
'k^ Bradford .Airs. Mary J. 8 Barnet 
c3 Bradford Mrs. Rachel, grocery, 172 Dolphin 
f-* Bradford Mrs. Sarah J. tailoress, 86 Richmond 
O Bcadfoid Thomas, clerk, John and Spring 

Bradford \Vm. blacksmith, Frederick av nr 
^ Mount, dw Calverton 
^ Bradford Wm. laborer, 5 Cotton row 
^ Bradley Alexander, police, 113 St. Paul 
jTi Biadley Mrs. Ann, grocery, 208 Raborg 

Bradley Andrew J. carpenter, 113 St. Paul 
j/T Bradley Bartholomew, laboier, 3 Randall 
-^ Bradley Dominic, laborer, Aliceanna nr Elliott 
^ Bradley E. B bookkeeper, 253 Druid Hill av 
^ Bradley Franklin \V. porter, 152 s Charlts 
^ Bradley Henry S. carpenter, Waverley 
t„ Bradley Mrs. Isabella, 23 Lexington 
O Bradley Hugh, hacks, 23 n Fremont 
j£ Bradley Hugh, tailor. 117 n Calvert 
nS Bradley Jacob, carter, 137 Ridgely 
C Bradley James, laborer, 208 Raborg 
"^ Bradley James, brakeman, 79sGilmor 
' ' Bradley James, laborer, 160 s Choptank 
^ Br.idley James II. cigarmaker, 22 Conway 
d Bradley Jeremiah, conductor, 113 St. Paul 
j__ Bradley John, shoemaker, 37 Low 
P Br.idley John, gasfitter, 23 Parkin 
**"• Bradley John, laborer, 208 Raborg 
j^ Bradley John J. moulder, 12 s Front 

Bradley John C. caulker, 23 Henrietta 
p Bradley John H. tailor, 136 s Howard 
^ Brad'ey Mrs. Keziah, 287 Hanover 
^ Bradley Louis J. painter, 84 s Caroline 
^ Bradley .Maik, shucker, 160 s Choptank 
^r- Bradley Mrs. Matilda, dressmkr, 84 s Caroline 
%5 Bradley .Mrs. Mary, grocery, 12 s Front 
CO Bradley Patrick, hacks, Baltimore nr Carey, 
^ dw 81s \v Baltiuiore 
-fcj Bradley Patrick E. 133 s Ann 
^ Bradley Patrick F. fire department, 12 s Front 
O Bradley Robert H. painter, 84 s Caroline 
g Biadley Sam. carpenter, 60 Jackson sq av 
^ Bradley Sarah, 341 .Madison av 
^ Bridley Susan, confectionery, 113 St. Paul 
Bradley Thomas B. cigarmaker, 22 Conway 
.- Bradley Virjrinia, dres.sniaker, 22 Conway 
Q^ Brads Rev. Jann-s, 165 Hanover 
^ Bradshaw Jaims II. clerk, 35 Camden 
03 Bradshaw James H. jr. clerk, 35 Camden 
^ BR.ADSHAW J. J. tinware, 348 Penuaav 
^ Bradshaw Julian F. clerk, 35 ('anideu 

Brad.-^haw .Mrs. Mary, boarding, 35 Camden 
BRAD.STREET J. M. & SON, improved mer- 
cantile aiiency, over 30 South, W. H. Gor- 
!nau, ass't sup't 
Brady Mrs. Annie, 4S1 w Lombard 
Brady Mrs. Annie, 146 Cross 


Brady Bernard, painter, Franklin house 

Brady Bernard, boilermaker, 228 Light 

Brady Mrs. Bridget, 49 Grauby 

Brady Mrs. Catherine, 112 Franklin 

Brady Chas. H. varnisher, 283 n Front 

Brady Chas. J. clerk, 161 Lee 

Brady CurtisB. weighman L.P.E.66Spring row 

Brady Daniel, laborer, 49 President 

Brady David, laborer, 3 Cuiia 

Brady I'Mward, laborer, 133 Hudson 

Brady Edward, stonecutter, 735 w Lombard 

Brady Edvvd. carp, and builder, 363 n Howard 

Brady Edward, laborer, 9 Spruce al 

Brady Edwin, marble cutter, Lombard nrMonroe 

Brady Edwin S. machinist, 248 w Hoffman 

Brady Ernest, carpenter, 481 w Lombard 

Brady Francis X. clerk, 26 Pearl 

Brady Frederick, carpenter, 42 e Eager 

Brady Geo. cooper, 7 Holland 

Brady Geo. W. sailmkr, 30 Aisquith 

Brady Hugh, contractor, 31 w Biddle 

Brady Hugh A. com. merchant, 43 Valley 

Brady Jacob, helper, 1 Walker 

Brady Jacob, laborer, 28 w Lombard 

Brady James, laborer, 40 Stockton al 

Brady Jas. boots and shoes, 472 w Baltimore 

Brady James H. stonecutter. 43 Valley, dw 26 

Brady James H. carpenter, 161 Scott 
Brady James H. salesman, 309 e Baltimore 
Brady Jeremiah, Fulton nr Dover 
Brady John, canmaker, 481 w Lombard 
Brad}' John C. ironworker, 481 w Lombard 
Brudy John, clerk, 8 Hill 
Brady John, gilder, 14 .Mulberry 
Brady John C. confectioner, 112 Franklin 
Brady John F. clerk, 23 s Poppleton 
Brady John II. machinist, 248 w Hoffman 
Brady John H. contractor, 31 w Biddle 
Brady John K. antiquarian books, 1 12Franklin 
Brady John W. S. (J. Parkhurst jr. & Co.) 34 

Brady Joseph, huckster, 283 n Front 
Braily Mrs. Kate, dressm.iker, 8'J Albemarle 
Brady Lawrence E. grocery and dry goods, 

218 Harford av 
Brady .Mrs. .Mary, dressmaker, 57 George 
Brady Mrs. Mary, dairy, 248 w Hoffman 
Brady .Michael, boilermaker, 173 s Caroline 
Brady Michael, laborer, 5 Park av 
Brady .Michael, boilermkr, 33.5 s Caroline 
Brady Nathaniel, laborer, 24 Woodyear 
Brady Patrick jr. lal)orer, 10 .McHenry 
Brady Patrick, grocery, 99 Watson 
Brady Patrick, laborer, McHenry nr Monroe 
Brady Patrick, fireman, 129 Hudson 
Brady Robert, laborer, 4 Spruce al 
Brady Robert II. painter, 25 Wolfe nr Madisou 
Brady Robert S. clerk, 112 Franklin 
Brady Samuel, cooper, ;'.9 n Wolfe 
Brady Thos. carter, 11 Bank 
Brady Thos. coachman, 297 North 
Brady Thos F. engineer, 248 w Hoffnmn 
Brady W. H. plnn)l)er, 325 n Eutaw 
Hradv Wm. lal)orer, 12 n Poppleton 
Brady Wm. Frank, clerk, 31 w Biddle 
Brady Wm. J. S. clerk, 26 Pearl 
Bra<iv Wm. cigarmkr, 481 w Lombard 
Bradyhouse Chas. II. ironworker, 113 s Chapel 
Brady house Chas. II. found rymitn,3 1 2Eastern ar 
Bradyhouse (Mias. C boaibuilder, (50 s Ann 
Bradyhouse Jas. K. boatbuilder, 60 s Ann 

Mutual Life Insurance Co. of New York, 




Bradybouse Richard, boalbuilder, 361 s Bond, 

d\v 273 e Baltimore 
Brjidybouse Richard jr. boatbuilder, 273 e Bal- 
Br.idyhouse Thos. bontbuilder, 344 s Caroline, 

dw 95 s Ann 
Bradyhouse W.'ishington C, 273 e Baltimore 
Bradybouse "VVm. w.itcbman, 110 s Wolfe 
Brafield Mrs. Catberiue, 78 Uarford av Abraham, clothier, 26 s Shitrp 
Brafinan Siimuel. (tlothier, 238 w Pratt 
Dra^r Aaron, (S. B. & Son) 45 Peuua av 
Br.ig Michael, clerk, 45 Penria av 
Brag Simon, (S. B. & Son) 45 Penna av 
Brag Si/non & Son, (S. and A. Brag) furni- 
ture, 43 and 45 Pcniia av 
Bragaw John G. (Robinson, McLeod k Co.) 

Washington, N. C. 
Bragg Capt. Wm. F. carpenter, 597 wLombard 
Brahme Francis, shoemaker, 6 Columbia 
Braid James, carpenter, 462 e Monument 
Brailey E. Z. (Clephane 4' B.) 41 St. Paul 
Brainard Rufus A. a^jent Chester River line 

steamers, 7 Ligbt-st. whf, dw 15s Caroline 
Braker Frederick, laborer, 19 Hull la 
Braker Ludwig, tailor, 39 Thames 
Bramble Cbas. H. oysters, 82 s Kxeter 
Bramble Grason. salesman, 108 s Exeter 
Bramble Capt. Henry T. 75 Battery av 
Bramljle John T.carp. 296 n Bond 
Bramble Mary, 230 e Monument 
Bramble Thos. mariner, 226 Barre 
Bramble Tyson, hostler, 139 Ensor 
Bramble Wm. milk, 172 n High 
Bramble Wm. H. mariner, b2 s Choptank 
Bramer Geo. H. shoemkr. Garrison la ur Fred- 
erick rd 
Bramer Peter, brakeman, 204 Columbia 
Bramwell Mrs. Amanda, dry goods, 143 Co- 
Braravvell Geo. stonecutter, 143 Columbia 
Branagan James, coachman, 28 Druid Hill av 
Branau George, 174 u Fremont 
Branan F^redk. C. harnessmkr, 174 n Fremont 
Brancken J. Sefton, 64 Franklin 
Brand Alex. J. wholesale tea, over 113 Frank- 
lin, dw cor Mosher and Etting 
Brand Geo. drayman, 173 s Eden 
Brand John, carpenter, 3ijl Harford av 
Brand Joseph, grocery, 537 Lexington 
Brand Louisa A., cor Mosher and Elting 
Brand Thos. J. attorney, corMosher andKtting 
Brand & Rex, (J. R. Rex) rock candy works, 

6 Second 
Brand Wm. shoemaker, 17 Cowpeu al 
Brandau Jacob, shoemkr, 12 s Repuljlican 
Brandau John P. butcher, 66 Belair and 71 
Centre mkts, and U Lexington mkt, dwJen- 
kius la 
Brandau Mrs. Sophia, confectionery, 12 s Re- 

Brandel Chas. beer, 955 w Baltimore 
Brandel Emily, dressmkr, 5 L. Constitution 
Brandel Frederick, 339 Harford av 
Brandel Geo. coachtrimmer, 339 Harford av 
Brandel Mrs. Mary, 5 L. Constitution 
Brandel Thos. M., 955 w Baltimore 
Brandel Wm. barketiper, 955 w B.dtiraore 
Brander Adam, 186 Preston 
Brandes Fred'k, musician, 64 Centre Market sp 
Brandes Fred'k F. cabinetrakr, 27 e Pratt 
Brandes Mrs. Susanna, notions, 27 e Pratt 

Brandt Anthony, laborer, 4 Bakers ct 
Brandt August, shoemaker, 251 s Ann 
Brandt Bernard, (H. ]>. & Bro."l 29 Saratoga 
Brandt Charles, pictures and undertaker, 231 

Canton av 
Brandt Charles, laborer, 280 Johnson 
Brandt Conrad, basketmaker. 23 n Amity 
Brandt Emil, shoemaker, 63 s Regester 
Brandt Geo. carter, 280 Johnson 
Brandt Henry, shoemaker, 255 s Sharp 
Brandt H. & Bro. (H. and B. Brandt) morocco 

dressers, 29 Saratoga 
Brandt Herman, (H. B. & Bro.) 29 Saratoga 
BRANDT JACOB, Jr. president Powhatan 

Steamboat Co. 88 Light-st whf, dw 48 Mt. 

Vernon pi 
Brandt John, glover, 65 Centre Market sp 
Brandt Johii L. baker, 177 e Lombard 
Brandt John H. cigarmaker, 43 Short 
Brandt Julius, tobacconist, 72 e Fayette 
Brandt Louis, shoemaker, 266 e Monument 
Brandt Martin, laborer, 145 s Chapel 
Brandt Mis. Mary, 65 s Howard 
Brandt .Mrs. Mary A. boarding, 193 Hudson 
Brandt Mrs. Rebecca, confect'y, 7 n Pine 
Brandt Rebecca, dressmaker, 7 n Pine 
Brandy John A. blacksmith, 104 s Eutnw 
Brandy Michael, horseshoer, 138 Camden, dw 

104 s Kutaw 
Brandy Patrick, blacksmith, 104 s Eutaw 
Brauing John, laborer, 255 s Sharp 
Brannan Cbas. S. H. clerk, 29 e Baltimore 
Brannan & (.'o. (Jas. R. Brannan) shirtmakers, 

n w cor Baltimore and Charles 
Brannan Daniel, laborer, 81 Elliott 
Brannan Edward, cooper, 189 Gough 
Brann.iu Mrs. Eliza, variety, 15 Hill 
Brannan Mrs. Elizabeth, confect'y, 189 Gough 
Brannan Mrs. Elizabeth, seamstress, n e cor 

Jefferson and Spritig 
Brannan Erasmus J. cigarmaker, 113 Orleans 
Brannan Fred'k C. harnessmkr. 174 n Fremont 
BRANNAN GEO. A. shirt bouse and gents' 

furn. goods, 68 n Eutaw, dw 50 n Calvert 
Brannan Hugh, laborer, 215 s Bethel 
Brannan James, wagoner, 16 Maccubbin 
Brannan^Jas. H. laborer, 54 Essex 
Brannan James, barkeeper, 34 e Baltimore 
Brannan James, laborer, 40 Patterson Park av 
Brannan James, laborer, 230 Lemmon al 
Brann.iu James, laljorer, 310 Johnson 
Brannan Jas. laborer, Cooksie nr Nicholson 
Brannan James, tailor, 82 n Amity 
Brannan Jas. A. grocery, 93 s Exeter 
Brannan James, engineer 17 Hill 
Brannan James R. (B. & Co.) 263 n Howard 
Brannan John, laborer, 21 Callendar al 
Braniuxn John, laborer, 96 Hiirford av 
Brannan John, laborer, 48 Boyd 
Brannan John, machinist, 456 vv Pratt 
Brannan John McLeod, machinist, 76 Hamburg 
Brannan Mrs. Magi;ie, trira'gs, 29 e Baltimore 
Brannan Mary, 213 s Washington 
Branutn .Mrs. M^itilda, 33 Cambridge 
Brannan Michael, laborer, 127 n Hoiliday 
Brannan .Michael, laborer, 168 O'Donnells ct 
Brannan Peter, steam fitter, 17 Sterrett 
Brannan Peter, coal and wood, 106 North, dw 

9 .Mulberry 
Brannan Sarah D. 24 Lee 
Brannan Tliomas, tailor, 19 Elizabeth la 
Brannan Thos. lab. cor Castle and Canton av 






Mutual Life Insurance Co. of New York, 










• rH 







Brannan Win. grocery, Iti Doiiolnss 
Braniiiin Win. hel])er, 1.5 Doui-JiiSj: 
Biiiiiiicr Saiii'l, tailor, l]yrd nr Rundiill 
Branniffiui Ann, 27G s Ann 
Brannock Jolm, laiioror, 4 Leininou 
Branr.ock John II. (John R. Carroll, B. & Co.) 

12 Wiirren 
Brannock "Willis, mariner, 124 Johnson 
Biaiioski John, locksiniih, 128Thanu'S 
Branoski Siii:uinnd, laborer, 128 Thames 
Bransby John C. shoemaker, 39 n Caroline 
Branicombe Mrs. Sarah A. Ijoarding, 284 e Bal- 
Branson Jose(>h, ornamental jjlaslerer, 145 Vine 
Brant Adiiui, clerk, Franklin house 
Brant Fred'k. fislierman, 72 Battery av 
Brant Geo. tailor, 31 Albemarle 
Brant James F. butcher, .38 s Mount 
Brant John H. laborer, 237 William 
Br.mtenlmrger Mrs. Mary, 41 Union 
Branthof Henry, shoenikr, 375 s Eutaw 
Brantley Rev. W. T. 1 11 w Monnnient 
Brantt Mrs. .Minnie, notions, 266 e Monument 
Branzell Wm. H. canmaker. 490 Canton av 
Brasch Jacob, l.Uiorer, 175 Madeira al 
Brashears Geo. W. brakeman, 73 Warren 
Briishears .John, clerk, 162 German 
Brashears John B. cabinetmkr, 162 German 
Brashears John W. conductor, 11 n Exeter 
Brashears John T. jr. cigarmkr, 38 Gough 
Brashears John T. shoemkr, 38 Gongh 
Brashears Joseph R. blacksmith, Ir'jo Orleans 
Brashears R.John, news stand Barnum's hotel, 

dvv 11 NeiL'hbor 
Brashears Robert J. 168 a Dallas 
Brasheais Mrs. Susan, boarding, 162 German 
Brashears .Samuel, laborer, 11 ii Exeter 
Brashears Wui. G. salesman, 44 Myrtle av 
Brashears Z. D. sec'y Baltimore Association for 

Imp't Condition of the Poor, 11 n Exeter 
Brass Oliver, niacliinist, Woodberry 
Brass Jose[di, 89 Barre 
BrattNoah, engineer, 53 Warren 
Bratt Thomas, machinisi, InlHollins 
B.atton James, pauitcr, 55 Watson 
Braize'.l & Co. (Jacob Brilzell, R. Boyce) 

l)rickiiiiikers, Washington av 
Bratzell Jacob (IJ. & Co.) 136 Scott 
Bratzell Wm. H. brickmkr. Light nr Heath 
Branch Amor, tailor, 237 Orleans 
Brauilau .M rs.B. laundress, 6 e .\Ioument 
Brinuli;ian Jcdiu, grocery, Fred'k av utid Mil- 
ling ton road 
Btaudigam Fred'k, printer, cor Biiike and Lan- 
Brauenchweger Joseph, laborer, 269 s Durham 
Brauer David, butcher, 29 Belair and 75 Cen- 
tre niK-ts, dvv Il.irford av ext 
Brauer Fred, musician, 64 Centre market sp 
Brauer Henry, tailor, 245 \v Pratt 
Jjiauer llenr\, butcher, 34 Beiair and 86 Centre 

markets, d\v Belair iiv nr IJalto Cemetery 
Brauer Henry J. butcher, Belair av ext 
Braner Henry, laborer, 189 s Wasliington 
BiJiucr ileiijy, (Uopkin k \\ ) 145 s Sharp 
Brautr .lohii, but'dier,Bel.iir av nr Balto Cem'y 
Bianer John, plasterer. 100 Frederick av 
Brauer John, brer, 182 e .Madi-on 
Brauer Toljia.-i, cabinetmaker, 2 t5 \v Pratt 
Braiill'Mrs Augusta, 89 e Lombard 
lirauinlein John, laborer, 84 n Amity 
Br.iumlein .Mrs. iMary, grocery, S4 n Amity 

Brauii Chas. butcher, 217 Frederick av 
Braun Chas. lab. Wilkcns nr Frederick av 
lirauu ('has. H. butcher, 217 Frederick av 
Braun .Mrs. Frederica, laundress, e Favette ext 
Braun Jolin B. (B. & .Mateling) 335 w'Pratt 
Braun Jotm .1. (B. k Schulz) 178 Columbia 
Braun John J. butcher, 217 Frederick av 
Braun Mrs. Mary, 203 Frederick av 
Braun & Mateling, (John B. Braun, Rudolph 

Matelin'/) tobacco works, 355 w Pratt 
Brann k Schulz, (J. J. B., C. L. Schulz) com. 

merchants, 443 w Pratt 

Branns F. L. k Co. (J. D. Kreraclberg, W. 

Dresel ) gen. ship, and com.merch'ts,37 s Gay 

Branns Ferdinand L. bookkpr. 336 Lexington 

BRAU.N'S HENRY, architect, s e cor Charles 

and Fiiyette, d\v 198 Saratoga 
Braunschwauer Jos. lab. Durham nr Lancaster Adam, watchman, Wilkens factory, 

Frederick rd 
Brautiuan Conrad, metal, 73 McElderry 
Brawner Mrs. Catherine, 72 n Exeter 
Brawner .Mrs. Catherine, dressmkr. 7 Ensor 
Brawner Mrs. Kliza, 78 Ensor 
Brawner Elizabeth, 78 Ensor 
Brawner Robt. (i. butcher, 1 Richmond mar- 
ket, dw, dw Peuna av ext 
Bray Georue W. clerk, 42 n Calvert 
Bray Mrs. Mary E. boarding, 230 Howard 
Brayden Mrs. Catherine, 137 Preston 
Brayden Lemuel, blacksmith, 137 Preston 
Brayden Wm. W. carpenter, 137 Preston 
Br.izier Dennis, grocery, 41 Mullikin 
Biazier Geo. W. plumber and gasfitter, Han- 
over and Lombard, dw Conway nr Fremont 
Brazier Thomas, lab. 33 Centre Market sp 
Bready David F. S. laborer, 3 Cuba 
Bready Geo. C. conductor, 605 w Lombard 
Brecht Lonis, finisher, 2 Wyeth 
Breclitel George, cooper, 217 Hamburg 
Breck C. B. sliOLUimker, 200 s Sharp 
Brecker Frank, cutter, 50 Milliui.m 
Brecker Josejili, tailor. 50 Milhman 
Breckinridge John C. storekpr. Baltimore ware- 
house CO. 122 s Eutaw 
Breckinridge John C. 185 n Fremont 
Breckinridge Mission Sunday School, Forrest 

nr Eager 
Brede .Andrew, tailor, 34 n Greene 
Brede Geo. boilertnakcr, 12.S Boyd 
Biedekamp Chas E. clerk, 316 s"Sharp 
Bredekamp Klla, teacher, 316 s Sharp 
Bredekanij) Harnian jr. lab. 248 Hamburg 
!5iedekamp ll.irman. tailor, 316 s Sharp 
Breed !-. H. 492 « Fayette 
Breed Liwrence, ch'rk, 492 w Fayette 
Breen Jolm, lab. 188 Ihdlins 
Breen .Michael, laborer, 31 Haw 
Breirel Geo. liarnessmkr. 29 w Lombard 
Bregel Henry, liarnessmkr, (JO Greenmoiint av 
Bregel .lolin . I. carpenter, 112 Mci\lderry 
Breuel Jos. F. confectioner, 48 Greenmount iiv 
Bregel Wm. huckster, 1 s Wolfe 
Bregenzer Casjier.sloni-cnlter, Fremont nr China 
Biegenzer Theresa, grocery, Fremont nr China 
Bregerm.ui Geo. bricklayer 26 n Caroline 
Brt'ginann P. clerk, 161 w Lombard 
Brehler Fnmcis, shoemiiker, 2o New Church 

Brelim , peddler, 19 n Frederick 

Brehm An^ust, b.iker, llO e .Madison 
Brelim Casper, lab. 13 Port 
Brehm Geo. brewer, Belair av ext 

Mntnal Life Insurance Co. of New York, 




Brehm Jacob, baker, 163 Mosher 

Brehiii John, tailor, 385 Alietaima 

Brehii) Jnhii A. beer, ILunburg and Scott 

Brehm John P. iron moulder, 205 s Paca 

Brehm .Michae!. moulder, 179 Lenimon 

Brehm Valentine, tailor, O'Uonnell nr Patuxent 

BREliMEO. & {JO.iO.Brehme.L.J Keidel)im(.rs 

and diy goods coiri. meich'ts, 25 German 
Brebme OUomar (0 B. ^- Co.) 297 Madison av 
Bremer Francis, tailor, 421 Hamburg 
Brenner Joseph, 22 JacUsou'sq 
Bieidenbach (Jasper, cooper, 28 s Wolfe 
Breidonstein August, butcher, 32 Centre and 87 

Belair mlcts. d\v Harford rd nr city limits 
Breidenstein Mrs. Mary, confec'y, 94 Aisquith 
Breil Christian, l)utcher, IG CalvertoH rd 
Brcinig John jr. confectioner, 189 Lee 
Breini;; John, painter, 199 Lie 
Breitier John, cab't niak. 34 Biddle al 
Breisinjicr John, carp. 170 Stirling 
Breitschwerd Conrad, blacksmith and wheel- 
wright, 263 Aliceanna 
Breitschwerd Ceo. blacksmith, 263 Aliceanna 
Breilschweid John, blacksmith, 2G3 Aliceanna 
Breitschwerd Wni. wheelwright, 263 Aliceanna 
Breivogel Jacob, beer, 116 Franklin 
Lloyds)A.Schuniacher.tCo. agents, 9 s Charles 
Bremer Catlieriue, 77 e Lombard 
Bremer Charles, bookkeeper, 10 Ensor 
Bremer Cliristian, tailor, 10 Ensor 
Bremer Fred. lab. 113 s Ann 
Bremer Henry, oyster packer, 31 George 
Bremer John VV. cigarmaker, 40 Lancaster 
Bremers Karl, shoemaker, 73 Sommerset 
Brenuis August, barber, 517 w Baltimore 
Bremmer Henry, mariner, 75 Cambridge 
Bremmer Wni. lab. 148 s Wolfe 
Breniont John, lab. 44 Milliman 
Brenaman C. H. & Co. (C. H. BrenaiuaD) to- 
bacconists, 44 n Eutaw 
Brenaman Chas. H. (C. H. B. & Co.) 59 George 
Brenan Edward, clerk, 93 w Biddle 
Brenan Francis X. salesman, 207 St. Paul 
Brenan' Mrs. Harriet, 93 w Biddle 
Brenan Peter E. lumber, 21 n Gay, dw 35 
Brendel Christina, midwife, 208 s Bond 
Brendtl Francis, shoemaker, 79 Grindall 
Brendel G. S. telegraphist, cor Baltimore and 

Brendel Henry, milk, Third and Dillon 
Brendel John G. bakery, 110 e Madison 
Brendel Michael, laborer, 706 Light 
Brenfleck Anton, brewer, 213 w Baltimore 
BRENGLE JAMES S. cashier New York and 

Philadelphia steamers, dw 232 Linden av 
Brening John, lab. 140 s Si)ring 
Brenn Wm. tailor, 1 10 e Lombard 
Breiinan Jas. lab. Cooksie nr Nicholson 
Brennan Peter, ironworker, 9 Mulberry 
Brennan Peter, wood and, 106 North, dw 

9 Mulberry 
Bretineis Lewis, lab. 1 Portugal al 
Brenneis Pliiliji, locksmith, 256 e Eager 
Brennen Patrick, lab. 3 Spring ct 
Brennen Peter, wheelwright, 9 Mulberry 
Brennen James H. driver, 79 McElderry 
Brenner Abram, clerk, Carey nr Edoaondson av 
Brenner Geo. canmaker, 314 Aliceanna 
Brenner Geo. canmaker, 170 s Chapel 
Brenner Geo. laborer, IVO s Chapel 
Brenner Joseph, 185 n Carey 



Brenner Moses, clothier, 304 s Bond, dw 181 n 

Brenner Philij), laborer, 225 s Wolfe 
Brenner Hosina, 2r)0 Aliceanna 
Brenner Wm. clerk, 185 n Carev 
Brenuis August, baker. Eager nr Aisquith 
Brent & Bro. (W H. jr. and T. S. Brent) com. 

and produce, 174 w Pratt 
Brent Judge George, 64 w Madison 
Brent Henry J dii\er, 4 Grove al 
Bient Huiih, salesman, Entaw house 
Brent John, clerk, reivr 108 w Baliimore 
Bient Joseph E. car driver, 56 Harford av 
Brent Phili]). laborer, 385 Eastern av 
Brent iMrs. Robeit J. 21 Read ,j_ 

Brent R. F. attorney, 29 Lexington, dw 21 Read q 
Brent T. S. (B. cj' Bro.) 300 Penna. av 
Brent Wm. A. salesman, n w cor Howard and ^-i 
Pratt ^ 

Brent Wm. C. brakeman, 1 L. Constitution -it* 
Brent W. H. jr. (B, cj- Bro.) 337 w Lombard ,X 
Brentine Aqiiillino, fruit stand, 120 n High ^ 

Bienton Charles, moulder, 241 Hollins ^ 

Brenton Mrs. Mary, 4() George ^ 

Brereton John J. can maker, 28 Scott '^ 

Bresee Alfred A. clerk, 130 McCulloh fn 

Bresee E. L. clerk, 130 McCulloh c/2 

BRESEE 0. F. agent Mutual Life Insurance Co. ^ 
of N. Y. 15 South, dw 130 McCulloh— [5'ee i-H 
lines hoitovi pages. p^ 

Breslauer Hirsch, 215 Canton av 
Bre.-ser John, tailor, 588 w Baltimore 
Bresslau Wm. laborer. 76 Russell 
Bressler Henry L conductor, 360 Mulberry k^^^ 

Bressner John, laborer, 190 Lemmon al ^T* 

Breth!,uer Chas. carver, 122 Battery av 
Brethouer Mrs. Elizb. trimmings, 122 Battery av T^ 
Bretthol! Wm. grocery, 253 Eastern av ^ 

Brenl John, butcher, Stenson la nr Frederick rd ^^ 
Breunig Mrs. Margaretta, 172 Bank § 

Breuniug M.ircus, cabinetmkr. 169 Harford "av j-j 
Hreuniiiger Edward, 11 Hnmes ^ 

Breuningei John, provisions, 87 Eastern av p 
Brevitt Jos.W.(R. Lawson & Co. )282wHoffman Q 
Brewer Cecelia, 69 Harford av ® 

Brewer Chas. E. P. weigh master, Calverton ^r- 
hotel, dw 7.-19 w Lombard (^ 

Brewer Chas. B. magistrate, 31 Lexington, dw ^ 
16 s Gilmor o3 

Brewer Clelland, 386 Franklin CO 

Brewer George, plasterer, 142 Division ^^ 

Brewer Dr. Geo. G. 258 w Fayette tn 

Brewer Henrietta J. teacher, 34 Granby "^ 

Brewer Jas. R. clerk Circuit Ct. 36 Mulberry 'm 
Brewer John, butcher, 88 and 104 Belair mkt, g^ 
dw York rd nr tnllgate -4_j 

Brewer John, Mine Bank la nr Belair av ^ 

Brewer John M. attorney, 140 Division ^ 

Brewer Dr. Marbury,, 245 w Biddle f-i 

Brewer Mrs. Matilda, 386 Franklin ^ 

Bieuer Nicholas, pension and property agent, 2 ^ 

s Front, dw 9 Jefferson 
Brewer Phili[), carpenter, 432 w Fayette I^ 

Brewer Wm. R. clerk, 56 Columbia Qh 

Brewer Wm. stevedore, 24 Durst al O 


Jas. G. Floyd & Co. agents, 11 German ^ 

Brewington Jas. McK. 155 n Paca \M 

J3rewster Albert M. plumber, over 183 w Pratt 
Breyer George, polisher, 50 Leadenhall 
Brever Gotleit), grocery, Fremont and George 
Breymann Paul, clerk, 223 w Pratt 

The Largest Life Insurance Co. in the World. 








I— ( 






Brian & Biintincr(\V. E. Brian, W. H. Bunt- 
ing) builders, ciir Booth ;ind Calhoun 
Brian C. McK. clerk, 136 n Gay 
Brian Chas. M. printer, 34 n Calvert 
Brian Edward A. salesman, 287 e Fayette 
Brian Elizabeth, 147 Bank 
Brian James, clerk, 187 n High 
Brian Mrs. Jane L. 1 3G n Gay 
Brian Joseph, 89 Etisor 

Brian M . A .hard ware, 1 36 n Gay, d \v ] 3 1 n Exeter 
Brian Merritt, helper, 147 Bank 
Brian Nicholas, laborer, 147 Bank 
Brian Mrs. Rebecca, 287 e Fayette 
Brian Robeit, bookkeei)er, Pennsylvania house 
Brian Thus. P. currier, Starr hotel 
Brian Wra. H. carter, 2 Russell 
Brian Wm. laborer. 147 Bink 
Brian Wni. E. (B. k Bunting) 217 Hollins 
Brice Eliza, 62 St. Paul' 
Brice George F. 29 Stiles 
Brice Jatnes R. carpenter, 115 Jackson sq av 
Brice Mrs. Mary, 108 n Paca 
Brice .Mrs. S. A. dressmaker, 190 Eutaw 
Brice Thos. carpenter, il,5 Jackson sq av 
Bricker John .M. carp, cor Charles and Uliler al 
Brickerd Emanuel, carp'r, Tyson nr Franklin, 

dw927 w Baltimore 
Brickerd John, carpenter, 927 w Baltimore 
Brickhouse Albert, agent, 39 Pearl 
Brickhouse E. L. lamps and oil, 162 Hollins 
Brickhouse .Mary E., Woodberry 
Brickraaii Rev. A. 0. 281 e Fayette 
Bricknian John E. clerk, 281 e Fayette 
BRICKNER BERN.ARD. grocery and liquors 

227 Fayette 
Brickwette Chas. II. ujiholsterer, 19 Pearl 
Bride Cotter, rustic furn. .Madison av e.\t, dw 

Druid Hill av nr .Mc.Mcchin 
Bride Daniel, magistrate, 105 n Paca. dw 167 
Bride John H. watchman C. H. 139 w Madison 
Bride Gustav, rustic worker, 29 Stockton 
Bridegani Adam, shoemaker, 36 Ilampstead 
Biiden John, musician, 224 Hamburg 
Brid' iier Geo. M. cierk, 194 Druid Hill uv 
Bridener Jacob, clerk, 32 n Fremont 
Bridge .Mrs.'C. W. childien's clothing, 63 e 

Briilgc Richard S. (R S.B.&Co.) sign paiiiter, 

347 n Gay 
Bridire R. S. & Co. (Richard S. and Stephen 

Bridge) paints, oils, glass, <fec. 347 n Gav 
Bridge Stejiheii, (R. S.B.&Co.) 63 e Baltimore 
Bridge Stephen L. clerk, 29 Gough 
Bridges John C. 1 Mc uUoh 
Bridges Wm. foreign fruits, candies, he. , 
wholes. 313 w Baltimore, dw 2o7 n Howard 
Biidgewater Thos. engraver, 11 Lloyd 
Bricl Christian, butcher, 7 HoUins-s't. market, 

dw l(j Calverton rd 
Briel Km.'inuel, clerk, 166 George 
Briel Henry, baker, 2.'J0 Light 
Briel John, butcher, Cross-st market, dw Fred- 
erick av nr tollgate 
Briel John jr. painter, 166 George 
Briel John, carp. 14 McCIellau, dw 166 George 
Biicle Henry sr. cabinetmaker, 81 Henrictia 
Briele Henry jr. (Hopkins >t B.) 81 Henrietta 
Brierly Jacob S. canmaker, 28 n Oregon 
Brierly Win. C. canmaker, 28 n Oregon 
Briers John F plumber, 71 Warren 
Briggeman Clias. tailor, 164 n Central av 
Briggs George G. clerk, 28 s (Jarey 

Briggs James M. clerk, 28 s Carey 
Briggs Mary, nurse, 484 Saratoga 
Briggs Oliver C. F. machinist, 28 s Carey 

Brigham Mrs. , 3 n Ann 

Brigham John C. clerk, 3 n Ann 

Brigham Wm. T. (Cole, B. k Co.) 236 n Eutaw 

Bright .\l(inzo, locksmith, 2 Point la 

Bright (ieoTge, lal). Race nr Cross 

Bright Henry, i)lasterer. 47 Harford av 

Bright Josei)h, clerk, 2 Point la 

Bright Richard A. grainer, 402 Le.xington 

Biiiiht Thomas, baker, Harford av nr city limits 

Bright Thomas, plasterer, 47 Harford av 

Bright Wm. T. jilasterer, 276 e Monument 

Brikner John, milk, Pcnna av nr Mosher 

Brill John, lab. 47 Short 

Brill Phili[), barber, 72 Thames 

Brimline Abe, lab. 10.5 Ramsay 

Brimmer Henry, boxniakcr, 153 s Dallas 

Brimmer John, tobacconist, 186 s Sharp 

Brimmex Simon, stonecutter, Harford rd nr 

Bringe Albert, 18 New 

Bringman Josiah T.H. bookkeeper, 226 Conway 
Bringman Julius, tobacconist, 29 s Oregon, 

dw 5o7 w Lomb.ird 
Bringmann Wm. cigar maker, 666 w Baltimore 
Brining Conrad, lab. foot of Ridgely 
Brink Anton, musician. 37 s Durham 
Brink Anton, lab. 309 Eastern av 
Brink Henry, shoetuiiker, 149 s Regester 
Brink Peter, grocerv, 321 Harford av 
Brinkley J. B. k So"n, (J.B. and J.E.Brinklej) 

fruit and ovster packers, 176 s Charles 
Brinkley J. H., St. Clair hotel 
Brinkley John, clerk, St. Clair hotel 
Brinkley Jos. B. (J.R.B.&Son) Baltimore co 
Brinkler Jos. K. (J.B.B.&Son ) Carrollton hotel 
BRINKMAN A. H. k CO. (A. H. Brinkman) 

imjiorters laces and embroideries, over 235 vv 

Brinkman August H. (A. II. B. & Co.) 23 n 

Brinkman Charles, china and glass ware, 77 

Peuna av, dw 138 
Brinkman Mrs. Anna Maria, seamstress, 28 Lee 
Brinkman Bernard, clerk, 136 s Howard 
Brinkman Chas. H. grocery, 138 s Howard 
Brinkmeyer Henry, carjienter, 172 s Bond 
Brinton Albin II, produce, 165 Forrest, dw 167 
Brinton Wilmer, stationery, 167 Forrest 
Brintsfield Wm. mariner, 487 Aisquilh 
Briscoe Alex .M. constable, 583 w Lombard 
Briscoe Mrs. Cecelia, 13 Franklin 
Briscoe Chajnnan B. agent Family Circle whis- 

k('v, 44 w Lombard, dw 171 w John 
BRISCOE DAVID S. attorney, 19 Lexington, 

dw 13 Franklin 
Briscoe George F. cigarinaker, 303 s Charles 
Briscoe J. R. asst. weisiher, Custom house 
Briscoe .Mrs. .Martha, 303 s Charles 
Briscoe .Mrs. .Marv, boarding, 113 n Charles 
Briscoe .Mrs. Dr.M. II. 113 n Charles 
Briscoe Samuel N. mariner, 459 e Lombard 
Briscoe Mrs. Sarah, tobaccotiist, 143 {) 
Briscoe Win. D. cigarmaker, 143 Orleans 
Briscoe Wm. T lab. 26 \Villiamson al 
Brissey Betij. lab. 229 n Howard 
Brisseil George, clerk, 87 n High 
Bristor ("harles E. clerk, 1-10 n Fxeter 
Bristor Mrs. Margaret, 140 n Exeter 
Bristor .Mr.s. Susan, 140 n F.xeter 

Mutual Life Insurance Co. of New York, 




Bristor Wm. B. claim agent, over 4 s Gay, d\v 

140 n Exeter 
Bristow Columbus, etifrineer, 3 Poultne_v 
15risto\v George, card writer, 1| n Charles, dw 

563 II Frern'ont 
Bristow Lewis, student, 159 s Charles 
Bristow John T. card writer, Eutaw house, dw 

563 n Fremont 
Bristow Mrs. Rebecca, 563 n Fremont 
Bristow Thomas, enonieer, 20 s Eden 
British Consulate, office 6 Exchange building, 

Denis Donohoe, consul 
Brittain John, butter, 649 Penna av 
Brittingham Mrs. Elizabeth, seamstress, 44 

Williamson al 
Brittingham John, mariner, 44 Williamson al 
Brittingham Saml. mariner, 44 Williamson al 
Britingham Sand. J. mariner, 44 Williamson al 
Britliia Mrs. Annie, notions, 181 Barre 
Britton Chas.W. machinist, Carlton nr Franklin 
Britton-O. P. salesman, 639 w Lombard 
Britton Richard, cotton sampler, 73 n Ann 
Britton Richard F. 98 s Washington 
Broadbeck Mrs. Henrietta, 226 n Eden 
Broadbeck James A painter, 226 n Eden 
Broadbent A. G. (B. & Co.) 72 n Charles 
BROADBENT & CO. (A. G. Broadbent) dry 

goods, 12 XI Charles 
Broadbent Charles F. 1G3 n Calvert 
Broadbent Gershom, 72 u Charles 
Broadbent Lewis R. stock bioker, office No. 3 

87 Second, dw 163 n Calvert 
Broadlient Stephen sr. 163 n Calvert 
Broadbent Ur. Wm. 252 n Carey 
Broaders Henry R. salesman, 273 e Biddle 
Broaders John, laborer, 532 vv Pratt 
Broadt'oot Joseph 0. moulder, 267 e Baltimore 
Broadman JIatthias, tanner, 69 Buren 
Broadwater C. laborer, Tobacco Wareh. No. 3 
Broadwater Chas. ship carp. 112 Battery av 
Broadwater Levin J. ship carp. 112 Battery av 
Broadwater Richard, police, 112 Battery av 
Broadwater T.H. & Co. (T.H.Broadwater) com. 

ineilhts, 96 s C hailes 
Broadwater Tbos.H (T.H.B.& Co.)62 s Charles 
Broadway Insurance Office, cor Broadway and 

Broadway Institute Hall, over Fells Pt. market 
Broadway and Locust Point Steam Ferry, foot 

of Broadway, James Brown, supt 
Broadway M. E. Church, Broadway betw Pratt 

and Cough 
Broadway Presbyterian Church, cor Gough and 

Broadway Savings Bank, 63 s Broadway 
Brock August, ins. agt. 379 e Lombard 
Brock Wm. E.. St. Clair hotel 
Brocke P. M cabinetmaker, 64 Columbia 
Brocker Geo. W. engineer, 49 Preston 
Brockett Dr. Clinton T. dentist, 247 u Eutaw 
Brocklener Fred. lab. 319 s Bond 
Brockhotf Robt. tailor, 23 Granby 
Brockinan Frederick, tireman, 335 Aliceanna 
Brockman Henry, fireman, 335 Aliceanna 
Brockman Phillip, engineer, 335 Aliceanna 
Brockman Wm. fireman, 335 Aliceanna 
Brockmeyer Joseph, moulder, Paca nr Franklin 
Brocknieyer Rich.(B., Wal? k Co.)276 Aisquith 
Brockmeyer, Walz cj- Co. (R. Brockmeyer, J. 

Walz) founders 119 Greennionnt av 
Brockner Philip, locksmith, 435 w Pratt 

Brockschmidt Henry, wheelwright, 233 s Ann 
Broderick Mrs. Ann, 47 Greenmount av 
Broderick Catherine, 191 Vine 
Broderick Daniel J. clerk, 47 Greenmount av 
Broderick Dennis, plumber, Franklin hotel 
Broderick James H. clerk, 47 Gi'eenmount av 
Broderick Joseph P. clerk, 47 Greenmount av 
BRODERICK JOHN T. paper stock, iron and 
metals, 69 and 86 Greenmount av, dw John 
nr Valley 
Broderick John, laborer, 29 Hamburg 
Broderick John F. clerk, 47 Greenmount av 
Broderick Mrs. Mary, 47 Greenmount av 
Broderidc Timothy, canmaker, 36 Ridgely 
Broderick Wm. J. clerk, 47 Greenmount av 
Broderick Wm. E. broker, 31 Greenmount av 
Brodhead Henry H. restaurant, 38 w Fayette 
Brodt Heni-y, blachsmith, rear 26 Bevan 

Broeder , 155 (/anton av 

Brot-ning Mrs. Elizabeth, grocery, 22 William- 
son a: 
Broening Henry, 22 Williamson al 
Broenmg John, wheelwright 22 Williamson al 
IJroening Mrs. Kate, 22 Cove al 
Broening Wilhemina, 25 Bevan 
Broessel Christian, tailor, 119 Vine 
Broessel Justus, cabinetmaker, 257 xMulberry 
Broessel Wigand, tailor, 257 Mulberry 
Brogan Mrs. Henrietta, taiioress, 126 Conway 
Brogan James H. canmaker, 126 Conway 
Brogan Patrick, laborer, 16 s Front 
Brogan Philip, hacks, 96 s Howard 
Brogden William, commercial editor Baltimore 

American, St. Chair hotel 
Brogei' Ernest, tailor, 45 Albemarle 
Broguuier John, watchman, 146 HoUins 
Brohn Mrs. Margaret, 6 Eden ct 
Brohn Wm. tanner, 6 Eden ct 
Brohniiig J. joiner, 255 s Sharp 
Broick George, clerk, 7o Pi-nna av 
Brokall Zach. iireman, 115 s Poppleton 
Broker Ferdinand, cooper, 47 n Central av 
Bioll Fred, cook, 47 n Central av 
Broil Mrs. Kate, dressmaker, 47 n Central av 
Broil Louis, police, 241^ Gough 
Brome Geo. W. laborer, 164 Madeira al 
Brome Mrs. N. H. 534 Lexington 
Brome Roger, medical student, 534 Lexington 
Brome Wm. H. pilot, 134 Jetlerson 
Bromley Thomas I. miller, 66 Barnes 
Brommelsick Heury, wag(jMer, 175 s Ann 
Brommelsick Henry jr. painter, 175 s Ann 
Bromwell A. L. carpenter, 128 Hamburg 
Broinwell Alfred T. tailor, 245 n Bond 
Bromwell Geo. W. shoemaker, 1ij5 s Wolfe 
Bromwell Geo. W. jr. sooeinaker, 105 s Wolfe 
Bromwell Hosea J. produce, 39 Penna av 
Bromwell James E. sailmaker, 77 s Exeter 
Bromwell John A. salesman, Ann nr Madison 
Bromwell John E carpenter, 9 Poullney 
Bromwell John H. bricklayer, 245 n Bond 
Bromwell Wesley, carpenter, 131 Barre 
Bromwell Wm. bricklayer, 245 n Bond 
Bromwell Wm. W. carpenter, 131 Barre 
Broneck Matthias, lab. 302 s Bond 
Broneski Frederick, shoemaker, 70 Boston 
Brouing Henry, stevedore, 226 s Ann 
Broiison Edwin, machinist, 19J Forrest 
Brook Charles, paper hanger, 127 s Piden 
Brook Geo. E. carpenter, 136 n Fremont 
Brookbauk Ellen, seamstress, 48 n Exeter 
Brooke Chas. B. patent medicine, 37 s High 


•I— I 









Assets $60,000,000 Cash Invested. 







r— I 


Brooke Frniikli.i E. P. iUtonie.v, 2 Courtland, 

dw 4S McxMei'bin 
BROOKE & FRITZ, (H. L. Brooke, Wm. H. 
Erilz)|iroi)rs. Ccfiai- Poirit bli'.st rurniucs, n e 
cor Boslon uiid Patuxent 
Biooke Iloruce L. ([!. & Fritz) proprs. Canton 

cheniic;il works, dw JJanniiii's hotel 
Brooke .Mill, Fri'derick rd nr Garrison la 
Brooke R. C. carpenter, 577 Pennu av 
Biooke Mrs. Sarah, 28 Miillierry 
Brooker Benj. C. jr. (H. & Lewis) 17 s Howard 
Brooker llenrv, t.aijor, 4.5,5 S.iratoga 
Brooker k Le\vi.s, (B C. Brooker, jr., W. B. 
Lewis) auetioneers and com. merchants, ]82 
w Baltimore 
Brookhart Mrs Elizab. confec'y,lfi8 n Central av 
Hrookhart \Vm. IL huckster, 18S n Central av 
Brooklieiser Geo. tailor, 19(i Preston 
Brooklyn Life Ins. Co. of N. Y., F. Medcalfe, 
Consolidated build'jr, cor South and German 
Brooks Albert I), canniaker, 197 e Pratt 
Brc>oks Albert J. dairy, 422 n Fremont 
Brooks Albert I), canmaker, 142 Camden 
Brooks Alice, 233 w Hofltnan 
Brooks A.llen W. coachmaker, 47 n Paca 
Brooks Ambrose, stonemason, 13 Stockton al 
Brooks Anthony, coachmaker, 47 n Paca 
Brooks Mrs. B. 38 u Amity 
Brooks Benedict J. sr. engineer, 25 Potomac 
Brooks Benj. J. manager Cedar Point blastfur- 
naces, 25 Potomac 
Brooks (,'. K. painter, 211 w Biddle 
Brooks Charles A., Sweet Air 
Brooks Charles W. bookbinder, ,59 Chew 
Brooks Chauncy, pres't Western Nat. Bank,dw 

Madison av nr Uruid Hill Park 
Brooks Chauncy, (D. Fahnestock kCo.) Madi- 
son av nr Druid Hill P.irk 
Brooks Chauncy, jr. (Cole, B. «fc Co.) Madison 

av nr Druid Hill Park 
Brooks Ch.iuucy, (Harryman, Davis & Co.) 

Madison av nr Druid Hill Park 
Brooks Chaunc, (B., Rogers & Co.) Madison 

av nr Druid Hill Park 
Brooks (.'liauncv, (B. & Thrasher) Madison av 
, nr Druid Hill P.irk 

' Brooks Christopher, restaurant, lOG s EutavY 
J Brooks Chris. J. (R. B. & Sons) 1H8 n High 
; Brooks Christopher C. bookkpr, 165 Hanover 
; Brooks Darius, Sweet Air 
.- Biooks Edward W. clerk, 137 Druid Hill av 

Brooks Edward, carpenter, 489 Saratoga 
Brooks I'Mwin F. plumber and gjisfitter, 17 n 

Eutaw, dw Madison av nr Druid Hill Park 
Brooks Edwin, cm maker, 220 e Fayette 
Brooks Edwin R clerk, Druid Hill av and Biddle 
Brooks EliZM, tavern, 9G n Iloliiday 
^ lirooks ICliza Ann, confectionery, 16 Courtland 
^ Brooks Fergus M. carp. 64 Columbia 
Si Brooks Fred, clerk, 278 Hanover 
2 Brooks Geo. W. & Co. (Geo. W. Brooks) lum- 
ber, cor iOast Falls and Eastern avs 
Brooks (ieo. confectionery, 26 w Fayette 
Br(joks Geo. machinist, Mt. Vernon mills 
Brooks (;eo.\V.(G.W.I5.& Co.)99 w Monument 
^ Brooks Geo. I!, press feeder, 31 Stirling 
'"^ r.rooks Geo. W. clerk, 68 s Chester 

Brooks Geo D. oyster and fruit can manuf. 142 

and 144 Camden, dw 14 n Eutaw 
Brooks Geo. Ub. 22 w Lombard 
Brooks Geo. W. carpenter, 59 (Jhcw 
Brooks Greenbury E. canmaker 220 e Favette 




Brooks Hannibal P. photographer, 35 s High 
P)rooks Henry, cigarntaker, 227 s Paca 
Brooks Henr}' P. attorney, 9 n Calvert, dw 

Madi.«on av nr Druid Hill Park 
Brooks Mrs. Hester A. fish, 35 Shakspear 
Brooks Mrs. Hester, 89 L. Montgomery 
Brooks Isaac, jr. attorney and U. S. Commis- 
sioner, 37 Lexington, dw 230 n Charles 
Brooks Isaiah C. shijismith, Byrd and Fort av 
Brooks J. Thos. teamster, Garrison la nr Fred- 
erick rd 
Brooks Jnmes H. piop'r Oriental Tea Co. dw 

()2 Peuna av 
Brooks J:im-8, bricklayer, 48 McHenry 
Brooks .lames, hostler, 188 Vine 
Brooks James, carpenter, 7 Creek al 
Brooks James W. painter, 315 Harford av 
Brooks James H cleik, 455 Franklin 
Brooks .lames, lab. 310 Canton av 
Brooks James, shii)car[ienter, 57 Stockton al 
Brooks James M. mariner, 99 Fort av 
Brooks Mrs. Jane, 53 n Eden 
Brooks Jesse, Woodberry 
lirooks Jesse, tobacciuiist, 186 Penna av 
Brooks John, lab. 12 McElderry 
Brooks John, lab. Haii'pden 
Brooks John, hacks. 106 Barre 
I!rooks John T. brickmaker. 31 Cambridge 
ISrooks John J. lab. 12 McElderry 
Brooks John, shoes, 9 e Pratt 
Brooks John, wheelwright, 38 n Amity 
Bro(rks John L. lab. 31 Cambridge 
Brooks John, tin and sheet iron worker, Fre- 
mont nr Barre 
Brooks John T. brickmaker. Lower Canton 
Brooks John, ])aiuter, Franklin house 
Brooks .lohn H. marbleculter, 106 Hollins 
IJrooks John T. bricklayer, 109 Columbia 
Brooks John T. engineer, 2o9 s Chester 
Brooks Capt. John W. 157 Cross 
Brooks Joseph B engineer, 205 Gough 
Brooks Josei)h H. shipcarpenter, 69 e Madison 
Brooks Joseph L. clerk, Sweet Air 
Brooks Joshua, machinist, 175 Lee 
Brooks Jcshua, (B. &Sniiih) 41 Park av 
Brooks Lewis, tinner, 636 w Baltimore 
Brooks Lewis D. tinner, 636 w Baltimore 
Brooks Louis, jr. canner, 192 n Central av 
Brooks Louis, hat and capmkr, 192 n Central av 
Brooks Mrs. Louisa, 187 Mulberry 
Brooks Mrs. Mary, 168 n High 
Brooks .Mary, dressnuiker, 38 u Amity 
Brooks Mrs. Mary, 222 s Paca 
Brooks Mrs. .Margaret, boarding and i-estaurant, 

94 s Eutaw 
Biooks Maurice, boxtiiaker, 26 w Fayette 
Brooks Michael, blacksmith. 38 n Amity 
Brooks Molly, 18 New Church 
Brooks N. C. principal Baltimore Female Col- 
lege, 5:! St. Paul 
Brooks Mrs. Octavia, 78 s Choi)tank 
Brooks I'etcr H. wiMchmaii, 146 West 
Brooks Peter M. clerk, 9 e Pratt 
Brooks .Mrs. Rebecca, 118 (Jhesape.ake 
Brooks Richard M. bricklaver, 70 Woodyear 
Brooks Richard, lab. 161 Vine 
Brooks Rich'd, (Rich'd B. & Sons) 168 n High 
Brooks Rich'd k Sons, (Rich'd, Robert and C. 
J. Brooks) wholes, boots and shoes, 254 w 
Brooks Robert, sailmaker, 119 n Exeter 
Brooks Robert, painter, 100 Warner 

Mutual Life Insurance Co. of New York, 




Brooks Robert, oysters, 546 Penna av 
Brooks Rola. (Ricli'd B. & Sons) 122 w Biddle 
Brooks Rodney, jiainter, 37 Druid Hill av 
Brooks, Rojrers & Co. (Oliauncv Brooks, David 
G. Rogers, Adoram Phelps, Win. Clautiee) 
wholes, boots, shoes and iiats, 346 w Baltimore 
Brooks S. watchman, Custom H(JU^e 
Brooks Samson, brieklayer, Wilson nr DivisioQ 
Brooks Samuel, canmaker, 78 s Clioptank; 
Brooks S auuel, caniuakei', 6-8 s Chesler 
Brooks Samuel, machinist, Hampden 
Brooks S imuel, driver, 31 Stirliiiir 
Brooks Samuel D.. Canton Can Works, oyster 
and fruit can manufaclurer, 11 Burke, Ciin- 
ton, dw (58 s I'hesier 
Brooks Samuel D, jr. cauworks, 68 s Chester 
Brooks Samuel .A[. tobacconist, a w cor Balti- 
more and Hi-ih, dw 103 n Hi^h 
Brooks Samuel R. inspector C. H. 98 Holland 
Brooks Mrs. Sarah E.dressmkr,123 s Washington 
Brooks Shadrach, tailor, 67 McElderry 
Biooks Mrs S 68 s Sharp 

Brooks & Smith, (J. Brooks, C. Smith) black- 
smiths, cor Biddle and Decker 
Brooks Stephen, barkeeper, 38 n Amity 
Brooks & Thrasher, (Chauncy Brooks, Isaac 
Thrasher) jobbers in clothing and drygoods, 
346 w Baltimore 
Brooks Thomas, porter, 202 Lee 
Brooks Thomas jr. drayman, 202],Lee 
Brooks Mrs. Thomas R. 99 w Monument 
Brooks Thomas, salesman, 68 s Sharp 
Brooks Thomas E. stonecutter, 249 Lee 
Brooks W. Howard, patternmaker, 48 Parrish 
Brooks Walter B. assignee of Howard, Cole & 
Co. office over 357 w Baltimore, dw Balti- 
more CO. 
Brooks W. H. panorama, 105 w Fayette 
Brooks Wm. teamster, Calverton 
Brooks Wm. coal and wood, 444 n Gay, dw 

285 e Eager 
Brooks Wra. oysterpacker, 237 Bank 
Brooks Wm. C, Waverley nr York rd 
Broaks Wm. D. cor Saratoga and Strieker 
Brooks Wm. farmer, Sweet Air 
Brooks Wm. J. 2(5 n Front 
Brooks Wm. D. tinner. 323 w Lombard 
Brooks Wm. H. stonecutter, 164 L. Greene 
Brooks Wm. sr. inspector C. H., 293 Aisquith 
Brooks Wm. H. clerk, 293 Aisquith 
Brooks Wm. engineer, 175 Lee 
Brooks Wm. F. printer, 59 Chew 
Brooks Wm. carpenter, 110 n Exeter 
Brooks Wm. S. 126 Hamburg 
Brooks Wm. H. bricklayer, 9 McHenry 
Brookwell Thomas, clerk, 9 Cuba 
Broom Chas. D. grocery, 152 Bank 
Broom Mrs. Ellen, 152 Bank 
Broom George, grocery, s ecor Bank and Wolfe, 

dw 152 Bank 
Broom James, sample tier, 169 w Lombard 
Broom John, stevedore, 152 Bank 
Broom Louis E. carpr. 152 Bank 
Broom Mary J. 175 Eastern av 
Broom Wm. ironworker, 126 s Eden 
Brophy Mary, Druidville 
Brophey James, laborer, 360 William 
Broring Henry, shoemaker, 530 n Gay 
Broschies August, shoemaker, 216 s Bond 
Broseker Chas. butcher, 6 Cross-st market, dw 

506 Light 
Broseker Henry, upholsterer, 299 William 

Broseker Wm. cit;armaker, 303 Willlaaa 
Brosius Jacob, huckster, 26 Patterson av 
Brosius Jacob jr. huckster, 26 P.itterson av 
Brosius Samuel H. (B. & Co.) 33G Myrtle av 
Brosius Silas, (B & Co.) 243 Lanvale 
Brosius k, Co (S H. and Silas Brosius, A. W. 
Fitzliugli, S. B. Hoopman) importers and 
jobbers of notions, fancy goods, &c. 315 w 
Brosius Stephen H. engineer, 140 n Gilmor 
Brosius Wm, 243 Lanvale 
Biosius Wm. J. 243 Lanvale 
Brosnaliam Fiank, bricklayer, 88 Dolphin 
Brosnan John, proprietor Calvert House s e cor 

(Jalvert and Pleasant 
Brosnan John, lab 23 Parrish 
Brosnan Mrs. Margaret, 23 Parrish 
Bross August, blacksmith, 62 Portland 
BROSS EDVVARD, lithographer, engraver and 

printer, 151 w Lombard 
Bross Edward jr. clerk, 151 w Lombard 
Brotherhood Hall, cor Front and Gay 
Brothers Thos. watchman, Clipper JHlls 
Brotherton Mrs. Louisa, 594 w Baltimore 
Brotherton Rev. Thomas W. 127 n Broadway 
Brotzman Mrs. Josephine, 102 s Central av 
Brotzman .Mrs. Mary, 12 Walker 
Brough John, silversmith, 22 Camden 
Br.iugham Isaac, potter, 105 Eastern av 
Broughton Harry C. 171 Eastern av 
Broujihton Isaac, printer, 192 w Fayette 
Broughton Joseph, driver, 126 n Eden 
Broughton John, plasterer, 192 w Fayette 
Broughton Mrs. Capt. Joseph D. 82 sAnn 
Broughton Joseph jr. painter, 82 s Ann 
Broughton Mrs, Maria, dressmkr, 192 w Fayette 
Broughton Mrs. Mary J. 71 n Caroline 
Brouhn Henry, lab. 55 Walker 
Broumel James, 18 s Strieker 
Broumel Jameg W. conveyancer, 2 Law build- 
ings, dw 18 s Strieker 
Broumel Wm. carpenter 60 s Broadway 
Brower Benj. R. conductor, 1 Randall 
Brower Geo. watchmaker, 141 n High 
Brower H. T. laborer, 404 Eastern a'v 
Brower Wm. expressman, 56 n Front 
Brown Aaron A. (B. & Co.) 90 Columbia 
Brown Abraham jr. clerk, 401 e Eager 
Brown Alfraham, bricklayer, 147 Ridgley 
Brown A. E. clerk, 163 George 
Brown Abel, huckster. 510 Lexington 
Brown Abner C. stair builder, 383 Lexington 
Brown Adam W. clerk, 305 Walsh 
Brown Adam, driver, Duist a) nr West 
Brown Adam, shoemaker, 168 s Charle.') 
Brown Albert S. carpenter, Starr hoiel 
Blown Albert L. bricklayer, 157 n Kden 
BROWN ALEX. & SONS, (G. S. Broun, Wm. 
H Graham, W. G. Bowdoin) bankers and 
dealers in foreign exchange, s w cor Balti- 
more and Calvert 
Brown Alex, bricklayer, 71 McHenry 
Brown Alex, moulder, Clintim nr Boston 
Brown Alex. D farmer, 70 .Ml. Vernon pi 
Brown Alice. 210 s Caroline 
Brown Alex. E. (Wm. H. B. & Bro.) Linden 

av and Townsend 
Brown Alex. P. tailor, 125 Orleans 
Brown Alex. W. carpenter, 29 Brune 
Brown A. E. salesman, 163 George 
Brown A. J. jr. dentist, 88 n Charles 
Brown Dr. A*. J. dentist, 88 n Cb.-irles 








O. F. Bresee, General Agent, 15 South St. 









Brown Alfred, huckster^ 51 n Amity 
Brown Alfred C. carpenter, 88 w Centre 
Brown Ambrose S. teacher, 244 n Caroline 
Brown Ann, r)3 Burke, Uauton 
Brown Mrs. Ann E. 2(15 s CheitPr 
Brown ^irs. Anuie, Mt. Vernon Mills- 
Brown Mrs. Ann M. 176 e Bultiniore 
Brown And. tivern, Broadway and Canton av 
Brown Artliur, carpentt-r, 116 e Fayette 
Brown Arthur, hackman, 204 Cbesnut 
Brown Arthur G. (I>. & Brune) 89 w Chase 
Brown Augustine, laborer, 199 s Washington 
iirown Au<;ustu3 W. 281 e Pratt 
Broun Basil, dept. insfi. tobac. 231 B<trre 
BROWN BELLE, 91 Raborg 
Brown Rev. B. F. cor Ilollins and Giliiior 
Brown Rev. B. Peyton, 7 s Ciiroline 
Brown Benj. C. clerk, 83 Excliaui;e pi 
Brown Bt-nj. F. machinist, 122 Mosiier 
Brown Benj. F. painter, 23 s Scbroeder 
Brown Betsy A. 41 Perry 
Blown Beverly W. clerk, 110 Harlein av 
Brown Mrs. Briduret, 10 Windsor 
BROWN, BOGGS & CO. (J. T. Brown, F. H. 

Bosrcs, J.W.Corliin) wholes, liquors, 33 s Gay 
BROWN & BRUNE, (Geo. Wm. Brown. F. W. 

Brune, Stewart Brown, A. G. Brown) fittor- 

ne\s) 40 St. Paul 
Brown Caroline, school, 20 n High 
Brown Mrs. Cassandra, groK'ery, 269 Oileans 
Brown's Cataliim Co. over 84 Light stwhf 
Brown Mrs. Catherine, tailores-s, 87^ Jefferson 
Brown Chas. brakeman, 49 O.\tord 
Brown Chas. brickniiiker, 53 s Burke 
Brown Clias. draughtsman, 19 Waesche 
Brown Chas. furnace builder, 78 s Chester 
Brown Chas. laborer. 213 s Washington 
Brown Chas. mariner, 26 Fell 
Brown Clias. C. canmaker, 107 s Broadway 
Brown Chas. shoeiiiakei', 116 Laiicister 
Brown Chng. H. blacksmith, 26 s Burke 
Brown Chas. D. clerk, 231 B.ure 
Brown Chas. E. clerk, Townsend nr Jolin 
Brown Chas. E. tobacco, 95 s Charles, dw Lin- 
den av and Townsend 
Brown Capt. Chas. H. 143 s Ann 
Brown Chas. H. H. 402 Eutaw pi 
Brown Chas. S. safemaker, 357 Lexington 
Brown Ciias.jr. (.onfectioner, 598 w Baltimore 
Brown Chas. T. (John B. &Son) 87 n Broadway 
Brown Chas. W. staiibuilder, 359 Le.xington 
Brown & Co. (Geo. P. Brown, Marion C. Mor- 

decai) grocery, liquors and Havana cigars, 

cor Cathedral and Richmond 
Brown & Co. (A. A. Brown, A. Dalsheimer) 

matiut'acturers children's shoes, 43 German 
Brown Christian, shoemaker, 311 Mulberry 
Brown Mrs. Christiana, 78 s Chester 
Brown Christopher, mariner. 460 Light 
[Irown Conrad, helper, 88 n Caroline 
Brown (Jornelius, sr. tobacconist, 2H9 Saratoga 
Brown Cornelius, jr. musical instrs. 321 n Gay 
Brown Cornelius A. miller, Loudon av nr Mil- 

lington la 
Brown David P. teacher, 244 n Caroline 
IJrown David R. attf)rney, 617 w P'ayelte 
Brown D.ivid O. (Stewart & C".! 3 Hollins . 
Brown & DePacfie, (II. Brown, J. DePaepe) 

riggers, 16 i'hiipot 
Brown Ebenezer, laborer, 116 Boyd 
Brown Edmond, cabinetmaker, 26 O'Donnell 
Brown Edw. litjuors and wines, 181 s Broadway 

Brown Edward, laborer, 268 s Ann 
Brown Elias, jr. carpenier, 186 Siratoga 
Brown Elias. carpenter and builder, 17 Pleas- 
ant, dvv 186 Saratoga 
Brown Mrs. Elizabeth, 538 w Lombard 
Brown .Mrs. Elizibeth^ tailoress, 118 Hughes 
Brown .Mrs. Ellen, boarding, 68 Thanjes 
Brown Emmett, ticki'i agt. B.illo. S'eampackei 

Co. over 8 Sontli, dw 266 Linden av 
Brown Fannie S. teacher, 3u5 Waish 
Brown Featon J. engineer, 35 Elliott 
Brown Dr. Felix E. dentist, 61 Le.xinirton 
Blown Francis A. coachpainter, 122 n Durham 
Brown Frank H. 402 Eutaw pi 
Brown P^rank S. n>achinist, 179 n Oregon 
Brown Frank, clerk, CarroUton hotel 
Brown Franklin, engineer, 7 Rusaell 
Brown Franklin, engineer, 21 Peach al 
Brown Franklin, produce, 373 Franklin 
Brown Fred, manner, 32 n Sharf) 
Brown Fred, mariner, 126sRegester 
Brown P^ed. basketmaker, 224 Penna av 
Brown Fred. J. attorney, 33 St. Paul, dw 89 w 

Brown Fred. S. clerk, 402 Eutaw pi 
Brown Garry W. (Jas. M. A: Garry W. B.) to- 
bacconist. Front st theatre, dw 625 w Fayette 
Browa C^'pt. Geo. F. wharfinger, 35sChoptank 
Brown Capt. Geo. whaifinner, ft of Fell 
Bro« n Geo. coachsmjth. 32 Greenmonnt av 
Brown Geo. agent, 56 n Greene 
Brown Geo. mariner, 266 Eastern av 
Brown Geo. stovemoulder, 460 Light 
Brown Geo. blacksmith, 23 East 
Bi'oun Geo. boilermaker, 73 n ll!,gh 
Brown Geo coachsmilh, 73 Harford av 
Brt)wn Geo. shipc'r, Baltimore and Washington 
Brown Geo. laborer, 3:!3 Canton av 
Brown Geo. whole. c-.uidy manuf. 8 w Baltimore 
Brown (ieo. carpenter, 2|ii e Baltimore 
Brown Geo. bricklayer, 240 e (Miase 
Brown (jCO. C. carpr. and bnihler, 186 Saratoga 
Brown Geo. E. clerk, 122 Mosher 
Brown Geo. F. marbltcatter, 175 n Exeter 
Blown Geo. N. carpenter. 367 Lexiii'jton 
Brown Geo. O. photograplier, 406 n Eden 
Brown Geo. O. jr. clerk, 40() n Eden 
Brown Geo. S. (Alex. B. k Sons) CathedraJ 

and .Madison 
Brown Geo. W. engineer, Castle nr Orleans 
Brown Geo. W. laborer, 257 Lee 
Brown (ieo. Wm. (B. k Brnne) 80 w Chase 
Brown Geo. W. fancy articles, 21 7 e Baltimore 
Brown Geo. W. carpenter, 147 Jlulberry 
Brown Mrs. Gertrude E. 208 u Central av 

W. B. Oravei. W Judson Brown. S. P. Ifyland, Jr 


© E w s n A 3. 

Commission Merchants, 

24 Connnercc Street^ 


BROWN, GRAVES k CO. ( W. Jiidson Brown, 
Wm. B. Graves, S. P. Ryland jr.) commis- 
sion merchants, 24 Commerce 

Brown Greenbury H. carp. 32 Brune 

Mutual Life Insurance Co. of New York, 




Brown Gustavus, (A. Seemuller & Sons) Balti- 

oiore CO 
Brown H. G., Brtrnnra's hotel 
Brown H. J. inspr. Custom house 
BROWN, HA.MILL & CO. (M. J. and W. A. 

Brown, R. W. H^mill) coal oil refiners, First 

av and Eighth, office 13 w Pratt 
Brown Harman, conductor, 462 w Lombard 
Brown Harrj-, clerk, Gibbons hotel 
Brown Harry P. clerk, 326 vv Fayette 
Brown Harry, hackman, 219 n Front 
Brown Henrietta, 226 e Monument 
Brown Henry, engineer, 236 s Sliarp 
Brown Henry, dredger, 110 s Regester 
Brown Henry sr. librarian B. & 0. R. R. 326 w 

Brown Henry G. (Tottle & B.) 10 n Gilraor 
Brown Henry, (B. & De Paei)e)37 s Washington 
Brown Henry 0. saw manuf. 17 s Gay, dw 55^ 

e Lombard 
Brown Henry, clerk, 326 w Fayette 
Brown Henry, slioemaker, 160 n Gay 
Brown Henry G. 67 n High 
Brown Henry, tailor, 329 e Madison 
Brown Herbert D. cattle, 60 St. Peter 
Brown Mrs. Hester, 121 Chew 
Brown Hiram, clerk. Mansion house 
Brown's Hotel, L. Brown, [irop'r, 119 n High 
Brown Hugh J. clerk, 25 w Baltimore 
Brown Ira B. clerk, 68 Le.\iniiton 
Brown Isaac, engineer, 27 Elliott 
Brown Isaac W. engineer, 27 Elliott 
Brown Isaiah, woodturner, 118 n Schroeder 
Brown J. B. (J. B. B. k Co.) 59 Hollins 
Brown J. B. & Co. (J. B. Brown, N. S. Hill) 

wholes, liquors, 6 Bowly's whf 
Brown J. M. watchman. Custom house 
Brown J. S. watchman, Custom house 
Brown J. W. bookkeeper, 100 Saratoga 
BROWN J. WILSON, house turn, goods, 47 n 

Howard, dw n e cor Mulberry and Paca 
Brown Jacob C. & Co. (J. J. Biown, W. C. 

Carter) sailmakers, 73 Smith's whf 
Brorfn Jacob, dry goods, 375 Light 
Brown Jacob C.(B. k, Murphy) 370 e Baltimore 
Brown Jacob, buots and slioes, 266 Eastern av 
Brown Jaraes, laborer, 94 York 
Brown James E. machinist, 231 William 
Brown James F. laborer, 144 s Regesler 
Brown James, laborer, 56 Bun-n 
Brown James, med. stud'-nt, 129 Lanvale 
Brown James, huckster, 116 Buyd 
Brown Jmnes G. clerk, 84 s Central av 
Brown James E. carpenter, 231 William 
Brown James J. stonecutter, 2sOGreenmountav 
Brown James, bacon, 72 n Chester 
Brown James M. (J. M. & Garry W.B.) 625 w 

Brown James, laborer, 108 Boyd 
Brown James F. laborer, 144 s Regester 
Brown James H. fireman, 121 Hollins 
Brown James H. junk, 131 McElderry whf, dw 

131 s High 
Brown Jaraes R. carpenter, 211 Saratoga 
Brown Jas. L. carp. 40 n Broadway 
Brown James M. clerk, 273 Saratoga 
Brown James T. machinist, 60 s Ann 
Brown Jas. S. puddler, Hudson nr Canton 
Brown Rev. James H. 38 n Broadway 
Brown James, restaurant, and supt. Broadway 

and Locust Point Ferry, 85 Thames 
Brown James W. laborer, 343 William 

Brown Jas. V. watchmaker, 62 Barnes 
BROWN JAMES M. & GARRY W. cigars and 

soda water saloon, 89 Second, and 161 w 

Brown James R. <^ Co. (J. R. Brown, T. Par- 
sons) wholesale queensware, 3 n Howard 
Brown Jas. R. (J. R. B. & Co.) 360 Myrtle av 
Brown James W. laborer, 340 William 
Brown J. Frank, brickmaker, Washington av, 

dw 606 w Fayette 
Brown James, mariner, 270 e Biddle 
Brown J. B. wholes, liquors, 6 Bowly's whf, 

dw 59 Hollins 
Brown James, repairer, Druidville 
Brown James S. warper, Druidville 
Brown James E. blacksmith, 316 n Hoffman 
Brown James, painter, 74 n Broadway 
Brown Jam' s A. engineer, 2:i4 s Dallas 
Brown James, brewer, 84 s Central av 
Brown James F. clerk, 120 Mosher 
Brown James R. conductor, 29 Greenmount av 
Brown James H. jr. 38 n Broadway 
Brown James Q.tobacco,corPark audRichmond 
Brown J. Wilcox, (B., Lancaster & Co.) 83 w 

Brown Mrs. Jane, 252 n Caroline 
Brown Jasper R. carp. 2 St. Mary, dw318Light 
Brown Mr^^. Jennie, boarding, 67 n High 
Brown Jeanette, seamstress, 120 s Spring 
Brown Jerome B. agent Brown's Catalina, 84 

Light-st. whf, dw 47 Mulberry 
Brown Jesse H. laborer, 734 w Pratt 
Brown John W. agent Commonwealth Lifelns. 

Co. of N. Y. over Union Bank 
Brown John, laborer. Homestead 
Brown John, baggage master, 25 s Fremont 
Brown John, 437 Madison av 
Brown John, cabinetmaker, 77 a Wolfe 
Brown John L. contractor, 29 Brune 
Brown John T. tobacconist, s w corEutawand 

Biddle, dw 29 Brune 
Brown John, confectioner, 44 Hillen 
Brown John, laborer, Phila. rd 
Brown John H. mail agent, 10 s Republican 
Blown J. H. (B. 4- Co.) Waverley 
Brown Dr. John L. 617 w Fayette 
Brown John W. clerk, 209 n Carey 
Brown John T. conductor, 736 w Lombard 
Brown John T. cigars, Biddle and Eutaw, dw 

29 Brune 
Brown John J. carpenter, 177 Preston 
Brown John T. cabinetmaker, 109 s Strieker 
Brown John F. cigarmaker, 29 Brune 
Brown John T. shucker, 205 s Chester 
Brown John P. laborer, 24 Biddle e of Ann 
Brown John, cabinetmaker, 57 Portland 
Brown John, conductor, 120 s Eden 
Brown John, grocery, 98 n Ann 
Brown John A. messenger Circuit Court, 150 

BROWN J. B. & CO. (J. B. Brown) wholesale 

liquors, 6 Bowly's whf 
Brown John H. grocery, Waverley 
Brown John, 16 Holland 

Brown John B. (J. B. Brown & Co.)59 Hollins 
Brown John, miller, 187 n Bethel 
Brown John, 437 Madison av 
Brown John, stonemason, 48 Liberty al 
Brown John N. treas. People's Gas Co. 197 w 

Brown Capt. John H. mariner, 211 s Ann 
Brown John J. varnisher, 27 Walker 







r— < 













Assets $60,000,000 Cash Invested. 





I— I 















Brown John, (John B. & Son) 87 n Broadway 
BROWN JOHN & SON, (John and Chas. T. 

Browu) hardware, 10 w Fiatt 
Brown John, satemaker, 45 James hi 
Brown John J. butcher, 20 Hollins market, dw 

217 Frederick av 
Brown John M. carpenter, 257 Lee 
Brown John F. S. tinner, 31 Stockton 
Brown John T. painter, 30 n Oregon 
Brown John T. (H., Bojijis & Co. ) 22 1 w Hoffman 
l5rown John, Uiborer, 45 James la 
Brown John D. engineer, 263 Gough 
Brown John, laborer, H9 Harford av 
Brown John F. painter, 294 Johnson 
Brown John C. canmaker, 99 s Bond, dw 394 

e Monument 
Browu John, laborer, 65 s Burke 
Brown John T. packer, 216 e Pratt 
Brown John S. cabinetmaker, 27 Walker 
Brown Jonathan, tin plate and sheet iron 

worker, 5s North 
BROWN J. HARMAN, Register of Wills and 

treas. Ass'n liiip'g Cond. Poor, 67 Courtland 
Brown Joseph, cabinetmaker, 307 w Pratt 
Brown Joseph, secy, and treas. Ballo. Gas Light 

Co. 617 w Fayette 
Brown Joseph E. barber, 62 s Eutaw 
Brown Joseph B. police, 7 Russell 
Brown Josepli M. carpenter, 6 n Oregon 
Brown Josh, coaclimak. 347 Saratojja, dw 320 
Brown Josh. L. (Brown ^ Son) tin and sheet- 
iron worker, 477 Penna av 
Brown Joshua V. (Brown & Son) tinner, 477 

Peuna av 
Brown Julia, 71 McElderrj 
Brown Julius, driver, 274 Canton av 
Brown J. Wesley, bookkeeper, 100 Saratoga 
Brown Kale, 99 Raborg 
Brown Kirk, teacher, 21 s High 

R. A. Lancaster, P. J. Wright, J. L. Wil- 
liams, C. D. Lowndes) bankers and brokers, 

6 Rialto building 
Brown Laura, shirtraaker, 200 n Central av 
Brown Mrs. Laura E. 305 Walsh 
Brown Lewis, prop. Brown's hotel, 119 n High 
Brown Lewisj carpenter, 564 Saratoga 
Brown Lewis, cooper, 406 Cross 
Brown Lewis, butcher, 17 Armistead la 
Brown Lewis B bookkeeper, 337 Myrtle av 
Brown Lewis P. shoemaker, 294 McHenry 
BRtjWN LORIN, elastic sponge goods, 34j n 

Howard, dw 179 u Oregon 
Brown M. millinery, fancy and dry goods. 153 

8 Broadway 
Brown M. Harold, engraver, over 160 w Balti- 

timore, dw. 233 VValsh 
Browu Mrs. M. J. boys clothing, 12 Garden 
Brown Maggie, 148 Raborg 
Brown Manheim, toys and confectionery, 16 w 

Blown Margiiret. 174 Madeira al 
IJrown Mrs. .Margt. E, lailoress, 226 e Monument 
Brown .Mrs. Margaret, grocery, 162 McHenry 
Brown Martin S. engraver, 195 w Baltimore 

dw 44 Walsh 
Br(jwn Mrs. Martha, confect'y, 29 Douglass 
Brown .Mrs. .Mary, rear So *'entre Market sp 
Brown .Mrs. .Mary, confectionery, 23 East 
Brown Mary, jirocery, 8!) Harford av 
Brown .VIrs. Mary, 41 n Durham 
Brown Mrs. Marv, 239 s Wolfe 

Brown Mary K. teacher, 179 s Broadway 

Brown Mrs. Mary, boarding, 65 s Orleans 

Brown Mrs. Mary A. 351 n Central av 

Brown Mrs. Mary, >!19 Eastern av 

Brown Mrs. Mary R. 267 w Fayette 

Brown Memorial Church, (Presbyterian) cor 

Park av and Towiiseiid 
Brown Matthew G. 62 Barnes 
Brown Matthew J. (M. J. Si W. A, Brown, and 

B., ILimill & Co.) 18 Greeumount av 
BROWN .M. J. & W. A flour and feed com- 
mission merchants, 11 w Pratt 
Brown Michael, laborer, !6 Parkin 
Brown Michael C. lithographer, 175 Ensor 
Brown Michael, watchman, 34 Etting 
Brown Michael, laborer, foot of Cross 
Brown Mollie, 148 Raborg 
Brown Moses, painter, 223 e Pratt 
BROWN & MURPHY, (J. C. Brown, F. P. 

Mur[ihy) sailmakers, 73 Smith's whf 
Brown .Mrs. N. Maria, 124 n Edej:i 
Brown Nathaniel, ironworker, 205 s Chester 

Brown — , lat>orer, Hampden 

Brown P. M. cooper, 286 s Anu 
Brown Patrick, lal)orer, 60 Buren 
Brown Paul, shoemaker, 44 s Schroeder 
Brown Peter, rigger, 68 Thames 
Brown Philip, slioemaker, 23 Brown la 
Brown R. Howard, clerk, 25 s Sharp 
Brown Mrs. Rachel P. 193 n Howard 
Brown Randolph, bricklayer, 316 w Hofifman 
Brown Richd. (V. J. B. & Bros.) Edniondson 

av 3 doors w of Oregon 
Brown Richard P. police, 346 Harford av 
Brown Richard, laborer, 16 Parkin 
Brown Ritjehart, baker, 777 w Baltimore 
Brown liobert, laborer, 151 n F'rout 
Browu Robl. watches and jewelry, 158 w Bal- 
timore, dw 12 Hollins 
Brown Robert, laborer, 118 Chesapeake 
Brown Robert jr. oil broker, cor Pratt and 

Bowly's whf, dw Decker nr Oliver 
BROWN ROBT. D, treasurer Susq. Canal Co. 

13 Lexington, dw Howard co 
Brown Robt. T. book agent, 177 German 
Brown Robert P. 163 St. Paul 
BROWiN ROBERT 1'. books and stationery, 30 

Second, dw 266 Linden av 
Browu Reuben T. huckster, 316 w Hoffman 
Brown Samuel, rigger, 14 Warren 
Brown Samuel, bricklayer, 379 Franklin 
Brown Samuel, lab. 127 Division 
Brown Samuel B. clerk, 14 Warren 
Biown Samuel C. 95 Saratoga 
Brown Samuel M. bricklayer, 257 Lee 
Browu Samuel M. carpenter, 71 McHenry 
Brown Samuel M. of John, 257 Lee 
Browu Samuel R. huckster, 179 s Paca 
Brown Samuel S R. canmaker, 18 Walsh 
Brown Samuel, machinist, 417 w Pratt 
Brown Sarah, dressmaker, 389 Light 
Brown Sarah, 121 Chew 
Brown Mrs. Sarah, 174 s Broadway 
Brown Mrs. Sarah R. grocery. Castle nr Orleani 
Brown Sebastian, (B.&Smilh) 171 DruidllillaT 
Brown Seujpronius, 197 s Paca 
Brown Dr. Septimus, office 503 w Baltimore, dw 

Townsend and Linden av 
Brown & Smith, (Sebastian Brown, Robert H, 

Smith) attorneys, 53 St. Paul 
Brown Solomon, millinery and straw goods, 
257 w Baltimore, dw 261 Lexington 

Mutual Life Insurance Co. of New York, 



Brown Solomon, clerk. 153 s Broadway 
Brown k Sou, (J. L. Brown, Josluisi V. Brown) 

tiniind sheet iron workers, 477 Penna av 
Brown Sophia, sehoul, 75 Townsend 
JJrowii Slewart, (B & Biiniu) Biddle nr Charles 
Brown Sus m, 330 Mulbeiry 
Brown Theodore, lab. 85 Johnson 
Brown Mrs. Theresa A. firocery, 27 Elliott 
Brown Thos. H.S. housefurn'g, 38 w Baltimore, 

dw 401 e Eafjer 
Brown Thos. iron monlder, 728 w Pratt 
Brown Thos. C. painter, 242 Litiht 
Brown Thos. W. police, 30 Jackson Square av 
Brown Thos. H. sec'y Great Falls Iron Co. 

Elkridi^e Landin<j 
Brown Thos. M. (T. Matthews & Son) 209 w 

Brown Dr. Thos. R., Park av and Lanvale, 

dw' 129 Lanvale 
Brown Thos. lab. 10 Windsor 
Brown Thos. brass moulder, 8 Brune 
Brown Thos. A. (V.J.B.&Bros.) 661 w Fayette 
Brown Thos. J. (T J.B.&Son) 303 e Eager 
Brown Thos. J. jr. (T.J.B.&fSon) 303 e Eager 
Brown Thos. H.S. (Harrison &B.)401 e Eager 
Brown Thos. J. cj" Son, (Thos. J. and T. J. 

Brown jr. )gold and silvers' lis, 146 wBaltimore 
Brown Thos. shipjoiner, 26 s Regester 
Brown Thos. patternmaker. 21 George 
Brown Thos. currier, 266 Eastern av 
Brown Thos. W. carver, 202 n Republican 
Brown Timothy, lab. 16 Parkin 
Brown Timothy, com. mercht, Oxford, York rd 
Brown Virgil 1). moulder, 112 n Pine 
Brown V. J. & Bros. (V.J. ,T. A. and R. Brown) 

whols. grocprs an't liquors, 66 Exchange pi 
Brown W. Judsoti, (B.,Graves4"Co.) 4 n Carey 
Brown V. J. (V.J. B. & Bros.)" 14 HoUins 
Brown Walter S. lab. 266 Eastern av 
Brown Walter S. carpenter, 186 Saratoga 
Brown Wm. lab. Clifton nr the Park 
Brown Wm. hatter, 106 w Fayette 
Brown Wm. (Wm. B. & Co ) 26t> Linden av 
Bro^wn Wui. & Co. (Wm. Brown) watches and 

jewelry, and agents Wilson Sewing Machine, 

s e cor Baltimore and Charles 
Brown Wm. fireman, 43 n Caroline 
Brown Wra. blacksmith, 219 Doljihin 
Brown Wm. of R. clerk, Rennert house 
Brown Wm. 149 Dolphin 
Brown Wm. shoemaker, 266 Eastern av 
Brown Wm. carpenter, 68 Thames 
Brown Wm. A. shoecutter, 106 n Fremont 
Brown Wm. A. (M. J. and W. J. B., and B., 

Haraill k Co.) 121 n Eden 
Brown Wm. E. carpenter. 200 Mulberry 
Brown Wm. G. clerk, 48 s Poppleton 
Brown Wm.G.bricklay.WbatcoatnrPresstman 
Brown Wm. H. fireman, 9 s Ann 
Brown Wm. H. clerk. 71 Mosher 
Brown Wm.H.blacksth, Ramsay nrMillington la 
Brown Wm. H. carp. 27 Greenmount av 
Brown Wm. H. watchman, 6S Thames 
BROWN WM. H. & BRO. (Wm. H. Brown. 

Alex. E. Brown, John E. Morrison) drug- 
gists, 25 s Sharp 
Brown Wm. H.( W.H.B. k Bro.) 226 Linden av 
Brown Wm. H. 166 w Baltimore 
Brown Wm. H. bricklayer, 101 n Poppleton 
Brown Wm. J. attorney, 153 n Paca 
Brown Wm. L. carpenter, Chesnut nr Low, dw 
216 e Baltimore 

Brown Wm. M. printer, 42 n Fremont , 
Brown Wra. O. miller, Fredk. rd nr Gwynn's 

Blown Wm. R. carpenter, 114 Townsend 
Brown Wm. R. [>ainter, 129 Preston 
Brown Wm. T. bricklayer, 247 Lee 
Brown Wm. T. coal, St. Peter nr Fremont 
Brown Wm T. 617 w Fayette 
Brown Wm. T., Carrollton hotel 
Brown Wni. W. carpenter, 14 s Ann 
Brown Dr. Wm. W. 141 e Monument 
Brown Wm bookkeeper, 197 Saratoga 
Brown Wilson, house furnishing, Howard nr 

Lexington, dw 117 Mulberry 
Browne Charles C. 123 McCul'loh 
Browne Eliza, 22 Harlem av 
Browne Eugene II. salesman, 674 Saratoga 
Browne Lucy, 22 Harlem av 
Browne P. Arrell, attorney, 65 w Fayette, dw 

243 n Calvert 
Browne Thos. merchant tailor, 171 e Baltimore 
Browne Wm. salesman, Calverton rd 
Browning Basil D. conductor, 26 n Oregon 
Browning Edward, iron moulder, 75 Hillen 
Browning Geo. G. police, 48 Brune 
Browning Henry P. painter, 103 w Biddle 
Browning Jacob, blacksmith, 228 Light 
Browning Lewis, laborer, 164 n Dallas 
Browning Louisa, teacher, To s Eden 
Browning Mrs Mary A. 75 s Eden 
Browning Sam'l D. driver, 282 Aliceanna 
Browning Susan, teacher, 75 s Eden 
Browning Warfield T. attorney. Law building, 

36 Lexington, dw Eutaw house 
Browning Wm. W. ticket agent B. & 0. R. R. 

s e cor Baltimore and Calvert, dw Greene and 

Browning Wm. painter, 103 w Biddle 
Browning Wm. E. (Hughes & B.) 371 n Cen- 
tral av 
Browning Wm. H. cardriver, 529 n Fremont 
Browning Wm. S. bookkeeper, 138 Preston 
Brownley Mrs. Hetty, 43 Garden 
Brownley Hiram L. shipcarp. 271 e Pratt 
Brownley Hiram L. shipcarp. 365 Light 
Brownley John W, shipcarp. 271 e Pratt 
Brownley Larkin C. shipcarp. 40 Jackson sq av 
Brownley Louisa, confect'y. 419 w Lombard 
Brownley Sarah A. seamstress, rear 170 Hughes 
Brownley Thos. J. engineer, 63 Hill _^^_^ 

Brownold Moses, salesman, HI German 
Bruce David, conf. 11 Barre, w of Fremont 
Bruce Edward M. 24 Harford av 
Bruce Granville, laborer, 112 Cooksie 
Bruce John M. 160 Aisquith 
Bruce Oliver H. harnessmaker, 6 Hill 
BruceWm.wood and coal, 145 e Madison, dwl53 
Bruce Rev. Wm. 138j w Biddle 
Bruce Wm.W. machinist, 153 e Madison 
Bruchey David H. police, 239 Columbia 
Bruck Henry .M. tailor, 278 Hanover 
Bruckmann Wm. shoemaker, 154 Henrietta 
Bruckner Daniel, shoemkr, Dover nr Fulton 
Bruckner John F. pianomkr,Sterrett nr Ridgely 
Brude Gustav, salesman, 226 s Sharp 
Bruder Michael jr. baker, 213 n Exeter 
Bruebach Chas. pianomaker, 251 Franklin 
Bruebach Jacob, cabinetmaker, 68 Barre 
Brueckner Andrew, beer, 1 Dover 
Bruehl Christopher, carpenter, 10 Smith 
Bruehl Geo. A. baker, 435 e Pratt 














• I— ( 






p— I 

O. F. Bresee, General Agent, 15 Sonth St. 















Bruehl John, laborer, Sweet Air 
Bruehl Justus, 5 Jackson sq av 
Bruemauu Henrj-, blacksmith, 71 Clay 
Bruens Henry, carpenter, 65 Lancaster 
Bruettint^ Joseph W. barkeeper, 71 s Regester 
Bruff John K. bricklayer, 262 e Pratt 
Brutf John W. 283 Madison av 
Bruff Jos E. (Baker, B. & Co.)283 Madison av 
BrulF Thomas, student, 262 e Pratt 
Bru^g John, laborer, 31 Kin^ 
Bruggeman Fred'k W. grocery, 6 Dawson al 
Bruggemaa Win. provisions, 6 Dawson al 
Bruggraan Mrs. Amelia, variety', 360 Can- 
ton av 
Bruggman Henry, carpenter. 360 Canton av 
Bruggy Ann J. huckstress, 3 Arcade al 
Brugg}' Martin, carpenter, 3 Arcade nl 
Biugniens Louis, painter, 17 Barnet 
Bruhn Jacob, wines and liquors, 75 s Sharp 
Brulle Fred'k, ( Meyer & B.) 179 Lexington 
Brumfield Nathan, sawyer, 157 Elliott 
Brummel Joseph, butcher, Sweet Air 
Bruu Edward, machinist, 116 n Paca 
Brun Mad. F. child's dressnikr, 116 n Paca 
Bruu Hei'ry, carpetweaver, 85 n Anu 
Brun Victor H. clerk, 116 n Paca 
Brundick Rudoli>h, laborer, 34 I'^ountain 
Brundige Chas. H. (Sauerburg& B.) 185 Town- 

Brundige Maston, laborer, 23 Piirrish 
Brundige Mrs. Rebecca, 146 Division 
Brundige Tlios. V., Mine bank la nr Baltimore 

Brundige Thos W. attorney, 32 St. Paul, dw 

Mine bank la nr Baltimore cemetery 
BrundigeWm. H. huckster, Peirce nr Poppleton 
BruneMrs. D. midwife, 114 Battery av 
Bruue Mrs. Elizabeth, groc. 97 n Bethel 
Brune F. W. & Sons, (W. H. Brune) merch'ts 
and agents Md. Steam Sugar Refining Co. 
87 Smith's whf 
Brune Fred'k W. (Brown & B.) North av nr 

Charles-st av 
Bruno Franz, boxmaker, 107 Lancaster 
Brune John, laborer, 97 n Bethel 
Brune Peter, boxmaker, 107 Lancaster 
Brune AVm. F. lamps and oU, 72 s Bond 
Brune Wm. H. (F. VV.B.&SoTis) 211 St. Paul 
Bruner Andrew, collector, 114 Franklin 
Bruner Hamilton, huckster, 7 Ilollins 
Jruner Hannah, machine le.icher, 146 Henrietta 
iruner Jiicob, laborei-, 8 Callendar al 
Bruner Jacob, carpenter, 127 s Sharp 
Jruner Joliu, butcher, 349 Orleans 
iruner John L. cloth'g cutter, 104 w Baltimore 
{tuner John, tailor, 146 Henrietta 
iruner Joseph, collarmkr, Greene nr Lexington 
iruner Laura, teacher, 146 Henrietta 
Jruner Mary, dressmaker, 146 Henrietta 
Jruner Mrs. Mary, 146 Henrietta 
Jruner Rufus P. brakeman, 42 Washingtyn av 
Bruner Wm. huckster, 146 Henrietta 
Jrungier Louis, lab. IJentalou nr Frederick av 
Ji uning George, boxmaker, 3,'',2 Hamburg 
Jruning (ieorge,uiidertaker, 120 York 
Bruning Henry, grocery, 9 Warner 
Bnining Herman, cijiarmkr, 186 e Lombard 
Jruning Louis W. clerk, 71 MclOlderry 
Jrunington Charles, finiHan,71 Granby 
Jrunker Jas. H. conductor, 100 n Gilmor 
Brunner Abel, (Uawlings & 15.) 77 Aisquith 
Brunner Joseph, tailor, 165 Stirling 

Brunner Mrs. Louisa, pat. medicines, 76 s Eutaw 

Brunnet John, butcher, 349 Orleans 

Brunnelt John, blacUsinith, Fayette nr Chester 

Bruns Alfred, shoemaker, 57 Albemarle 

Bruiis Bernard, shoemaker, 281 n Gay 

Bruns Frederick, cutter, 281 n Gay 

Bruns Henry, carpenter, 65 Lancaster 

Bruns Henry, clerk, 281 n Gay 

Bruns John, (Heise & Co.) 164 Mulberry 

Bruns John, shoemaker, 281 n Gay 

Bruns Joseph, shoemaker, 265 e Eager 

Bruns Lawrence, cutter, 281 n Gay 

Bruns Rudolph, shoemaker, 81 Graaby 

Bruns Wm. barber, 26 e Lombard 

Brunt Chas. A. clerk, 2 Walsh 

Brunt James, sup't Calf Hide Association, 2 

and 4 Neighbor, dw 4 
Brunt John, cooper, 41 Brown 
Brunt Juhn, diiver, 444 Canton av 
Brunt Lewis, shuemaker, 40 Portland 
Brunt Mrs. M. E. 2 W^alsh 
Brunt Ralph, 487 Penna av 
Brunt Richard, clerk, 2 Walsh 
Brunt Richard sr. 2 Walsh 

Bruntsch Antliouy B. tobacconist, 14 Ridgely 
Brusch Chas. machinist, 22 w Lombard 
Bruscup Albert, tailor, 83 n Caroline 
Bruscup Columbus, car[)enter, 178 Orleans 
Bruscup George H. tinner, 87 n Caroline 
Bruscup Thos. (Audoun & B.) 76 n Boud 
Bruscup Wm. 178 Orleans 
BrushmilK-r Elizabeth, 67 Mound 
Brushmiller Lemuel V). 67 Mound 
Brushmiller Tlieo. oflicr. Penitent'y,l37 Preston 
Brusbwiiler Geo. W. painter, 128 a Fulton 
Brushwiiler John, machinist, 67 Mound 
Brusliwiller Mrs. .Mary, grocery, 18 Buren 
Brusnan John, porter. Hunter al nr John 
Brussell Mrs. Amelia, tailoress, 55 Gough 
Brusstar Henry, shipyard, Boston nr Chesa- 
peake, dw 144 Chesapeake 
Brusstar Henry jr. shipcarp. 144 Chesapeake 
Brusstar Wm. S. shipcarpr. 144 Chesapeake 
Bruster .Mrs. tleanor, 92 n Republican 
Bruster Lewis C. (Wylie, B. & Co.) 162 George 
Bruter Antoine, helper, 33 u Chapel 
Bruter Michael, grocery, 33 n Chapel 
Bruton Mrs. Emma, millinery, 70 n Charles 
Bruton Wm. M. 70 n Charles 
Briitiing Geo. barkeeper, 71 s Regester 
Bryan Ariluir L. huckster, 24 s Chester 
Bryan Christopher, stove factory, 21 Cheapside, 

dw 173 Lee 
Bryan Mrs. Eliza G. fancy goods, 106 Lexington 
Bryan Fred'k C. (Grifii'th^ Baker & B.) 225 n 

Bryan Fred. T. clerk, 225 n Carey 
Bryan Fred. W. clerk, 144 s Regester 
Bryan Isaac, shoemaker, 238 Franklin 
Bryan John S. 144 s Regester 
Bryan John W. mariner, 189 Montgomery 
Bryan John, bricklayer, 485 Saratoga 
Bryan Bichard, architect, Oxford, York rd 
Bryan Samuel L. clerk, 106 Lexington 
Bryan St. (ieorge, sup't Pikesville dairy, cor 

Smith and Walsh 
Bryan Tlios. A. farmer, 245 n Caroline 
Bryan Thos. J. huckster, 485 Saratoga 
Bryan Thomas J. huckster and grocer, 24 s 

Bryan Thomas, .shoemaker, 195 u Dallas 
Bryan Wm. H. gasfitter, 79 n Anu 

Mutual Life Insurance Co. of New York, 




Brvan \Vm. Shepard, attorney, 52 n Calvert, 

dw 87 St. Paul 
Bryant Chas. H. canmaker, 89 e Fayette 
Bryant George A. cleric, 277 Mulberry 
Brj-ant, Druidville 
Bryant J. Y. attorney, 277 Mulberry 
Bryan 1 Mrs. P.iuline, notions, 89 e Fayette 
(^ollefrc, 8 n Charles, W. H.Sadler, pres't, E. 
Burnett, secretary 
Bryant Wni. A. (\V. A. B. & Co.) n e cor Cal- 
vert and LexiiiiTton 
Bryant Wm. A & Co. {\V. A. Bryant) patent 

articles. I n Hoiliday 
Bryant Win. L. laborer, 68 e Riddle 
Bryant Wm. S. salesman, 277 .Mulberry 
Bryarly Mrs. Caroline, tailoicss, 140 e Monument 
Bnarly .Mary, teacher, 140 e Monument 
Rryden James. Oxt'(jrd. Yvjrk rd 
Bryden John H, musician, 224 Hamljurg 
Hryson Alex, shoemaker, 479 u Gay 
Bryson Andrew, police;, 479 i! Gay 
Bryson Mrs. Catherine, boarding, 623 w Pratt 
Bryson Daniel M. clerk, 21 Patterson P.irkav 
Bryson Gilbert E. (Gilbert H. B. <fe Son) 59 

Brvson Gilbert E.(G. H. B. & Son) .'ig Aisquith 
G. E. Bryson) real estate brokers, 26^ Second 
Bryson John, biborer, 623 w Pratt 
Brvson Wm. J. inspector C H. 21 Patterson 

Park av 
Bub Casper, varnisher, 284 w Pratt 
Buberl Joiin, shoemaker, 69 Dover 
Bubert Barbara, coutectionery, 399 w Pratt 
Bubert Mrs. C. M. 90 Granby 
Bubert Godfrey, 399 w Pratt 
Bubert Herman, drayman, 173 s Eden 
Bubert J. D. (J. D. B. & Son) 99 s Charles 
Bubert John W. (J. D. B. & Son) 99 s Charles 
BUBERT J. D. & SON, (J. D. and John W. 
Bubert. ) grocery and feed, 99 & lOl s Charles 
Buchrtl Herman, baker, 135 Battery av 
Buchanan Alex, carver, 127 n Front 
Buchanan Andrew E. distiller, Howard house 
Buchanan E. Key, (B. & Sachse) over li2 w 

Buchanan James A. attorney, 41 St. Paul, dw 

83 Preston 
Bucfaanan James, attornej', 37 Mulberry 
Buchanan James E., Gibbons hotel 
Buchanan James H. attorney, 40 St. Paul, dw 

3:1 w flager 
BUCHANAN JAMES M. attorney, 41 Lexing- 
ton, dw Barnum's hotel 
Buchanan John Rowan, attorney, 41 Lexing- 
ton, dw Baltimore co 
Buchanan Mrs. Mary, 2 Neiphlxsr 
Buchanan Robert C, U. S. A., 279 Park av 
Buchanan Richard, 62 Holland 
Buchatian & Sachse, (E. K. Buchanan, Charles 

Sachse) attorneys, 1 Lexintrton 
Buchanan Wm. M. clerk, 83 Preston 
Buchanan Wm Jefferson, attorney, 29 St. Paul 
Buchbinder Pincus, clerk, 288 Lanvale 
Buche John, baker, 117 William 
Bucheimer Fred, messenger Ct. Com. Pleas, 27 

Eastern av 
Bucheimer Geo. restaurant, 442 Penna av 
Bucheimer Peter, inerchatit tailor, 20 w Pratt 
Bucher Abraham, builder, York rd nr tollgate 
Bucher August, lab. Boston and Clinton 

Bucher Chas. T. grocery, York rd nr tollgate 
Bucher Charlotte, grocery, 226 Canton av 
Bucher Herman R. baker, 135 Battery av 
Bucher Jacob, cabinetmaker, 224 Canton av 
Bucher John, painter, 230 Scott 
Bucher John jr. bricklayer, 85 n Poppletoa 
Bucher John, paver, 85 n Popplelon 
Bucher Julia, Clipper Mills 
Bucher Lewis A. c.rp. Waverley 
Buclier Leonard, painter, 230 Scott 
Buchholz John W. cabinetmkr, ll^ L. Paca 
Bucliholtz Mrs. Ann, junk, 127 Franklin 
Buchholiz Wm. clerk, 105 Hanover 
Buchhoitz Heinrich, bookk|ir, 24 HoUius 
Bucbholz Henrv. shoemaker, 30 Scott 
Buchmever Fred, wheelwright, 107 Henrietta 
Ruckner Charles, lab. 248 s Charles 
Buchuir Conrad, shoemaker 235 s Eutaw 
Buchner George, woodsawyer, 378 Aisquith 
Buchncr John, cjgarmaker, 378 Aisquith 
Biichshaum Bernard, restaurant, 88 n Gay 
Bnchsbaura Chas. cabinetmaker, 258 w Pratt 
Buchsbaum Henry, beer, 4 Centre Market sp 

Tailor, 18 s Sharp Street. 

Buchsbaum John H. lager beer. Central av and 

Buchstcin Win. laborer, 157 West 
Bu.hta F. C. P. W. wheelwright, 34 Hillen, 

dw 162 n Exeter 
Buclita George P. blk"smith, Bond nr Jefferson 
Buchta Mrs. Regina, 162 n Exeter 
Bnchta Wm. C. blacksmith, 34 Hillen, dw 162 

n I'-xeter 
Diachwald Mrs. Annie, 191 Raborg 
Buckwald Michael, butcher, 7 Belair and 113 

Centre markets, dw Bdair av nr city limits 
Buck Alonzo, marblecutter, 142 Gough 
Buck Benj. C. (Wellener& B.) 268 w HofiFman 
Buck Benj. G. plasterer, 75 s Greene 
Buck Mrs. B. J. 396 Franklin 
Buck Cha,';. H. brickl'r, 420 s Patterson Parkav 
Buck t; W. jr clerk, 5 HoUins 
Buck L'harles W. mariner, 407 s Charles 
Duck Christian. 67 s Choptank 
Buck Edwai'd U. carriage goods, iron and steel, 

8*.' w Pratt, dw Baltimore co 
Buck George li. clerk, 23S Linden av 
Buck Geo. W. brickmaker, 42 Patterson Park av 
Buck Geo. W. 411 n Calhoun 
Buck Geo. A. bricklayer, 69 Hill 
Buck G.-0. W. & Co. (G. W. and W. B. Buck) 

hardware, 88 w Pratt 
Buck Geo. W. (G. W. B. & Co.) 75 e Pratt 
Buck, Henry & Co. (R. B. Buck, J. W. Henry, 

W'lu. H. .Maslin ) wholes, notions, 6 Hanover 
Buck Henry, shoemaker. 171s Caroline 
Buck Miss H. R. teacher, 23 n High 
Buck Henry J. clerk, 238 Linden av 
Buck Irving A. (Adams & B.) 44 s Sharp 
Buck Irving, clerk, 411 n Calhoun 
Buck Jaujes A. de'py harbor master, 69 Hill 
Buck John F. brickmaker, 42 Patterson Park av 
Buck .John jr. 75 e Piatl 
]3uck Jolin H., Kennedy la nr York rd 
Buck John M. 394 Druid Hill av 
Buck John C. bricklayer, 225 Harford av 
Buck Josefih, u|)holsterer, 411 n Calhoun 
Buck Joseph A. agent, metals, furs and paper 

stock, loo Light-st whf, dw 69 Hill 

The Largest Life Insurance Co. in the World. 







I— ( 







-1— > 



Meals served at All Hours Lay & Niglit. 

HUCK JA.MK8, [)ro|i r Hurk's hotel, 34 vv I'nitt 

Buck Joseph T. clerk, 69 Hill 

Buck LciUider W. brickmaker, 42 Patterson 

P;irk av 
Buck Lew id F. bonkkecfier, 5f5 n Liberty 
Buck Mrs. Mary, 389 w Lombard 
Buck Orville M. clerk, 44 s Sliarp 
Buck Richard B.( B., Henry & Co.) Eiitaw bouse 
Buck Srtiul. D. (Shriver, li. k Co.) 44 s Sharp 
Buck Susanna, 9 New Church 
Buck Wesley B. (U. W. B. & Co.) 75 e Pratt 
Buck Wilheliiiiiia, tailoiess, 2G7 Aliceamia 
Buck Will. L jiolice, 18.3 Patterson Park av 
Buck Win. H. cleik, 2)8 Linden av 
Buck Wm. carpenter, '297 Lexin;;ton 
Buckbee Win K machinist, 23 ii Gay 
Buckelnian Catheiiiie, frroccry, 1 U; s Spring 
Buckelman l^eler, [laver, litis Spring 
Buckey Geo. A. engineer, 124 Barre 
Buckey James H. engineer. 140 n Gihuor 
Biickhart Albert, clerk, 197 Conway 
Buckharl Alfred, clerk, 197 Conway 
Buckharl Mrs. M. 22 Stockton al 
liuckheister John, locksmith, 221 Frederick av 
Buckingham Albert, carpenter, 14 Whatcoat 
Buckingham (;.W.(I'.& Fryc) 13.5 n Republican 
Buckiri)<hum k Fi^e (I.'. \V. ISuckingliiim, Jos. 
Frye) freight at;ent3 B. & (I. U. \l. 149 w 
Buckin>;ham HenryF.T.(J. W. C. Seitz & Co.) 

104 Laiivale 
Biickintiham Herbeit. clerk. 313 w Baltimore 
iiuckingham James, laborer, 4()4 Harford av 
Buckingham Jas. laborer, K!') (JreenmouMt av 
Buckingham Jesse P. lab. Fult(jn nr McHenry 
Buckiiijiham John E. grocery, cor Strieker and 

Buckingliani John W.carj). Strieker nr McHenry 
liiickinghain J. Wni. carj). 4'! s Strieker 
Buckingham .Mrs. Mary J. tailoress, 230 w Pratt 
Buckinjjham Nehemiali, (ireiiinn, 30 s Oregon 

\ BUD 

Buckingham Nimrod.screwmn. 348 McDonogb 
Buckingham Prof. P. G. 357 Druid Hill av 
Buckingham Washington L. agent for Bickford 
& Huffman, 59i s Charles, dw 35 n Calhoun 
Buckingham Wuk G. butter, 558 Saratoga 
Buckingham Wm. H. bricklayer, 114 s High 
liuckler Chas. W. m.iriner. 292 s Chester 
Buckiei .Mrs. CI ir:i, Eiitrer nr St Paul 
Buckler Dr. Rigjjiii, 135 n Charles 
Biukler R. B., Euta^Y house 
liuckler Simuel, mariner, 144 s Wolfe 
Bucklir Wm. II. feruiian, loi s Chester 
Backless Henry, pilot, 411 e Fayette 
Biick'ess Henry S. officer Peiiil'y, 34 Laurel 
Huckless .Maiion, mariner, 299 Bank 
BuckU-ss Tlioina,'* E. police, 411 e Fayette 
Buckler Chiules R boot and shoe manufactu- 
rer. 101 Hanover 
Buckles Daniel, laborer. 73 Eastern av 
Buckley Daniel, jr. laborer, 73 Kasiern av 
Buckley Daniel B. tinner, 73 Eisteni av 
Buckley Danid E. laborer, 10 Walker 
Buckley Mis. Eliz-ilieih, 14 Arbel al 
Buckley Mrs l';iiza,confect'y. 190 Wtst Falls av 
liuckley Harry F. clerk, 73 Forrest 
BucMey James, bottler, 9 Lloyd 
Buckley John J. engineer, 91 e Fayette 
Buckley John, tanner, 90 s Republican 
Buckley John, lab. Hampden 
Buckley John, lab. 2 Foundry 
Buckley John, i-leik, 24') n Eden 
Buckley John B. driver, 7"^ Eastern av " 
I Buckley M a-tiu, ice, 49 McKim, dw 14 Arbel al 
Buckley Mrs. Mary, s Wills 
Buckley Mrs. Mary, GO Thames 
Buckley Stephen, contractor, 6tj Oxford 
Buckley Wm. shuckei, 3 Wills 
Buckley Wm. eiiiiiiieer, 91 e Fayette 
Buckiiiaii Charles, carp. Fort av nr Hull 
Buckman Chis. tinner, 123 Battery av 
Buckmaii Jei-se, telegraphist, 146 Scott 
Buckman J. L. telegr^ipliist, 146 Scott 
BuckmasierH C.(Jno. (ileiin & Cii.)91 Saratoga 
Buckniiister Hillary, caulker, 147 Johnson 
Buckmilh r Robt. iS, tanner, 229 n Calvert 
Biukmiller Theodore, otKcer Md. Peii'y, dw 

1H7 Preston 
Buckuer Dr. Chas. S. 4G McCulloh 
Buckrant Jtdm, lab. 265 Aliceanna 
Biicksliauni Henrietui.dry goods, 232 s Broadw'y 
Bucksbiiuiu Henry, clerk, 232 s Broadway 
BiK'ksbauiii Julius, propty agt. 232 s Broadway 
Bucksbuum .Meyer, clerk, 232 s Broadway 
Biicksbaum Moses, clerk, 232 s Broadway 
Buckwood John Il.slioemkr, cor Paca and Scott 
Budeke Ge". H. (B. & Grotli.ius) 277 e Balto. 
Budeke & Grothaiis, (Geo. H. Budeke, D. B. 
Grothau.-) oils, paints, &c. 133 s Broadway 
! Rud'-ns Louis, carpenter, 12 Ensor 
Budd Chas. A. tobacconist. 230 Harford av 
Budde Wm. blacksmith, 58 President, dw 68 

Bud(iek;il Frank, lab. 2()2 Sterling 
Biiddenbohin Feid. carpenter, 35 s Bethel 
Budenbaum August, carpenter. 281 n Dallas 
Buddciibaura Chas. jiainier, 121 Goush 
Biidilenbaiim Win. carpenter, 277 n Dallag 
Bud^idi n Frank, bricklayer, 337 e Fayette 
Budiiiiz Hcniy, collector, 242 s Sharp 
Buderer Henry, cab. maker, rear Federal and 

Buderer John G. woodturner, 24 Jasper 

Mutual Life Insurance Co. of New York, 




Budisheim Henry, Vjoilermaker. 353 Calhedrul 
Buecking Henry, tailor, 181 n Caroline 
Buehler Christian, Harford iiv rxt 
Buehler Henrj L. tailor, 73 s Greene 
Buehler Wm. jr. clerk, 182 Frunklin 
Buehler 'iVni. lobaccouist, 159 Franklin, dw 182 
liueliiitr Ferd. cabinetmaker, 121 Vine 
Biiehner Utio, cierk, Monroe iir Wilkins 
BueUfier Sebastian, bricUaver, 98 s Spring 
Buetner Wm. shoenmker, 332 e Monument 
Buffington Hicknian E. bookkpr, 46 n Liberty 
Buffluw John, laborer, 82 Lancaster 
Bufreu John, laborer, 61 Wyeth 
But'ter JoIju. laborer, 308 ('anion av 
Bufier Jos. R. laborer, 321 Eastern av 
Bujierd Sarah C. 17 Cambridge 
Buhl Frank C. cutter, 2 Irvine pi 
Buhl Henry, laborer, 193 Hud^on 
Buhl .Michael, cutter, 2 Irvine pi 
Buhler Andrew, shoemkr, IJarJord av nr Home- 
Buhler Frederick, blacksraiih, 80 n Broadway 
Buhlier Fredk. shoemaker, 66 n Wolfe 
Buhman Daniel, shoemaker, 269 s Charles 
Buhruan Wm. laborer, 383 s Charles 
Buhnei- Adolph,teaclier,Monrv)e nr Wilkens nv 
Building Cummittee iNew City Hall, ofiQce cor 

Holliday and Lexini^ton 
Buiiner Conrad, tailor, 5 New 
Bujac Alfred, teacher, 236 \v Hoffman 
Bujac Mrs. A. 42 Pleasant 
Bulack Mrs. Jacob, restaurant, 65 w Pratt 
Bulack Joseph, shoemaker, 244 w Pratt 
Bulack xMichael, shoemaker, 195 Lee 
Bulemeyer Mrs. Ellen, 1 Pine 
Bulgan H. Henry, paver. 336 Mulberry 
Bulger John B. sionecutter, 34 e Baltimore 
Bull Alfred S. laborer, loWoodyear 
Bull Ambrose S. blacksmith, loWoodyear 
Bull Asahel 11. carpeuter, 4 s Central av 
BULL DR. BKXJ. it. D. 41 s Sharp 
Bull ( has. conductor. 55 e Eager 
Bull Elijah, carpenter, 2 Brune 
Bull Edmund, h2 n Paca 
Bull'.Mrs. Elizabeth, 78 n Greene 
Bull Fiancis M. clerk, l3o Townsend 
Bull Geo. W. carp. 29 Wolfe n of Monument 
Bull Dr. John W. 4i sMiarp 
Bull John P. driver, 90 Chew 
Bull John, laborer, 90 Chew 
Bull Josi-ph L. provisions, 313 Harford av 
Bull Milton A. carpenter, cor Balto. and Pine 
Bull Mchol.s H. cari/enter, Druidville 
Bull Nicholas S. weaver, Druidville 
Bull Richard, carpeuter, 78 n Eden 
Bull Samuel, brakeman, 103 Greenmount av 
Bull Wui. C. clerk, 234 n Charles 
Bull Wm. K. teamster, 103 CJreenmount av 
Bullurd R conductor, 56 Whatcoat 
Bullen Henry, engineer, 181s Paca 
Bullen Mrs. .Mary, 181 s 
Bullet John, hostler, 182Gough 
Bullingt-rThos. D. (Smith & Co.) Baltimore co 
Bullock C. K. salesman. Fountain hotel 
Bullock Daniel, poller, 287 e Lombard 
Bullojk Francis S. (Loud, Claridge & Co.) 326 

e Pratt 
Bullock H. C. sewing machines. 459 n Calhoun 
Bullock John & Son, (Kazwell J., Joseph L. 

and John S. Bullock) glue, ne as foot oil and 

ground bone mauufs., Washington rd nr citv 


Bullock John S. (Denson, B. & Quincy, and 
J. B & Son) 653 w Lombard 

Bnllock Jos L. (J. B. & Son) 339 Columbia 

Bullock Kazwell J. (J. B. & Son) 163 Barre 

Bullock Mrs. Rlioda, 243 Columbia 

Bull's Head Hotel, 13 m Front 

Bultz John, laborer, 32 B\ i d 

Bumbarger John, shoemaker, 402 Siratoga 

Bnmgarner G W. plumber, 170 e Baltimore 

Bumj) Geo. C. & Co. (G. C. and J. L. Bump) 
groceries and pro. itions, Kutaw and Preston 

Buinj) Geo.C. (J. L. B. & Co. and G. C. Bump 
k Co.) 206 Linden av 

Bump Jesse E. carpenter, .Madeira al nr Pratt, 
dw 4 03 e Pratt 

Bump Josephus L. & Co. (J. L. and Geo. C. 
Buri.p) provisions, 206 Linden av 

Bumji Samuel ('. carpenti r; 46 s Chester 

Bump Jos L, (J. L. B. & Co. and G. C. B. & 
Co.) 228 Franklin 

Bump Orlando F. attorney and register in 
bankriiiitc}^ 15 St. Paul, dw 347 Linden av 

Bunce David, coachtrimmer, O.xford, York rd 
Bunce Edward, ropemaker, Chapel nr Chase 
Bunce Hannah E. nurse, 43 Edward 
Bunce John, coachpainter, 2;'.2 e Chase 
Bunce Margaret, beer, 36 Piesidi-nt 
Bunce Mrs. Mary, confect'y, 318 Harford av 
Bunce Richard, Inicklayer, 318 Harford av 
Bunce John, painter, 232 e Chase 
Bunee Thomas, lal). 621 Penna av 
Bnncli Daisy, 21 L>wis 

Bunch Joshua J. fisherman. Fort avnr Light 
Buiide Charles, blacksmith, 3H7 Eastern av 
Bundle John, rags, 221 Frederick av 
Bundschue Charles, lab, 244 Aliceanna 
Burdschue Louis, cooper, 189 e Lombard 
Lunger Charles, lab. 297 s Bond 
Buiiick Mrs. Catherine. 237 Lexinffton 
Bunker Capt.Wm.G. (B. k Allaire) Calais, Me 
Bunker & Allaire. (Capt Wm, G. Bunker, .Jos, 
B. Allaire) ship brokers and com, merchants, 
45 w Pratt 
Buukley Josephus, 66 n Calvert 
Bunn Josei)h, 355 s Charles 
Bunn Philip, well digger, 42 Abey al 
Bunn Ptter, butcher, Cross-st. market, dw Gar- 
rison la nr Ba timore 
Bunnecke Geo.(J.Stiatmeyer&G B.)44 s Exeter 
Bunnell E. M, salesman, 214 w Lombard 
Bunnell G, W. (0. W. Miller & Co,) Chicago 
Bunnell Geo. S. oyster paciier, 53 s Chester 
Bunnell Lucas P. oys. packer, 50 s Washington 
Bunting Edward, printer, lu3 n Poppleton 
Bunting Chas. il. music teacher, f'i s Strieker 
Bunt.n- & Co.(T. C. and G. T. Bunting, M. N. 

Gladding) com. merchaiits, 3s Ciieapside 
Bunting (ieo. T. (B. & C >.) 14 Pearl 
Bunting Geo. butter, 4o4 e .Monument 
Bunting Geo. R clerk, 86 e Pratt 
Bunliiiir J.J.& Co, (J. J. Bunting, G. R. Daw- 
son) merchant tailors, 10 St. P. ml 
Bunting John, tareman, 2o2 s Ann 
Bunting John, butter, 94 Aiscpiith 
Bunting John C. gas works, 348 w Lombard 
Bunting John C. <ias works, 12 s Strieker 
Bunting John J. (J. J. B, & Co.) 365 w Fayette 
Bunting J. O. dancingacademv, Lexington and 

St. Paul, dw 160 e Baltimore 
Bunting .Mrs. Margaret, 103 n Pofipleton 
Bunting Capt, Robert W. 76 William 
Bunting .Smith, bricklayer. lo3 n Poppleton 














O. F. Bresee, General Agent, 15 Sonth St. 





t— I 





Bunting Spencer J. clerk, 48 Jackson sq av 
Bunting Thos. C. (B. & Co.) Acconiac co. Va 
Bunting Tlios. com. merclit, 38 Cheapside, dw 

14 Pearl 
Bunting Wni. H. (Brian & B.) 418 w Favette 
Bunting Wm. J. 12 s Strieker 
Bunts .lolin, coacbfinisher, 139 e JIadison 
Buntzinlhal Franklin, grocery, 37 Rose 
Bupp John, Ijulcher. Garrison la nr Fred'k rd 
Bupp Wni. H. shoefitter, 293 w Pratt 
Burbage John, lab. Cathedral ext 
Burbank David, property agt, 53 n Paca 
Burbank Jos.T. bookbinder, 17 Fish iMarket sp 
Burbank Leonard, salesman, 207 w Fayette 
Burb^ink Utto, 8 e Baltimore 
Burch Francis A. shipjoiner, Fayette ur Chester 
Huicli James, marinci, 44 Hamburg 
Burch Jas. A. shipjoiner, 115 s Broadway 
Burch Dr. James C. 141 Hanover 
Burch Marion K. cleik, Broadway nr Monument 
Burch Thos. B. clerk, Broadway nr Monument 
Burchsiead Mrs. Sophia, 226 Aisquith 
Burck & Co.(M. Burck, A.Schwier) hardware, 

69 i w Baltimore 

Burck , telegraphist, B. & O.R.R, 88 Pearl 

Burck Henry, shoemaker, 92 Low 
Burck Marti'll, (B. & Co.) »)94 w Baltimore 
Burckhead Nalhl, coachpainter, 233 e Madison 
Burdick Mattie, 153 Raborg 
Burdett Edwin, copperplate maker, 304 Lex- 
Burdges Clias. H. engineer, 4(J8 e Lombard 
Burg Carl 0. prof, of languages, i-iSO Aisquith 
Burgan .Mrs. Ann J. teacher, 101 e Baltimore 
Burgan Carlton, lab. Homestead 
Buigan Henry, barkeeper, Guy's hotel 
Burgan James H. lab. 226 Eastern av 
Burgan .Matthew, lab. 6 L. Church 
Burgan Philip, huckster, 08 McElderry 
Burgan I'hilip, blacksmith, B lair av ext 
Burgan Thomas, painter, 92 McElderry 
Burgee Elizabeth, Hampden 
Burgee Howard F., Hampden 
Burgee Plummer, weaver, Mt. Vernon mills 
Burgee Wm H. carj)enter, Hampden 
Burger Adam, shucker, 170 Madeira al 
Burger .Mrs. Catherine, grocery, Lombard nr 

Burger Charles, baker, 30 Leadenhall 
Burger Conrad, sr. cattle driver, 74 Frederick av 
Burner (Jonrad, salesman, Lombard nr Payson 
Burger E. lab. 271 s Duiham 
Burger Frank J. glassblower, 7 Stockholm 
Burger Fred, carjienier, 136 s Bond 
Burger Gotl«b, lab. 393^ Canton av 
Burger Gustav, florist, 2o8 Greenmouut av 
Burger Henry, dry goods and varieties, 206 s 

Burger John M. machinist, 151 Hamburg 
Burger John, ruauuf. Weiss beer, 22 Thames, 

dw 335 s liond 
Burger John, shucker, 170 Madeira al 
Burger John, lab. York rd nr city limits 
Burger Joseph, cabinetmkr, 11 Sterrett 
BurgT Simon, cabinelmkr, 40 Harrison 
Burgcrding Henry, milk, 157 s Clioptank 
Burgess Amos, 231 n Fremont 
Burgess B. T. (C. W. B.& Sons) and treas. Old 

Town Bank, 163 n Gay, dw 190 e Fayette 
JJurgess Benj. i>atternmaker, 45 s Pojipleton 
Burgess (jaleb li. and John, silverplaters, rear 

l-i3 w Fayelle 

Burgess Caleb H.(C. H. & J. Burgess) 450 Lex- 
Burgess Chas. R. merchant tailor. 169 w Lom- 
bard, dw n w cor Mulberrv and Greene 
Burgess C. W. & Sons, (B. T. and S. U. Bur- 
gess) grocers, 166 n Gay 
Burgess David B. jtorter, 397 s Eutaw 
Burgess Edwin K. solicitor .Atlantic coast line, 

73 Smith's whf, dw 231 n Fremont 
Burgess .Mrs. Eleanor, boarding, 14 s Gay 
Burgess Mrs. Elizabeth, 128 n Kxeter 
Burgess Geo. R. clerk, 86 n Eden 
Burgess Geo. R. clerk, 328 w Fasette 
Burgess Johr;, silverplater, 26 Marion 
Burgess John T. carp. 276 Lexington 
Burgess John B.(Galbreatli & B.)276 Lexington 
Burgess John, (Caleb H. and i^A\\\ B.) 13 Rock 
Burgess John H. machinist, 311 Mc Henry 
Burgess Kemp, carpenter, 232 e Fayetie 
Burgees Laomi, upholsterer, 26 n Liberty 
Burgess Liander, wheelwright, 699 w Lombard 
Burgess Mrs .Mary, 57 s Gilmor 
Burgess & Mercier, (Rebecca Burgess, Rachel 

Mercier) dressmakers, 39 Pearl 
Burgess Millard F. clerk, 232 e Fayette 
Burgess OliverC.clerk, Fulton and Frederickav 
Burgess (Jwet; D. silverplater, 86 n Schrweder 
Burgess Rebecca, (Burgess & Mercier) 292 w 

Burgess Sam'l 0.(C.W.B. & Sons) 165 n Exeter 
Burgess Sle|ihen F. agrcl implts. 232 e Fayette 
Burgess Theodore H. clerk, 86 n Eden 
Burgess Thos. brickmkr, 24 Washington av 
BURGESS T. H. ^- Co. (T. H. Burgess, J. F. 
Broadbent) oyster packers and produce, 107 
Burgess T. H. (T. H. B. & Co.) Patterson av 

and Whatcoat 
Burgess Wm. n w cor Greene and Mulberry 
Burgess Wm rigger, 58 e Bank 
Burgess Wm. A. hurseshoer, 24 n Strieker 
Burgess Wm. blacksmith, 470 w Lombard 
Burgess Wm. S. com. mercht, 73 Smith's whf, 

dw 1:"'0 w Townsend 
Burgess Wm. G. clerk, 26 n Liberty 
Burgess Wra. bookkeeper, 14 s Gay 
Burgess Wm. jr. cleik, 452 vv Fayette 
Burgess AVm. T. j)atternmaker, 429 w Lombard 
Buigessei- H. S. clerk, 41 Bruue 
Burgett Geo. butcher, 47 McHenry 
Burggman August, currier, 366 Saratoga 
Burgjiinan .Mrs. Charlotte, 366 Saratoga 
Burggman Wm carpenter, 366 Saratoga 
Burgher B. F. (B. k Selby) 100 Ran, say 
Burgher P. D., Egyptian roofing, 2 North, dw 

loo Ramsay 
Burgher P. D. roofer, cor McHenry and Scott, 

dw loo Ramsay 
Burglier k Selby, (B. F. Burgher, E. Selby) 

blacking factory, 100 Uamsay 
Burgmeier Baliliasar, sawyer, l.'iC Bank 
Burgunder A. halter, Howard house 
Burguiider, Ambach & Co. (B. Burgunder, M. 
and D.Aml)ach)wholes. clothiers, 5 Hanover 
Burgunder 15enj. (I!. Ambach k Co. )42 s Sharp 
Burgunder it (ireetiliaum, (.). Burgunder, W. 
Greenbaum) wholes. cl(iihiers,255 w Baltimore 
Burgunder Henry, bookkeeper, 42 s Sharp 
Burgunder Joseph jr. clerk, 42 8 Slmri) 
Burgunder Jos.(B vVCreeiil>Mum)239w Lombard 
Burgunder Me,\ er,(.\l. B. it Bro, ) 55 w Baltimore 
Burguniier Moses, (.M. B. tj- Bro.) 55 w Baltimore 

Mutual Life Insurance Co. of New York. 




Burpunder M. & Bro., (Meyer and Moses Bar- 

fjunder. ) liatlers. 2\'l \v Biilliiuoie,;iud shoes 

55 w Baltimore 
Burgvvyn Win. H. S. iittorney, cor Calvert and 

Saralotra, d\v St. Clair iiottl 
Burgy W. Corwin, importer and wholesale 

grocers' itrticles, teas, &c. 271 w Holi'mau 
Burhain Sainl, [)ainter, 376 e Madison 
Burk Conrad, butcher, Belalr av ext 
Burk Cornelius, tavern, 350 s Bond 
Burk George, machinist, 96 Parkin 
Burk John, blacksmith, 324 s Bond 
Burk John, laborer, 8') York 
Burk John, harnessmaker, 13 L.McElderry 
Burk John, trrocery, Hull nr Nicholson 
Burk R. hackman, 28 n Po(tpleton 
Burk Win. flour and feed, 55 s Central av 
Bnrkamp Francis, 203 Druid Hill av 
Burkard Joseph, saddler, 27 s Reiresler 
Burkaid Peter J. china, iihis.*,&c., 211 Eastern av 
Burkart tOrnest, cabinetmaker, Harford av nr 

city limits 
Burkart Geo. carpenter, 20 s Wolfe 
Burkart Geo, F. machinist, 566 w Baltimore 
Burkart Philip, gunsmith, 566 w Baiiiinoie 

Burke Mrs. , ra^rpicker, 165 Stilling 

Burke Adam, blacksmith, 257 Aliceanua 

Buike And vv.J. sergt.f)olice,262 Greenmountav 

Burke Mrs. Anna, 19 New Churcli 

Burke Mrs Anna, varieties, 3.')4 Mulberry 

Burke Bridget, grocery, 74 York 

Burke Mrs. Catharine, 17 Comet 

Burke Mrs. Catherine, 274 Canl(m av 

Burke Mrs. Catherine, 19 Ntw Church 

Burke Mrs. Catherine, confeety, 146 s Durham 

Burke ('harles E. stonecutter, 87 C)xfoid 

Burke Charles R. stonecutter, Frederick av opp 

Burke Conrad, butcher,^Iine Bank la nr Belairav 
Burke Domiuick, paHernmaker, 37 s Cirey 
Burke Kdward F. P. machinist, 2 Arbel al 
Burke Edward, laborer, 40 Lee 
I'urke Kdward A. jilumber, 2 Albemarle 
Burke Elizabeth, 193 Vine 
Burke Elizabeth, laundress, 178 L. Hughes 
Burke Mrs. Ellen, 132 s Washington 
Burke Ezekiel, fire dcpt, 127 n Eden 
Burke Francis, teleuraphist, 88 Pearl 
Burke Francis, bricklayer, 194 Walsh 
Burke Geo. screwman, Tobacco w^.reh. No. 5 
Burke Geo. stonemason, 122 Franklin 
Burke Geo. hostler, 1 Orleans 
Burke Geo. T. clerk. Browns hotel 
Burke H. laboier, Tobacco wareh. No. 3 
Burke Kenry, stevedore, 223 s Ann 
Burke Henry, tavern, Howard and Barre 
Burke Henry jr. clerk, 249 s Charles 
Burke Isaac, fireman, 255 McHenry 
Burke Jacob W. cigarmaker, 165 Preston 
Burke James, laborer, 124 s Durham 
Burke James, currier, 256 Greeiimouut av 
Biirke James H., Mt. Vernon mills 
Burke John, laborer, 132 s Washington 
Burke John, laboier, 347 s Charles 
Burke Johu, laborer, 40 Lee 
Burke John, porter, 132 s Washington 
Burke John, lilacksniith, 257 Aliceanua 
Burke Johti H. II. feed and liq'rs, 580 w Pratt 
Burke John H. clerk, 580 w Pratt 
Burke John, fireman, 30 s Oregon 
Burke Joseph F. (B ^' Harrison) Gilmor nr 


I Burke Mrs, Julia, confect'y, 126 s AVashington 
Burke Julia, dressmaker, 121 n Front 

I Burke Lewis, clerk, 11 a Spring 
Burke Mrs. Martha, 545 w Lombard 

I Burke Mrs. Mary, 13 Arbel al 

i Burke .Mrs. Mary, 144 German 
Burke .Michael, tailor, 68 Centre Market sp 

I Burke MichI, lab, Lombard nr P.tyson 

I Burke Michael, clerk, 354 Mulberry 

i Burke Michael, laborer, 274 Canton av 
Btirlce Michael, laborer, 74 York 
Burke Michael, moulder, 193 Vine 
Burke Oliver S. constable and collector, 47 u 

Eutaw, dw 215 Mulberry 
Burke Owen, laborer, 7 Jenkins al 
Burke Patrick, laborer, 78 Towson 
Burke Patrick H. restaurant, 85^ n Gay 
Burke P.itrick, labon-r, 59 Portland 
Burke Richard, laborer, 390 s Charles 
Burke Richard, hacks, 28 n Pop[deton, dw 13 

n Amity 
Burke Richard, tinner, 101 ;\Iullikin 
Burke Rubt. G., Barnutirs hotel 
Burke Robert, laborer, 93 Elliott 
Burke :j- Pu.senfeld, (Thos. E. Burke, S. A. 

Rosenfeld) beer, 36 Centre Market sp 
Burke Mrs Sarah, 256 Greenmount av 
Burke Mrs. Sarah, grocery, 101 Mullikin 
Burke Stephen, drayman, 6 Hillen 
Burke Mis. Susan, laundress, 218 Raborg 
Burke Thos. shoemaker, 39 e Eager 
Burke Thos, lab. 218 Raborg 
Burke Thos, jiainter, 525 Lexington 
Burke Thos. bricklayer, 13 Arbel al 
Burke Thos. E. (B. & Rosenfeld) constable, 2 

Burke Thos. L, salesman, 165 Preston 
Burke Tobias, cooper, 11 n Spring 
Burke Win. J. M. helper, 2 .Arbel al 
Burke Wm. hostler, 15 Parkin 
Burke Wm. engineer, 306 Ramsay 
Burke Wm. laborer, 84 s Choptank 
Burke Wm. laborer, 166 s Chapel 
Burke Wm. patternmaker, 464 Penna av 
Burke Wm. clerk, 11 n Spring 
Burke Wm. fire dept, 15 Parkin 
Biirke Wm. mariner, 67 Albemaile 
Burkert tUias. tailor, 216 n Eden 
Burkert John, shoemaker, 309 e Lombard 
Burkett Fred, laborer, 126 McHenry 
Burkett Mrs. Kate, seamstress, rear 521 w Bal- 
Burkhard Conrad, stevedore. 57 s Regester 
Burkhard David, cigarmaker, 53 s Paca 
Burkhard John, cooper, 272 s Bond 
Burkhard Mrs. .Mena, confect'y, 22 Stockton 
Burkhard Otio, cigarmaker, 197 Conway 
Burkhardt Frederick, laboier, 8'i Somerset 
Burkh-irdt J.aob, gardener. Friendship 
Burkhardt Jacob, milk, 80 Soirjerset 
Burkiiaidt John, laborer, 80 Somerset 
Burkhardt J.^liii, York rd nr city limits 
Burkhardt Michael, laborer, 61 Essex 
Burkhf.rt .Mary H. dressmaker, 90 Parkin 
Burkharl Theodore S pap.rhanirer, 90 Parkin 
Burkhart Wm. liquors, Fayette and Caroline 
Burkheinier& Bro. (L. and B. Burkheimer) bak- 
ery, 4 n High 
Burkheimer Ballhaser, (B. & Bro.) 4 n High 
Burkheimer Leonard, ( B. & Bro.) 4 n High 
Burkins Charles H., Hampden 
Burkins Joseph, watchman, Woodberry 

Assets $60,000,000 Cash Invested. 











I— < 











• i-H 











Buikitis Win. police, -lO"^ w Lmnbiwd 
Burkle}- Clms. niiiriiier. 251 Canton :iv 
BuikU'y Jdliti, lib. Mi'llenrv nr Monroe 
Burkiuer Clias. W. cjirii'r, Fort ;iv nr Hull 
Burkuu-ycr Julius, liaker, -33 n Frederick 
Burhigi- (Teorgc, liborcr, ^V.•u•e^le3• 
Burliiue John, laborer, Waveilev 
Burleigh Jos. B. jr. oyster packer, Monnt nr 

Burley Henry W. sboeiuaker, 8 1 n Caroline 
Burlt-y Hetiry \V. shoemaker, 350 McDono^h 
Burlin^ibani Charles, foreman, 115 Klliott 
Burnian Krnest H. cont'ec'y, 612 w Fiyetto Jeremiah, painter, 77 s (Jilinor 
BUR.MAN Ji.)Hi\ H. confec'r, 1() Patterson av 
liurnieister Charles, mariner, 114Tliaiiies 
Burmeister Fred, restiuirant, 114 Thames 
Bum Ellen A. tailoress, 231 e (Miase 
Burn Geo. W. oyster shucker, 226 Bank 
Burn Hannah K. taiioiess, 231 e Chase 
Burn Jas. .M. shipcarp 33 Cambridge 
Buin R(jbt. shipc!ir[). 226 Bank 
Burn Tlios. cii;armaker, 7 Dawson al 
Burn Wm. H. H. shipcarp. 226 Bank 
Burnamann Aw'j. provisions, Wolfe n of Biddle 
Burnap Mrs. Geo. W. 45 n Calvert 
Burness Cornelius W. ourri<r, 98 Stiles 
IJurneston Isaac, bookkeeper, 20 u Strieker 
Burneston Joseph, carpenter, 12 n Wolfe 
Burneston Wm. H. carpenter, 7i) s Durliaui 
Burneston Wm riji^er, 186 s AVashinijton 
Burnett Edtrar'k, Strieker nr Patterson av 
Burnett Elijah, sec. Bryant, Strattou k Saddler 

college, 944 w Baltimore 
Burnett Geo. G. timekeeper, 557 \v Lombard 
Burnett Geo. H. carpenter, 21 "i Gough 
Burnett George R. clerk, Strieker nr Patter- 
sou av 
Burnett Hoi-aiio, foreman, 101 n Wolfe 
Buru'.ttll. S. clerk, 101 n Ann 
Burnett Mrs. Jane, cunfec'y, 188 e Baltimore 
Burnett Mrs. Jane, 58 n Eden 
Burnett John, butcher, Gilm<.r nr Cumbeiland 
Burnett John M. clerk, Strieker nr Patterson av 
Burnett Joseph P. jr. police, 202 Aisquith 
Burnett Joseph sr. clerk, 202 .\isquitli 
Bunii'll Luciuda A. "iS n Edeu 

Burnelt .M. U. clerk, 77 n Central av 

liuruett .Maria L. teacher, 58 n Eden 

Burnett Mary E. teacher, 58 n Eden 

Burnett .Michael D. uatchuian, 77 n Central av 

Burnett Ntlson P. carp. 80 Bureii 

Burnett Samuel, (S. Burnett & Co.) Auiie 
Arundel co 

fjuriiett Samuel k Co. (S. Burnett S. S. Lin- 
tliicum) lumber, cor Greene ami Pratt 

Burnett S. Rowe k Co. (S. R. Burnett) com. 
merchants, 15 Patlersiui 

Burnett S. Rowe, (S. R. B. k Co.) Park av nr 

Burnett .Mrs. Sarah, 49 Gran by 

Burnett Wm. A. 58 n Eden 

Burnham k Co.(.M.P.BuruI)atn)manufrs.French 
starch enamel. 160 \v Lombard 

Biiruli am (Japt. Enoch, mariner, 35G e Baltimore 

iiurnliam (Jiai. jr. (lO. .M. Lang k Co.) Maine 

iJuruiiam Jesse, 74 u Pine 

Jiuruiiam John I''. inilK, 189 n Carolim'. 

Burnhiirn John W. trimmings, &c. 114 Lexing- 
ton, (l\v 356 e Baltinu)i(! 

Burnham John W. millinery. 112 Lexington 

liiiruham M. P. (B. k Co.) 166 Lanvale 


Burnham Wm. J. blacksmith, 48 a Paca, dw 

74 n Pine 
Burnhardt Charles, stoves. Eastern av c.^t 
Burninghain John, plasterer, 128 Moslier 
Burniiiijham Wm. engineer. 463 Canton av 
Burns Adam, cardriver. 499 n Fremont 
Burns Allen, moulder, Ramsay nr ScJtt 
Burns Andrew, carter, 172 s (Central av 
Buins Mrs. Ann, giocery, 22 Valley 
Burns Bernard, laborer, 14 Stirling 
Burns iiernard, clerk. 6 Forrest pi 
Burns Bridget, 177 .\liceann.i 
Burns .Mrs. Bridget, grocerv, 36 Harford av 
Burns Dr. W. H. 333 e Monument 
Burns Daniel, laliorer, 40 Stcjckton al 
Burns Dennis, police, 99 Granby 
Bun s Edward, (Creney & B.) 38 Orleans 
Bums Elizabeth, grocery, 31 e Biddlu 
Burns Ellen, 274 B^'.tier}' av 
Burns Mrs. Kllen, grocerv, 70 Orleans 
Butns Findley H. (Wilson, B. k Co. )250Druid 

Hill av 
Burns Francis jr. (Wilson, B. &Co.) 168 w 

Burns Francis sr. 16S w Fayette 
Burns George, laborer, 30 Ryan 
Burns Geo. salesman, 17(5 s Central av 
Burns (Jeo. W. machinist, 467 w Lombard 
Burns Cieo. W. lumlier. 196 \v Lombard 
BuiiisG>'o. W (Kuiiler&B. jcorPacaaudLombard 
Burns Henry, milk. Concord nr Kag>r 
Burns Henry, bar, els, Pratt nr High, dw 173 e 

Burns Henry, laborer, 173 e Pratt 
Burns Henry, police, 109 e E iger 
Burns Horace V. clerk, 497 Le.xingtou 
Burns James, cooper, 45 e Pratt 
Burns James, laliorer, 98 Mnllikin 
Burns Jaiues, cooptT. 198 s W.dfe 
Burns James, blacksmith, 2.^7 .McHenry 
Burns .lohanua, grocery, 200 Mu likin 
15urus John F. wagoner, 499 u Fremont 
Burns John, grocery, 25 B.irnet 
Burns John, laborer, 61 s Castle 
Burns John, laborer, 78 n Dallas 
Burns John M. niachinist, 25 Arbel ul 
Burns .lohn, laborer, 30 Ryan 
Burns John, harnessinaker, 22 Valley 
Bums John, blacksmith, 122 Ramsay 
Bums John, baker, 277 w Fayette 
llurus .lohn J. mariner, 88 Granby 
Burns ■lolm T. 135 Orleans 
Burns John, bricjilayer, 22 Thames 
Bui DS Jose[)h, driver, 87 s Spring 
Bums Ijouis, drayman, 184 Preston 
Burns Luke, labtu-er, 529 e Fayette 
Burns .Martin, laborer, 200 Mullikin 
Burns Martin E. moulder, 1 Webb 
Burns .Mrs. Mary, 263 Forrest 
Burns .Maiy J. cor Thanu'S and Philpot 
Burns Mrs. Mary E. 302 Ais(iuith 
15urus .Mis. .M iry, 98 .Mullikin 
Burns Mrs. Mary, seamstress, 98 Stiles 
Burns Mary, 64 Durst al 
Burns .Michael, laborer, 350 William 
linrns Mieliael, laborer, (i09 w Pratt 
I>iirns .Michael, laborer, 1 Hillen 
Burns .Mit-hael, laborer, 22 s Dewberry al 
Bums Michael jr. laborer. 348 Williaia 
Burns .Miles, laliorer, 6 Wilcox 
Burns .Nicholas, plasterer, 104 York 
Burns Patrick, grocery, 39 Biddle al 

Mntnal Life Insurance Co. of New York. 




Burns Patrick, litborer, 31 e Biddle 
Burns Patrick, laborer, 39 s Stockton al 
Burns Patrick, laborer, 1 Hillen 
Burns Patrick, cooper, 198 s Wolfe 
Burns Patrick, coojier, 45 e Piatt 
Burns Patrick, coal oil refiner, 133 Battery av 
Burns Patrick, carter, 2 L. Church 
Burns Patrick, refiner, 133 Balti-ry av 
Burns Patrick, diaynian, 34 St. Mary 
Burns Patrick, tailor, 70 Orleans 
Burns Patrick, labort-r, 40 Libyrtv al 
Burns Patrick, moulder, 117 Harford ar 
Burns Patrick, laborer, 292 Johnson 
Burns I'eter, drayman. 148 Division 
Burns Richard, caulker, 62 William 
Burns Robt. A. (Siinad & Co.) 5(34 Le.xineton 
Burns Robt. E. B. blacksmith, 71 McElderry 
Burns Dr. I'.obert K. 364 Li^Mit 
Burns Samuel S. carpenter, 54 P irrish 
Burns. Rusisell & Co.tWm. F. Burns, A. H. Rus- 
sell) brick manufs. office 30 Columbia, yard 
W-sliington rd nr Harrnan's lonjr bridge 
Burns Saml. (B. & Sloan) 133 St. Paul 
Burns Theodore, driver, 380 e Favette 

Burns Thomas, laborer, 410 s Charles 

Burns Thos. shipcarp. rear 142 William 

Burns Thomas, laborer, 1 Hillen 

Burns Thomas, laboier, 3G Harford av 

Burns, shoemaker, 20 McKim 

Bi^rns Tiiomas, moulder, 8 Neighbor 

Burns Thomas, laborer, 120 s Central av 

Burns Thumas, lab(jrer, 98 Mullikin 

Burns Wallace, black--mith. Cross nr Hamburg 

Burn? Wm. drayman, ls4 Preston 

Burns Wm. laborer, Woodberry 

Burns Wm. machinist, Druidville 

Burns Wm. F. blacksmith, Hamburg andCross, 

dw Cross nr Hamburg 
Burns Wm. laborer, McHenry nr Monroe 
Burns Wm. laborer, 231 s Bond 
Burns Wra.F.(B., Russell & Co.)318Madison av 
Burns Wm. J. carpenter, 43 Gitiings 
Buruside Amelia, grocery, 81 n Broadway 
Burnside Geo. W. conductor, 81 n Broadway 
Burnstein Mrs. C. 640 w Biltimore 
Burr Bernhard, laborer, 224 Frederick av 
Barrier Chas. E. machinist, Addison al and 

Burrier Christopher, tinner, 247 n Eden 
Burrier Ch s. T. butcher, 247 n Eden 
Burrier Elizabeth, boarding, Clipper Mills 
Barrier James, bricklayer, 271 ri Central a v 
Burrier John, bricklayer, 171 Orleans 
Burrier John R. collarmaker, 291 e Madison 
Burrier Joseph, wheelwright, 171 Orleans 
Burrier Raymond, bricklayer, 247 u Eden 
Burrier Robert E., Clipper mills 
Barrier Wm. clerk, 171 Orleans 

Burrii-r Wra. H., Clipper mills • 

Burris James H. car driver, 298 Canton av oq 

Burris James H. coal oil. 131 s Chester ^,_j 

Burris John, tavern, T Centre Market sp i-t 

Bur is John jr. plumber, 7 Centre M.irket sp p 

Burroujxh Bro-; Manufacturing Co. (H. Bur- ^ 

roujih, John H. Emery) fluids and solid ex- Ti 

tracts. 4 Howeil block O 

Hurrough E. E. salesman, 272 Franklin 

Burrough H. (Burrougb Bros. Manuf. Co.) 378 ^ 

w Li,mbard i^ 

Burrough & Co. (Jacob Burrough) coal, Ger- i-H 

man nr Calvert 

Burrough Jacob B. 4" Co.) 272 Franklin .^ 

Burroufih Susan, 18 New Church '^ 

Burroujzhs (Japt. James H. M. mariner, .Madi- 5 

Sou e of Re^iester 2 

Btirrounhs Robert, grocery, 341 e Baltimore 2 

Burrows .Mis. Anna, dressmaker, 127 Conway M 

Burrows Elizabt-tli, caider, Woodberry ^ 

Burrows Henrietta, Woodberry J^ 

Burrows Mary E. spinner, Woodberry ^^ 

Burrucker John S. baker, 493 w Lombard eg 

Bun ncker L. telegr'st, cor Baltimore and South 

Burruss Henry L. paper carrier, 480 w Lombard ^ 

Buiruss John L. laborer, 480 w Lomljard ^ 

Bu-sch Chas. grocery, n w cor Central av and ^ 

Biddle " ^ 

Burt Alfred P. 82 e B dtimore hH 

Burt Thomas, bookkeeper, 21 McHenry 

Burton Andrew J., Clipper Mills O 

Burton Ann I. 9 New Church . 

Burton Benedict, laborer, 77 s Spring ^ 

Burton C. C. grocery, 118 u E.xeler 

Burton Chas. clerk, 1 1 Greenmount av 

Burton C. C. 103 w Fayette • 

Burton Mrs. C. C. boardiuLS 103 w Fayette §^ 

Burton Edwd.P. treas. Baltimore Opera House, j3 

85sHii:h ^ 

Bui ton Elijah, 389 Aisquith OQ 

Burton Elijah, jr. carpenter, 3.S9 Aisquith -^ 

Burton Mrs Eliza, boarding, 1 1 Greeumountav ;_, 

Burton Mrs. Elizabetli, dressmaker, 62 Centre "^ 

Maiket sp "^ 

Burton .Mrs. Elizabeth J dressmaker, 11 Irvine pi ^ 

Burton Mrs. Ellen, tailoiess, 46 e Eager ^ 

Burton F. brakeman, 97 llollins CO 

Burton James, brakeman, lo6 Greenmount av 9^ 

Burton James, 444 w B.iltimoie ;_, 

Burton James, jr. furniture, 444 w Baltimore O 

Burton Jane, boarding, 105 w Fayette ^ 

Burton John W. 103 w Fayette '"^ 

Burton John N. mariner, 62 Centre Market sp jXi 

Burton John, slijjper maker, 42 Orleans Q^ 

Burton John B. clerk, 1 03 w Fayette O 

Burton Joseph, clerk, 52 s Sharp "^ 

Burton Kate C. clerk, 11 Greenmount av QJ 

Burton .Mary, laundress 75 s Dallas ^ 

Burton M try F. dressmaker, 54 Preston 

Burton Moliie, teacher, II Greenmount av ^ 

Burton Mrs. 231 Lexington «*-! 

Burton Dr. 0. A. dentist, 17 n Howard »_, 

Burton Robert, collector, 254 George GJ 

Burton Robert C. clerk, lo3 w Fayette ^ 

Burton Robert F. clerk, 309 e Baltimore ^ 

Burton Robert H. conductor, 50 Barre (^ 

Burton Capt. R. H. 5(» Barre 

Burton Robert J. mariner, 61 Johnson ^ 

Burton Thos. C. iKnise furnishing, 32 Park q 

Burton Thos. painis. 324 e Monument ^^^ 

Burton Thomas, proprietor Black Horse hotel, 

111 n Hiirh p^ 


O. F. Bresee, G-eneral Agent, 15 South St. 












•I— ( 



Burton Wm. gatekeeper, Belnir rd 

Burton Wm. H. actor, 105 w Fayette 

Burton Wm. M. carpenter, 18H Dolpliin 

Burvage Mrs. Annie M. IDG Aisqiiith 

Burvage John E. salesman, 19G Aisquith 

Burwell Bliiir (A.L.Iluntt &Co.) Kutaw house 

Bury Francis, htborer, 73 Walker 

Bury Kitan, 94 St. Pelcr 

Bury Kitaa, flour and feed, 202 Columbia 

Bury Riciiard, laborer, 23 Walker 

Busby James. 68 n Dallas 

Busby Robert, baker, 97 e Fayette 

Busby Mrs. Susan, bakery, 97 e Fayette 

Busby Wayne A. boilermaker, Druidville 

Busch A. V. bookkeeper, 58 Klizabeth la 

Busch Bernard, beer, 408 Harfoid av 

Busch k Collins, (G.W. Busch, Henry Collins) 

bric;\ makers, Elizabeth la iir (iittiugrs 
Busch Jlrs. Eliza, confectionery, 88 Leadenhall 
Busch (leo. box cutter, 281 n Central av 
Busch Geo. C. cabinetmaker, Frederick rd nr 

Busch George E. roperaaker, 235 n Central av 
Busch Geo. L. cigarmaker, 90 Leadenhall 
Busch Geo.W. (B. & Collins) Ferry Bar house, 

dw 494 Light 
Busch Henry, curpenter, 7 New Church 
Buscli Henrj', laborer, 140 West 
Busch Henry, laborer, 296 Johnson 
Busch Henry, blacksmith, 316 s Bond 
Busch Herman, iiardware, 316 s Bond 
Busch John, sr. carter, 4 Somerset 
Busch Jolin, jr. cigarmaker. 6 Somerset 
Busch John, laborer, Grindall nr William 
Busch John, engineer, 75 Grindall 
Busch John T. laborer, Philad'a rd nr East av 
Busch Lawrence, restaurant, 279 n Gay 
Busch Mrs. Mary, grocery, Philadelphia rd nr 

East av 
Busch Theodore, canniaker, Phihi'd rd near 

East av 
Busch Wm. H. engineer, 178 Montgomery 
Buschel Mrs. Caroline, 32 Tiiamcs 
Buschelberger Chas. brewer, Dillon nr Third av 
Buschking August, driver, 18 Granby 
Buschniaii Mrs. Anna, grocery, 317 Hanover 
Buschman Chas. carpenter, 264 s Bond 
Buschman Mrs. Elizabeth, midwife, 120 s Ann 
Buschman Fiancis, raercht tailor, 19 n Eutaw, 

dw 12« Barre 
Buschman Fred'k, sugar refiner, 317 Hanover 
Buschman Fred'k, sugar refiner, 158 William 
Bu.schman Gerhardt, porter, 120 Saratoga 
Buschman Henry, cigarmaker, 10 n Spring 
Bu.schman Henry, merch't tailor, 301 w Pratt 
Busciiman Hermann, (B. & .Mohlhenrich) 137 

Buschman, Jno. G. Mohlhenrich) merchant 
tailors, 137 Lexington 
Buschman Wm. 266 s Sharp 
BUSCHMANN E. & CO. (Ernest Buschmann, 
Wm. Heise)3team flawing and [daning mills, 
cor Caroline and Canton av 
Buscbmann Ernest, (B.B. & Co.) 334 n Broad- 
Buschmann John, cigarmaker, 132 e Lombard 
Buschmann Victor, <igarmakcr, 120 Bank 
Buschmann Victor H. tailons' trimmings, &c. 

2 HanoTer, dw 239 w Fayette 
Buser Joseph, shoemaker, 494 w Lombard 
Baser Michael, barber, 251 e Eager 

Busey Chas. E. clerk, 27(5 Lexington 

Busey Geo. 0. clerk, 69 n Carey 

Busey James F. screwman, 14 ('lement 

Busey James R. brickmalier, W.ishin^ton av nr 

toll gate, dw 69 n Carey 
Busey Norval H. pliotographer, n w cor Charles 

and Fayette, dw 134 n Oregon 
Busey S.irah N. 276 Lexington 
Buse}' Thomas H. jr. photog'r, 276 Lexington 
Busey Wm. M. attorney, 85 w Fayette, dw 276 

Bush Albert H. sailmaker 268 e Lombard 
Bush E. B. shoemaker, 307 Light 
Bush Elijah, puddler, 68 Fawn 
Bush Mrs. Fanny N. 50 n Ann 
Busli Geo H. cardriver, 268 e Lombard 
Bush Georize W. bricklayer, 154 n Fremont 
Bush Godfrey, glassbhiwer, 395 s Kutaw 
Bush John, tailor, 222 c Chase 
Bush John F. cigarmaker, 47 Warren 
Bush John M. porter, 83 Moore al 
Bush John T. trunkinaker, 58 u Ann 
Bush Mary Ann, notions, 83 Moore al 
Bush Peter, lab. 395 s Eutaw 
Bush Pt-ter jr. glassblower, 395 s Eutaw 
Bush Peter, carpenter, 127 Conway 
Bush R. E. dressmaker, 154 n Fremont 
Bush Richard, puddler, 68 Fawn 
Bush Stejjheu 0. messenger, 332 Saratoga 
Bushardt Wilhelm, bo.\m.iker, 9 Waesche 
Busheimer Klizubeth, 94 s Regester 
Busheimer Henry, shoemaker, 94 s Regester 
Busheimer Wm. cardriver, 386 Penna av 
Bushev Frank, 371 w Fayette 
Bushfield Samuel B. (Scott (fe B."i 145 n Charles 
Busnmaii Hannah, (O'Connor <J- Bushman) 89 

Bushman John jr. carpenter, Wavcrley 
Bushnell W. A. clerk, 74 McCulIoh 
Busick Benj. clerk, 4 Forrest pi 
Busick Daniel H. bootfitier, 4 Forrest pi 
Busick George W. painter, lo Thomsen 
Busick II. B. painter, 4 Forrest pi 
Busick James 11. sergeant police, 217 n Eden 
Busick John i)ootfiiier, 136 Chew 
Busick Joshua W hatter, 1.38 Greenmount av 
Busick Jos. lab. 6 Washington ct 
Busick Levin, bootfitter, 136 Chew 
Busk Vj. (Smith A: Busk) 52 s Broadway 
Busk J. A. gen. ins. agent, 323 Lanvale 
Busk J. S agent Petersburg and Weldon R. R. 

323 Lanvale 
Busk .Mrs. Thonms M. 52 s Broadwa\' 
Buskey John, cardriver, 176 s Ann 
Busquat Felix, iiats and ca[)S. 700 w Baltimore 
Buss Martin, shoemaker, 30 Bevan 
Bussard Edward L. telegra])hist, 10 Lemmon 
Bussard Marshall L. engineer, 10 Lemmon 
Bussard Oscar S. m.ichinist, 10 Lemmon 
Busse Charles, musician, 307 n Ceutral av 
Busse John V. butter, 234 s Broadway 
Bussey Cecil F. clerk, 413 e Eager 
Bussman Mrs. Anna, 240 s (Jharles 
Busteed Robert H. iirinter, 567 n Gay 
BUTCHER ALEXANDER, dining and refresh- 
ment saloon, 189 .Madison av, dw 221 w Hofl- 

Butcher Caroline, 146 s Wolfe 
Butcher Mrs. Elmira, 900^ w Pratt 
Butcher Frank, carpenter, 132 Pearl 
Butcher John. lab. Hudson nr Burke 
Butcher John, carter, 209 Gough 

Mutual Life Insurance Co. of New York, 




Butcher Wm. H. shoemfiker, 65 McHenry 
Butchers Hide and Tallow Association, No. 1, 

s w cor Btireii and Fall 
Butchers Hide and Tallow Association No. 3, 

28 Buren 
Butelspacber George E. moulder, Loudon av nr 

Miliington la 
Bntka Henry, fireman, West and Leadenhall 
Butkaii Charles, butcher, 151 Vine 
Butler Abel, machinist, 60 s Ri>[)ublican 
Butler Autrnstus, O'Donnell ext 
Butler Barthol, farmer, 421 n Calhoun 
Butler Bellie F. 492 w Fayette 
Butler Mrs. C. A. 289 Liinvale 
Butler Catherine, 24 s Essex 
Sutler Chas provisions, 29 Cheapside, Aw 216 

w Hoffman 
Butler Charles Z. clerk, 216 w Hoffman 
Butler Cornelius, confectioner, 109 Pearl 
Butler Elijah, merchant tailor, 53 Hanover 
Butler Elizibeth, milk, O'Donnell e.\t 
Butler Francis C. 463 n Fremont 
Butler Frai.cis M. bookkeeper, 145 Barre 
Butler Frederick, canniaker, 325 e Lombard 
Butler Georp;e, machinist. Sweet Air 
Butler George T. Cirpeiiter, 560 Aisquith 
Butler Georf^e W. blacksmith, 1 Baker 
Butler James, lab. Sweet Air 
Butler James, car()ent'r, 16 lirune 
Butler James J. grocery, 23 Bank 
Butler Dr. James H. 144 Mulberry 
Butler James R. cleik, 1 Hanover 
Butler John, lab. 16 Parkin 
Butler John, stonemason, Sweet Air 
Butler John, lali. 29 Lemmon 
Butler John, cooper, 130 Cross 
Butler John, porter, 134 s Dallas 
Butler John L. engineer, nl Hamburg 
Butler John P. hucKster, 58 Walker 
Butler John J. real estate agt. 271 n Broadway 
Butler John F. painter, 31 4i Mulberry 
Butler John T. porter, 63 s Caroline 
Butler John T. carpenter, 156 West 
Butler John T. agent Home Shuttle Sewing 

machine, 8 n Charles, dw Charlotte, N.C. 
Butler John W. 175 Saratoga 
Butler Joseph, grocery, Oxford, York rd 
Butler Jose|)h, stonemason, O.xford, York rd 
Butler Kate, 148 e Lombard 
Butler Louis, lab. 52 Thames 
Butler Lizzie, Mt. Vernon milla 
Butler Martin, porter. 63 s Caroline 
Butler Martin, lab. 27 Block 
Butler Martin S. nightman. 50 Orleans 
Butler Mary, Mt. Vernon mills, 
Butler Mrs. Mary Ann, Mt. Vernon mills 
Butler Mary A. milliner, 2 s Poppleton 
Butler Miciiael, helper, 125 William 
Butler Michael, clerk, 63 s Caroline 
Butler Nathan R. clerk, 216 w Hotfman 
Butler Ormand, engineer, 145 Barre 
Butler Patrick, drayman, 63 s Caroline 
• Butler Patrick J. porter, 125 William 
Butler Peter, restaurant, 297 North 
Butler Richard, engineer, 52 s Poppleton 
Butler Samuel, Maryland av n of Is'^orthern av 
Butler Capt. S[»rague J. 229 n Bond 
Butler Stephen, machinist, 964 w Baltimore 
Butler Thos. C, Cathedral and Howard 
Butler Thos. E. printer, Gen. Wayne hotel 
Butler Thos. E. fruits, nuts, &c. cor Camden 
and Eutaw 

Butler Thos. N. engraver, 299 Penna av 

Butler Thos. shoemaker, 299 Penna av 

Butler Mrs. Winifred, 125 William 

Butler Wm. laborer, 59 Portland 

Butler Wm. G. architect and builder, over 14 

n Fredeiick, dw 17 s High 
Butler Wm. T. driver, 964 w Baltimore 
Butler Will. T. police, 142 West 
Butner Mrs. Johanna, grocery, 258 s Eutaw 
Buischky Henry, signal man, 226 Eastern av 
Butschky John, grocery, 119 Eastern av 
Butscky Mrs. Henrietta, groccery, 226 Eastern av 
Butt Mrs. Abigail, 77 s Chester 
Butt Henry, tinner, 2i)9 e Monument 
Butt Mrs. J. E. & J. E. Black, dressmaking and 

boys' clothing, 169 Preston 
Butt Mrp. J. E, (Mrs. Butt and Mrs. Black) 169 

Butt John H. liquors, 209 e Monument 
Butt Louis, 209 e .Monument 
Butt Samuel, plasterer, 169 Preston 
Butter John, mariner, 194 Canton av 
Butterfield John, (F. Daudelet & Co.) Virginia 
Butterfield Rodolph, laborer, 28 Potomac 
Butterweg Anton, wheel wriijlit, ITCallendaral 
Buttlemau George, printer, 107 Vine 
Buttner Obas. shoemaker, 253 n Dallas 
Buttner Fred'k, stonemason, 30 Bolton 
Buttner John A. baker, 334 e Eager 
Button Jacob, laborer, 112 s Caroline 
Button James, gardener, Philadelphia rd 
Button Josephine, teacher, Philadelphia rd 
Button Wm. gardener, Philadelphia rd 
Butts .Mrs. .Mary Catherine, 206 e Baltimore 
Butts Wm. H. huckster, 60 Ktting 
Butts Mrs. Wm. D. boarding, 148 w Lombard 
Buttz Andrew, cooper, 31 Klizabeth la 
Buttz John, laborer, 9 Snaith al 
Buttz John, shoemaker, 346 s Charles 
Buttzler Charles, bo<ikkeeper, 67 Chew 
Buttzler John, grocery, 67 Chew 
Buttzler Wm. cari)enter, 67 Chew 
Buvinger Geo. tailor, Biddle nr Penna av 
Biixbaum Benj. provisions, 81 n Eden 
Buxb.iuni Jacob, musician, 20 n Poppleton 
Buxton John H. salesman, 191 n E.xeter 
BUZBY DAVID T. & CO. (D. T. and J. F. 

Buzby) gen. com. merchts 6 Exchange pi 
Buzby David T. (D. T. Buzby & Co.) Eager 

and St. Paul 
Buzby J. Frank, (D. T. Buzby & Co.) Carroll- 
ton hotel 
Buzby John M. canmaker. 34 n Bond 
Buzzi P. D. bookkeeper, 218 Orleans 
Byard John R. ironworker, Curley s of Dillon 
Bydeman Joseph, lumber inspector, 77 e Pratt 
B>er Mrs. A. grocery, 407 Aliceanna 
B}er Balthazar, carter, 407 Aliceanna 
Byer Daniel, barkeeper, 358 Light 
Byer Fred, laborer, Lanc.Tster and Third 
Byer Fred, harnessmaker, 358 Light 
Byer John, shoemaker, 102 s Eden 
Byer Louisa, shoefindings, 196 Hollins 
Byers Adam, cigarmaker, 185 s Caroline 
Byers James F. jr. clerk, 42i u Poppleton 
Byers James F. collector 42^ u Poppleton 
Bvers Wm. S. laborer, 259 s Broadwav 
Bvers Louis F. mail agent, Franklin house 
Byrd .Mrs. Bridget, grocery, 242 e Chase 
Byri C. E. blacksmith, Johnson nr Fort av 
Byrd Geo. H. (Wyman, B. & Co.) New York 
Bvrd Henry E. clerk, 86 William 

• I— I 












The Largest Life Insurance Co. in the World. 










BVRD DR. HARVEY L. professor prictice of 
medicine in Uollesje of Physicians and Sur- 
geons, 3G(j n t'leiuont 
Byrd James, c!iri)eiiter, 11 Jackson 
Byrd Jas. E. C. tnas. Md. Steamboat Co. 98 

Liuht-st whf, dw 24 St. Peter 
i3yrd John ^Y. C. wood, Light-st whf, dw 33 

Bvid Uden (Ryrd & RobMi.<on) lOT J.ihnsoii 
Bud & Robinson, ((). B .-d, J S. Ri>liiiison) 

lionse cai'peiiteis, llujihes nr Liiilit 
Bvrd Svlvest-r, carpentei-, 33 Waiien 
Byrd \Vm. S. (Pliillips & Co.) SG Wiliiam 
Byrn Win. H , Custom ilouse, 13d McElderry 
Byni Wra. 7(3 u I'^-ont 
Byrn W'm. .M. iiooUlceeper, 16 n Front 
B^ru Wra. M. clerk, 14 s Cu' 
15yrn \Vm. T. (G. W. Orenr& C).) 20 Warren 
Byrne Andrew, wajjoiier. 83 Hainpstead 
Byrne Andrew, laborer, 5 6 Light 
Byrne Andrew J, carp. (i68 w Baltimore 
Byrne Annie, dressmaker, 3-<4 w Eager 
Byrne Mrs. Annie .\I. 27 s Chester 
Byrne B. L. dressmaker, 302 n Howard 
Bvrne Bridget, variety, 384 w E.iger 
Byrne Mrs. Bridget, 223 e Payette 
B\rne Mrs. Caroline, 09 Druid Hill av 
Byrne Chas. A. 92 s Wolfe 
Byrne C. L'C, bookkeeper, 63 s Washington 
Byrne Dt-nnis, police, 99 Granby 
Bvrne Edward, stonecutter, 31 Booth 
Byrne Elizalieth, confect'y, 8 Hawk 
Bvrne Henry F. watchman, 63 s Washington 
Byrna Hu^li B. 223 e Fayette 
Byrne James H. carpenter, 92 s Wolfe 
Byrne James K. shirtnikr, 51 s Eutaw, dw 223 

e Fayette 
Byrne James M. cabinetmkr, 63 n Front 
Byrne James P. cabinetmaker and undertaker, 

G3 n Front 
Byrne Jos. F. cabinetmaker and undertaker, 50 

n Lil)erly 
Byrne Joseph, shoecutter, 54 Frederick av 
Byrne Kale, nmions, 247 n Gay 
Byrne iiawrence, clerk, 167 e Eager 
l>yrne Mrs. i>ydia, 92 s Wolfe 
Byrne .Mrs. L. V. 103 n Eutaw 
B rne Mflriin, farmer, BdUiir rd 
ByriH' .Martin. 200 Mullikin 
Byrne .Mrs. Mary, 167 e Ka;,'er 
Byrne .Mrs. Mary, hats, 668 w Baltimore 
Byrne .Michael, police, 407 w Pratt 
Bvrne .Michael, machinist, 167 c Eager 
Byrne .Michael, laborer, 8 Hawk 
Byrne Patrick, porter, 2o6 s Sliarfi 
B\rne Peter, toliacconist. 99 Druid Hill av 
Byrne Richard V. perfumer, 148 Hillen 
Byrne Robt. P. tobacconist, 99 Druid Hill av 
Byrne Sam'l E. bookUeejier, 99 Druid Hill av 
Byrne Terreiice, carpenter, 92 s Wolfe 
Byrne Thos. F. jr. cle- k, ,396 Le.xingtoii 
B\ rne Thos. F. Ciir[ienter, 396 Lexington 
Byrne .Mrs. Wni 3 i6 n Broadway 
Byine Win. H. l)ookkeeper. 189 .-Mstjuith 
li. rnes Bernard, sampler. Valley nr Eager 
Byrnes James, laborer. (t'Donnell ct 
Byrnes John, clerk. 96 Hill 
Byrnes John F. (F. G. Ma.xwell &Co.) 22 Valley 
B_\ rnes Joseph, gilder and jiicture frame maker, 

66 II Cnlvcrt, dw 353 e P^ager 
Byrnes Thos. hostler, 12 Fail 
Byrnes Wm. T. coachmaker, 479 Franklin 

Byron Mrs. Anna, seamstress, 142 Hamburg 
Byrus John W. engineer, 110 Battery av 
Byns Fanny E. fancy goods, 177 S Charles 
Byus James B. lib. 177 s Charles 
By us Valeria, 177 s Charles 


Cable Geo. S. r'la:nerer, 412 e Eager 
Cat)le (leo. S. jr. |)lasterer, 412 e Eager 
Caiideti Daniel, laborer, 168 Chesapeake 
Cadden I>enn)s, [jiinter, 26 Harford av 
Cidden John jr. laborer, 168 Chesa[)eake 
Cadden John, laborer, 168 Chesapeake 
Cidden Rev. Jas. R., Woodberry 
Cidd"n Michael, laiiorer, 51 Haubert 
C.idden Patrick, laborer, 4 Kaufman al 
Cadden Robert, laborer, Hull and railroad 
Cade Chas. W. mariner, 142 s Ann 
Cade (/apt. Nelson, mariner, 142 s Ann 
Cailell Chas. driver, 31 Essex 
Cadell Mrs. Marv, tailoress, 6 McHenrv 
Cadell Sanuel H. watchman, 84s Wolfe 
Cadell Wm. A. blacksmith, 6 McHenry 
Cades Mrs. (Caroline, 205 n Bond 
Cadlett T. B. salcsraan, 76 s Sharp 
Cado;ian .Mrs. Alice, dry goods, 228 Mulberry 
Cadogaii Matthew, cabinetmaker, 228 Mulberry 
C idogan Walter, moulder, 82 s Re[)ublican 
Cadow & Hook, (.Jas. E. Cadow, E. F. Hook 

jr ) groceries and produce, 20 & 22 Pennaav 
Cadow Jas. E. (C. k Hook) 348 w Fayette 
(,'adwallader A. G. letter carrier, 14 Brune 
Cadw.illader Ed ward, coppersmith, 396 e Fayett« 
Cadwallader Harrison C. letter carrier, 397 vv 

Cadwallader Mrs. Louisa, 396 e Fayette 
<;adwallader Lewis W. lieut. police, 32 George 
Cadwallader Sanford E. of C. H. 207i w Biddle 
Cadwell Henry A. watchmaker, 174 Pearl 
(^idwell .Mrs. .Margaret, dressmaker, 174 Pearl 
Caesar George, clerk, 3S(i Canton av 
CnffVrty Tlios. shoemaker. 87 n Central av 
Cilfrey John, wagoner, 248 n Front 
('atfrey .Mrs. Maiy. 46 Williamson al 
Caffrey Patrick, wagoner, 190 L. Constitution 
CattVey Patrick, engineer, 57 I'ortland 
Cahill .Mrs. Catheiine, 99 William 
Caliiil I-Cduinnd, laborer, 5 Ulrick al 
(Jaliill Frederick J, engineer, 99 William 
Cahill John, (J. Clark k (Jo.) 28 Camden 
Cahill & Jenkins, (P. Cahill, Henry Jenkins) 

lumber, Catlieilial nr (Jhase 
Cahill .Mary L. dressmaker, 136 Linden av 
(Jahill .M irtin, eiuiinecr. 170 .McHenry 
Cahill Patrick, (C. & Jenkins) 105 Cathedral 
Cahill Timothv, painter, O.vford, York rd 
CAll.S', BELT & CO. (Bernard Cahu, E. N. 

iUli) wholesale litjuors, .■<2 w Lombard 
Calm B' rnard, (C. Bell k Co.) 461 Eutaw pi 
Cahn I'Vli.v, iioiioiis, 236 w Baltimore, dw 172 

Calm S. peddler, 78 s Broadway 
Cain Mrs. Bedelia, 14 Sliles 
Cain ('harlus, laborer, 33 ^'ork 
('ain Ellen, grocery, 33 York 
Clin (}eo. W. carter, 26 Washington av 
(Jain James T. of health dept. 543 e Fayette 
Cain John, lab. 33 York 
Cain John, machinist, 26 Washington av 
Cain John, barkeejier, 128 s (ireene 
Cain John, lab. 81 (Goodman al 

Mutual Life Insurance Co. of New York, 




Cain John, bricklayer, 206 s Charles 

Cain John W. brlckmaker, 32 St. Peter 

Cain Mifbael, driver, 57 e Eager 

Cain Michiiel, lab. 47 York 

Cain Mrs. Sarah T. 54 Walsh 

Cain Thomas J. shipearp. 93 Hamburg 

Cain Wm. gajfitter. 16 Valley 

Cain Wm. carter, 26 Washinsfton av 

Cain Wm. F. painter, 36 St. Peter 

Caine Joseph J. carp. Gilmor nr Winchester 

CairnesDr. Geo. H., Sweet Air 

Cairns Edward, lab. 137 Harford av 

Cairns James, brewer, 28 w Lombard 

CAIRNS JAMES, 228 n Calvert 

CAIBNS JAMES, Wholesale and 
Eetail Dealer in Foreign and Do- 
mestic Liquors, and Agent for 
William Massey & Go's Phila- 
delphia Ale, 13 s Gay. 

Calder John, machinist, 108 s Ann 
Galder Robt. A. p;iperhanfrer, 124 Gongh 
Calder Sarah S. 105 s Broadway 
Calderry Goo. carptr. 131 s Regester 
Caldwell A. & Co. (A. Caldwell) apothecary, 

n e cor Baltimore and Calhoun 
Caldwell A. (A. C. & Co.) 386 w Lombard 
Caldwell Andrea P. bookkeeper, cor Biddle and 

Caldwell Chag. conductor, 164 s Ann 
Caldwell Daniel, dyer, 153 e Monument 
Caldwell Edward, collarmaker, Pennsylvania 

Caldwell Elijah, milkman, 31 Druid Hill av 
Caldwell Gilman, carpenter, 153 e Monument 
Caldwell James, plumber, 60^ Mulberry 
Caldwell James A. 53 n Strieker 
Caldwell J. R. storekeeper. Custom house 
Caldwell Dr. John J. 235 n Carey 
Caldwell John P. carp. 631 Light 
Caldwell John C. blockmaker. 157 e Pratt 
Caldwell John S. clerk, 19 n Fremont 
.Caldwell John, canmaker, 98 I^ee 
Caldwell John A. clerk, 151 Park 
Caldwell Mrs. Margaret, 559 w Fayette 
Caldwell Martin, carpenter, 631 Light 
Caldwin Martin, jr. laborer, 631 Light 
Caldwell Robt. B.. huckster 65 Forrest 
Caldwell Sam'l E. cigarmaker, 8 Hill 
Cildwell Wm. 135 Gough 
Caldwell Wm. tinner, 8 e Baltimore 
Caldwell Wm. M.( Baily.C & Co. )209 w Fayette 
Caldwell Wm. M. clerk, 157 e Pratt 
Caldwell Wm. Q, jr. architect and measurer of 

buildings, 326 n Eden 
Caleb Vincent E. mail agent, 9 n Bond 
Calendar Inkstand Co. (Chas. H. Wight) 51 

Exchange pi 
California Wit-e Co., Chag. W.Woodward, agt. 

132 w Baltimore 
Callaghan Geo. 269 w Pratt 
Callaghan John, (C. <fe Son) 269 w Pratt 
Callaghan Patrick (C & Son) 269 w Pratt 
CfiUaghan Patrick, brassmoulder, 269 w Pratt 
Callaghan & Son, (Patrick and John Callaghan) 

plumbing and gasfiiting, 269 w Pratt 
Callaghan Wm. clerk, 269 w Pratt 
Callahan Arthur, slipper maker, 68 e Fayette 
Callahan Bernard, laborer, 19 Concord 
Callahan Daniel, laborer, 18 n Amity 

Callahan Daniel, huckster, 77 n Spring 
Callahan Dennis, livery stable, 134 w Fayette 
Callahan Edward, laborer, 19 Addison 
Callah:in Edward, shoemaker, 218 Lee 
Callahan James, grocery, 51 Tyson 
Callahan James, laborer, 79 Elliott 
Callahan John, blacksmith, 263 Forrest 
Callahan John, laborer, Boston and (.'lintoa 
Callahan John T. mariner, 98 Battery av 
Callahan Mis. Maria, 129 s Exeter 
Callahan Mrs. .Mary, 6 Constitution 
Callahan .Mary, 201 Lexington 
Callahan Michael, liquors, 51 s Oregon 
Callahan Michael, driver, 26 Laurel 
Callahan Michael, laborer, Druidville 
Callahan Michael, laborer, 111 Stirling 
Callahan Patrick, laborer, 38 Morton ai 
Callahan Patrick, laborer, 111 Stirling 
Callahan Patrick, laborer, 19 Concord 
Callahan Peter, mariner, 248 s Ann 
Callahan Ptter, provisions, 162 n Calvert 
Callahan Philip, drayman, 215 Cross 
Callahan Richard, carver, Block and Wills 
Callahan Mr.-;. Rosa, laundress, 216 Raborg 
Callahan Thomas, clerk, cor High and Trinity 
Callahan Thomas, machinist, 60 n Holliday 
Callahan Timothy, (T. C. & Co.) High and 

Callahai: T. & Co (T. Callahan, Martm Quinn.) 

oyster packers, foot of Mill 
Callahan Timothy, plasterer, 12 Price ct 
Callahan Wm. hostler, Calverton hotel 
Callan Mrs. Ann, 209 s Chester 
Callan Bernard, cashier, 203 s Chester 
Callan Francis J. mercht. tailor, 241 e Balti- 
more, dw 181 s Chester 
Callan James, laborer, 5 Webster al 
Callan James, printer, 5 Holland 
Callan James, gilder, 236 William 
Callan John, laborer, 53 Jackson 
Callan Martin, laborer, 22 n Oregon 
Callan Michael, ironworker, 209 s Chester 
Callan Peter J. charcoal, Clinton, Canton, dw 

Eastern av and Duncan al 
Callan Thomas, laborer, 116 Harford av 
Calliin Thomas, laborer, 205 e Lombard 
Callanan Richard, ship carver, 17 Pbilpot, dW 

51 Block 
Callaway Geo. F. huckster, 177 Conway 
Callenberger Amos, helper, 100 Hudson 
Callenberger Philip, laborer, 100 Hudson 
Callenberger Wm. puddler, 100 Hudson 
Callenberger Wm. H. puddler, 80 Rue, Canton 
Callender Edward, plasterer, 100 Aisquith 
Callender Geo. W. plasterer, 235 n Howard 
Callender Henry, huckster, 196 Hamburg 
Callender John, blacksmith, Phila rd nr city Its 
Callender Luther W. bookbinder, 100 Aisquith 
Callender Mary E. teacher, 100 Aisquith 
Callender Wm. plastererer, 100 Aisquith 
Callighan Michael, laborer, Druidville 
Callinius Dr. Jacob, 116 s High 
Callis Charles H. carpenter, 3 Irvine pi 
Callis Geo. H. carpenter, I Irvine pi 
Callis Geo. R. builder 139 n Broadway 
Callis Geo. R. jr. bookkeeper, 139 n Broadway 
Callis James E. bricklayer, 3 Irvine pi 
Callis James H. coal yard, 230 e Baltimore, dw 

3 Irvine pi 
Callis Wm. T. bricklayer, 139 n Broadway 
Callow Mrs. Susan, 268 n Howard 
Calsman Elizabeth. 310 Johnson 

O. F. Bresee, General Agent, 15 South St. 







p— H 




i— t 


I— I 








• I— I 











•<— < 


t— I 











Caltrider Mrs. Keziah, 270 Walsh 
Calvei't Assembly Rooms, cor Calvert and Sar- 
atoga, Jlrs. May Morris, proprietress 
Calvert C. C. clerk, 158 w Lombard 
Calvert Hall, St. Joseph's Academy, 79 Saratoga 
Calvert House, John Brosnan, propr. s e cor 

Calvert and Pleasant 
Calvert Jas. B. stonecutter, 178 Scott 
Calvert John D. stonecutter, 73 Wyeth 
Calvert John G. jr. stonecutter, 178 Scott 
Calvert John G. granite yard, cor Hamburg 

and Ohio av, dw 178 Scott 
CALVERT STATION, Northern Central Rail- 
way, n e cor Franklin and Calvert 
Wm. Stirling, pres't, 0. B. Stilman, sup't, 
Block nr Drawbridge 
Calvert Wm. T. fire department. 412 e Madison 
Calvert Wm. N. & Co. (Wm. N. Calvert, Up- 
shur Llovd, com. merchants, 89 South 
Calvert Wm. N. (W. N. C.&Co.) 147 n Calvert 
Calverton Carpet Co., Hugh Gelston, president, 

office 1 e Baltimore 
Calverton Hotel, Baugher Sj- Co. proprietors, 

Calverton rd 
Calwell Clay, clerk, 104 n Greene 
Calwell Chas. H. clerk, 104 a Greene 
Cahvell John K. salesman, 628 w Fayette 
Calwell Mrs. Mary, millinery, 3 w Baltimore 
Calwell Thos. clerk, 62S w Fayette 
Calwell Mrs. Rose, ]04n Greeie 
Camby Henry, wheelwright, 222 n Howard 
Camacho Lewis J. 138 n Schroeder 
Camden John H. bootfitter, 192 Mulberry 
CAMDEN STATION, B. & 0. R. R., fronting 

Howard, Camden, Eutaw add Lee 
Camejo Augustin, (Echemendia & Co.) tobacco- 
nist, 819 w Baltimore, dw 675 w Lombard 
Cameron Catherine, 89 Jefferson 
Cameron Chas. C. clerk, Mc.Mechin nr Division 
Cameron Daniel, mariner, 89 Jefferson 
Cameron Elizabeth C. 175 Ensor 
Cameron Hugh D. driver, 175 Ensor 
Cameron Hugh, tailor, 344 e Chase 
Cameron John M. bookkeeper, 52 McMechin 
Camp Jas. S. bookkeeper, Ills Paca 
Camp Nelson H. (W. E. and N. H. C.) W. Meri- 

den, Conn. 
CAMP W. E. & N. H. (Wm. E. and Nelson 
H. Camp) ship bread and cracker bakery, 91 
CampWm. E.(W E. and N. H. C.)Philadelphia 
Campaign John, laborer, Division nr Clifton 
Campbell A. D. (C. & King) 29 n Eutaw 
Campbell Andrew T. machinist, 43 Mullikin 
Campbell Mrs. Anuie, cook, Union Protestant 

Campbell Mrs. Ann E. milliner, 131 s Ann 
(Jampbell Mrs. Ann E. 70 Pearl 
Campbell Archibald, clerk, 108 McCulloh 
Campbell Barney, laborer, 20 Willow 
Campbell Benj. F. carpenter, 435 Saratoga 
Campbell Bernard, laborer, 62 Wilmer al 
Campbell Bernard, locksmith, 116 n Eutaw, dw 

Mosher nr Penna av 
Campbell C. A. canmaker, 251 n Caroline 
Campbell Mrs. Catherine, 2 Decker 
Campbell Mrs. Catherine, notions, 8 Orleans 
Campbell Charles, bricklayer, 224 Hollins 
Camjibell Charles, finisher, 162 German 
Campbell Charles, agent Thomas Winans, 17 3 

CampbellChas.E. grocery and provisions,217Lee 
Campbell Chas. finisher, 546 w Lombard 
Campbell David, laborer, 42 Penn 
Campbell Duncan G. attorney. 31 St. Paul, dw 

147 n Calvert 
Campliell Edward, laborer, 20 Willow 
Campbell Elizabeth, grocery, 269 s Wolfe 
Campbell .Mrs. Emily, laundress, 100 Orchard 
Campbell Felix, clerk, 20 Willow 
Campbell Frank, laborer, 155 Chesapeake 
Campbell Geo. A. cleik, cor Mosher audOregon 
Campbell Geo. brassfinisher, Cha[)el n of John 
Campbell Geo. L. police, 438 e Jlonumeat 
Campbell do. W. clerk, 27 8 Oregon 
Campbell Henry C. engineer, 2 Decker 
Campbell Huj;h, laborer, 36 Jew al, o. t. 
Campbell Jamts, huckster, 66 Centre Market gp 
Campbell James, laborer, 188 L. Constitution 
Campbell James, car driver, 561 n Fremont 
Campbell James, laborer. 20 Hampstead 
Campbell James, silverplater, 577 Penna av 
Campbell John J. grocery, Oregon and Hollins 
Campbell John, machinist, 234 George 
Campbell John, 132 n Eden 
Campbell John, shoemaker, 1S6 McHeury 
Campbell John A. Kig St. Paul 
Campbell John, messenger Adams express, 264 

n Broadway 
Campbell John, blacksmith, 205 s Howard 
Campliell John, engineer, 51 Lee 
Campbell John F. clerk, 51 Lee 
Campbell John, carpenter, 25 n High 
Campbell John S. bookkeeper, Nat Bank of 

Campbell John S. clerk, 17 s Fremont 
Campbell John, painter, 58 n Exeter 
Campbell John, drayman, 122 L. Greene 
Canifibell John, canmaker, 31 e Monument 
Campbell John W^. painter, John nr Spring 
Campbell Mrs. Kate, 21 Orleans 
Campbell Kenneth, mariner, 269 s Wolfe 
Campbell Lydia, 369 n Gay 
Campbell & King. (A. D. Campbell, JohnKing) 

millinery and fancy goods, 5 w cor Camden 

and Hanover, aud 29 n Eutaw 
Campbell Mrs. Margaret, cotifec'y, 59 Orleans 
Campbell Mrs. Margaret, 133 Gough 
Campbell Mrs. Mary I. teacher, 131 s Ann 
Campbell Mrs. Mury A. 251 n Caroline 
Campbell Mrs. Mary A. 155 Chesapeake 
Campbell Mary, confectionery, 19 Abbot 
Campbell Mrs. Mary, 31 e Monument 
Campbell Michael, puddler, 155 Chesapeake 
Campbell Nelson, clerk, 27 s Oregon 
CAMPBELL N. P. prest. Phoenix Fire Ins.Co, 

of Baltimore, 44 Second, dw 50 Bolton 
Campbell Patrick, laborer, 298 e Monument 
CAMPBELL & RAMSBURG, (R. Campbell jr. 

N. A. Ramsburg) coal, 95 w Lombard 
Campbell Mrs. Rebecca, 4 Cumberland 
Campbell Robert jr. (C. & Ramsburg) 208 w 

Campbell Robt. R. brassfinisher, 312 n Caroline 
Campbell Robert, carpenter, 133 Gough 
CAMPBELL ROSS &,C0. (R.Campbell) wholes. 

dry goods com. merch'ts, McCreery building, 

Sharp nr German 
Campbell Ross, (R. C. ^ Co.) Baltimore co 
Campbell Samuel, carp. 309 McHenry 
Campbell Sophia, 80 Read 
Campbell Thos. laborer, 404 Harford av 

Mutual Life Insurance Co. of New York, 




Campbell Thos. A. olerk, 39 Lee 
Campbell Thos. C. puddler, 2G7 Canton av 
Campbell Thomas, laborer, 20 Grove al 
Campbell Thomas, driver, 39 Valley 
Campbell Thomas, wagoner, 178 Preston 
Campbell Thos. tinner, 188 L. Couslitution 
Campbell Thos. W. deputy elk, Crim. Ct, and 

Fire C'om'r, 39 Lee 
Campbell Wm. mdse. broker, Smith's whf, dw 

108 McCuUoh 
Campbell Wm. chairniaker, 178 Preston 
Campbell Wm. H. shoemaker, 789 w Baltimore 
Campbell Wm. L. carpenter, 435 Sarato<ra 
Campbellite Baptist Church, Etting andDolphin 
Campen Mrs. Helias, G7 s Ann 
CAMPEN H. k CO. (Theo. Jaecksch) wholes, 

flour dealers, 87 Bank 
Campen John, oyster and fruit packer, 26GLigbt, 

dw 264 
Camper Mrs. Marj', millinery, 80 Lexington 
Camper Napoleon, planemaker, over 21 Mercer, 

dw 80 Lexington 
Camper Thos. J. salesman, LombaixinrHoward 
Camper Wm. clerk, 80 Lexington 
Canapp W^eslej-, laborer, Hampden 
CanappWm. L. laborer, Hampden 
Canavan James, grocery, Druidville 
CaaavanJas. stonecutter, Lanvale la luNortbav 
Canavan Patrick, gasnietermkr, 196 s Fremont 
Canby Edwin K.{Hewes & Canby) 89 McCulloh 
Canby, Gili)in & Co. {W. Canby, B. Gilpin, T. 

P. Langdon) wholes. druggists, n w corLight 

and Lombard 
Canby Mrs. Keziah, 45 Greenmount av 
Canby Samuel, ^ Wright & C.) 89 McCulloh 
Canby Thos. E. helper, 45 Greenmount av 
Canby Thos. Y. prest. Third National Bank and 

Wasiiington Fire Ins. Co. 38 Second, dw 163 

Canby Wm. T. telegraphist, 89 McCulloh 
Canby W. T. teacher. «9 McCulloh 
Canby Wm. (C, Gilpin & Co.) Mt. Washing- 
ton, Baltimore co 
Candler Oscar, printer, 293 w Pratt 
Cancio Jos. P. tobacconist, 44 e Baltimore 

Canfield,W. B.CaDfield, T.Welsh) 
Watches, Jewelry, Silver and 
Plated Ware, Rich Fancy Goods 
and Cutlery, Wholesale and Re- 
tail, 229 w Baltimore street. 

Canfield Ira C. (C, Bro. & Co.) 43 Cathedral 
Canfield Ira C. jr. clerk. 43 Cathedral 
Canfield Wm. B. (C., Bro. <&Co ) 246 n Charles 
Cann Benj. B, clerk, Lemraon nr Gilmor 
Cann Edward R. painter, 372 Hanuver 
Caan Henry G. carpenter, 10 Whatcoat 
Cann James R. printer, 169 s Sharp 
Canmird Henry, beer, 16 e Baltimore 
Cannoles Charles, furn. wagon, 223 Preston 
Cannoles Frank, conductor, 223 Preston 
Cannoles John, driver, 79 Ensor 
Cannoles John W. carpenter, 223 Preston 
Cannoles & Murphy, (T. Cannoles, P. Murphy) 

hack stables. Chew nr Harford av 
Cannoles T. (0. & Murphy) 108 Ensor 
Cannoles Oliver, furn. wagon, 221 Preston 
Cannon Bartine A. (Ryan & Ricketts) 312 


Cannon Charles W, 108 w Fayette 
Cannon Isaac B. lab. 87 s Strieker 
Cannon James, Dover nr Monroe 
Cannon .Mrs. Capt. James, 34 sHigh 
Cannon Capt. James, Starr hotel 
Cannon John, 19 w Biddle 
Cannon Mrs. Laura H. 19 w Biddle 
Cannon .Mrs. Louisa H. 96 n Republican 
Cannon Mrs. Margaret, 100 n Central av 
Cannon Wm. S. bricklayer, 109 Pai'kin 
Cannon Mary A. 14 Comet 
C^ainon Pat'k, laborer, Vincent al nr McHenry 
Cannon Richard H. pilot, 95 Fort av 
Cannon Wm. carpenter, 234 Conway 
Canox Geo. D. cuirier, 79 Warner 
Canox Joseph, currier, 167 .Montgomery 
Canox Joseph jr. telegraphist, 167 Montgomery 
Canox Lydia, 167 Montgomery 
Canter Rev. Isaac W. 104 Lee 
Canter Levin, police, 114 Lee 
CANTON GO'S OFFICE, n w corPatuxent and 
Boston, Chas. J. Baker, pres't, Wm. Dean 
sec. and treasr., office 15 South over Franklin 

propr. cor Boston and Patuxent 
Cantor. Express Co. (Charles Herman & Co.) 

office 286 Canton av 
Canton John, laborer, 521 Franklin 
C.iniou (M. E.) Chiipel, Clinton n of Boston 
Canton Market, O'Donnell from Potomac to 

Canton Lager Beer Brewery, Geo. Stab, prop'r, 

n e cor Burke and Lancaster 
Canton M. E. Church, Citesapeake nr Hudson 
Canton Marine Railway, Atlantic wharf foot of 

Canton Michael J. police, 521 Franklin 
Canton Oil Works Merritt, Jones & Co. propr's, 

office 56 Exchange pi 
Canton Steam Sawmill, Hudson adj. Abbott 

Iron Works 
<fe Co.) Aliceanna and Chester, office 7 Rialto 
bldg. Holiiday and Secend 
Caiitwell John, laborer, 704 w Lombard 
Cantwell John, shoemaker, 134 MuUikia 
Canty Mrs. Kllen, 61 s Gilmor 
Canty John, tinner, 24 n Amity 
Canty Patrick, plasterer, 61 s Gilmor 
Cape John C distiller, Holiiday nr Foundry 
Cape John C. sr. distiller, Holiiday nr Foundry 
Cape Wm. H. machinist, Holiiday nr Foundry 
Capito Frederick, butcher, 101 York 
Cnpito Geo. R. moulder, 57 York 
Cappeau Cecelia, trimmings, 822 w Baltimore 
Cappeau Chas. carpenter, 822 w Baltimore 
Cappt-au Fr.inces, trimmings, 822 w Baltimore 
Cappeau Josephine, 822 w Baltimore 
Cappeler Geo. boxmaker, 135 s Spring 
Cappeler Wm. tinner, 194 Central av 
Cappeller Wm. H. sawyer, 710 Light 
Capprise Joseph, shipwright, Fayette nr Chester 
Capraii Conrad, grocery, Pratt and Addison al 
Carback Charles, iron moulder, 297 Columbia 
Carback Elisha, 267 Druid Hill av 
Carback Elisha, painter, 63 s Choptank 
Carback Geo. wagoner, 164 n Caroline 
Carback John, wagoner, 164 n Caroline 
Carback Sarah, Sweet Air 
Carback Wm. J. laborer, 429 e Eager 
Carback Wra. laborer, 193 n Bond 

The Largest Life Insurance Co. in the World. 







I— I 





• I— 1 















Carberry John, butcher, 148 Mullikin 
Carberry Mrs. Martin J. 131 n Uroiidway 
Ciirberry PLiilip, laborer, 23 w L.uiiibaid 
Carberry Ricliard, c'!\n maker, J 48 Mii»likin 
Carcaad Gilbert, carpenter, 22u Mulberry 
Card Wm S. saihuaker, 152 n Fieaiont 
Cardella G. actor, SCi n Front 
Cai dwell Jaeksou, bonnet frames, 243 n Gay 
Care Richard, porter, api). off. C. H., Howard co 
Carey ATex. G. stoiage warehouse and pnbJic 

weigher, n e cor Frederick and Lombard, tJw 

169 w Biddle 
Carey Andrew, blacksmith, 49 Tyaon 
Carey C. catei'er. City Hall hotel 
Carey Chas. hackmau, 136 s Eutaw 
Carey David, carpenter, 80 Frederick av 
Carej- Ed\rard, carter, fool of s Sharp 
Carey Francis, shoemaker, 38 n Calvert 
Carev Geo. G. teacher, 265 n Eataw 










(SaccessoT to Carey k WJstar,} 

Commission Merchant, 


81 Smith's Wharf. 

CARRY HENRY G. com. mcbt., nava) stores 

and cotton, 81 Smith's whf, dw 222 n Calvert 
Carev Henry, "jrocerv, 1 Liberty al 
Carey Hugh W. 9 Faik 
CARBY JAMES, wholesale boots ancl shoes, 

266 w B.\ltimc>re, dw 3 miles on Liberty rd 
Carey James, clerk, C^irey nr Franklin 
Carey James jr. 4U Bolton 
Carey James jr. 266 w Baltimore 
Carey John, police, 139 Preston 
Carey John E. salesman, 241 w Baltimore 
Carey John, (C. & McColgaii) Frederick av nr 

Carey John W. machinist, 164 Hudson 
Carey Matthew, laborer, 298 Forrest 
CAREY & McCOLGAN,(J. Carey, M. McCoJ.jran) 

carps, and builders, Hi and 83 Frederick ay 
Ciirey Michuel, carpenter, 130 Harford av 
Carey Miciiael, laborer, 99 Franklin 
Carey Patrick, blacksmith, 49 Tyson 
Carey Samuel, trader, 118 Orchard 
Carey Patrick, plumber and gas fixtures, 7 

under Eutaw bouse, dw 150 l)iTiston 
Carey Thomas, laboier, 84 n Amity 
Carey Thomas, gardener, 101 Cathedral 
Carey Thomas, cari)enler, 101 Cathedral 
Carey Thomas, police, 134 Linden av 
Carey Tnomas K. life ins. 3 Johnson bidg. dw 

37 e Eager 
Carey Thomas K. salesman, 266 w Bilvimore 
Carey Thomas \. prest. Pe<tbody Fire Ins. Co., 

Second, adj Postiiffice, dw 37 McCnlloh 
Carey Timothy W. police. Plum al nr Howard 
Carey Wm. drayman, 18 Decker 
Carey Wm. drayman, 53 s Central ar 
Carey VVm. tirakeman, 347 Cathedral 
Carey Wm. drayman, 198 n Bethel 
Carick Thomas,, 129 Scott 
Cariss Mrs. Catiierinc, 6'J w Fayette 
Carl Chas. cabinetmaker, 92 n Amity 
Carl Kdward, 165 w Fayette 

Carl Emil E. (Bollman & C.) 165 w Fayette 
Carl Henry, laborer, 208 s Bethel 
Carl Henry, cabinetmaker, 46 Harrisoa 
Carl John, tailor, 200 s Fremont 
Carl Wm. porter, 927. w Pratt 
Garland, grainer, 237 w Biddle 
Carle E'phrafm, carpenter, 156 Scott 
Carle Frederick, jifsintsr, 198 Preston 
Carle Geo. P. bricklayer, 349 Franklin 
Carle John H. foreman, 160 WiJIram 
Carless John, polfce, 14 Stiles 
Carless Michael, lahorer, 19 Gran by 
Carlile Alfred A. gasfitter, 3'2 Aisquith 
Carlile Jag. H. cf/liector and agt. 32 Aisqujtb 
Carlile Thomas M. shoemnker, 32 Aisquith 
Carlile Wm. H. police, 56 n Central av 
Carl in Mrs. Catherine, 242 Lemraon al 
Car?in Ktroch L. shoeinakei-, 373 n Gay 
CARLIN k FULTON, (J. F. Caslin, D. C Ful- 
ton. J. F. Bradenbaugh) importers of hard- 
ware, 20 s Howard and 24 s Liberty 
Carlin James F. (C. & Fulton) Alexandria, Va 
Carl in Jos, 355 n Centra? av 
Carlin Matthew, porter, 116 Burgundy al 
Carlin Raphael, cierk, 82 Centre Market sp 
Carling Mich.,Bladi Horse tavern, 63 Penna av 

and (>!ive dairy, 156 Fcrina av. dw 63 
Carlfs Edward, laborer. Falls rd nr tollgate 
Carlis John, laborer, 21 Slemmer al 
Carlisle Albert, clerk, 188 n Oregon 
Carlisle Amos L. millwright, 509 w Lombard 
Carlisle D. G. conductor, 1 n Gilmor 
Carlisle James, moulder, )8 Hilf 
Carlisle Jos. grinder and polisher^ 366 Hanover 
Carf?sle Mrs. Mary, 457 n Calhoun 
Carlisle Mrs. Urath C. 68 n Greene 
Carlisle Wm. 457 n Calhoun 
Carl! Henry, tavern, B'elair av est 
Carlon Frank, clei'k, 36 Oxford 
Carlton .Mrs. Annie, dressmaker, 2n Pine 
Carlton Mrs. Susan, seamstress. 197 n Central ar 
Carlyle Henry, stairbuilder, 414 Mulberry 
Carunick Hanson, 151 Hanover 
Carmack Theodore, 151 Hanover 
Carman Charles, tinner, 4'^ s Strieker 
Carman DaTid, blacksmith. Woodberry 
Carman Geo. clerk, 413 Cross 
Ciirinan Jos. D. shipsmith, 168 Hanover 
Carman Thos. boiJeruiaker, 7 Hojie al 
Carn>ean Mrs. Sarah, 51 (jranby 
Carmelire Convent, cor Biddle and Caroline 
Carmer James W. (Wade, Boykin & Co.) 182 

Arlington av 
Carmichael Thos. F.. batcher, Penna av ext 
Carmichael Thos. H. capt. watch C. H.31 Stiles 
Carmichael Wni. butcher, 30 Centre, 80 Lexing- 
ton and 76 Hanover mkts, dw Penna av ext 
Carmichael Wm. 31 Stiles 
Carmine Chus.G.plumbr and stoTC8,58 n How'ti 
Carmine Mrs. Eleanor, 23 s Ann 
Carmine Francis H. 156 s Ann 
Carmine Geo. W. clerk, 2 Sterrett 
Carffiine Jas. gas in9i)ector, 28 Miller 
Carmine .las. L.(Thos. H. C. k Co.) 156 s Ann 
Carmine Josiah M. 67 Millinuin 
CARMINE THOS. H. 4 CO. (T. H. Carmine, 
James L. Carmine, Wra. M. Winks) oyster 
and fruit jiackers, 74 Boston 
Carmine Thos. H.(T. H C. & Co.) 158 s Ann 
Carmine Thos. J. painter, 67 Battery av 
Carmody John, tobacconist, McKim nr Eager 
Carmody John, sr. porter, 92 McKim 

Mutual Life Insurance Co. of New York, 




€armody Michaei, porter, McKira nr Eager 
Carmod.v Pat'k. tobacconist, 33 Greenniount av 
Caronn Johnson, jr. boilertiiHker, 2f> e fJiddle 
Carnan Johnson, machinist, 25 e Biddle 
€arneal Geo. brtckcuaker, Clarke nr Fremont 
Carnes Alex. G. VV. clerk, 707 Lexington 
Carnos Andrew J. clerk, 73 e Baltiiitore 
Oarnes Mrs. Ann, seamstress, 334 E:istern av 
Games Elizabeth L. 318 e Ghitse 
IJarnes John, biicon, 31S e Chase 
Carnes Patrick, 275 Forrest 
Carnes Mrs. Susan, 14!) Hanover 
Carne^y Geo. E. store, Sv.>c'et .Air 
Carney James, shoemaker. 24 s Poppleton 
Carney James, labour, 102 Duncan al 
Carney Jas. jr. teamster, 297 Columbia 
Carney John E. teamster, 297 Columbia 
Carney John, watchman, IG Fort av 
Carney John, laborer. 358 s Charles 
Carney Mrs. iMaria, 152StirJing 
Carney Matthew, Jabojer, 22 Ryan 
Carney Onea, laborer, 20 St. Peter 
Carney Philip, laborer, 22 Ryaa 
Carney Patrick, iaboi>er, iO Booth 
Carney Pntrick, laborer, 136 Dover 
Carney Peytou, brakemaa, Ram^,y ar Calijoua 
Carney Thos. J. clerk, 98 Dolphin 
Cams Alexaa<Ser G.W.salesmau, 7()7 L'xingtoc 
Cams Edward, porter, 137 Harford av 
Carolin Thomas, drayman, 126 L. Greene 
Carolina, Life ins. Co. agency, 17 Germau 
Caroline Si. (iL E.| Church. 7 s Cc^roUae 
Carow AJbeft, cit;armaker, 179fi T'liester 
Carow Giisiave, carpenter, 17fl s Chester 
Carow Mrs. Laura, grocery, 3 79 s Chester 
Carow William, moulder, 179 s Chester 
CiirpenterD.\V.scie\vman,Ti/bacco wareh.Xo, 4 
Carpenter E. W. clerk, 419 e Eager 
Carpenter Edward N. clerk, 419 e Eager 
Carpeiitei- Geo. C. clerk, 296 n Edea 
"Carpenter James, lab. 47 n Clia^iel 
Carpenter John, upholsterer, 270 w Pratt, dw 

426 w Baltimore 
Carpenter Johu C. Balto. Gazette, 91 McCullolJ 
Carpenter Wei. H. (Welsh, Taylcr # Co.) 91 

Carpenter Wm. H. sextoii, Charles st M. E. 

Church, dw 296 n Edea 
Carper Mrs. Eliza, confect'rv, 689 w Baltimore 
C:<r[ier Lewis E. clerk, 689 w Baltimore 
Carper Mazarine J. shoelitter, 689 w Baltimore 
Carr Alexander, bra.ssanisher, 123 s Exeter 
(.'arr Alexander F. moulder, 240 Columbia 
Carr Alfrtd J. attoruej^, 23 Leiingtoa,dw 252 

Lindeo av 
Carr Andrew R. machinist, 24<0 Columbia 
Carr .Mrs. Annie, 129 Vine 
Carr Benjamin M. barnessraalver, 77 b Fremont 
Carr Bios. 4' Co. (Dr. R. W. and John B. 

Carr) wholes, druggists, chemicals, kc, 29 

Carr xMrs. Catherine, seamstress, 7 s Monroe 
Carr Catherine, trimmings, cor Canton av and 

Carr Jlrs. Catherine, trimmiags, cor Bond and 

Eastern av 
Carr Mrs.Catiicrine, laundr's, 90 Druid Hill av 
Carr Charles, carter, 21 Bank 
Ciirr (Jornelius, sewing mach. agt.191 n Exeter 
Carr Edward A. bfiissmoulder, 25 Concord 
Carr Edwin F. lab. 152 Canton av 
Carr Mrs. Eliza, 163 n Republican 

Carr Francis H. currier, 49 s Republican 

Carr Geo. blacksmith, 17 Williamsoa al 

Carr Geo. blacksmith, 78 Hamburg 

Carr Geo. fireiBau, 24 Oxford 

Carr Geo. W. blacksmith, 78 Hamburg 

Carr Harry, ckrk, 2 s Broadway 

Carr Henry, tailor and clothier, n e cor Pratt 

and Charles, dw 2 s Broadway 
Carr J. Randolph, watchman, Chase Er Cathedral 
Carr James, caulker, 3 40 s Bond 
Carr James, clerk, S-Gj- n Howard 
Ciirr James, laborer, 7 Mulberry 
CkuT Jiis.E.(treas.) |)olice cora'r, 252 Linden av 
Carr Jas, lioots and sliGes, 100 n Howard 
Cnrr J. H. clerk, 168 n Oregon 
Carr John C. boiinaker, 83 e Biddle 
Carr John, lab. Stevenson la Kr Greenmouut 

Carr Johii C. lab. 21 Bank 
Carr John, lab. 22 Neighbor 
C.^rr John jr. brassnioulder, 25 Concord 
Carr John, laborer, I5i Orl-eans 
Carr Johu, brassmoulder, 25 Concord 
Carr John, laborer, CO Hanipstead 
C.arr Juhn B. (C, Bro.&Co.) 103 n Republican 
Carr John, grocery, 179 s Caroline 
Carr Jolsn, boilermaker, 8 L. Church 
Carr John W. clerk, 103 a Republicaa 
Carr Joeejih N. clerk, 103 n Republicaa 
Carr Lewis A. ('lerk, 276 Lexington 
(.'iirr l>ewis, cigarmaker, 14 Poultuey 
Carr Mis. Margaret, 6^0 Ham[)Stead 
Carr Nicholas J. butcher, 1 Cross st market, 

dw Penua av ext 
Carr Patrick H. stonecutter, 90 Druid Hill av 
Carr Robert H. (R.H Carr &Son)U8 Cathedral 
Carr R. H. & iSon.(R.H. and VV. Sanders Cat r,) 

hardware and undertakers' trimmings, 62 s 

Carr Dr. E. Wilson, (C. Bros.&Co.) 305 Druid 

Hill av 
Carr Samuel, laborer, 45 s Dewberry al 
Carr Samuel, brnssfinisher, 110 n (Central av 
CarrSanuieJ, cleric, 103 n Republican 
Carr Jlrs. Sidney, Chase nr Cathedral 
(.'arr Stewart, clerk, 2 s Broadway 
Carr Thos. clerk, 56| n Howard 
CarrThos. lahorei-, 118 Boyd 
Carr VV.Sa2jiders,( ll.H.C.(kSon,)90nRepublican 
Carr Wesley, laborer, Monroe nr Pratt 
CaiT William, bricklayer, 55 Union 
Carr Wm. police, s w cor Bond and Eastern av 
Carr Vv^m. carpenter, 11 A.nthony 
Carr Wm. laborer, 148 Greenmotmt av 
Carr Wilson, clerk, 118 Cathedral 
Carr Wilson C.N. deputy clerk Criminal Court, 

Chase ur Cithedral 
Carre Abraham, gardener, 54 s Caroline 
Carre John, 54 s Caroline 
Carrick Benjamin, machinist, 214 a Eutaw 
Carrick Kdw'd W. carpenter, 214 a Eutaw 
Carrick James. fJas. C. &Co.) 221 Lee 
CARRICK JAMES & CO. (James Carrick) coal 

and wood, 4 n Greene and 1 14 Barre 
Carrick Lackey .M. conductor, 443 n Fremont 
Carrick Mrs. Lucrelia, 13 Lexington 
Carrick jMrs. Mary, 214 n Eutaw 
Carrick Wm. J. police, 470 e Faj-ette 
Carriere Chas. jr. baker, 89 n E.xeter 
Carrigau Daniel, driver, Concord nr Eager 
Carrigan James, laborer, 479 w Lombard 
Carrigan Mrs Jane, nurse, 12 n Republican 
















O. F. Bresee, G-eneral Agent, 15 Soutli St. 






• i-H 














Carrifjan James jr. plumber, basement 46 St. 

Paul, dw 465 n C^uey 
Carrigan James, 46.i n Carey 
Carrigan Geo. shoemaker, 58 Henrietta 
Carrigan Tiios. clerk, 226 Pciina av 
Carrigan Win. J. patternmaker, 12 n Republican 
Carrington Eugene, ( K.Carrinirlon&GojBalto co 
CARRINGTON EUGEXi': j-CO.(E Carrington, 
E. C. Johnsoii)FanulanJ dairy, 371 Franklin 
Carrington Henrietta P. 129 Lanvale 
Carrington Mrs. JIary H. 129 Lanvale 
Carrington Wm. P. clerk. 129 Lanvale 
CARROLL, ADAMS & CO. (J. Carroll, J. Q. 
Adams. J. F.St.iub) boots, shoes, &c. wholes. 
351 w Baltimore 
Carroll Albert H. manufacturer, Evergreen nr 

Mt. Vernon factory 
Carroll Aliance, watchman, 16 Bnrrough 
Carroll Andrew S. clerk, 351 w Baltimore 
Carroll .Mrs. Ann, grocery, 167 Hollins 
Carroll Mrs. Bridget. 14 Spruce al 
Carroll Catherine, 17 Cambridge 
Carroll Chas. deputy, city j^^il, 6 s Exeter 
Carroll Chas. A. 169 Linvale 
Carroll Charles S. ropemaker, Harford av nr 

Carroll Chas M. 159n Caroline 
Carroll Chas. T. 42 Franklin 
Carroll Charlotte, 19 New Church 
Carroll Cynthia, grocery, York rd 
Carroll Daniel, laborer, Cooksie nr Reason 
Carroll Rev. D. H. agent book depository, M.E 

Church, 265 Lanvale 
Carroll Edward F. clerk, 287 e Monument 
Carroll Edward F. clerk, 223 Saratoga 
Carroll Elizabeth, 107 Park av 
Carroll Geo. W. huckster, 118 William 
Carroll Gregory, bricklayer, 9 Point la 
Carroll Harry D. G. 90 w Monument 
Carroll Harry D. G. jr. 107 w Monument 
Carroll House, 0. Swearer, prop'r, 1 Grant 
Carroll H. P. cooper, 64 Mc.Mechin 
Carroll Isaac, stair Ijuilder, Franklin house 
Carroll J. Bond ^- Co. (J. B. and S.S. Carroll) 

brushrnakers, 11 n Howard 
Carroll Jacob, laborer, 19 New Church 
Carroll James, laborer, 39 Jew al, o. t. 
Carroll James, salesman, 78 McKim 
Carroll Jas. (Barrett &C.) Fulton nr Franklin 
Carroll Jas. laborer, 52 Wyeth 
Carroll Jas. (C, Adams & Co.) 272 Hollins 
Carroll James, jr. 107 w Monument 
Carroll James, sr. 105 w Monument 
Carroll James, attorney, Charles nr Centre 
Carroll James A. cigarmaker, 247 George 
Carroll James H. police, 64 Hillen 
Carroll Jas. L ropemaker. Federal nr Aisquith 
Q^ Carroll J^is. carter, 37 e Monument 

Carroll Jack, canmkr. Lomi)ard and Choptank 
C'arroll John, laborer, 1 1 s Durham 
Carroll John, blacksmith, 15 Byrd 
Carroll John, blacksmith, 36 Jew al, o. t. 
Carroll John, laborer, 25 Stockholm 
Carroll John, laborer, Central av n Chew 
Carroll John P. shipwright, 15 w Biddle 
Carroll John, blacksmith, 39 Jew al, o. t. 
Carroll John B. ropemaker, Harford av and 

John, dw Harford av nr Townsend 
Carroll John B.(J.Bond C.&Bro.)89s Caroline 
Carroll John W. roi)emkr. Federal nr Aisquith 
Carroll John B. jr. cooper, 84 e Pratt 
Ciirroll John B. carpenter, 89 s Caroline 

Carroll John B. cooper, 84 e Pratt 

Carroll John F. printer, 94 n Front 

Carroll John K. cooper, 27 Commerce, dw 84 e 

Carroll John R., Brannock & Co. ( J.R. Carroll, 
John H. Brannock, Wm. F. Carroll) ship 
yard and marine railway, s side of Basin nr 
city yard 
Cirroll John N. 203 n Charles 
Carroll John, stonecutter, 267 Hollins 
Carroll John, machinist, 3 Park av 
Cirroll John B. tailor, 390 West 
Carroll John R. (J. R. C, Brannock & Co.) 

102 Battery av 
Carroll John, laborer, 36 Bennett 
Carroll John, grocery, 580 w Lombard 
Carroll Joseph, 159 n Caroline 
Carroll Josei)h, laborer, 39 Jew al, o. t. 
Carroll Josiah, mariner, 59 Centre Market sp 
Carroll Dr. Kennedy, 207 w Lombard 
Carroll Larkin, hostler, 12 Bilker 
Carroll Lewis F. ropemaker, 390 Harford av 
Carroll Mrs. Lucy, 604 w Fayette 
Carroll Mrs. Maicella A. 112 Sarah Ann 
Carrroll Mrs. Margaret, 231 Conway 
Carroll Mrs. Martha, seamstress, 25 Hampstead 
Carroll Martin, cooper, 84 e Pratt 
Carroll Mary, fancy goods, 80 n Fremont 
Carroll Mrs. Mary, 2 Scott 
Carroll M. H. clerk, s w cor Charles and Lex- 
Carroll Michael, tinner, 305 Orleans 
Carroll Michael, hackman, 33 L. McElderry 
Carroll Mortimer, beer, cor Centre and Holliday 
C'irroll Moses, carter, cor Aliceanna and Eden 
Carroll Patrick, shoemaker, 167 Hollins 
Carroll Patrick B. 40 n E.xeter 
Carroll Peter, milk, 73 n High 
Carroll Pierce, laborer, 94 Warner 
C.irroll Robt. grocery, 196 Druid Hill av 
Carroll Robert B. tinner, 204 e Madison 
Carroll Robert V. joiner 102 Battery av 
Carroll S. John, clerk, 604 w Fayette 
Carroll Samuel .S. 74 Courtland 
Carroll Sinclair S. (J.Bond C. & Bro.) 664 

Carroll Thos. C. boilermaker, 290 Light 
CARROLL THOMAS G. wholesale wine and 

liquor, 370 w Baltimore, dw 120 McCuUoh 
Carroll Thomas, clerk, 26 Penn 
Carroll Thomas, laborer, 19 Woodyear 
Carroll Thomas, detective, 186 n Central av 
Carroll Thomas jr. roofer, 31 Eastern av 
Carroll Thomas, 215 w Hoti'man 
Carroll Thomas W. salesman, 356 n Eutaw 
Carroll Timothy, laborer, 99 s E.xeter 
Carroll Timothy A. 43 Lexington, dw 656 w 

Carroll W. R. clerk, 309 w Hoffman 
Carroll Wm. hostler, 115 Myrtle av 
Carroll Wm. laborer, 208 n E.Keter 
Carroll Wm. laborer, 19 New Church 
Carroll Wm. hostler, 1 Bounty la 
Carroll Wm. F. (J. R. C, Brannock & Co.) 145 

(Jarroll Wm. L. stonecutter, 215 Forrest 
Carroll Wm. J. (Vickerv & C.) 55 n Front 

proi)rietor, n e cor Light and (Jerman 
Carruthers (jhas. J. (C &Son) 52 Park 
Carruthers & Son (John S. and J. Car- 
ruthers) |)lumber8 and gas fitters, 52 Park 

Mutual Life Insiirance Co. of New York, 


103 CAR 

Carruthers John S. (C. & Son) 52 Park 
Carson Mrs. Amanda, seamstress, 201 e Madison 
CARSON & CO.(D. and W. McK. Carson) lum- 
ber, 30 w Biddle 
Carson Chas. L. (Dixon & Carson) 448 Madi- 
son av 
Carson David, brickmalier, 5 Walker 
Carson David, cooper, 100 Warner 
Carson David jr. clerk, 330 Lexington 
Carson David, builder, 330 Lexington 
Carson David (C. & Co.) 330 Lexington 
Carson Elias, Druidville 
Carson Elijah, brickmakor, 40 Wyeth 
Carson Elijah (J.Whittinpton & Co.) 40 Wyeth 
Carson Fllizalieth, Druidville 
Carson Geo. M. inspr. C. H. 118 St. Peter 
Carson James, laborer, 80 s Republican 
CARSON JOHN, attorney, 65 w Favette, dw 

194 M.-Culluh 
Carson Leo W., Druidville 
J. A. Richardson, T. E. Carson) grocers and 
com. merchts. s w cor. Calvert and Lombard 
Carson Mrs. Sarah J. 322 n Fremont 
Carson Thos. E. (C, Richardson & Co.) Balti- 
more CO 
Carson Thos. W. D. brickmaker, 40 Wveth 
Carson W.K. (C, Richardson & Co.) 164 Mc- 

Carson Wm. coal and wood, 5 n Republican 

dw 29 s Calhoun 
Carson Wm. T. brickmaker, 287 Columbia 
Carson Wm. McK. (Carson & Co.) 30 w Biddle 
Carstens John H.(Radecke & C.) 162 Mulberry 
CARSWELL J. S. & SON, (J. S. and R.S. Cars- 
well) Rising Sun oil works. North nr Eager 
Carswell John S. (J. S. C. & Son) Homestead, 

Harford rd 
Carswell Lockart S. clerk, Homestt-ad 
Carswell Rol>t. S. (J. S. C. & Son) Hom.estead, 

Harford road 
Carter Alex. M. cashier, Tliird Nat. Bank, 112 

Carter Alex, carp'r, 152 Aisquith 
Carter Mrs. Ann, 287 Canton av 
Carter Mrs. Ann M. 229 n Eden 
Carter Annie, 126 Lexington 
Carter Anthony, Hull nr Fort av 
Carter A. Robert, agent. Continental Life Ins. 
Co. of N Y.42 Postoffi'je av.dvv 267 n Caroline 
CARTER BERNARD, attorney, 25 Lexington, 

dw 376 Eutaw pi 
Carter Dr. C. Shirley, 68 Franklin 
Carter Cbas. brakeman, 415 Saratoga 
Carter Chas. L. clerk, 22 w Fayette 
Carter Chas. W. clerk, 241 Penna av 
Carter Desuial, bricklayer, 324 n Eden 
Carter Durus, builder, 298 e Chase 
Carter Edward F. agent, 242 n Charles 
Carter Edwin T. clerk, 94 Columbia 
Carter Elavius, ciup. 152 Aisquith 
Carter Mrs. Ellen M. millinery, 241 Penna av 
Carter Eugene, painter, 21 s Howard 
Carter Mrs. Fannie, dressmaker, 312 Mulberry 
Carter Francis, nightman, 47 Druid Hill av 
Carter Geo. A. printer, 150 Hillen 
Carter Goo.R. leaf tobacco, 20 Camden, dw Bal- 
timore CO. 
Carter Granville H.butcher,Farmers and Plant- 
ers hotel 
Carter Henry, builder, 244 n Howard 
Carter H. Clay, inspector, 96 Division 

Carter Hill, lab. cor Charks and Brown la 
Carter Irwin, bricklayer, Sarah Ann nr Oregon 
Carter Irwin, shoemaker, Gilmor nr Winchester 
Carter Irwin, bricklayer, 40 Parrish 
Carter James E. mariner, 5 Willow 

CARTER JAMES, General Agent 
for the Blees Sewing Machines, 
Salesrooms 700^ W. Baltimore-st. 

CARTER JAS. agent, Blees sewing machine, 

700^ w Baltimore 
Carter James, carter, 131 Franklin 
Carter Dr. James M. 385 w Fayette 
Carter J. H. sewing machines, 700,} w Baltimore 
Carter Mrs. Jane, laundress, 129 Peirce 
Carter Jesse, laborer, 4 Baker 
Carter John, mach't, 4 Baker 
Carter JohnF.inspr.C.H., Lexington and Calvert 
Carter John M. of C. H. 119 n Paca 
Carter John M. attorney, 40 St. Paul, dw 14 

Carter John P. bookkeeper, 3 s Exeter 
Carter John R. clerk, 244 n Carey 
Carter John T. mariner, 5 Willow 
Carter John T. grocery, 139 Hollins 
CARTER JOHN W. family grocer, 61 Camden, 

dw 91 Columbia 
Carter John W. grocery, 16 Cumberland 
Carter John W. clerk, Gilmor nr Saratoga 
Carter J. H. sew. machines, 239 Penna av 
Carter Rev. J. P. 385 w Fayette 
Carter Jos. shoemaker, 67^ n Front, dw 66 e 

Carter Joseph, canmaker, 211 Battery av 
Carter Joseph, cooper, 121 Hamburg 
Carter Josiah, watchman, Covington andWarren 
Carter Mrs. Julia, 84 Block 
Carter Lorenzo, bricklayer, 22 Brune 
Carter Mrs. Lydia, millinery, 94 Columbia 
Carter Mary, laundress, 134 Vine 
Carter Oscar, 75 Barnes 
Carter Presley, plasterer, 100 n Wolfe 
Carter Richard, bricklayer, 26 n Calvert 
Carter Rich'd P. oysters, 44 n Paca, dw 119 
Carter Robt. cannikr. Lombard and Choptank 
Carter Robt. laborer, 4 Baker 
Carter Robert D. clerk, 169 n Charles 
Carter Robert E. 267 n Caroline 
Carter Rodney F. engineer, 252 Eastern av 
Carter Mrs. Sarah A. 5 Willow 
Carter Simon, stevedore, 10 Buren 
Carter Thos B. sailmaker, 338 McDonogh 
Carter Thos. H. carpenter, 154 e Baltimore 
Carter Thos. J. carp. 648 w Lombard 
Carter Wm. sailmaker, 136 w Hoffman 
Carter Wm. brakeman, 70 s Carey 
Carter Wm. shoemaker, 491 w Pratt 
Carter Wm. tailor, 125 Camden 
Carter Wm. C. (J. C. Brown & Co.) York rd 

nr Huntington av 
Carter Capt. Wm. F. 132 n Oregon 
Carter Wm. H. bricklayer, 39 McHenry 
Carter Wm. H. messenger, 24 Second 
Carter Wm. H. sailmaker, 85 Smith's whf. dw 

136 w Hoffman 
Carter Wm. J. 385 w Fayette 
Carter Wm. J. clerk, 229 n Eden 
Carter Wm. W. liqnid'ting clerk, C. H. 214 w 

Carver Philip M. machinist, 523 w Lombard 


I— I 

• l—t 





•I— ( 





I— I 


Assets $60,000,000 Cash Invested. 




f— I 

• p— I 







Carver Wm. V. bricklayer, 178 Mulberrj 
Carvvell Geo. bay bailer, 205 Forrest 
Gary A. P. bookkpr. 404 w Baltimore 
GARY & CO. (Syd. C. Gary) coal and wood, 1 
n Charles and u w cor Cathedral and Biddle 
GARY SYD. C. (G. & Co.) 197 a Charles 
Gary Mrs. Wilson M. principal Southern Home 

School, 197 and 199 n Charles 
Gary Wilson M. principal SouthernHomeSchool, 

197 n Charles 
Gary Wilson M. jr. attorney, 41 St. Paul, dw 

1 97 n Charles 
Casby Andrew, laborer, 15 Arbel al 
Case Geo. W. clerk, 31 s Eden 
Case Nelson B. caninaker, 2'25 e Baltimore 
Case John, Ciinuiaker. 225 e Baltimore 
Case Rev. Watson, Clinton nr Boston 
Casey Bridget, laund. rear 84 Centre Market sp 
Casey Edwin, clerk, 84 Hillen 
Casey Mrs. Ellen 84 n Front 
Casey James, laborer, 101 s Spring 
Casey James, clerk, 1 1 1 Ensor 
Casey James, laborer, 75 Forrest 
Casey James F. harnessmkr. 19 ii Gay, dw 184 

Casey James P. brickmkr. 404 Hanover 
Casey Jeremiah, marble polisher, 159 a Front 
Casey John, laborer, 14 s Durham 
Casey John, oyster and fruit packer and liquors, 

111 Ensor 
Casey John H. shoemaker, 23 Bank 
Casey John J. clerk. 111 Ensor 
Casey Mrs. Mary J. gaiter fitter, 84 Hillen 
Casey Michael J. harnessmaker, 159 n High 
Casey Patrick, laborer, 222 s Caroline 
Casey Patrick, laborer, 4 Tyson 
Casey Patrick, shoemaker, i(i8 s Central av 
Casey Patrick, laborer, 222 s Caroliue 
Casey Patrick, laborer, 180 s Washington 
Casey Thomas J. saddler, 109 n Front 
Casey Thomas, foreman, Union hotel 
Casey Thomas, Loyola College 
Casey Thomas, engineer, Mt. Vernon hotel, dw 

36 O.xford 
Casey Wm. E. baskelmkr, 84 Hillen 
Gash Edward L. (0. W. Cash & Sou) Cumber- 
land nr PeiHia av 
Cash John, gilder, 374 Light 
Cash O. W. & Son, (Oliver W. and Edward L. 
Cash) carpenters, cor Carev and Cumberland 
Ca>h Oliver W. (0. W. Cash & Sou) Cumber- 
land nr Penna av 
Cashman Barth, lab. 26 Smith 
Cashman Mrs. Bridget, 26 Smith 
Cashman Jeremiah, lab. 24 Etting 
Cashman Mary, servant, 60 Dover 
Cashman Michael, lab. 24 Elting 
Cashman Michael, lab. 110 Division 
Cashmeyer Peter, cor Canton av and Wash' ton 
Cashmyer Henry, magistrate, 114 s Broadway, 

dw 137 Bank 
Cashmyer Philip, restaurant, 1 s Eden, dw 9 
Cashmyer K. August, liquors, 15^> e Baltimore 
Caskey Geo. boilermaker, lir> Hamburg 
Caskey John W. shipcarpenter, 133 William 
Caskey Joseph, carpeuter, 137 Mosber 
Giiskey Joseph, clerk, 475 Franklin 
Caskey Joseph, lab. 133 William 
Caskey Robert, stairbuilder, cor Fremont and 

Penna av, dw 200 n Fremont 
Caskey Samuel 11. boilermaker, 115 Hamburg 
Caskey Solomon J. moulder, 115 Hamburg 

Cason John H. carp. Homestead, York rd • 
Caspar! Anna R. periodicals, 30 Druid Hill av 
Gaspari Charles, apothecary, 44 u Gay 
Gaspari Frederick H. clerk, 44 n Gay 
Gaspari Fritz, tailor, 18 Baker ct 
Gaspari Theodore books, 14 n Poppleton 
CASPAR! WM. apothecary, 70 Penna av 
Gaspari Wm. apothecary, 107 s Paca, dw Bid- 
die and Penna av 
Gasper Feid, vinegar manuf. 21 n Caroline 
Casper Geo. hostler, 8 Baker 
Casper Joseph, lab. 6 Barnes 
Casper Louis, 52 e Lombard 
Casper Mrs. Sarah, midwife, 52 e Lombard 
Cassady Mrs. Ann, 10 Jetlerson 
Cassady Virginia, teacher, 10 Jefferson 
Cassady Wm. H. puddler, 297 Aliceaana 

Cassard, John Cassard, F. W. Cas- 
sard) Pork Packers, Hain Curei'S, 
and Dealers in Provisions, 61 
South street, and 212 e Fayette 

Cassard F. W. (C. Bros.) 57 McCulloh 
Cassa,rd Frank, clerk, Lombard nr Peiin 
Cassard Geo. (Geo. C. & Go.) 289 w Lombard 
Cassard Geo. & Co. (George and L. R Cassard) 

com. merchants and [irovisions, 46 South 
CassHrd Geo. C. (G. C. k Son) s e cor Bolton' 

and Tovvusend 
Cassard Gilbert, 603 w Lombard 

CASSARD G. & SON, (Lewis, Geo. 
C. and Jesse L. Cassard) Pork 
Packers, Ham Curers, and Dealers 
in Provisions, Nos. 407 and 409 
west Baltimore street. .^^Prime 
Lard and Lard Oil. 

Cassard Hamilton, clerk, Baltimore co 
Cassard Herbert, clerk, 61 South 
Cassard James 1). clerk, 62o w Lombard 
Cassard Jesse L.(G. C. & Son) 440 Madison ar 
Cassard John, (G. Bros.) 249 Madison av 
Cassard Lewis, Charles-st av ext 
Cassard Lewis, (G. C. <fc Son) Charles-st av ext 
Cassard L(juis R.(Geo.C. & Co. )341 Madisou av 
Cassard Thomas, (C. Bros.) Baltimore co 
Cassard VV. ij. clerk, 50 Coiuiiierce 
Cassell Charles G. printer, 3d Myrtle av 
GASSELL CHAS. E. architect and civil engi- 
neer, room 2 Lexington building, dw Park 
av nr Townsend 
(lissell Daniel, painter, 27 Woodyear 
Casaell Geo. N. brie .layer, 394 w Fayette 
Cassell Geo. R. bricklayer, 231 w Biddle 
G.issell Henry P. bricklayer, 272 Mulberry 
Ca^^sell John S. assistant U. S. assessor, 3d dis- 
trict, over Custom house 
Ca.ssi 11 Samuel C. bricklayer, 130 n Eutaw 
Cassell Thomas D. painter, 1 Barranger ct, dw 

56 n Pine 
Cassell Wiu. G. bricklayer, 21 Pearl 
Cassell Wm. 11. 272 Mulberry 
CassciS -Mrs. Mary, matron, 116 n Greene 
Gassiday Jas. iroiiroUer, Amity and McHenrj 
Gassiday Joseph S. beer, 238 Bank 

Mutual Life Insurance Co. of New York, 




Cassidy Bernard, grocery, n e cor Greenmount 

av and Monument 
Cassidv Dennis, lab. 410 s Charles 
Cassidy Ed^vard, puddler, 68 Fawn 
Cassidy Edward, helper, 270 Enstern av 
Cassidy Mrs. Elizabeth, 144 n Eutaw 
Cassidy Francis, grocery, n w cor Greenmount 

av and Monument 
Cassidy Frank, drayman. 125 Harford av 
Cassidy Frank, clerk, 102 e Monument 
iCassidy Capt. Francis, mariner, 97 s High 
JCassidy Geo. salesman, 286 Mulberry 
Cassidy James A. ironworker, 186 McHenry 
Cassidy Jan\es, boots and shoes, 33 w Pratt, dw 

21 n Front 
Cassidy John, car builder, 46 .Milliman 
Cassidy John, hackman, 21 Mullikin 
Cassidy John, blacksmith, 37 Penna av 
Cassidy Luke, stonemason 210 Forrest 
Cassidy Luke, groc'y. Harford av and Madison 
Cassidy Martin, liquors, Hillen and Exeter, dw 

179 n Exeter 
Cassidy Mis. Mar}^, tavern, 21 Block 
Cassidy Mrs. Mary, dressmak.Chesnut and Ensor 
Cassid}' Owen, drayman, 286 Mulberry 
Cassidy Patrick, plasterer, 57 Valley 
Cassidy Patrick, laborer, 536 w Pratt 
Cassidy Patrick, grocery, 52 s Fredei-ick 
Cassidy Patrick, Loyola College 
Cassidy Peter, mariner, 21 Block 
Cassidy Robt. mariner, 74 s Exeter 
Cassidy Mrs. Sarah, 97 s High 
Cassidy Thomas, laborer, 166 Lee 
Cassidy Wm. clerk, 5 Young 
Cassin John H. clerk, 69 w Biddle 
Cassin E. W. tavern, Oxford, York rd 
Castleberg Isaac, clerk, 1 n High 
Castleberg Jacob, loan office, I n High and 451 

w Baltimore 
Castine Emanuel M. cigarniaker, 1 ilullikia 
Castle G. F clerk. Custom house 
Castle George T. clerk, 66 n Paca 
Castle Jas. L. shoemaker, 94 Richmond 
Castle Thos. M. shoemaker, 94 Richmond 
Castle Wm. tinuer, 146 n Schroeder 
Castle Wm. D. sheet iron wrkr, 146 n Schroeder 
Castro Salvador, 180 Park 
Caswell Robt. B. jr. shipbuilder, 81 Fort av 
CATE AMON, lumber yard and planing mill, 

n e cor East Falls av and Fawn, dw 243 n 

Gates George, lab. Hampden 
Catez John B. painter, Oxford, York rd 
Cathcart A. Roszel, rec'g teller Franklin bank, 

373 Druid Hill av 
Cathcart Mrs. Elizai,eth, 6.') n Broadway 
Cathcart John W. clerk, 5U s Brradway 
Cathcart R. & W. H. block and pump makers, 

and sole agents Averill Chemical Paint Co. 

113 Thames 
Cathcart Robt. (R. & W.H C.) 5U s Broadway 
Cathcart Robt. jr. 51| s Broadway 
Cathcart Theo. C. stationery, 289 e Baltimore 
Cathcart Wm.H. (R.& W.HC.) 83 s Broadway 
Cathu-dral Parochial .Male School, 62 CourLland 
Cathedral, (Roman Catholic) cor Cathedral and 

Cathedral Cemetery, cor Republican and Ten- 

naut, office 77 Mulberry 
Cath-ell & Morris, (L. James Cath-ell, J. J. 

Morris) lumber and grain com. merch. cor 

Concord and Bowley 

Cath-ell Dr. Daniel W.U s Exeter, dw adjoining 
Cath-ell L. James ( C. & Morris) 1 73 c Baltimore 
Gather Alonzo C. machinehand, Ramsay nr 

Gather Alonzo S. lab. Ramsay nr Strieker 
Cather Ellen V. teacher, Ramsay nr Strieker 
Gather Mrs. Rachel, Ramsay nr Strieker 
Cather Robert W. carpenter, 34 Ridgely 
Cather Wm. carpenter, 293 McHenrv 
CATHOLIC MIRROR, weekly, Kelly, Piet& Co. 

174 w Baltimore 
Catlett Charles, (Taliaferro & C.) Gloucester 

CO. Va. 
Catlett Thos. B. salesman, 84 s Sharp 
Catlett Mrs. Thos. Y. 60 s Greene 
Caton Mrs. Ellen, 7 Grace ct 
Caton John, lab. 502 Aisquith 
Caton John, lab. 98 Cliesapeake 
Caton Michael, lab. 98 Ctiesapeake 
Caton Patrick, lab. 131 West 
Caton Thomas, lab. 29 Hamburg 
Caton Wm. lab. 40 Block 
Catonsville Car Shop, Frederick av nr Wilkens' 

Gator Mrs. Benj. F. 173 St Paul 
Gator F. P. salesman, 239 \v Baltimore 
Cator J. H. 239 w Baltimore, dw Baltimore co 
Gator John L. brickmaker, 65 Camden 
Cator Mrs Levin R. 113 William 
Cator Robinson W. (Armstrong, C. ^ Co.) Ca- 
tor la nr York rd 
Cator Wesley D. 45 e Pratt 
Cator Wm. E. mariner, 288 Light 
Cator Wm. D. salesman, 185 w Fayette 
Catrup Mrs. S. P. children's furnishing store, 

2 sHigh 
Catruj) Saml. P. printer, 2 s High 
Catrup W'm. engineer, 38 s Eden 
Caufman Benj. lab. 23 n Amity 
Caughey ili'S. Benj. 257 Lanvale 
Caiighie Mrs. Ann, 174 Columbia 
Caughie Ciiarles, 174 Columbi.a 
Canghlin James, tailor, 84 Centre Market sp 
Caughlin Thos. tailor, 84 Centre Murket ap 
Caughy Chas. M. com. niercht. 163 w Baltimore, 

dw Eutaw |)1 and .Mosher 
Caughy Heury W. clerk, 231 Linden av 
Caughy John H. clerk, 231 Linden av 
(Jaughy Mrs. John H. 23 1 Linden av 
Caughv -Michael, clerk, 231 Lindeu av 
Caughy Noah W.(N Walker & Co.) 31 w Eager 
Caughy S. Hamiltoa, (N. Walker ^ Co.) s w 

cor Eutaw pi and Mosher 
Caul field Jas. E. Montg'ry, clerk, 92 Richmond 
Caulfield Mrs. .M irgaret,dressmak.92 Richmond 
Caulk Charles L. jirocesser, 219 e Madison 
Caulk Jacob, sailmaker, 191 Orleans 
Caulk James, lab. 43 Warren 
Caulk James T., U.S. ganger, 71 Exchange pi, 

dw 23 Warren 
Causey Chas. cli-rk, 173 Barre 
f'ausey Chas. E. clerk, 173 Barre 
Causey Chas. S. tinner, 53 Henrietta 
Causey Lewis, clerk, 94 n Poppleton 
Causey .Mrs. Rosann i T. 53 Henrietta 
Causey Wm. carpenter, 138i} R;iborg dw 298 n 

Causmelle John, produce, 263 n Eden 
Cavalier R. H. clerk, 178 w Lombard 
Cavano Geo. cooper, 1 50 n Scroeder 
Cavano Lewis H. cigarmaker, 19 Ogston 
Cavanaugh Mrs. CaitiL'rine, groc'y, 285 s Eutaw 








The Largest Life Insurance Co. in the World. 














~<— > 



Cavanaugh Dennis, tavern, Forrest ui' Gay 
Cavanaugh James, tailor, 32 n Holliday 
Cavanaugh John, blacksmith, 417 w Pratt 
Cavanaugh Mrs. JIary, grocery, 12 u Poppleton 
Cavanaugh Jlrs. Mary, 118 Ramsay 
Cavanaugh Matthew," lan. 24 Wveth 
Cavanaugh Michael, printer, 10 Holland 
Cavanaugh Patrick, lab. 176 Vine 
Cavanaugh Peter, baker, 9 e Madison 
Cavanaugh Mrs. Susan, 211 Vine 
Cave John W. law student, 103 n Exeter 
Cavell Martin, shoemaker, 14 e M«dison 
Caveny Mrs. Bridget, 215 Lemmon al 
Cnveny Michael, lab. 102 Vine 
Cavey David, pictures, 10 e Lv>mbard 
Cavy Nathan, carpenter, 6.5 Boyd 
Cavy Thos. J. rags, 25 Williamson al 
Cawley Mrs. Catherine, 120 Curley 
Cawley Patrick, carter, 9 Plea.sant al 
Cawood John, lab. 92 Parkin 
Cawood Sallie, dressmaker, 92 Parkin 
Cayser John H. stonecutter, n e cor High and 

Cayton Mrs. Annie, 16 s Chester 
Cazier Capt. Robt. W. mariner, 15 S Bond 
Cease Leonard, butcher, 30 Patterson Park av 
Cecil Geo. T. (J. F. Moffett & Co.) 84 William 
Cecil Ellas, lab. 30 Leadenhall 

proirrietors, Boston and Patu.xent 
Cella Antonio, restaurant, 63 President 
Cemps Geoige, Homestead 
Central Assembly Rooms, Liberty and Lex- 
Centenary Biblical Institute, J. E. Round, prin- 
cipal, 44 Saratoga 
Central Hall, 28 n Gay 

Central M. 10. Church South, Lexineiton nr Pine 
nor, prest. 5 South 
Central Presbyterian Church, Saratoga and 

Central Presbyterian Church Mission, Ridgely 

and Hamburg 
iirest. W. \i. Coale, jr. treas. se cor Charles 
and Lexington 
C'i)y Robert, lab. 83 s Exeter 
(Jeni Joseph, canmkr. 121 slligh 
Ceveren Airs. Catherine, 286^ s Ann 
Ceveren Jacob, shipjoiner, 286 s Ann 
CevercTi John, potter, 286 s Ann 
Chrthot Dr. Lawrence J. 118 e Fayette 
Cliadhurn Wm. H. cigarmkr, 43 s Schroeder 
Chadliurn Wm. machinist, 43 s Schroeder 
ChaddiTtoii Thos. watchrnkr, 29 Chew 
Chadwick John C. clerk, 306 w Baltimore 
Chadwlck John E. (Hoffman, Staley & Co.) 74 

(Jhaifee (Caroline W. school, 23 Hamilton, dw 

231 n (Jh.arles 
Chaflinch Cecelia, confec'y, 100 Jefferson 
Chaffinch lilisha W. salesman, 46 Jackson sq av 
Chaffitich Samuel E tobacconist, s c cor Gay 

and .Monument 
Chaflinch Wm W. carpenter, 1 lo Jefrerfon 
Chaffman lienj. H. quarryman, Ilainpflen 
ChatI'maii Lewis \). stonemason, 1S7 [jauvale 
Cliatfman William, quarryman, Hampden 
Chaillou Augustus, ser;zl. j)olice, 18 Miller 
Chairs Edward, farmer, 367 e Fayette 
Chaisty Dr. Edward J. 158 Mulberry 

Chaisty Edward J. jr. crier Criminal Court, 158 

Chalk Elias, car repairer, Mt. Royal Hill 
Chalk Geo. R. conductor, Cathedral nr Federal 
Chalk Geo. brakeman, Mt. Royal Hill 
Chalk James A. engineer, 42 Park av 
Chalk Joseph A. plasterer, 230 w Biddle 
Chalk Levi, grrocer, 128 Dolphin 
Chalk Mrs. Sophia, grocery, 42 Park av 
Chalk Wm. H. painter, 209 n Durham 
Chalk Wm. A. clerk, 128 Dolphin 
Chalmers James B. 549 w Fayette 
Chalmers James J. furniture, 262 Peuna av 
Chalmers John W. carpenter, 396 Saratoga 
Chalmers Philemon S. jr. clerk, 156 n Eutaw 
Chalmers Philemon S. sr. tailor 156 n Eutaw 
Chamberlain Ann, seamstress. 54 Milliman 
Chamberlain Edward B. clerk, 374 w Fayette 
Chambeilain George, junk, 10 Warner 
Chamberlain Geo. W. pressman, 7 n Oregon 
Chamberlain G. W. currier, 193 George 
Chamberlain Jacol), lab. 158 Johnson 
Chamberlain James L. clerk, 130 w Fayette 
Chamberlain John A. blacksmith, 42 Woodvear 
Chamberlain John E. ass't sec'y Odd Fellows 

hall, dw 117 e Monument 
Chamberlain John C. shoemkr. 7 n Oregon 
Chamberlain John C. ladies' boot and shoemkr. 

128 n Fremont, dw 374 w Fayette 
Chamberlain John T. upholsterer, 73 Barnes 
Chamberlain Mrs Mary, grocery, 8 Constitution 
Chamberlain Philip, tailor, 241 e Monument 
Chamberlain Richard A. pressman, 7 n Oregon 
Chamberlain Sarah, 375 e Eager 
Chamberlain Wm. blksmitb, 42 Woodyear 
Chamberlain Wm. clerk, 101 South 
Chaniberlavne R. C. conductor. Chase and Gay 
Chamberlin David L. supervisor N. C. R. 233 

Park av 
Chambers Brown, locksmith, 446 Lexington 
Chambers Mrs. Charlotte, 25 Pearl 
Chambers Harry P. paperhanger, 222 Peirce 
Chambers Jas. laborer, 186 Burgundy nl 
Chambers John T. lab. Hanover and Hamburg 
Chambers John, car[). Hanover and Hamburg 
Chambers John E. blacksmith, 25 Pearl 
Chambers Mary E. millinery, 98 s Broadway 
Chaml)ers Robt. M. carpenter, 6 Williamson al 
Chambers Samuel, carnenter, 98 s Broadway 
Chambers Thos. W. L." printer, 37 Miller 
Chambers Wm. blacksmith, 39 Eastern av 
Chambers W^m. M. machinist, 119 n Paca 
Champayne Henry R. coachmaker, 84 German, 

dw 23 11 Pojipleton 
Champayne Wm. K. coach manufr. 3) n Paca, 

dw 9 Myrtle av 
Clianiplain Mary R. 64 n Howard 
Cbam|)ness G. W. tinner, 473 e .Monument 
Champness Joshua J. shipsmith, Jefferson nr 

Champness Thos. AV. horses, 391 Eastern av 
Champney Hari J. carjienter, lis Schroeder 
Chance Mrs. Anna, boarding, 41 s Poppleton 
Chance Geo. 14 McIIenry 
('hance Marinas, lab. 14 McIIenry 
('hanceanlnie Richard P. iiookkpr, 52 e Fayette 
CHANCELLOR 1)H. CllAS. W., prof. Wash- 
ington University, 174 Walsh 
Chancellor J. J. stock broker, Eutaw house 
(Jhancellor Wm. R. clerk, 16 n Futaw 
Cliandlee H. P. (Barker C. & Co.)171 n Oregon 
Chandlee J.S. clerk, 171 n Oregon 

MntTial Life InsTirance Co. of New York, 




Cliandler Rev. Chas. N. 334 Myrtle av 
Chandler Daniel T. 2 HoUlns 
CHANDLER GEO. H. attorney, 41 Lexing- 
ton, dw 248 Linden av 
Chandler Irena, 229 ii Caroline 
Chandler John, bookkeeper, 78 n Charles 
Chandler John K. carpenter, 232 Gough 
Chandler John W. mariner, G East Falls av 
Chandler Kennard, (Georf^e & Jenkins) 459 

Eulaw pi 
Chandler Peter T. carter, 104 s Charles 
Chandler Thos. M. coachmaker, 90 n Paca 
Chandler Wm. E. carter, 124 Fort av 
Chandley John H. oysters, Poppleton and Peirce 
Chaney benj. (B. C. & Son) 521 w Lombard 
Chaney Benj. & Son (B. and C. Chaney) coal, 

wood, flour and feed, 148 Hollins 
Chaney Chas. (B. C. & Son) 521 w Lombard 
Chaney Chas. dredger, 157 s Washington 
Chaney Chas. P. police, 99 Ensor 
Chaney Chas. \V. boilermaker, 158 s Paca 
Chaney Elizabeth, 146 n Fremont 
Chaney Floyd, dry goods com. merchant, 270 

Linden av 
Chaney Mrs. Imogene, 192 e Baltimore 
Chaney Jas. tinner, 212 Lee 
Chaney Jas. M. police, 42 St. Peter 
Chaney Jane, seamstress, 212 Lee 
Chaney John R. salesman, Laurel, Md 
Chaney Levi M. blacksmith, 183 Hollins 
Chaney Marine, carpenter, 317 Greenmount av 
Chaney Rev. R. G. school, 262 Lanvale 
Chaney Thomas, huckster, 19 Diamond 
Chaney Wm. laborer, 7 Wills 
Chaney Wm. shoemaker, 23 Bank 
Chaney Wm. clerk, 749 w Baltimore 
Chaney Wm. laborer, 219 Battery av 
Chaney Wm. H. conductor, 313 McHenry 
Chapel of the Holy Cross, (P. E.) Millingtonlv 

ni- Frederick av 
Chapelle Rev. P. L. 93 Barre 
Chapin Charles P. carpenter, 12 n Wolfe 
Chapman Allen A. 40 McCulloh 
Chapman Mrs. Charlotte, 217 Mullikin 
Chapmnn D. Chase, clerk, 153 Dolpliin 
Chajiman Frank S. music teacher, 142 Doli)hin 
Chapman Geo. R. trunkmkr, 342 Penna av 
Chapman Greenbury,shoemkr, 108 n Poppleton 
Chapman Henry, milkman, Grt-enmount av ext 
Ch:ipman George, clerk, 141 e Baltimore 
Chapiuan John Lee, U. S. Naval Officer, office 

over Custom house, dw 321 Lanvale 
Chapman John, clerk, 246 Hollins 
Chapman John G. clerk, 141 e Baltimore 
Chapman Jlrs. J. confect'y, 1(>8 n Poppleton 
Chapman Jonathan J. 141 c Baltimore 
Chapman Mrs. Mattie, notions, 342 Penna av 
Chapman Mrs. Mary V. tailoress, 246 Hollins 
Chapman Nicholas P. bookkpr, 142 Dolphin 
Chapman Dr. Pearson, 93 McCulloh 
Chapman Samuel, butcher, 205 Doljihin 
Chapman W. H. clerk, 69 Barre 
Chapman Wm. A. shipcarp'r, 217 Mullikin 
Chapman Wm. J. clerk, Hampden 
Chapman Rev. Wm. H. 69 Barre 
Chapon Rev. P. P., St. Mary's Seminary 
Chappell Ann, 113 Mulbrrry 
Chappell Anna G. teacher, 83 n Howard 
Chappell Bros. (P. S. and F. W. Chappell) 

maiiufs. acids, Cross nr Covington 
Chappell Cornelius F. (C. k Webster) 83 n 

Chappell Anna R. dressmkr, 101 n Poppleton 

Chappell FrancisW.(C.Bros.)283 Druid Hill av 

Chappell Jane E. 113 Mull)erry 

Chappell Louisa 0. milliner, 185 Mulberry 

Chappell P. Edmund, bookk'r, 78 n Paca 

Chappell Mrs. P. E. 78 n Paca 

Chappell Philip S. (Chappell Bros.) president 

Third National Bank, 400 Eutaw pi 
Chappell & Webster, (C. F. Chappell, A. M. 

Webster) notions, 83 n Hosvard 
Chard Geo. wagoner, 112 s Exeter 
Chard Harriet, 20 Fountain 
Chariton Geo. W. butcher, Waverley 
Chariton Wm. H. car driver, Waverley 
CHARLES BENJ. property agent and convey- 
ancer, 129^ s Broadway, dw- 96 s Ann 
Charles Benj. F. hatter. Bank nr Broadway 
Charles Elizabeth, 2 n Gilmor 
Charles Fanny, 42 Davis 
Charles John, Postoffice av nr Baltimore 
Charles John, telegraphist, Clinton s of Boston 
Charles M. A. salesman, cor Eutaw and Pratt 
Charles Mark, salesman, 293 w Pratt 
Charles Street (M. E.) Church, n e cor Charles 

and Fayette 
Charles Thos. hatter, 109 Bank 
Charles Thos. J. (FJynn & Co.) hats, 205 s 

Charlton Richard, bricklayer, Philadelphia rd 

nr city limits 
Charron Claude C. (J. B. C. & Co.) 205 Madi- 
son av 
CHARRON J. B. & CO. (C.C. Charron) imps, 
wines, liquors and Havanna cigars, 128 w 
Charron Stephen, clerk, 205 Madison av 

W. T. Hopper, general agent, 4 s Holliday 
Cbartruc Francisco, stevedore, 65 s Central av 
Chase Alfred, laborer, 20 n Amity 
Chase Alfred S. screw :^an, tobacco warehouse 
Chase A. Chapman, clerk, 337 e Baltimore 
Chase A. S. (C, Stewart & Co.) New Vork 


B. F. CH1SE & CO 

§mnters d §ecordior%,\ 

No. 131 W. BAtTIMORE ST. 

Betw. Calvert and Sonth, south side. 

Signs, Show Cards, Gilding on Glass, 
Store and Office Fainting, Graining, X 
Grlazing, &;c.. <Scc., /X 


• I— < 





Chase Benj. F. (B. F. Chase & Co ) 6 East 

Chase Chas. F. bookkeeper, 89 William 

Chase Chas. F. bookkeeper, 87 William 

Chase Chas. W. constable, 46 n Piue 

Chase Kugene .M. clerk, I32j n Gay 

Chase Frank, painter, 132 s Eden 

Chase Franklin, painter, 6 East 

Chase Geo. B. (John M. Orem, Son & Co.) 34 

Chase Hannibal H. jr. clerk 305 w Fayette 
Chase Hannibal H. bi ickmaker, cor Season and 

Chase Herman, painter, 33 n Calvert, dw 305w 




The Largest Life Insurance Co. in the World. 













Chase Herman, bookkeeper, 131 w Baltimore 

Ch^.se I. H. 253 n Howard 

Chase I. H. laborer, 328 w Pratt 

Chase James, fireman, 41 s Oregon 

Chase James W. cook shop, 81 s Spring 

Chase Jeremiah T. clerk, 132^ n Gay 

Chase John J. shipsmith, 200"s Ann 

Chase J. Hermon, bookkeeper, 131 w Baltimore 

Chase Mrs. Mary A. 62 n Pine 

Chase Philip H. clerk, 337 e Baltimore 

Chase R. M. plumber, cor Fayette and Pine, dw 

German nr Penn 
Chase Robert W. bookkeejier, 77 n Charles 
Chase Robert W. 38 Pleasant 
Chase Capt. Stephen, ( Pick k C.)265e Baltimore 
Chase, Stewart & Co. (A. S. Chase, Wm. H. 
Stewart, J. M. C. Bartholow) dry goods com. 
merchants, 27 German 
Chase Wells & Gehrmann, (J. A. Gehrmann) 
manufac'rs and machinists' supplies, cotton 
and woolen machinery, G s Howard 
Chase Wm. H. clerk, 2G9 w Lombard 
Chase Wm. H. painter, 33 n Calvert 
Chase Wm. M., cor Lexington and Eutaw 
Chason Joseph L. painter, 272 e Pratt 
Chasoii P. Alex, mariner, 423 n Central av 
Chasteau Armand, gilder, 69 e Lombard 
Chasteau Mary, teacher, 69'e Lombard 
Chasteau Mar} E. 69 e Lombard 
Chasteau Thos. E. bookkpr, York rd nr Hunt- 
ington av 
Chastine J. B., Eutaw house 
CHATARD DR. F. E. 118 Park 
Chatard Dr. F. K. jr. 118 Park 
Chatham Francis, blacksmith, 88 Henrietta 
Chatsworth Female Insiitule, 188 Frauldiii 
Chatsworth Iiidejiendent Church (M. E.) cor 

Franklin and Pine 
Chau John, laborer, F^ederal nr Hudson al 
Chaw ley Cliarks, carver, 37 Henrietta 
Chaytor Edmund, purser, 11 n Strieker 
Cheatham And. J. salesman, 222 a Carey 
( hecker George, laborer, 40 Haubert 
Cbeesick Matthias, laborer, 144 Laucaster 
Cheignuii Adolph, baker, 195 n Eutaw 
Cheiioweth Alfred R. lamp setter,76n Broad way 
Chenowcth B. T. engineer, 76 n IJroadway 
Chtuoweth Cli:is. cardriver, 63 n Schroeder 
Chenoweth Chas. laborer, Ml. Vernon mills 
Chenoweth &, Co. (F. Chenoweth, J. Rutledge) 

restaurant, s e cor Baltimore ;ind lloUiday 
Chenoweth Ferd. (C cf Co.) City Hall hotel 
Chenoweth Horatio, driver, 48o Lexington 
Chenoweth James W. j>luuiber,76 n Broadway 
Chenov.etli John B. bookkeeper, 6'J n High 
Chenoweth .Mrs. Mary J. dressmkr, tib Garden 
Chenoweth Richard, 147 vv Townsend 
Chenoweth Itobert, shoemaker, 56 n Poppletoa 
(henoueUi Thomas, artist. 166 Barre 
Clieuuwelli Wm. carpenter, 62 n Poijpleton 
Ctienoweth W. F. salesman, 85 Garden 
Clieuoweth Wm. W. clerk, 147 w Townsend 
Chenowilh Ann Jlaria, Falls rdurNorlh av 
CLenowith James B. stonemason, Falls rd nr 

Nortli av 
Cherbunnier Dr. P. 0. 76 Park 
Cherry Mrs. Ann, 420 w Baltiii:ore 
Cherry .Mrs. Harbara, varieties,683 w Baltimore 
Cherry Bradford, upollieciiry, 115 .Mulberry 
Cherry David il. cigarmaker, 42ij w Baltiuiore 
( lierry Edward, toliaccimisl, 420 w Baltimore 
Clierry James \V. prii.icr, 115 .Mulbe-rry 

CHERRY DR. T. F. dentist, s w cor Baltimore 

and Libertv 
CHESAP BAKE BANK, secorNorthandFayette 
Chesapeake Blast Furnace, Clinton, Canton, W. 

F. Paunell, prop'r 
Chesapeake Chemical Works, (Slingluff & Co.) 

foot of Leadenhall. office 13 n Howard 
Chesapeake (iuano Works, foot Hughes, office 

40 Postoffice av 
Chesapeake Nail Works, agency 23 and 25 s 

SOCIATION, Geo. Delphey prest. over s w 

cor Charles and L' xington 

DRY DOCK CO. foot of Philpot 
Chesapeake Sugar Refinery, 3, 4, 5. 6 and 7 

O'Donnell's whf, Stirling, Ah rens&Co. prop' rs 
Chesebrough Andronicus, 4! Fawn 
Chesebrough Harry, clerk, 41 Fawn 
Chesebrough Isaac D. clerk, 41 Pawn 
Chesebrough Capt. Robert, 41 Fawu 
Cheseldine G. R. 252 w Fayette 
Chesgreen Wm. J. police, 231 n Caroline 
Cheshire Jos. B. jr. (Hooper ^ C.) Barnet nr 

Ches'ey Nathaniel D. clerk, 20 n Eutaw 
Chesley Wm. grocery, 432 w Loinliard 
Chesney Beiij. II. plasterer, 271 Eastern av 
Chesney Jesse F. (C. <fc Rowe) 90 s Eden 
Chesney ^ Rowe, (Jesse F. Chesney, JosephA. 

Rowe,) over 12 n Gay 
Chesney Samuel, 38 e Eager 
Chesney Samuel, oil refiner, 39 Elliott 
Chesney Wm. F. carpenter, 88 Gough 
Chesney Winfield, carpenter, 375 e Fayette 
Chesnut Calvin, (C, Townsend & Co.) 303 

Druid Hill av 
Chesnut John, 98 e Biltiraore 

P. Townsend, L. W. Townsend) whol. grocers 

and com. merchts. n w cor Pratt and South 
Chesnut Mrs. William, 98 e Baltimore 
Chesnut Wm. jr. 98 e Baltimore 
Cliester Geo. L. blacksmith, 338 n Broad vvav 
Chester River Ste.imboat Co., B. S. Ford,|)rest. 

R. A. Mainard, agent, pier 7, Light-st whf 
Chester Win. gardener, Lone}' l.i nr Bslair av 
Chester Wra. shoeing smith, 9 Pleasant, d\v 11 
CHE.STNIJT S. & CO. (Mrs. Sarah Chestnut,E. 

C. M.irshall) importers of corks, 38 s Calvert 
Chestnut Mrs. Sarah, (S.C. & Co. )3i;Spring row 
ChestoiiGalh)way,( Jas C & Soii)315,\Iadison av 
Cheston Jauies & Son, ^G. Cheston) shi[)ping 

merchants, s w cor Cable and Patterson 
Chevesa Miss P. teacher of French, 79 Division 
Chew Conrad, dairy. Point la nr Green mount 

Cliew Jacob, repairer, 216 Chew 
Chew Jauies W. clerk U. S. Court, dwEdmoud- 

son av ur Oregon 
Chew Joseph, printer, 544 Saratoga 
Chew Philemon L. police, 104 e .Monument 
Chew Robt. B. (Findlay, Roberts k Co.) 282\t 

Chew Dr. Samuel C. prof, at University of Ma- 
ryland, 141 !>aiivale 
Chew Win. bookkeeper, Ediiioiulson av nr Re- 
Chew Wm. E. baggage master, 2(i7 w Biddle 
Cliichesler Samuel 11. clerk, 144 Harford av 
Chichester Mrs. Susan, 144 Harford av 

Mutual Life Insurance Co. of New York, 




Chickering; Elbridge C. books, &C.226 w Pratt, 

dw 642 Lexington 
Chickering George, clerk, 642 Lexington 
ChifFelle Judith, 11 Cathedral 
Chilcota Mordecai, lab. Ml. Vernon mills 
Child Geo. F. 117 s Exeter 
Child Jas. W. plasterer, Gilmor nr Patterson av 
Child R. DeWitt,(Sam'l C. & Co.)231 n Charles 
Child Sam'l, (Sam'l C. & Co.) 20 Mc Cullob 

CHILD SAMUEL & CO. Wholesale 
and Retail Dealers and Importers 
of China, Glass, Table Cutlery, 
Plated Goods, Tin, Wooden and 
Japanned Wares, and House Fur- 
nishing Articles generally. No. 20 
N. Charles st. 

Child Sarah D. dressmaker, 241 n Howard 
Child Thomas C. bookkeeper, 115 s Bond 
Childress Jas. E. machinist, Woodberry 
Childress Ross B. oyster packer, 202 Mulberry 
Childress Spotwood, stonecutter, 857 w Pratt 
Childs Benj. E. (Rinehart & C.) 343 w Fayette 
Childs Chas. carpenter, 184 Orleans 
Childs Chas. A. bricklayer, 157 n Paca 
Childs Chas. M. clerk, 26 Etting 
Childs Edward, lab. 310 Ramsay 
Childs Mrs. Elizabeth, 318 w Lombard 
Childs Mrs. Emma, 278 Saratoga 
Childs Dr. Geo. F. dentist, 61 e Pratt 
Childs Gen. T. confectioner, 444 w Lombard 
Childs k Griffith, (John W. Childs, R Cyrus 

Griffith) wholes, confectioners, 52 Light 
Childs Horace A. bricklayer, 157 n Paca 
Childs James, tinner, 184 Orleans 
Childs John, carpenter. 106 East 
Childs John W. (C. & Griffith) 258 Lanvale 
Childs L. 0. clerk, 258 Lanvale 
Childs Matthew, carpenter, 179 Hollins 
Childs Owen, bookkeeper, 258 Lanvale 
Childs Richard, blacksmith, 726 w Pratt 
Childs Samuel, lab. tobacco warehouse No. 3 
Childs Samuel, (Jas. Getty & Sous) r33 n Re- 
Childs Mrs. Sarah, 310 Ramsay 
Childs Singleton, 726 w Pratt 
Childs Mrs. S. J. millinery, 719 w Baltimore 
Childs Thomas, bookbinder, 40 Etting 
Childs Thomas T. over Custom house 
Childs Wm. W. 365 Mulberry 
{ hildsDr. Wm. W . 365 Mulberry 
Childs Wm. H. clerk, 719 w Baltimore 
Childs Wm. lab. Hampden 
Childs Zachariah, 184 Orleans 
Childs Zachariah, jr. 184 Orleans 
Chiliensky Herman, upholsterer, 1 Spring ct 
Chilton Harris J. (Hack & C.) 355 Druid Hill av 
Chimpf Godfrey, marble cutt< r, 232 German 
China Hall, over 543 w Baltimore 
CHINA TEA CO. 25 w Baltimore and Lexing- 
ton nr Eutaw, Benj. Berry, prop'r 
Chipchase Rev. James, 84 n Greene 
Chipchase Thos. D. clerk, 84 n Greene 
Chipchase Wm. E. clerk, 84 n Greene 
Chipman Geo. (Geo. C. & Co. and Magne&C.) 

88 e Baltimore 
CHIPMAN GEO. & CO. (Geo. and M. M. Chip- 
man) wood and willow ware, factory 2 Swan, 
office n e cor Calvert and Lombard 
Chipman Henry C. clerk, 88 e Baltimore 

Chipman Marcus M. (Geo. C. & Co.) 88 e 

Chipman Washington, clerk, 88 e Baltimore 
Chipman Wm.W miller, Fred'k av nr tollgate 
Chisholm Charles, teacher, 252 Light 
Chisholm Dorsey, clerk, 68 e Baltimore 
Chisholm Geo. H. clerk, 68 e Baltimore 
Chisholm Henry, boilermaker, 68 e Baltimore 
I Chism E. J. clerk, 40 Myrtle av 
[ Chism Richard, salesman, 40 Myrtle av 
J CHISOLM Dr. J. J. oculist and aurist, prof. 
; University of Md. and dean of med. faculty, 
t 55 Frauklin 

Chiswell Wm. brakeman, 125 Parkin 
j Chiveral James, mariner, 114 West 
! Chiveral Wm. D. mariner, 74 West 
I Choupin Ambrose, wundfin'r. 111 e Eager 
Chriego Mrs. Maggie, 60 President 
Chrisner Alex printer, 226 n Central av 
Chrisner Alex, printer, 129 e Monument 
Chrisner Joseph, potter, Wilkens av nr Monroe 
Chrisner Mrs. Seulah, seamst. 129 e Monument 
Chrisner Wm. potter, Wilkens av nr Monroe 
Chrispin Wm. L agt. sewing machines, 750 w 

Christ A. John, druggist, cor Essex and Gwvnn 
Christ Church, (P. E.) cor Chase and St. Paul 
Christ Church Asylum for female children, 27 

Christ Henry, potter, 71 Jackson sq av 
Christ Henry, cabinetmkr, 88 n Caroline 
Christ Jacob, barber, 50 n Eutaw 
Christ John C. baker, 43 Essex 
Christ Mrs. Margaret, 1 Jasper 
Christ Philip, train insjir. 115 Albemarle 
Christ Wm. cabinetmkr, 252 n Caroline 
Christanz Adam, carpenter, 13 Bevan 
Christhilf Edvv. coachnikr, 452 n Fremont 
Christhilf Mrs Frances, 452 n Fremont 
Christhilf Geo. lithographer, 130 n Pine 
Christhilf Henry B. (J. Myers & Co.) 38 Walsh 
Christhilf Margaret A. 45*^2 n Fremont 
Christian Church. Paca and Lombard 
Christian Dr. J.' Hunt, 102 Walsh 
Christian John D. bookkeeper, 214 w Lombard 
Christian Mrs. M. J. 356 w Lombard 
Christian Peter, tailor, 39 Portland 
Christian Thomas, carp, ft of Ridgely 
Christian Wm. barber, 133 Orleans 
Christian Wni. lab. 81 Granby 
Christian Wm. T. salesman, 356 w Lombard 
Christie James, grocery. 156 Eastern av 
Christie Jas. conductor, Fred'k av nr tollgate 
Christie Otto, porter, William and Fort av 
Christnian Edward, stevedore, 15 Pleasant al 
Christmas John, huckster, Woodberry 
Christmas John, jr. twister, Woodberry 
Christnt-r John, lab. 34 n Amity 
Christner Samuel, grocery, 37 Edward 
Christopher Aquilla B. puddler, 57 Essex 
Christopher Christian, barkeeper, 48 e Lombard 
Christopher & Co. (H. C. and Nicholas Christo- 
pher) Patapsco coal oil refinery, McHenry nr 
Christopher Henry C. (C. & Co.) 622 w Fayette 
Christopher Jas. C. oil refiner, 622 w Fayette 
Christopher James F. plasterer, Sarah Ann nr 

Christopher Jane, 86 North 
Christopher Joseph, cor German and Fremont 
Christoiiher Mrs. Martha, confecl'y, cor German 
and Fremont 












O. F. Bresee, General Agent, 15 South St. 










• l-H 


Christopher Michael, b'lksmith, 158 s Paca 
Christopher Milton, painter, 4 German, dw 164 

Harford av 
Christopher Nicholas, (C. & Co.) 622 w Fayette 
Christopher Oliver K. chinaware, I n Howard, 

dw cor German and Fremont 
Clnistopber Robt. salesman, 50 n Calvert 
Christopher Thos. H. puddler, 254 e Fajette 
Christopher Thos. J. plasterer, 267 n Gay 
Christopher Wesley, clerk, cor German and 

Christopher Wm. 40 e Fayette 
Christoplier Wm. jr. merchant tailor, 4 n Gay, 

dw 40 e Fayette 
Christopher Wm. refiner,622 w Fayette 
Christ_> Joseph, junk, 43 Chesnut 
Christy Michael, blacksmith, 265 Preston 
Cliristy Wm. laborer, 79 St. Peter 
Chrvstal John, grocer and feed, Oxford, Yorkrd 
Chubb Mrs. Caroline, 271 St. Paul 
Chule Louis, carpenter, 58 St. Peter 
Church Mrs. Ann, Maryland av nr Denmead 
Church Anthony, fruit stand, cor Baltimore and 

Liberty, dw 5 New Church 
CHURCH EDWARD J. lumber, over 28 South, 
acting cashier Bank of Commerce, dw Park 
av nr Townsend 
Church Home and Infirmary, (Epis.)Broadway 
bet Baltimore and Fayette, N.H.Howe, ag't 
Church James S. bricklayer, 90 s Wolfe 
Cbuch of the Holy Innocents, cor Eden and 

Church of the Holy Martyrs, (German R. C.) 

Mount nr Pratt 
Church of the Immacnlate Concepiion. Mosher 

bet Druid Hill av and Division 
Church Levi B. carpenter, 246 Aisquith 
Church Nelson S. 43 s Strieker 
Church Press Association, Chas. Harvey ^ Co. 

proprietors, 3 PostoflSce av 
Church Reading Room and office Epis. Diocese 

of Md. 58 Lexington, H. W. Moore, agent 
Church of Our Saviour, (P. E.) cor Broadway 

and McElderry 
Church Stephen D. engineer, 131 Hollins 
Church Thos. butcher, 246 Aisquith 
Church of the United Brethren, cor Fulton and 

Church Wm. G. boilermkr, Federal nr Aisquith 
Ciford Amos, barber, 46 s Republican 
Ciford John T. barber, 46 s Republican 
Cilly Joel, millwright, 77 n Caroline 
Cinnamon J. Robt. collarmkr, 191 w Lombard 
Ciniiamond Edward, ironworker, 31 Fell 
CINNAMON D GKO R. JR., attorney, 2 Spur- 
rier ct, dw 186 n Carey 
Cissel Benj. C. halter, 201 Peirce 
Citizens' Passenger Railway Stables, cor Balti- 
more and Choptank 
Citizt-ns Raiiway, Jas. S. Hagerty, president, 
office n w terminus, cor Pennsylvania av and 
G. Scarlett, president, Wm. Shannon, sect'y, 
17 South 
W. Pinkney, judge, J. R. Brewer, clerk, St. 
Paul, cor Courthouse la 

and Hanover 
hall, cor Fayette and Calvert 


3rd floor, cor Fayette and Calvert 

City Hall, cor Fayette and Calvert 
CITY COURT OF'BALTIMORE, 1st floor, cor 

St. Paul and Courthouse la 
CITY HALL, n w cor Calvert and Fayette, in 
which are the Mayor's office, City Collector's, 
Register's, Commissioner's, Appeal Tax 
Court, Comptroller's and Inspector of Build- 
City Hall Hotel, 19 n Holliday 
City Malt House, foot West Falls av 

office s e cor Calvert iind B;iltimore 
City Passenger Railway Stables, lOG Thames, 
North and Penna avs, Baltimore and 
Smallwood, Harford av opp Schutzen park, 
and Light and Heath 
City Police and Fire Alarm Telegraph, office 

old City Hall, n Hollidav 

Hall, n cor w Fayette and Calvert 
City Solicitor's Office, 25 Lexington 
City Spring, Calvert nr Saratoga 
City Surveyor's Office, over Chesapeake Bank 
City Yard, s side of basin 
Civill Louis, clerk, 283 w Lombard 
Clabaugh Albert T. bookk'r, 205 w Lombard 
Clabaugh Edward, fireman, 714 w Pratt 
Clabaugh Feuton, clerk, 13 s Howard 
Clabaugh Geo. W. wholesale liquors, 372 w 

Baltimore, dw 6 Waverley terrace, n Carey 
Clabaugh E. A. liquorsand distiller, 38 South, 

dw 8 n Cary 
Clabaugh John, painter, 110 Penna av 
Clabaugh John H. conductor, 651 w Baltimore 
Clabaugh Usher, 8 n Corey 
Clabaugh Wm. F. painter, 110 Penna av 
Clabaugh Wm. H. 205 w Lombard 
Claby Mis. Honora, 99 n Front 
Claby Louis F. plumber and gas fitter, s e cor 

Pratt and Sharp, dw 99 n Front 
Claby Luke F. (Barry & C.) 99 n Front nr Gay 
Claby Michael, plumber, 99 n Front 
Clack ner Capt. Joseph, marine surveyor, s w 

cor Gay and Lombard, dw 142 Mulberry 
Clackner Jas. G. B. sect'y French Lloyds, 3 w 

cor Gay and Lombard, dw 223 Saratoga 
Clagett Mrs. Caroline F. grocery, 398 Franklin 
ClagettEli, 30 e Eager 
Clagett Dr. Joseph E. (Drs. C. & Walls) 16 n 

Clagett Joseph E. and J. Wm. Walls, Drs. 18 

s Eutaw 
Clagett John T. 356 Orleans 
Clagett Samuel A. 97 s Eden 
Clagett Wni. T. dancing master, Lyceum hall, 

dw 157 e Lombard 
Claiborne Charles 11. police, 74 n Schroeder 
Clair Lemuel, conductor, 16 George 
Clampitt Wm. 11. brass finisher, 14 George 
Clancy Jeremiah, packer, 207 n Eutaw 
Clancy John D. carpenter, 7 Etting 
Clancy Mrs Mary, intelligence office,207 n Eutaw 
Clancy Matthew, laborer, 136 Vine 
Clancy M. furnishing goods, 31 n Eutaw 
Clancy Thomas, painter, 207 n Eutaw 
Clancy Thomas, laborer, 137 North 
Clapp Charles E. hatter, 6 Jefferson 
Clapp Edwin, (McPherson & C.) 73 Courtland 
Clapp George M. hatter, 6 Jefferson 

Mutnal Life Insurance Co. of New York, 




Clapp Geo. C. bats, 110 n High, dw 6 Jefl'erson 
Clapp Wm. salesmrtn, 40 Lexint^ton 
Clap.-^:iddle Frank M. blacksmith, 12 Tessier,dw 

148 Mulberry 
Clapsaddle Wm. F. tinner, 76 Hamburg 
Glarboe Clarence, telegraphist, 289 \v Pratt 
Claremont Land (Jo.,P>..H.Evans,presi.5 St. Paul 
Claridge Geo. D. clerk, 73 e Baltimore 
Claiidge Geo. W. painter, 208 ^Yilliam 
Claridge heury R. paperbanger, 206 e Chase 
Glaridge Jas. R.(Loud, C.& Co.) 19 s Broadway 
Claridge Wm. H. salesman, 43 s E.xeter 
Claridge Wm. H. clerk, GO Barnes 
Clark Adam, painter, 184 Aisquith 
Clark Albert, tailor, 73 Eislein 
Claik Andrew, laborer, 224 Preston 
L'lark Mrs. Ann M. 185 St- Paul 

Jlark Annie, proprietress Baltimore Md. laun- 
dry, rear 107 w Baltimore 
Clark Anthony, laborer, 37 Centre Market sp 
Clark Asa, canmaker, 51 e Lombard 
Clark Augustus, blacksmith, s e cor Ridgely and 

Bar re 
Claik Augustus B. conductor, 746 w Pratt 
Clark Augustus B. clerk. Decker nr Hoffman 
Clark Benj. junk, 70 Greenmount av 
Clark Btnj. D. jr. machinist, Decker nr Hoffman 
Claik Benj. D., Decker nr Hoffman 
Clark Benj. F. of C. H. 9 s Schroeder 

Clark Benj. F carpr. 234 Hollius 

Claik Bernard, carpenter, 15 Pleasant, dw 163 
n Lxeter 

Clark Bernard, laborer, Nicholson nr Tovson 

Clark Mrs. Catharine, John nr Spring 

Clark Charles, clerk, 83 e Pratt 

Clark Ch;irles conductor, 34 Myrtle av 

Clark Charles H. driver, Waverley 

Clark Charles E. plumber, 1 Lemmon 

Clark Charles F. miller, 33 e Eager 

Clark Charles, coppersmith, 263 e Pratt 

Claik Charles, pilot, 110 s Bond 

Claik Charles B. shipjoiner, 336 Eastern av 

Clark Charles H. police, 625 Light 

Clark Charles L. carpenter, 163 n Exeter 

Clark Mrs. Charlotte, tailoress, 47 s Republican 

Clark & Co. (Louis Clark) auctioneers, 107 w 

Clark Danl. attorney, 35 St.Paul,dw 197 Bolton 

Claik Daniel, carpenter, 3 Armistead la 

Clark David, caulker, 24 Hamburg 

Clark Dell, 8! n Bethel 

Clark Duncan C. 185 St. Paul 

Clark Edward D. iron moulder, 80 s Fremont 

Clark Edw. L attorney, 16 Courtlaud and 45 
St. Paul, dw 33!) n Broadway 

CLARK EDWARD L. &C0. ( Edwd. L. Clark) 

stoves, furnaces, &c. 367 n Fremont 
Clark Edward L.(E.L.C. & Co.) 322 n Fremont 

Clark Edward L page, 237 Lexington 

Clark Mrs. Elizabeth, 53 n Poppleton 

Clark Mrs. Elizabeth, Us Fulton 

Clark Mrs. Eva, 75 w Biddle 

Clark Francis P. attorney, (Blackford & Clark) 
Demmead nr Maryland av 

Clark Frank, 67 Lee 

CLARK GABRIEL D. Wiitches and jewelry, 
cor Calvert and Water, dw 153 St. Paul 

Clark Geo. C. gasfiiter, 88 Chew 

Clark Geo. clerk, 50 n Gilmor 

Clark Geo. mariner, 59 Gough 

Clark Geo. mariner, 253 e Madison 

Clark Capt. Geo. A. mariner, 50 n Gilmor 

Clark Geo. R. bookkeeper, 5 Irvine place 
Clark Geo. T. (C, Hardesty & Co.) Chew nr 

Central av 
Clark Geo. laborer, 173 West 
Clark, Hardesty & Co. (G. T. Clark, G. W. 
Hardesty, L. P. Clark )plumbers and gasfitters' 
materials, 40 n HoUiday 
Clark Henry, laborer, 340 e Eager 
Clark Dr. Henry, chiropodist, over 7 n Charles, 

dw 87 McCulloh 
Clark Henrv, watchman, 63 Stockton al 
Clark 1 enry, (Perry, C. & Co.)lS3 Madison av 
Clark Henry T. carpenter, 2l9Hollins 
Clark Henry H. coachmaker, 80 n High 
Clark Howard W. clerk, 106Mosher 
Clark Hugh, huckster, 187 n Front 
Clark J. Lyle, salesman, 72 Exchange pi 
Clark James, foreman, 27 s Choptank 
Clark James P. foreman, 221 Gough 
('lark Jumes, grocery, 136 n Schroeder 
Clark James, blacksmith, 91 s Gilmor 
Clark James P. trav. agent, 189 McHenry 
Ch'.rk James J. clerk, Howard house 
Clark James, laborer, 186 Gough 
Clark James, laborer, 110 West 
Clark James, watchman, 121s Ann 
Clark James, laborer, 82 Cambridge 
Clark James, (James C. <fe Co.) 46 Warren 
Clark James A. jr. conductor, 339 n Broadway 
Chirk James A. clerk, 56 Myrtle av 
Clark James A. sr. produce, 339 n Broadway 
Clark James, laborer, rear 44 Centre Market sp 
Clark James B. salesman, Decker nr Hoffman 
CLARK JAS. & CO. (Jas. Clark, B. Thornton, 
J. Cabin ) Peoples machine and boiler works, 
south side Basin 
Clark James D. carpenter, 56 Myrtle av 
Clark J. E (Davidson, Clark & Co )325 Linden av 
Clark James G. cooper, 41 s Exeter 
Clark James G. jr. clerk, 41 s Exeter 
Clark James H. ship carp. 56 Choptank 
CLARK JAMES L. attorney, 38 Lexington, dw 

185 St. Paul 
Clark James R. (M. B. C. & Bro.) 249 n Eutaw 
Clark James S. carpenter, 163 n Exeter 
Clark Jiimes R. coachpainter, 237 Lexington 
Clark John, bricklayer, 80 Gough 
Clark John H. clerk^ 41 Haubert 
Clark John, 71 s Fremont 
Clark John A. 191 Barre 
Clark John C. 295 n Caroline 
Clark John E. clerk, 240 Aisquith 
Clark John E. machinist, 1 Henrietta 
Clark John F. laborer, 237 Lexington 
Clark John H. clerk, 47 Haubert 
Clark John, laborer, 176 Dover 
Clark John, bricklayer, 166 Peirce 
Clark John, grocerv, s w cor Gough and Castle 
Clark John H. tailor, 101 Walsh 
Clark John H. cooper, 328 e Madison 
Clark John, porter, 59 n High 
Clark John K. restaurant, 17 n Liberty 
Clark John L. furn. wagon, 199 n Bond 
Clark Rev. John L. 51 Lexington 
Clark John M. machinist, 289 McHenry 
Clark John N. nailer, 284 e Monument 
Clark John P. huckster, Jackson sq av nr Castle 
Clark John S. machinist, cor Washington av 

and Wooster 
Clark John W. stonecutter, 92 s Ann 
Clark John W. restaurant, Boston, Canton 
Clark John W. carpenter, 31 s Poppleton 





• 1— < 














Assets $60,000,000 Cash Invested. 







-4— » 







Clark John W. caulker, 24 Hatnbnrg 

Clark Jolin W. driver, 33 Cambridge 

Clark Jonathan T. sparmaker, 99 Hamburg 

Clark Jos. A. wagoner, 290 Harford av 

Clark Joseph, conductor, 118 Conwiiy 

Clark Joseiih, machinist. Union hotel 

Clark Joseph, merchant, 87 McCulloh 

Clark K. J. 37 n Schroeder 

Clark Lester S. carp. 31 n Wolfe 

Clark Levi, (.Metcalf k Co ) 77 Fulton av 

Clark Levin P.(C.,Hardestv& Co. )184Aisqnith 

Clark Lewis, (C. & Co.) 272 Park av 

Clark M. G. clerk, 372 Madison av 

Clark M. W. portrait painter, 20 Mulberry, dw 

666 Saratoga 
Clark Margaret A. dressmaker, 40 n Liberty, 

dw 42 w Madison 
Clark Martha, 28.5 n Republican 
Clark Martin, peddler, 92 s Ann 
Clark Martin, peddler, 237 Lexington 
Clark :\Iary, 228 n Caroline 
Clark Mary. 171 Dover 
Clark Mary A. 240 Aisqnith 
Clark Marv, cor Mosher and Foster al 
Clark Mrs! Mary, 88 Chew 
Clark Matilda, 164 n Dallas 
Clark Matthew B. (M. B. Clark & Bro.) 372 

Madison av 
Clirk Matthew, clerk, 372 Madison av 
CLARK MATTHEW B. & BRO. (M. B. and J. 

R. Clark) flour merclits. 40 n Howard 
Clark Matthew, bailiff, 44 n Front 
Clark Michael, shoemaker, 23 Bank 
Clark Michael, laborer, 580 w Pratt 
Clark Michael, carter, 13 L Montgomery 
Clark Noah, 184 Aisquith 
Clark Owen, switchtender, 372 Ostend 
Clark P. F. steward, Maltby house 
Clark Patrick lab. Nicholson nr Towson 
Clark Philip R. agt. Eastern Shore Steamboat 

Co. 105 South, dw 5 n Strieker 
Clark Rebecca, 34 Myrtle av 
Clark Richard D. 03'Sters, 344 s Bond 
Clark Richard, clerk, 83 e Pratt 
Clark Richard M. cuachpainter, 237 Lexington 
Clark Richard J. (Thos. C. & Bro. and Curry 

& Co.) 2G3 e Pratt 
Clark Robert H. mariner, 110 Hamburg 
Clark Robert Y. machinist. Decker nr Hoffman 
Clark Samuel clerk, 372 Madison av 
Clark Samuel, bricklayer, 159 Raborg 
Clark Samuel T. clerk,' 5 n Strieker 
Clark Mrs. Sarah, 156 Aisquith 
Clark Mrs. Sidney E. 295 n Caroline 
Clark Silas G. moulder, 33 Elliott 
Clark Spencer, screwman, tobacco wareh. No. 3 
Clark Stephen Norris, carpenter, 8 McClellan, 

dw 342 e Fayette 
Clark Sylvester, moulder, 148 e Eager 
Clark Temperance G. 280 w Fayette 
Clark .Mrs. Theresa, 37 u Schroeder 
Clark Thomas, Slate weigher, 3 Wood 
Clark Thomas, lami)lighter, 100 Preston 
Clark Thos. J. clerk, 185 St. Paul 
Clark Thos. bricklayer, 159 Raborg 
Clark Thos. J. clerk, 285 w Lombard 
CLARK THOS. & BRO. (T. and Richard J 

Clark ) coiipersmiths, 231 s Wolfe 
Clark Thos (T. C. & Bro.) 263 e Pratt 
Clark Thos. C. clerk, 295 n (Caroline, 
Clark Thos. J. law student, 92 8 Ann 
Clark Thomas, 704 w Pratt 

Clark Thos. F. finisher, 555 w Lombard 
(lark Thos. S. & Son, (Thos. S. and W. H. 

Clark) sailmakers, 90 Dugan's whf 
Clark Thos. S. (Thos. S. C. & Son) flour, grain 
and genl. com. merchant, 67 s Gav, dw 83 • 
Clark Thos. S. jr. disc't clerk Third Nat. Bank, 

156 Lafayette av 
Clark Thomas, laborer, 33 e Eager 
Clark Thomas, tinner, 110 Boyd 
Clark Thos. lab. Ensor n of Chase 
Clark Mrs Virginia, dressmaker, 157 Green- 
mount av 
Clark Wm. driver, Hampden 
Clark William, 471 w Fayette 
Clark Wm. E. carp. 471 w Fayette 
Clark Wm. lab. 47 s Republican 
Clark Wm. carp. 292 n Eutaw 
Clark ^Vm. A. huckster, 253 e Madison 
Clark Wm. F. grocery, 432 n Gay 
Clark Wm. clerk, 34 Myrtle av 
Clark ^\■m. H. carpenter, 23 s Republican 
Clark Wm. H. horses, 75 w Biddle 
Clark Wm. T. shipbuilder, s side basin, dw 39 

Patterson Park av 
Clark Wm. T. clerk, 291 n Bond 
Clark Wm. driver, 10 n Pine 
Clark Wm. H. bookkeeper, 106 Mosher 
Claik Wm. H. whipraaker, 83 Oxford 
Clark Wm. A. machinist, 219 Hollins 
Clark Wm. H. (Thos. S. C. & Son) 227 Druid 

Hill av 
Clark Wm. H. supt. Citizens Passenger Rail- 
way stables, 479 e Baltimore 
Clark Zachary T. laborer, 56 Myrtle av 
Clark Zechariah, pilot, 135 a Ann 
CLARKE ADDISON, iron and steel, 5 Water, 

dw 127 Park av 
Clarke Ashnr, 2 McCulloh 
Clarke Allen D. clerk, 156 w Lombard 
Clarke Anthony, grocery, 191 Gough 
Clarke Mrs. Catliarine, 314 Aisquith 
Clarke Mis. Charlotte, 69 Hampstead 
CLARKE DANIEL, attorney, 19 Lexington, 

dw Bolton nr Mc.Mechin 
Clarke Daniel F. pharmacist, Franklin nr Re- 
Clarke Mrs. Eliza, 131 Mulberry 
Clar\e Elizabeth, teacher, 112 Greenmount ar 
Clarke Emma J. principal Fair View Academy, 

687 w Fayette 
Clarke G. K., Carrollton hotel 
Clarke (ieorge B. carpenter, 96 e Lombard 
Clarke George W. & Co. (Geo. W. and R. A. 

Clarke) liquors, 27 e Lombard 
Clarke George W.(G.W C.& Co.) 30 e Lombard 
Clarke Dr. Henry, dentist, 87 McCulloh 
Clarke Henry E. clerk, 251 n Eutaw 
Clarke Howard W. clerk, 106 Mosher 
Clarke James E. packer, 110 West 
Clarke James F. salesman, Howard liouse 
Clarke James P. clerk, 191 Gough 
Clarke James, furniture, 224 Lexington 
Clarks John, rigger, 66 Block 
Clarke John E. clerk, 240 Aisquith 
Clarke Johti (}. (C A^Jones) 391 w Lombard 
Clarke Capt. John M. 45 Lexington 
Clarke John W. clerk, 191 Gough 
CLARKE & JONES, (J. G. Clarke, W. H. 

Jones) candy manufs. and fruits, 15 Light 
Clarke Jos. H. prof, of languages, 687 w Fayett* 
Clarke Jos. W. (D.C.Woods k Co.) 87 McCulloh 

Mutual Life Insurance Co. of New York, 




Clarke Martin, lab. 57 Haubert 

Clarke Mrs. Mary P. 88 Chew 

Clarge Mrs. Mary P. 112 Greenmouat av 

Clarke Michael, lab. 17 Hudson al 

Clarke Robt. A. (Geo. W. C. & Co.) grocery, 

30 e Lombard 
Clarke & Son,(Robt. A. and Robt..\. Clarkejr.) 

provisions, cor High and Lombard and cor 

High and Fayette 
Clarke Mrs. Susan, 119 e Baltimore 
Clarke Stephen N. carpenter, 342 e Fayette 
Clarke Mrs. Sophia, boarding, 54 St. Paul 
Clarke Thomas F., Franklin nr Republican 
(Uarke Thos.J.attor' v,19Lexington,dw 92 sAnn 
Clarke Thos. contractor, Franklin nr Republican 
Clarke W. E. bookkeeper, 156 w Lombard 
Clarke W. E. (A.P.Woods&Co.) 104 McCulloh 
Clarke Wra. shucker, 10 Buren 
Clarke Wm. H. undertaker, 62 n Bond 
Clarke Wm. T. carpenter, 226 German 
Clarke Rev. Wm. F., Loyola college 
Clarke Wm. Warren, type founder, 7 Bank la 
Clarke Wm. W. flour com. mercht. rear 61 s 

Gay, dw 56 w Biddle 
darken John, lab. Hampden 
Clarkin Henry, salesman, 14 Buren 
Clarkson p]ugene C. machinist, 318 e Madison 
Clarkson Franklin S. machinist, 175 e Madison 
Clarksun Geo. E. clerk, 89 n Central av 
Clarkson Geo. L. shoemaker, 89 n Central av 
Clarkson James, grocery, 136 n Scbroeder 
Clarkson Jos. (Jos. C. & Son) 135 n Calvert 
Clarkson Joseph A. (Penniman & Bro.) 182 w 

Clarkson Joseph, clerk, 89 n Central av 
CLARKSON JOS. ^ SON, (Jos and Edward 

H. Clarkson) machinists, 75 and 77 n Front 
Clarling Connor, shoemaker, 20 McKim 
Clarvoe John F. clerk, 289 w Pratt 
Clarry John H. machinist, 8 Johnson 
Clarry John H. machinist, Clipper mills 
Clarry Mrs. Mary, 37 Woodyear 
Clas Henry, porter, 54 Stiles 
Claser Ernest, shoemaker, 26 Fell 
Clasej' Geo. canmaker, 96 St. Peter 
Claspy John, iron finisher, 94 s Chester 
Classen Benj.H. (H.Classen c|-Sons) 148 s Sharp 
Classen H. & Sons, (B. H. and F. W. Clas- 
sen) flour and forage, 145 s Sharp 
Classen Fred'k W. (H. C. & Sons) 148 s Sharp 
Classen H.W. (Henry W.C. & Co.) 155 s Sharp 
Classen Henry W. & Co. (H. W. Classen, D. 

Snyder) brickyard, Light st ext, oflSce 145 s 

Classen Wm. J. book'r, cor Camden and Sharp 
Claude Dennis, attorney, 35 St. Paul 
Claugherty Martin, canmaker, 137 Duncan al 
Clans Chas. C. ealligrapher and teacher, 19 e 

Claus Edward C. bookkeeper, 91 n Eden 
Clans Philip, baker, 122 s Bond 
Claus Emanuel, carpenter, 64 s Bethel 
Claus Nicholas, provisions, 76 Jackson sq av 
Clauss Rev. Joseph, 201 e Eager 
Claussen Peter, rigger, 339 Canton av 
Clautice Edwin, (C. & Mitchell) 110 s Paca 
Clautice Elizabeth, cor Aisquitb and Lanvale 
Clautice Francis, huckster, Aisquith and Lanvale 
Clautice George, 141 Penna av 
Clautice George, jr. car builder, 141 Penna av 
Clautice Henry, huckster, 142 Jeflerson 

Clautice Henry C. shipsraith, 189 n Caroline 
Clautice Jno. W. huckster, Aisquith nr Point la 
Clautice Joseph, tinner, 110 s Paca 
Clautice Joseph, tailor, 295 e Madison 
Clautice Joseph, jr. 295 e Madison 
Clautice Mary, varieties. 111 Penna av 
('lautice Mary E. 141 Penna av 
Clautice & Mitchell, (E. Clautice, Jos. C. Mitch- 
ell) plumbers and gasfitters, 12^ Light 
Clautice Peter. 110 s Paca 
Clautice Wm. carpet weaver, 345 e Eager 
Clautice Wm. coachmaker, 220 w Biddle 
Clautice Wra. F. (Brooks, Rogers & Co.) 209 

Clavell Mrs. Caroline, 301 e Lombard 
Clavell Geo. 301 e Lombard 
Clay Geo. lab. 215 s Bethel 
Clay Geo. brakeman, 718 w Pratt 
Clay James W. agent, 10 n Wolfe 
Clay Jane, 57 n Front 
Clay Oliver W. clerk, 174 Mosher 
Clay Wni. A. manager Staten Island fancy dye- 
ing estab'nt, 110 w Baltimore, dw 9 Jackson 
Clay Wm. C. morticer, 790 w Baltimore 
Cbiyland Thomas, car driver, 8 Lewis 
Clay pole Geo. W. clerk, 80 n Fremont 
Claypoole Geo. W. clerk, Biddle e of McDonogh 
Claypoole James, clerk, 50 n Republican 
Claypoole Capt. James Y. court clerk, 427 n 

Central av 
Claypoole Capt. John, 427 n Central av 
Clayton A. B. porter, 98 Druid Hill av 
Clayton Albert, carpenter, 70 George 
Clayton Alfred S. butter depot, 82 Hanover, 

dw Gilraor nr Baker 
Clayton Angus. L. carp'r, York rd nr Camp av 
Clayton Chas. E. machinist, 58 Decker 
Clayton Chas. H. police, 531 e Fayette 
Clayton Edward, superintend' t Baltimore Cot- 
ton Exchange, Waverley 
Clayton Edward, bookkeeper, 37 w Fayette 
Clayton Edward W. clerk, 58 Decker 
Clayton Hezekiah B. porter, 98 Druid Hill av 
Clayton James, 70 George 
Clayton James E. miner and mineral lands, over 

12 South, dw Green Springs, Baltimore co 
Clayton James P. carpenter, 225 Dolphin 
Clayton James W. conductor, 155 Harford av 
Clayton John P. asst. cashier, Custom house 
Clayton John R. M. silversmith, 53 w Centre 
Clayton John T. carpenter, 165 e Madison 
Clayton John T. cigarmaker, 225 Montgomery 
Clayton Joseph S. carpenter, 98 Druid Hill av 
Clayton Mrs. Josephine, confec'y, 53 w Centre 
Clayton Julius, clerk, 73 Courtland 
Clayton Philip V. printer, 165 e Madison 
Clayton Samuel, 53 Conway 
Clayton S. S. mineral lands and real estate, 
over 12 South, dw Green Springs, Balto. co 
Clayton Wm. E. clerk, 165 e Madison 
Clayton Wm. S. bricklayer, "225 Dolphin 
Clazey Albert, moulder, 217 s Paca 
Clazey James, machinist, 151 Hamburg 
Cleary Douglas M. 96 Hanover, 
Clearv Edward M. clerk, 204 Eastern av 
Cleary F. X. 36 Mulberry 
Cleary Honora, 120Curley 
Cleary John H. grinder, 8 Johnson 
Cleary Robert E. bookkeeper, 36 Mulberry 
Cleary Thomas, mariner, 158 s Washington 
Cleary Wm. H. iron hooker, 366 Eastern av 
Cleaveland Charles P. clerk, 144 n Exeter 






I— I 
















O. F. Bresee, General Agent, 15 Soutli St. 






















Cleaveland Edwin R. (E. R. C. & Co.) 426 e 

Cleaveland E. R. & Co. (E. R. and S. Cleave- 
land) dry goods and notions, 157 n Gay 
Cleaveland James P. carpenter, 24 Oxford 
Cleaveland Sylvester, (E. R. C. & Co.) 144 n 

Cleer George, laborer, 265 n Front 
CleflFord .Mrs. Margaret, 421 w Pratt 
CLEMENS AUGUSTUS D. real estate, Oxford, 

York rd 
Clemens A. D. jr. real estate, Oxford, York rd 
Clemens James D. well digger, 2.^1 e Madison 
Clemens John G. clerk. Homestead 
Clemens John G., Madison nr Broadway 
Clemens John G. clerk, 410 e Madison 
Clemens Louis, porter, 54 s Central av 
Clemens Wm. H. carpenter, Homestead 
Clemens Wm. tinner, 13 w Lombard 
Clement James (Adler, C. & Wiel)r20 Hanover 
Clement Otis M. shoemaker, 252 w Pratt 
Clements & Co. (W. D. Shurtz, J. J. Kromer) 

propr's Rosadalis, 5 Commerce 
Clements J. A. salesman, St. Clair hotel 
Clements John, machinist, 318 Harford av 
Clements John, jr. bricklayer, 5 Randall 
Clements John B. mariner, 158 e Pratt 
Clements John S. bailiff City Circuit Court, dw 

162 Aisquith 
Clements John W. mariner, 124 Chesapeake 
Clements Lewis, porter, 54 s Central av 
Clements P. P. 25 Cheapside,dw 446 Madison av 
Clements Richard W. bookkeeper, 465 n Gay 
Clements Theodore, machinist, 179 Hollins 
Clements W. E. carter, 644 w Pratt 
Clements Wm. M. brickmaker, 27 Gittings 
Clements Zachariah, canmaker, Lombard and 

Clemm Wm. E. rigger, 206 e Monument 
Clemm Wm. E. jr. purser, 206 e Monument 
Clemmens John F. mariner, 296 Light 
Clemmens John R. cigannaker, 292 Mulberry 
Clemmens Ptiilip J. beer, 2 n Wolfe 
Clemsen Joseph, carpenter, 204 Gough 
Clemsen Richard, mariner, 204 Gough 
Clemsen Samuel, mariner, 204 Gough 
Clemsen Wm. watchman, 204 Gough 
Clemsen Wm. jr. laborer, 75 Block 
Cleiidenin Arthur A. miller, 73 Park av 
Clendeniu Margaret, teacher, 73 Park av 
Clendenin Mrs. Susan, 73 Park av 
Clendenin William R. moulder and gilder, 73 

Park av 
Clendinen Mrs. Jane, 93 n Broadway 
Clendineu Josei)h, clerk, 156 n Oregon 
Clendinen T.R.(C. & Wilson) 41 m. Vernon pi 
Clendinen Wm. J. clerk, 218 w Fayette 
Clendinen Dr. Win. H. 93 n Broad wav 
CLENDINEN & WILSON (T. R. Clendinen, C. 

G. Wilson) attorneys, over s w cor Charles 

and Lexington 
Clenny John, gunsmith, 229 n Eden 
Clcusey James, laborer, 4 Foundry 
Clephaue & Brailey (James 0. Clephane, E. Z. 

Bruiley) stenographers, 41 St. Paul 
Clephane James O. (C. & Brailey) 41 St. Paul 

w cor Calvert and Lexington 

Calvert and Lexington 
Paul and Lexington 

house, cor Fayette and North 

s e cor St. Paul and Courthouse la 
second floor, s e cor St. Paul and Court- 
house la 
Clethers Joseph, miner, 492 Penna av 
Cleveland Mrs. Joseph S. 477 n Fremont 
Clewell A. A. printer, 34 e Baltimore 
Clewell Edward, printer, 34 e Baltimore 
Clewell E. A. boot and shoemaker, 296 e Pratt 
Cley Wm. laborer, 790 w Baltimore 
Clicham Mrs. Catherine, grocery, 186 n Front 
Chckner Samuel A. (R. Hulls & Co.) 191 Lee 
CliflF Wm. laborer, 993 w Pratt 
Cliff Wm. glass blower, 160 Montgomery 
Clitl'e John, quarryman, Woodlierry 
Cliffe John F. mariner, 97 Albemarle 
Clifford Albert, bootfitter, 104 n Dallas 
Clifford Bernard, teacher, Johnson and Clement 
Clifford Bernard, teacher, 274 Gough 
Ciitfoid Charles, police, Belair av nr North av 
Clifford Edward, laborer, 147 Dolphin 
Clifford Mrs. Ellen, 274 Gough 
Clifford Mrs. Hannah A. 148 German 
Cliflford Hannah E. 148 German 
Clifford Harriet, saleswoman, 32 McHenry 
Clifford Mrs. Harriet, notions, 519 w Baltimore 
Clifford James, blacksmith, 32 McHenry 
Clifford James, blacksmith, 17 Arbel al 
Clitlbrd John, painter, 237 Saratoga 
Clifford John C. tinner, 274 Gough 
Clifford Sylvester W. teacher, 32 .McHenry 
Clifford Thomas E. packer, 274 Gough 
Clifford Wm. carter, 180 Greenmountav 
Clifford Wm. H. 22 Pearl 
Clift Mrs. Catherine, 273 e Madison 
Clift Mark A. G. clerk, 80 Hamburg 
Clift Mrs. Mary V. 80 Hamburg 
Clift Mrs. Sarah E. 138 William 
Clift Wm. V. clerk, 138 William 
Clifton Charles, machinist. Farmers' hotel 
Clifton Francis E. 13 Jostphine 
Clifton House, Clifton nr Druid Hill Park 
Clifton Robert D. clerk, 63 Lexington 
Cliiie Anthony jr. clerk, Pratt nr Choptank 
Ciine Anthony, biickmaker, s end CHnton, dw 

Pratt nr Choptank 
Cline David L. salesman. Bond nr Baltimore 
Cline Eli, moulder, 623 w Pratt 
Cline Geo. H. patternmaker, 298 e Madison 
Cline Jacob C. patternmaker, 73 McHenry 
Cline Mrs. Lizzie, 23 Bartlett 
Cline M. F. carpenter, 459 w Fayette 
Cline Moritz, liquors, 196 s Caroline 
Clinton David, mariner, 119 Thames 
Clinton Frank, hostler, 14 Laurel 
Clinton Henry DeW. bailiffCriminal Court, 402 

Clinton John, laborer, 54 Fort av 
Clinton Margaret, Druidviile 
Clinton Margaret, confect'y, 119 Thames 
Clinton Theresa, 11 Port 
Clijiptr Cotton Duck Mills, 2| miles N. 0. R. 
Clipiier Mrs. Catherine, 71 Johnsou 
Clipper Lewis, police, 71 Johnson 
Clipper Wra. serg't police, 335 s Sharp 
Clisham Peter, laborer, 17 Somerset 
Clisbam Wm. laborer, 221 Boston 
Cloak Philip, carter, Aliceanna and Eden 
Cloake Lawrence, clerk, 10 Ramsay 

Mutual Life Insurance Co. of New York, 



Cloaity John T. brick maker, 660 Light 
Cloartv Mrs. Surah, 42 Williamson al 
Clocker i^ezekiah, 279 n Broadway 
Clodder Frank, laborer, 42 u Chapel 
CLOGG GEORGE S. boots and shoes, 2 s Cal- 
vert, dw 93 Hanover 
Cloke James, (Cloke <|- Bro.) 151 s Eden 
Cloke & Bro. (Jas. and Jno. Cloke) kindling 

wood, cor Lancaster and Dallas 
Cloke John, (Cloke <^- Bro.) 155 s Eden 
Cloke John, laborer, 45 Eastern av 
Cloraan Geo. laborer, 114 f'ooksie 
Cloonan Martin, laborer, 15 Parkin 
Cioonan Timothy, laborer, 50 Cooksie 
Clopein John, rear cor Tovvnsend and Lanvale 
Close Mrs. Barbara, 376 Lexington 
Clotworthy Alex, furniture, 76 n Howard 
Clotworthy Chas. A. (C. & Miller) Gilmer nr 

Clotworthy Geo. W. salesman, 31 n Front 
worthy) produce com. merchants, 219 w Pratt 
Clotworthy Samuel, 76 n Howard 
Clotworthy Wm. P. clerk, 102 McCulloh 
Clotworthy 'Wiu. laborer, 479 Lexiny;ton 
Cloud Charles F. 34 s Greene 
Cloud Daniel, (Shipe, C. & Co.) 365 Eutaw pi 
Cloud Wm. shipcarpeiiter, 200 e Mudison 
Cloudsley John, huckster, 226 Scott 
Clough James E. (Sears, C. & Co.) 40Lexington 
Cloutrh Martin V. B. (Sears, C. & Co.) 75 w 

Clowe John H. locksmith, 566 w Baltimore 
Clowes Arniistead V. clerk, 40 s Ann 
Cloyes Henry, shoemaker. 94 n Front 
Club Wm. butcher, 77 Belair market, dw York 

rd beyond tollgate 
Cluksion Mariz, shoemaker, 42 n Chapel 
Cluney James, laborer, 20 Constitution 
Cluney Patrick, laborer, 96 Harford av 
Cluney Robert, tailor. 60 York 
Cluney Mrs. Rosa, 20 Constitution 
Clunet Victor, sec'y American Fire Ins. Co. 

234 n Howard 
Clunet Victor S. clerk. 549 n Gay 
Cluny Mrs. Margaret ^aocery, 202 Raborg 
Cluo August, lagei- beer, Bi lair av 
Cnizwitch Luke, 6 Ulriik al 
Cnizwitch Margaret N. laund. 6 Ulrick al 
Coad Mrs. C. 495 Lexington 
Coad Elizabeth R. 495 Lexington 
Coad J. Edwin, flour inspector, 70 South, dw 

650 w Fayette 
Coad John, porter, 35 w Lombard 
Coady Michael, grocery, 78 East 
COAKLEY BROS. (M'. and D. Coakiey) leather 

and shoe findings, 14 s Calvert 
Coaklev Daniel (C. Bros.) 183 Saratoga 
Coakiey JVIichael, (C. Bros.) Hall Springs 
Coakiey P. H. bill broker, 9 German, dw 65 

Coakiey Thos. H. laborer, 283 Hanover 
Coal Edward H. telegraphist, 164 s Charles 
Coalbourn Ann M. notions, 438 Lexington 
Coale A. G. salesman, 228 n Kutaw 
Coale Alfred, gatekeeeper Camden station, 37 

Coale .Mrs. Cassandra A. 53 McCulloh 
Coale Catherine A. 15 McCulloh 
Coale E. H. dry goods. 190 Saratoga 
Coale Edwin B. clerk, 53 McCulloh 
Coale Mrs. Hetty, 39 n Gay 

i COB 

COALE GEO. B.(G.B. C. cf- Morris) and pres't 
Merchants Mutual Ins. Co. office, 58 Ex- 
change place, dw 215 .Madison av. — \_See Ad- 
veriiscmernt on front covet. 
CO.^LE GEO. B. k MORRIS, (Geo. B. Coale, 
Wm. E. Morris) insurance agents and bro- 
kers, 58 Exchange place — [See Advertisement 
on front cover. 
COALE ISAAC, Jr. & BRO. (I. Coale, jr.T.E 
Coale, J. L. Bezeck) gents' furnishing goods, 
14 Hanover 
Coale Isaac, jr. (I. C. jr. & Bro.) Baltimore co. 
COALE JAMES CAREY, agt. for N. Y. Board 
of Underwriters and Lloyds, 56 Exchange 
pi, dw cor Madison av and Lanvale 
Coale Lewis P. miller, Calverton 
Coale Mary A. school, 328 n Fremont 
Coale Miss S. D. principal Melrose school, *79 

Coale S. H. clerk, 53 McCulloh 
Coale S. Robinson. (Alvey, Coale & Co.) 185 

Linden av 
Coale Thos. E. (Isaac C. jr. & Bro.) 49 McCulloh 
Coale Rev. Wm. A., Mulberry nr Gilmor 
Coale Wm. E. jr. treasurer Central Savings 

Bank, dw Catonsville, Baltimore co 
Coar James, 110 Greenmount av 
Coarts James L. machinist, 118 n Poppleton 
Coates k Bro. (Geo. W. P. and Dr. C. E. Coates) 

props. Locust Pt. Rolling mills 
Coates Dr. C. E (C. ^ Bro.) 76 St. Paul 
Coates Mrs. Geo. A. huckstress, 71 n Oregon 
Coates Geo. W. P. (C. & Bro.) 33 Cathedral 
Coates Mrs. Hannah, 730 w Baltimore 
Coates Isaac P. brickmaker, 309 e Baltimore 
Coates Israel, blacksmith, Hope nr Aisquith 
Coates James A. confectioner, 54 w Baltimore 
Coates James J. clerk, 54 w Baltimore 
Coates Mrs. Jane, 4 Henrietta 
Coates John, musician, 11 Perry 
Coates Mrs. L. 262 w Lombard 
Coates Thomas, grainer, 293 Penna av 
('oath .Mrs. Maria, 44 e Lombard 
Coalh Wm. 44 e Lombard 
Cobb Charles H. dep. collector and cashier int. 

rev. 109 Mulberry 
Cobb Edward R. E. (Higgins, C, k Co.) 31 n 

Cobb George F. 359 w Fayette 
Cobb Jane, 330 w Pratt 
Cobb John S., Hand house 
Cobb Josiah, 31 n Liberty 
Cobb Josiah N. clerk. 109 Mulberry 
Coberg P. G. apotbec'y. Sharp and Henrietta 
Coberth Lloyd H. engineer, 73 St. Peter 
Coblens Daniel, hats, &c. 554 w Baltimore, dw 

130 German 
Coblens Daniel ^- Son, (D. and L. Coblens) 

horses, 3 n Paca 
Coblens Daniel, (D. Coblens&Son) 87 Columbia 
COBLENS & KAUFMAN, (Saml. Coblens, Jos. 

Kaufeian) horses, 1 n Paca 
Coblens Lazarus, horses, 130 German 
Coblens & Kcyser,(L. Coblens, H.Keyser) boots 

and shoes, 180 Lexingtcm and 37 n Eutaw 
Coblens Lewis, (C. & Kevser) 250 w Fayette 
Coblens L. C. (Shwab &'Co.) 127 German 
Coi)lens Samuel, (C. & Kaufman) 141 German 
; Coblens Saml. 141 German 
Coburn Bartley, lab. 43 President 
Coburn Cornelius, stonemason, 40 Albemarle 
Coburn Geo. attorney, 31 St. Paul,dw 58 Buren 



• p— < 











The Largest Life Ins-urance Co. in the World. 





r— ^ 
















Coburn Henn', notions, 186 e Pratt 
Coburn Mrs. James, 19 n Gay 
Coburn John, stonemason, 19 s High 
Coburn John, 116 n Regester 
Coburn Samuel, bricklayer. 117 s High 
Coburn Solomon, lime, 30 Concord, dw 53 s Eden 
Coburn Mrs. Susan A. 118 Park av 
Cobuin Thomas, jr, brassfinisher, ,58 Buren 
Coburn Thomas, stonemason, 58 Buren 
Cochran AlonzoF. (Hand&C.) 356 n Caroline 
Cochran Alonzo A.F. (Hand & C.) coachmaker. 

Stiles nr Exeter 
Cochran Clias. 327 Druid Hill av 
COCHRAN & CO. (J. E. Cochran, W. Abra- 
hams) ice dealers, 138 s Expter, 200 West 
Falls av and 206 w Faveite 
Cochran k Co. (R. M. Cochran, H. C. Batch- 

ellerj shoe manufrs, House of Refuge 
Cochran Emma L. 196 w Lombard 
Cochran Geo. F. clerk, 321 Madison av 
Cochran Harry W. 238 w Hoffman 
Cochran James, boilermaker, 240 e Eager 
Cochran Jas. E.(C. & Co.)321 Madison av 
Cochran John, moulder. Duncan al nr Gough 
Cochran John, boiler maker, 76 Boyd 
Cochran John, clerk, 150 Forrest 
Cochran John E. clerk, 2 n Broadway 
Cochran John, lab 177 n Front 
Cochran John E. (Johnson & C.) 128 n Eutaw 
Cochran John, (Kaufman & C.) 117 Green- 
mount av 
Cochran Presley N. clerk, 119 \v Biddle 
Cochran Richard .M. (C. & Co.) 45 s Carey 
Cochran Stephen, grocery and liquors, n e cor 

Boston and Windsor 
Cochran Thos A. (Snyder &0.)400 Druid Hill av 
Cochran Thos. lab. Clinton s of Boston 
Cochran Walter, clerk, 321 Madison av 
Cochran Wni.F.bookkee[ier, 357 Druid Hill av 
Cochran Wm. J. (Baltimore Car Wheel Co.) 2 

n Broadway 
Cockey Ale.K." clerk, 26 Franklin 
Cockey Dr. Charles H. teacher, 495 Aisquith 
Cockey Chas. 0. c.irdriver, 370 e Monument 
CockeV C. W. 26 Franklin 
COCKEY cj- CO. (John G., Wm. H. and Geo B 
Cockey) lumber com. raerchs. n e cor Canton 
and East Falls avs 
Cockey Francis, med. student, 4 Franklin 
Cockey Geo. B.(C.&Co.) Lutherville, 
Cockey John C. police, 188 George 
Cockey John G.(C. &Co.)Lutherville, Balto. co 
Cockey Dr. Jos. C. 2 s E.veter 
Cockey Mrs. Mary, 188 George 
Cockey Richard, clerk, 188 George 
Cockey Wm. H. stairbuilder, 330 Saratoga 
Cockey Wm. H. jr. bookkeeper, 330 Saratoga 
Cockey Wm. H. ( C. & (Jo. )Lutherville, Balto. co 
Cockey Wm. P. C. clerk, St. Clair hotei 
Cockeysville Marble Quarry Co. C.W.Johnson, 

agent, 167 North 
Cockrill Dr. J. J. 23 s Broadway 
Cockrill Dr. Joseph M.23 s Broadway 
CODD EDWARD J. & C().(E. J. and Wm. H, 
Codd)engineersand machinists, 259 sCaroline 
Codd 15enj. liutcher, 18 n Patterson Park av 
Codd Edw. J. (E.J. C. & Co.) 118 n Broadw.ay 
(]odd John V. clerk, 69 e Madison 
Codd Mrs. .Matilda, 399 e Lombard 
("odd Simon, laliorer, 69 e M idison 
Codd Wm. II. (E J.C.&Co.)332 n Broadway 
Code Thos. laborer, 174 Mcllenry 

Codet Joseph R. dancing master, 26 Spring row 

Codey Martin, shoemaker, 7 Clay 

Codori John A. butcher, 123 Centre and 48 

Belair markets, dw 89 Greenmount av 
Codori Jacob, carp. 40 Arbel al 
Cod}' John, porter, 35 w Lombard 
Cody Thomas, porter, 35 w Lombard 
Coe Andrew, super phosph. lime, 172 VT Pratt 
Coe Joshua, bricklayer. North av 
Coe Roderick D. attorney, 37 Lexington, dw 

554 w Fayette 
Coedy John, fireman, 88 Granby 
Coen Darby, tailor, 196 Montgomery 
Coif John, laborer, 18 Parkin 
Coff.i}' John, hackman, 102 Cathedral 
Cotfay Thomas, hacks, 40 w Eager 
Cotfay Wm. hackman, 2 TH'son 
< offey John, hackman, 27S Aisquith 
Coffey Patrick, hackman. 278 Aisquith 
Coffield George of C. H. 281 w Hoffman 
Coffield John, laborer, 873 w Pratt 
Coffield Patk. porter. 28 Decker 
COFFIN & ALTEMUS,(Jos. E. Pulte) 

dry goods com. 13 German 
Coffin Chas. F. engineer, 97 s Ann 
Coffin Capt. Chas. E. mariner, 97 s Ann 
Coffin Chas. G. lab. 10 Price ct 
Coffroth Geo.R.(Geo.R.C.&Co.)221 Madison av 
COFFROTH GEO. R. & CO. (G. R. Coffroth) 

com. merchts. and dealers in tobacco, cigars 

and snuff, 330 w Bitltimore 
Cofran Geo. machinist, 180 Columbia 
Ct^fran James H. machinist, 75 St. Peter 
C'jggins Chas. icecream and confectionery, 146 

e Monument 
Coggins D.ivid A. paper carrier, 173 Chesnut, 
Coggins Edward H.e.x|)ress, 117 Greemount av 
Coggins Geo. E. 39 Greenmount av 
Coggins Geo. B. lab. 115 Greenmount av 
Coggins John W. paper carrier, 216 e Fayette 
Coggins John, hay dealer, 3 McKim, dw 39' 

Greenmount av 
Coggins John H. paper carrier, 53 George 
Coggins Lewis, paper carr. 115 Greenmountav 
Coggins Richard, driver, 1 15 Greenmount av 
Coggins Wm. driver, Harford rd opp Darley pk 
Coghlan Edward, clerk, 166 n Exeter 
Coghlan Richard, cleri'C, 166 n Exeter 
Cogswell Geo. A. carpenter, 6.-I n Poppleton 
Cogswell James, 279 e Monument 
Cogswell Sophia, 63 n Poppleton 
Cohagen Newton, coo[)er, 45 e Pratt 
Cohaven Newton, cooper, Frederick ar nr 

Cohee cj- Bro. (L. W. Cohee, M.H. Cohee) pro- 
prietors Rives house, u e cor Howard and 

Cohee L. W. & Co. (L. W. Cohee, Ira Jorale- 

mon) rest.aurant, 80 Light-st whf 
Cohee Levin W. (0. & Bro. and L. W. C. & 

Co.) Rivcs house 
Cohee M. H. clerk, 34 w Pratt 
('ohee Mitchell H. (Cohee <& Bro.) Rives house 
Cohen Abraham (Cohen Bros.) 8 llairison 
Cohen Bros. (L.and A. Cohen ).~ec. hand goods, 

6 Harrison 
Cohen Benjamin, furs and shawls, 25 n Eutaw, 

dw 68 Jje.xington 
Cohen Benjamin, bookkeeper, 185 n Gay 
Coheii Benjamin, salesman, 157 Lexington 
Cohen Benjamin, clerk, 5 Second 
Cohen Mis. David I. 115 n Charles 

Mutual Life Insurance Co. .of New "X'ork, 




€ohen Mrs. Eleazer, (M. C. & Sous) 29sEutaw 
Cohen Emanuel, clotliinf:, 5 Second 
Cohen Ephraim, bookkeeper, 157 Lexington 
Cohen Gideon, salesman, 157 Lexington 
Cohen Henry, clerk, 43 Lancaster 
Cohen Hertnan, shoenikr, 78 Penna av 
Cohen Herman, merchant tailor, 6 Harrison 
Cohen Herman, maniif. lace goods, 13 Baraet, 

dw 60 Lexington 
Cohen Isaac, sliirt manufr. 39 n Liberty 
COHEN ISRAEL, stock broker, 7 South, dw s 

e cor St. Paul and Read 
Cohen Jacob I. attorney, 51^ St. Paul, dw 156 
Cohen Joseph, porter, il8 a Bethel 
Cohen John, drayman, 134 n Bethel 
Cohen Lewis (C Bros.) 6 Harrison 
Cohen Lewis J. clerk, 232 Saratoga 
Cohen Louis, clothing. 170 Light, dw 200 s 

Cohen Louis, tailor, 221 Light 
Cohen Louis. 120 s High 
Cohen Col. M. I. 115n Charles 
Cohen Mendel, clerk, 200 s Charles 
Cohen Mendez, 169 n Charles 
Cohen Michael, coremaker, Druidville 
Cohen Moses, (M. C. ^ Sons) 157 Lexington 
COHEN MOSES & SONS, (M., B. and S. Co- 
hen, A. I. Oppenheim) dry goods, 269 w 
Cohen Nathan, farmer, 128 s Eden 
Cohen Raphael, clothing, 108 Light-st whf, dw 

227 sCh;>rles 
Cohen S. (Joel Gutraan & Co.) 214 w Fayette 
Cohen Samuel jr. taihjr, 237 s Charles 
Cohen Samuel, salesman. 185 n Gay 
Cohen Samuel, tttilor, 237 s Charles 
Cohen Samuel, peddler, 19 n Frederick 
Cohen Simon, di'y goods, 185 n Gay 
Cohen Simon L. clerk, 232 Saratoga 
Cohen Solomon, (M. C. & Sons) 350 Lexington 
Cohn Fannie, hairwork, 86^ Hanover 
Cohn Mrs, Hannah, 86^ Hanover 
Cohn Herman, shoemaker, 78 Penna av 
Cohn James, bl'ksmith, rear 44 Centre Market sp 
Cohn Josiah, dry goods. 37 Brown la 
Cohn Henry P. dry goods, 201 s Bond 
Cohn Moritz G. gen'l agt. Germania Life Ins. 

Co. 10 Postofficeav, dw 6 n Strieker 
Coin Mrs. Ellen, grocery, 73 Cooksie 
Coin Michael, laborer, Cooksie nr Beason 
Goker Geo. T. carpenler, 320 Mulberry 
Colbert Aug. F. com. mercht. and flour, 4 w 

Pratt, dw 25 n Exeter 
Colbert Jas. A. shipsmith, 47 n Wolfe 
Colbert Capt. Levin, asst. U. S. shipping com- 
missioner, 31 Jackson sq av 
Colbert Matthias, machinist, 57 Portland 
Colburn Dr. Augustus W. 166 s Paca 
Colburn Mrs. Sus.m, dressmkr, 38 Camden 
Colbus Louis, laborer, Wiiian's depot 
Colby Mrs. Jane G. 162 Myrtle av 
Colcock Joseph W. clerk, 91 Saratoga 
Colder Edward, engineer. 22 n Washington 
Cole Abraham, plumber, 122 n Schroeder 
Cole Alexander, moulder, TO n Exeter 
Cole Ann, 33 Hamilton 
Cole Benj. (Thos. B. Cole & Co.) Sweet Air 
Cole Benj. porter, 122 MuUikin 
Cole Benj. F salesman, 155 Mosher 
Cole, Brigham & Go. (Wm. P. Cole, Wra. T. 
Brigham) wholesale fur, wool and straw hats, 
30 s Sharp 

COLE, BROOKS & CO. (John H. Cole, Chauu- 

cy Brooks, jr.)com. merchants, 86 Camden 
Cole Catherine A. 254 Aisquilh 
Cole Chas. clerk, 107 n Broadway 
Cole Chas. B. carpenter, Wolfe nr Jefferson 
Cole Chas. E. 95 n Eden 
Cole Conrad, carter, 125 Peirce 
Cole David, carpenter, 738 w Baltimore 
Cole Edgar F. carpenter, 200 n Front 
Cole Edward H. miller, 103 Johnson 
Cole Edward H. telegraphist, 164s Charles 
Cole Mrs. Elizabeth, 103 Hollins 
Cole Emily, teacher, 103 Hollins 
Cole Francis, junk, 70 Greenmount av 
Cole F. Carter, 62 n Greene 
Cole F. 0. clerk, 243 n Eutaw 
Cole Fred'k W. barkeeper, 2 Bolton al 
ColeG. A. carpenter, 212 w Payette 
Cole Geo. B. (Pope & C.) 243 n Eutaw 
COLE & GILPIN (L. H. Cole, A. G. Gilpin, 
John Merchant) wholesale fruiterers and con- 
fectioners, 30 Hanover 
Cole George, clerk, 34 n Bond 
Cole Geo. C. carp, and builder, Bradeubaugh 

al, dw 110 n Exeter 
Cole Geo. W. junk, Wilcox nr Chase 
Cole Henry A. carpenter, 212 w Fayette 
Cole Henry C. clerk, 172 s Howard 
Cole Henry, oysters, 252 e Monument 
Cole Hiram, confectioner, 33 Courtland 
Cole Isaac, driver, 20 Carlton 
Cole James bricklayer, 342 Mulberry 
Cole James W. huckster, 196 s Ann 
Cole James, huckster, 22 s Oregon 
Cole Jas. W. clerk Sun ofiSce, 73 St. Paul 
Cole Mrs. Jane, confect'y, 89 Hanover 
Cole Jarrett, 80 s Exeter 

Cole Jesse C. watchman. B. & O.R.R.586 w Pratt 
Cole John, varnisher, 672 w Baltimore 
Cole John, laborer, 2 Bolton al 
Cole John, sheet iron worker, 40 Jackson 
Cole John, reporter, 62 n Greene 
Cole John, surveyor, 150 Forrest 
Cole John A. clerk, 627 w Lombard 
Cole John E. provisions, 703 Lexington 
Cole John H. (C, Brooks & Co.) Madison av 

nr Druid Hill park 
Cole John R. carpenter, Strieker nr McHenry 
Cole John R. 62 n Greene 
Cole John H. nightman, 87 Mullikin 

Cole Joseph, carpenter, 123 Druid Hill av 

Cole Joseph F. lab. 128 Stirling 
Cole Joseph M., asst. M. M., N. C. R. R., 47 w 

Cole Joseph, jr. clerk, 123 Druid Hill av 

Cole Leaiider, canvasser, 62 u Greene 

Cole Lewis, painter, 70 n Kxeter 

Cole Lewis Hiram, (C. & Gilpin) 33 Courtland 

COLE LEWIS M. general ticket agt. B. & 0. 
R. R. Co. dw 201 w Lombard 

Cole Luther, brakeman, Calhoun nr Pratt 

Cole Mrs. Margaret, 34 n Bond 

Cole Mrs. Mary, 176 William 

Cole Mrs. Mary, 146 Orleans 

Cole Mrs. Mary, 107 n Bioadway 

Cole Mrs. Mary E. 70 n Exeter 

Cole Michael, junk, 70 Greenmount av 

Cole Moses, lab. Federal nr Cathedral 

Cole Philip II. clerk, 144 s Bond 

Cole Philip, blacksmith, 98 n Schroeder 

Cole Philip, carpenter, 2 Lloyd, dw 144 s Bond 

Cole Robert C. 166 e Monument 















O. F. Bresee, General Agent, 15 South St. 
















Cole Robert E. agt. sew. machines, 172 u High 

Cole Robert, potter, 103 n Broadway 

Cole Salathiel, hay, 495 n Fremont 

Cole Samuel C. sheetiron woiker, 166 n Bond 

Cole Samuel II. tinner, Waverley 

Cole Mrs. Sarah, 23 s Carey 

Cole Selah, carpenter, 110 n Exeter 

Cole Thos. H. bookkeeper. Mount Vernon hotel 

Cole Thos. B. & Co. (T. B. and Benj. Cole) 

store, Sweet Air 
Cole Thos. B. (T. B. Cole & Co.) Sweet Air 
Cole Thos. barkeeper, Broadway and Lancaster 
Cole Thos. B. machinist, 41 Miller 
Cole Wra. lab. 30 Morton al 
Cole Wm. shoeniMker, 127 Boyd 
Cole Wm. blacksmith, 151 Walsh 
Cole Wm. H. tinner, 51 s Oregon 
Cole Wm. H. agent Bible Society, Bible bouse, 

75 w Fayette, dw 318 n Eutaw 
Cole Wra. L. machinist, 70 n Exeter 
Cole Dr. Wm. H. editor US Catholic Register, 

80 w Baltimore, dw Howard house 
Cole Wra. L. plasterer, 409 e Madison 
Cole Wm. G. boilermaker, 52 n Bond 
Cole Wm. P. produce, 33 .Mulberry 
Cole W^m. R. 362 n Eutaw 
Cole Wm. P.(C., Brigham & Co. ) 243 n Eutaw 
COLE WM. H. hardware com. merchant, 17 s 

Charles, dw 75 Cathedral 
Cole Wm. M. shoemkr, Harford av nr Homest'd 
Cole Wm. R. 27 Mosher 

Colegate Edward D. painter, 536 w Baltimore 
Colehour Fred. A. blacksttiith, 154 Hollins 
Colehoui- Mrs. Mahala, nurse, 234 George 
Colehouse John H. canmkr, 299 Eastern av 
Colehouse Mrs. Susan A. 87 L. Montgomery 
Colein John F. engineer, 160 Battery av 
Colein Thomas R, clerk, 5 s Monroe 
Colein Wra. H. shipcarjjenter, IGO Battery av 
Coleman Annie, teacher, 249 n Eden 
Coleman Chapman, attorney, 131 n Charles 
Coleman Mrs. Chapman, 131 n Charles 
Coleman Charles, oysterman, 221 Frederick av 
Coleman Charles C. wood, opp. 132 Light-st 

whf, dw 80 Parkin 
Coleman Charh s M., Charles-st av and Brown 
Coleman Charles R. cashier National Mechanics 

Bank, 58 w Biddle 
Coleman Charles L. police, 49 Block 
Coleman Charles R. shipjoiiier, 307 Hanover 
Coleman Chas. R. jr. accountant, 58 w Biddle 
COLEMAN 4- CO. (M. Coleman) grocers and 

com. merchants, s w cor Fraiikliu and Paca 
Coleman Clara, 51 n Frederick 
Coleman E. B. supt. CarroUtou hotel 
Coleman Edward, 3 n Ctrey 
Coleman Capt. Edward, 170 n High 
Coleman Edward, pumpmkr, 129 Gough 
Coleman Edward B. Wiiuliuian, foot of Cuba 
Coleman Edward, mariner, 170 n High 
Coleman Mrs. Eliz^ibeth A. trimngs, 153 e Pratt 
Coleman Mrs. Elizabdh, 114 Mosher 
Coleman Ellis, slioemkr, 186(Jrleans 
Coleman Kii<:ene U. variety, 12 w Pratt 
Coleman Francis, lab. 101 Fort av 
Coleman Franklin P. lab. 101 Fort av 
Coleman Frank, painter, 417 Division 
Coleman Geo. E. bacon. 23 s Gilmor 
Coleman Geo. A. 307 e Baltimore 
Coleman Gcsina, 249 ii Kden 
Coleman Harry J. clerk, Gibbons hotel 
Coleman Henry, shoemkr, 606 w Pratt 

Coleman Henry C. painter, 6 Stockholm 
Coleman Herman, blacksmith, 45 Walsh 
Coleman J. Henry, bricklayer, 100 n Paca 
Colenum James F. cleik, 114 Mosher 
Coleman Jas. H. jr. tinner, Fayette and Wolfe 
Coleman James P. butcher, 103 Hamburg 
Coleman James T. brusbmkr, 245 Hollins 
Coleman James H. citrarmkr, h4 McElderry 
Coleman James, hackman, 32 n High 
Coleman John, glassblower, 6 Stockholm 
Coleman John, coachman, 114 Preston 
Coleman John E. driver, 14 s Bond 
Coleman John F. blacksmith, 98 Jackson sq ar 
Coleman John T. jr. 420 e Monument 
Coleman Jotin, painter, 76 n High 
Coleman Capt. Jolin W. 145 n Kden 
Coleman John T.(C. & Taylor)420 e Monument 
Coleman John S. carpenter, 24 Laurel 
Coleman Joseph, bricklayer, 29 s Washington 
Coleman Joseph, blacksmith, 49 Block 
Cfileraan Julia A. tailoress, 2 Bloodgood ct 
Coleman Mrs. Julia P. 33 Waesche 
Coleman Lewis police, 126 3 Central av 
Coleman Lewis H. eng'r,Wilkens av nr Monroe 
Coleman Lewis P. marbkcutter, 33 Waesche 
Coleman Lewis W. constable, 126 s Central av 
Coleman Martha, books and newspapers, 127 s 

Coleman Mrs. Martha, 451 e Lombard 
Coleman Mrs. Mary A. 101 Fort av 
Coleman Mrs. Mary A. 12 w Pratt 
Coleman Morgan, (C. & Co.) Charles-st av and 

Coleman Patrick, harnessmkr, 21 Scott 
Coleman Mrs. R. B. 30 s Paca 
COLEMAN I'oL. R. B. prop'r Carrollton hotel 
Coleman Rich'd, shipsmilh, 55 s Choptank 
COLEMAN & ROGERS, (J. C. Rogers) chem- 
ists and druggists, 178 w Baltimore 
Coleman Dr. S. K., Boston and Patuxent 
Coleman Mrs. Sarah A, 24 Laurel 
Coleman Mrs S. 247 w Hofl'man 
Coleman Saml. stud't. cor Saiatogaand Charles 
Coleman Saml. clerk, 84 s Chester 
Coleman Saml. shipsmith, 76 s Ann 
Coleman Saml. T. jr. printer, 76 s Ann 
Coleman Saml. clerk, 150 w Pratt 
Coleman Silas W. mariner, 294 Johnson 
Coleman Summerfield, 127 s Fremont 
Coleman Thos. R. clerk, 5 Monrue 
Coleman Tliomas jr. clerk, 451 e Lombard 
COLbLMAN & TAYLOR, (John T. Coleman, 

Sam'l G. Taylor) boiler makers, s e cor Hol- 

liday and Pleasant 
Coleman Mrs. Virginia F. 61 Courtland 
Coleman ^^'arner, mariner, 145 u Eden 
Coleman Wm. mariner, 145 n Eden 
Coleman Wm. shucker, 101 Fort av 
Coleman VVm. W. teller Nat. Farmers and 

Planters Bank, 186 McCulloh 
Coles John A. Kirk, 111 e Fayette 
Coles Mary K. 1 1 1 e Fayette 
Colestock John H. carpenter, 562 Saratoga 
Golfer John, (■.iri)eiiter, 360 e Monument 
COLFLFSH GKOUGF B. coachmaker, 101 

(Jerman, dw 364 w Fayette 
Colford Patrick, lab. 134 Harford av 
Colford John, driver, 32 e Fager 
Colgan Kdward, bricklayer, loO Elisor 
Colgaii Jamrs H. shoemaker, 239 n Dallas 
Colliat'er Adam, boilermaker, 35 Goodman al 
Colhoucr Alex. M. bdxmaker, 14 s Bond 

Mutual Life Insurance Co, of New York, 




Colhouer Albert, helper, G86 w Pratt 
Colhouer Mrs. Sarah, nurse, 686 w Pntt 
Colhoun Fred'k A. blacksmith, 154 HoUins 
Coll Bernard, canmaker, cor Bank and Dun- 
can al 
Coll Mrs. Bridget, grocer^-, cor Bank and Dun- 
can al 
Coll Edward, drug clerk, 304 Saratoga 
Coll Edward J. clerk, 304 Saratoga 
Coll James, cigarmaker, 765 Light 
Coll John, carpenter, 29 Harford av 
CoUaday & Co. (Jos. S.|Collada}-)groceries and 

provisions, 461 w Fayette 
Colladaj Charles R. provisions, produce and 
butter, s e cor Fayette and Republican, dw 
519 w Fayette 
Colladay Jos. S.(C. & Co.) 465 w Fayette 
Collars Andrew J. cigarmaker, 135 Penna av 
Collars Chas. (C. C. & Son) 135 Penna av 
Collars Chas. A. (C. C. & Son) 135 Penna av 
Collars Chas. & Son, (Chas. and Chas. A. Col- 
lars) tobacconists, 135 Penna av 
College of Physicians and Surgeons, n e cor 

Hanover and Lombard 
Cullenberg Christian, shoemaker, 104 s Bond 
CoUenberg J. Hen. elk, Orleans and Washington 
C'olleaberg Theodore, groc. Orleans and Wash- 
Coller Martin, butcher, Monument ext 
Collett Geo. W. huckster, 67 s High 
Collett Thos. E. boxmaker, 44 e Lombard 
Collett Wm. carpenter, 10 n Strieker 
Colley Alpheus, clerk, cor Strieker and Hollins 
Colley Amos V. carp, cor Strieker and Hollins 
Colle\' Mrs. Sarah A. 103 Greenniount av 
Colley James H. clerk, cor Strieker and Hollins 
Colley Wm. H. carp. 64 Raborg 
COLLEY JOHN W. insp. buildings and carp, 
and builder, rear 324 Hollins, dw n w cor 
Strieker and Hollins 
Collier Donaid R. (C. & Riordon) 83 Lee 
Collier Frank M. storekr. C. H. 54 Pearl 
Collier F"red. fireman, 32 Thames 
Collier Henry, blacksmith, 410 w Lombard 
Collier John E. mariner, 223 Bank 
Collier & Riordon, (D. R. Collier, T. Riordon) 

liquors, 202 Light 
Collier Mrs. Julia, 179 Mosher 
Collier Mrs. Mary, 28 n Amity 
Collier Henry, 24 3 Conway 
Collier Walter, painter and tavern, 22 William 
Collier Wm. H. eoremaker, 125 Boyd 
Collier Wm. Jas. blacksmith, 295 Oileans 
CoUings Henry C. butcher, 90 Belair and 109 

Centre markets, dw Point la nr Aisquith 
CoUings Wm. R. liutcher, 115 Centre and 91 
Belair markets, dw Point la nr Aisquith 

Collins , shoemaker, 50 n Calvert 

Collins Albert M. clerk, 62 s Exeter 

Collins Alfred, mariner, 20 Spring row 

Collins Mrs. Ann R. 22 s Chester 

Collins Barnard, hostler, 6 Diamond 

Collins Bartholomew, wood and coal, 63 Mulli- 

kin, dw 41 e Pratt 
Coilins Benj. 62 s Poppleton 
Collins Benj. carp. 38 n Calvert 
Collins Mrs. Bridget, 11 Abbot 
Collins Chas. H. clerk, 62 s Exeter 
Collins Chas. H. gunsmith, 20 s Chester 
COLLINS & CO. (Chas. S. Collins, J. T. Flee- 
hearty) stoves, furnaces, &c. 316 w Baltimore 
Collins Chas. T. painter, Mt. Vernon mills 

Collins Chas. S. (C. & Co.) 385 w Lombard 

Collins Daniel, lab. 209 William 

Collins Dennis, lab. 91 Elliott 

Collins Edward, bookkeeper, 54 Conway 

Collins E. 54 Conway 

Collins Mrs. Eveline, 62 s Exeter 

Collins Francis, carter, 500 Light 

Collins Francis, blacksmith, 124 Harford av 

Collins Francis, brickmaker, rear of 500 Light 

Collins Geo. huckster, Philadelphia rd 

Collins Gt-o. B. lab. cor Fort av and Johnson 

Collins Geo. canmaker, 12 Ridgely 

Collins Geo. wagoner, 86 n Durham 

Collins Geo. machinist, 223 Barre 

Collins Geo. huckster, 180 Gough 

Collins Dr. Geo. T. 46 Richmond 

Collins Geo. W. hlickster, 28 Oxford 

Collins G. T. D. puddler, 115 Parkin 

Collins G T. D. jr. carp. 115 Parkin 

Collins Geo. H. huckster, 311 Eastern av 

Collins Mrs. Hannah, 175 w Townsend 

Collins Henry, supt. streets, 490 Light 

Collins Henry, sheetironwkr. 63 n Fremont 

Collins Henry carp. 261 Druid Hill av 

Collins Honora, confectionery, 170 Chesapeake 

Collins Horace, butcher, Gilmor nr Patterson av 

Collins Hugh J. salesman, 54 Orleans 

Collins Isaac, carpenter, 134 Druid Hill av 

Collins James, lab. Clipper mills 

Collins James, lab. 148 Chesapeake 

Collins James, tinner, 579 n Gay 

Collins James F. driver, 86 n Durham 

Collins Capt. James W. mariner, 241 Bank 

Collins James, laborer, 25 Foster al 

Collins James J., Friends' grave yard, Harford 

rd nr Homestead 
Collins Jasper N. miller, Fredk. rd nr Gwynn 

Collins Jeremiah, porter, 39 Stockton al 
Collins John, laborer, 26 Hillen 
Collins John, laborer, 109 Cathedral 
Collins John, laborer, 345 Penna av 
Collins John, laborer, 124 Hartord av 
Collins John, laborer, 20 Addison 
Collins John, 4 Webb 
Collins John H. tinner, 579 n Gay 
Colline John \V. bookkeeper, 164 n Exeter 
Collins John H. trunkmaker, 281 McDonogh 
Collins John N. drover, 698 w Pratt 
Collins John 0. broommaker, 134 Druid Hill av 
Collins Joseph T. train dispatcher, 94 Hollins 
Collins Joseph B. canmaker, 67 Henrietta 
Collins Joseph D. police, 182 Johnson 
Collins Mrs. Laura J. 61 s Ann 
Collins Rev. Joseph S. 324 w Lombard 
Collins Levi, cooper, 210 Barre 
Collins Mrs. Margaret, 29 Harrison 
Collins Mrs. Martha, 94 Hollins 
Collins Mrs. Mary, 279 w Lombard 
Collins Mrs. Mary, furn. 31 Harrison 
Collins Mrs. Mary, huckstress, 180 Gough 
Collins Michael, canmaker, 19 Harrison 
Collins Michael, laborer, 98 Parkin 
Collins Michael, laborer, 20 Addsion 
Collins Monroe, miller, Fred'k rd nr Gwynn's 

Collins Patrick, 157 s Chester 
Collins Patrick, grocery, 53 President 
Collins Patrick J. laborer, 330 Raborg 
Collins Patrick J. canmaker, 54 Orleans 
Collins Patrick F. clerk, 53 President 
Collins Patrick, laborer, 124 Harford av 




• I— ( 







Assets $60,000,000 Cash Invested. 












»— I 

Collins P. J. carpenter, 369 Saratoga 
Collins Patrick, coacbmaker, 153 n High 
Collins Peter, furniture, 15 Harrison 
Collins Peter, laborer, 20 Addison 
Collins Philip J, puddler, 16 Patuxent 
Collins Mrs. Rebecca, 380 e Baltimore 
Collins Mrs. Rebecca, oysters, 311 Eastern av 
Collins Robert, carpenter, 355 Franklin 
Collins Robert, mariner, 191 s Ann 
Collins Mrs. Rose, 84 Ensor 
Collins Mrs. Sarah A. 50 n Charles 
Collins Sylvester, driver, 84 Ensor 
Collins Thomas, laborer, 194 Vine 
Collins Thomas, engineer, 95 s Exeter 
Collins Thos. J. carpenter, 369 Saratoga 
Collins Timothy, salesman, 26 Hillen 
Collins Wm. laborer, 75 n Amity 
Collins Wm.H. keep' r chancery records, 490Light 
Collins Wm. H. attorney, 34 St. Paul, dw 36 n 

Collins Wm. H. engineer, VO Columbia 
Collins Wm. E. clerk, 423 Franklin 
COLLINSON J. C. paints, oils, glass, &c. 230 

Lexington, dw 246 Lanvale 
Collison Alfred J. mariner, 85 s Bond 
CoUisou Edward, well digger, Ensor u of Chase 
Collison Jas. R.swpmas'r, McElderry nr Bethel 
Collison John, paperhau'r, McElderry nr Bethel 
Collison Sarah A. corsets, 34 s Ann 
Collison Thos. W. carpenter, 34 s Ann 
Collison Wm. mercht.tailor,Fulion nrFred'k av 
Collison Wm. F. mariner, 85 s Bond 
Collmus Robert S. saddler, 123 n High 
CoUraus Solomon, saddler, 123 n High 
CoUopy John, driver, 24 Booth 
Collopy Michael, laborer, 24 Booth 
Collyer Wm. driver, Waverley 
Colman Clara, 51 n Frederick 
Colmar Michael, carter, 397 Aliceanna 
Colmary Capt. Abraham L. 312 w Lombard 
Colmayer Henry, chairniiiker, 405 Aliceanna 
Colonization office, James Hall ag't, 87 Second 
Colson John A. (C. & Lee) 49 President 
Colson & Lee, (John A. Colson, Matthias Lee) 
cloth sponging and water proofers, basement 
8 w cor Lombard and Sharp 
Colston F. M. (Wilson, C. ,^ Co. ) 44wMadison 
Colston Joseph H. cigarmaker, 265 Walsh 
Colston Mary 0. teacher, 79 Walsh 
Colston Oliver, clerk, 79 Walsh 
Colter James, painter, 66 McElderry 
Colter John H. street sujjt. 132 McElderry 
Colter John H. fanner, 683 .Mulberry 
Colton Alex, stamper, 100 Hillen 
COLTON ^ BAETJER, (John Colton, J. Geo. 

Baetjer) hosiery manufs. 140 Lexington 
Colton Dental Association, 81 w Fayette 
Colton Edw. C. hosiery and notions, 204 iiGay, 

dw 329 n Broadway 
Colton Fred'k, exjjress wagon, 100 Hillen 
Colton Geo. prop'r Md. Republican, 73 n Carey 
Colton Henry II. hose weaver, .McElderry ext 
Colton Mrs. Janet, confectionery, 100 Hillen 
Colton John, (C. k Baetjer) 228 Druid Hill av 
Colton John II. clerk, cor Mulberry and Park 
Colton Joseph S. 228 Light 
Colton Theodore, house furn. goods, 146 n Gay 
Colton Wm. real estate broker and claim ag't, 
officellLawbldg.dwcorTowusend audGilmor 
Colton Wm. jr. cor Townsend and Gilmor 
Columbia Street (M. E.) Church, Columbia 
betw Greene and Fremont 

Colvert John, clerk, 58 Mullikia 

Colvin Harry W. 77 e Baltimore 

Colvin Institute for girls, 39^ Courtland 

Colvin Mrs. Richard, 77 e Baltimore 

Colwell Mrs. Ann E. 90 Johnson 

Colwell Geo. boilermaker, 90 Johnson 

Colwell John, caulker, 92 Johnson 

Colwell Mrs. Mary, laundress, 13 Liberty^ al 

Colwell Prudence, 71 n Eutaw 

Colwell Wm. jr. caulker. 90 Johnson 

Comalander John H. painter, 65 McHenry 

Comber Bernard, boilermaker, 89 Elliott 

Comber Dennis, laborer, 1 Sterrett 

Comber Georgianna, saleswoman, 62 Druid 

Hill av 
Comber John P. carter, 89 Elliott 
Combs Henry, clerk, 6 Franklin 
Combs K. B. hrakeman, 404 w Lombard 
Combs Philip F. clerk, 68 Lexington 
Comegys Benj. lire, life and marine ins. broker, 

9 German, dw cor Bolton and Lanvale 
Comegys Edward, machinist, 12 Potomac 
Comegys John W. painter, 194 e Monument 
Comegys Wm. machinist, 12 Potomac 
Comegys Wm. machinist, Lancaster ext, Canton 
Comegys Wm. T. pilot, 249 Bank 
Comm Chas. laborer, 235 s Eutaw 
Comman Michael, laborer, Orleans nr Castle 
Comman Patrick, ironworker, 122 Curley 
Command John, moulder. 25 s Regester 
Command John, police, 25 s Regester 
Commandor Anthony, laborer, 302 s Bond 
Commerce Fire Ins Co.ofAlbany,N.Y.83Second 
Commerce Jacob, laborer, 51 Walker 
Commercial Building, n e corGav andLombard 

BANK, s w cor Howard and (Jerman 

e cor of Favette and Holliday. (See Appendix. 

n Calvert, 3d floor, (See Appendix.) 
Compton Barnes, inspr. tobacco wareh. No. 4, 

dw 188 Walsh 
Compton James, weaver, Sweet Air 
Compton John A. bookkeeper, Merchants' Na- 
tional Bank, dw Baltimore co 

Maccubliin, coiuptroller 
Conaway (^has, (Duncan, Rhein k C.)149nBond 
Couaway Chas. Wm. coachpaintcr, 149 u Bond 
Conaway Chas. R. jr. coachpaintcr, 149n Bond 
Conaway Sol. watchman, Mcllenry nr Fulton 
Conawav Wm. W. laborer, McHenry nr Fulton 

Condon Levi Z. grocery, Strieker nr Presstman 
Condon Wm. lab. 72 w Monument 
Condon Wm, J. wagoner, 25 Abey al 
Condon Wm. J. 47 s Frederick 
Condray Cornelius, lab. 15 Goodman al 
Cone Herman, (Guggenhcimer, Cone & Co.) 

645 w Fayette 
Cone Joseph M. (J. M. C. & Co.) Waverley 
Cone Josei)h M, &Co. (J. M. Cone) tin roofing, 

plumbing, &c. Morse building 
("onell John C. butcher, 233 e Baltimore 
(Jonine Mrs. Mary M. 234 u Charles 
Conkiin Daniel E.(C., Willis & Co.) Carrollton 

Conkiin Julia, 487 w Fayette 
Conkiin Julius, laborer, 200 e Chase 
Conkiin Mrs. Mary, 205 s Washington 

Mutual Life Insurance Co. of New York, 




Conklin Cant. Michael, Waverley 

CONK LIN, "WILLIS & CO. (D. E. Conklin, Z. 

L. C. Willis) stoves and tinware, 28 Hanover 
Conklin Wm. H. tobacco broker, Strieker u of 

Conklin Wm. 0. wine-racker, 173 Stirling 
Conley Elizabeth, grocery, 318 Mulberry 
Conley Jaines, 159 n Front 
Conley James jr. currier 159 n Front 
Conley James, plasterer, 216 n Eutaw 
Conley Jnmes A. currier, 159 n From 
Conley James F. tinner, 437 w Lombard 
Conley James P. machinist, 212 n Front 
Conley Lawr'ce,cliand'r, 1 59 Front nof'Foundry 
Conley Thos. clerk, B. & 0. R. R. 64 s Strieker 
Conley Thos J. plasterer, 216 n Eutaw 
Conley Wm. blacksmith, Clipper njills 
Conlou Andrew J. printer, 530 w Pratt 
Conlon John, painter, 84 Battery av 
Conn George, laborer, Hampden 
Conn George, laborer, 14 n Chapel 
Conn Mrs. Martha, 144 Greenmount av 
Conn Mrs. Mary A. variety, 88 n Poppleton 
Conn ^ Son, (Wm.T.Conn) grocery, 73 Green- 
mount av 
CONN WM. grocery, 101 Franklin 
Conn Wm. R. coal oil, 88 n Poppleton 
Conn Wm. T. (C. & Son) 144 Greenmount av 
Connabaugh James, hacks, 20 Tyson 
Connaughton James, drayman, 8 Fall 
Connaughton Wm. laboier, O'Donnell ct 
Connaway Joseph B. engineer, 295 Light 
Connaway J. B. (C. & Evans) 295 Light 
Connecticut Fire Ins. Co. of Hartford, Conn. 83 

Connecticut General Life Ins. Co. of Hartford, 

Conn, agency, 83 Second 

OF HARTFORD, CONN. A. H. Dillon, jr. 

general agent, office 8 South 
Council Dennis, lab. 57 Buren 
Connell Francis A. bookkeeper, 204 n Howard 
Connell James, mariner, 196 s Ann 
Connell John, lab. 24 Parrish 
Connell John, lab. 47 Goodman al 
Connell Mary, teacher, Howard nr Madison 
Connellee Mrs. Eliza, boarding, 38 n Calvert 
Connellee Thornton, 417 e Baltimore 
Connelley Andrew J. moulder, 26 Ramsay 
Connelley Ann, restaurant, 9 Fish Market sp 
Connelley Geo. W. tinner, 765 w Baltimore 
Connelly Mrs A.A.dressmiiker,688 vv Baltimore 
Connelly, Constitution nr Eager 
Connelly Chas. cutter, 17 Centre Market sp 
Connellj Daniel, lab. Constitution nr Eager 
Connelly Daniel, lab. 57 Buren 
Connelly D. G. paperhanger, 36 Ramsay 
Connelly Edward, lab. 18 Pleasant al 
Connelly Mrs. Eliza J. boarding, 159 Bank 
Connelly Geo. W. canmaker, 765 w Baltimore 
Connelly Gregory, lab. 47 York 
Connelly Henry, police, 6 East 
Connelly Isaac, fireman, 22 Ramsay 
Connelly James, police, 215 Cross 
Connelly James, moulder, 102 Aisquith 
Connelly John, laborer, 127 North 
Connelly John, laborer, 203 Ramsay 
Connelly ,Iohn, laborer, 4 West Fails av 
Connelly John, laborer, 27 s Stockton al 
Connelly John, quarryman. Falls rd nr gate 
Connelly Jno.boilermkr.corMullikin and Bethel 

Connelly John, laborer, 52 King 
Connelly Martin, shoemaker, 144McElderry 
Connelly Mrs. Mary, laund. 42 Morton al 
Connelly Mrs. Mary, 45 President 
Connelly Mrs. Mary J 658 Saratoga 
Connelly Michael, laborer, 6 Neighbor 
Connelly Michael, police, 121 Conway 
Connelly Michael, laborer, 1 n Fulton 
Connell}'- Michaei, hodcar'r, Neighbor nr Valley 
Connelly Michael, police, 236 Columbia 
Connelly Patrick, blacksmith, 4 Lemnion 
Connelly Mrs. Rosa, 300 e Monument 
Connelly Wm. coachpainter, 274 Forrest 
Connelly Wm. police, 121 s Castle 
Connelly Wm. H. canmaker, 24 Williamson al 
Connelly Wm. J. shipcarjienter, 333 Eastern av 
Connelly Wm. M. reporter American, 128 w 

Conner Barney, laborer, 69 York 
Conner Daniel, laborer, 9 Fountain 
Conner Mrs. Elizab. jewelry, 46 w Baltimore 
Conner Francis P. laborer, 9 Gallagher ct 
Conner Frank J. telegraphist, 146 e Eager 
Conner Geo. carp'r, 17 e Madison 
Conner Geo.laborer,cor Harford av and Willow 
Conner Gilbert W. clerk, 86 n Popp)leton 
Conner Hugh, police, 87 Harrison, Canton 
Conner James, laborer, 46 Penn 
Conner James, stonecutter, 163 Bank 
Conner James, mariner, 9 Gallagher ct 
Conner James, tanner, 296 e Madison 
Conner James, laborer, 50 Haw 
Conner James C. canmaker, 162 German 
Conner James E. clerk, 789 w Baltimore 
Conner James F. stonecutter, 163 Bank 
Conner James W. 46 s Calhoun 
Conner James Z. grocery, 296 Madison 
Gunner John, laborer, 203 Ramsay 
Couner Johnj laborer, 112 s Castle 
Conner John, canmaker, 163 Bank 
Couner John, distiller, 17 e Madison 
Conner Dr. John A. 210 e Baltimore 
Conner John T. engineer, 364 William 
Conner John W. laborer, 50 Portland 
Conner Joshua, carpenter, 86 n Poppleton 
Conner Mary, dressmaker, 17 e Madison 
Conner Mrs. Mary, midwife, 163 Bank 
Conner Michael, laborer, 276 s Broadway 
Conner Michael, clerk, cor. Hughes and William 
Conner Nicholas, fisherman, 407 Cross 
Conner Patrick, laborer, 9 Gallagher ct 
Conner Roger, laborer, 122 s Castle 
Conner Roger, canmaker, 163 Bank 
Conner Thomas, Eutaw house 
Conner Thomas, painter, 637 Belair av 
Conner Wm. shucker, 9 Gallagher ct 
Conner Wm. E. harnessmaker, 86 n Poppleton 
Conner Wm W. carpenter, 558 Lexington 
Conners John, stonecutter, 323 n Central av 
Conners Michael, laborer, 151 Ridg'ly 
Connors Michael, porter, 109 Harford av 
Connors Thomas, laborer, 15 s Front 
Conniff John, baker, 27 s Poppleton 
Connolly Mrs. A. A. dressmaker, 688 wBaltimore 
Connollj Aloysius, clerk, 169 Saratoga 
Counolly Andrew, marble polisher, 2 Truxton 
Connolly Bridget, confectionery, 88 s Ciroline 
Connolly Mrs. Catherine, 67 n Amity 
Connolly Catherine, grocery, 116 w Towusend 
Connolly Christopher, lab. 279 Forrest 
Connolly Daniel, huckster, 200 s Sharp 












The Largest Life Insurance Co. in the World. 













I— ( 

Connolly Daniel, currier, 29 Somerset 
CoDDoll.v Daniel, marble polisher, 20 Grove al 
Connolly Edward, beer, 412 West 
Connolly Edward, cimmaker, 5 Gallagher ct 
Connolly Edward, hats and furs, 305 w Balti- 
more, dw 354 n Eutaic 
Connolly Edward, carter, 11 Humes 
Connully Edward, saddler, Swan tavern 
Connolly Edward E. clerk, 3ri4 n Eutaw 
Connolly J. A. C. & Co. (J. A. Connolly) hats 

and caps, 30 n Eutaw 
Connolly James, mariner, lOT s Chester 
Connolly James, rii:ger,8S s Caroline 
Connolly James, police, 215 Cross 
Connolly James, laborer, 196 n Front 
Connolly James A. (J.A.C.&Co.) 354 n Eutaw 
Connolly James G. plumber, 279 Forrest 
Connolly John, beer, 193 Boston 
Connolly John, grocery, Carlton and Raborg 
Connolly John, tailor, 142 n Holliday 
Connolly John, 5 Gallagher ct 
Connolly John, plumber, 12 Prospect la 
Connolly John, laborer, 157 West 
Connolly John H. laborer, 35 Centre Market sp 
Connolly John B. marble dealer, ii w cor Mon- 
ument and Constitution, dw York rd nr 1st 
Connolly John T. paperhanger, 229 s Paca 
Connolly Lawrence, laborer, 5 Gallagher ct 
Connolly Lewis, bookkee[)er, 29 w Baltimore 
Connolly Martin, laborer, 152 Ches.apeake 
Connolly Matthew, blacksmith, Tyson nr Mul- 
berry, dw 67 n Amity 
Connolly Michael, laborer, 244 n Front 
Connolly Michael, mariner. Bank and Chester 
Connolly Michael, miller, 240 s Paca 
Connolly Michael, teacher, 169 Saratoga 
Connolly Michael, driver, Mt. Vernon mills 
Connolly Oliver, boilermaker, Mt. Royal mill 
Connolly Patrick, laborer, 10 n Fremont 
Connolly Patrick, tailor, 9 Hillen 
Connolly Patrick, laborer, 188 n Front 
Connolly Patrick, laborer, 22 St. Mary 
Connolly Patrick, stevedore, 158 e Lombard 
Connolly Peter, baker, 277 w Fayette 
Connolly Mrs. Sarah, 765 w Baltimore 
Couuolly Mrs. Susan, 142 Lancaster 
Conn<;lly Thomas, laborer, 40 Lee 
Connolly Thomas, laborer, 152 Chesapeake 
Connolly Thomas, tinner, 11 Grove al 
Connolly Timothy, huckster, 125 Hill 
Connolly Wm. porter, 4 Fall 
Connolly Wm. T. painter, 33G w Pratt 
Connolly Wra. J. coachsmith, 279 Forrest 
Connor Ann, dressmaker, 194 J Lexington 
Connor Barney, laborer, 16 Neighbor 
Connor Bernard, laborer, 464 Canton av 
Connor Bernard, laborer, 69 York 
Connor Bernard, fireman, 22 Block 
Connor Daniel, stonecutter, 3G5 n Central av 
Connor Francis L. laborer, 22 Block 
Connor Francis, distiller, 87 Patu.\ent 
Connor Francis jr. labi.rer, 87 Patu.xent 
Connor Francis J. lele^'raphist, 17 e Madison 
Connor George, laborer. Concord nr Eager 
Connor George W. tin and sheet iron worker, 

50 Harford av 
Connor Henry W. agent Weems Line Steamers, 

Buck's hotel 
Connor lohn, laborer, 5 Lemmon 
Connor John, stonepolisher, 365 n Central av 
Connor John, laborer, 271 s DnrlnuM 

Connor John, clerk, 105 e Eager 

Connor John, laborer,' 396 Hanover 

Connor Mrs Julia, 69 n Castle 

Connor Margaret, 25 Ringgold al 

Connor Mrs. Mary, grocery, 70 Hampstead 

Connor Mrs. Mary, groc'ry, cor McKim and Eager 

Connor Matthew, liquors. Cathedral and Oliver 

Connor Michael, packer, 69 n Castle 

Connor Michael F. supt. Cathedral Cemetery, 

77 Mulberry 
Connor Michael J. lettercarrier, 28 Jackson sq 
Connor Morris, moulder, 100 n Schroeder 
Connor Patrick, lab. Woodberry 
Connor Rosanna, grocery, 22 Block 
Connor Stephen, driver, 37 Willow 
Connor Mrs. Susan, 34 n Calvert 
Connor Thomas, laborer, 215 Raborg 
Connor Thomas, clerk, 122 s Spring 
Connor Thomas, laborer. 13 Buren 
Connor Thomas, laborer, cor McKim and Eager 
Connor Thomas, laborer, 316 Cross 
Connor Thomas, chaiimaker, 87 Patuxent 
Conory Daklin, Cathedral ext 
Conoles Charles, 148 Ensor 
Conoles Mrs. Elizabeth, 148 Ensor 
Conoles Thomas, hack man, 148 Ensor 
Conoles Wm. bookbinder, 148 Ensor 
Conoway Wm. E. cigarmaker, 150 Orleans 
Conrad Anion, laborer, 170 Johnson 
Conrad August, blacksmith, 177 n Bethel 
Conrad Charles, plumber, 69 George 
Conrad Christian, upholsterer, 103 s Paca 
Conrad Francis M. bookkeeper, 360 Lexington 
Conrad Frederick, blacksmith and hardware. 

503 n Gav 
CONRAD J. M. M. & CO. (J. M. M. Conrad, 

W. Roy Mason) wholes, liquors, 35 German 
Conrad Dr. J. S., Marine hospital 
Conrad Jas.M.M.(J.M.M.C S( Co.) 60 w Biddle 
Conrad James H. blacksmith, 52 Division 
Conrad James H. blacksmith, 138 s Paca 
Conrad John F. officer Maryland Penitentiary, 

dw George and Myrtle av 
Conrad John F. confectioner, cor George and 

Myrtle av 
Conrad John, laborer. Second av nr Boston 
Conrad John, laborer, 85 Fort av 
Conrad Julius, insp. C. H. 76 s High 
Conrad Lewis F. cooper, 10 Clement 
CONRAD LEWIS, attorney, 29 Lexington, dw 

197 n Howard 
Conrad Mrs. Philip, 108 Hill 
Conrad Peter L. tailor, 223 n Bond 
Conrad Mrs. Sirah, boarding, 69 George 
Conrad Susan JL teacher, 341 Mulberry 
Conrades August, shoem.aker, 422 Saratoga 
Conrades Ernest, boxmaker, 56 Portland 
Conradt C. J. upholsterer, 103 s Paca 
Conradt Geo. F., York rd nr Huntingdon av 
Conron Fenton, driver, 151 West 
Conroy Andrew, mariner, 374 Eastern av 
Conroy Bernard, police, 114 Preston 
Conroy Jas. baker, 108 Stirling 
Conroy John, laborer, 'li'4 Cathedral 
Conroy John, jr. ro])omaker, 466 Harford av 
Conroy John, porter, 29 Cambridge 
Conroy John, carter, 466 Harford av 
Conroy Mrs. Mary, 64 Granby 
Conroy Owen, laborer, 5 Scott 
Conroy Patrick, laborer, 4 Arbel al 
Conroy Patrick, laborer, 95 Elliott 
Conroy Pairick, distiller, 105 Peach al 

Mutual Life Insurance Co. of New York, 




Conroy Patrick, laborer, 380 Bank 

Conroy Thos. laborer, 159 Chesapeake 

Conry John, lab. 356 s Charles 

Gonry Michael, moulder, 119 Harford av 

Conry Thos. P. laborer, 4 Arbel al 

Conry Thos. J. clerk, Transfer Co. 62 n Holliday 

Conser Rev. Solomon L. M. 190 n Oregon 

Consodine Mrs. Annie, milliner, 4 s Poppleton 

Consolidated Building, s w cor German and 

2nd floor, s w cor South and German 
Consham Aaron, 4 s Bond 
Constable Harry C. clerk, 48 St. Paul 
Constable W. R. salesman, 48 St. Paul 
Constable Willie S. clerk, 48 St. Paul 
Constance Geo. shoemaker, 255 n Caroline 
Constance Harman, tailor, 372 n Gay 
Constance Joseph, cutter, 1 Anthony 
Constance Joseph, tailor, 174 n Dallas 
Constantine Daniel, port warden, 95 sWashingt'n 
Constantine Dan'l jr.bookkpr, 95 s Washington 
Constantine Henry, shipcarp. 95 s Washington 
Constantine Richard, miller, Calverton 
Constantine Wm. H. quarryman, Hampden 
Constine Ellen, 1 Hollingsworth 
Constine John, barkeeper, 1 Hollingsworth 
Constman August, cabinetmaker, 13o Ensor 

W. Langley, manager, 42 PostoflBce av 
Continental Life Ins. Co. of Hartford, Conn, 
office Chesapeake Bank, cor North and Fayette 
Continental Fire Ins. Co. of N. Y. 73 Second 
Conto August, boxmaker, 43 s Wolfe 
Convent of the Good Shepherd, Sisters of the 

Good Shepherd, s e cor Mount and HoUins 
Convent of the Immaculate Conception, Sisters 

of Mercy, 12 s Poppleton 
Convent de Notre Dame, Aisquith nr Eager 
Convent of the Visitation, n w cor Park and 

Convers J. Holmes, teacher, 63 Courtland 
Convery John R. signpainter, 317 Mulberry 
Conway Alfred, papercarrier, 221 Mulberry 
Conway Mrs. Ann 25 Fawn 
Conway Anthony, shipcarpr. 26 Durst al 
Conway Barbara, 153 Chesapeake 
Conway & Bro. (J. H. and Patrick Conway) 

grocery, Ensor and Chesuut 
Conway Charles, laborer, 16 Durst al 
Conway Chas. H. carpenter, 30 Ettiug 
Conway Mrs. Elizabeth V. proprietress Albion 

house. Cathedral and Richmond 
Conway Francis F. sergt. police, 11 s Fremont 
Conway Francis K. machinist, 37 s Calhoun 
Conway Geo. T. laborer, Foster al 
Conway Geo. W. dredger, 374 William 
Conway Geo. R. carpenter, 373 w Baltimore 
Conway Geo. carpenter, 15 s Howard 
Conwav Geo. W. shucker, 11 Gallagher ct 
CONWAY, HORTON & CO. (J. Conway, J. M. 
Horton, R. L. Whiteford) lineu aud mourn- 
ing goods, 28 n Charles 
Conway James, shipcarp. 72 Johnson 
Conway Jas. (C., Horton, & Co.)18 s Broadway 
Conway Jesse, machinist, 241 Hollins 
Conway John, sheeliron worker, 174 Forrest 
Conway John, fisherman, 131 Battery av 
CONWAY JOHN R. & SON, wholesale liquors, 

31 Cheapside 
Conway Mrs. John R. 154 St. Paul 

Conway John F. blacksmith, 45 s Republican 
Conwav John, sheetiron worker, 63 e Madison 
Conway John H. (C. & Bro.) 107 e Fayette 
Conway John N. moulder, 37 s Caihoun 
Conway John, shoemaker, 199 n Exeter 
Conway Joseph B. grocery, 227 Light 
Conway Joseph, laborer, 72 Johnson 
Conway Lawrence, laborer, 132 s Eden 
Conway Mrs. Mary, confec'y, 45 s Republican 
Conway Michl. barkeeper, 270 Bond n of Gay 
Conway Michael, fireman, Ramsay nr Calhoun 
Conway Patrick, laborer, 364 Ostend 
Conway Patrick, laborer, 20 Liberty al 
Conwav Patrick, laborer, 2ii2 Lijiht 
Conway Patrick, (C. & Bro ) 107 e Fayette 
Conway Patrick M. grocery, 376 Ostend 
Conway Richard, lab. 202 Light 
Conway Kith. H.(J. R. C. & Son) 93 St. Paul 
Conway Robert T. J. carpenter, 84 Ensor 
Conway Samuel, fisherman, 374 William 
Conway Thomas, laborer, 3 Hall al 
Conway Thomas, laborer, 32 Stirling 
Conway Wm. H. plumber, 221 Mulberry 
Conway Wm. fisherman, 131 Battery av 
Conway Wm M. clerk, 154 St Paul 
Conway Wm. police, 241 Hollins 
Conway Zachariah. fisherman, 131 Battery av 
Conyers Mrs. Henrietta, 44 Thames 
Conyers Walter W. mariner, 44 Thames 
Coogaa James, laborer, 50 s Strieker 
Coogan James F. laborer, 50 s Strieker 
Coogan Patrick, Uborer, 50 s Strieker 
Coogan Patrick, grocery, 90 s Poppleton 
Cook Aaron G. shipcarpenter, 144 Cross 
Cook Adolphus. 178 w Lombard 
Cook Agnes B. dressmiker, 144 Cross 
Cook Alexander, shoemaker. Bond nr Gay 
Cook Alf'd, mail agent, 283 w Hoffman 
Cook Mrs Alice, dressmaker, 121 s P^xeter 
Cook Allen, roofer, 636 Light 
Cook Mrs. Ann M. grocery, n w cor John and 

Cook Alonzo, 178 w Lombard 
Cook Anthony, florist. Mulberry opp. Oregon 

and Mosher ext 
Cook Babvlou, mariner. Fort av nr William 
COOK BENJ'N M. boot and shoe factory, 

Cook Catherine, 7 Webb 
(Jook Catherine, grocerv, Jefferson and Eden 
Cook Chas. 0. & Bro. (Chas. 0. and Thomas 

H. Cook) grocers, 62 e Baltimore 
Cook Chas. E. paperhanger, 611 w Lombard 
Cook Chas. 0. (C. 0. G.k Bro.) 73 e Baltimore 
Cook Chas. W. carpr. 334 e Baltimore 
Cook Charles R. clerk, 16 Hollins 
Cook Charles H. varnisher, cor Burgundy al 

and Hamburg 
Cook Columbus E. real estate, 51 n Carey 

CHRISTIAN COOK, 278 Light-st, 
cor. Henrietta, Manvifacturer of 
and Dealer ia Ladies, Gent's and 
Children's Fashionable Boots, 
Shoes and Gaiters, made of the 
Best Material, in the Best Man- 
ner, and at the Lowest Prices. 
Particular •attention paid to Cus- 
tom Work, and a good Fit guar, 


• I— I 







Assets $ 60,000,000 Cash Invested. 






















Cook Diiniel, cedar cooper, 209 s Paca 
Cook David, shoemkr, 63 Barnes 
Cook Edward, 178 w Lombard 
Cook Edward, butcher, 24 Hill 
Cook Mrs. Elizabeth, 233 Aliceaana 
Cook Mrs. Emily J. 162 e Monument 
Cook Mrs. Eva, laundress, 98 Duncan al 
Cook & Farson, (J. K. Cook, J. S. Parson) 

block and pumpmakers, 17 Philpot 
Cook Prancis, lab. 18 Callendar al 
Cook Prancis, driver, 365 Pranklin 
Cook Prank, 71 Lancaster 
Cook Predk. butcher, 8 Bolton al 
Cook Predk . jr. butcher, 45 Lexington market, 

dw Garrison la 
Cook Predk. sr. butcher, 45 Lexington and 26 

Hanover mkts. dw Garrison la 
Cook Fred, shoemkr, 378 Saratoga 
Cook Fred. C. law student, Edmondson av nr 

Cook Pred. W. pianomkr, 554 w Pratt 
Cook Pred. W. confectioner, 231 s Dallas 
Cook Geo. mariner, 226 s Paca 
Cook Geo. W. huckster, 233 Aliceanna 
Cook Geo. wheelwright and blacksmith, cor 

Scott and Columliia 
Cook Geo. P. cigarmkr, 162 German 
Cook Geo. A. grocery, 231 e Monument 
Cook George, cigar packer, n w cor John and 

Cook Geo. B., Edmondson av nr Oregon 
Cook Geo. L. sr. porter, 101 n Pine 
Cook Geo. L. carpr, 78 n Fremont 
Cook Geo. W. engineer, 101 s Gilmor 
Cook Geo. W. stonecutter, 101 n Pine 
Cook Gilbert C. clerk, 26f) e Biddle 
Cook Harry C. broker, 112 German 
Cook Harry M. salesman, 4? ii E.veter 
Cook Henry, butcher. Garrison la nr Baltimore 
Cook Henry, conductor, 66 s Poppleton 
Cook Henry, tailor, 182 e Lombard 
Cook Pleiiry, shoemkr, 75 York 
Cook Henry L. clerk, 44 s Sharp 
Cook Henry, painter, 192 s Ann 
Cook Henry, huckster, 297 Canton av 
Cook Henry C. painter, 163 Greenmount av 
COOK HENRY F. bookseller and stationer, 76 

w Baltimore, dw 622 Lexington 
Cook Henry W. 16 Hollins 
Cook Isaac P. 622 Le.xington 
Cook Jacob, lab. 237 Cross 
Cook James H. jr. clerk, 42 Warren 
Cook James, 148 s Paca 
Cook James, 76 e Biddle 
Cook James A. engineer, 49 s Strieker 
Cook James E. conductor, 3 Stockholm 
Cook James H. (C. k Spedden) 42 Warren 
Cook Joel .M. tailor, 12 Parkin 
Cook Joel M. carpr. 17 Warner 
Cook John, lab. 46 Preston 
Cook John P. baker, 76 s Broadway 
Cook John, drayman, Preston nr Park av 
Cook John, i)aperhanger, 104 n Schroeder 
Cook John, lab. 186 s Bethel 
Cook John, lab. 84 Oak 
Cook John A. tanner, 288 e Pratt 
Cook John T. carpr. 101 s Gilmor 
Cook John, huckster, 32 n Schroeder 
Cook John, shoefilter, 3 Braniian ct 
Cook J. Glenn, bookkpr, Lexington nr Fulton 
Cook John K. (C. k Farson) 27 Gough 
Cook John, lab. 284 Johnson 

Cook John P. machinist, 611 w Lombard 

Cook John P. detective, 352 n Broadway 

Cook John D. dept. sheriff, 224 Hill 

Cook John H. cabinetmkr. Booth and Amity 

Cook John J. police, 66 n Schroeder 

Cook John W. fruitpacker, 59 n Strieker 

Cook Joseph, cigarmkr, 234 Hollins 

Cook Joseph, cigarmkr. cor Chester and Payette 

Cook Jos. B. cabinetmkr, 707 w Baltimore 

Cook Jos. L. clerk, 148 Mulberry 

Cook Jos. M. (J. M. C. & Co.) 16 Hollins 

COOK J. M. & CO. (J. M., W. L. and T. F. 

Cook) wholes, grocers, 15 Commerce 
Cook Julia, seamstress, 23 n Spring 
Cook Lewis, clerk, 11 Pouliney 
Cook Lewis, porter, 101 n Pine 
Cook Lewis J. fanmaker, 83 Hamburg 
Cook Lewis G. bookkpr, 44 Brune 
Cook Mrs. Louisa, 137 s Fremont 
Cook Margaret, 214 n Eutaw 
Cook Mrs. Margaret, 16 s Chester 
Cook Margaret, dressmaker, 23 n Spring 
Cook Mrs. Margaretta, 23 n Spring 
Cook Martha, seamstress, 214 n Eutaw 
Cook Martin, huckster, 244 George 
Cook Mrs. Mary, grocery, 63 Barnes 
Cook Mrs. Mary S. 163 Jefferson 
Cook Mrs. Mary, huckslress, 146 n Eden 
Cook Porter, tincan factory, Bethel nr Bank, 

dw 230 e Fayette 
Cook Robt. McK. produce, 122 s High 
Cook Robt. A. clerk, 21 Granby 
Cook Mrs. Sadie, grocery, 297 Canton av 
COOK SAML. G. B. hardware manufacturers' 

agent, 5 German, dw 161 Lanvale 
Cook Samuel L. shoemaker, 11 Perry 
Cook Mrs. Sarah, 157 Jefferson 
Cook Savillon P. baker, 47 n Exeter 
COOK & SPEDDEN, (J. H. Cook, W. H. Sped- 
den) grocers and com. mer's, 165 Light st whf 
Cook Stephen J. (Lee & C.) Gilmor nr Win- 
Cook Stephen R. 16 Hollins 
Cook Sylvester, grocery, 177 e Eager 
Cook Theodore P'. ',J. M. C. & Co.) 16 Hollins 
Cook Thos. W. junk, 34 Pell 
CookThos. lab Palls rd nrtollgate 
Cook Thos. H. (C. 0. C. & Bro. ) n e cor Exeter 

and Hillen 
Cook Thos. J. fanmaker, 83 Hamburg 
Cook Thos. R. 323 Light 

Cook Valentine, printer, cor John and Spring 
Cook Wm. grocery, s e cor Pratt and Caroline 
Cook Wm. potter, 410 .Mulberry 
Cook Wm. shucker, 18 Port 
Cook Wm. hostler, 250 Franklin 
Cook Wm. machinist, 50 Henrietta 
Cook Wm. G. messenger, 59 n Broadway 
Cook Wm. H. machinist, 611 w Lombard 
Cook Wm. H. H. carpr. Hope nr Point la 
Cook Win. H. carpr. 71 Frederick av 
Cook Wm. I. 06 n Schroeder 
Cook Wm. I. editor, 275 Mulberry 
Cook Wm. L. (J. M. C. k Co.) 16 Hollins 
Cook Wm. T. brakemiin, 505 w Fayette 
Cook Wm. V. milk, 184 Pearl 
Cook Zachary, bill poster, 27 n Central av 
Cooke Adolphus A. (I. Cooke ^ Sons) 148 w 

Cooke Chas. W. (C. W. K. ^ Bro.) 7 Irvine pi 
Cooke Chas. W. & Bro. (C. W. and Thos. B. 
Cooke) carps. 5 Gough 

Mutual Life Insurance Co. of New York, 




Cooke Chas. W. coal shipper, over 12 South, 

dw Baltimore co 
Cooke E. S. (I. Cooke & Sons) 146 Hanover 
Cooke Euphrasia F. 176 n Calvert 
Cooke Francis A. coach painter, 151 Linden av 
Cooke Geo. W. cotton bats and wadding, 151 

Linden av 
Cooke Harry M. gents' furnishing goods, 8 e 

Baltimore, dw 47 n Exeter 
Cooke Mrs. Helen, 52 Franklin 
Cooke Henrj, clerk, 25 s Hon-ard 
Cooke Henry W. real estate broker, 9 Law 

Building, dw 2.38 n Eutaw 
COOKE I. &SONS, {A.A.Cooke, O.W. Cooke, 

E. S. Cooke) com. merch'ts, 50 s Howard 
Cooke Jas. Addison, bookkeeper, 53 Oourtland 
Cooke John, cotton wadding, 148 Linden av, 

dw 151 opposite 
Cooke John T. coach painter, 151 Linden av 
Cooke Joseph 0. tinner, 158 w Lombard 
Cooke Jos. L. clerk, Fountain hotel 
Cooke Mary, 52 Franklin 
Cooke Dr. "O. A. n w cor Hanover and Lee, dw 

135 Hanover 
Cooke 0. W. (L Cooke & Sons) 146 Hanover 
Cooke Dr. Theodore, 146 Hanover 
Cooke Thomas, carpenter, 1] Greenmount av 
Cooke Thos. B. (Chas. W. C. & Bro.) 54 Fawn 
Cooke Wm. police, 61 Bank 
Cooke Wm. H. stonecutter, 153 Aisquith 
Cooker H. E. S. clerk, Pearl nr Le.tington 
COUKES DANIEL, Three Tuns livery and 
sales stable, cor Pratt and Paca, dw 28 s Paca 
Cooksey John R. ship c irpr. 318 Canton av 
Cooksey Mansfield, coupler, 75 Barre 
Cooksey Mrs, Marcella, 71 n Spring 
Cooksey Thomas H. machinist, 71 n Spring 
Cooksey Wm. brakeman, 505 w Fayette 
Cool Gotleib, laborer, Dover nr Fulton 
Coolahan P]dward, hacks, 313 n Eutaw 
Coolahan John T. shoemaker, 293 w Pratt 
Coolahan John T. shoemaker, 69 sSchroeder 
Coolahan Malaciii, shoemaker, 69 s Schroeder 
Coolahan Martin, shoemakei', 293 w Pratt 
Cooley J. R. C. clerk, 401 n Calhoun 
Cooley James, laborer, 18 Walsh 
Cooley L.J. clerk, 419 e Eager 
Cooley Wm. lab. cor Walsh and Patterson av 
Coombs Geo. M agent, 175 e Pratt 
Coomes George E. engineer, 453 n Gay 
Coomes Joseph W. clerk, 665 Lexington 
Coomes S. J. clerk, 665 Lexington 
Coon Gustavus W. clerk, 233 Hanover 
Coon Louis C. 233 Hanover 
Coonan Mrs. Ann, 445 e Lombard 
Coonan Daniel, tailor, 70 Centre Market sp 
Coonan Elizabeth, 68 Lancaster 
Coonan Dr. John, 358 e Madison 
Coonan John H. blacksmith, 68 Lancaster 
Coonan Joseph V. clerk, 70 Centre Market sp 
Coonan Martin, lab. 235 Gou^rh 
Cooney Christopher, shoemaker, 335 Mulberry 
Cooney Coleman, lab. 8 Pleasant al 
Cooney Ellen, grocery, 91s Spring 
Cooney Geo. carjir. 337 e Lombard 
Cooney James, huckster, Aisquith nr Point la 
Cooney John, lab. 20 Conway 
Cooney Lawrence, 335 Mulberry 
Cooney Michael, tailor, McDonogh nr Madison 
Cooney Michael, lab. 164 s Central av 
Cooney Peter, gasfitter, 335 Mulberry 
Cooney Thos. lab. 29 Centre Market sp 

Cooney Wm. painter, Frederick av nr Fulton 
Cooney Wm. stonemason, Fulton nr McHenry 
Cooney Wm. J. T. printer, 339 Mulberry 
Cooper Adderly, stevedore, 214 Gough 
Cooper Albert, gold pen maker, 6 South, dw 

63 s High 
Cooper All^ertS., of C. H., Franklin hotel 
Cooper Benj. C. (C. & Seltzer) 1 n Castle 
Cooper Benj. F. carpr. 41 n Pine 
Cooper Chas. lumber. Beech hill, Saratoga ext 
Cooper Chas. J. lab. Hampden 
Cooper Capt. Edward K. 73 Cathedral 
Cooper Mrs. Electa, 52 s Bond 
Cooper Mrs. Eliza, mantuama'r. 448 e Lombard 
Cooper Francis, machinist, 61 e Madison 
Cooper Fredk. clerk, 82 Mulberry 
Cooper Garrett, watchman, Mt. Royal hill 
Cooper Geo. beer, 105 e Pratt 
Cooper Geo. salesrain, 1 n Strieker 
Caoper Geo. R. 123 Gough 
Cooper Geo. W. shipjoiner, 448 e Lombard 
Cooper Geo. W. engineer, 331 Saratoga 
Cooper Harriet F. 275 Madison av 
Cooper Harry A. clerk, 275 Madison av 
Cooper Henry D. law student, 47 St. Paul 
Cooper Henry J. shipcarpenter, 335 Light 
Cooper Hugh W. 19S Pennaav 
Cooper James, telegraphist, 274 n Eutaw 
Cooper James, real estate and money broker, 

29 St. Paul, dw Beech hill, Saratoga ext 
Cooper James H. huckster, 312 Light 
Cooper James B. shipcarpr. 123 Gough 
Cooper John, cooper, 15 Poultney 
Cooper John Hawker, drayman, 359 McDonogh 
Cooper John A. huckster, 285 Eastern av 
Cooper John H. pilot, and pres't Pilots' Asso 

elation, 83 Thames, dw 63 s Ann 
Cooper John W. shipjoiner, 33 s Chester 
Cooper Joseph, puddler, 255 s Ann 
Cooper .Mrs. Maria L. 280 Madison av. 
Cooper Mrs. Mary, chaircaner, 56 Jefferson 
Cooper Peter, lab. Hampden 
Cooper Philip H. pilot, 75 s Chester 
Cooper Robert E. laborer, 23 Sterrett 
Cooper Mrs. Ruth, 123 Gough 
Cooper Saml. letter carrier, 327 Light 
Cooper Mrs. Sarah E. 210 s Caroline 
Cooper Sarah E. 307 n Bond 
Cooper & Seltzer, (B. C. Cooper, A. H. Seltzer) 

butchers, 20 Fells Point market 
Cooper Thos. N. bookkeeper, 277 Druid Hillav 
Cooper Thos. mate, 111 Montgomery 
Cooper Wm. clerk, 33 s Chester 
Cooper Wm. H. clerk, 33 s Chester 
Cooper Wm. clerk, 56 Jefferson 
Cooper Wm. laborer, Hampden 
Cooper Wm. Geo. driver, 359 McDonogh 
Coose M. F. shoemaker, 126 Barre 
Cootes B. F. salesman, cor Lombard and Paca 
Coove Saml. W. salesman, 275 Mulberry 
Cope Charles, harnessmaker, 3 Federal 
Copeland Elizabeth, 92 s Bond 
Copeland Philip D. carpenter, Loudon av nr 

Millijgton la 
Copenhagen House, 292 s Ann 
Copenhaver Augustus, paperhangings, 150 s 

Copenhaver John H. paperh'r, 394 e Monument 
Copenhaver John, driver, 180 Peirce 
Copenhaver Samuel M. salesman, 319 w Fayette 
Copes George, lumber, 165 e Pratt 
Copes Miles, shoemaker, 87 Warner 









O. F. Bresee, G-eneral Agent, 15 Sonth St. 












Copland Robert, provisions, 80 Druid Hill av 
CoppJohn, laborer, 81 Covington 
Coppage Mrs. Josephine, boarding. 348 e Chase 
Copper Mrs. EliZiibeth A. tailoress, 13i) n Eutaw 
Copper James H. ladies' shoemaker. 57 Ensor 
Coppinger John D. clerk, Calvert station, dw 

Balto. CO 
Coram Edgar, shoemaker, 453 w Lombard 
Coram Joseph V. moulder, 453 w Lombard 
Coram Wni. butcher, 47 n Caroline 
Coram Wm. H. shoemaker, 453 \v Lombard 
Corbell Peter, shoemaker, 41 s Hi<rh 
Corbett Emanl. shipping merch.463 e Lombard 
Corbett John, blacksmith, 107 York 
Corbett John W. clerk, 463 e Lombard 
Corliin Charles, salesman, 162 s Charles 
Corbin Charles W, clerk, 33 s Gay 
Corbin John R. firmer, Clipper mills 
Corbin John W. (Brown, Boggs & Co.)St. Clair 

Corbin Mrs. Mary, Clipper mills 
(^orbitt Edward, carter, 59 York 
Corbitt James, patter, 114 s High 
Corbitt Jacob L. drug clerk, Hollins and Oregon 
Corbitt Patrick, grocery, Hughes and William 
Curbitt Wm. W. clerk, 164 Penna av 
Corcoran Martin, laborer, 1 Griffiss ct 
Corcoran Jlichael, porter, 121 West 
Corcoran Michael, drayman, 167 e Eager 
Corcoran Michael J. clerk, 23 Bank 
Corcoran Patrick, shoemaker, 23 Bank 
Corcoran Thos. foreman at tunnel, 499 n Fremont 
Cord Henry, tailor, 198 e Eager 
Cord Henry, laborer, 181 Lee 
Cord John T. die and model maker, 380 s Sharp 
C(ird Mrs. Rosetta, 181 Lee 
Cordell Dr. E. F. 56 Lexington 
Cordery John D. cabinetmaker, 155 Hamburg 
Cordery Mrs. Sarah R. boarding 109 Bank 
Cordery Wm. H. 64 w Fayette, dw 318 n Eden 
Cordes H. tinner, 184 s Bond 
Cording Caroline, confectionery, 75 n Fremont 
Cording Herman, carpenter, 75 n Fremont 
Cordray Adolphus M. cierk, 542 w Fayette 
Coidray Henry F. scroll sawyer, 542 w Fayette 
Cordray Wm. H. clerk, 542 w Fayette 
Corey I3enj. J. saddler, 176 Pearl 
C!oriell Alvin, bookkeeper, Fulton nr Lombard 
Coriell Isaac, contractor, Fulton nr Lombard 
Corkran Benjamin W. paying teller Farmers 

and Merchants Nat. Bank, dw 165 n Oregon 
Corkran B.W. clerk, cor Park avand Towi'send 
Coikran Wm. dep'ty naval officer, cor Park av 

and Townsend 
Corkrin John A. laborer, 92 n Ann 
Corles John, 122 Fort av 
Corles Mrs. Mary, grocery, 122 Fort av 
Corman Stephen A. shoemaker, 121 n Schroeder 
CORN & FLOUR EXCHANGE, cor South and 

Wood, Wm. F. Wheatley, sect'y 
Cornelius John C. officer at Penitentiary, 164 

Harford av 
Cornelius & Co. (N. A. Cornelius, W.G.Waujs- 

icy) provisions, 147 e Monument 
Cornelius Mrs. Charlotte, dressmkr, 95 n Charles 
Cornelius Droghe, tailor, 36 Harrison 
Cornelius Geo. (CorneliusA Co.)163 n Caroline 
Cornelius George G. engineer, Mt. Vernon mills 
Cornelius Geo. W. laborer Mt. Vernon mills 
Cornelius John, laborer, Mt. Vernon mills 
Cornelius John E. machinist, Mt. Vernon mills 
Cornelius John W. carpenter, 95 n Charles 

Cornelius Nicholas, grocery, 165 Forrest.dw 163 
Cornelius Nicholas A. (Cornelius & Co.) 160 

Harford av 
Cornelius Richard, cashier Nat. Farmers and 

Planters Bank, dw 448 Madison av 
Cornelius Thomas, clerk, 143 Cross 
Cornelius Winfield, stonecutter, 164 Harford av 
Cornell Charles R. carp. 242 Madison av 
Cornell John H. ticket agent B. & 0. R. R. 219 

Cornell Mark J. bookkeeper, 688 w Lombard 
Cornell Michael carpenter and builder, 13 Mor- 
ris al, dw 242 Madison av 
Cornell Philip, lab. Hull nr Fort av 
Corner B. Mezick, (Jas. C. & Sons) New York 
Corner Mrs. Elizabeth, 344 e Eager 
Corner Frank, clerk, 20 n Broadway 
Corner Geo.W.(Jas. C. <fcSons) 20 n Broadway- 
Corner Henry C. clerk, 122 St. Paul 
CORNER H. W. agent Baltimore and Freder- 

icksiinrg steamers, 34 w Pratt 
Corner James J. bookkeeper, 122 St. Paul 
CORNER JAMES cj- SONS, (Thomas, G. W., 

B. M., and Thonms Corner, jr.) shipping and 

com. nierchts, foot Frederick-st dock, office 

18 Second 
Corner Nicholas, fisherman, 407 Cross 
Corner Solomon F. clerk, 122 St. Paul 
Corner Sol., St. Clair hotel 
Corner Thos. jr. (Jas. C. & Sons) 90 Saratoga 
Corner Thos. (Jas. C. & Sons) New York 
Corner Washington, tinner, 217 e Pratt 
Corner V/m. E. (James J. Lacy & Co.) 108 s 

Corner Wm. H. clerk, 89 n Paca 
Corner Wm. 108 s Caroline 
Corney Luke, drayman, 20 Buren 
Corney Nicholas, lab. 50 Preston 
Corney Patrick, lab. 245 Hamburg 
Cornick Richard D. bricklayer, 286 McDonogb' 
Corning Albion J. chemist, 185 n Carey 
Corns Annanias, foundryman, 59 Lucerne 
Corns Jacob F. officer Md. Penitentiary, 947 w 

Corns Jacob S. machinist, 947 w Baltimore 
Corns Job, timekeeper, 475 Franklin 
Corns John, ironworker, 57 Luzerne 
Corns Joseph, clerk, 175 Franklin 
Corns Ruth A. 59 Luzerne 
Corntey Mrs. Catherine, 67 e Monument 
Cornthwait Charles S. machinist, 28 St. Peter 
Cornlhvvait John M. machinist, 28 St. Peter 
Cornthwait John Oliver, watchman C. H. 170 e 

Cornthwait Robert H. carpenter, 28 St. Peter 
Cornthwait Wm. P. clerk, 50 n Gilmor 
(jornwell L. J. clerk, over 112 Light-st whf 
Cor[)ole .Mrs. Mina, 1 Lancaster 
Corprevv James, boilerrakr, 408 w Lombard 
Corprew Moses, boilernikr, 502 w Lombard 
Corprew Thos. boilernikr, 2(i0 Bank 
Correa Wm. J. plasterer, 3o8 Orleans 
Correll James M. clerk, 224 George 
Correll John, grocery, Calverton 
Correll Stewart D. clerk, 136 Mosher 
Corrie Dr. James, (Gill & C. ) 237 Saratoga 
Corrigan Daniel, shoemkr, 107 Harford av 
Corrigan Edward, grocery, 131 n Broadway 
Corrigan Francis, engineer, 280 Gough 
Corrigan John, lab. 2 Fort av 
Corrigan Michael, huckster, 112 n Bond 
Corrigan Patrick, aoapmkr, 67 n Front 

Mutual Life Insurance Co. of New York, 




Corri>:an Patrick, porter, 31 Oxford 

Corrigan Philip, hackman, 158i n Calvert 

Corrv Win. driver, 58 Goufrli 

Corsey Frederick, lab. 186 s Spring 

Corsey James, lab. 38 Thames 

Corsey John, mariner, 132 Johnson 

Corsey Robert, lab. 38 Thames 

Corson Henry, rigger, 18 Fell 

Corss John, shoemkr, 230 s Eiitaw 

Cortes John H. restaurant, s w cor Light and 

Lombard, dw 12 Centre Market sp 
Cortes Geo. baker, 76 Portland 
Cortlaii James, sr. 231 n Charles 
Corwine Letha A. upholstress, 19 Greenra't av 
Corwine Marg't S. upholstress, 19 Greeum't av 
Cory James 0. mariner, 218 Gough 
Cosby Wm. H. salesman, 30 s Howard 
Cosgrove Edward, lab. 22 Hudson al 
Cosgrove Horatio G. lamps, 44 e Baltimore 
Cosgrove Mrs. Jane, grocery, cor Gihnor and 

Cosgrove John, canmkr, 291 Aliceanna, Canton 
Cosgrove John, machinist, 20 Sterrett 
Cosgrove John P. fire dep't, 307 s Charles 
Cosgrove J. Henry, grocer, 82 Richmond and 

218 n Howard, dw 82 Richmond 
Cosgrove Joseph, lab. 222 Mulberry 
Cosgrove Mary A. seamstress, 11 Pleasant al 
Cosgrove Michael, lab. 291 Aliceanna 
Cosgrove Patrick, lab. 11 Pleasant al 
Cosgrove Patrick, jr. lab. 11 Pleasant al 
Cosgrove Thomas, lab. 11 Pleasant al 
Cosgrove Wm. lab. 15 Stockton al 
Coskery Felix S. 188 n Calvert 
Coskery James, drayman, 15 Ringgold al 
Coskery James, lab. 15 Ripggold al 
Coskery Dr. Oscar J. 188 n Calvert 
Coskery Mrs. R. D. 188 n Calvert 
Cost Geo. clerk, 138 Gough 
Cost John L. mail agent, Howard house 
Cost Rebecca, 138 Gough 
Costello Andrew, lab. 9 McFlenry al 
Costello Mrs. Ann, 90 w Centre 
Costello Dennis, moulder, 8 Somerset 
Costello Henry, limeburner, Orleans and Wolfe 
Costello James, coachman, 45 Buren 
Costello John, lab. 17 n Amity 
Costello John, lime kilns and feed, Fayette e of 

Burke, dw 181 Orleans 
Costello John, jr. carpenter, 181 Orleans 
Costello Matthias, trackman, Mt. Washington 
Costello Maurice, lab. 46 s Dewberry al 
Costello Patrick, carpenter, 48 Preston 
Costello Patrick, lab. 90 Ramsav 
Costello Patrick, lab. 10 St. Mary 
Costello Patrick, police, 83 Garden 
Costello P. S. police, H3 Garden 
Coster Albert, finisher, 230 Montgomery 
Costtr Mrs. Annie, dressmkr, Eager and Forrest 
Coster E. lab. 8 Leadenhall 
Coster Geo. currier, 32 Hillen 
Coster James H. stairbuilder, 1 s Calhoun, dw 

95 s Gilmor 
Coster James Z. clerk, 330 e Madison 
Coster Joseph, lab. 46 Guilford al 
Coster Joseph, bookkeeper, 400 Hanover 
Coster Capt. Somerville, mariner, 301 William 
Coster Wm. clerk, 330 e Madison 
Costes Victor A. cook, 333 s Sharp 
Gostigan Michael, 8 Hawk 
Costigaa Wm. jr. lab. 297 e Pratt 
Costigan Wm. harbor master, 297 e Pratt 

Costigan Wm. lab. 8 Hawk 

Costillo John, lab. Sweet Air 

Costin Mrs. Harriet C. 1 Weber 

Costin James, moulder, 1 Weber 

Costin Lemuel 0. conductor, 76 Byrd 

Costolay Pat'k J. cedarware and broom manuf. 

118, 120 Franklin, dw 189 Druid Hill av 
Cotbell Clarke, mariner, 115 William 
Gotten M. A. clerk, 244 w Baltimore 
Cotter J. & Co. (John Cotter. J.Nunan, J. Wall) 

wholesale liquors, 40 and 42 s Frederick 
Cotter James, marble polisher, 212 n Front 
Cotter .Mrs. Jane, 182 n E.xeter 
Cotter John, marble [polisher, 75 East 
Cotter John, (J. C. & Co.) 53 s Exeter 
Cotter Mary, grocery, 75 East 
Cotter Nicholas, carpenter, 66 Decker 
Cottt-r Nicholiis jr. cigarmaker, 66 Decker 
Cotter Richard, fireman, 66 Decker 
Cotterill Edw. H. stencil cutter, 413 Lexington 
Cotterill .Mrs. M. E. confec. 413 Lexington 
Cottingham Henry, clerk, 68 s Calvert 
Cottingham James, clerk, 98 Barrje 
Cottingham Samuel jr. (R. Sinclair & Co.) Ore- 
gon nr Harlem av 
Cottingham Tlismas, blacksmith, 222 Montgo- 
Cottman Clarence, clerk. 203 n Howard 
Cottman Mrs. James S. 203 n Howard 
Cottman J. H. chemical broker, over 59 s Gay 

dw 203 n Howard 
Cotton Jacob, clerk, 65 George 
Cotton L. clothing, 169 Franklin, dw 65 George 
Cotton Mrs. Simon, 218 Canton av 
Cottrell Daniel G. engineer, 46 Hamburg 
Cottrell Mrs. Margt. ladies' nurse, 281 n Eutaw 
Couch John, carpenter, 197 Ramsay 
Couchman Edw. carpenter. Phila. rd nr city 

Couchman George, carpenter, 561 e Fayette 
Couchman Joseph, paper, 32 Patterson Park av 
Couchman Wm. H. carp. 561 e Fayette 
Coughan James jr. boilermaker, 50 s Strieker 
Coughan James, foreman, 50 s Strieker 
Coughan John, laborer, 50 s Strieker 
Coughan Patrick, laborer, 50 s Strieker 
Coughlan David, stonecutter, 189 Chesnut 
Coughlan Mrs. Johanna, 189 Chesnut 
Coughlan John J. liquors, 69 Mulberry 
Coughlan John J. bookeeper, 64 s Exeter 
Coughlan John, painter, 189 Chesnut 
Coughlan Patrick, grocery, 322 Eastern av 
Coughlan Thomas F. clerk, 64 s Exeter 
Coughlan Wm. clerk,' 70 McCulloh 
Coughlan Wm. bottler, 69 and 71 s Central av 

dw 64 s Exeter 
Ccughlin Cornelius, laborer, 60 Cooksie 
Coughlin James, laborer, 62 Cooksie 
Coughlin John T. painter, 2 Rock 
Coughlin Kerrin, heater, 191s Chester 
Coughiin Mrs. Mary, tavern, 62 Cooksie 
Coughlin Mrs. Mary, 2 Rock 
Couglar John, butcher, 52 Belair market, dw 

Cougle Thos. W. dispatcher, 34 Fawn 
Coulberl Garrett, boilermaker, 160 William 
Coulbourn Robert M. clerk, 80 n Carey 
Coulbourn Stephen D. com. mercht. over 107 

South, dw 80 n Carey 
Coulson Mrs. Amelia, grocery, 359 Columbia 
Coulson Andrew J. painter, 108 s Regester 
Coulson Chas. E. mariner, 108 s Regester 

The Largest Life Insurance Co. in the World. 






















• 1-4 


• I— ( 












Coiilson E. ^ Bro. (E. and G. Conlson) manufs. 

glue, hone dust and phosphates, Patterson la, 

office 51 s Charles 
Coulson Edward, (E. C. & Bro.) Patterson la, 

betw York rd and Harford av 
Coulson Eliza, 108 s Regester 
Coulson Geo. (E. C. &Bro.) Patterson la, betw 

York rd and Plarford ar 
Coulson Henrj B. clerk, 292 Hollins 
Coulson Mrs. Mary H. 292 Hollins 
Coulson Robert, clerk, 29 n Culvert 
Coulson Thos. F. carpenter, 359 Columbia 
Coulson \Vm. R. painter. Union Prot. Infirmary' 
Coulter Ale.x. teller .Merch Nat. Bank, 64wBiddle 
Coulter Ale.x. bricklayer, 84 Centre Market sp 
Coulter Alex, tinner, 8 e Baltimore 
Coulter Andrew J. laborer, 82 Mound 
Coulter Archibald B. 226 w Hoffman 
Coulter & Co. (H. Coulter) provisions, 53 

Coulter Henry, (C. & Co.) 570 w Fayette 
Coulter Geo. T. broker, 2 Exchange building, 

dw 64 w Biddle 
Coulter Henry C. elerk, 570 w Fayette 
Coulter .James J. pilot, 171 Bank 
Coulter John, shoemaker, 233 e Baltimore 
Coulter John, well digger, 108 Dolphin 
Coulter John C. 570 w Fayette 
Coulter John H. coi)persraith, 127 William 
Coulter John H. street supt. McElderry nr'Bond 
Coulter Mifflin, disc't clerk Nat. Bank of Balti- 
more, 9 Cathedral 
Coulter Noah B. laborer, 118 Cooksie 
Coulter Robert A. carpenter, 115 Montgomery 
Coulter Samuel, tailor, 113 n Eutaw 
Coulter Saml. jr. metre inspector, llSnEutaw 
Coulter Wm. 84 Centre Market sp 
Councell Anna, seamstress, 173 e Fayette 
Councell Ruth T. tailoress, 48 u Front 
Councilman Chas. A. (Maynard, C. & Co.) 6 

Counselman Geo. L. canraaker, 152 Jefferson 
Counselman Geo. laborer, 105 s Strieker 
Counselman Geo. H. machinist 105 s Strieker 
Counselman Lawrence W.{H. S. Lanfair &Co.) 

152 Jefferson 
Counselman Wm. H. painter, 348 Plollins 
Counselman Wm. H.jr. painter, 348 Hollins 
Countess James C. conductor, Fulton nr Pratt 
Countess Joseph, brickmaker, Fulton nr Pratt 
(!oun less Joseph W. fireman, Fulton nr Pratt 
Countess San Francisco, brickmk'r, Fulton nr 

Coupland Richard, hatter, 60 s Charles, dw 244 

n Bond 
County Wharf, foot of Broadway 
Courleander Bernald, music teacher Peabody 

Institute, dw 238 n Calvert 
Courn Henry, porter, 91 Hillen 
Coursey Chas. engineer, 81 s Strieker 
Coursey James E. machinist, 28 St. Peter 
COURT HOUSE, Baltimore city, cor Calvert 

and Lexington 

2d floor, Henry F. Garey, judge, I. Freeman 

Rasin, chief clerk, office basement Court House 
Courtenay David S. 203 Franklin 
Courtenay Mrs. Lilly, 69 Harlem av 
Courtenay Roliert A. pilot, 120 Hughes 
Courtnay Claypool, tinner, John nr Spring 
Courtnaj Henry, carpenter, John nr Spring 
Courtney Charles, coachmaker, 205 Battery av 

Courtney Mrs. Ann, Hie Eager 
Courtney N. B. D. clerk, 39 Columbia 
Courtney Francis, 111 e Eager 
Courtney Geo. W.(H. h . Hackife Co.)231 Walsh 
Courtney Geo. (Gilmore & C.) 142 s Central av 
Courtney James, laborer, 113 Vine 
Courtney James A. painter, 327 Saratoga 
Courtney John, fireman, 290 Johnson 
Courtney .John, blacksmith, 94 s Exeter 
Courtney Mrs. Mary, 64 Courtland 
Courtney Mary L. (McNally & C.) Ill e Eager 
Courtney Patrick, driver, 513 n Gay 
Courtnev Richard, (R. 0. & Bro.) 64 Courtland 
COURTNEY R. & BRO. (R. Courtney) wine 

de.ilers and grocers, 14 n Charles 
Courtney Theresa, dressmaker, 111 e Eager 
Courtney Wm. laborer, Stevenson la nr Green- 
mount cemetery 
Courtney William T. plasterer, 175 Vine 
Courtney Wm. T. butcher, 33 Centre and 44 

Belair markets, dw Yord rd nr city limits 
Courtney William P. clerk, 64 Courtland 
Courtney Winfield P. carpenter, ]9Parrish 
Courts Andrew J. bricklayer, 67 n Amitv 
Courts George W. butcher, 57 Lafayette mar- 
ket, dw Retreat nrMary 
Courts J. Edward, butcher, 53 Lexington mar- 
ket, dw Retreat nr Mary 
Courts James, machinist, 118 n Poppleton 
Courts James, machinist, 123 Elliott 
Courts Mary, tailoress, 86 Richmond 
Courtois Mrs. Sophia, seamstress, 92 n Schroeder 
Cousins Edward, moulder, 129 e Eager 
Cousins George W. cooper, cor Baltimore and 

Cousins James M. cooper, cor Baltimore and 

Cousins John, cor Baltimore and Washington 
Cousins .John E. cooper, 220 Orleans 
Cousins Thomas C. boilermaker, 53 Lee 
Cousins Wm. J. cor Baltimore and AVashington 
Couvine W. machinist, 150 Forrest 
Couzins Mary, dressmkr. cor Charles and Pratt 
Covell J. fjdward, engineer, 584 w Lombard 
Covell William, engineer, 242 Hoilins 
Covenant Hall, cor Lexington and Howard 
Covens John, shoemaker, 106 w Fayette 
Cover Benjamin F. laborer, 99 Granby 
Cover William L. photographer, 560 w Balti- 
more, dw 61 n Strieker 
Covington E. H. conductor, 496 Lexington 
Covington Henry, carpenter, 169 Aisquith 
Covington John E. clerk, 200 H mover 
Covington MarcellusW. mariner, 294 e Lombard 
Covington MaryC. d.essmaker, 294 e Lombard 
Covington Philip, mariner, 294 c Lombard 
Covington Priscilla, dressmaker, 294e Lombard 
Covington Philip, mariner, 56 s Castle 
Covington Thos. S. carbuilder, 586 w Lombard 
Covington Wm. R. mariner, 294 e Lombard 
Cowan David, bookkeeper, 284 n Howard 
Cowan Mrs. E. C. 427 e Eager 
Cowan H. F. attorney, 427 e Eager 
Cowan J. C. engineer, 427 c Eager 
Cowan William H. attorney, 5 Courtland, dw 

cor Hollins imd Mount 
Coward Mrs. Margaret, 19 Franklin 
Coward Thos. R. wholesale wines and liquors, 

55 w Pratt, dw 105 n Charles 
Coward William, cari)enter, 220 Aliceanna 
Cowell Anton, shoemaker, 261 Preston 
Cowen Ciifherine, grocery, 24 s Pojipleton 

Mutual Life Insurance Co. of New York, 

cow 129 

Cowen Cavalier, glassblower, 321 Light 
Cowen Edward, hacks, 819 w Baltimore 

Cowen J. R. attorney, Camden Station 

Cowen William A. glassblower, 321 Light 
Cowen William S. stonecutter, 190 L. Hughes 

Cowen William, mariner, 157 William 

Cowles Henry JI. secretary board public school 
commissioners, 67 n Bond 

Cowley James, laborer, 134 s Chester 

Cowman Albert, clerk, 61 w Biddle 

Cowman Albert, plasterer, 392 e Monument 

Cowman Catherine, 32 New Church 

Cowman Chas. (J. G. C. & Bro.) 634 w Lombard 

Cowman Chas. H. (Suowden & C.) 120 Bolton 

COWMAN & CO. (William T. Cowman) hosiery 
and trimmings, 71 Lexington 

Cowman Edward, clerk, 77 w Biddle 

Cowman Mrs. Ellen, 634 w Lombard 

Cowman J. G. ^- Bro. (J. G. and Charles Cow- 
man) grocers, s e cor Baltimore and Calhoun 

Cowman James H. blacksmith, 275 McHenry 

Cowman John G. (J. G. C. & Bro.) 359 Hollins 

Cowman J. Henry (Russells & C.) 197 Druid 
Hill av 

Cowman Joseph, clerk, 17 n Fremont 

Cowman Joseph jr. clerk, 91 Mulberry 

Cowman Nicholas, boilermaker, 34 Barre 

Cowman Philip E. electrotyper, 1 14 w Baltimore 
dw 292 e Madison. — [See Advertisment 

Cowman Samuel S. jr. clerk, 287 w Hofifman 

Cowman Wm. T. (C. & Co.) grocery, 208 
Madison av, dvy 186 Druid Hill av 

Cowper Frederick, clerk, 82 Mulberry 

Cox Mrs. Ann R. 15 n Caroline 

Cox Amos A. surveyor, 132 Dolphin 

Cox Benjamin W. speculator, Hampden 

Cox Charles, upholsterer, 38 n Pine 

Cox Charles H. canmaker, 233 e Baltimore 

Cox Charles 0. clerk, 58 n Greene 

Cox Collin, cabinetmaker, 125 Parkin 

Cox Dr. E. Gover, n w cor Baltimore and Pine 

COX ELISHA, coach and liverv stables, n e 
cor Bank and Bethel, dw 88 Bank 

Cox Esau J. police, 336 e Pratt 

Cox Esau L. police, 336 e Pratt 

Cox Eugene, clerk, 504 w Baltimore 

Cox George W. printer, 15 n Caroline 

Cox George W. bookkeeper, 375 w Baltimore 

Cox Harry, carpenter. 155 n Eutaw 

Cox Harry C. clerk, 504 w Baltimore 

Cox Henry, bookkeeper, 70 Bolton 

Cox Henry N. clerk, 70 Bolton 

Cox Henry P. brassworker, 125 Parkin 

Cox Hugh, laborer, 4 Cottou row 

Cox Isaac, hats, 208 w Baltimore, pres't Con- 
solidated Real Estate and Fire Ins. Co. pres't 
Comra'rs for Opening Streets, dw Mulberry 
nr Strieker 

Cox Is.'iac, bricklayer, 18 s Carey 

Cox James, laborer, 77 s Carey 

Cox James E. machinist, 125 Parkin 

Cox James E. painter, 337 e Madison 

Cox James H. sr. bookkeeper, 58 n Greene 

Cox James H. jr. sec'y Mutual Life Ins. Co. 17 
South, dw Homestead 

Cox James, machinist, Mt. Vernonlmills 

Cox James L. cigarmaker, Homestead 

Cox John, carpenter, 336 e Pratt 

Cox John, printer, cor Pratt and Spears whf, 
dw 284 n Eden 

Cox John E. laborer, 11 s Carey 

Cox John F. bricklayer, 37 Etting 


Cohn JohnT. police, 209 e Madison 

COX JOHN E. & POPE, (J. E. Cox, 
D. r. Pope) Produce and Commis- 
sion Merchants, s w cor Fayette 
and Howard 

COX JOHNR (J.R. C. &Pope)316 wLombard 

Cox Joseph F. clerk, 196 w Lombard 

Cox Joseph, (Freeland, Hall & Co.) Mt Vernon 

Cox Kate, seamstress, 46 Hillen 
Cox Lawrence N. bookkeeper, 70 Bolton 
COX LUTHER J. (C. & Sears) York rd Bal to co 
Cox Mrs. Louis B. boarding, 196 w Lombard 
Cox Mrs. .Margaret. 158 e Balttmore 
Cox Mrs. Mary, yeast cake factory, 218 w Biddle 
Cox Mrs. Mary, tailoress, 91 Jefferson 
Cox Mrs. Mary, 46 Hillen 
Cox Michael jr. currier, 46 Hillen 
Cox Oliver, millwright, 4b Sterrett 
Cox Patrick, lab. 136 Low 
Cox Perry, upholsterer, 437 w Fayette 
Cox Richard W. (R. W. C. & Co.) 310 Saratoga 
COX RICHARD W. & CO.(R.W. Cox)bankers 

and brokers, n w cor Baltimore and Charles 
COX & SEARS, (L. J. Cox, Edward Sears,) 

grain com. merchts. over cor Bowly's whf 

and Pratt 
Cox Susan, dressmkr. 91 Jefferson 
Cox Thos. currier, 46 Hillen 
Cox Walter, brakeman, 125 Parkin 
Cox Wm. H., Barn urn's hotel 
Cox & Ward, (W. A. Cox, Joseph W. Ward,) 

photographers, 56 n Charles 
Cox Wm. carpr. 125 Parkin 
Cox W. A. (C. c^W^ard) 56 n Charles 
Cox Wm. teacher, 521 w Fayette 
Cox Wm. G. teacher, n w cor Baltimore and 

Cox Wm. H. clerk, 146 s Ann 
Cox Wm. P., Barnum's hotel 
COX WM. H. mercht. tailor, 504 w Baltimore 
Cox Wm. F. bookkeeper, 233 e Baltimore 
Coxon Francis, potter, 197 Eastern av 
COY BYRON F. dentist, 141 n Charles 
Coy Jaines, mariner, 60'Hamburg 
Coy John H. machinist, 4 Williamson al 
Coyle Bernard F. boots and shoes, 256 Penna av 
Coyle Fred, machinist, 65 Hamburg 
Coyle Henry H. clerk, 38 Fawn 
Coyle John F. locksmith, 48 Arbel al 
Coyle James, lab. 58 Clifford al 
Coyle James, lab. 68 Lemmon 
Coyle John, (J. Coyle & Bros.) Barre nr Greene 
Coyle John, shipcarp. 65 Hamburg 
Coyle John, jr. caulker, 65 Hamburg 
Coyle John T. gilder, 160 n Howard 
Coyle John & Bros. (John, Wm. and Richard 

Coyle) marbleized slate mantles, cor Pratt 

and Fremont 
Coyle Maggie, teacher, 116 Conway 
Coyle Patrick H. currier, 26 Willow 
Coyle Patrick, umbrellas, 50 Camden 
Coyle Dr. T. P. dentist, 140 Lexington 
Coyle Dr. Terrence W. dentist, 160 n Howard 
Coyle Thos. J. carpr. 29 Arbel al 
Coyle Wm. (J. C. & Bros.) 688 w Baltimore 
Coyle Wm. H. machinist, 65 Hamburg 
Coyne Edward, lab. 172 Ramsay 
Coyne John, sr. 181 s Charles 

Assets $60,000,000 Cash Invested. 


i— < 














• I— I 












Coyne John jr. (J. C. & Co.) 181 s Charles 

Coyne John, grocery, 215 Raborg 

Coyne John & Co. (John Coyne jr.) lighters 

and tug boats, office Boyce's whf, Locust 

Point, and 95 w Lombard 
Coyne Michael, lab. 96 Chesapeake 
Coyne Michael, lab. 9 s Bethel 
Coyne Patricli, shipcarp. 16 Burke 
Coyne Patrick, lab. 558 w Lombard 
Coyne Patrick, lab. 63 Block 
Coyne Peter, lab. 172 Ramsay 
Cuyne Richard, lab. 172 Ramsay 
Coyner Dr. Samuel F. 131 n High 
Cozine James W. 192 e Madison 
Cozine ilrs. Ursula, 45 Jackson 
Cozine Wm. G. restaurant, 1 s Frederick, dw 

268 n Bond 
Crabbe Allen, plasterer, 59 Holland 
Crabbe Eugene, clerk, 253 w Fayette 
Crabbe Mrs. Jane F. 253 vv Fayette 
Crabbe John B. R. (Johnson, Sutton & Co.) 30 

n Strieker 
Crabbe Wm. H. clerk, 253 w Fayette 
Crabson Charles T. carpr. Falls rd nrtollgate 
Crabson John, lab. Falls rd nr tollgate 
Crabtree Leouidus C. 196 n Broadway 
Craddick Jos. N. carpenter, 373 e Lombard 
Crafi Chas. painter, 192 Greenmount av 
Craft Daniel, carp. 661 Penna av 
Craft Jacob jr. 38 s Eutaw 
Craft John Crew, 296 Hollins 
Craft Parker, hatter, 361 McDonogh 
Craft Mrs. Sarah E. Ill n Front 
Craft Wm. G. batter, 40 n Eutaw 
Cragan John, morocco dresser, 1 50 Forrest 
Crager Harry, stonemason, 23 Stockton 
Cragg Geo. R. clerk, 306 n Eden 
Cragg James, finisher, 370 Ostend 
Cragg Joseph, lab. 10 Stockholm 
Cragg Joseph, consulting engineer, 18 Second, 

dw 306 n Eden 
Cragg Wm. lab. 10 Stockholm 
Craggs Wm. carp. 139 n Fremont 
Craggs Wm. cracker baker, 87 n Ann 
Crahan Martin, lab. 200 West Falls av 
Craig Bernard, lab. 42 n Amity 
Craig Mrs. Eliza, confec'y, rear 395 n Central av 
Craig Eliza J. confectiosery, 175 Hughes 
Craig Mrs. Ellen, Mt. Royal hill 
Craig Mrs. Emeline, 9 Poultney 
Ciaig Francis, clerk, cor Front and Exeter 
Craig Geo. 31 L. Church 
Craig Geo. K. 226 Lanvale 
Craig Geo. W. sewing machines, 88 George 
Craig Geo. W. plumber, 395 n Central av 
Craig Hugh, manager telegraph B. & 0. R. R., 

231 Lee 
Craig James, clerk, 226 Lanvale 
Craig Jesse W. asst. observer U. S. signal ser- 
vice, over 32 South, dw 50 n Calvert 
Craig John, lab. 164 West 
Craig John, drayman, 10 Stockton al 
Craig John, type founder, 395 n Central av 
Craig J. .Morel), clerk, 610 w Lombard 
Craig John L. M. huckster, 360 e Monument 
Craig Josiah, watchman, 175 Hughes 
Craig Levin, mariner, 197 Montgomery 
Craig & La Porte, (0. B. Craig, H. La Porte 

jr.) wholes, notions and trimmings, 259 w 

Craig Mrs. Mary, 148 n High 
Craig 01iverB.(C. & La Porte)187DruidHill av 

Craig Robert, laborer, 39 President 

Craig Mrs. Sarah, grocery, cor Front andE.xeter 

Craig Selden F. clerk. 375 n Central av 

Craig Theodore W. 148 n High 

Craig Thos. boilermaker, 31 L. Church 

Craig Wm. laborer, 184 s Ann 

Craig Wm. clerk, 226 Lanvale 

Craighill Win. N. clerk, Union Bank bldg. 

CRAIGHILL COL. WM. P., U. S. A. office 3d 

floor Union Bank 
Grain Peter W. attorney, 6 n Calvert, dw Bar- 

nuiu's hotel 
Cralle .Mrs. Frances I. teacher, 223 Penna av 
Cr.ille Mrs. Rebecca, seamstress, 171 Townsend 
Cramblitt Benj. bricklayer, cor Belair av and 

Cramblitt Chas. W. carpenter, 37 Waesche 
Cramblitt Francis A. helper, 107 s Strieker 
Cramblitt Geo. W. coal and wood, 79 Sarah 

Ann, dw 37 W^aesche 
Cramblitt Stephen, paper hangings and window 

shades, 85 Penna av 
Cramblitt Thos. A. carpenter, 37 Waesche 
Cramblitt Wm. F. furn. wagon, 70 n Fremont 
Cramer ("asper, shipcarp. 185 s Chester 
Cramer Mrs. Elizabeth, 182 Orleans 
Cramer Francis, cabinetmaker, 219 Canton av 
Cramer John, barber, 182 Orleans 
Cramer John, liquors, 224 s Ann 
Cramer John, silk weaver, Hamburg nrRidgely 
Cramer Wm. bnckmaker, 4 Piice ct 
Cramer Wm. cigurmaker, 182 Orleans 
Crampton Rev. J. W. 140 Cathedral 
Crauipton Thaddeus, chairmaker, 131 Gough 
Cran Balthar, p.iinter, 21 Wyeth 
Cran Geo. shoemaker, 21 Wyeth 
Cran Henry, laborer, 21 Wyeth 
Cranbile Frank, collector, 170 w Biddle 
Crandall Robert, carpenter, 66 Lee 
Crandel Milton, printer, 84 Centre Market ep 
Crane A. Fuller, (W. C. & Sons) 235 n Eutaw 
Crane A. Fuller jr. 235 n Eutaw 
Crane A. P. harnessmaker, 21 Brune 
Crane Mrs. Catherine, hats, 209 n Gay and 40 

Centre Market sp 
Crane Mrs. Charles, 138 w Madison 
Crane Chas. bricklayer, 4i) Centre Market sp 
Crane Chas. C. ( W.C. & Sons) 244j n Howard 
Crane Chas. T. (Pearson, Lawrence & Co.) 138 

w Madison 
Crane Dora, 30 Harford av 
Crane Geo. T. clerk, 168 n Caroline 
Crane Jas. C. (W. C. & Sons) 159 Dolphin 
Crane Jeremiah, laborer, McHenry nr Fulton 
Crane John G. clerk. Hand house 
Crane Joseph, shoemaker, basement Mansion 

house, dw 53 Pearl 
Crane Mrs. Julia, 110 n E.teter 
Crane Martin, laborer, 200 West Falls av 
Crane P. W., Barnum's hotel 
Crane Philip M. cabinetmaker, 150 n Front 
Crane S. M. clerk, 186 Penna av 
Crane Thomas U. 99 Park 
Crane W. W. 159 Dolphin 
Crane W. k Sons, (A. F., J. C. and Chas. C. 

Crane, A. J. Lowndes) hides and leather, s e 

cor Cheapside and Water 
Craney August, stonecutter, 85 Harford av 
Crangle James, laborer, 140 Conway 
Craugle James, carpenter, 81s Greene 
(yrangle James B. chemist, 34 Holland 
Crangle James E. foreman, 372 Hollins 

Mutual Life Insurance Co. of New York, 




Crangle Mrs John, 81 s Greene 
Orangle Thomas, boilermaker, 95 York 
Cranraer Capt. Thos. C. mariner, 38 s Chester 
Orauwell Geo. W. cabinetmaker, 7 s Oregon 
Ciapon Samuel, sailinaker, 87 Orleans 
Crasser Christian, capmaker, 334 w Pratt 
Crate Fred'k, c:ir|ienier, 422 n Central av 
Crate Henry, lal^orer. Homestead 
Clause John, laborer, 347 n Central av 
Craven Patrick, laborer, 137 s iStricker 
Craven Thomas, roofer, 127 L. Greene 
Craver Geo. 0. clerk, 225 Henrietta 
Craver Mrs. Hannah, 225 Henrietui 
Craver John L. machinist, 439 w Lombard 
Craver Wm. laborer, 142e Lombard 
CR.A WFORD A. A freight agent P. W, <^ B. 

R. R. 36 Fawn 
Crawford Ann. 211 s Ann 
Crawford Ann M. 9t n Exeter 
Crawford Chas. E. ruanuf. agric'! impJements, 

23 n Liberty 
Crawford Chas. cooper, 10 Fountain 
Crawford Dixon, livery stable, 295 n Eiitaw 
Crawford Geo. G Viutcher, 35 Jackson 
Crawford Geo. \Y . driver. Fort av ur William 
Crawford Horatio, laborer. Fort av nr William 
Crawford Jacob, carpenter, 57 s Paca 
Crawf /rd James A. ironworker, 235 Bank 
Crawford Jas. B. ^W.H.C.& Co.) ln3McCulloh 
Crawford Jas. W. chair ornani'r, 107.McElderry 
Crawford Joiin 0. hack man, 295 n Eutaw 
Crawford John, engineer, 211 s Ann 
Crawford John, shipcarpenter, 23i Bank 
Crawford Capt. John A. mariner, 389(Janton av 
Crawford John C. apothecary, 20 Jnckson sq av 
Crawford John F. cari)enter, 235 Bank 
Crawford John D. printer, 9 n Bond 
Crawford John N. type founder, 7 Bank la 
Crawford John W. printer, 94 n Exeter 
Crawford Levi C. bricklayer. 77 Fort av 
Crawford Mrs. Mary, boarding, 15 Le.KJngton 
Crawford Nathan H. solicitor, over cor Balti- 
more and South, dw 461 n Carey 
Crawford Patrick, grocery, 849 w Pratt 
Crawford Mrs. Rachel D. 34 Cathedral 
Crawford Rich'd I. foreman, 70 Henrietta 
Crawford Robt. H shipcarp. 235 Bank 
Crawford Robt. K. b«.coii, 468 ii Carey 
Crawford Saml. C. timekeeper, 417 n Calhoun 
Crawford Thos, printer, 12 Harrison 
Crawford Thomas, driver, 600 Light 
Crawford Thos. A. t^aUsman, 322 e Chase 
CRAWFORD WM. H. & CO. (Wm. H. and J. 
B. Crawford) s[)icB mills, wari'house 62South, 
mills n w cor Union al and Dallas 
CRAWFORD WM. general agent P. W. & B. 

R. R. s e cor Hiszh and Trinity 
Crawford Wra. M., Orleans nr Castle 
Crawford Lieut. Merren jr. 11. S. A., Fort Mc- 

Crawford Wm. H. (Wra. H. C. & Co ) 153 Mc- 

Crawford Wm. H. carpenter, 135 s Strieker 
Crawford Wm. T. laborer, 10 Fountain 
Crawley Mrs. Catherine, rear 121 KUiott 
Crawley Edward, laborer, rear 121 Elliott 
Crawley Peter, laborer, rear 121 Elliott 
Creager Flpbraim, clerk, 365 w Bidtimore 
Creager George W. carpenter, 192 n Fremont 
Creager George L. clerk, 181 Lexington 
Creager Mrs. Margaret Ann, Winans place nr 
Spring Gardens 

Creager Noble H.dep U.S Marshal, 55 Franklin 

Creager Walter, laborer, Winans row 

Creagh Mrs. Bridget, 87 Boyd 

Creagh .Mrs. Elizabeth, 183 Gough 

Creajih Mrs. Elizabth, 99 Gough 

Creagh Henry A. wharf and bridge builder, 30 

Creagh J.din, 200 w Biddle 
Creagh Michael, carpenter, 98 s Strieker 
Creagh Peter, driver, 251 Bank 
Creagh Stephen, carpenter, 87 Boyd 
Creagh Thomas, laborer, 251 Bank 
Creagh Thomas jr. stovemoulder, 251 Bank 
Cream John jr. brewer, 15 Bank 
Cream John, laborer, 15 Bank 
Creamer Alex, saddler, 130 Chew 
Creamer Alex. F. saddler, 314 Harford av 
Creamer Andrew, paper hanger, 33 St. Mary 
Creamer Annie, grocery, 78 Henrietta 
Creamer Anthony, [)olice, 228 Scott 
Creamer Caroline, grocy. O'Donnell nr Curley 
Creamer Chas. H. brakeman, 144 Columbia 
Creamer Christian, painter, 8 Gieeniuount ar 
Creamer Mrs. Cornelia, 152 e Monument 
Creamer C. Cookman, clerk, 127 e Monument 
Creamer David Smitlr', clerk, 49 Hillen 
Creamer Mrs. Eliza, 20 Laurel 
Creamer Mis.Klhi, gaiter uppers, 94 Greenm'tav 
Creamer Fred, beer, 361 Eastern av 
Cieamer George, blacksmith, 78 Henrietta 
Creamer Geo. B. clerk, 131 ii Ejceter 
Creamer Jacob, coach spring mak. 298 g Paca 
Creamer John, tailor, 8 Greenmount av 
Cieamer John, car driver, 290 s Sharp 
Creamer John F. helper, 298 s Paca 
Creamer John, mariner, 40 Philpot 
Creamer John F. laborer, 40 Philpot 
Cieamer John, laborer, Hampden 
Creamer Joseph, wheelwright, 3 Harmony la 
Creamer Joseph jr. carter, 340 s Sharp 
Creamer Joseph, milkman, 340 s Sharp 
Creamer Louis, tailor, 15 s Howard 
Creamer Mrs. .Margaret, grocery, 40 Philpot 
Cieamer .Mrs. Mary L. lOO' Saratoga 
Creamer Nicholas, paperhanger, 26 St. Mary 
Creamer Peter, laborer, 235 Lemmon al 
(Jreimer Thomas, bookkeeper, 131 u Exeter 
Creamer Wm. tailor, 15 S Howard 
Creany Gnstavus, laborer, 85 Harford av 
Createn Fiaiik, clerk, Pennsylvania house 
Cieery Wm. R., Sup't Public Schools, 176 n 

Creery Wm T. clerk, 176 n Republican 
C'eiger Henry, mariner, 346 Canton av 
Creighton Ann E. seamstress, 207 Montgomery 
Creighton Chas. A. painter, 379 Light 
Creighton Frank, upholst'r, Pennsylvania house 
Creighton .Mrs. Clara, confec'y, 148j Aisquith 
Creighton G^o. W. cigarmaker, 361 s Sharp 
Creighton Henry, 148i Aisquith 
Creighton Henry T. painter, 379 Light 
Creighton James, watchman, 71 W^illiara 
Creighton Margaret, grocery, 28 Morris al 
Creighton Michael, laborer, s end Strieker 
Creighton .Miller, coal and wood, 25 u Oregon, 

dw cor Biddle and fc)utaw 
Creighton Miller, 271 n Eutaw 
Creighton Robert H. police, 404 West 
< reighton Mrs. Sarah, 49 n Front 
Creighton Wm. H. mariner, 379 Light 
Crenj AVm. T. painter, 185 n High 
Cress Peter, laborer, 406 Canton av 








O. F Prrscf, CeiiiTid A ^: i.U 1- Z<mL 




Cressel Fredk. shoemaker, 57 Albemarle 

Cressy Geo. N. missionary, 190 Saratoga 

Cretzer Ohas. carpenter, 215 s Bond 

Creutz Petei, cabinetmaker, 234 s Eutaw 

Creutzberg Ernest, porter, 41 s Gay 

Creutzliurv Chas. W. tigarinak. 84 Leadenhall 

Crew Bernard, driver, Lenimou nr Gilmor 

Crew Wm. J. carpenter, Fulton nr Ramsay 

Crey A. L. salesman, 70 Buren 

Crey Mrs. Elizabeth Mary, 70 Buren 

Crey Henry J. restaurant, 3 e Madison, dw 5 

Crey John B. moulder, 70 Buren ' 

Creydt Herman, furn. wagon, 490 w Lombard 

Creydt Jlrs. Mary, 490 w Lombard 

Crichton Malcolm (Wm. C. & Son) distiller, 

136 n Holliday, dw 70 Cathedral 
Crichton VVm.& Sou( W. aiid Malcolm Crichton) 

grain, flour, guano, and com. merchts. 1 

Wood, cor Bowly's wharf 
Crichton Wm. (Wm. C. & Son,) 70 Cathedral 
Crickard Michael, moulder, 849 w Pratt 
Cridliu Eugene, coachtrimiiier, 489 Aisquith 
Cridlin Jacob H. blacksmith, 489 Aiscjuith 
Cridlin Linwood, painter, 489 Aisquith 
Crim Dr. Wm. H. n e cor Paca and Fayette 

first floor Courthouse, Robert Gilmor, jr. 

judge, Wm. F. McKeweu, clerk 
Crimniin^.;s Cornelius, junk, 19 e Monument 
Crinmiings Daniel, junk, 19 e .Monument 
Crimmings Mrs. Margaret, boarding, 19 e Mon- 
Criuiiuins Patrick, stonemason, Quaker la nr 

York rd 
Crines M. laborer, 27 Elizabeth la 
Cripps Richard, furn. wagon, lOThorasen 
Cripi^s Thomas sr. laborer, 10 Thonisen 
Cripps Thomas J. of planing mill, 17i Eastern 

av, dw 10 Thomsen 
Cripps John T. nightman, 425 n Gay 
Crisali John (O'Loughlin & C.) 156 Barre 
Crise John L. 228 JIadison av 
Crisali John J. cahmaker, 156 Barre 
Crisp Benj. police, 152 s Caroline 
Crisp Cliurles E. jr. police, 207 Gough 
Crisp Chas. E. police, 207 Gough 
Crisp Chas. E. sr. cigarmaker, 253 Gough 
Crisp Chas. G. bricklayer, 275 Saratoga 
Crisp Elijah, painter, 102 u Paca, dw 275 

Crisp John R. cleric, 275 Saratoga 
Crisp Joseph, tobacconist, 42 Thames 
Crispin John H. (W. A. Padgett & Co.) G87 

Crispin Wm. agent, 829 w BaltinriOre 
Crispins (Jonrad, laborer, 224 Battery av 
Crispins Henry, fisherman, 166 Johnson 
Crispins Peter, laliorei-, 42 West 
Cri.s3 Aaron, wholes, urocer and com. mercht. 

378 w Baltimore, dw 199 \v Fayette 
Criss Mrs. Elizabeth, dressraak. 28 Park av 
Crist A. I'ranklin, engineer, 317 .McHenry 
Crist Chas. clerk, 96 Eastern av 
Crist David, watchman, 94 s Poppleton 
Crist P'redk. gardener, Belair av ext 
Crist Geort;e, fireman, 19 s Gilmor 
Crist Henry, clerk, 48 Bank 
Ciist Jac(^b, drayman, 96 Eastern av 
Crist Jane R. seamstress, Pratt nr Strieker 
Ciist John, cal)iiietmaker, 96 Eastern av 
Crist Mrs, Kate, laundress, 2 Boyle 
Crist Philip, marker C. II. 48 Bank 

Cristal Henry, engineer, 80 Albemarle 
Criswell George, laborer, .\lt. Vernon mills 
Criswell John W. salesman, 329 w Baltimore 
Criswell Mrs. M. V. boarding, 21 s Howard 
Crittenden Andw. C. 42 Conway 
Critzinan Otto, driver, 348 Canton av 
Crockard John, stonecutter, 77 n Poppleton 
Crockard John jr. engineer, 77 n Poppleton 
Crockard W . J. express wagon, 77 n Poppleton 
Crocken Nelson, painter, 174 McHenry 
Crocker Nelson, laborer, 127 McHenry 
Crocker Simuol G. (Hughes k C.) Baltimore co 
Crockett Mrs. A. B. 242 Peirce 
Crockett C. A.J.patternuikr.Clinton nr Boston 
Crockett Chas. W. clerk, cor Barnes and Ann 
Crockett Chas. W. sheetiroii worker, 302 n Ann 
Crockett Daniel, cor McHenry and Fulton 
Crockett Daniel, 311 Harford av 
Crockett Geo. carter, 91 n Amity 
Crockett H. wood, opp. 132 Light-st wbf. dw 

176 Montgomery 
Crockett Humphrey, woodbuckster, 176 Mont- 
Crockett Neheniiah, shoemaker, 362 Lexington 
Crockett -Mrs. Sarah, 303 n Bond 
Crockett Theo. locksmith, 53 King 
Crockett Theo. S. letter carrier, 303 n Bond 
Crockett Walter C. conductor, 226 n Carey 
Crockett Win. H. turner, 14 Hill 
Crockett Wm. J. conductor, 52 s Schroeder 
Crofoot Wm. H. H. foreman, 174 Johnson 
Crogan John, currier, Farmers and Planters 

Croggon Wm. E. huckster, Harford av nr citj 

Croghan Thomas, laborer, 192 Ramsay 
Croghau Timothy, laborer, 35 Centre Market sp 
Cromer Andrew, carter, 114 Warner 
Cromer Catharine, tailoress, 237 n Bond 
Cromer Daniel, wagoner, 94 St. Peter 
Cromer John, shoenuiker, 35 Stockton 
Cromer Lizzie, 50 Clifford al 
Cromer Margaret, tailoress, 237 n Bond 
C.omer Mary, tailoress, 237 n Bond 
Cromer Thos. W. jr. clerk, 305 Hollins 
CronierThos.W.(Wm. A.Boyd &Ca.)305Hollins 
Cromie W. shoemaker, 35 Stockton al 
Cromwell Albert, (Slater & Co.) 39 Chew 
Cromwell Alex, canmaker, 39 Chew 
Cromwell Andw. J. blacksmith, 202 s Paca 
Cromwell Mrs. Ann E. 179 Barre 
Cromwell Carrie W. teacher, 138 Mosher 
Cromwell .Mrs. Catharine, 138 Mosher 
Cromwell Edward, printer, 12G n Exeler 
Cromwell Mrs. Elizabeth, notions, 97 Columbia 
Cromwell Frank, silversmith, 220 George 
Cromwell Geo. roadm isier, 82 n Poppleton 
Cromwell Geo. R. artist. Franklin nr Republican 
Cromwell Geo. W.sailmaker, 156 Bank 
Cromwell Hamilton C. attorney, 8 Spurrier ct, 

dw 220 George 
Cromwell J.acob G. cabinetmaker, 220 George 
Cromwell .lacob G. bricklayer, 24 Brune 
Cromwell Jerome, gilder, 22u George 
Cromwell John, patternmaker, 2(i McHenry 
Cromwell John E. sailmaker, foot of Ann, dw 

136 s Ann 
Cromwell Capt. John G. mariner, 183 Conway 
Cromwell J. Oliver, moulder, 496 w PraH 
Cromwell Joseph, insurance agent, 10 s Holli- 

day, dw 126 Park av 
Cromwell Josejih, sailmaker, 89 s Ann 

Mutual Life Insurance Co. of New York, 




Cromwell Joshua, 136 s Ann 
Cromwell Lambert, sitilniaker, 136 s Ann 
Cromwell's Levi, Son & Co. (T. E. Cromwell, 
John E. Bishop) hardware, 118 Thames and 
271 s Ann 
Cromwell Michael, carpenter, 126 n Exeter 
Cromwell Oliver H. salesman, 358 e Madison 
Cromwell Oliver T. coachmaker, 39 Chew 
Cromwell Richard jr. farmer, 89 n Paca 
CROMWELL RICHARD, aunicult. and horti- 
cultural imp. manuf., and nursery and seeds- 
man, York rd nr North av 
Cromwell Richard, (C. Sydney Norris & Co.) 

York road n of North av 
Cromwell S. Thomas, farmer, 179 Barre 
Cromwell T. Elvin (Levi C's Son & Co.) cor 

Ann and Eager 
Cromwell Wallace, 58 s Greene 
Cronan Ann, 20 Callendar al 
Cronan Chas. P. painter, 4 Humes 
Cronan David, laborer, 167 lloljins 
Cronan Michael, laborer, Hudson al nr Federal 
Crone Edward, beer, 24 Centre Market sp 
Crone F. A. laborer, 217 Henrietta 
Crone Jacob, crroccry, s end Clinton 
Crone Mrs. Mary, dressmaker, 200 s Sharp 
Crone Wra. C. chief detective, 23 n High 
Croney Charles, police, 249 s Charles 
Crouey Chas. W. K. police, 249 s Charles 
Croney Philip H. cigarmaker, 164 Orleans 
Crouhardt Albert, clerk, 172 n Exeter 
Cronhardt Chas vice-prest. German-American 

Bank, 172 n Exeter 
Cronhardt John, clerk, 29 Ensor 
Cronhardt John, shoemaker, 2'J Ensor 
Cronhardt John 11. grocery, n e cor Douglass 

and Fast 
Cronin Rev. C. 295.McHenry 
Cronin Michael, laborer, Pnitt nr Fremont 
Crooise (i. Proctor, 13 Mulberry 
Cronise Mrs. M. 0. G. 13 Mulberry 
Crook Aug. coal and wood, 19 Lexington, dw 

267 w Fayette 
Crook Chas. C. cabinetmaker, Fulton nr Fred- 
erick av 
Crook .Mrs. Charlotte, s w cor Madison av and 

Crook Columbus S. (Sinclair & Co.) York rd 

nr city limits 
Crook Daniel (Fowler & Crook) 267 e Biddle 
Crook Francis M. jr. clerk, 689 w Fayetie 
Crook Francis A. treas. Baltimore Equitable 
Society, 19 South, dw s w cor Madison av 
and Townser.d 
Crook F., Merchants Express, 689 w Fayette 
Crook Geo. W. .M. bouLs, shoes and gaiters, 69 
w Baltimore and 99 Hanover, dw 43 n Eutaw 
Crook Harry, salesman, 33') Orleans 
Crook James, engineer, 195 Dolphin 
Crook John C. police, 52 Jackson sq av 
Crook John H. laborer, 30 Lemmon 
Crook Rufus, cellardigger, 504 Franklin 
Crook Thos. W. clerk, Fulton nr Frederick av 
Crook Walter G. clerk, 689 w Fayette 
Crook Wm. H. clerk, 338 e Baltimore 
Ci'Ook Wm. H. finisher, 463 w Lombard 
Crook Wm. provisions, cor Baltimore and 

Eden, dw 267 e Biddle 
Crook Mrs. Wra. S. 338 e Baltimore 
Crooks Nimrod A. butcher, A, Lexington mar- 
ket, dw cor Marj- and Retreat 
Crooks Tiios. B. police, 296 Mulberry 

Crookshanks Chas. (Lynch & Co.) Jefiferson 

nr Ann 
Croper Reuben, boilermaker.34 Williamson al 
Croper Stephen, tinner, 1 Williamson al 
Cropper Edward H. salesman, 21 n Calvert 
Cropper Mrs. Fllen, 490 w Fayette 
Cropper .Mrs. K.M. 490 w Fayette 
Cropper James, conductor, 158 Ramsay 
Cropper Mad. Josephine, teacher, 130 n Eutaw 
Cropper Thos. 125 u Wolfe 
Crosby Agnes, upholstery, 115 Harford av 
Crosby & Bastable (J. Crosby, A. N. Bastable) 

importers fruit, 35 South 
Crosby Chas. G. moulder, Cathedral nr Federal 
Crosby Mrs. C, Cathedral nr Federal 
Crosby Eager, carver, 18 Willow 
Crosby Emma, 10 Willow 

Crosby Francis P. fireman, Cathedral nr Federal 
Crosby Geo. W. engineer, 369 Cathedral 
Crosby James sr. carpenter, 16 St. Peter 
Crosby Jos. (C. & Bastable) 571 w Fayette 
Crosby Lewis, engineer, 149 n Central av 
Crosby Lewis, painter, 46 Essex 
Crosby Matthew, hrassfinisher, 116 Harford av 
Crosby Melviaa, 10 Willow 
Crosby Robert B. blacksmith, 375 Cathedral 
Crosby Samuel, mariner, 23 McElderry 
Crosby Thos. H. police, 10 Willow 
Croshan Fanny, 13 Scott 

Crosley Thos. H. salesman, 199 Druid Hill ay 
Cross Adam, oysterman, 320 Aliceanna 
Cross Amelia, dressmkr, 429 Lexington 
Cross Andrew, clerk, 429 Lexington 
Cross Rev. And' w B. cor St. Paul and Chase O 
Cross Caleb, overseer Mt. Vernon mills 
Cross Charles, laborer, 295 s Bond 
Cross Mrs. Columbia, 52 George 
Cross Cyril, tinner, 58 s Castle 
Cross Cyrus, chair factory, 191 q High, dw 52 

Cross David, wheelwright, 117 Aisquith 






CROSS E. D. Commission Merchant 
and dealer in Roofing Felt, Coal 
Tar, &c.. Eastern av nr President. 

Cross E. J. D. attorney, 31 Lexington, dw s w 

■ cor St. Paul and Chase 

Cross Mrs. Ellen, 168 s Wolfe 

Cross Geo. R. clerk, 57 s Choptank 

Cross Geo. T. 45 Jacksou 

Cross Geo W. laborer, 9 Callendar al 

Cross Geo. D. laborer, 168 s Wolfe 

Cross Geo. W. agent Empire line, 199 North, 

dw 26 McMechin 
('ross llenon S. overseer, Mt. Vernon mills 
Cross Israel, carpenter, 2:)4 n Bond 
Cross James VV. bookkeeper, 137 n Broadway 
Cross James A. painter, 24 Stockton al 
Cross John, Health Dept. 5A3 e Fayette 
(hoss John E. boilerrakr, 174 e Lombard 
Cross John T. cl<rk, cor Biddle and Bond 
( 'ross Joseph, bookkeeper, 63 n Flo ward 
Cross M. F. shoefitter, 126 Barre 
Cross .Mary E. boarding, 38 Mulberry 
Cross Philemon, carpenter, 362 e Chase 
Cross Reiisalaer, machinist, 417 w Pratt 
Cross Richard K. ( Wm. S. C. & Bro.) s w cor 

St. Paul and Chase 
Cross Samuel B. k Son, (S. B. and S. J. Cross) 

coachmakers, cor Dover and Howard 
Cross Sara'l B. (Saml.B.C. & Son) 139 Camden 



Assets $60,000,000 Cash Invested. 




-t— > 





Cross Saml. J. (S.iml. B C. &Son) 139 Camden 
Cross-st Chapel, s e cor Cross and Warner 
Cross Thos. gardener, 67 Watson 
Cross Thos.W. bricklayer, 570 Lexington 
Cross Truenian, casli'r Commercial and Farm- 
ers Nat Bank, 9 s Howard 
CROSS WM. S. & BRO. (W. S. and Richard 

K. Cross) wholes, lumber co m. luerchts. n e 

cor East Falls and Eastern a vs 
Cross Wm. H. deputy warden city jail, 139 

Cross Wm. S (W. S. C. &. Bro.) cor St. Paul 

and Chase 
Cross Wm. D. jr. laborer, 271 s Bond 
Cross Wm. D. painter, 27) s Bond 
Cross Wm. T. mariner, 1G8 s Wolfe 
Crossley George W .clerk, cor Sharp and Camden 
Crosswell Isaac, carpenter, 55 3 Choptank 
Crosswell Capt.Johu W. mariner, (>5s Choptank 
Crothers Benjamin, laborer, 259 .\liceanna 
Crothers Dr. Ransom R. 614 w Favette 
Crothers Wm. agent, 349 Penna av 
Crotty David, grocery, cor Biddlc and Bond 
Crotty James, stonemason, 81 a Oregon 
Crouch Fountain W. shoemaker, 119 Low 
Crouch James T. shoemaker, 134 Camden 
Crouch John W. boilermaker, 11 Henrietta 
Crouch Joseph, glasspacker, 59L. Montgomery 
Crouch Matthias, luborer, 101 L. Greene 
Crouch Stewart, glasspacker, 59 L. Montgomery 
Crouch Thos. D. blacksmith, 76 Battery av 
Crouch Wm. J. printer, 204 Greenmount av 
Croucher George, mariner, 1 Wills 
Croughan Mrs. Nancy, 30 Neighbor 
Croughan Patrick, saddler, 3U Neighbor 
Croughan Thomas, moulder, 30 Neighbor 
Croul Moses, laborer, Calverton 

Grouse , shoemaker. 6 China 

Crouse.Daniel, clerk, Franklin house 
Grouse George F. dispatcher, 123 n Fremont 
Grouse J. B. (C.&Stnnsbury) Western Md. hotel 
Grouse Mrs. J. grocery, 16 n Castle 
Grouse Joseph A. shoemnker, 158 n Fremont 
GROUSE &STANSBUKV, (J. B. Grouse, Wm. 

S. Stansbury,) pr(jprietors Western Maryland 

hotil, 35 Penna av 
Grout Benton, salesman, cor Fremont and Pat- 

ttrson av 
Grout Chas. H D. tobacconist, 4 Patterson av 
Grout Hezekiah. tin and sheet iron worker, cor 

Fremont and Patlersnn av 
Grout Paul G. tinner, I'atierson avnr Stockton 
Croul Samuel, tinner. Freraontand Patterson av 
Grout Wm. F. tinner, Patterson av nr Stockton 
Grout Wni. W. lirakenian, 24 Jew al o. t. 
Crovo Francis, shoemaker, 43 Low 
Grow Efridget, ilani|jdfn 
Grow Cornelius, boilermaker, Hampden 
Grow Emma, principal St. Luke's Hall, 572 w 

Grow George L. paper dealer, 41 s Broadway 
Grow Mrs. Jane, grocir\, 123 Aisquith 
Crow John, laborer, 123 Aisquith 
Grow Mrs. John, Hani). den 
Grow John T. managing editor Baltimore Sun, 

18i Franklin 
Crow Nathaniel, painter, 308 e Eager 
Grow Wm. T. tailoi, 511 Saratoga 
CROWDER ALKX. N. grocer, s w cor Fremont 

and Patterson av 
Growder Flemining, coach trim. 246 c Madison 
Crowe Gomel ins J. grocery. Fort av nr Hull 

Crowe John jr. 47 Valley 

Growl &Son, (E. Waugh and H. W. Growl) real 

estate brokers, 14 Law building 
Growl Edward W. (C. & Son) 138 n Oregon 
Growl D.ivid H. clerk, 166 e Eager 
Growl H. Webster (G. & Son) 138 n Oregon 
Growl John, carter, rear 318 William 
Giowley Barney, laborer, 198 MuUikin 
Crowley Chas. lab. McHenry nr Monroe 
Crowley CI ira J. teacher, Caroline nr Chase 
Crowley Dennis, laborer, 176 L Constitution 
Crowley, Dickinson k Go. (F. A. Crowley, D. 

A. Dickinson) contractors, over 44 w Fayette 
Crowley Fredk. A. (C., Dickinson & Co.) over 

44 w Fayette 
Crowley Mrs. Honora, 406 e Baltimore 
Crowley J. II. clerk, s w cor Baltimore and South 
Crowley James, books and periodicals, n w cor 

Baltimore and North, dw 263 n Caroline 
Crowley James jr. clerk, 263 n Caroline 
Crowley John, lab. McHenry nr Monroe 
Crowley Johi'i T. clerk, 57 Harford av 
Crowley John, police, 598 Penna av 
Crowley John, carpetweaver, 84 s Spring 
Crowley John W. clerk, 406 e Baltimore 
Crowley Mrs. Mary, McHenry nr Monroe 
Crowley Mary, grocery, 224 n Front 
Crowley Patrick, laborer, 3 Wilco.x 
Crowley Philip, laborer, 4 Walsh 
Giowley Robt. A.(John Glenn & Go.)69 nGilmor 
Crowley R. 0. bookkeeper, 13d Townsend 
Crowley Thomas II. jxjlice, 57 Harford av 
Crowley Wm. saddler, 196 s Charles 
GROWN & HOWFLL, (J. R. Grown, D. M. 

Howell) wholesale tobacconists, 1 n Howard 
Grown Charles E. plasterer, 84 s Carey 
Grown Jos. R. (Crown ^- Howell) 508 w Fayette 
Crown Marion A. stationery aud cigars, 72 w 

Fayette, dw 252 George 
Grown Mrs. Matilda, 252 George 
Growther Benj. stonemason, Hampden 
Growllier Dr. David W. aentist, 84 Mulberry 
Growther George, 304 w Fiiyette 
Growther Ihnry, clerk, 185 .Madison av 
Growllier Isaac jr. stonemason, Hampden 
Growther Isaac, stonemason, Hampden 
Growther James, sionemason, 116 Mosher 
Growther John, carpenter, (Jlarke nr Brune 
Growther Joshua, stonemascjn, 294 w HotVman 
Growther Dr. Llewellyn, dentist, 131 u Eutaw, 

dw 18.') Madison av 
Growther P. T. shoeniaker, G2 Hill 
Ciovvther Parker, shoemaker 62 Hill 
Growther Dr. Rodney, 304 w Fayette 
Growther Samuel S. stonemason, Hampden 
Growther Mrs. Susan M. 248 e Pralt 
Groyeau Auguslin, 3 n Cilhoun 
Groxall Morris L. clerk, 69 u Paca 
Groxall Sarah A. 69 n Paca 
Grozer E. J. printer, 14 n Washington 
Gr(rzer Thomas, hrickbiM-r. 69 n Ann 
Crozier J iines. moulder, 46 .Mcl'^lderry 
Grozier John, lab. 25 Fastern av 
Crozier Wm, sailmaker, 121 n Broadway 
Crozier Wm, VV. clerk, 121 n Broadway 
GruetlJ.VV,>!tGo, { J.W,Gruett,Abner L. Foote) 

grocers, 52 (.toul'Ii 
Cruett J. W. (J. VV. C. & Go.) 52 Gough 
Crudden Joseph, driver, 439 Saratoga 
Gruden Edward, lab. 95 .McKlderry 
Grueger .Mrs. Margaret, 188 William 
Crueger Wm. tinner, 155 s Ann 

Mutual Life Insurance Co. of New York, 




Criim Isaac, fireman, 592 w Pratt 

Crum Isaac, blacksmith, 1 Warner 

Crug Jobn, mariaer, 142 Scott 

Crum James, fireman, 562 w Lombard 

Crum John W. shoeniaker, 206 Jlullikin 

Crumbacker Charles VV. telegraphist, 930 w 

Crumbacker Ephraim, clerk, 930 w Baltimore 
Crumble John, huckster, 271 e Monument 
Crummer Alexander, clerk, 126 e Madison 
Crummer Armstrong, dnughtsman, 126 e 

Crummer Mrs. Eliza A. 126 e Madison 
Crummer Edward, clerk, 73 St. Paul 
Crummer John, painter, 126 e Madison 
Crummer Nathan J., Eden nr John 
Crumling W. H. teacher, 67 n High 
Crump Geo. T. clerk, 76 s Sharp 
Crump John G. salesman, 84 s Sharp 
Crump Mrs. Mary, boarding, 84 s Sharp 
Crump Robert, machinist, 307 Hanover 
Crump Sjlvauus G. clerk, 84 s Sharp 
Crump Thos. laborer, 207 Preston 
Cruse Elias T. leaf tobacco, 39 e Fayette 
Cruse Geo. W. tobacconist, 70 Jetferson 
Cruse Henry, fireman, 35 Cambridge 
Cruse Jlrs. Hester A. 71 s Durham 
Cruse J. Charles, engineer, 69 s Schroeder 
Cruse John H. cigannaker, 170 e Madison 
Cruse Jobn, grocery, 9 Essex 
Cruse Jos. finisher, 403 w Lombard 
Cruse Mary, 35 Cambridge 
Cruse Wra. J. machinist, Ramsay nr Mount 
Cruser Isaac, clerk, 168 Hanover 
Cruser Obadiah, clerk, 168 Hanover 
Crusey Francis, clerk, 129 Peniia av 
Crusey Wm. produce, 129 Penna av 
Crusse Henry, engineer, 35 Cambridge 
Crutchfield Andrew F. (Crutchfields & Haas) 

503 n Fremont 
Crutchfield Andrew J. printer, 503 n Fremont 
Crutchfield Chas. D. reporter, 503 n Fremont 
Crutchfiuld Henry, engraver, 503 n Fremont 
Cnitchfidds & Haas (A. F. Crutchfield, I. C. 

Haas) proprs. and publishers Baltimorean, 

over s vv cor Baltimore and South 
Cruz Ramon, 673 w Lombard 
Cruzen Charles, clerk, 523 w Lombard 
Cruzen Edward, machinist, 523 w Lombard 
Cryer Joseph, carpenter, 537 e Fayette 
Crystal Oil Refinery, C. West & Sons, proprs. 

Canton, ofiice 113 w Lombard 
Cuddy Geo. L. fireman, 289 Cathedral 
Cuddy Isaac, police, 319 e Monument 
CuddV J. W. 319 e Monument 
CuddV Dr. J. W. C. 363 Franklin 
Cuddy Michael, lab. 130 Battery av 
Cuddy Wm. fireman, Falls rd nr toUgate 
Cuddy Wesley, engineer, 289 Cathedral 
Cuff Patrick, grocer}-, 86 Boston 
Cugle Charles (Baldwin & C ) 191 St. Paul 
Cugle Edwin, clerk, 191 St. Paul 
Cugle Geo. clerk, 191 St. Paul 
Cugle John, liquors, 69 s Charles, dw 191 St. 

Cugle John, jr. bookkeeper, Madison av nr 

Cugle Juhn, butcher, 52 Belair and 60 Centre 

markets, dw Homestead 
Cugle Thos. W. train dispatcher, 34 Fawn 
Culbert Charles B. engineer, 31 Elliott 
Cuk-f Major John H., U. S. A., Fort McHenry 

Cullan Daniel, laborer, 11 L. McElderry 

Cullan Thos. Ijootmkr, 173 Hanover 

Cullan Thos. shoemaker, 1 n Calvert, dw 173 

Cullan Mrs. Kate (Thomas & C.) 173 Hanover 
Cullen Mrs. Catherine, 7 L, McElderry 
Cullen Mrs. Catherine, trimmings, 17 Penna av 
Cullen j\Irs. Fmma, 285 e Baltimore 
Cullen Frank, tinner, 7 L. McElderry 
Cullt'n Hugh, driver, 125 Ensor 
Cullen Mrs. Isabella, 334 e Lombard 
Cullen James, laborer, TiS"- Ensor 
Cullen John, laborer, 100 Harford av 
Cullen John, laborer, 410 s Charles 
Cullen John, driver, 17 Penna av 
Cullen John, laborer, 172 McHenry 
Cullen Mrs. Mary E. cupper and leecher, 10 s 

Cullen Michael, laborer, 229 Battery av 
Cullen Patrick, laborer, 28 Fort av 
Cullen Simon, lab. 7 L. McElderry 
Cullen Wm. F. shipcarp. 334 e Lombard 
Cullender Geo, lab. 67 Albemarle 
Culleton Mrs. Catherine, 134 Harford av 
Culleton James, printer, 5 Holland 
Culleton John L. marb. polisher, 134 Harford av 
Cullimore Mrs. Jobn. 437 w Fayette 
CuUimore John E. bricklayer, 437 w Fayette 
Cullimore John T. (C. & Townsend) 24 Jackson 

square av 
Cullimore & Townsend, (John T. Cullimore, 
Francis H. Townsend) shipsmiths, 1 and 3 
Cullimore Wm. H. notions, 244 Penna av 
CuUington Daniel, cigarmaker, 75 Penna av 
Cullington Thos. jr. cigarmaker, 37 Forrest pi 
CuUington Thos, laborer, 11 West Falls av 
Cullington Wm. sign painter, 37 Forrest pi 
Cullison Mrs. Amanda, 268 Orleans 
Cullison Eli T. (Frazier & C.) 186 Penna av 
ClUHsou Enoch, moulder, Federal nr Hudson al 
Cullison Geo. A. stonemason, Hampden 
Cullison Jas. A. stonecutter, Federal nr Decker 
Cullison Jas. M. millwright, 89 Mosher 
Cullison Jesse M. (Alband & C) 263 w Biddle 
Cullison Joseph, mariner, 229 Light 
Cullison Noah, flour and feed, 87 Penna av 
Cullison Mrs. Susanna, Federal nr Hudson al 
Cullura George, driver, 286 Canton av 
Cullum Geo. W. 8 Somerset 
Cullura Henry W. harnessmaker, 298 n Eden 
Cullum J. W. police, 324 Forrest 
Cullum Nelson, carp. 298 n Eden 
Cullum Nelson E. tailor, 298 n Eden 
Culnann Mrs. Ann, tniloress, 30 Anthony 
Culnann David S. hatter, 30 Anthony 
Culnann Mrs. Isabella, 172 Aisquith 
Culp Michael, blacksmith, 4 n Oregon 
Culver Ira L. barber, 17 n Eden 
Culver John J. clerk, 58 MuUikin 
Culver Mrs. Roda E. 58 MuUikin 
Culver Mrs. Sarah A. 58 MuUikin 
Culver Wm. T. cooper, 5 n Sharp, dw 554 Sar- 
Cumberland Chas. grainer, 194 e Monument 
Cumberland Wm. canmaker, 194 e Monument 
Gumming Bruce, clerk, 164 Linden av 
Gumming Jas. shipjoiner. 94 s Washington 
Gumming W. Augustus, (Kefauver, C. & Co.) 

164 Linden av 
Cummings A. B. (J. S. C. & Co.) 44 s Sharp 
Cummings Francis, laborer, 58 Davis 

Th.e Largest Life Insurance Co. in the World. 
















• i— I 









CDMMINGS ^ CO. (John Cummings, Wm H. 

Zollinger) mdse. brokers, 46 w Lombard 
Cummings Grace, nurse, Lanvale and Oregon 
Cummings J. S. & Co. (J. S. and A. B. Cum- 
mings, C. C. Hancock) nianufrs. neck ties 
and furn. goods, 28.S w Baltimore, and agt's 
perfumery, 13 German 
Cummings J. S. (J. S. C. & Co.) Philadelphia 
Cummings Jacob, plasterer. Cross nr Ridgely 
Cummings James, laborer, 119 Peirce 
Cummings Mrs. Jane, grocery, 58 Davis 
Cummings John, porter, 60 Eastern av 
Cummings Johu, blacksmith, 58 Davis 
Cummings John, (C. & Co.) 5 s Gilmor 
Cummings John, milk, Peabody Heights 
Cummings John L. 504 Penna av 
Cummings Lewis H. 150 Myrtle av 
Cummings Luke, boilermaker, 15 Armistead la 
Cummings Mrs. Margaret, 150 Myrtle av 
Cummings Michael, porter, cor Greenmount av 

and Monument 
Cummings Michael, 190 s Castle 
Cummings Patrick, laborer, 190 s Castle 
Cummings Mrs. Rosanna, seamstress 111 n 

Cummings Rev. Saml.H., Strieker nr Townsend 
Cummings Wm. fireman, 17 8 Central av 
Cummings Wm. J. clerk, 73 s Eden 
Cummins Mrs. Ann, grocery, 29 Booth 
Cummins Daniel G. confectioner, 188 n Exeter 
Cummins Edward, carpenter, 64 n Exeter 
Cummins Jas.S. photographer, 337 n Broadway 
Cummins John G. 64 n Exeter 
Cummins John W. fruiterer, 64 n Exeter 
Cummins Jos. G., Br. consular clerk, 64 n Exeter 
Cummins Lewis, lab. Tobacco wareh. No. 5 
Cummins Mrs. Margaret M. grocery, n e cor 

Caroline and Chew 
Cummins Patrick, laborer, 29 Booth 
Cummins Robt. P. bricklayer, 337 n Broadway 
Cummins Robt. K. cor Chew and Caroline 
Cummiskey John L. cor Fayette and Paca 
Cunabaugh Dennis, hackman, 46 Boyd 
CunCMuion James, foreman, Clifton 
CundifFCapt. Albert T. mariner, 63 ri Broadway 
Cundilf Capt. Wm. mariner, 705 Lexington 
Cunningham Alex. gravelroofer,17 n Choptank 
Cunningham Alex, switchman, P. W. and B. 

R. R. depot, dw 188 Chesapeake 
Cunningham B. printer, 165 Barre 
Cnnningham Chas. dept.o33 e Baltimore 
Cunningham Dr. Chas. T. D. 130 e Pratt 
Cunningham Clinton W. 320 e Pratt 
Cunningham Daniel M.carp'r, Black Horse hotel 
Cunningham & Ditman, (Wm. H. Cunning- 
ham, Thus. M. Ditman) flour, fei-d and lime, 
cor Forrest and Monument 
Cunningham Edw. biicklayer, 86 Jeflerson 
Cunningham Edward, peddler, 5 JIcLearj' ct 
Cunningham Elizabeth \. CO n Fremont 
Cunningham Erasius B.watchmkr.210Saratoga 
Cunningliam Geo. mariner, 39 n High 
Cunningham Geo. A. (Robinson & Co. and N. 

W. Slade & Co.) 320 e Pratt 
Cunningham Geo. W. apothecary, s e cor Pratt 

and Spring 
Cunningham Geo, W. carp'r, 53 Etling 
Cunningham Henry, shoemaker, 81 Division 
Cunningham Howard, tinner, 42 Milliraan 
Cun-iingham Isaac H. mariner, Byrd nr Fortav 
Cunningham James, 78 e Fayette 
Cunningham James B. 78 e Fayette 

Cunningham Jas. M. salesman, 12 Jackson 
Cunningham James, gasfitter, 99 n Caroline 
Cunningham Jno. marble polisher, SCallendar al 
Cunningham John E wholesale and retail 

stoves, ^-c. 53 and 55 s Calvert and Cheap- 
side, dw 153 w Biddle 
Cunningham John B. 266 n Front 
Cunningham John, laborer. Ill Peach al 
Cunningham John, (Samuel Wilhelm & Co.) 

953 w Pratt 
Cunningham John, laborer, 72 Boyd 
Cunningham John, canmal<er, 5 s Front 
Cunningham John D. hackman, 288 Harford av 
Cunningham John W. conductor, 287 e Pratt 
Cunningham, J. A. watchman, 188 Cheapeake 
Cunningham Joseph J. oysters, 39 n Hitfh 
Cunningham L. V. plasterei-, Franklin hotel 
Cunningham Mary A. 204 George 
Cunningham Michael, laborer, 57 n Eden 
Cunningham Michael, laborer, 630 w Pratt 
Cunningham Mortimer, 130 e Pratt 
Cunningham Nicholas, laborer, 146 Saratoga 
Cunniniiham Patrick, moulder, Hampden 
Cunningham Peter, laborer, 304 Cross 
Cunningham Robert H. carpr. 508 w Lombard 
Cunningham Samuel jr. hackman, 190 East 
Cunningham Samuel, watchman, 190 East 
Cunningham Mrs. Sarah, confec. 304 Cross 
Cunningham Sarah V. 1-37 Peirce 
Cunningham Thomas A. coal agent, 31 South, 

dw cor Madison and Calvert 
Cunningham Wm. K. clerk, 210 Saratoga 
Cunningham Wm.R. jr.bookkei-per, 276 nEden 
Cunningham Wm. 56 Exchange pi, dw 248 

Linden av 
Cunningham Wm. C. clerk, 316 e Chase 
CUNNINGHAM WM. R. wholesale liquors, 48 

w Lombard, dw 276 n Eden 
Cunningham Wm. H. (C.& Ditman)278 n Eden 
Cunningham Wm. A. 278 n Eden 
Cunningham Wm. A. bricklayer, 92 n Eden 
Cunningham Wm. J. clerk, 130 e Pratt 
Cunningham Wm. W. clerk, 136 McElderry 
Cuno John, laborer, 89 s Bethel 
Cunzeman J. A. stoves and tinware, 140 s 

Curd Wm. basketmaker, 26 s Eutaw 
Curfman Daniel, Clipfier mills 
Curlett Edward, plasterer, 456 e Lombard 
Curlett Hugh, shoemaker, 23 
Curlett John, (Smith k C.) 185 St. Paul 
Curlett Lewis G. salesman, 120 Lee 
Curlett Wm. 82 McCulloh 
Curley Ann, confectionery, 31 Oxford 
Curley Bernard, engineer, 29 Cambridge 
Curley Chas. 11 bookkeeper, Druid Hill av ext 
Curley Daniel, clerk, 14 Forrest pi 
Curley D;iniel, laborer, 29 w Chase 
Curley Geo W. carpenter, John nr Wilson 
Curley Henry R. lumber, cor John and Charles, 

dw John nr Wilson 
Curley Hugh, lab. Federal nr Aisquith 
Curley .lames A. clerk, 181 Lanvale 
CURLEY JAMES W. importer hardware, 17 n 

Howard, dw Baltimore co 
Curley James F. clerk, 17 u Howard 
Curley John, cuoper, Frederick av nr Monroe 
Curley John D. clerk, 17 n How.ird 
Curley John 1). clerk, 95 e Madison 
Curley John, lab. 6 Neighbor 
Curley John E. painter, 24o s Eutaw 
Curley John, liquors, 46 Park av 

Mutual Life Insurance Co. of New York, 


Curley Owen, hostler, 30 HoUins 

Curlev Thos. lab. 8 Hollins al 

CurleV Thos. lab. 2 Webb 

Curlev Thos. lab. 37 York 

Ciirlej- Timothj', driver, 25 Ryan 

Curie}' Wm. boilermaker, 240 s Eutaw 

Curley Wra. lab. 39 York 

Curley Wm. E. bookkeeper, Druid Hill av ext 

Curran Benj. carpenter, 172 n Front 

Curran Bridget, grocery, 44 Cooksie 

Curran Charles machinist, 635 w Lombard 

Currau Clara, dressmaker, 109 Saratoga 

Curran Edmund, lab. 368 Canton av 

Curran Edward, lab. 79 Watson 

Curran Edward, lab. 634 Light 

Curran Edward, lab. 37 Eastern av 

Curran Francis, lab. 37 Eastern av 

Curran Francis, jr. screwman, 37 Eastern av 

Curran James, carrier, 37 Eastern av 

Curran James, porter, 58 King 

Curran James, lab. Elizabetii la nr Heath 

Curron James, water engineer, 635 w Lombard 

Curran John, sexton, Loyola College 

Curran John, painter, 37 Harford av 

Curran John M carpenter, 183 s Durham 

Curran Mrs. Johanna, boarding, 310 Light 

Curnm Lewis C. machinist, 635 w Lombard 

Curran Mrs. Mary, liquors, 30 e Monument 

Curran Mary, dressmaker, 109 Saratoga 

Curran Matthew, carter, Eden nr Aliceanna 

Currbn Michael, peddler, 114 Dugan's whf 

Curran Michael, 310 Light 

Curran Michael, lab. 139 Preston 

Curran Nicholas F. salesman, 133 Bank 

Curran Patrick, laborer, 44 Cooksie 

Curran Patrick, lab. 30 e Monument 

Curran Patrick, tavern, 49 Constitution 

Curran Peter, (C. & Stewart) 30 e Monument 

Curran Sarah, dressmaker, lu9 Saratoga 

Curran Stephen, 109 Saratoga 

Curran & Stewart, (P. Curran, John Stewart) 

restaurant, 83 n Gay 
Currau Thomas, lab. 5 Littel al 
Curran Thos. lab. Elizabeth la nr Heath 
Curran Thos. shipcarp. 368 Canton av 
Curran Thos. conductor, 37 Eastern av 
Currell Saml. H. shoemkr, 8 Stockholm 
Curren Michael, lab. 409 s Eutaw 
Currey Dr. James H. 78 s Paca 
Currey Kierran, lab. 29 Cambridge 
Currin W. G. clerk, 310 w Baltimore 
Curry Arthur, carptr. 828 w Baltimore 
Curry Mrs. Caroline, 61 Holland 
Curry Chas. E. dentist, 79 n Liberty 
Curry & Co. (James Curry, R. Clark) confecrs. 

68 Park av. 
Curry Edward J. carptr. 193 Dolrihin 
Curry Mrs. Eliza, boarding, 34 n Calvert 
Curry Frank, lab. s end of Clinton 
Curry Frank B. carptr, 22 s Ann 
Curry Howard, driver, 41 Greenmount av 
Curry James, (Curry & Co.) 68 Park av 
Curry Jas. H. miner, cor Biddle and Castle 
Curry Mrs. Jane, boarding, 79 n Liberty 
Curry John, hib. 105 s Castln 
Curry John, jr. carptr. 424 Eastern av 
Curry John, jr. carptr. 160 Madeira al 
Curry Jolm T. shoecutter, 168 n Eden 
Curry Joseph, huckster, 291 n Eutaw 
Curry Newman B. telegraphist, 168 n Eden 
Curry Patrick, lab. s end of Clinton 
Curry Samuel L. surveyor, 34 n Calvert 



Curry Mrs. Sarah, 41 Greenmount av 

Curry Wm. carptr. 24 Barnet 

Curry Wm. maricer, 82 s Ann 

Curry Wm. stonecutter, 506 Canton av 

Curry Dr. Wm. H. 211 n Eutaw 

Curry Wm. J. driver, 102 Greenmount av 

Curry Wm. P. coachmaker, 34 n Calvert 

Cursey Geo. lab. 28 Arbel al 

Curtain Henry G. (F. H. Grupy & Co.) s w cor 

Caroline and John 
Curtain Henry, butcher, 16 Centre, 20 Lexing- 
ton and 10 Richmond markets, dw Harford 
av nr city limits 
Curtain James, butcher, 14 Centre, 25 Lexing- 
ton and 10 Richmond markets, dw Harford 
av nr city limits 
Curtain James D. cooper, 223 e Monument 
Curtain James T. butcher, 5 Richmond market, 

dw Harf ird av nr city limits 
Curtain Johanna, huckstress, 17 Diamond 
Curtain Oliver, cooper, 223 eMimumect 
Curtain Samuel, cooper, rear 37 Light, dw 204 

n Eden 
Curtain Samuel M. butcher, Harford av ext 
Curtain Wm. 17 Diamond 
Curth Wiegand, oeer, s e cor Washington and 

Jackson sq av 
Curtin Mary, dressmaker, 88 Saratoga 
Curtin Patrick, barkeeper, 220 German 
Curtin Susan, dressmaker, 88 Saratoga 
Curtis Geo. C. foreman, I382 Greenmount av 
Curtis Geo. R. clerk, 329 w Baltimore 
Curtis Geo. R. bookkeeper, 104 w Fayette 
Curtis H. Albert, clothing cutler, 230 German 
Curtis James, wagoner, 102 Dolphin 
Curtis John, huckster. 163 Ensor 
Curtis John A. (Wolff & C.) 381 Saratoga 
Curtis Mollie, 76 North 
Curtis Peter, lab. 526 w Pratt 
Curtis Thomas, lab. 12 Decker 
Curvill Rob't A. plasterer, 167 Greenmount av 
Curvill Samuel, plasterer, 167 Greenmount av 
Curvill Win. sailmaker, 208 Bank 
Curvin Matthew, lab. 166 Lee 
Cusack Laughlin, lab. 27 e Monumeat 
Cushaw Edward L. stonecutter, 217 Mulberry 
Cushing David, salesman, 5U McCulloh 
Cushing David, jr. 50 Mc uUoh 
Cusliing Francis C. 173 Madison av 
Cushing Henry, bookkeeper, 23 George 
Cushing Henry M. clerk, 23 George 
Cushing James, blacksmith, 259 Canton av 
Cushing Mrs. Jane, drtssmaker 3 Fulton 
Cushing John, (C. & Medairy) prest. Associated 

Firemen's Ins. Co. 173 Madison av 
Cushing John jr. clei-k, 10r> Walsh 
Cushing Joseph jr. (C. & B lilsy) 134 Park 
Cushing Joseph M. ((J. & Bailev )134 Park 
CUSHING & MEUAIRY, (Johu'Cushing,Jacob 
H. Medairy) booksellers and stationers, 6 n 
Cushing Richard C. 173 Madison av 
Cushing Wiley E. (W. Miller & Co.) 134 Park 
CUSHINGS & BAILEY, (J. Cushing jr., L. E. 
Bailey, J. M. Cushing) booksellers and sta- 
tioners, 262 w Baltimore 
Cushley John A. printer, 160 Gough 
Cusic Mrs. Mary, seamstress, 161 Aliceanna 
CUSTOM HOUSE (U. S.) n w cor Lombard 

and Gay 
Custy John, tailor, 32 n Holliday 
Gusty Mrs. Mary, grocery, 208 Cross 











O. F. Bresee, G-eneral Agent, 15 South St. 





I— H 













Custj Mary, 7 Rock 

Custy Michael, laborer, 208 Cross 

Oust}- Patrick, carpenter, 7 Rock 

Cutaiar Francis, tobacconist and liquors, 722 w 

Cutcher Francis, bricklayer, Ramsay nr Mili- 
iugton la 

Cutcher Henry, bricklayer, Ramsay nr Milling- 
ton la 

Cutcher Joseph, bricklayer, Ramsay nr Milling- 
ton la 

Cutchutt' Charles, tinner, 189 Peirce 

Cutine Chailes, plumber, 106 w Fayette 

Cutino Alexander, (M. Magnesfl & Co.) 47 e 

Cutino Fortune, tailoress 89 n Front 

Cutino Frances, tailoress, 150 n Gay 

Cutino Joseph G. barber, 89 n Front 

Cutino Mary, 89 n Front 

Cuttle George, G29 w Lombard 

Cutts Thomas W. gas fitter, 89 North 

Cuyler Mrs. A. M. 344 e Baltimore 

Cuyler R. M 279 Linden av 

Czarnowsky Francis, paints and oils, 662 w 


Dabbs John, 531 Lexington 

Dabour John, artist, s e cor Presstman and Carey 

Dabrasky George, cigars, 236 Franklin 

Dabrasky John, finisher, 236 Franklin 

Dacey Cornelius, laborer, 43 Haubert 

Dacey Jeremiah, Laborer, 43 Hauliert 

Dade Robert, dep.tobac.insi)ectr. warehouse No. 

1, dvv Relay house, B.& O. R. R 
Dade Robert, clerk, Holiins and Mount 
Dade Robert T. clerk, Relay house, B.& O.R.R. 
Dadmun Nath'l W. luach'st, 102 s Washington 
Daeler William, baker, 17 L. McKlderry 
Daffin .Mrs. B. 60 n Exeter 

Daffin Benjamin. cutler, 15 n Gay, dvv 60 nExeter 
Daflin Charles C. D. engineer, 229 w Fayette 
Dattin Francis D. printer, 229 vv Fayette 
Daflin Joseph G. printer, 274 Aisquith 
Dagan Joseph, laborer, 3 Elliott 
Dagan Thomas, laborer, 3 Elliott 
Dagan Thomas jr. laborer, 3 Elliott 

Dagenhard , tailor, 140 s Spring 

Dagcuhart John, clerk, 11 s Poppleton 

Dagenhart Joseph, musician, 225 n Bond 

Dageuing Dennis, i)ricklayer, 10 Harford ar 

Dahl (icoige, huckster, 31 Union 

Dahl George, stove polisher, Pratt k Addison al 

Dahl Henry, blacksmith. 87 Stockton al 

Dahl Jacob jr. wool, 33 Biddle al 

Dahl Le\vi.s, laborer, Pratt aud Addison al 

Dahl Lewis jr. tinner, Pratt and Addison al 

Dahl .Mrs Lena, grocery, 31 Union 

Dahle Conrad H. mercht tailor, 57J u Gay,dw 

162 n (iay 
Dahler Kimigunda, 107 Elliott 
Dahlinier Henry, moulder, 143 Raborg 
Dahlweim r .Mrs. H. 1 l.i Raborg 
Dahme Teter, (F. DandeUt & Co.) 209 Barre 
Dahuckc Adolph, cooper, 214 Frederick av 
Daicker John, beer, 51 German 
Daicker Koliert T. apoth'y, 28 Pcnna av 
Daiuer Alice, vesliiiaker, 12:» (Jrloans 
DAIGEll CHARLES 11. & BROS., (Chas. H,. 

J. V. and Edward Daiger) com. merchants, 

4 HoUingsworth. — [-See Advertisement 

Daiger Chas. H.(C. H.D. &Bros.)95 Cathedral 
Daiger Edward, (Chas. H.D.& Bros. )333 w Pratt 
Daiger Elizabeth, vestmaker, 129 Orleans 
Daiger Francis A. 138 Division 
Daiger Francis A. salesman, 479 w Fayette 
Daiger Fred, hardware, 324 w Pratt 
Daiger George, driver, 220 Penna av 
Daiger JamesV.((;.H.D.& Bros.)258 w HoCFmaa 
Daiger John, marblecutter, 479 w Fayette 
Daiger Joseph E. T. clerk, 74 s Broadway 
Daiger Laura, vestmaker, 129 Orleans 
DAIGER M. A. cabinetmaker and undertaker, 

74 s Broadway 
Daiger Wm. barkeeper^ 19 n Frederick 
Daiger Wm. H. teacher, 129 Orleans 
Dail Francis S. clerk, 123 s Paca 
Dail T. Howard, salesman, 161 n Charles 
DAIL T J.&CO.(T.J.Dail,Jno.L.Hebb)whole8. 

grocers and com. merchts. 27 Cheapside 
Dail T. J. (T. J. D. k Co.) 161 n Charles 
Dail Wm. L. carpenter, Ann nr Chew 
Dailey Andrew, tinner, 759 w Baltimore 
Dailey Mrs. Bridget, beer, Castle s of Fayette 
Dailey Mrs. Eleanor, varieties, 213 Holiins 
Dailey Francis, laborer, 128 Battery av 
Dailey Francis, laborer, 83 Goodman al 
Dailey George H. salesman, Hoffman and Etting 
Dailey Hugh, 9 Willow 
Dailey Jacob, laborer, Winan's depot 
Dailey James, salesman. Fountain hotel 
Dailey John, laborer, 96 St. Peter 
Dailey John, blacksmith, rear 202 Columbia 
Dailey John, hackman, Union hotel 
Dailey John, shoemaker, 12 Booth 
Dailey John, brassmoulder, 45 Harford av 
Dailey Mark, grocery, 109 Cathedral 
Dailey Mary, grocery, 55 n Durham 
Dailey Martin, tailor, 99 Hillen 
Dailey Martin, laborer, 227 Hamburg 
Dailey Michael, laborer. 43 Block 
Dailey Michael, laborer, Castle s of Fayette 
Dailey Michael, blacksmith, 45 Harford av 
Dailey Michael, laborer, 11 Woodyear 
Dailey Patrick, laborer, 347 s Charles 
Dailey Patrick, laborer, 239 Hamburg 
Dailey Patrick, laborer, 55 n Durham 
Dailey Sanmel, carpenter, 24 Orleans 
Dailey Samuel J. carpenter, 48 Aisquith 
Dailey Thomas, laborer, 6 Willow 
Dailey Thomas, laborer, 7 Harrison al 
Dailey Thomas, cijjarmaker, 73 Oxford 
Dailey Thomas, blacksmith, rear 202 Columbia 
L>aily Ephraim V. surgical insts. 280 \v Holl'man 
Daily Frank Y. (Mathews k D.) 56 s Bond 
Daily Geo. H. salesnum, 28C w Hoffman 
Daily Henry C. cltrk, 14 ti Eutaw 
Daily John, driver, 69 e Pratt 
Daily John H. sailmaker, 27 n Bond 
Daily Thos. dep. warden Penitentiary, d\v 338 

n Outral av 
DAILY WM. F. surgical instrument maker, 

234 w Baltimore, d\v 41 MctJulloh 
Daily Wm. 11. clerk, 41 McCuUoh 
Daily Wm. laborer, 31 Haw 
Daiiias Ge«. lab. 17 s Washington 
Daingerfield Ann E. 29 Pleasant 
Daley Patrick, lab. 412 Hanover 
Daly A. J. teacher, Balto. Orphan Asylum 
Dalby Wm. T. C(,llect()r, 1()7 Hanover 
Dale Chas. clerk, 107 n Front 
Dale Lillie, boarding, 136 n Central av 
Dale Robert, carpenter, 244 Mulberry 

Mutual Life Insurance Co. of New York, 




Dale Samuel, laborer, Carey nr Franklin 

Dale Samuel jr. 158 n Carey 

Daley Bernard, tailor, 66 Harford av 

Daley Eliiah, plasterer. 52 n Front 

DALEY EUGENE M. propr. German st. Hall, 

26 German 
Daley Kate, (D. & Gutman) 147 Conway 
Daley Henry R. cabinetmaker, 295 Saratoga 
Daley John, laborer, 8 Foundry 
Daley Joseph, mariner, 229 s Ann 
Daley Jos. furniture, 8 Penna' av, dw 24 

Daley & Gutman Misses, (Kate Dalej', Rina 

Gutmau)ladies' hairdress'g,530 w Baltimore 
Daley Mrs. Margaret, 8 Foundr3' 
Daley Mrs. Mary, 50 s Chester 
Daley Mrs. Mary, grocery, 85 n Dallas 
Daley Mrs. Mary A. dressmaker, 295 Saratoga 
Daley Owen, laborer, 85 n Dallas 
Daley Philip, carpenter, 52 n Front 
Daley Thomas, laborer, 502 Aisquith 
Daley Thos. S. pidnter, 292 e Fayette 
Daley Wra. painter, 148 e Fayette 
Daley Wm. clerk, 456 w Pratt 
Dalkar Jacob, niuhtman, ,32 Etting 
Dalken John, cigarmaker, Clement nr Johnson 
DALL JOSEPH E. dry goods com. mercbt. 19 

German, dw 105 n Charles 
Dallant Charles F. 41 w Riddle 
Dallam Edward B. sec'y Md Ins. and Security 

Co. 57 Second, dw Harford co 
DALLAM H. CLAY, attorney, 5\^ St. Paul, 

dw 269 n Eutaw 
Dallam Joseph W. clerk, 49 s Exeter 
Dallam Thos. clerk, 127 n Holliday 
Dallam Wm. grocery, s end Clinton 
Dallam Wm. L. (Daniel & D.) 55 Lexington 
Dallam W". W. (Herbert, Hairston & Co.) 83 

Dallery J. B. beer, 232 Lexington 
Dallinger Chas. clerk, 126 n Exeter 
Dalhuiir Louis, laborer, 4i'6 Cross 
Dallwig Conrad, wire worker, 100 n Pine 
Dallwig Mrs. F. milliner, 100 n Pine 
D'Almaine Geo. portrait painter, 67 n Charles, 

dw 520 w Fayette 
D'Almaine Geo. M. bookkeeper, 520 w Fayette 
Dalraon Prof. H. 192 n Calvert 
Dairymple Mrs. Agnes, 270 e Monument 
Dairyinple Agnes, diessmkr. 270 e Monument 
Dairymple Alex. P. ck-rk, 2x6 Aisquith 
D.ilryniple Mrs. Amanda, 286 Aisquith 
Dairymple Dr. Augustine J. 330 e Pratt 
Dairymple Rev. Edwin A. pres't University of 

JId. 32 Mulberry, dw 195 w Lombard 
Dairymple iMis. Emily J. 143 n Eutaw 
Dairymple George, cleik, 143 n Eutaw 
Dairymple Geo. W. police, 112 Hill 
Dairymple James A. clerk, 286 Aisquith 
Dairymple Janet, dressmaker, 270 e Monument 
Dairymple John, machinist, 112 Hill 
Dairymple .Maggie, dressmkr, 270 e Monument 
Dairymple Robert, clerk, 112 Hill 
Dairymple Thos. iiuner,cor Chesnut and Front 
Dairymple Thos. sr. boxmkr, 181L Constitution 
Dalsheimer A. (Brown & Co.) 48 s Sharp 
Dalsheimer D. & Sons, (D., S., L. and H. C. 

Dalsheimer) wholes, boots and shoes, 43 

Dalsheimer David, (D. D. & Sons) 48 s Sharp 
DalsheimerHenry C.(D. D. &Sons)Philade!phia 
Dalsheimer Leon, (D. D. k Sons) Philadelphia 

DalsheimerSylvan,(D. D. & Sons) Philadelphia 

Dalton Ellen, grocery, 97 s Dallas 

Dalton Jatnes M. tinner, 6 Swan 

Dalton John E. police, 132 Harford av 

Dalton Mrs. Margaret, 6 Swan 

Daly Mrs. Ann, 71 Holland 

Daly Chas. polisher, 2u8 n Front 

Daly Henry F. varnisher, 240 Conway 

Daly Isabella, dressmaktr, 71 Holland 

Daly James, restaurant and boird'g, 85 North 

Daly John H. varnisher, 240 Conway 

Daly John, laborer, 223 n Front 

Daly John A. bookkeeper, 71 Holland 

Daly Jose[ih, stonecutter, 18 Constitution 

Daly Josiah, varnisher, 240 Conway 

Daly Mrs. Mary, 746 w Prati 

Daly Michael, porter, 146 Druid Hillav 

Daly Patrica, nurse, 59 Chesnut 

Daly Thomas, varnisher, 245 w Baltimore 

Damast Philip, carpenter, 202 Montgomery 

Dambmann G. F. Ph. (Lorentz & Ritler) 51 n 

Damer Alphonsus,hlacksmith,overl50Franklin 
Darner Andrew, cabinetmaker, 143 Dover 
Damer Anton, shoemaker, over 150 Franklin 
Damer Frederick, clerk, 40 Brune 
Damer Joseph, saddler, 81 Peirce 
Damer Martin, clerk, 158 Franklin 
Damer Martin, clerk, 40 Brune 
Damer Matthew, tailor, over 150 Franklin 
Dames August F. carpenter, Homestead 
Dames Mrs. Christiana, 290 Saratoga 
Dames Kmma, teacher, Waverley 
Dames John, carpenter, Homestead 
Dames John H. police, 158 Penna av 
Dames Mrs. Mary, huckstress, Waverley 
Datnes Wm. gardener, Waverley 
Damm August, grocery, 389 Canton av 
Damni Chas. varnisher, 389 Canton av 
Damm Conrad, tailor, 93 Low 
Damm Frederick, canmaker, 389 Canton av 
Damm Henry, lab'r, Frederick rd nr toligate 
Damm Henry, lab'r, Belair av nrSchutzen park 
D'lmm John, laborer, 111 Leadenh.ll 
Damm Wm. laborer. Ill Leadenhall 
Danimann Ernest, (F W. & E. D.) 387 Druid 

Hill av 
Dammann F. Wra (F. W. & E. D.) Lanvale 

bet Fremont and Myrtle av 
Damniann F. W. & E. imp'rs of cloths and vel- 
vets, 19 Hanover, 
Dammann John F. clerk, Lanvale nr Fremont 
DAMMANN DR. LEWIS H. magistrate, 37Lex- 

ington. dw 191 Mulberry 
Damme Henry, shoemaker, 214 s Broadway 
Damme Sophia, boots and shoes, 214s Broadway 
Dammer Mary, butter, 2S9 Franklin 
Dammer S<'bastian, huckster. 289 Franklin 
Diinunes Adolph, mariner, 157 S Ann 
Dammuth Christian, laborer, 33 Wyeth 
Danaher Cornelius, laborer, 1 Collins ct 
Danbie^ier Geo. confectionery, 362 Franklin 
Dance Mrs. Jennie, 209 Jefferson 
DANDELt'/r F. & CO. (Wm. D. English, J. 

Butterfield, Petir Dahme) brewers, n e cor 

Conway and Hanover 
Dandelet Francis, jr. clerk, 265 n Eden 
Dandelet F. G. dyer and scourer, 122 n Howard 
Dandridge Philip P. asst. engineer, B. & 0. R. 

R., Carrollton hotel 
Daneker David H. engineer, 224 Montgomeiy 
Daneker Edwin T. supt. C. H. 185 s Charles 










The Largest Life Insurance Co. in the "World. 






















Daneker Frank A. clerk, 99 n Exeter 
Dimeker Geo. C. clerk, 185 s Chnrles 
Daneker John F. millwright, 25 Henrietta 
Daneker John J. 183 s Charles 
Daneker Ornian A. clerk, 99 n Exeter 
Daneker Samuel H. clVrk, 185 s Charles 
Daneker Thos. 0. clerk, 99 n Kxeter 
Daneker Wm., Sweet Air 
Danels Bolivar D. judye orphans' court and 

consul for Venezuela, 43 Lexington, dw 120 

Danels John D. jr. prop'r Clagett's brewery, e 

Lombard adj'g Falls, dw 254 n Charles 
Danels Josej)h, brewer, 108 n Exeter 
Danels Joseph D. brewer, 254 n Charles 
Dangerfield Washington 1. cigarmaker, 58 

Daniel Andrew, shoemkr, 191 Vine 
Daniel Aug. varnisher, 1 1 Sterrett 
DANIEL & DALLAM, (Wm. Daniel, Wm. L. 

Dallam) attorneys, 7 Couftland 
Daniel Daniel, beer, 148 s Central av 
Daniel Ezekiel, builder, Carey nr Franklin 
Daniel John H. (Penniman & Bro.) Eutaw 

DANIEL JOSEPH D. chief clerk gen. freight 

office, N. C. R. dw 87 Walsh 
Daniel M. agent Lissauer & Co. over 160 w Bal- 

timoie, dw 204 s Charles 
Daniel Michael, 211 s Paca 
Daniel Moses, clerk, 211 s Paca 
Daniel Wm. (D ^ Dallam) 42 Mt. Vernon pi 
Daniels Chas. H. conductor, 223 Montgomery 
Daniels Daniel, junk, 128 Burgundy al 
Daniels Geo. W. chairmkr, 240 n Dallas 
Daniels James D. scroll sawyer, 174 s Wash- 
Daniels John C. clerk, 1 s Exeter 
Daniels Mrs. Julia A. milliner, 1 s Exeter 
Dankmeyer Charles, baker, 661 >v Baltimore 
Dankmeyer John F. baker, 905 w Baltimore 
Dankmeyer Theodore, baker, 661 w Baltimore 
Dankmeyer Wm. baker, 661 w Baltimore 
Dannalier Daniel, lab. I.i4 Chesapeake 
Dannaher Michael J. huckster, 76 n Amity 
Dannaher Thomas, bottler, 49 n Front 
Dannenberger Isaac, clerk, 24 Douglass 
Dannenberger Isaiah, tailor, 24 Douglass 
Daiinenfelser Adam, cooper, 170 s Central av 
Dannenf'dser Conrad, shoemkr, 7 Cotton row 
Dannenfelser John, shoemkr, Clinton nr Boston 
Dannenfelser Lewis, cooper, 117 Eastern av 
Dannenfelser Martin, shoemkr, Clinton nr Boston 
Dannenfilser Martin, jr. shoemkr, Clinton nr 

Dannenfelser Philip, grocery, cor McDonogh 

and Biddle 
Danner Wesley C, Franklin house 
Dannctte! k Co. (J. H. Dannettel, F. Schulze, 

I' red. Hobehniinn) packing boxmakcrs, 15 a 

Dannettel Geo. F. pharmacist, 78 n Schroeder 
Dannellel John H. (D. .j- Co.) 323 n Broadway 
Dannettel J(;lin 11. jr. boxuikr, Franklin house 
Dannettel Henry L. cabinetnikr, 127 Scott 
Danskin Shirt Manufact'g Co 176 w Baltimore 
Danskin Washington A. 41 Courtland 
Danson Lewis J. mariner, 78 n Amity 
DansoH Mrs. Martha E. dressmkr, 78 n Amity 
Dan vers Frank, lab. 3 Ogston 
Danz, grocery, 36 New Church 
Danz Edward, capnikr, 22 e Pratt 

Danz Erasmus, shoemkr, 192.} s Washington 
Danz Fred, shoemkr, 1()6 n Spring 
Danz Henry W. carp 124 n Spring 
Danz Henry, bakery, 166 n Kden 
Danzeglock August, (J. H. & A. D.) barber, 

154 Low 
Danzeglock Henry, shoemkr, 43 n Gay, dw 102 
Danzeglock John H. (J. H. .J- August D.) 481 

e .Monument 
Danzeglock J. H. & August, liquors, cor Mon- 
ument and Bond 
Dapprick Emil, teacher, 47 n Gay 
Daranda Andrew, tailor, 60 Stiles 
Darbv Benj. F. (D. & Co.) 315 w Fayette 
DARBY & CU. (Philip, David and Benj. F. 

Darby)steam candv maiiufs. 325 w Baltimore 
Darby David. (D. &'Co.) 531 w Fayette 
Darbv .Montillion, machinist, 456 w Lombard 
DarbV N. R. & Co. (T. Duvall) com. merchts, 

88 s Charles 
Darljy Philip, (D. & Co.) 634 w Fayette 
Dardeu Geo. F. watchmaker, 185 w Baltimore, 

dw 5 Hollins 
Dare cj- Boyd, (G. G. Dare, J. J. Boyd) com. 

merchants, 95 s Charles 
Dare Mrs. Carrie, 296 Pen na av 
Dure Dr.' Geo. H. 91 Frederick av 
Dare Gideon G. (D. ^' Bovd) 22S w Lombard 
Dare James G clerk, 91 Frederick av 
Dare Wm. H. hardware, 258 w Pratt, dw 183 

s Paca 
Darley John "W. shoemkr, 162 n Bond 
Darling Mrs. Eliza, 129 n High 
Darling F. Taylor, U. S. ganger, cor Calvert 

and Lexington, dw 210 Franklin 
Darling Dr. Henry, 143 Mulberry 
Darling Isaac, of "C. H. 129 n High 
Darling James II. tinner, 218 n Eden 
Darling James T. carpenter, 11 n Sharp, dw 5 

s Carey 
Darling John, sr. police, 95 Aisquith 
Darling Lewis, baker, 137 n Eutaw 
Darnuiday Mary, huckstress, rear 82 Centre 

Market sp 
Darmstadt Philip, miner, 109 S Chapel 
Darmstadt Re>;ina, provisions, 109 s Chapel 
Daion Geo.(.lno.Langford it Co. )242 w Fayette 
Darraui;)] Mary E. 283 e Lombard 
Darraugh Wm. police, 504 Harford av 
DARRELL CHAS. & CO. (C. Darrell, Jas.W, 

Boyle) imprs. wines and liq'rs, 4 Exchange pi 
Darrell Chas. (Chas. D. & Co.) 245 n Calvert 
Darrell k Smith, (S. D.trrell, R. M. Smith)ship. 

and com. merchants, over (j6 s Gay 
Darrell Stewart, (D. ^'- Smith) 349 n Eutaw 
Darrenberger David, confect'r, 941 Lexington 
Darrenberger H. cattle driver, 941 Lexington 
Darrenberger Henry, carp. 63 L. Monument 
Darrenberger Jacob, contec. 63 L. Monument 
Darrinton James, clerk, 3 PostoflSce av 
Darsch, barkeeper, CI Hanover 
Dasch Chas. W. confectionery, 135 e Baltimore 
Dasch John A. quarryman, Falls rd nr tollgate 
Dasch John N. blacksmith, Falls rd nr tollgate 
Dasch Saml. E. stonecuttei'. Falls id nr tollgate 
Dasey Jeremiah, laborer, 43 llaubert 
Dash Adam, silversmith, 59 s .Monroe 
Dash .Mary, laundress, 87 s Dallas 
Dash Peter, laborer. 87 s Dallas 
Dasii Philip, laborer, 87 s Dallas 
Dash Wm stonecitter, 142 n Pine 
Dashields Thos. grocery, 91 s Exeter 

Mutual Life Insurance Co. of New York, 




Dashields Wm. H. caulker, 105 Johnson 
Dasliiell Mrs. Ann 175 Bank 
Dashiell Chus. E. carver, 141 s Washington 
Dashiell Mrs. Elizabeth. 7 s Washington 
Dashiell Fredk. cook, 64 Lanc.ister 
Dashiell Jno. V. carver, 54 s Choptank 
Dashiell Mrs Mary E. 333 e Baltimore 
D;»sliiell Mrs. .Matilda, 27i Aisquith 
Dashiell Capt. Mitchell, 21^ Aisquith 
Dashiell Mitchell, coachtriiDmer, 71 e Lombard 
Dashiell Nicholas, bricklayer, 64 Lancaster 

Dashiell Rich. H. (T. K. Harrison & Son) 104 s 

Dashiell Mrs. Robert, 2 Aisquith 
DASHIELL S. K. real estate broker, 32 St. 

Paul, dw Howard co 
Dashiell Wm. 0. cashier, 44 Spiing row 
Dashiell Wm. carder, 251 William 
Daub Christain, grocer\', 263 ti Broadway 
Daulj Ludwig, tinner, 263 n Broadway 
Dauber Geo. trunkmaker, 12 s Liberty 
Dauber Jolin, burnisher, 12 3 Liberty 
Daubert Christopher, si iter, 225 Lee 
Daubert Frederick, laborer, 125 n Front 
Dauberth John, whitewasher, 53 s High 
Daubman Henry, glass blower, Race nr Cross 
Dauchert Chas. watchmaker, 66 s Central av 
Daugbaday John T. cabinet maker, Lemmon nr 

Daiighaday Saml. stonecutter, Oxford, York rd 
Dauenhauer Louis, carpenter. 280 e Lombard 
Dauer .Mrs. Grade, grocery, 220 William 
Dauer .lohn, shoemaker, 220 William 
Daugherty Mrs. Annie, 215 Jefferson 
Daugherty Edward, brakeman, 22 n E.feter 
Daugherty Geo. harnessmaker, 298 Cross 
Daugherty Geo. fireman, 75 Oregon 
Daugherty Jas. F. stonemason, 154 Greenm't av 
Daugherty John, broouimakr. 1:^0 Druid Hillav 
Daugherty James, paper maker, Druidville 
Daugherty James M. [irinter, 49 Valley 
Daugherty Lieuranah, teacher, 154 Greenm't av 
Daugherty Rev. John J. lOG n Charles 
Daugherty J. M. (D.. Maguire & Wright) 49 

Daugherty, J. F. Maguire, J. N. Wright) job 
printers, s e cor Baltimore and Gay 
Daugherty Mrs. Priscilla A. (Wm. G. D. & Co.) 

16 Jackson sq 
Daugherty Rev. Thomas cor Presstman and 

Daugherty Wm. G. (W. G. D. & Co.) 16 Jack- 
son sq 
Dougherty Wm. G. & Co. (W. G. and P. A. 
Daugherty) coal, cor Central av and Fayette 
Dauling lirhart, 91 Ensor 
Daughtrey R. T. clerk, 21 s Howard 
Dauiiderrow Emanuel, fruit stand, 6 New Church 
Dauniann Geo. basket maker, 25 Perry 
Duusch Anthony, stevedore, s e cor Broadway 

and Jackson sq av 
Dausch Chas. laborer, 409 Eastern av 
Dausch Mrs. Clara, grocy. Bank and Choptank 
Dausch Jacob, laborer, Bank and Choptank 
Dausch J. P. stevedore, 409 Eastern av 
Dausch Rev. Michael, 25 n Front 
Dausch Dr. Pierre, s e cor Broadway and Jack- 
son sq av 
Dauterich Chas. carp. 8 n Eden 

Daulerich F. W. engrav. cor Ann and Fayette 
Dauterich Henry, titmer, 8 n Eden 
Dauterich Henry, beer, cor Ann and Fayette 
Dauterich Henry L. clerk, cor Ann and Fayette 
Dauterich John, tavern, 8 n Eden 
Davenport Dr. B. H. R. 144 n Schroeder 
Davenport B. H. R. apothecary, cor Mulberry- 

and Schroeder, dw 144 n Schroeder 
D.ivenport James C. clerk, 143 w Biddle 
Davenport Mrs. Jane H. 162 s Wolfe 
Davenport Joseph B. clerk, 25 Hamilton 
David Chas. W. huckster, 18 Sterrett 
Davids Albert G. 274 Park av 
Davids August, tailor, 91 Harrison 
Davids Garrett B.(Denmead & Son )274 Park av 
Davidson Mrs. Ann M. seamstress, 101 Hillen 
Davidson C. Y. (C. Y. D. & Co.)201 n Calvert 
Davidson Chas. A. 11 s Chester 
Davidson Chas. C. shoemkr. 612 w Baltimore 
Davidson C. Falconer, clerk, 46 n Fremont 
Davidson Chas. lab. 11 s Choptank 
DAVIDSON C. Y. & CO. (C. Y. Davidson, J. 

H. Kidd, J. E. Keenan) gas fixtures, 5 n 

DAVIDSON, CLARK & CO. (Wm. T.Davidson, 

J. E. Clark) com. merchts and whole, liquors, 

48 s Howard 
Davidson Deborah, 119 n Central av 
Davidson Kdward, conducter, 170 Penna av 
DAVIDSON F. H. hardware, 158 Franklin, 

dw Druid Hill av nr McMechin 
Davidson Francis, 119 n Ceniral av 
Davidson Geo. F. gasfitter, 767 w Baltimore 
Davidson Geo. H. potter, 11 s Choptank 
Davidson James W. inspector of tunnels, 493 

Davidson James, salesman, 14 s Gay 
Davidson John E. agent Continental Life Ina. 

Co. 42 PostofRce av, dw 85 s Paca 
Davidson John H. potter, 11 s Chester 
Davidson John J. butcher, 14 Belair market, 

dw Aisquith nr Point la 
Davidson Joseph E. clerk, 85 s Paca 
Davidson Kate, 34 n Bond 
Davidson R.J.(D.&Schulz)Raborg nr Schroeder 
Daviilson Robert C. 183 w Fayette 
David.-^on Robert J. gasfitter, 778 w Baltimore 
Davidson Mrs. Dr. S! A. 204 w Hoffman 
Davidson Samuel G. police, cor Point la and 

Harford av 
Davidson Samuel M. clerk, 204 w Hoffman 
Davidson & Schulz, (R. J. Davidson, Alfred J. 

Schulz) livery stables, Raborg nr Schroeder 
Davidson Wallace C. clerk, 767 w Baltimore 
Davidson Wm. ropemkr, Harford av nr Point la 
Davidson Wm. T. (D., Clark & Co.) Riders 

switch, Baltimore co 
Davies Chas. E. bookkeeper, 15 Etting 
Davies Mrs. Mary J. notions, 83 n Eutaw, dw 

74 Walsh 
Davies Samuel K. agent, 205 w Baltimore 
Davies Wm. H. agent, 205 w Baltimore 
Davis Abram, engineer, 5 w Biddle 
Davis Albert, sup't light house, 9 Hill 
Davis Alexander, plasterer, 162 Forrest 
Davis Alexander, rags, Hampden 
Davis Alexander, stonemason, Hampden 
Davis Alexander G. barber, under Fountain 

hotel, dw 39 Richmond 
Davis A. T. canmaker, 128 n Bond 
Davis A. G. supt. telegraph B. & 0. R. R. and 

Western Union, 429 Madison av 

Assets $60,000,000 Cash Invested. 


r— I 




























• I-H 







I— "( 

Davis Alice V. teacher, 106 Hillen 

Davis Allen B. farmer, 37l) Madison av 

Davis Alpheus P. H. carpenter, 62 s Greene 

Davis Alfred H. varnisher, 189 s Ann 

Davis Alvin, foreman, 99 s Gilmor 

Davis Amos, carpenter, 369 w Fayette 

Davis Amos M. coO|)er, 139 Hamburg 

Davis Andrew P. clerk, 117 n I'^den 

Davis Andrew, stairbuilder, 29'-> n Bond 

Davis Mrs. Annie K. 208 German 

Davis Archibald M. foreman W. D. Weaver, 

under B irnum's hotel, dw 153 Barre 
Davis Benj. laborer, Clinton nr Boston 
Davis Benj. 280 e Lombard 
Davis Beuj. B clfrk, 34 Columbia 
Davis Benj. M. juiilc, 30 Hearietta 
Davis Benton C. engineer, 193 Battery ar 
D.ivis Bradford A.' conductor, 319 n Broad waj' 
Davis Mrs. Caroline, 175 Druid Hill av 
Davis Catherine, 411 Canton av 
D.ivis Catherine, 47 n Schroeder 
Davis Charles T. clerk, 17 s Howard 
Davis Chas. W. silversmith, a4Cfntre Market sp 
Davis Chas. tailor, rear 12 n Gay 
Davis Chas. A. watchman, 26 n Republican 
Davis Chas. W. bookkeeper, 134 Mulberry 
Davis Chas. H. pilot, 234 Gough 
Davis Chas. M. carp. Townseud nr Fremont 
Davis Chas. J. block and purajimaker, foot of 

Montgomery, dw 104 s Exeter 
Davis Chas. M. pumpmaker, 104 s Exeter 
Davis C. T. shoecutter, 642 w Lombard 
Davis Clara, boarding, 30 n Central av 
Davis Clinton W. clerk, 31 Jackson 
Davis C. C. shipcarp. 299 Light 
Davis Curtis of C. U., Mansion houae 
Davis Daniel, laborer, 4 Abbot 
Davis Mrs. Delia, boarding, 165 Barre 
Davis David W. confec'y, 5 w Biddle 
Davis David, 37 Lexington 
Davis David, Clinton nr Boston 
Davis David W. laborer, Clinton nr Boston 
Davis Dunbar, cigarmaker, 106 w Fayette 
Davis Edgar 0. coachmaker, 4 Park av 
Davis Edmund, laborer, Hampden 
Davis B. D. 0. canmaker, 62 Jefferson 
David Edward, carpenter, 125 Ridgely 
Davis Edward M. plasterer, Franklin house 
Davis Edward T. clerk, 207 Saratoga 
Davis Edwd. millwright, Strieker nr Liberty rd 
Davis Edward (E. Davis & Co. ) Baltimore co 
Davis Edward ^- Co. (Edward Davis, J. Henry 

Knell, jr.) lumber dealers, cor Fremont and 

Davis Edwin R. real estate agent, 11 St. Paul, 

dw 162 Hanover 
Davis Eldred R. clerk, 213 n Carey 
Davis Edward G. driver, 189 s Ann 
Davis Elisha, carpenter, 369 w Fayette 
Davis Mrs. Elizabeth, Clipper mills 
Davis Enoch J. brakeman, 14 e Madison 

DAVIS FRANK E. Architect, Eoom 
No. 1, Second Story, over s e cor 
Charles and Fayette, dw 188 Sara- 

Davis Franklin P. carter, 7 Walker 
Davis Frederick, liquors, 314 Canton av 
Davis Geo. engineer, 292 s Caroline, dw 381 
Eastern av 

Davis George P. colbctor, 103 Walsh 
D.ivis Geo. A. jr. machinist, 87 s Mount 
Davis George W. upholsterer, 24 e Monument 
Davis George \V. shipsmith, 24 Johnson 
Davis Geo. \V. carpn'tr, Calhouu nr Presstman 
Davis George H. stonecutter, 253 Bank 
Davis George A. plasti-rer, Frai.klin house 
Davis George A. builder, Townseud, one door 

w of Fremont 
Davis George W. magistrate, 15 St. Paul, dvr 

273 Druid Hill av 
Davis George W. carpenter, 18 s Schroeder 
Davis George W. plasterer, Hampden 
Davis Henry R. clerk, 273 Druid Hill av 
Davis Henry R. drauglitsman, I8t* Saratoga 
Davis Mrs. Harriet, 166 Penaa av 
Davis Mrs. Harriet, 106 Hilk-n 
Davis Harry W. carp'r, Calhoun nr Presstman 
Davis Henrietta, teacher,' 35 Walsh 
Davis H. F. (Harryman D. k Co.) Washington 
Davis Henry L. laliorer, 164 Lee 
Davis H. W. laborer, i 12 Cross 
Davis Henry T. fireman, 40U'Donnell 
Davis Mrs. Henry W. 56 Franklin 
DAVIS 1. THOMAS & CO. (I. Thomas Davis, 

Wm. Marbury) salt dealers, 49 South 
Davis I. Thomas, (I. Thos. D. & Co.) Goorge- 

town, D. C 
Davis J. Wesley, ganger, 91 .\lbemarle 
Davis Jacob C. carpenter, 348 Franklin 
Davis Jacob T. millwright, 348 Franklin 
Davis James C. tinner, 124 s Charles 
Davis James T. marble polisher, 96 George 
Davis James, mariner, 5 n Castle 
Davis James B. carpenter, 487 w Pratt 
Davis James E. (Kines & D.) 296 Light 
Davis James A. clerk, 669 w Fayette 
Davis James E. carpenter, 59 Walker 
Davis James E. coal and wood, s w cor Bond 

and Lombard, dw 6 n Washington 
Davis Mrs. Janet, 62 n HoUiday 
Davis John A. tanner, 291 s Sharp 
Davis John, carpenter, 44 Orleans 
Davis John, shipcarpenter, 43 s Choptank 
Davis John C. master machinery, B. & 0. R. 

R. 669 w Fayette, 
Davis John, junk, 348 Aliccanna, Canton 
Davis John A. C. clerk, 204 n Front 
Davis John II. painter, 19 Boyd 
Davis John, tailor, 318 n Central av 
DAVIS JOHN K. shoes, 162 Forrest, dw 273 

Druid Hill av 
Davis John C. painter, 3 s Oregon 
Davis John, shipcarj)enter, 315 Light 
Davis John E. bricklayer, 32 St. Peter 
Davis John K. rigger, 21 s Oregon 
Davis John F. jr. carpenter, 14 McCIellan, dw 

643 w Lombard 
Davis John F. carpenter, 643 w Lombard 
Davis John T. tinner, 153 Hamburg 
Davis John T. laboier, 9 Joppa la 
Davis John, police, 89 North 
Davis John H. brickla\er, Linden av and Rose 
Davis John C carpenter, 369 w Fayette 
Davis John T. shoemaker, 208 German 
Davis John \V. (Milroy & D.) Park av nr 

Davis John W. tinner, 85 Hamburg 
Davis John W. builder, 102 n Bond 
Davis John T. stonecutter, 96 George 
Davis John L. showman, 25 Albermarle 
Davis John C. carpenter, 449 n Calhoun 

Mutual Life Insurance Co. of New York, 




Davis John W. driver, 189 s Aim 

Davis John L. lab. 164 Lee 

Dnvis J. V/. spices, 44 German, dw York rd 

Davis Josepli, prop'r Bait. Boot and Slioe Co., 

340 w Baltimore, dw Lynn, Mass. 
Davis Jos. E driver, 1 W.ijfe n of Monument 
Davis Josepli, chairmaker, 230 n Bond 
Davis Joseph, carpenter, 227 Montgomery 
Davis Lawrence B. carpenter, 177 Townsend 
Davis Laurence C. clerk, 64 Myrtle av 
Davis Lewis, driver, 117 Kastern av 
Davis Jlrs. Lvdia, 564 Lexington 
Davis Mark N. carpenter, 305 Franklin 
Davis Margaret A., Clinton nr Boston 
Davis Mrs. Mary E. ^rrocery, 40 O'Donnell 
Davis Mrs. Mary E. dressmaker, 156eBalto. 
Davis Mary, 230 e .Monument 
Di\vis Mrs. Mary, 189 s Ann 
Davis Mrs. Mary A. 113 e Madison 
Davis Mrs. .Mary C. 228 s Fremont 
Davis .Mrs. Melinda, grocery, 498 Canton av 
Davis .Mrs. Miriam, Clinton nr Boston 
Davis Orlando S. operator, 77 Hanover 
Davis P. Wilson, lab. 5 L. Church 
Davis P. D. painter, 41 e Pratt 
Davis Rachel, 230 e .Monument 
Davis Ralph, clothing, 36 Harrison 
Davis Reveidy, canmaker, 136 Scott 
Davis Richard, carpenter, 122 Linden av 
Davis Richard L. ca! punter, 53 Scott 
Davis Richard, clerk, 54 Centre Market sp 
Davis Robert M. bookbinder, Bolton nr Wilson 
Davis Robt. engineer, 77 s Strieker 
Davis Robt. P. police, 117 n Rden 
Davis Robt. N. painter, 4 Rupard 
Davis Robt. T. plasterer, 250 Le.'iington 
Davis Roswell B. shoemaker, 38 n Calvert 
Davis Samuel, car inspector, 103 Walsh 
Davis Samuel G. jr. laborer, 205 Scott 
Davis Samuel G. engineer, 77 s Fremont 
Davis Samuel, clothing, 66 Thames 
Davis Samuel S. clerk, Patterson av nr What- 

Davis Samuel B. harnessmaker, 208 German 
Davis SaraU A. dressmaker, 56 .Mulberry 
Davis S. & Son,(S. and W. Davis)producecom. 

merchants, 27 Barre 
Davis Shalmaneser (S. Davis & Son)34 Conway 
Davis Silas W. police, 69 n Po[ipleton 
Davis Susan M. (A. C. Shenton & Co.) 26 n 

Davis Stephen, ladies and children's boot and 
shoe mannf. 150 Lexington, dw 207 Saratoga 
Davis Thos. grocery, Clinton nr Second av 
Davis Thos. boots and shoes, 196| Lexington, 

dw 500 w Fayette 
Davis Thos. trunks, 329 .McHenry 
Davis Thomas, drayman. 12 s Bond 
Davis Thomas, laborer, Hampden 
Davis Thos. B. lighthouse keeper, 160 Scott 
Davis Thos. P. huckster, 366 Canton av 
Davis Thos. G. blacksmith, 223 Dolphin 
Davis Thos. mariner, 30 Fell 
Davis Thos. B. cooper, 290 s Paca 
Davis Thos. A. tailor, 133 e Monument 
Davis Thomas B paints, oils and glass, 10 w 

Baltimore, dw 125 Park av 
Davis Thos. tailor, 139 Vine 
Davis Thos. W. trunkmaker, 329 McHenry 
Davis Tyler, exp. messenger, 748 w Pratt 
Davis Rev, Wesley R., Harlem av 
Davis \Vm. peddler, 1 Wolfe n of Monument 

Davis Wm. laborer, 218 Aliceanna 
Davis Wm. H. driver, Calverton 
Davis Wm. J. clerk, cor Caiey and Fraiklin 
Davis Wm. (S. Davis cf Son) 34 Conway 
Davis Wm. canmaker, 128 n Bund 
Davis Wm. ])rinter, 106 Hillen 
Davis Wm. lal)orer, 278 s Bond 
Dav:s Wm. carpenter, Black Horse hotel 
Davis Wm. A. shoemaker. 255 n Eden 
Davis Dr. Wm. H. 193 n Howard 
Davis Wm. H. painter, 211 Bank 
Davis Wm. stonecutter, 215 Aliceanna 
Davis Wm. E. (W. E. D. & Co.) 64 n Greene 
DAVIS WM. E. & CO. (W. E. Davis) manuf. 
iron railing, 144 Camden 

,Q^ 12 N. Howard St. V^ 



Superior Flavoring Extracts, 

Kssenco Jamaica Ginger iinfl Worm Confection-s. 

^^. J. JMII^LKPt. 






Davis Wm. T. clerk, 89 Franklin 
Davis Wm. R. cooper, 221 s Paca 
Davis Wm. B. jr. bricklayer, 221 s Paca 
Davis Wm. H. printer, 167 Forrest 
Davis Wm. H. boatbuilder, Patuxent nr Elliott 
Davis Wm. J. shipcarpenter, 121 Montgomery 
Davis Wm. M. foreman, 35 n Calhoun 
Davis Wm. R. carpenter, 62 Jefferson 
Davis Wm. H. carpenter, 144 Conway 
Davia Wm. liquors, 185 s Charles 
Davis Wm. painter, 174 Peirce 
Davis Wm. T. cigar manuf. 188 e Monument 
Davis Wilson A. mariner, 62 Block 
Davis Zimmerman, moulder, 742 w Pratt 
Davison Calvin T. 243 n Republican • 
Davison Dr. Garland H. 291j w Fayette 
Davison Geo. W. (W. D. & Co.)58 Gourtland 
Davison James, engineer, 263^ Hanover 
Davison John A. chemist, Lee nr Hanover 
Davison Samuel, mattresses, 258 Eastern av 
Davison Wm. J. (Wm. D. & Co.)243 n Repub- 

DAVISON WM. & CO. (■Wm.,Wm. 
J. and Geo. W. Davison) Manufac- 
turers of Varnishes, White Lead, 
French and American 2iincs in 
Oil, Colors, Whiting, Putty, Re- 
fined Saltpetre, Spanish Brown, 
Venetian Red, Epsom Salts, &c., 
104 w Lombard st. 

Davison Wm. (W. D. & Co) and prest. Md. 

White Lead Co., Ilchester, B. & 0. R. R. 
Davie Henry, bakery, 230 n Caroline 
Davy Mrs, Elizabeth, 105 s Broadway 
Davy Thomas H. dentist, 49 Saratoga, dw 133 

Daw Wm. T. bootmaker, 205 n Central av 
Dawalt Wm. barkeeper, 104 Light-st whf 








The Largest Life Insurance Co. in the World. 












Dawes Edward B. sr. engineer, 198 s Fremont 
Dawes Edward B. canniaker, 29 Elliott 
Ditwes Francis, cooper, Central al nr w Faj-ette, 

dw 159 w Fayettf 
Dawes Henry, carpenter, 206 George 
Dawes John, huckster, 2(51 s Paca 
Dawes Capt. Jos. D. mariner, 15 n Bond 
Dawes Mrs. Mary, 15 n Bond 
Dawes Richard, cooper, 229 w Fayette 
Dawes Wm. H. blacksmith, 2 Weber 
Dawley H. S. business manager Weed Sewing 

Machine Co. 53 n Charles and 499 w Balti- 

moie, dw 270 Park av 
Dawson Alfred, baker, 61 n High 
Dawson Mrs. Amy, 141 Saratoga 
Dawson Daniel, laborer, 410 s Charles 
Dawson Daniel, jiorter, 24 Arbel al 
Dawson Edgar G. 70 w Madison 
Dawson Edward, barber, 394 Saratoga, dw 35 

Dawsirn Gideon R. (J, J. Bunting & Co.) 14 n 


F. Goldsborough) wholes, liquors. 3 Howell 

Dawson Henry, laborer, 78 Beason 
Dawson Hugh, currier, 229 Hanover 
Dawson Jacob J. blacksmith, 64 Eastern av 
Dawson Linsay T. watchman, 30 Cross 
Dawson Nicholas, (D. & Goldsborough) 60 n 

Dawson Philip T. 279 e Baltimore 
Dawson Samnel, shipcarpenter, 83 s Ann 
Dawson Thos. (Judge & D ) 141 Saratoga 
Dawson Thos. H. carver, 141 Saratoga 
Dawson Thos. T. cleik, 279 e Baltimore 
Dawson Wm. H. attorney, s e cor Fayette and 

Xortu, dw 21 Courtland 
Dawson Wm. H. H. carpenter, 52 Mj^rtle av 
Dawson Wm. P. (Thos. R. Matthews & Sons) 

152 McCulloh 
Day A.S., St. Clair hotel 
Day Albert, axe handle maker, 119 e Baltimore 
Day Alex. H. shipcarpenter, 17 s Choptank 
Day Alfred G. saddler, harness and Ininkmkr, 

421 w Baltimore, dw 252 w Fayette 
Day .\lfred S. bookkeeper, St. Clair hotel 
Day Asa, cooper, 224 e Lombard 
Day Caroline M. 249 e Fayette 
Day Chas. S. millwright, 379 e Fayette 
Day Mrs. Eliza, 310 c Chase 
Day Emily, 37 s Schroeder 
Day Franklin P. laborer, 224 e Lombard 
Day Fredk. drayman, 25 Goudman al 
Day Geo. W. (Evans, Reeves & Co.) 38 w 

Nineteenth, New York 
Day Rev. Hamilton J. 22 Camden 
Day Mrs. Harriet, trimmings, 379 e Fayette 
Day Ilazen, baker, 186 Vine 
Day Horatio, shipcarpenter, 176 Bank 
Day Ira, cashier N. C. R., 224 Druid Hill av 
Day Isaac F. mariner, 224 e Lombard 
Day Ishmael, inspector C. H., 105 n High 
Day Jacob, (S. G. D. & Bro.) 310 e Chase 
Day Mrs. Jane, 152 e Eager 
Day John W. moulder, 550 w Lombard 
Day Milton, patent ageul,Stricker bet McHenry 

and Ramsay 
Dav Norman, (Turner & D.) 261 e Baltimore 
Day 0. F. (R.Lawson & Co.)204 Druid Hill av 
Day Rinaldo S. fireman, 79 s Strieker 
Day Samuel G. (S. G. D. & Bro.) 310 e Chase 

Day Samuel G. & Bro. (S. G. and J. Dav) tin- 
ners and house furn. goods, 109 n Calvert 
Day Sarah L. dressmaker, 146 e Fayette 
Day Thos. H. telegraphist, 152 e Eager 
Day Wesley, farmer, 276 McHenry 
Day Rev. Willard G., 255 n lOutaw 
Day Wm. shipcarpeater, 231 Goutrh 
Day ho IF Jesse, mailpacker. Sun office, 112 Vine 
Daymond Peter, cooper, cor Charles and Mont- 
Dayton Chas. oyster packer, 197 s Chester 
Dayton Geo. E. maiiuf. Hayes Gutter Bar Sky- 
light, Sheet Iron Metal Works, &c. n w cor 
Howard and Lexington, dw 86 n Charles 
DEACON CHAS. R. agent Wheeler & Wilson 

sewing machines, 37 Mulberry 
Deacon John, grocery, 30 Hampitead 
Deacon Thos. W. mariner, 101 Johnson 
Deacon Wm. J. clerk, 30 Hampstead 
Deacon Wm. laborer, 143 s Chester 
Deady John L. sailmaker, 69 u Bond 
Deagan Win. J. 223 Madison av 
Deal Catherine, 8 Molt 
Deal ('has. S. plumber, 25 Buren 
Deal Henry, tailor, 9 Hammond al 
Deal James, screwmaii, 127 Hamburg 
Deal James A. clerk, 328 n Gay 
Deal John, tinner, 167 u Caroline 
Deal John, laborer, 38 Haubeit 
Deal John, laborer, 180 Hamburg 
Deal John, fireman, 118 n Schroeder 
Deal John H. police, 118 n Schroeder 
Deal Rev. John S. 96 n Broadway 
Deal John T. brassfiuisher, 3U3 n Bond 
Deal Peter, laborer, foot of Ridgely 
Deal Wm. C. plumber, 25 Buren 
Deal Wm. laborer, 351 n Gay 
Deal Wm. N. printer, 25 Buren 
Deal Wm. B. painter, 25 Buren 
DEAL WM. C. plumber, 90 Park, dw York rd 

nr toll gate 
Deale James F. bookkeeper, 370 Hollins 
Deale James W. screwman Tobac. warehouses 
Deale Lemuel, cabinetmkr, 275 e Madison 
Deale Mrs. S. A. 370 Hollins 
Deams Louis E. butcher, Penna av and Clifton 
Dean Geo. A. engineer, 7 s Mount 
Dean Geo. A. police, 273 e Monument 
Dean Mrs. Hannah S. 226 n Central av 
Dean Ira, carpenter, 72 Block 
Dean J. S. storekeeper C. H. 309 e Baltimore 
Dean James, puddler, 63 Burke 
Dean John H., U. S. storekeeper, 284 eBaltinrtjre 
Dean Michael, carter, '.i77 e Monument 
Dean Richard, turner, 178 e Fayette 
Dean Thos. carpenter, 241 Franklin 
Dean W. Frank, clerk, 47 Mulberrj' 
DEAN WM. secr'y and treas'r Canton Co. 361 
e Pratt 

DEAN WM. A., Commission Broker 
and Adjuster of Claims, 49 Lex- 
ington street, dw CarroUton hoteL 

Dean Wm. II. carpenter, Ramsay nr Fulton 

Dear John H. peddler, 12 Gould ct 

Dear John T, engineer, 185 Battery av 

Dear .Michael, basketmaker. 159 s Washington 

Dear Wm. basketmaker, 159 s Washington 

Dearing Conrad, laborer, 543 n Gay 

Dearing Fred, clerk, 185 s Charles 

Mutual Life Insurance Co. of New York, 




Dearing Geo. cabinetmkr, Bethel nr Baltimore 
Dearing Geo. cigarmkr, 267 L. Hughes 
Bearing Henry, sashmkr, 267 L. Hughes 
Dearing John, carpenter, 26 St. Peler 
Dearing Lucj-, laundress, 73 Eislein 
Dearing Margaret, grocery, 267 L. Hughes 
Dearing Philip, tailor, 213 w Fayette 
Dearing Robi,-rt, hoiiernikr, Druidville 
Dearing Valentine, tailor, 140 s Caroline 
Dears Fred'k, butcher, Washington av nr Oarey 
Deaser John, 58 Thames 
Deatel Chas. butcher, Cross-st market, dw 484 

Penna av 
Deatel Jacob, butcher, Cross-st market, dw 

Penna av nr tollgate 
Deater Peter, paperhanger, 267 Raborg 
Deaver Geo R. police, 192 Chesnut 
Deaver Geo. huckster, 169 n Central av 
Deaver Mrs. Harriet, seamstress, 4 China 
Deaver Henry T. (Keefer, Fraizer & Co.) Fred- 
erick CO 
Deaver Jehu, canmaker, 113 s Chester 
Deaver Jehu C. machinist, 93 Chew 
Deaver James, waterman, 213 n Eden 
Deaver John, canmaker, 113 s Chester 
Deaver Joseph, painter, 18 Stockton al 
Deaver Margaret R. dressmkr, llOHillen 
Deaver Obadiah G. clerk, 93 Chew 
Deaver Stephen, brickmkr, 287 s Paca 
Deaver Wm. R. painter, Penna av nr Mosber 
Deaver Wm. engineer, 113 s Chester 
Deaves Geo. T. tinner, 121 e Pratt 
De Baufie Clara, saleswoman, 15 n Durham 
De Baufre Jame.^, clerk, 15 n Durbam 
DeBaufre Jas M. canmaker, 492 Canton av 
De Baufre Mrs. Sarah, boarding, 15 n Durham 
De Baufre Wm. H. 15 n Durham 
De Beer Jacob, jeweler, 435 Light 
De Beer Solomon, sec. hand goods, 145 Columbia 
De Beet Wm. C. orn. painter, 23 e Fayette 
Debelus Frank, tavern, 300 s Bond 
Debering Bernhard, machinist, 134 L. Greene 
Debertin Andrew, tavern, 239 HoUins 
Debertin Conrad, laboier, 239 Hollins 
Debes Elizabeth, Cross nr Hamburg 
Debes Joseph, brewer, Cross nr Hamburg 
Debilius Peter, tinner, 29 Luzerne 
De Boer Bernard, bookkeeper, 40 s Eutaw 
De Boer John, cabinetmkr. 15 Cambridge 
Debow Chas T. miller, 502 w Lombard 
Debow Christian, tinner, 242 Bank 
Debrich John, porter, 11 L. Paca 
Debring Anthony, florist, 158 Druid Hill av 
Debring Gerhard A. shoemkr, 158 Druid Hill av 
Oebring John, moulder, 158 Druid Hill av 
Debring John C. clerk, 288 n Eutaw 
Debus Moritz, shoemaker, 108 E.istern av 
Debutz Mrs. Mary, 119 n Howard 
De Caindry Augustin, carp. 140 Chesapeake 
De Caindry Daniel, shipjoiner, 140 Chesapeake 
Deck Henry, driver, 46 Woodyear 
Deck John S. bakery, 280 n Howard 
Deck Lanehart, nightman, 231^ Mulberry 
Deck Margaret, grocery, 124 Hollins 
Deck Martin, cooper, 326 s Sharp 
Deck Wm. sr. beer, 455 Saratoga 
Deck Wm. jr. foreman, 137 Peirce 
Deckelnian John, shoemaker, 42 Myrtle av 
Deckilman John, shoemaker, 99 Peirce 
Decker August W. huckster, 66 Ridgely 
Decker Addison, paints, <^c., 80 Bank, dw 92 

Decker Balthasar, tobacconist, 447 n Gay 
Decker Mrs. Barbara, grocery, 59 Carlton 
Decker Bernhard, trav. agent, 218 s Sharp 
Decker (Jharles, butcher, 35 Fells Point market, 

dw Hudson nr Clinton 
Decker Christian, laborer, 10 Dawson al 
DECKER FRANCIS, proprietor Decker house, 

322 Penna av 
Decker Fred. (Gissel & D.) 241 e Biddle 
Decker Plenry, merchant tailor, 264 n Gay 
Decker J. A. 149 w Fayette 
Decker John, clerk, 134 McHenry 
Decker John, bricklayer, 181 n Caroline 
Decker John G. rags, 59 Carlton 
Decker Joseph J. cigarmaker, 264 n Gay 
Decker L. N. watchman, Franklin bank 
Decker Mrs. Mary A. dry goods, 273 n Central av 
Decker Mrs. Mary A. 4 s Chapel 
Decker Reinhard, huckster, Ridgely nr Cross 
Decker Wm. H. beer, 755 Light 
Deckhardt Chas. drayman, 3.36 Hamburg 
Deckhart .Michael, lab. 14 Ivy al 
Deckman Henry, blacks' h. 59 Penna av 
Deckmau Henry, lab. Ham[)den 
Deckman John H. porter, 232 Lee 
Deckman J. H. rag picker, 38 Clifford al 
Deckman Mrs. Lydia, Hampden 
Deckwar Chas barber, 11 e Baltimore, dw 14 Low 
DeCceniel C. T. music teacher, 265 w Hoffman 
Decormis Edward, 94 n Republican 
De Cormis Edwd. jr. Edmondson av nr Oregon 
Becourde Geo. shoemaker, 8 Leadenhall 
Decoursey Mrs. Eleanor R. llo Warner 
Dederer Chris. F. carpet weaver, 247 s Charles 
Dedion Peter, brickl'r, Jackson sq av nr Castle 
Dee Mrs. Ann, 38 Lemmon 
Dee James, laborer, 38 Lemmon 
Dee Morris M. machinist, 38 Lemmon 
Dee Morris, confectioner, 4 Swan 
Deeg John, cigars, 243 s Charles, dw 317 
Deegau Bernard, barber, 238 Eastern av 
Deegan James, laborer, 90 Harrison, Canton 
Deegan John, laborer, 10 Hollins al 
Deegan Wm. P. plasterer, Harford rd 
Deel John, laborer, 38 Haubert 
Deem August, gardener, Eastern av ext 
Deemer Henry, grocery, 341 e Monument 
Deemer Henry, cooper, 194 s Bond 
Deems Adam, blacksmith, 17 Burgundy al 
Deems Adam W. blacksmith, 379 Hamburg 
Deems Charles, blacksmith, 379 Hamburg 
Deems Edward, moulder, 441 Hamburg 
Deems George, machinist, 158 Columbia 
Deems Mrs. Geo. W. 28 s Calhoun 
Deems Geo. W. machinist, 375 Hamburg 
Deems Jacob, foreman. Mount Royal hill nr 

Deems Jacob C. painter, 162 Dover 
Deems Jacob, jr. redemption clerk U. S. treas- 
ury, 6 Hollins 
Deems James M. music school, over n e cor Bal- 
imore and Paca, dw 1 Hollins cor Fremont 
Deems John, brakeman, 375, Hamburg 
Deems John, drayman, 46 President 
Deems Laura, candymaker, 166 Scott 
Deems Louis, moulder, 462 n Fremont 
Deems .Mrs. Sophia, grocery, 121 L. Greene 
Deems Wm. G. moulder, 121 L. Greene 
Deer Leonard, driver, 169 Burgundy al 
Deer Martin, carpenter, 156 Pearl 
Deer John, laborer, 184 s Ann 



















The Largest Life Insurance Co. in the World. 












Deerbeck Geo. tailor, 68 n Chapel 

Deering Augustus, caulker, 29 Thames 

Deeiiiiff Geo. cabinetmaker, 11 n Bethel 

Deetjen Tyark(L.8chuIze & Co.)44 n Broadway 

Deets Eliza, Oregon nr Franklin 

DEKTS FREDERICK, furniture, 38 n Howard, 

dw 179 \v Fayette 
Deets Geo. W. restaurant, 12 n Frederick 
Deets John G. police, 1 18 Greenmount av 
Deets Josejih, laborer, 152 Madeira al 
Deets Land rum H. carpenter, 66 s Broadway 
Deets Win. H. clerk, 110 n High 
Defalco G. W. R. laborer, 6 Weber 
Defalco Pasquil, laborer, 135 West 
Defflir Micliael, laborer, 212 Canton av 
Defler Michael, tailor, 38 s Durham 
DeFuntes Chas. barber, 150 n Gay 
DeFontes Frank, barber, 150 n Gay 
Deford Benj. F. (D. k Co.) 301 Madison av 
DEFORD & CO. (B. F. Deford, J. F. Ely, T. 

Deford) hides, leather and oil com. merch'ts, 

n w cor Calvert and Lombard 
Deford Geo. T. (D. & Thayer) 112 w 
Deford John, laborer, 40 Carlton 
Deford Peter, carpenter, 206 e Chase 
Deford .Mollie, dressmaker, 164 Fi-anklln 
Dtlbrd Sanil. T. S., youtheastern agent Penn- 
sylvania R.R. n e cor Baltimore and Calvert 
DEFORD & THAYER, (G. T. Deford, J. H. 

Thayer) iniprs. leaf tobacco, &c., 29 s Gay 
Deford Thos. G jr. bookkeeper, 26 Pearl 
Deford Thos. G. 23 Penn 
Deford Thos. (D. & Co.) 301 Madison av 
Deford Wuj. clerk, 4 2 Cathedral 
Deford Wm. Y, 42 Cathedral 
Degan John, lab. 14 Cotton row 
Deganhardt Anthony, tailor, 115 n Paca 
Deganhardt Charles, mariner, 198 s Ann 
Degant Alex. lab. 8 Clark al 
Degardner Conrad, carter, 266 Battery av 
Degaw Geo. L. clerk, 444 w Lombard 
Degaw John T. potter, 444 w Lombard 
Degaw Thos. sr. teamster, 444 w Lombard 
Degaw Wm. blacksmith, 74 Ramsay 
Degen Albert, salesman, 112 L. Greene 
Degenbardt Aug. carpenter, 6 German, dw258 

Degernicht Fred, cabinet'r, 92 Harrison, Canton 
Degibliin Mrs. Sarah, 108 s Regester 
Dcgler Gotleib, tailor, 18 Comet 
Degler Matthias, shoemaker, Waverley 
DtGoey Chas. C. wharfinger. Chase's whf, dw 

13 s E.xetcr 
Detiloey John, corpenter, 53 Ensor 
DeGoey John M dep. sheriff, 160 n Central av 
DeGoey Wm. 416 e Baltimore 
DeGoey Wm. 563 Lexington 
DeGoey Wm. W. jr. clerk, cor Baltimore and 

Degratft Ale.xr. heater, 7 Biiiney 
Degraffl Mrs. Amelia, 176.McHenry 
Degratft Geo. lab. 79 Booth 
Degratft John, blacksmith, 7 Binney 
Degratft Lewis, jr. blacksmith, 3 Binney 
Degrati'l Marian, confectionery, 3 Binuey 
DeOrange Daniel \V . 140 Hanover 
Degrate Herman, lab. 219 s Wolfe 
DeHaven Mrs. Elizabeth, restaurant, 10 Centre 

Market sp ^ 

DeHaven Saml. gasfilter, 10 Centre Market sp 
Dehaven Jesse, carter, 100 Mullikin 
Debaven Wm. D. blacksmith, Hampden 

Dehl Wm. lab. &5 Stirling 

Dehler Geo. lab. 33 Philpot al 

Dehn Aug. laborer, 41 Perry 

Dehn Frederick, hackman, 34 Washington av 

Dehn Dr. Theodore, 55 Conway 

Dehn Win. junk, 32 Washington av 

Dehne -August, paver, Dover nr Monroe 

Dehner Michael, lab. 199 Eastern av 

Dehnhardt John, tailor, 61 Rab<irg 

Dehott'John H. conductor, 21 Waesche 

Dei Martin, rags, 15 Short 

Deibel & Co. (P. Ddbel) flour, feed, cf-c. 675 w 

Deibel George, carpenter, 403 s Charles 
Deibel Peter, (D. & Co.) 1 n Schroeder 
Deibel Philip, barber, 191 Lexington 
Deibert Herman, tailor, 132 s Eden 
Deichbore <fc Thompson, (Mrs. E. Deichbore, 

(Jhas. Thompson) butchers, 49 Fells Point mkt 
Deichbore Mrs. Elizabeth, {D. & Thom[)Son) 

cor Fayette and Patterson Park av 
Deichelbore Elizabeth, notions, 244 e Eager 
Deichert John L. plasterer, 155 n Paca 
Deichniiller Fredk. cabinetmaker, 218 Scott 
Deicont Adam, salesman, 123 I'lastern av 
Deikraan Henr^', machinist, i 10 Ramsay 
Deiniel Anton carpenter, 315 e Chase 
Deisenroth Fredk. blacksmith, 122 s Charles 
Deiss Fredk. butcher, cor Clinton and Lancaster 
Deist John H. tailor, 2o0 Cross 
Deist John H. bookkeeper, 225 w Fayette 
Deist Martin, baker, 225 w Fayette 
Deitcb Ferdinand, clerk, 2 Garden 
Deitch Frederick, tailor, 383 w Pratt 
Deitch Philopeiie, 2 Garden 
Deitch Lewis C. clerk, 2 Garden 
Deitch S. W. teacher, 2 Garden 
Deitchman John, mariner, 28 Fell 
Deiter ElizaToeth, matron Baltimore Cit^- Jail, 

25 e Madison 
Deiter Philip, paperhanger, 41 n Broadway 
Dciterich Ferdinand, glass stainer, 77 n High 
Deiiermann John, ])rovisions, cor Chapel and 

Orleans, dw cor Madison and Castle 
Deitrich Charles, capmaker, 3-^3 Canton av 
Deitrich Henry, varnisher, 60 s Central av 
Deilrich Louis, surveyor, 77 n High 
Deitrich Louis jr. artist, 77 n High 
Deitriclis Charlotte, li)5 Conway 
Deilz Conrad, beer, 308 Cross 
Deitz Mrs. Klizabeth, dry goods, 200 S Sharp 
Deilz Mrs. Mary, 51 s Castle 
Deitzell Henry, butcher, 2 Amity 
Deitzer Adam, lab. 5 Madeira al 
De Kalb Charles E. tailor, 118 e Monument 
Delacour Charles F. clerk, 315 Saratoga 
Delacour Emma, teacher, 24 n Pine 
Delacour Lewis J. clerk, 315 Saratoga 
Delacour Salome, teacher, 24 n Pine 
Delacour Wm. L. bricklayer, 315 Saratoga 
Delacy George F. carpenter, 11 Point la 
Delahay James II. carpenter, G Cumberland 
Delaliay Jesse S. carpenter, 74 Dover, dw 203 

n Republican 
Delahay Wm. S. canmaker, 20 George 
Delaney Cliarles, grocery. 29 Scott 
Delaney Chas. B. machinist, 83 McHenry 
Delaney Dennis jr. clerk, 15 Willow 
Delaney Dennis, drayman, 15 Willow 
Delaney & Griffin, (Kate Delaney, Elizabeth 

Griffin) dressmakers, 24 n Liberty 
Delaney John, laborer, 320 Forrest 

Mntual Life Insurance Co. of New York, 




Deliiney John, laborer, 63 Block 
Delanev John T. clerk, 26 Harford av 
Uelaney Kate, (D. &Grilfin) 108 Cathedral 
Delaney Mrs.Miir^'t,tailoress,178 L Constiiition 
Delanev Mrs. Mary, 26 Hartbiu av 
Delanev Thomas, weaver, 47 Haubert 
DELANO \VM. II. block and pump maker, 72 

w Pratt, dw 233 e Pratt 
Delanty Kmina V. teacher. 1718 Charles 
Delanty MoUie, teacher, 171 s Charles 
Delanty Wni. capt. [lolice, 171 s Charles 
Delany James tJ. beer, 75 Thames 
Dehiplaiie Catherine, 176 George 
Delaplane Jus. K. (D. & Vfilliar) 176 Georfre 
Deiaplaue k Williar. (J. E. Delaplane. J. A. 

Williar) produce. 112 n Eutavv 
De la Roche \Vm. J. F. iuesse:i<:er Adams Exp. 

215 n Howard 
DE LAT F. H. H. shoemaker, 198 s Sharp 
Delauney Chas. M. boiiermaker, lu2 s Caroline 
Delavett Mrs. Aufrusta, 57 "Waison 
Delaware and Hudson Canal Co., C. F. Diggs 

sales aoent, 2 Soiuh 
Delaware .Mutual Life Ins. Co agency, 16 St. Paul 
Delcher ^- liarron, (G. B. Deiclttr, J Barton) 

fish, 10 Fish Market sp 
Delcher David, laborer, 59 s Republican 
Delcher E. W. produce, 154 w Pratt, dw 421 

n Central av 
Delcher George B. (D. & Barron) Govanstown 
Delcher Henry, laborer, 50 s Republican 
Delcher Howard G. printer, 165 Greenm't av 
Delcher H. C. 346 n Central av 
Delcher James A. produce, 35f) n Broadway 
Delcher John, canmaker, 233 e Baltimore 
Delcher John, brewer, 79 Columbia 
Delcher John T. painter, 165 Greenmount av 
Delcher Mrs. Margaret, 59 s Republican 
Delcher Thomas B. produce, 299 n Broadway 
Delcher Win. carpenter, 114 Parkin 
Delcher W. J. 409 n Central av 
Delevie Isaac, clothing, 24 Harrison 
Delevie Mrs. Solomon S. gents' furn'g goods, 

2 Harrison, dw 67 e Fayette 
Delevinge Theodore H. barkeeper, 162 e Eager 
Deievinge Theodore E. printer, 162 e Eager 
Delins G. ('. tailor, 3t'0 e Fayette 
Delkcr Jacol', laborer, 18 Eiiing 
Dell Christian, ra^iS, 8! Grindail 
Dell George E. bookbinder, 167 w Hoffman 
Dell George W . laboier, Druidville 
Dell John E. clerk, 167 w Hoffman 
Dell L. Gobrigbt, (Thomas E. Dell & Son) 225 

Dell Joseph, locksmith. 228 s Dallas 
Dell, Knapp & Co.(T.E'Dell, Theodore Knapn) 

steam boi)kbiuder>, 84 w Favette 
Dell Thos. E. cj- Son, (Thos. E. and L. G.Dell) 

bookbinders, over 6 n Howard 
Dell Thos. E. (Thos. E. Dell & Son and Dell, 

Knapp & Co.) 167 w Hotl'man 
Deli Wm. A. bookbinder, 420 Mulberry 
Delia Geo W. nightman, Hanover aud West 
Delia James, laborer, 154 s Choptank 
Delia Luther M. brickmaker, 26 O'Donnell 
Delia Peter, blacksmith, 128 Battery av 
Delia Peter D. nightman, 6 Henrietta 
Delia Mrs. Susannah, 26 O'Donnell 
Delia Wm. laborer, 161 Hughes 
Dellahay Frank, conductor, 445 n Fremont 
Dellenbach Christian, boxmaker. Canton av 
Dellevie Abraham, clerk, 67 e Fayette 

Dellevie Israel, clerk, 67 e Fayette 
Dellevie Jacob, clerk, 67 e Fayette 
Dellevie John, lei ter carrier, 48 Granby 
Dellevie Samuel, tobacconist, 4 w Pratt, dw 48 

Dellevie Uriah, (Liebman & D.) 14 e Fayette 
Dellman .Matthew, lab. cor Eager and Aisquith 
Didhnan Peter, lab. cor Eager and Aisquiih 
Delius Fred, shoemaker, 297 n Duiham 
Deloney .lulius, painter, 98 s Howard 
DeLong James L. (Wolf & DeL.) 41^ Penna av 
Delort Alfred H. beer, 76 Centre Market sp 
Delouaheiy Dr. Edward, 194 n Calvert 
DELPHEY Gi-0. pres't Chesapeake Mut. Land 
and Bdg. Asson. liver}' stables. Howard next 
to Franklin house, and Linden avnr Preaton, 
dw 178 Linden av 
DELPHEY WM. prop'r, Pennsylvania house, 
■ dw 158 Franklin 
DeMangin Francis A. 263 w Fayette 
DeMarcel Dr. E B. 533 w Baltimore 
Demick Nicholas, stevedore, 213 Battery a v 
Demig Sebastian, butcher, 264 Battery av 
Deiuiiig E. A., Calhoun nr Presstman 
Demings il.line for Sassafras river. pier 6 Light- 

st wharf 
De-i.ings Capt. M. 288 Penna av 
Deuiiiz Chas. F. cooper, 26 Lee 
Deuntz Ch:is. H. cooper, 26 Lee 
Deiuitz Henry V. tobacconist, 124 Light-st whf 
Demine Christian, carpenter, 115 Leadenhall 
Demme Geo. barkeeper, 226 n Bond 
Demine Geo. C. piauomaker, 115 Leadenhall 
Deinmitt Jas. D. carp. 52 Whatcoat 
Deinoss David 0. huckster, Biddle nr Castle 
Deinougeth N. hair worker, 5 n Charles 
Demjisey JohnB bookkeeper, 327 n Broadway 
Deir.psey John F.crk,cor Franklin and Calvert 
Dempsey John .M. moulder, 68 Henrietta 
Dempsey John, drayman, 54 JeCerson 
Dempsey Patrick, tailor, 93 Orleans 
Dempsey Wm. blacksmith, 2 Webster al 
Dempsey Wm. saddler, 98 n Poppletou 
Dempster Jlrs. Ann A. 89 Cross 
Demjister Geo. E.brickl'yr, Cross and Johnson 
Dempster John T. brickl'yr, 79 Cross 
Dempster John, pa perhanger.Cross and Johnson 
Dempster .Mjs. Mary, 55 William 
Demuth Casper, blacksmith, 144 s Washington 
Deinuth G. Oito, prof, music, 49 n Gilmor 
DE.MUTH G. O. pianos and organs, 100 w Fay- 
ette, and sjiecial agt. and manager German 
dep't Mass. Mut. Life Ins. Co. 10 s HoUiday, 
dw 49 n Gilmor 
Dtmuth Harmon F. laborer, 220 s Paca 
Dei. u h John H. bricklayer, 417 Fraiiklin 





Fayette, opposite Dr. Leyburn's 


Deuakan Chttrles, laborer, 144 Vine 
Denby A. C. silversmith, 286 Lexington 
Denby Elizabeth, nurse, 286 Lexington 
Denby Wm. L. bricklayer, 222 Saratoga 
Denecke Charles, nnichinist, 114 Vine 
Denges Mrs. Emma, beer, 248 Frederick av 
Denges Peter, bootmaker, 22 Park 
Dengler Andrew, laborer, 65 n Washington 
Dengler Geo. laborer, 65 n Washington 
Deugler George, shucker, 65 n Washington 

Assets $60,000,000 Cash Invested. 















Dengler Sigmund, tinner, 65 n Washington 
Dengler Sigmund, tinner, Cross nr Jackson 
Dengler Wm. tailor, 226 n Central av 
Denhard Adam, baker, 163 William 
Denhardt Casper, machinist, 280 w Pratt 
Denhard t Casper, candyniaker, 168 Hamburg 
Denhardt Conrad, liquors, 344 s Charles 
Denhardt Fred, brewer, 193 Frederick av 
Denhardt John, cutter, 14 Thomsen 
Denhardt Nicholas, varnisher, 16 Penn 
Deninger Chas. J. B. apothecary, s e cor Mc- 

Elderry and Eden 
Deninger John, drayman, 64 Ridgely 
Denio Chas. manager, Adams I'Jxp. stables 
DEMSON ANDREW W. postmaster, 249 n 

Denison Mrs. Elizabeth, 116 n Eden 
Denison Mrs. Jane, 186 Penna av 
Denison Jno. M. treasr. P. 0., Carrollton hotel 
Denison Luther, steiicilcutter, 38 3 High 
Denison Marcus, office 51 w Baltimore, dw 249 

n Charles 
Denison Thos. H. (T. H.D. & Co.) 392 n Eden 
Denison T. H.& Co. (T.H. Denison) booksellers, 

stationers, &c. 276 \v Baltimore 
Denkin Capt. Wm. M. mariner, 66 n Caroline 
Denlein Cliristolf, ironworker, 320 Canton av 
Denlein Joseph, laborer, 183 s Wolfe 
DENM'EAD k SON, (Talbott Deumead, G. B. 
Davids) Monument foundry, n e cor Monu- 
ment and North — \Ste Adverlisemcnt. 
Denmead Edward jr. coal, 259 Linden av 
DENMEAD FRANCIS, proprietor city malt 
house, foot West Falls av, dw 252 n Charles 
Denmead Robt. Wra. rigger, cor Orleans and 

Denmead Talbott, (Denmead & Son)cor Charles 

and Townsend 
Denmead Talbott jr. cor Charles and Townsend 
Dennell Capt. Chas. 175 s Ann 
Dennert Frederick, laborer, 129 n Spring 
Denning John, salesman, 416 s Charles 
Denning John, porter, 2 Kaufman al 
Denning Jos. processer, 50sChoptank 
Denning Lawrence, lab. 51 Goodman al 
Denning Mary A. 51 Goodman al 
Denning Thos. 51 Goodman al 
Denning Thos. painter, Clipper mills 
Denning Wm. clerk, 80 n Pine 
Dennis Antonio, laborer, 187Chesnutal 
Dennis Andrew T. salesman, 407 Saratoga 
Dennis B. M. of Wm. salesman, 456 Le.xington 
Dennis Benj. M. sr. of John, paper hanger, 14 

Dennis k Bro. (Emory and Geo. W. Dennis) 
jiaper hangings and window shades, 51 n 
Dennis Chas. A. clerk, 195 Hanover 
Dennis Mrs. Christina, 184 Bank 
Dennis F^mory, (I). & Bro.) 32 n Poi)pleton 
Dennis Francis A. shoemaker, 187 Chesnut al 
Dennis Geo. W. (D. & Bro.) 458 Le.\ington 
Dennis James M. paper hanger, 16 Rock 
Dennis James, tailor, 211 Aisquith 
IJeunis Benj. .M. salesman, 456 Lexington 
Dennis John, huckster, 184 Bank 
Dennis J. Upshur, (Dennis & Scott) 93 Saratoga 
Dennis <8c Scott, (J. U. Dennis, John Scott jr.) 

attorneys, 51 w Fayette 
Dennis Ofiver, dyer, 53 n Eutaw 
Dennis Peter J. barber, 276 n Eutaw 
Dennis Mrs. Sarah Jane, Hampden 

Dennis Thomas S. paper hanger, 10 Rock 
Dennis Valentine, laborer, -1 L. May 
Dennis Wm. cooper, 8 Rock 
Dennis Wm. tinner, 4 L. Jlay 
Dennis Wm. A. carp. 239 Conway 
Dennis Wm. H. plumber, 239 Conway 
Dennish David, crackers, 184 Bank 
Denuison Fillmore, clerk. 116 n Eden 
Dennison James, hackman, 115 Saratoga 
Dennisoii John, driver, 17 Foundry 
Den'.ii.^on Robt. M. 1G7 Linden av 
Dennison Thos. J. confecl'y foot Centre Mar- 
ket, dw 35 e Lombard 
Dennstedt C. Augustus, beer, 27 Ensor 
Denny Daniel, mariner, 14 L. Gough 
Denny Eugene M. clerk, 321 e Baltimore 
Denny Franz M. cabmkr. 73 Patterson Park av 
Denny Franz, (Hughes k D.) 73 Patterson 

Park av 
Denny Geo. carp. 12 L Gough 
Denny Rev. Herman C, Loyola College 
Denny Jas. bookkeeper, 63 Penna av 
DENNY JAS. W. attorney, 31 St. Paul, dw 

312 Madison av 
Denny John, painter, 8 Boyer 
Denny John G. brassfinisher, 67 e Madison 
Denny John E. paper hanger, 154 Battery av 
Denny John, (Armstrong & D.) 212 Montgo- 
Denny Mrs. .Margaret, grocery, 117 Peach al 
Denny Owen, tavern and grocery, 161 Lee 
Denny Patrick, collector, 67 e .Madison 
Denny Stejjhen T. gilder, 42 German 
Denoe Thos. grocer, Carey and Baltimore 
Denoe Thos. E. clerk, Carey and Baltimore 
Denoer Francis, huckster, 277 Forrest 
Denoon Mrs. B. S. 598 w Baltimore 
Denoon Samuel, clerk, 598 w Baltimore 
Deuson Alex, bricklayer, 183 Lee 
Denson, Bullock k Quincy,(I. M. Denson, J. S. 
Bullock, J. D. Quincy, ) com. nierchts. and 
general dealers, 61 s Gay 
Denson Isaac M. (Isaac M. Denson & Quincy,) 

Barnum's hotel 
Dent Henry, porter, 8 n Howard 
Dental Infirmary, 2 n Greene 
Denton John W. 100 Lee 
Dentry Geo. R. collarmkr, 47 Walsh 
Detitz August, blacksmith, 33 Low 
Dentz Lewis, clerk, 4 s Gay 
Denver Thos. soapmaker, 31 Luzerne 
Denz August, printer, 5 n Wolfe 
Denz Rachel, 5 n Wolfe 
DcOtt Gabriel, Castle nr Fayette 
DePaepe John, (Brown & D.) 44 s Choptank 
DEPEW & CO. (H. T. Worster,) agricultural 

castings, 204 s Howard 
Depfer Henry, lab. 3 Hudson al 
Depkin & Brauer, {E. A. Depkin, H. Brauer) 

merchant tailors, 40 Hanover 
Depkin Ernest A. (D. & Brauer,) 544 n Gay 
Depkin Henry, driver, 340 Canton av 
DEPKIN HENRY, merch. tailor, 29 South, dw 

57 n Liberty 
Depner Martin, woodturner, 122 s Durham 
Dep[)ish Edward, tinner, 38 Valley 
Deppish Francis, cooper, Urown ul nr Low 
Deppish Francis, carp. 104 Ensor 
Dei)pish John, tinner, ^i55 n Gay 
Depro Augustus, shipjoiner, 185 Gough 
Depro Mi8. Lenora, 185 Gough 
Depser John, tailor, 556 w Pratt 

Mutual Life Insurance Co. of New York, 




Deran Jns. L. butter, 212 nGay,dw 119 n High 

Derbach Conrad, carp. 172 Preston 

Derbeck Chas. tinner, 552 Saratoga 

Derbeck Geo. c;irp. 170 Preston 

Derbert John, paver, 258 Lee 

Derby J. G. 34 a Front 

Derenberger Henry, carp. 63 Druid Hill av 

Derenberger Jacob, confc'y, 63 Druid Hill av 

Deritz Christian, beer, 80 a Howard 

Derivart John, shoemaker, 25H Lee 

Derlin August, parasols, umbrellas and canes, 

61 n Eutaw, dw 146 
Derlin Chiis. umbrellas and parasols, 115 Sara- 
De Rogas M. J., Eutaw house 
De Ronceray Celia, music teacher, 131 n Paca 
De Ronceray Louis, (H. Wliiton & Co.) agent 
California Immigrant Union, 5 Postoffice av, 
dw 131 n Paca 
De Ronceray Mrs. Margaret, 131 n Paca 
De Ronceray Rosina, music te-icher, 131 n Paca 
De Rosset Dr. M. J. 220 Linden av 
Derr Mrs. Annie, 150 vv Fayette 
Derr Charles, cooper, 313 Cross 
Derr Charles H. tinner, 59 Scott 
Derr Florence, dressmaker, 123 Preston 
Derr John J. engineer, 123 Prestou 
Derr John, clerk, 281 Franklin 
Derr John sr. 281 Franklin 
Derr Wm. R.(Gitiinger,D. & Co.)337 w Fayette 
Derrouyh Samuel, lab. Knsor nr Monument 
DerufFFred, driver,' 11 Parnes 
Derwing Wm. laborer, 246 s Durham 
Desch Alvus, blacksmith, 1 McMechin 
Desch C. S. (C. S. D. & Co.) 178 Walsh 
DESCH C. S. & CO. (C. S. Desch,) com. mer- 
chants and feed, 128 s Charles 
Desch Geo. jr. canmaker, 166 s Broadway 
Desch Geo. camnaker, 91 e Fayette 
Desch Geo. shoemaker, 102 n Spring 
DESCH GEO. billiard saloon and restaurant, 

166 s Broadway 
Desch Henry, blacksmith, 560 n Gay 
Desch John, wheelwright, 13 Spring ct 
Desch John J. barkeeper, 289 n Howard 
Desch John, gardener, East av and Monument 
Desch Jos. 102 n Spring 
Desch Peter, blacksmith, 560 n Gay 
Deschell John F. watchmaker, 51 Orleans 
Deschler John, driver, 404 Canton av 
Desel Andrew, farmer, 136 s Spring . 
DES FORGES JOHN P. dealer in old books 
and pictures, 3 St. Paul, dw 27 n Republican 
De Shass Mortimer, carpenter, 1<j7 Mosher 
Deshields Mrs. Ellen, nurse, 170 n Caroline 
Deshun Christopher ,M. 131 St. Paul 
Deshon John W. shoemaker, 57 Ensor 
Desk Benjamin, potter, 12 Anthony 
Desmond James, shoemaker, 140 n Eutaw 
Despard Coal Co., Jos. W. Jenkins, pres't ofiBce 

30 s Frederick 
Despeaux Anthony, shipcar[ienter, 33 Stiles 
Despeaux Elizabeth, fancy store, 197 e Pratt 
Despeaux (Jeorge, watchcasemkr. 197 e Pratt 
Despeaux John, carpenter, 74 n Washington 
Despsaux Jos. D. cloth cutter, 38 McEldeiry 
Dess Frank, cabinetmaker, 12 Anthony 
Dessel Simon, beer, 325 Eastern av 
Dessing Frederick, shoemaker, 39 e Monument 
Desvarreux Francis, plasterer 324 e Jlonument 
Desvarreux James, shoe findings and garden 
seeds, 164 n Gay 

Desvarreux Mrs. Mary, dry goods, 324 e Monu- 
Deters Bernard, laborer, 2 Weber 
Detectives' Office, 25 n Calvert 
Detective Police, (indejiendent) 47 w Fayette 
Detering Frederick, wagonmkr. 58 s Schroeder 
Detken Fred'k W. mariner, 299 Aliceanna 
Detrick J. S. fertilizers, 120 s Charles, dw 182 

n Republican 
Detrick L. F. fertilizers and com. merchant, 120 

s Charles, dw 271 Lanvale 
Detrick Patrick, boilermaker, 180 McHenry 
Dettelbacher Elias, clerk, 110 German 
Detten thaler Joseph, laborer, 9 n Chapel 
Dettmer George, cooper, 297 William 
Dettmer Henry, pianonuiker, 15 Ridgely 
Dettmer John H. cooper, 227 Battery av 
Detzel Adam, tailor, 312 s Bond 
Detzel Elizabeth, 143 s Chapel 
Deuber Conrad, laborer, 21 s Gilmor 
Deuchler John, laborer, foot of Ridgely 
Deurling Jacob, gardener. Point la 
Deupert Adam, manufacturer gold leaf, 35 n 

Deupert Isadore, driver, 36 Duncan al 
Deutsch Ferdinand, printer, 80 s Sharp 
Golderman)book and job printers,50s Charles 
Deutsch George, laborer, 67 President 
Deutsch Solomon, (D. & Golderman) 80 s Sharp 
Deutsch Rev. Dr. Solomon, 80 s Sharp 
Deutsch William, law student, 80 s Sharp 
Deutsche Joseph, tailor, 122 Stirling 
Devalin Charles E., U. S. N. 46 n Front 
Devalin Henry P. bricklayer, 147 Stirling 
Devalin Hugh, 46 n Front 
Devall John, (Eccleston & D.) 162 n Calvert 
Devall Peter, furniture dealer, 257 n Dallas 
De Vallin John H. iron railing maker, 87 Har- 
rison, dw 201 n Central av 
Devallon James, (J. Ross & Co.) 272 Light 
Devan John T. police, 95 n Fremont 
Devau Joseph, clerk, Brown's hotel 
Devane Mrs. Julia, 32 Rock 
Devaughn Mrs. Ann M. seamst. 49 Leadenhall 
Devaughn Levin, plasterer, 426 Orleans 
Devaughn Peyton, glassblower, 49 Leadenhall 
Devaughn Silas, spike cutter, 118 s Ann 
Devaughn W'illiam, laborer, 176 n Front 
Devaughn Wm. D. spike cutter, 62 Granby 
Devaul Mrs. M. boarding, 110 Hamburg 
Devaul William, barkeeper, 126 Light st whf 
Devel George, teamster. First av and Eighth 
Devenn}' Robert J. grocery, 2 Orleans 
Dever John, laborer, 148 Scott 
Dtver Julia, rear 62 n Front 
Devere William, 238 e Fayette 
Devereaux James, shoemaker, 61 Harford av 
Deveroaux Thomas, laborer, 199 Lemon al 
Deverick Alonzo J. telegraphist, 140 w Lombard 
Devericks Wm. J. printer, 140 w Lombard 
Devers George, plasterer, 63 Boyd 
Devilhass H. Clay, 294 w Lombard 
Deville Francis, Clifton nr the Park 
Devin Francis, clerk, 36 Saratoga 
Deviu Mrs. Mary, 7 Humes 
Devin Thomas, barkeeper, 193 Boston 
Devine Mvs. Catherine, coiifec'y, 9 w Lombard 
Deviue Charles, laborer, 7 Grace ct 
Devine Francis, engineer, 11 Hawk 
Devine Rev. Geo. W., Johnsou and Clement 
Devine John, laborer, 3 L. Second 



r— I 


















O. F. Bresee, G-eneral Agent, 15 South St. 











Devine John, laborer, 9 w Lombard 
Devitie ■lolin, laborer, 8 Hawk 
Deviue John, watchman, 18 Fort av 
Deviiie Mrs. Margaret, 191 Preston 
Devine William, hborer, (38 Granb}' 
Devine William, shoemaker, 40 u Spring 
Devinney liu;:^h, laborer. 2") f\>niet 
Deviniiey JIrs..Mary,seam3t.Biddle nr McDonOfih 
Devlin John k Co. (J. Devlin) wholes, millinery 

goods, over 23i; w Baltimore 
Devlin John, (J. D. 4' I'o.) 58 n Liberty 
Devlin John, newspapers, K-;9 £ Madison 
Devlin Patrick, laborer, 1.50 Chesapeake 
Devlin Patrick, laborer, S.o Elliott 
Devlin Peter, tinner, 139 e Madison 
Devlin Terrence stonecutter, 9S e Madison 
Devon Lawrence, grocery, 12 Foimdr}- 
Devon William H. teacher, 30 n K.xeter 
Dcvoiiue Aliibonse, dyer, 131 w Madison 
Devou;.;e .Mrs. Theresa, ladies' hairdresser, 131 

w Madison 
Devouge Victor P. clerk, -10 n Charles 
Devouge W. P. clerk, 4 Bowlys whf 
Devoy Albert, mariner, 12 Hammond al 
DevriesC. of S (Wm. D. & Co. )CarroUton hotel 
Devries S. K. G.cler'<, 74 w Monument 
DKVRIIvS WM. & CO. (Wm., C. of S. and 
Wm. R. Devries, S. Kimmel) wholesale dry 
goods, 312 w Baltimore 
Devries Wra. (Wm. D. & Co. and D., Young 

& Co.) 74 w Monument 
Devries Wm. R. (Wm. D. & Co.) 72 Cathedral 
DEVRIES, YUUNG & CO. (Wm Devries, 
Alex. Young) wholesale boots and shoes, 3l6 
w Baltimore 
Devy Mrs. Catherine, 47 Buren 
Dew Albert B. W. bookkeeper, 19 s Gilmor 
Dew George R. clerk, 34 w Biddle 
Dew Jabez, marblecutter. 41 Valley 
Dew James W^. clerk, 34 w Biddle 
Dew James, agent, 76 w Baltimore, dw 34 w 

Dew Joshua S. salesman, Biiidle eof McDonogh 
Dew Rolicrt H. clerk, 19 s Gilmor 
Dew Theodore W. letter cariier, 41 Valley 
Dew William, patterninakcr, 19 s Gilmor 
Dew Wm. J. ])atternnjkr, 99 s Strieker 
Dewalt Job;;, engineer. 90 [..ighl-st whf 
Dewali Wm. H. eni;incer. 20 Johnson 
Dewey Geo. cai(). 173 n Central av 
DeWitt Abraham H. sale.smari. 232 George 
DeWitl (J. K. cannikr, Loaiii.ini and Choptank 
DeWitt Gabriel, nianuf. pai. Triumph Washer, 

13 n Hiiili, dw 137 s Edeu 
Dewling Geo. W. bh'cksiuith, 137 Cross 
Dewling Dr. Isaiah, U. S. N. 27ij Orleans 
Dewling Thos. blacksmith, 138 West, dw 137 

Dewold Geo. furn. wagon, 229 n Bond 
Dewold Peter, f.irn. wagon, 229 n Bond 
De Wolf C. A. ship, agent and coiu. merchant, 

C") s Gav, dw t>94 Saratoga 
De WollfBenj. IG e Favette 
De Wolir Lev"i B. clerk! 22 n Gay 
De WolU'Noah, speculator, 16 e Fayette 
Dexter Mich'l, whitewasher, rear 414 ('anton av 
Dheil Aug. stonemason, 222 Frederick av 
Diamond (Jeo. H. shipjoiner, 5 n Choptank 
Diamond Hugh, lab. 83 Cambridge 
Diamond Jas. sr. coop 20 Phil[)ot, dw 7 3 Kden 
Diamond James, carter, 83 ("anibridge 
Diamond Wm. cooper, 70 s Ann 

Dibb James, engineer. 95 s Popi)letoii 
Dibbell David S. 2.54 Lanvale 
Dice Adam, lab. 39 Thames 
Dickel Charles, porter, 363 s Sharp 
Dickel Chas. G. carp. Harford av nr citv limits 
Dickel Charles Z. clerk, Ills High 
Dickel Conrad, carpetweaver, Sierrett nr Co- 
Dickel Geo. H. tailor. Ills High 
Dickel Geo. T bookbinder. Ills High 
Dickel James E. gilder. Ills High 
Dickel John, slioemkr, 126 William 
Dickel Otto, shoemkr, 92 Harrison 
Dickel Rudolph, sliocinkr, 92 Harrison 
Dickelman Lewis, lab. 943 w Pnitt 
Dickelman Joseph, carp. 78 Somerset 
Dickelman Mrs. Vincent, milk, Harford av exS 
Dickens Henry, ropemkr, 30 Gitiings 
Dickens John H. ropemkr, 30 (sittings 
Dickens Josiab, ropemkr, 30 Gittings 
Dickerson Alfred, moulder. 180 n Caroline 
Dickerson Alfred A. moulder, 180 n Caroline 
Dickerson Capt. Geo. W. com. merch. Buchan- 
an's whf dw 194 e Pratt 
Dickerson Henry, carp, cor Gilmor and Ramsay 
Dickerson Isaac W. stevedore, Buchanan's whf, 

dw 408 e Lombard 
Dickerson Peter, carp. 631 w Fayette 
Dickerson W^m. J. officer Md. penitentiary, 631 

w Fayette 
Dickerson Wm. P. oysters, Lombard and Chop- 
Dickey, Baker c5-Co.^C. E.Dickey, E. J. Baker. 
T. Tansley) proprietors .Md. meter works, 53 
North and 22 Saratoga 
Dickey Charles E. (D.. Baker & Co., and James 
Hazlitt& Co.)Charles-st av nr Huntingdon av 
Dickey G Allen, (Wm. J. D. & Son) Philada. 
Dickey Geo. S.(Watson,D. & Co.)124 McCnlloh 
Dickey Harold, clerk, 93 Division 
Dickey H. R. clerk, 238 w Baltimore 
Dickey John, carp. 158 Hudson 
Dickey Robert L. clerk, 4o4 e Lombard 
Dickey Wm. J. & Son, (Wm. J. and G. A. 
Dickey) manufs. plaids, checks, liuseys, &c. 
16 Hanover 
Dickey Wm. J.(Wm.J.D. & Son)Wetheredville 
Dickhaut Jacob, tailor, 39 Orleans 
Dickinson Arthni', b.'okseller .and stationer, 

514 w Baltimoie, dw 411 w Lombard 
Dickinson Chailes, carp. 161 (/onway 
Dickinson David A. (Crowley, D. & Co.) 154 vr 

Dickinson Gideon, carp. 411 w Lombard 
Dickinson I. L. tin and sheetiron worker, 29 

Dickinson James A. bookkeeper, 179 Lee 
Dickinson John S (VVhedbec & D.) Chase and 

St. Paul 
Dickinson John, clerk, Hollins nr .Mount 
Dickinson Wm. oysti-rs, 201 Eastern av 
Dickinson Wm. A. salesman, Hollins nr Mount 
Dickinson Wm. H oysters, 2i)l Eastern av 
Dickinson Wm. T. clerk, 3-< .Mulberry 
Dickie Henry L. driver, 57 Lee 
Dickson Francis, sexton, 89 Barro 
l)ick.son Dr. John, 2(jl Madison av 
■Dickson John T. bookkee|.er, 122 Bolton . 
Dickson .Mrs. .Margaret, lailoress, 219 Dolphin 
Dickson Mrs. .Mary E. 122 Boltou 
Dickson Samuel, lab. Lemmon nr Gilmor 
Dickson Win. police, 916 w Pratt 

Mutual Life Insurance Co. of New York, 




Dickson Wm.(D., Knox & Co.)129 Montgomery 
Dickson Wm. J. tinner, 397 Franklin 
Dicus Mrs. Elizal)eth, Federal nr Mound 
Dicus Jacob R. watclnnan, 303 McDonogh 
Dicus John, carder, Druidville 
Dicus Margaret A. seainst'ss. Federal nr Mound 
Didier Alex. H. [iroduce, cor Piatt and Cheap- 
side, dw 307 e Madison 
Didier Rev. Edmund, 25 n Front 
Didier Eugene L stenographer, 56 George 
Didier Henry A. agent Ins. Co. N. America, 30 

PostofSce av, dw 19 Read 
Didier Mrs. Julia, 56 George 
Didlake AVilf'red, [/uddler, William nr Randall 
Diebitsch Johanna, teacher, 4 Peail 
Dieckniann John D. lab. 127 e Lombard 
Dieckmann John H. watclinian, 127 e Lombard 
Diedniann John, butcher, Madison and Castle 
Diedmann Geo. lab. 10 Cotton row 
Diedrich Bros. (Martin Diedrich) gasfitters and 

plumbers, 34 n HoUiday 
Diedrich John, tailor, 508 Lexington 
Diedrich Martin, (D. Bros.) 34 u Holliday 
Diefenbach H. hats and caps, 316 w Pratt 
Dieffrnbrtch Chas. H.(D. & Moore and .Moore & 

D.) 2U3 Hanover 
Dieffenbacii & Moore, (C. H. Dieffenbach.G. A. 

Moore) druggists, n e cor Bai re and Fiemont 
Diefffuderfler James P. carp. 194 Jlosher 
Diegel Adam, furn. wagon, 128 s Bond 
Diehl Adam, lab. 177 Patterson Park av 
Diehl Catherine, 32 Sliakspear 
Diehl Charlotte. 219 s Wolfe 
Diehl Charles H. tailor, 245 e Eager 
Diehl Geo. foreman, 3o0 Greenniount av 
Diehl Frank, huckster, 50 Jcjsepliine 
Diehl Henry, stevedore, :-t2 Shakspear 
Diehl Henry, beer, cor Fayette and Eden 
Diehl John, conductor. 107 e Madison 
Diehl Madame Louisa, ladies' hair dressing, 122 

n Eotaw 
Diehl Ludwig, teacher, 120 s Wolfe 
Diener Israel, clothing, 37 Lancaster 
Dientsbach Philip, harnessmkr. 12 Greenm'tav 
DIERING CHRISTOPHER, wholesale liquors, 

209 e Lombard 
Dieriiig C. 11. carpenter, ]4 Warner 
Diering Herman F. baker, 14 W^arner 
Diering II. F. police, 362 Hanover 
Diering Henry L. grocery, 279 Canton av 
Diering H. L. jr. teacher, 136 s Wolfe 
Dierken Frcd'k, grocery, 37 Hillen 
Dierker Bernard W. clerk, 88 York 
Dierker Chas. varnisher, 88 York 
Dierker John H. drayman, 88 York 
Dierseer Diedrich, marblecutter, 86 Raborg 
Dierson Dietrich, caiji. 68 Ranorg 
Diescheftr John H. tailor, 2 Leadenhall 
Dietel Andrew, lab. 281 Walsh 
Dietelmier Joseph, rags, 161 s Durham 
Dieter Mrs. Adelaide, grocery, 10 n Poppleton 
Dieier August, coliarniaker, 156 Raborg 
Dieter George, blacksmith, 156 Raborg 
Dieter Jacob, stairbnilder, 156 Raborg 
Dieter Jacob J. lab. 156 Raborg 
Dieter Philip, paperhanger, 156 Raborg 
Dieter Mrs. Margaret, 96 Saratoga 
DIETER LUUIS A. paper hangings, 28 n 

HoWiird, dw 96 Saratoga 
Dieterich Ferdinand, glass stainer, 77 High 
Dieterich Leonhardt, second hand goods, 313 

n Gay 

Dieterich Louis, artist, over s e cor Charles and 

Fayette, dw 77 High 
Dietmeyer John, carpetweaver, 29 Union 
Dieterly Christopher F. bookkeeper, 337 Orleans 
Dietrich Adam, barkeeper, 205 w Fayette 
Dietrich Adam, shoemaker, 198 Hamburg 
Dietrich Andrew, cutter, 20 s Regester 
Dietrich Casper, cooi)er, 510 Lisht 
Dietrich Daniel, paver, 93 s Wolfe 
Dietrich Frederick, beer, 267 w Pratt 
Dietrich Geo. barkeeper, 152 w Fayette 
Dietrich Gustavus, safemaker. 510 Light 
Dietrich Henry, clerk, 4 n Howard 
Dietrich Henry, 41 Walsh 
DIETRICH JOHN, propr. Mechanics Hall, 152 

w Fayette 
Dietrich John, cigai'maker, 510 Light 
Dietrich John H. clerk, 205 w Fayette 
Dietrich John, carpenter, 252 Hamburg 
Dietrich John, tailor, 60 Durst al 
Dietrich Jos. K., Bentalou and Frederick av 
Dietrich Julius, lab. 249 s Bethel 
Dietrich John H. shoemaker, 19 Jackson ct 
DIETRICH MARTIN, restaurant, Holliday and 

Baltimore, dw 26 n Holliday 
Dietrich Martin, 202 s Ann 
Dietrich Philip, shoemaker, 347 w Fayette 
Dietrich Philip jr. clerk, 102 n Exeter 
Dietrich Wm. baker, 336 s Bond 
Dietsch John, tailor, 216 Hollins 
Dietsch John, brewer. Eastern av ext 
Dietz A. Frank, cabinetmaker, 122 Barre 
Dietz Adam, barber, 203 s Charles 
Dietz Bernard, engineer, Belair av ext 
Dietz Casper, butcher, 557 e Fayette 
Dietz Charles, driver, 226 e Eager 
Dietz Chas. shoemaker, 224 n Dallas 
Dieiz Cornelia J. dressmaker, 78 Barre 
Dietz Elizabeth, grocery, 200 Hollins 
Dietz & Esterday, ( K. Dietz, A. Esterday) mil- 
linery, 4 Druid Hill av 
Dietz Frnncis X. carpenter, 205 w Biddle 
Dietz Frank, carver, 129 Conway 
Dietz Geo. baker, 157 s Bond 
Dietz Geo. baker, 73 s Bond 
Dietz Geo. lab. 619 w Pratt 
Dietz Geo. diayman, 21 Armistead la 
IMetz Henry, 200 Hollins 

Dietz Henry, carp. 107 s Bond, dw Homestead 
Dietz J. Lawrence notions and varieties, 131 

Franklin, dw Gilmor nr Patterson av 
Dietz John, watchmaker, 115 n Eutaw 
Uietz John C. cigarmaker, 79 Hanover 
Dietz John, tobacconist, 79 Hanover 
Dietz John, scissors grinder, 204 Stirling 
DIETZ JOHN B. clothier, 204 w Pratt 
Dietz John, police, 118 Greenniount av 
Dietz John, porter, 134 n Regester 
Dietz Joseph A. cigarmaker, 224 n Dallas 
Dietz Kate, (D. & Esterday) 115 n Eutaw 
Dielz Killian, shoemaker, 2 Smith al 
Dietz .Mrs. Knnigunda, 648 Light 
Dietz Liwrenec D. 131 Franklin, dw Gilmor nr 

Patterson av 
Dietz Louis, cabinetmaker, 203 Lee 
Dietz Mrs. Mary, grocery, 236 e Eager 
Dietz Mrs. Mary, 211 Lee 
Dietz Philip, lab. 294 n Centra! av 
Dietz Reinhardt. grocerv, 115 n Eutaw 
Dietz S. B. (D. & Wright) 277 Mulberry 
Dietz & Wright, (S. B. Dietz, Jos. S. Wright) 
com. merchants, 147 w Pratt 

O. F. Bresee, General Agent, 15 South St. 















Dietz Wm. J. barkeeper, 148 Gough 
Dietzel Frederick, lab. 35 Browa la 
Dietzel John, lab. Woodberry 
Dietzel Nicholas, lab. 92 Mulfikin 
Dietzweg Francis, shoemaker, 16 Orleans 
Diffenbaugh Christ, shoemaker, 390 n Gaj- 
Diffendall Margaret L. tailoress, 185 Vine 
Diffendall Mrs. Margaret, 185 Vine 
Diffendall Chas. brickmaker, 96 St. Peter 
Di&Vndall Mrs. Emily, dressmakr. 96 St. Peter 
Diffenderffer John P. druggist, 254 Myrtle av 
Diffenderffer Edwin FI. earn. Mount nr Pratt 
Diffenderffer Mrs. Elizabeth A 183 n High 
fer, J. W. Gibbs) collection agency over 10 
s Holliday 
Diffenderffer Jas. T. clerlv, 255 Linden av 
Diffenderffer John F. D. & Gibbs,) 255 Lin- 
den av 
Diffenderffer Michael, Fulton nr Frederick av 
Diffenderffer Octavius, (Chas. H Ross & Co.) 

259 n Charles 
Diffenderffer Robt. E. carpenter, rear Penna av 

dw 12 George 
Diffenderffer Dr. Wm. H. I s High 
Diffenderffer Wm. bookeeper, 18.'i n High 
Diffey Alex, blacksmith, Catonsville 
Diffey Chiis. S. machinist, 58 s Poppletoa 
Diffey Mis. Mary, nurse, 140 n Gilmor 
Diffey Mrs. Mary S. 58 s Poppleton 
Diffey Victor, machinist, 56 Preston 
Diffley John, stonemason, 135 Willow 
Diggs Beverly, mayor's detective, 48 Gough 
Diggs Chas. F. sales asjent Baltimore Coal and 

Union R. R. Co. 2 South, dw 23!) Park av 
Diggs Chas. W.(R.H.D. k Sons)3l5eBaltimore 
Diggs Daniel E. sergt. police, 209 Gough 
Diggs Dudley, clerk, 936 Lexington 
Diggs Mrs. Edward G. 173 n PMca 
Diggs Mrs. Eliza A. 167 Hanover 
Diggs Frank P. solicitor, 64 Albemarle 
Diggs Henry S. clerk, 130 e Pratt 
Diggs Henry, lumber inspector, 64 All)eraarle 
Diggs J Ross,boukkpr,Edmon(isonav nrOregon 
Diggs James, laborer, 79 Canton av 
DIGGS JAMES, wholes, and retail coal, 147 w 
Baltimore, dw Edinundson av nr Re|)ublican 
Diggs J. Wesley, U. S. ganger, 71 E.xchunge 

pi, dw 91 Albemarle 
Diggs John R. jr. clerk, Edmondson av nr Re- 
Diggs Richard H. & Sons, (R. H.,SamI. J. and 
Chas. W. Diggs) lime and feed, 258 and 260 
s Caroline 
Diggs Richard H. (R. H. D. & Sons)315 e Bal- 
Diggs Samuel J. (R. H. D. & Sons) 95 s Bond 
Diggs Wm. B. sailmaker, 109 Bank 
Diggs Capt. Win. J. mariner, rear 26 Bevan 
Dignaii James, bottler, 2 Comet 
Dignan Jerome, laborer, 2 Comet 
Dignan John, laborer, 404 Cathedral 
Dignaii Lawrence, laborer, 26 Arljel al 
Dignan Lawrence, laborer, ^^ n Durham 
Dignan .Mrs. Mary, provisions, 66 n Durham 
Dignan .Michael, Hour and feed, 146 Cathedral 
Dignan Patrick, grocery, 4()4 Cathedral 
iJignun Peter, drayman, 7() Vork 
Dignan Philip, moulder, 9 e .Madison 
Dike Leonard, blacksmith, 6« Greenmount av 
Dikeman Ernest, mariner, 320 Aliceanna 
Dilesse Michael, laborer, 65 s Central av 

Dilfelder Geo. cooper, 174 Eastern av 

Dilfelder John Geo. cooper, 181 s Washington 

Dilfelder Mrs. Margaret, 181 s Washington 

Dill Andrew E. clerk, 65 n Central av 

Dill August, shoefindings, 60 s Sharp 

Dill Chas. driver, Lemmon nr Payson 

Dill Conrad, grocery, cor Pratt and Carey 

Dill Frederick, cooper, 295 s Sharj) 

Dill Frederick, pianomaker, 297 s Sharp 

Dill Geo. E. bootfitter, 65 n Central av 

Dill Henry H. clerk. 211 Franklin 

Dill Henry, carpenter, 378 s Sharp 

Dill John, mariner, 150 s Ann 

Dill Philip J. cabinetmaker, 183 Columbia 

Dill Win. laborer, 244 Lemmon al 

Dill Will. H. grocery, 2s9 s Sharp, dw 295 

Dillaway Dositree, furniture, 91 Harrison 

Dillaway Thos. teacher, O.xford, York rd 

Dillehuni Mrs. Elizabeth, 68 u Caroline 

Dillehuut Fred'k A. mariner, 67 n Caroline 

Dillehunt Geo. cheese. Friendship, York rd 

Dillehuut .lohn G. tobacconist, cor Caroline 

and Baltimore, dw 380 e Baltimore 
Dillehunt Louis P. cigarmaker, 341 n Broadway 
Dillehunt Jno.T. huckster. Friendship, York rd 
Dillehuut Wm. T. dept. warden penitentiary, 

68 n Caroline 
Dillehunt Wm ice wagon. Falls rd nr tollgate 
Dillehunt Wm. cabinetmaker, 212 Harford av 
Dillen James, salesman, Franklin house 
Dillen Jas. D. conductor, 6u4 Light 
Diller Henry, laborer, 28 Shakspear 
Dillman Conrad, driver, 214 Preston 
Dillman Jacob, paver, 124 Stirling 
Dillmore Thos. fireman, 19 Elliott nr Boston 
DILLON A. H. Jr. general ageut Connecticut 
Mutual Lile Ins. Co. 8 Soulli, dw 293 Madi- 
son av cor Dolphin 
Dillon Edward, labtirer, 16 Hollins al 
Dillon James, hostler, lo9 Dover 
Dillon Jeremiah, laborer, 29 n Bond 
Dillon J. grocer, 129 Greenmount av 
Dillon Owen, clerk, 4 Maccubbin 
Dillon Wm. B. 293 Madison av 
Dillow John, tinner, 96 Division 
Dillow John R. tinner, 123 Division 
Dillow Wm. tinner, 123 Division 
Dillow Wm. jr. carpenter, 123 Division 
Uilock Frederick, laborer, 55 Scott 
Dilts Dr. G. S. 262 e Lombard 
Dilwi.rth & Bishop, (P. Dilworth, L.R. Bishop) 

com. iiierchls. 201 North 
Dilworth I'eier, (D. & Bisliop and D. k Sears) 

306 e Chase 
Dilworth k Sears, (P. Dilworth, J. L. Sears) 

brass founders, 47 n Holliday 
Dime Restaurant, basement, se corBaltimore and 

Diniel Lawrence, tailor, 220 n Caroline 
J)inilcr (Jeo. papercarrier, 56 Carlton 
Diinler .Mrs. .Margaret, 56 Carlton 
Diiiiling,butclu'r,25HoUiiis and 94 Lex- 
ington inarkeis, dw Frederick rd nr tollgate 
Diniling Henry, laborer, 71 Griiidall 
Dimling Simon, boots and shoes, 283 n Howard 
Dimmilt Clias. E. 63 n Liberty 
Dinimling Chas. F. butcher, 5 and 32 Fell's 

Point market, dw Chester n of .Monument 
Diminling Johu, t.iilor, 82 e Lombard 
Dimnutli C. E. 2l0 w Baltimore 
Dinges Mrs. Annie, provisions, Whatcoat nr 

Mutual Life Insurance Co. of New York, 




Dinges John, porter, Whatcoat nr Presstman 
Dingfelder Anthony, shoemaker, 143 L. Greene 
Dingle Henry, moulder, 56 York 
Dingier Geo. tailor, 99 Penna av 
Dingier Mrs. Margaret, 348 Eastern av 
Dinkelman Henry R. grocery, 80 Penna av 
Dinkelsjiiei Isaac, liquor, 22 n Poppleton 
Dinkins Mrs. Amanda, 68 MuUikin 
Dinmore Walter, (D.&Wilson) John nrCaroline 
Dinmore k Wilson, ( W. Dinmore, C. A. Wilson) 
photographers' stock, 7 n Charles 

Photographers' Mwerials, 


Photographic Goods, Frames, Pic- /y 
tures, istereoscopic Views, /^ 

Stereoscopes, &c. 

Dinnegan Thomas, lab. 114 Harford av 
Dinsmore David, laborer, e end of O'Donnell 
Dinsniore Mrs. Elizabeth, seamstress, 194 Bank 
Dinsmore James, machinist, 38 Rock 
Dinsmore Jolin T. moulder, s w cor Albemarle 

and Stiles 
DINSMORE & KYLE, (Geo. H. and S. A. S. 

Kyle, L. Holliday, S. P. Nelms) virholesale 

grocers and com. merch'ts, 156 w Pratt 
Dinspear Conrad, lab. 171s Bethel 
Diny Mrs. Minia, laundress, 10 Barnes 
Dion Louis G. prof, languages, 109 n Charles 
Dippie Elizabeth, 267 Mulberry 
Dipple John, cigarmaker, 267 Mulberry 
Dippie Sophia, confectionery, 129 Bank 
Dipple Wendelin, cabinetmaker, 151 s Bond 
Dippold Martin, tailor, 7 Barnes 
Dirschuer Conrad, shoemaker, 4 Addison al 
Dirring Henry F. police, 40 e Pratt 
Disch Henry, shoemaker, 59 Watson 
Diskin John, drayman, 190 Ramsaj' 
Dismore Mary, 210 Aliceanna 
Disney Benj. carpenter, 159 Conway 
Disney Charles H. puddler, 68 Fawn 
Disney ICdward, laborer, Hampden 
Disney Mrs. Elizabeth 4o3 e Lombard 
Disney Henry E. clerk, 403 e Lombard 
Disney James, police 61 Cambridge 
Disney John W. painter, 223 Convvay 
Disney John, paiiiter. Sweet Air 
Disney Joseph A. huckster, 16 n Oregoa 
Disne_y Josias, Woodberry 
Disney Mrs. Mary, 166 s Washington 
Disney Nelson, carpenter Woodberry 
Disney Oliver M. painter,77 Dover,dw 50 Brune 
Disney Richard E. painter, 148 Camden, dw 

206 Conway 
Disney Richard P. produce, 131 Conway 
Disney Wui. painter, 120 Parkin 
Disney Wui. bookkeeper, 403 e Lombard 
Disney W'm. A. magistrate, 692 w Baltimore 
Disney Wm. J. nightman, 166 s Washington 
Disteibart Geo. lock and gunsmith, 159 East 
Disiler Conrad, tailor, 78 Albemarle 
Distler John, clerk. 185 Canton av 
Distler John, 225 Canton av 

DISTLER JOHN C, Dealer in Coal, 
Wood, Lime, Hair, Plaster and 
Cement, cor Chester and 
Canton av, dw 225 Canton av. 

Ditch C. 0. milk driver, 132 George 
Ditch John S. milk, 182 George 
Ditch Oscar, milk, 182 George 
Ditman Thus. M. (Cunningham &D.)321 n Eden 
Ditman Wm. B. clerk, 396 n Eden 
Ditman Wm. H. bookkeeper, 396 n Eden 
Ditsliler .Annie, grocery, 7 Fountain 
Ditshler John, cabinetmaker, 7 Fountain 
Dittert Chas. shoemaker, 119 Low 
Dittert John, cigarmaker, 119 Low 
Dittman Andrew, lab. Belair av ext 
Dittman John, laborer, 181 s Durham 
Dittman John H. jr. asst. assessor, 211 e Pratt 
Dittman John W. beer, 278 s Broadway 
Dittuiann Louisa, 308 Aliceanna 
Dittmar John G. baker, 19U William 
Dittmar Martha, dressmaker, 678 Saratoga 
Dittmar Philopena, grocery, 678 Saratoga 
Dittmer Amelia, saleswoman, 328 Light 
Dittmer George, brewer. Eastern av ext 
Dittmer Herman, tob.icconist, 328 Light 
Dittmeyer John, carpet weaver, 29 Union 
Dittrich Francis, hat and cap manufac. 294 n 

Dittrich Herman C. boots and shoes, 365 n 

Dittus Chas. L. butcher, Penna av ext 
Dittus E. H. cardriver, Penna av nr North av 
Dittus Edward H., Peuna av ext 
Dittus Geo. P. clerk, Penna av ext 
Dittus John F. driver, Penna av ext 
Dittus J. F. jr. butcher, Penna av ext 
Dittus Mrs. J. Fredk. butchering 87 Centre, 

and 24 Lexington markets, dw Butchers' row, 

Penna av .ext 
Dittus Mrs. Nanetti, 551 e Fayette 
Dituis Wm. G. laborer, 551 e Fayette 
Dittus Wm. P butcher, 24 Lexington and 87 

Centre markets, dw Cumberland nr Penna av 
DITTY C. IRVING, attorney, 31 St. Paul, dw 

234 Lanvale 

Ditzell . blacksmith, 244 e Baltimore 

Ditzell Henry, stovefiiter, 141 s Exeter 
Divan F. M. laborer, 4 n Schroeder 
Diveu Mrs. Anna R., Gilmor nr Cumberland 
Diven Edward C. tinner, Gilmor nr Cumberland 
Diven Edward T. bricklayer, 457 n Fremont 
Diven Edward T. cenductor, Pratt nr Gilmor 
Diven Frank M. blacksmith, 4 n Schroeder 
Diven James W. painter, Gilmor nr Cumberland 
Diven John L. well digger, 290 n Eutaw 
Diven John, laborer, 147 HoUins 
Diven Mrs. JIary, 51 Ensor 
Diven Wm. H. laborer. Falls rd nr Mt. Vernon 

Divens Frank, blacksmith, 4 n Schroeder 
Diver Henry, laborer, 10 Leadenhall 
Diver John A. sr. cloth cutter, 10 Leadenhall 
Diver John A. jr. machinist, 10 Leadenhall 
Diver Wm. machinist, 173 Hudson 
Diver Wm. engineer, 173 Hudson 
Divers Bridget, Hull nr R. R. 
Divine Patrick, laborer, 17 Lemmoa 
Diviney John, laborer, 55 Hill 
Dix Benj. F. laborer, 91 Mound 
Dix Mrs. Ella H. 147 e Fayette 













-I— > 





Tlie Largest Life Insurance Co. in the World. 






Dix J. FiMuklin, (D. & Steiiier) 231 n Etitaw 

Dix Geo. laborer, Jit. Vernon mills 

Dix Octavius, lab. Hmiipdeii 

Dix Preston, trwder. 37 n Eutaw 

Dix Rebeccii, Mt. Vernon mills 

DIX & STEINKR, (.1. F. Dix, F. B. Steiner, 

Willard C. U'ilkins)inip. and dealers ibreign 

fruits, nuts &e.. 123 w Lombard 
Dixon Ann, grocery, 24 Sterrett 
Dixon Bradley 8. dry goods, 71G w Baltimore 
Dixon Catherine, 334 s Buid 
Dixon Clias. 177 n Kutaw 
Dixon & Carson, (T. Dixon, C. L. Carson) 

architects and measurers, over 18 n Cliarles 
Dixon Mrs. Edith, nurse, 4G9 Saratoga 
Dixon Francis, huckster, 191 L. Hughes 
Dixon Francis, huckster, Philadelphia rd 
Dixon Henry, mariner, 3G2 Orleans 
Dixon Henry, mariner, 48 Albemarle 
Dixon Isaac, laborer, 80 Giindall 
Dixon Isaac H. (Smith, D. & Co.) Carrollton 

Dixon Jas. laborer, 124 s Chester 
Dixon James, hostler, 141 Rnsor 
Dixon John A. tiiachinist, 12 George 
Dixon John, brakeman, 502 Franklin 
DIXOX JOHN A. J. brickniaker. Fort road nr 

Fort McHeiiry, dw n e cor -Mosher k Oregon 
Dixon John, carpel weaver, 371 e Favette 
Dixon John B. (William T. D. & Bro.) Carroll- 
ton hotel 
Dixon Jolin C. butcher, 1 Hanover market, dw 

121 Columbia 
Dixon John H., Carrollton hotel 
Dixon John F. brickmakt-r, 415 Light 
Dixon Josejih, fiienuin, 3Go Ramsay 
Dixon Josejih, lab. 17 Conway 
Dixon Joshua, lab. 502 Franklin 
Dixon Capt. Robt. R. mariner. 134 Cross 
Dixon R. W. K. & Co. (R.W.Is.. Dixon, Joseph 

Share, A. S. Garnett)com.mercljts.l>0 Spears 

Dixon R. W. K. (R. W. K. D k Co.) 93 Ca- 
Dixon Thos. (D. & Carson) Mt. Washington 
Dixon Thos. carpenter, 109 n Pine 
Dixon Wm. laborer, 90 Payson 
Dixon Wm. engineer, 24 Sterrett 
Dixon Wm. seamen's boarding, 334 s Bond 
Dixon Wm. A. police, 9U> vv Prytl 
DIXON WM. T. & BRO. (W. T. and J. B. 

Dixon) wliols. boots and shoes, 30G w Balli- 

Di.xon Wm. T.(W.T.D. & Bro.)435 Madison av 
Dohbiu l''iiinkM. huckster, 213 s Monroe 
D(jbbiu Francis M. produce, Addison al and 

Dobbin {'•i:i). 7G Barre 
Dobbin (Jcorjie W., Judge Sujierior (;ourt,ofIice 

44 St. Paul 
Dobbin .bimcs, baker, 98 S Kxeter 
Dobbin Jas. W. clerk, 21 Anthony 
Dohiiin John F. huckster, 213 s Monroe 
Dobliin John F. produce, Addison al k Lemmon 
Dobbin Jcilni, coach and livery stable, 36 and 

38 Niirlh, dw Rennert house 
Dolphin Jiiiip, IG ('omet 
Dobbin John W clerk, Ri nncrt hmise 
Dobbin Mrs. Mary W. 14G w Biddle 
Dobbin R. A. attorney, 44 St. Paul, dw 97 w Chiisc 
Dobbin Tiios. M. attorney, 44 St. Paul, dw 

Baltimore eo 

Dobbs Geo. H. carp. 201 n Caroline 
Dobbs Thomas, carpenter, 201 n Caroline 
Dobbs Wm. B. carpenter, 201 n Caroline 
Dobbyn Geo. W. harness maker. 111 \v Biddle 
Doberer Chas. H. barkeeper, 199 Lexington 
Doberer John C. salesman, 399 w Lombard 
Doberer John C. salesman, 199 Lexington 
Dol erer J. G. butcher, 76 Lexington market, 

dw Garrison la nr Western cemetery 
Doberer Lewis F. goldsmith, 199 Lexington 
Doberer Mrs. Mary, restaurant, 199 Lexington 
Doberline Fred, laborer, G2 Philpot 
Dobernick John G. tailor, 213 Eastern av 
Dobler David, clerk, 287 n Front 
Doblcr David jr. produce, 157 Forrest, dw 287 

n Front 
Doliler Fred, clerk, 287 n Front 
Dobler Geo. clerk, 17 Jackson 
DOBLER GUSTAVUS A. (Wheelwright, 

Mudge & Co. ) 54 n Central av 
Dobler John, 289 n Front 
Dobler John, clerk, 289 n Front 
Dobler John J. attorney, 289 n Front 
Dobler Kate, teiicher, 17 Jackson 
Dobler Magdalene, 4 Anthony 
Dobler .Mrs. Margaret, 287 n Front 
Dobler Theodore, clerk, 287 n Front 
Dobler Walter, clerk, 287 n Front 
Dobrostavic Nicholas, fruit, Barre and Light 
DOBSON & CO. (George H. Dobson, A. I. 
Lyon) lumber com. merchts.oO East Falls av 
Dol;son Geo. H. (D. & Co.) 14 s Broadway 
Dobson Geo. W watchman, 28 (jough 
Dobson James T. letter carrier, 229 e Ftiyette 
Dobson John, 67 e Baltimore 
Dobsiin John, huckster, 275 William 
Dobson John A. (J. A. D. k Co.) Eutaw house 
DOBSON JOHN A. & CO. (J. A. Dobson, F. 
C. Seemati )glass.queensware,&c. 31 s Charles 
Dobson John T. police, Bond in- Biddie 
Dobson Thos. mariner, 346 Eastern av 
Dobson W"m. bricklayer, 108 Jell'erson 
Dochtrrmann Coniad, contectr, 15,") Hughes 
Dockniau Henry, porter, 229 w Biddle 
Dockman Mrs. -Mary, grocery, 229 w Biddle 
Docvvra Mrs. Frances, 222 George 
Dodd Alexander jr. bookkeeper, 272 Walsh 
Dodd Alexander, 272 Walsh 
D(jdd D.tuiel, huckster, 383 Easlei-nav 
Dddd J>ai)ie.l jr. huckster, 102 Duncan al 
Dodd John, lab. 42 Douglass 
Dodd John, supt. Western Cemetery, w Balti- 

timore ext 
Dodd Joseph, driver, 383 Eastern av 
Dodd Joseph L. hui'ksier, 99 n Puppleton 
Dodge A. A. contractor, Mnltby house 
Dodge A. H coal agent, 8 Irvine pi 
Dodge Dr. Augustus W. 201 Hanover 
Dodge (jhas. S. shoemaker, 211 li.inover 
Dodge Frank, cutter, 24s ii Bond 
Dodge G. .,. R. k Co. (.Miiry A. Dialge, W. H. 
Jilhird) artists and painters store, 42 w Bal- 
Dodge Lieut. Henry C, U.S.A., Fort McIIenrv 
Dodge Mrs. Mary A.(G.R.D.& Co.)2Gl n Ea^aw 
Dodge Ji)hn \V. supi. Abbott lion Works, 2G2 

e ISallinuire 
DODGK k WORLEV, (Wm. E. Dodge, W. N. 
Worley) lumber and genl. cum. merchants, 
and agents Baltimore and N. Carolina Trans- 
portation Co. olBce and wharf head of Union 

Mutual Life Insurance Co. of New York, 




Dodge Wm. E. (D. <f- Worley) 298 Penna av 
Dodge Warren, driver, 113 n Exeter 
Dodsoii Ann R. dressmaker, 171 n Townsend 
Dodsoii C. M. jr. Linden av and Hoffman 
DODSON C. MARION, pharmacist, Linden av 

and Hoffman 
Dodson Cornelia V. dressmaker, 95 Hanover 
Dodson Geo. elerk. 214 w Lombard 
Dodson Geo. W. wireworker, 231J s Broadway 
Dodson John W. real estate broker, 71 w Fay- 
ette, dw 2 32 n Carey 
DODSON MELANCTHON L pharmacist. Lin- 
den av and Hoffman 
Dodson's Pharmacy, Linden av and Hoffman 
Dodson Thaddeus C. carp. 100 s Washington 
Doebel Casper, slioemaker, 160 s Washington 
Doederweis Conrad, laborer, 5 Madeira a! 
Doeliler G. Conrad, butcher, 11 Fells Point 

market, dw Canton 
Doell Nicholas, shoemaker, w Lombard ext 
Doell Wm. baker, I57n Central av 
Doell Wm. stonecutter, 337 s Sharp 
Doeller Chas. clerk 9 Penn 
Doeller Chas. clerk, 107 s Paca 
Doellinger Lawrence, shocmkr, 101 n Paca, dw 

18 Park av 
Doenges Andrew, fnrn. wagon, 333 s Charles 
Doenges Chas. cigarmaker, 333 s Charles 
Doenges Ernest, shoemkr. 602 w Baltimore 
Doenges Fredk. cigarmaker, 333 s Charles 
Doenges Geo. processer, 120 Hollins 
Doenges Henry, baker, 402 e Fayette 
Doenges John, shoemaker, 25 Stirling 
Doenges Mrs. Lena, grocery, 333 s Charles 
Doenges Philip, vinegar depot, 141 King 
Doeplitz Sol. millinery goods, 78 Lexington 
Doerer John, veterinary surgeon, 243 s Ann, 

and beer 259 Aliceanua 
Doering Valentine, lab. 89 n Poppleton 
Doerr Conrad, clerk, 20 Russell 
Doersch Geo. shoemaker, ii Sprint: ext 
Doershinger Martin, laborer, 76 Towsun 
Doft Ella, saleswoman, 174 Chesnut 
Doft Geo. N. telegraphist, cor East and Hilleu 
Doft Geo. canniaker, 174 Chesnut 
Doaed Jiiines M. 241 e Chase 
Doged Thos. S. gasfitter, 2H e Chase 
Doged Wm. C. farmer, 241 e Chase 
Doizge Albert, cutter, 308 Mulberry 
Dogge Gusdorf, shoemaker, 129i Saratoga, dw 

57 s Oregon 
Dogge Otto, )ipho!sterer, 309 Muliierry 
Doherty Eliza, (.M.& fi. Doherty )223 Lexington 
Doherty Hanson, liquors, 170 Tyson 
Doherty John F. carpenter, 170 Tysc^n 
Doherty Kale(M. & E. Doherty ) 223 Lexington 
Doherty ifrs. Mary, 54 McMechin 
Doherty M.& E.( Mary, Eliza and Kate Doherty) 

dry goods, 223 Lexington 
Dolicrty Mary, (Mary and Eliza Doherty) 223 

Doherty Wm. J. salesman 54 McMechin 
Dohler Conrad, butcher, Dillon nr Third 
Dohme Chas. E. (Sharp & D.) 265 w Pratt 
Dohme Lewis, (Sharp & D.) 3U3 vv Lombard 
Dohme Dr. G. C. 86 e Fayette 
Dohony Mrs Ellen, grocery, 62 Hami>stead 
Dolau Mi-3. Bridget, grocery, 49 s Chapel 
Dolan Bridget, hiickstress, 15 Mott 
Dolan Daniel, lab. 19 Centre Market sp 
Dolan Edward, lab. 42 s Dewberry al 
Dolan Frank P. collector, 323 w Hoffman 

Dolan Hugh, lab. 331 Aliceanna 

Dolan James, lab. 239 Cross 

Dolan James, machitiist, 79 Joluison 

Dolnn James T. clerk, Si. Clair hotel 

Doliin Jiimes, lab. Hampden 

Dolan James, lab. 401 Aliceanna 

Dolan John, stonecutter, 181 n Eden 

Dolan John, steam fitter, 63 \\'atson 

Dolan John, brickmaker, 23 Elizabeth la 

Dolan Joseph, lal). 122 Harford av 

Do'an Mrs. Maggie, dressmaker, 323 w Hoffman 

Dolan Mrs. Maria, Lombard nr Monroe 

Dolan Mrs. Margaret, Spring nr John 

Dolan Mary A. 4S1 n Fremont 

Dolan Matthew, lab. 56 Frederick av 

Dolan Jlichael, lab. Clinton s of Bostoti 

Dolan Michael, lab. 70 Towson 

Dolan Michael, |)Olice, 62 Alliemarle 

Dolan Patrick, stonemason, 65 Frederick av 

Dolan Patrick, lab. 16 Hollins al 

Dolan Patrick, lab. 122Harf.)rd av 

Dolan Patrick, lab. 276 Battery av 

Dolan Patrick F. constable, 31 Lexington, dw 

374 w Hoffman 
Dolan Thomas, blacksmith, 482 n Gay 
Dolan Wm. tinner, 49 s Chapel 
Dolan Wm. H. canmaker, 49 s Chapel 
Dolan Wm. shipcarp. 125 s Bond 
Dolby Augustus, ironworker, 74 Rue 
Dcjlcii John, wheelwright, 73 n Chapel 
Dolch John C. blacksmith, 262 w Biddle 
Dolch John W. jr. blaclcsinith, 262 w Biddle 
Dolch Wm. H. blacksmith, 262 w Biddle 
Dolch Wm. H. jr. porter, 262 w Biddle 
DOLFIELD ALEX. Y. cashier German-Amer- 
ican Bank, 31 n Broad wa}' 
Doifield Fredk 271 e Lombard 
Dolizal Albert, wheelwright, 15 Anthony 
Doll Mrs. Catharine, confectionery, Frederick 

av nr Wilkens 
Doll Chas. W. canmaker, 46 s Sharp 
Doll Danl. receiver of trains, 367 w Lombard 
Doll Henry, tirewcr, Belair av ext 
Doll LeanderZ (Fangmey(r& D(ll)245 Lanvale 
Doll John W. machin St, 367 Lexington 
Dojl Rev.Penfield,46e Chase nr Greenmount av 
Dollack John, tailor, 66 n Wolfe 
Dullard J(jhn, engineer, 18 Buren 
Dolle Lorenz, (Nickel& D.) 391 w Piatt 
Dolhr Christ. organ l)uilder,Fawn nr Central av 
Dollinger Chas. butcher, 30 Belair and 90 Cen- 
tre markets, dw Belair rd 
Dolliver AVm. F. mariner, 43 s Ann 
Dolphin Francis, butcher, 3 Stockholm 
Dolphin Francis jr. butcher 3 Stockholm 
Dolphin Mrs. Fr.inces, 281 Mulberry 
Doiiiliiii John B. city yard, 401 s Eutaw 
Dolphin Street Presbyterian Church, Etting 

and Doliihin 
Donial Joseph, lab Stirling nr Chew 
Domer D. D. chief clerk B. k P. R. R , Mansion 

Domline John, p'asterer, 56 s Bond 
Domling Geo. beer, 4 n Wolfe 
Domliug John, cabinetmaker, 4 n Wolfe 
Domling Joseph, porter, 4 n Wolfe 
Donaitush Jacob, laborer, 32 Haube.-t 
Doiiacaii Jeiemiah, oyster dredger, 7 2 e Lombard 
Donahoo Henry, tinner, 204 s Caroline 
Donahue And. beer, cor Forrest and .Monument 
Donahue Daniel, laborer, ]:<4 Chesapeake 
Donahue Daniel, laborer, 2 Hubliard al 




• I— t 










The Largest Life Insurance Co. in the World. 






• I-H 










Donabue Geo. W. carp. 407 Eastern av 
Donahue Jus. D. sliipjoiner, 281 e Lombard 
Donahue John T. jr. bailiff", 83 s Hi^^h 
Donahue Stephen, huckster, 185 n Fremont 
Donahue Wm. conductor, 9 McMechin 
Donald James, millinery poods, 122 Lexington, 

dw Relay house, B. & 0. R. R. 
Donald Mrs. Margaret L. teacher, 87 Preston 
Donaldson Elizabeth, 122 McCulloh 
DONALDSON DR. FRANK, prof. University 

of Mfl. office and dw 112 Park 
Don:ildson George, 312 n Caroline 
Douiildson Geo laborer. Sweet Air 
Donaldson Henry, millwright, 52 Fawn 
Donaldson James B. biborer, 121 Peirce 
Donaldson Jas. E. cotton sampler, 303 Orleans 
Donaldson John, 62 Fawn 
Donaldson John, 122 McCulloh 
Donaldson John J. attorney, 38 St. Paul, dw 

Howard co 
Donaldson Mrs. Margaret, 122 McCulloh 
Donaldson Mary, Clipper mills 
Donaldson Noah I. tinner, 36 Ryan 
Donaldson Owen, laborer, 310 n Eutaw 
Donaldson Robert L. shucker, 692 Light 
Donaldson Robert, lab. 692 Light 
Donaldson Mrs. S. I. 39 St. Paul 
Donaldson Samuel I. 77 Cathedral 
Donaldson Samuel, bookkeper, 52 Fawn 
Donaldson Stephen, fisherman, 114 s Exeter 
Donaldson Theodore H. carp. 568 Lexington 
Don:ildson Thos.W., U. S. storekeeper, 52 Fawn 
Donaldson Thomas, attorney, 38 St. Paul, dw 

Howard CO 
Donaldson Ward, book agt. Lemmon nr Mount 
Donaldson Wm. puddler, Winans row 
Donallen Andrew, wheelwright, 382 Light 
Donallen Virginia, teacher, 382 Light 
Donat Julian, hairdresser, 172 n Gay 
Donat Mrs. Mary, ladies' hairdresser, 172 n Gay 
Donat Peter, 152 Hughes 
Donavan Mrs. Biidiiet, 1 McLeary ct 
Donavin Dr. Matthew W. apothecary, s e cor 

Lee and Sharp, dw 102 Lee 
Donborge Adani, cabinetmaker, 212 s Bond 
Diindero Emanuel, cake stand, cor Charles and 

Baltimore, dw 6 New Church 
Dondero Stephen, fruit, 13 New Church 
Itondorf Jacob, lalxirer, 9 Portugal al 
Doiidorf John, caiimaker, 9 Portugal al 
Dondurf Philip, cannmker, 9 Portugal al 
Dont- Mis. Juliet 11. 229 Madison av 
Done Stephen, laborer, 273 s Dallas 
Donegan Owen, tailor, II McLeary ct 
Doneison Islijah, cotton mannf. Woodberry 
)oneIsoii Geo. cotton manuf. Sweet .Air 
JoneUon James L. cigarmaker, 90 p]usor 
)on(-lson James K. cigarmaker, 90 Ensor 
)onliauser Geo. paints and glass,31 8 Aliceanna 
^onhauser Henr}', laborer, 257 s Durham 
)onhauser Sebastian, painter, 318 Aliceanna 
Donlan Thos. carter, Chcsnutand Low 
)onlen Bridget, seamstress, 105 Saratoga 
)()nien Thos. carter, 420 8 Charles 
Jonloii James, laborer, 416 s (Jharles 
)oiiion Thos. mariner, 68 Gough 
Jonnefellzer Geo. shoemakei-, Clinton nrToone 

)onnegan .Mis. , cor Dillon and Hare 

Donuegan Mrs. Jane, stationery, n w cor East- 
ern av and High 
Donnell Mrs. Emily, 73 s Ciiester 
Donnell Geo. mariner, 73 s Chester 

Donnell James J. S., Mount Vernon hotel 
Donnell James M. (xMalster & D.) 73 s Chester 
Donnell John E. mariner, 73 s Chester 
Donnell Wm., Eutaw house 
Donnelly Ambrose, hostler, 141 n Front 
Donnelly Benj. Union hotel 
Donnelly Bernard, police, 229 Lemmon 
Donnelly Bernard, lab. 18 Walsh 
Donnelly Charles A. trimmings. 381 n Gay 
Donnelly Charles J. stovemounter, 454 e Lom- 
Donnelly Mrs. Catharine, 226 Light 
Donnelly Cornelius A. bailiff, 112 Harford av 
Donnelly Daniel, grocery, 11 Rose 
Donnelly Danl. typefounder, 308 Greenm't av 
Donnelly Danl. brickmaker, Greenwood Park 

nr Mine Bank la, dw 304 e Chase 
Donnelly Daniel, bricklayer, 237 Peirce 
Donnelly D. P. stonecutter, 579 Penna av 
Donnelly Edward, lab. 137 Hudson 
Donnelly Edward, lab. 17 Hill 
Donnelly Mrs. Eliza, 63 Cathedral 
Donnelly Mrs. Elizabeth, 120 Harford av 
Donnelly Mrs. Elizabeth, grocery, 336 n Howard 
Donnelly Mrs. Ellen, seamstress, 158 s Wash- 
Donnelly Francis, stonecutter, 213 Dolphin 
Donnelly Geo. huckster, 37 Penna av 
Donnell}- Henry, gardener, 42 Frederick av 
Donnelly Hugh, 147 n Front 
Donnelly James, 190 n Front 
Donnelly James, barkeeper, 250 Canton av 
Donnelly Jas. W. carp. 381 n Gay 
Donnelly James, cardriver, 156 Chesapeake 
Donnelly James, harbor master, cor Block and 

Drawbridge, dw 551 Saratoga 
Donnelly James, machinist, 46 Walker 
Donnelly James, painter, 250 Canton av 
Donnelly John, porter, 5 Valley 
Donnelly John, marble polisher, 161 Ensor 
Donnelly*Johu, liquors, s e cor Paca and Le.x- 

Donnelly John, carp. 387 Lexington 
Donnelly John, car driver, 109 Elliott 
Donnelly John, lab. 579 Penna av 
Donnelly John, plumber, 336 n Howard 
Donnelly John, lab. 551 Saratoga 
Donnelly John E. coachpainter, 551 Saratoga 
Donnell}' Joseph, clerk, 551 Saratoga 
Donnelly Joseph, shoemaker, 237 Peirce 
Dt)nnelly .Maria, dressmaker, 52 Cambridge 
Donnelly ;\Iaria, lamps and oil, 250 Canton av 
Donnelly .Mark, lab. 52 Cambridge 
f)oni)elly Mrs. Mary, laundress, 250 Canton av 
nonnelly Michyel, drayman. 311 e Biddle 
Donnelly Michael, lab. 95 Conway 
Donnelly Patrick, lab. 511 n Gay 
Donnelly P.-itrick, lali. 98 MuUikin 
Donnelly P., Union hotel 
Donnelly Peter, lab. 13 Buren 
DonnellV Peter, hostler, 109 lilliott 
Donnelly Peter, lab. 117 West 
Donnelly Thos. grocery, 46 Low 
Donnelly W. J. carp. 579 Penna av 
Donnelly Wm. O. lab. 31 Frederick av 
Donner (Jasper, tailor, 385 Aliceanna 
DONdllOK DENIS. British consul, 6 Exchange 
bdg Second, dw 25;i St. Paul 

Donoliue , bonnet bleacher, 1 1 L.McElderry 

Donoliue And'vv, blacksmith, 176 Constitution 
Donoliue .Mrs. Anne, grocery. 26 s Schroeder 
Donoliue Mrs. Catherine, rear 190 n Front 

Mutu xl Life I nsurance Co. of New York, 




Donohue Mrs. Catherine, 4 Stockton 
Donoliue Cornelius, 4 Stockton 
Donoliue Cornelius, lab. 49 Buren 
Donohue Cornelius, jr. Isib. 49 Buren 
Donohue Daniel, lab. 31 Che^v 
Donoliue Daniel, jr. porter, 60 Buren 
Donohue Daniel, lab. 49 Buren 
Donohue Daniel, carter, 37J Sast 
Donohue Daniel, tailor, 178 L. Constitution 
Donohue Daniel, lab. 172 n Caroline 
Donohue Mrs. Elizabeth, 172 n Caroline 
Donohue Geo. W. carpenter. Eastern av 
Donohue Henry K. tinner, 172 h Caroline 
Donohue James, police, 46 Albemarle 
Donohue James, lab. nrWoodberrj' 
Donohue James, bricklayer, 161 Gough 
Donohue James, 45 s Ann 
Donohue James, lab. 21 Hudson al 
Donohue James, brassmouFr, 176 Constitution 
Donohue James D. shipjoiner, 281 e Lombard 
Donohue James H. salesman, 20 Albemarle 
Donohue John, liquors, cor Amity and Raborg 
Donohue John, plasterer, 4 Stockton 
Donohue John, bricklayer, 373 William 
Donohue John, (Holloway, D. & Co.) 60 ePratt 
Donohue John F. clerk, 8* Watson 
Donohue John P. bonnet frames, 253 n Gay 
Donohue Kate, dressmaker, 49 Buren 
Donohue Matthew, quarryraan, 17 Rock 
Donohue May, 29 n Amity 
Donohue Michael, grocery, 27 and 29 n Anoity 
Donohue Michael 0. lab. 36 s Schroeder 
Donohue Patrick, lab. 355 Eastei-n av 
Donohue Patrick, porter, 64 n Dallas 
Donohue Patrick, lab. 58 n Amity 
Donohue Patrick, lab. 40 Carlton 
Donohue Patrick jr. lab. 40 Carlton 
Donohue Mrs. Rebecca, 9 Pearl 
Donohue Samuel, tailor, 70 Hillen 
Donohue Thos. lab. 64 s Oregon 
Douohue Thos. oil refiner}', 387 s Eijtaw 
Donohue Thos. driver, 20 Forrest pi 
Donohue Thos. silverplater, 118 w Fayette 
Donohue Thos. blacksmith, 5 Donnelly ct 
Donohue Wm. J. tailor, 188-J Montgomery 
Donovan Bridget, laund. rear 82 Centre Mar- 
ket sp 
Donovan Daniel, beer, 106 s Howard 
Donovan James, lab. 84 Gough 
Donovan John, lab. 287 n Central av 
Donovan Michael, lab. 50 s Dewberry al 
Donovan Michael, lab. 20 Arbel al 
Donovan Michael, paver, 81 Mosher 
Donovan Michael, printer, 21 n Exeter 
Donovan Peter, lab, 239 Battery av 
Donovan Mrs. R. 122 w HoEFman 
Donovan Simon, peddler, 323 Orleans 
Donovan Thos. earptr. rear 82 Centre Market sp 
Donovan Wm. 13 Bank 
Doolan Maria, shop, 13 Cotton row 
Doolan Maurice, currier, 27 Haw 
Dooley Mrs. Delia, liquors, n w cor Buren and 

Dooley James, grocery, 88 Harford av 
Dooley Mrs. Margaret, searastr's, 111 n Howard 
Dooley Martin, lab. 25 Haw 
Dooley Patrick, carpenter, 51 s Central av 
Dooley Vinton, lab. 25 Haw 
Dooner James, lab. 236 n Front 
Doory Thomas, lab. 206 n Exeter 
Dopman John, lab. 184 s Ann 
Dora John, fruit, 5 New Church 

Doran Anthony, lab. Woodberry 

Doran Anton, gardener, 4 Hillen 

Doran Francis, moulder, 191 s Chester 

Doran Louisa, grocery, 11 Cuba 

Doran P. P. teacher. Mansion house 

Doran Patrick, lab. 11 Cuba 

Doran Patrick, lab. 191 s Chester 

Dorbert August, lab. 96 Park 

Dorbert Frank, feed, south of McElderry e of 

Maryland hospital 
Dorbert George, shoemaker, 105 s Dallas 
Doremus Peter B. plasterer, 311 Druid Hill av 
Doreng John, cigar maker, 89 n Poppleton 
Doreng Valentine, lab. 89 n Pojipleton 
Dorff Albert, tinner, 340 Saratoga 
Dorflin Jacob, tailor, 51 McElderry 
Dorgan & Co. (T. A. Dorgan) stoves, ranges, 

&c., s e cor Lombard and Light 
Dorsran Gustavus A. shipcarp. 45 s Washington 
Dorgan Theod. A. (D. & Co.) 109 n Charles 
Dorgett Fritz, cooper, 57 Eastern av 
Dority John, fireman, 55 s Schroeder 
Dorm John, lab. 498 Light 
Dorraan Mrs. Annie, dressm'r, 292 e Monument 
DORMAN J. F. W. propr. U. S. Manufacturing 

Co. 97 w Lombard, dw 38 s High 
Dorman Jane G. 459 n Fremont 
Dorman John S. huckster, 296 Light 
Dorman Kate E. teacher, 75 s High 
Dorman Mrs. Matilda E. 333 Hamburg 
Dorman Mrs. Matilda E. 273 Bank 
Dormedy Annie, 134 n Eden 
Dormer Entree, cabinetmaker, 143 Dover 
Dorn Chades, lab. 161 Park 
Dorn Fred, painter, secor Park and Richmond 
Dorn Frederick, shoemaker, 293 n Gay 
Dorn John, brewer, 57 President 
Dorn John, lab. 23 Low 
Doru John, lab. 161 Park 
Dorn John, milk, O'Donnell nr Clinton 
Dorn John, beer, 87 e Lombard 
Dorn John A. groc'y, s e corner Park and Rich- 
Dorn Joseph, shoemaker, 83 Elliott 
Dorn Patrick, grocery, Cooksie nr Nicholson 
Dorner Annie, seamst's, Frederick av and Pratt 
Dorner John T, packer, 177 n Fremont 
Dorney Jnckson, wood 78 s Exeter 
Dornej' John A. grocer}', 548 Aisquith 
Dorney Thos. J. salesman, 239 e Baltimore 
Dorney Thos. W. clerk, 38 n Calvert 
Dornin Edwin M. clerk, 64 w Centre 
Dorr Casper, printer, 42 Conway 
Dorr Edward, clerk, 42 Conway 
Dorr Lawrence A. printer, 42 Conway 
Dorr Peter, printer, 255 Hanover 
Dorr Peter, cigarmaker, 244 Hanover 
Dorr Wm. brakeman, 55 s Republican 
Dorrell Edwin, potter, 96 n Eden 
Dorrer Fredk. butcher. Point la nr Harford av 
Dorrett Mrs. Rebecca, 76 n Broadway 
Dorrett Wm. W. tobacconist, 163 e Fayette 
Dorrida Wm. lab. Clipper mills 
Dorries Chas. tobac'st, Constitution and Buren 
Dorritee C. W. bookkeeper, 524 n Gay 
Dorritee John, fireman, 55 s Schroeder 
Dorritee Lorenzo, painter, 173 e Fayette 
Dorritee Wm. S. (Kinnear & D.) Harford av 

opp Darley Park 
Dorry Ferdinand, tinner, 343 e Baltimore 
Dorry Mrs. Margaret, notions, 291 e Baltimore 
Dors William, cabinetmaker, 225 Bank 

O. F. Bresee, G-eneral Agent, 15 South St. 



















Dorsch George, cooper, 1 02 s Ilovvard 
Dorsch George jr. cutter, 102 s Howard 
Dorsch Louisa, laundress 178 Peirce 
Dorscli Michael, hariiessmaker, 102 s Howard 
Dorschel Wui. butcher, 3 Fells Point market, 

dw 295 Hamburg 

Dorschky lleurv. shoemaker, 333 n Central av 

Dorsett/Kairis' & Co. (J. B. Dorsett, W. B 

Harris )grocers and com.merchls. 94 s Charles 

Dorsett J. Hawkins (Dorsett, Harris & Co.) 219 

n Eutaw 
Dorse}- Albert, fireman, 362 w Loinhard 
Dorsey Ailen,( Walker, D. & Co.) 193 n Charles 
Dor.=cy Alf'd, triocery,n e cor Pratt und Strieker 
Dorsej' Andrew J. 349 e Baltimore 
Dorsey A. P.(D. & Lowdenslairer)10r) St. Puul 
Dorsey Bartns C. salesman, 178 Mulberry 
Dorsej- Charles G. machinist, 42 s Poppleton 
Dorsey Charles H. engineer, 75 s Gilmor 
Di^rsey (Uiarles W. agent, 1 n Carey 
Dorsey D., Barnum's hotel 
Dorsey Daniel VV. gilder, 635 n Gay 
Dorsey David, marl)le worker, 44 Liberty al 
Dorset' Mrs. E. A. 4 George 
Dorsey Edward, carpenter, 32 Woodyear 
Dorsey P>an L. paperhanger, 286 Lexington 
Dorsey Ezekiel S. bookkeeper, 48 s Eden 
Dorsey Frank G. clerk, 35 Conway 
Dorsey Geo. W. shoemaker, 1 Oxford 
Dorsey Geo. tax collector, Toone e of Clinton 
Dorsey Hawkins, 219 n Eutaw 
Dorsey Henry, laborer, 78 Beasun 
Dorsey James, salesman, 7 German 
Dorsey James ?. wood insp. First nr Toone 
Dorsey James, marble polisher, 44 Liberty al 
Dorsey James, laborer, 279 n Front 
Dorsey James L. flour broker, 35 Conway 
Dorsey James B. clerk, Carrollton hotel 
Dorsey James, wheelwright, 8 e Baltimore 
Dorsey John A. (lilchisou k D.) Howard co 
Dorsey John B. police, cor Front and Plowman 
Durse.v John E. clerk, 286 I^exington 
Dorsey John (J. D. cJSon) Orleans and Castle 
Dursey Jubn k Son (.l.sind M. Dorsey ) limekilns. 
Eastern av ext, office cor Orleans and Castle 
Dorsey John laborer, 384 Hanuvv-r 
Dorsey John, stonecutter, 44 Liberty al 
Dorsey John, mariner, 50 s Chester 
Dor.sey John E. clerk, cor Lexington and Pine 
Dc.rsey John J. clerk, 247 Columbia 
Dorset John R. bookkeeper, 35 Conway 
Dorsey J(jhn P. plasterer, 11 n Poppleton 
Dursey Joseph, Barnum's hotel 
Dorsey Joseph L sltjuecuiter. Strieker and Sara- 
Dorsej Mrs. Joseph S. 309 e Eager 
I'orsey Joseph, moulder, 21 n Caroline 
Dorsey k Lowdenslager, (A. P. Dorsey, J. W. 
Lowdeiisliiger) agents Wilson's sewing ma- 
chines, 24 n Eutaw 
Dorsey Mrs. Lucy, 1,93 n Howard 
D(jrsey .Mrs. -Margaret, grocery, 116 n (Jhapel 
Dorsey Michael, laborrr, 80 s Castle 
Dori-ey .Micliael (J. D. & Sou) Orleans and Castle 
Dorsey Owen, laborer, 9 w Lombard 
Dorsey Dr. Owen, collector, lij6 w Fayette 
Dorsey Ricii'd U. shoenniker, 635 Belair av 
Dorsey Dr. Roliert E. 215 Madison av 
Dorsey Robt. H.boilenn'r, Oliver and Morton al 
Dorsey Robt. H. jr. ommaker, 337 Cathedral 
Dorsey Dr. Robert W. 165 St. Paul 
Dorsey Samuel, engineer, 13 Lemmon 

Dorsey Samuel, Fountain hotel 

Dorsey Samuel A. stonecutter, 618 \v Baltimore 

Dorse}^ Samuel W. public weigher, 67 s Gay, 

d« cor Lexington and St. Paul 
Dorsey .Mrs. Sarah, grocery, 13 Durham 
Dorsey Theodore C. agricult'l implements, 425 

Madison av 
Dorsey Tluaiias, clerk, 267 Druid Hill av 
Dorsey Thomas, fireinau, 3()2 w Lombard 
Dorsej' Tbos. clerk. Eutaw house 
Dorsey Thos. R. k Co. (T. R. Dorsey^ flour, 
grain and genl. com. merchts. 26 s Hdward 
Dorsey T. R. (T. R. D. & Co.) 205 Franklin 
Dorsey Upton W. clerk, St. Clair hotel 
Dorsey Wash. L. canm.aker, 401 Lexington 
Dorsey W. Alexander, irav. agt. 49 n Greene 
Dorsey Wm. baggauemas'r. Gen. Wayne hotel 
Dorsey Wm. agent Time Table, 6 n Gay 
Dorsey Wm. H. treas. Eutaw Savings Bank, 

413 w Fayette 
Dorsey Wm. Henry, stonecutter, Belair av nr 

Baltimore cemetery 
Dorsey Wm. A. magistrate, Pratt nr High 
Dorsey Wm. J. H. clerk, 57 n Republican 
Dorsey Wm. laborer, 116 n Chapel 
Dorsey Wm. H. eimineer, 292 e Lombard 
Dorsey Wm. 534 Lexington 
Dorsey Wm. blacksmith, 502 w Lombard 
Dorton Anna, 119 Lexington 
D(U'ton Henry F. 119 Lexington 
Dorwat Gei'. laborer, cor Burke and Aliceanna 
Dorweis Eckhardt, painter, 184 Forrest 
Dorweis Mrs. Eliza, confect'y. 184 Forrest 
Dose Charles, grocerv, 28 n Bond 
Dosh Rev. John H. 0. 253 Harford av 
Dost Theodore, bristle comber, 240 Frederick av 
Doster John, laborer, 32 McEldeny 
Dotter Chas. carpenter, 395 Aliceanna, Canton 
Ddtterweich Andreas, laborer, 43 n Durham 
Dotterwcich Frank, shoemaker, 176 Madeira al 
D0TTE17WK1CH FRED, tobacconist, Oxford 

and Druid Hill av, dw 182 Druid Hill av 
Dotterweich Peter, lab. 43 n Durham 
Dotterweich Sebastian, cooper, Lombard and 

Goldsmith al 
Doty Caleb, Hidlins nr Mount 
Doty Jas. J. clerk, Hollins nr Mount 
Dotls Martin, laborer, 5 Shakspear 
Doul)leday Siml. cor Franklin and Stockton al 
Duuch Win. wheelwright, Hampden 
Dotzauer Mrs. A. 30 New Church 
Dotzauer Chas. cabinetmaker, 30 New Church 
Doud John, cabinetmaker, 7 Camden la 
Dond John A. M. watchman, 480 n Gay 
Doud M. L. drcssinkr, Madison av nr Mosher 
Doud .Martin, laborer, 23 Pleasant al 
Doud .Michael, laborer, 12 Hollins al 
Duud .Michael, laliorer, 81 s Castle 
Doud Patrick, laborer, Wilcox nr Eager 
Doud Thomas, laborer, 81 s Castle 
Doud Wm. laborer, 12 Hollins al 
Doufrey .Mrs. Catharine, 124 S.iratoga 
Dougherty Cath'ne, huckstress, 83 Goodman al 
Dougherty Chas. firedep't, 32 Laurel 
Dougherty Clias. shoemaker, 293 w Pratt 
Dougherty Chas. tinner, ISO s Washington 
Dougherty Chas. driver, 6 Swan 
Dougherty Chas. clerk, 526 n Gaj' 
Dougherty Dan'l,insp. sewers, 180 s Washingon 
Dougherty Dan'l grocery, 48 Forrest 
Dougherty Dun'l, laborer, Hull and R. R. 
Dougherty Dennis, police, 82 e Republican 

Mutual Life Insurance Co. of New York, 




Dou'iherty Dougherty, huckm.iii, 40 w Eager 
Dougherty Edward, laborer, 184 Dover 
Dougherty Elizabeth, 40 Albemarle 
Dougherty Geo. F. stom-outter, 186 e Monument 
Doujiherty Geo. W. finisher, 20 n Bond 
DdUjiherty Geo. W. iirinler, Uniou hotel 
Dougherty Hugh, liibor.T, Concurd nr Easrer 
Dougherty Hugh, jr. laborer, Concord nr Eager 
Dougherty J. J C. elerk, 9 n Exeter 
Dougherty .James, mariner 21 s Caroline 
Dougherty Jas VV. shoemkr,s end of Clinton 
Dougherty James, 29 e Kager 
Dougherty Mrs. Jane, matron Aged Women's 

Dougherty J. B., Loyola College 
Doughert^ John, laborer, Concord nr Eager 
Dougherty John, garbitge, 87 Boyd 
Dougherty Jolm D. laborer, 186 e Monument 
Dougherty John W. m.nriner, 112 s Bond 
Dougherty John, peddler, 53 York 
Dougherty Rev. John J. 106 n Charles 
Dougherty John, laborer, 31 Willow 
Douiiherty Joseph, steam fitter, 20 n Bond 
Dougherty iMr.s. Julia, 12 s Chester 
Dougherty Julius, 183 w Townsend 
Dougherty Jlartin, huckster, 82 York 
Dougherty Michael, coachman, 16 Garden 
Doughertv Michael, salesman, 7 n Wolfe 
Dougherty Michael J. (D.& Share) 400 e Eager 
Dougherty Michael, laborer, 377 s Eutaw 
Dougherty Michael, mariner^ lOeLombard 
Dougherty Michael, laborer. Concord ur Eager 
Dougherty- Michael, laborer, 410 s Charles 
Dougherty Mrs. Minerva, 4 Neighbor 
Dougherty Patrick, engineer, 96 York 
Dougherty Patrick, laborer, 246 Harford av 
Dougherty Patrick, fireman, 10 e Lombard 
Dougherty Philii), paper carrier, 20 n Bond 
Dougherty Philiji H. paper carrier, 26 a Bond 
Dougherty & Share, (M. J. Dougherty, A. 

Share) plumbers and gasfit'rs,86 s^Broadway 
Dougherty Thomas, huckster, 12 Lee 
Dougherty Thomas, police, 64 Grauby 
Dougherty Thomas B. [irinler, 119 e Eager 
Dougherty Thomas 13 n Caroline 
Dougherty W"m. brakennin, 207 Hollins 
Dougherty Wm. laborer, 199 Chesnut 
Dougherty Wm. P salesman. Mansion house 
Dougherty Wm. H. (Sands k D.) 12 s Chester 
Doughney James, laborer, 253 Gough 
Doughney Michael, laborer, 233 Gough 
Doughney Patrick, laborer, 72 s Castle 
Doughton Win. stonecutter, 148 vv Lombard 
Doughty John C. 77 Hollins 
Doughty Thos.P. salesman, 58 Courtland 
Doughty Wra. J. clerk, 22 n Fremont 
Douglas August, (D. & Co.) Baltimore co 
Douglas ^ Co. (A. Douglas) wine, liquors and 

cigars, 57 Exchange pi 
Douglass Ambrose, bricklayer, 19 Chew 
Douglass Anuie, seamstress, 61 e Monument 
Douglass Mrs. Emma, trimmings, 245 e Payette 
Douglass Mrs. Fannie, 150^ Ensur 
Douglass Geo. W. cooper, 231 Columbia 
Douglass Mrs. Harriet, cakes, &c., 33 Chew 
Douglass James H. painter, 184 n Eden 
Douglass John, hackman, 173 e Eager 
Douglass John, laborer, 89 e Biddle 
Douglass John, laborer, 22 Willow 
Douglass Joseph, hacks, 19 Chew 
Douglass Mary, 76 North 
Douglass Mrs. Mary J. 87 Hamburg 

Douglass Thomas, shoemaker, 29 Waesche 
Douglass Thos. J. cooper, 138 L. Greene 
Di)Ugla,ss Wm. H. stonecutter, 282 Franklin 
Douglass Wm. Pi. (Fitzpatrick & D.) painter, 

24."^ e Fayette 
Doulongn Conrad, tailor, 273 Canton av 
Douthat Wm. H. clerk, 65 n Charles 
Douty Caleb, clerk, 390 Hollins 
Douty Jas. F. clerk, Hollins nr Mount 
Dove Mrs. Ann J. nurse, 16 s Oregon 
Dove Benjamin F. watchman, 548 w Pratt 
Dove Mrs. Elizabeth, 196 s Sharp 
Do veil John, 417 e Eager 
Dover John, shoemaker, 54 s Republican 
Dover Jacob Z. painter, 54 s Republican 
Doverer Geo butcher. Garrison la nr Fred'k rd 
Dow Geo. W . shoemaker, 43 Druid Hill av 
Dow Robert, m ichinist, Woodberry 
Dowbraski John, finisher, 236 Franklin 
Dowd John, laborer, 103 Stirling 
Dowd John, boxmaker, 153 s Spring 
Dowd John, laborer, 37 s Stockton ol 
Dowd .Michael, laborer, Waverley 
Dowd Patrick, laborer, Wilcox nr Chase 
Dowdeii Francis P. laborer, 290. e Lombard 
Dovvell Geo. E. auditor C. H. 203 Aisquith 
Dowell Geo. W. iuspr. C. H. 279 e Baltimore 
Dowell James H. clerk, 214 Aisquith 
Dowell John, com. mercht. 96 Light-st whf,dw 

225 Park av 
Dowell John T. clerk, cor Lombard and Paca 
Dowliiig Mrs. Ann, 98 Musher 
I Dowling James, tavern. Falls rd nr tollgate 
Dowling Mrs. Mary, 40 n High 
Dowling .Michael J. carriagemaker, 153 and 155 

M High, dw 119 
Dosvling Patrick, laborer, 546 w Lombard 
Dowling Thos. J. printer, 85 Booth 
Dowling Thos. laborer, 85 Booth 
Dowling Thos. labo''er, 19 Burrough 
Dowling W. T., Eutaw house 
Downes Thad. L. 11 Stirling 
Dowrey Edmund, carpenter, 46 Frederick av 
Downey Edward, fur wagon, 68 n Holliday 
Downey Edward, polisher, 293 Johnson 
Downey John, marim-r, 237 Henrietta 
Downey John, grocer and com. mercht. 133 

Frankliu, dw 154 n Eutaw 
Downej' John, carter, 416 e Madison 
Duwnej- Josei)h, laborer, 56 s Dewberry al 
Downey Mis. Margaret, grocery, 237 Henrietta 
Downey Pat'k, laborer, Clinton nr copperworks 
Downey Patrick, laborer, 68 n Holliday 
Downey Samuel, clerk. 154 n Eutaw 
Downey Thos. G., Franklin house 
Downey Wm. laborer, 237 Henrietta 
Downey Wm. T. watchman, 141 Dover 
Downing Charles, bricklayer, 24 n Poppleton 
Downing Howell, brokei , s w cor Frederick and 

Fayette, dw 158 w Biddle 
Downing John, salesman, 14 Barnet 
Downing R. J. (Dutton & D.) cor Barnet and 

DOWNING MRS. S. J. grocery, s e cor Sara- 
toga and Strieker 
Downing Capt.Saml. jr.(Eubank&D.) 14 Barnet 
Downing Wm. H. bricklayer, s e cor Saratoga 

and Strieker 
Downs Charles G. salesman, 194 8 Charles 
Downs & Co. (Joseph B. Downs, George Rose) 
butchers, 67 Hanover, 31 Centre, 38 Rich- 
mond and 46 Lexington markets 

Assets $60,000,000 Cash Invested. 








• I— C 

-I— > 



















Downs Harris T. police, 4'72 e Baltimore 
Downs Henry C. butcher, Chopt^mk nr Fayette 
Downs James H. upholsterer, 361 Franklin 
Downs James H. printer, 148 w Baltimore, Aw 

157 Druid Hill av 
Downs John I. carpenter, 722 Penna av, dw 

cor Carey and Cumberland 
Downs John, painter, 472 e Baltimore 
Downs Joseph B. (D. ^ Co.) 470 Light 
Downs Mrs. Mary. 125 Montgomery 
Downs Michael, laborer, 353 Ostend 
Downs Rebecca, dressmaker, 193 n Dallas 
Downs Samuel A. carpenter, 125 Montgomery 
Downs Samuel F. moulder, 176 n Fremont 
Downs Thaddeus L. clerk, H Stirling 
Downs Wm. H. carpenter, 39 Hamburg 
Downs Wm. H. insp'r C. H. 532 w Favette 
Downs Rev. Wilford, 83 w Biddle 
Downs Winifred, 37 Cambridge 
Dowry John, laborer, 77 Wyeth 
Doxen Kinsey J. carpenter, 69 McHenry 
Doxen Wm. plasterer, North av nr Charles 
Dojle A. C. clerk, 74 McCuUoh 
Doyle Andrew J. grocery, 59 Pearl, dw 189 

Doyle Arthur, shipcarpenter, 79 s Castle 
Doyle B. F. stonecutter, Franklin house 
Doyle Cecelia, 212 s Caroline 
Doyle Clarence, clerk, 44 McCulloh 
Doyle Clarence jr. clerk, 44 McCulloh 
Doyle Elizabeth, dry goods, 69 n Schroeder 
Doyle Ellen, dressmaker, 167 e Eager 
Doyle Gerald, fireman, 160 e Madison 
Doyle Henry, laborer, 3 First av 
Doyle Henry, clerk, 44 Mc<"ulloh 
Doyle Hugh, laborer, cor Clinton and Boston 
Doyle Hugh, laborer, 134 s Castle 
Doyle James, laborer, 236 Vine 
Doyle James, (D. & Waters) 103 n Calvert 
Doyle James, blacksmith, 294 s Caroline, dw 

Eden nr Aliceanna 
Doyle James, tinner, 49 Ettiiig 
Doyle James E. blacksmith, 13 Lloyd 
Doyle James H. printer, 189 Saratoga 
Doyle James M. paper carrier, 353 Franklin 
Doyle Mrs. Jane, 45 s Republican 
Doyle John H., Clipper mills 
Do.>le John, brakeman, 33 Ryan 
Doyle John, laborer, 85 s E.\eter 
Doyle John, papercarrier, 124 Lee 
Doyle John, foreman, 121 Conway 
Doyle John, laborer, 18 A bey al 
Doyle John, laborer, 23 Ringgold al 
Doyle John,nailmaker,400 w l'ratt,dw209 Vine 
Doyle John, trackman, Sweet Air 
Doyle Martin, laborer, 10 Curley nr Lancaster 
Doyle Margaret, 120 Stirling 
Doyle Matthew, laborer, 27 Constitution 
Doyle .Michael, laborer, 402 Hanover 
Doyle Michael, carpenter, 337 Mulberry 
Doyle Michael, laborer, Dover nr Monroe 
Do}lc Michael, sawyer, 46 Johnson 
Doyle .Michael, police, 402 Hanover 
Doyle Michael, coachman, 77 e Baltimore 
Doyle Michael H. printer, 34 e Baltimore 
Doyle Morris, engineer, 21 Barre 
Doyle Patrick, laborer, 62 s Oregon 
Doyle Patrick, laborer, Cathedral nr Townsend 
Doyle Patrick, drayman, 172 Stirling 
Doyle Peter, bottler, 181 Barre 
Doyle Peter, bricklayer, 68 Decker 
Doyle Rosanna, 32 Camden 

Doyle Saral B. clerk, Adams Exp. 40] Franklin 

Doyle Mrs. Sarah A. 295 n Gay 

Doyle Thomas, cooper, 62 Philpot 

Doyle Thomas, sawyer, 90 Battery av 

Doyle Thomas, grocery, 78 York 

Doyle Thomas G. bookseller, 295 n Gay 

Dovle Thomas, marble polisher, 124 Harford av 

Doyle Thomas, lab. 7 Cuba 

Doyle T. Harrie, salesman, 207 n Carer 

Doyle Timothy, tin and sheet iron worker, 369 

Canton av 
Doyle & Waters, (James Doyle, John Waters) 

grocery, 103 n Calvert 
Doyle Walter, (Odem & D.) 207 n Carey 
Doyle Wm. (Fauih & D.) 136 Harford av 
Doyle Wm. carter, 42 Park 
Dowie Wm. F. police, 382 s Charles 
Doyle Wm. J. 337 Mulberry 
Doyle Wm. J. jr. bookkeeper, 189 Saratoga 
Doyle Wm. H. carpenter, 337 Mulberry 
Dozier Wm. R. cierk, 56 s Greene 
Drackheser Michael, tailor, 343 n Central av 
Drager Francis, shipsmith, 56 Henrietta 
Drager Henry, carter, 326 s Bond 
Drager Henry, cigar(>acker, 14 n Edea 
Drager Wm. shoemaker, 326 s Bond 
Drake G. H. canmaker. 42 s Broadway 
Drake Edward F. blacksmith, 25 Peiin 
Drake Hiel, blacksmith, 34 Plenrietta 
Drake James F. cigarmaker, 25 Penn 
Drake Wm. blacksmith, cor Penn and and King, 

dw 25 Penn 
Drakeley Geo. (Tilghraan & D.) 272 w Fayette 
Drakelay Hy. W. (D. 4" Fenton) 291 w Fayette 
DRAKELEY & FENTON, (H. W. Drakeley,A. 

Fenton, Joel Hinman) wholes, produce com. 

merchants, 387 w Baltimore 
Drakeley Thos. (Tilghman & D.) 291 w Fayette 
Drarie James, lab. 9 Neighbor 
Drane John F. laborer, 9 Neighbor 
Drane John M. plasterer, 59 n Wolfe 
Drane Jlrs. Margaret, grocery, 9 Neighbor 
Drane Richard, boilermaker, 79 Stirling 
Drane Robert, moulder, 269 Forrest 
Draper (,'hester, wagoner, 178 Dover 
Draper John R. musician, 206 Raborg 
Draper Kate, 6 Josephine 
Draude Andres, cloih cutter, 60 Stiles 
Drauss Andrew, laborer, 71 s Chajiol 
Drayer John M. clerk, Franklin house 
Drayer John W. shoecutter, Franklin house 
Drebert Mrs. Adeline A. 75 St. Paul 
Drebing George, carpenter, 94 Jackson sq av 
Drebiiig Harriet, 13 n Clioptank 
Drebing Wm. A. ( Pasterfield & D. ) 1 3 n Choptank 
Drechler John, plasterer, 40 n Amity 
Diechsel Louis, beer, 301 Penna av 
Drechsler Thos. restaurant, n w cor Low and 

Drecker August, tailor, 223 8 Bond 
Drceman August, printer, 88j vv Baltimore 
Drehman Frederick, varnisher, 15 L. Gougb 
Drelnuau Louis, cigarmaker, 15 L. (lOugh 
Drehman Otto, bookkeeper, 15 L. Gough 
Drehman Wm. cigarmaker, 15 L. Gough 
Dreibel Reiuholdt, laborer, 306 Kastern av 
Dreisch Josej)h, sr. porter, 45 Clay 
Dreisch Joseph .M. clerk, 88j Mulberry 
Dreisch Mary E. fancy goods, 88j Mulberry 
Drench George, shoemaker, 30 w Pratt 
Drender Valentine, laborer, 259 s Paca 
Dreuuer Franklin, carpenter, Oalverton rd 

Mutual Life Insurance Co. of New York, 




Drenner Jeremiah carpenter, Calverton rd 
Drenuer William, carpenter, 74 Cross ext 
Dresel Ferdinand, (W. D. & Co.) 110 Park 
DRESEL W. & CO. ( W. and F. Dresel) tobacco 

and com. mercliants, 37 s Gay 
Dresel Werner, (W. D. & Co.) consul for Ger- 
man Empire, 37 s Gay, dw 110 Park 
Dresher Peter, shoetnaker, 16 Willow 
Dress Alex, laborer, 8 Shakspear 
Dresse Andrew, carpenter, 214 e Chase 
Dressel Adam, blindmaker, 532 n Gay 
Dressel Anna, confectionery, 122 Thames 
Dressel Mrs. Catherine, 289 e Monument 
Dressel Chiirles, currier, 122 Thames 
Dressel Christopher, tailor, 119 Vine 
Dressel Conrad, weaver, 50 n Spring 
Dressel Conrad, laborer, 13 Henry 
Dressel Ferd. shoemaker, 51 Albemarle 
Dressel George, beer, 112 Druid Hill av 
Dressel Henry, roofing and spouting, 289 e 

Dressel Henry, teacher, HoUins nr Garrison la 
Dressel John G. laborer, 110 Somerset 
Dressel John G. laborer, 72 Somerset 
Dressel John J. b;ikery, 141 e Pratt 
Dressel Joseph, tailor, 4 Anthony 
Dressel Leonard, blindmaker, 532 n Gay 
Dressel Mrs. Margaret, tailoress, 50 n Spring 
Dressel Martin, brewer. Eastern av ext 
Dresse! Martin, baker, 107 n High 
Dreves Francis, cigar store, 145 w Fayette 
Drew Amanda L. 160 w Madison 
Drew Frederick, 160 w Madison 
Drexc! August, tobacconist, 59 n Gay 
Drexel Francis F. (Adams, D. & Co.) 929 w 

Drexel H. C. 296 n Howard 
Drexel John, laborer, 23 Smith 
Drexel Moritz, beer, 102 n Gay 
Drexler Ferdinand, laborer, 231 n Bond 
Drexler Fred'k, butcher, Point la nr Harford av 
Drexler Fred'k, tailor, 138 s Washington 
Drey Abiaham, (L. Lauer & Co.) 64 Conwaj' 
Drey Elkan, (L. Lauer k (Jo.) 64 Conway 
Dreyer Charles M. cigarmaker, 44 Frederick av 
Dreyer Ernest, fresco painter, 246 w Fayette 
Dreyer Henry, carpenter, 49 McHeury 
Dreyer John F. ( Louis Grube & Co.) 49 McHenry 
Dreyer William A. shoes, 168 s Broadway 
DriehsleB^John, laborer, 165 e Lombard 
Drier Abraham, rags, 70 Harrison 
Drieszeganker Frederick, laborer, Bentalou nr 

Frederick av 
DRILL JAMKS M. gea'l freight agent N. C. R. 

168 n Calvert, dw 236 Park av 
Drischman George, carver, 547 w Pratt 
Driscoll Mrs. Caroline E. teacher, 42 n Poppleton 
Driscoll Cornelius, laborer, 7 Cuba 
Driscoll Daniel, shoemaker, 132 Penna av 
Driscoll Dennis, laborer, 650 w Pratt 
Driscoll Dennis, stonemason, 82 n Holliday 
Driscoll James, stevedore, 137 Duncan al 
Driscoll James jr. laborer, 137 Duncan al 
Driscoll John, beer, 25 s Republican 
Driscoll Richard J. tailor, 58 s Howard 
Driscoll Timothy, 169 n Exeter 
Driscoll Timothy, stonemason, 122 Franklin 
Driscoll William, cabinetmkr. 58 s Howard 
Driver Alex, cardriver, 144 s Chapel 
Driver Charles, laborer, Hampden 
Driver Charles F. painter, 389 s Eutaw 
Driver John T. brickmaker, 383 s Eutaw 

Driver Josiah, laborer, 383 s Eutaw 
Driver Josephine, 144 s Chapel 
Drohan David, police, Gilmor nr Patterson av 
Drohan Thomas, clerk, 16 Division 
Droni-y Martin, tailor, 109 York 
Droscher Adolph,(J. P. Lubs & Co.)51 n Greene 
Drost Chas. elk, Charles-st and Huntingdon avs 
Drost John, merchant, Starr hotel 
Drost Louis, bookkeeper, 105 Hanover 
Drost Michael, shoemaker, 371 Orleans 
Droste Louis, bookkeejier, 105 Hanover 
Droste William H. sergeant police, 78 Hill 
Drought Carrie A. teacher, 138 Montgomery 
Drought Francis, carpenter, 138 Montgomery 
Drought George, wheelwright, 123 Elliott 
Drub Louis, tinner, cor Broadway and Chew 
Druchel Philip, laborer, 111 Orleans 
Drucscher Jacob, jiaper box maker, 100 Orleans 
Druckerniueller John, tailor, 15 n Eden 
Drugari Hugh, 71 Hollins 

Druid Cotton Mills, Druidville, N.C. R., Gam- 
brill, Sons & Co. proprietors 
Druid Hall, 25 w Fayette 

Druid Hill Assembly' Rooms, 126 Druid Hill av 
Druid Hill Av Stables, n e cor Etting and Dolphin 
Druid Hill Park, Madison av ext 
Drumgoole Patrick H. carpenter, 133 n Spring 
Drummarder Christian, laborer, 25 Rock 
Drummond Baltimore, clerk, 52 n Calvert 
Drumraond David, 162 s Charles 
Drummond Mrs. Joanna B. 52 n Calvert 
Drummond Mrs. Mary, seamstress, 27 n Bond 
Drummond Waverley G. clerk, 344 w Fayette 
Drummond William, laborer, 52 n Calvert 
Drummond Wm.D. S. clerk, Choptank nr Pratt 
Drury B. F. clerk. Brown's hotel 
Drury Charles B. salesman, 48 Conway 
Drury Edward T. clerk. Brown's hotel 
Drury Frederick, mariner, 37 s Choptank 
Drury John A. stonecutter, 37 s Choptank 
Drury Samuel C. watchman, 15 s Fremont 
Drury Thomas, laborer, Vincent al nr Ramsay 
Drury William, rigger, 37 s Choptank 
Diury William, carpenter, 37 s Choptank 
Drury William A. mariner, 155 Battery av 
Drusche Henry, lab. 54 Centre Market sp 
Dryden C. 0. clerk, 219 Saratoga 
Dryden Mrs. E. A. 408 n Carey 
Dryden James, blacksmith, 276' n Regester 
Dryden J. Meredith, (Chase, Stewart & Co.) 157 

n Charles 
Dryden Joshua, 67 n Liberty 
Dryden Joshua R. 254 w Hoffman 
Dryden Robert H. shoemkr, 253 n Central av 
Dryden Robert W. 167 n Charles 
Dryden Samuel, bricklayer, 49 Warren 
Dryden Samuel, shoemkr, 397 w Baltimore,dw 

1 83 w Fayette 
Dryden W. Sidney, salesman, 47 s Greene 
Dryden Wm. H. salesman, 342 w Fayette 
Dryer Anton, lab. 259 s Ann 
Dubank Alfred, 294 w Lombard 
DUBARRY J. N. vice prest. and chief engineer 

N. C. R. 168 n Calvert, dw 424 Eutaw pi 
Dubarry W. D. ticket agent Penna R. R. n e 

cor Baltimore and Calvert 
Dubel Capt. Jas. A. com. mercht, 88 Light-st 

whf, dw 155 Barre 
Dubois Edward S. dep'y warden Md. Peniten- 
tiary, 54 5 n Gay 
Dubois Elizabeth C. 307 Madison av 
Dubois E. C. clerk, 298 Madison av 













Assets $60,000,000 Cash Invested. 




■ o 







Dubree Geo. W. silversmith, 220 e Madison 
Dubree John B. clerk, 38 w Biddle 
Dubree John H. carpenter, 38 w Biddle 
Dubreuil Arniand, niarblecutter. 29 Camden 
Diibreuil Madame Armanda, teacher, 29 Camden 
Dubreuil Paul E. clerk, 29 Camden 
Dubs Harry, silver plater, 99 Camden 
Ducatel Mrs. Joanna, boarding;, 145 St. Paul 
Duchaulte Charles G. clerk, 3U9, Aisquilh 
Duck Dr. Charles E. dentist, 147 Saratoga, dw 

37 Mulberry 
Duck Frederick, lab. 49 Essex 
Ducker Geo. E., Maltby house 
Duckett Aug-ustns, boiiennaker, 22 Clement 
Duckett Mrs. E. A. 9 w Biddle 
Duckett Jeremiah, lab. 220 Preston 
Duckett John, oysters, 162 s Fremont 
Duckett Mrs. Mary, provisions, 556 Saratoga 
Duckett Rich'd G. ta.x depart. 191 n Republican 
Duckett Robert L. carter, 556 Saratoga 
Duckett Wm. H. carter, 556 Saratoga 
Ducsh Henry, engineer, 227 n Bond 
Dudee Bernard, clerk, 38 e Fayette 
Diidee John, printer, 38 e Fayette 
Duddy John J. typefounder, 38 e Fayette 
Dudley Mrs. A. E. n e cor Fayette and Gilmor 
Dudley Alonzo, shoemkr, 106 w Fayette 
Dudley Asa P. carp. Friendship, York rd 
Dudley Mrs. Asa P., Friendship, York rd 
Dudley Charles, engineer, 296 s Sharp 
Dudley Christopher, blacksmith, 66 McEIderry 
Dudley Elizabeth, 60 McKlderry 
Dudley Mrs. Hannah, 46 Barre 
Dudley Hiram G. weigher, 3 Wood 
Dudley Mrs. Hester A. boarding, 74 Henrietta 
Dudley James M. stove mounter, 74 Henrietta 
Dudley Jos. iron moulder, 53 McEIderry 
Dudley M. L & Co. (M. L. Dudley, George U. 
Porter) propr's marine observatory. Federal 
Dudley Marcus L. (M. L. D. & Co.) 300 Light 
Dudley Mary, trimmings, 300 Light 
Dudley Milton, 74 Henrietta 
Dudley Thomas, blacksmith, 214 n Front 
Dudley Rev. Thomas U. 20 Read 
Dudley Wm. G. clerk, 46 Barre 
Dudrow Ale.x clerk, 63 n Howard 
Dudrow Charles, conductor, 157 Vine 
Dudrow Charles E. cigarmkr, 238 Chew 
Dudrow Geo. W. lab.''238 Chew 
Dudrow Geo. W. lab. 420 n FMyi 
Dudrow John C. carp. 238 Chew 
Dudrow Mrs. Margaret, 239 Walsh 
Dudrow Robert, engineer, 157 Vine 
Dudrow Thomas C. police, 238 Chew 
Duell John, lab. Bentalou nr Frederick av 
Duer A. Adgate,(J.Duer & Sous) 147 n Charles 
Duer Charles, 113 Jefferson 
Duer Douglas H.{Joha D.& Sons)147 n Charles 

DUER JOHN & SONS, (John Duer, 
A. A. Duel', Douglas H. Duer) 
Hardware aud Slate Mantles, 24 
S. Charles street. 

Duer John, (J. D. & Sons) 147 n Charles 

Duer Mrs. Matilda, 301 Hollius 

Duering (christian, 75 Raborg 

Duering Geo. bricklayer, 182 Walsh 

Duering Julius, cooper, C.'istle and Pleasant al 

Duescb Joseph, 23 Wacsche 


Duerselen Hugo II. clerk, cor Lee and Sharp 

Duff Andrew huckster. 240 u Caroline 

Duff Mrs. Antiie, 66 n Eden 

Duff Charles W. clerk, 82 Knsor 

Duff Henry, police, 1 n Caroline 

Duff Henry, police, 92 McKlderry 

Duff Henry C. clerk, 351 e Baltimore 

Duff James, agent, 115 s Broadway 

Duff' James, machinist, 18 Warren 

Duff' James, stevedore, 82 Ensor 

Duff John J. printer, 82 Ensor 

Duff John, clerk, 91 n Calvert 

Duff John VV. 323 e Pratt 

DUFF J. LUTHER, lamps, oils aud glassware. 

49 Pearl, dw 185 n Ore-on 
DUFF KENNEDY, pres't Franklin Telegraph 

Company. 21 South, dw 66 Chew 
Duff Patiick, driver, 437 Hamburg 
Duff Wm. E. attorney, 115 s Broadway 
Dutfev Mrs. Catherine, confect'y, 98 s Eutaw 
Duft'ey Daniel, clerk, 98 s Eutaw 
Dufl'ey Patrick, laborer, 29 s Stockton al 
Duffey Mrs. Mary, lauud. 45 e Monument 
DufBn Michael, tailor, 233 e B.aliimore 
Dutiield, S. B., Merchants hotel 
Duffy Mrs. Bridget, grocery, 194 Preston 
DuffV Mrs. Catherine, t^luress, 55 Buren 
Duffy Bridget, groc'y, Maccubbin and Regester 
DuliV Mrs. Ellen, 77 Hillen 
Duffy Edwd. attorney, 15 St. Paul, dw Town- 
send nr John 
Duffy Frank, coachmiui. 111 Hollins 
Dully James, clerk. United States hotel 
Duffy J'^s. groc'y, flour aud feed, HI and 113 

Cathedral, dw 172 
Duffy John, mariner, 14 s Castle 
Duffy John, constable, 14 Neighbor 
Duffy John, blacksmith, 32 Neighbor 
Dutt'y Mary, laund. 116 u Schroeder 
Duffy Mrs. Mary, laund. 11 Humes 
Duffy Mrs Mary, grocery, 137 s Fremont 
Duffy Mrs. Mary, 3 Littel al 
Duffy Mrs. Mary J. 62 Union 
Duffy .Mrs. Matiie, 116 n Schroeder 
DUFFY M. &C0. (M. Duffy) grocery and feed, 

164 Cathedral 
Duffy Michael, (M. Duffy & Co.) 67 Cathedral 
Duffy ().T.printer,cor Maccubbin and Regester 
Duffy Peter, laborer, 214 (Jhew 
Duffy Peter, laborer, 37 Centre Market sp 
Duffy Peter, laborer, 159 s Chester 
Duffy Tlios. plumber, 62 Union 
Duffy Tlios. brakeman, 3IJ Scott 
Duify \Vm. laborer, 127 Albemarle 
DUFUR & CU.{G. J. Dufur) wire workers, 36 

n Howard 
Dufur Geo. J. (D. & Co.) 201 n Republican 
Dufur Orlando jr. railingmaker, 14 Myrtle av 
Dufur Orlando sr. railingmaker, 69 Columbiay 
Dufur Wm. II. cigarmaker, 69 Columbia / 
UGAN k BIGGER (H. Dugan, R. H. Bigger) 
attorneys. 8i St. Paul 
Dugai) Catherme, 146 Saratoga 
railrd. and machinists' supplies,26 s Charles 
Dugan Cuml)erland,(C.l>.&Co.) York rd 
Dugau Daniel, laborer, 31 Foster al 
Dugan .Mrs. Emily, 134 Cathedral 
Dugan Hammond, (D.&Bigger) Baltimore co 
Dugan Henry, laborer, Lauvale la nr North av 
Dugan J.O.dry goods,Gay&High,dw 36 a Front 
Dugan James, merchant, 311 n Broadway 


Mutual Life Insurance Co. of New York, 




Dti'j;iin John jr. laborer, 93 Harford mv 
DuiZiin John, hil)orer, 93 Harford av 
Du^;au John, slippermaker, 42 Orli-ans 
Dngan John jr. laborer, 121 Dover 
Dugan Michael, laborer, 18 Liberty al 
Diigati Michael, laborer, 56 n Dallas 
Dngan Michael, laborer, 93 Harford av 
Diigan Pierre C. real estate and money broker, 

43 Lexington, dw 85 Calhedral 
Dugas Mrs. Margaret, 398 Franklin 
Dugdale Geo. cj- Co. (George and Wm Dng- 

dale/ wholes, fertilicers, 44 s Frederick 
Dugdale Geo. (G. D. & Co.) Baltiiuoie co 
Dngdale Wra. (Geo D. &i Co.) 278 Lexington 
Dugdale Wni., Mount iir Le.xinirton 
Dugeiit Franci-s jr. carpenter. 3u4 Harford av 
Duggan Rev. F. P., Hampden 
Duggau James, laborer, 51 iScott 
Duggan Timothy, carpenter, 51 Scott 
Duggon Michael, laborer, 14 Low 
Duggon Patrick, laborei', 14 Low 
Duburst Chas.I].apothy,27 w Prait.dw 1 n Front 
Duhursi Mrs. E. boarding, lOn n P.ica 
Duhurst F. G. clerk, 101 s Poppleton 
Dnhuist Henry, clerk, 1 n Front 
Duhurst Henry P. pres't Firemen's Ins. Co. 1 

n Front 
Duhurst Wm. cooper, 191 Constitution 
DUKK A. W. pharmacist, 154 Harford av 
Duke Frank M. clerk, 119 n Schroeder 
Duke F. M. jr. clerk, 119 n Schroeder 
Duke James B. restaurant, 175 North 
Duke Dr. Jas. J. clerk, 320 n Caroline 
Duke James S. barkeeper, 150 n Front 
Duke Joseph W. clerk, 154 Hartbrd av 
Dukehart Adam, huckster, 231 Aliceanna 
Dukehart K. W. & Son, ( F.W. and G. Dukehart) 

snutf manufs. 29 s Calvert, mills 3 Perry 
Dukehart Edw'dVV .( E.W.D.&Sun )l(i4Hanover 
Dukehart Fedor, photographer, 357 w Baltimore 
Dukehart George, cardriver, 22 n Strieker 
Dukehart George, liaker. 94 Albemarle 
Dukehart Graham. ( E.W.D.^Son) I G4 Hanover 
Dukehart John, clerk, 57 Lee 
Dukeh:irt John, ins. broker, 50 n Gilmor 
Dukehart Cape. John M. mariner. 85 n Greene 
Dukeliart Capt. John P.conduc'r,513 w p'ayette 
Dukehart J. <.fc Co. (J. Dukehart )fishing tackle, 

twine, 130 w Baltimore 
Dukehart Jos. (J. D. & Co.) 201 Aisquith 
Dukehart Mrs. Ottelia, 357 w Baltiniure 
Dukehart Robert W . hosemaker, 3 Cheapside, 

dw 439 w Fayette 
Dukehart Samuel L. provisions, 183 Townsend 
Dukehart Samuel T. clerk, 83 n Hii;h 
Dukehart Thos. M. 21 McElderry 
Dukehart Thos. M. brewer, HoUiday nr Centre, 

dw 205 Townsend 
Dukehart Mrs. William, 83 n High 
Dukehart Wm. B. hosemaker, 439 w Fayette 


I.ate of D. Wilson & Co. 


Liiinlier Tail. Planing & Flooring Mills, 

Manufacturers of 


itesaiiv^ing to Oi'der. 

OFFICE, N. E. cor. Presideijt SL & Canton Av. 
TAED, President St: Canton Av. & Albemarle St. 

Diiker Henrv, (Otto D. & Bro.) 55 Albemarle 
DUKKR OTTO & BRO. (Otto and H. Duker) 
boxmakers and steam sawyers, n e cor Can- 
ton av and President 
Duker Otto, (Otto Duker & Bro.) 79 s High 
Duker Mrs. Rosa, .55 Albemarle 
Dukes T.Reyner, (Gould, D.&Co.) 73 Cnurtland 
Dukes James, painter. 72 n Chester 
Dukes James T. lab. Lower Canton 
Dulake .Mrs. Martha, 166 e Madison 
DulaneyAddie,(O.C Lamkin&Co.)298nHoward 
Dulaney Chas. B. machinist, 83 McHenry 
Dulaney Francis I. carpenter, 298 n Howard 
Dulaney G. F. 298 n Howard 
Dulaney Henrv S. bookkeeper, 298 n Howard 
Dulaney Dr Jas. H. dentist, 298 n Howard- 
Dulaney Jas. laborer, 175 Burgundy al 
Dulaney James T. tailor, 397 Lexington 
Dulaney Wm. huckster, 7 Sterrett 
Dulaiiev Wm. laborer, 151 Raborg 
Dulaney Wm B. canmaker, 7 Sterrett 
Dulaiiy .Mrs. Elizabeth, 217 Battery av 
Dulany J. M. 2-13 n Carey 
Dulany If. Rozier, attorney and com'r of deeds 

40 St. Paul, dw 187 n Charles 
Dulany James F. e.xpressman, 379 vv Fayette 
Dulany John, gilder 154 Pearl 
Dnlanv Marv, 97 Division 
Dulany Mrs! Olivia, 187 n Charles 
Dulany Phili]!, fisherman, 259 Battery av 
Dulanv Randolph R. canmaker, 217 Battery av 
Dulany Jlrs. Rachel A. 379 w Fayette 
DulanV Mrs. Sarah, 95 Division 
Dulany Walter, (H. W. Rogers & Co.) 187 u 

Dulany Wra. mariner, 43 n Gilmor 
Dulanv V'rs. Wm. 43 n Gilmor 
DULANY WM. J. C. (W. J. C. D. & Co.) 93 

DULANY WM. J. C. & CO. (Wm. J. C. Du- 
lany) jiublishers, booksellers snd stationers, 
332 w Baltimore 
Duley John C. moulder, 537 w Lombard 
Duley Mrs. Mary, dressmaker, 31 e Fayette 
Duley Nathan, blackstnith, rear 269 Orleans 
Dulin J.-imes, shoemaker, 535 e Fayette 
Dulin John H. shoemaker, 535 e Fayette 
Duliu Oscar E. carpr, 535 i- Fayette 
Duling Ann, seamstress, 330 Hanover 
Duling Jolm, engineer, 77 s Ann 
Dulinj John F. ciitarmaker, 77 s Ann 
Dulinorer Frederick, laborer, 114 s Spring 
Dull George, sergt. police, lo9 West 
Dull James J. ( D. & Wilev) John nr Valley 
Dull Michael, police, 125 W^est 
Dull cj- Wiley, (J. J. Dull, Wm. M. Wiley)n.R. 

contractors. John nr Valley 
Dunias Eliza A. seamstress, 20 Granby 
Dumax Benj. L. carpenter, 108 n Schroeder 
Dumax Elizabeth 0. seamstress, 158 Pear! 
Dumax Mary E. dressmaker. 148 n Pine 
Dumax Mary E. dressmaker, 158 Pearl 
Dumax Martha V. milliner. 108 n Schroeder 
l)ui\iax Sarah, tailoress, 158 Pearl 
Duniber Philip, raus, 27 s Washington 
Dumbolton Frank A. clerk, n w cor Charles and 

Duniler Barbara, seamstress, 27 s Washington 
Dumler Conrad, rags, 27 s Washington 
Dumler Geo. shoemaker, 253 e EMcrer 
Dutuler John F. collarmaker, 40 Pearl 
Dumler Joseph, currier, 326 Aisquith 


O. F. Bresee, General Agent, 15 South St. 





















Dumler Matthias, cooper. 60 n Schroeder 

Diiinling Nicholas, hib. 23 Perry 

Dum])ert Bankriitz, brewer, Belair av 

Dun R. G. (R. G. 1>. & Co.) New York 

DUN R. G. & CO. (R. G. Dim, \V.n. G Sc;ir- 

lett) njercantile agency, OTer a e cor Baltimore 

and Charles 
Diimilme Elizalieth E. dressmaker, ,'j4 n Paca 
DUNAN WINFIELD S. sec'v Navassa Guano 

Co. 271 Druid Hill av 
Dunan S. H. auditor I5.&O.R.R.124 McCuUob 
Dunbar Ann, 6t3 \v Centre 
Dnnbar Capt. Henry F. mariner, 17 Sterrett 
Dunbar Louisa, 66 w Centre 
Dunbar Marv, 68 w Centre 
Dunbar R. H. 100 n Paca 
Dunbar "Win. W. storekeeper export bonded 

warehouse, 66 w Centre 
Dunbracco .Mrs. M.M. dressmaker, 14 w Baltimore 
Dunbracco Wm. T. clerk, 14 w Balljmore 
Duncan .Adam, produce, 340 n Eutaw 
Duncan Ale.xander, asst. surveyor, 1st tollgate 

Frederick rd 
Duncan Mrs. Ann M. dressmaker, 246 w Pratt 
Duncan Cornelia, IfiG e Lombard 
Duncan David, wei.t;ber, C. H. 85 n Calvert 
Duncan Emily, 87 Cathedral 
Duncan Geo, 340 n Kutaw 
Duncan Geo. W. brusbinkr, 268 Light 
Duncan Harrison W. provisions, 262 Walsb 
Duncan Isaac A. engineer, 48 Stiles 
Duncan James, grocery, 289 Saratosra 
Duncan James B. tailor, 38 n Holliday 
Duncan .lames S. machinist, 156 e Lombard 
Duncan John, blacksmith, 6 Ramsay 
Duncan John F. speculator, 148 s Bond 
Duncan John G. clerk, Cdverton hotel 
Duncan John .1. bricklayer, 521 Le.Nins^ton 
Duncan Jos. W. (D., Rhein & Conaway) 144 

Duncan .Mrs. Julian, 498 Franklin 
Duncan Kate, teacher, 498 Franklin 
Duncan Mrs. Mary, 18 Warner 
Duncan, Rhein & Conaway, (J. W. Duncan, 

John Rliein. C. Conaway )carriage factory, 

n e cor Fnderick and Second 
Duncan Richard M. real estate broker. St. Paul 

nr Lexington, dw 87 Catnedral 
Duncan .Mi>s S. C. dressmaker, 246 w Pratt 
Duncan Thomas M. engineer, 142 Holliiis 
Duncan Wm. 156 e Lombard 
Duncan Wm. l)rass finisher, 252 s Charles 
Duiu-an Wm. C. 340 n Eutaw 
Duncan Wni. J. mariner, 140 s Bond 
Duncan Wm. P. moulder, 195 Walsh 
Duncan Wm. P.S. clerk, 246 w Pratt 
Duncan Wilson B. mariner. 149 s Bond 
Duiidon .lames jr. laijorer, 55 Portland 
Dundun .lames, drayn)an, 55 i'orlland 
Dundon James R. turner, 55 Portland 
Dundon .Michael, tobacconist, 207 Light 
Dundon Wm. cooper, 20 Ht. Peier 
Dundore Harry, driver, 286 Canton ar 
Duudore .Mrs. Lavinia, saleswoman, 132^ n Gay 
Dungan .A ..S., agent (J.&.M.R.R.149 w Baltimore 
Dungan & (Jo. (!>. Dungan) fish and commis- 
sion merchants, 79 South 
Dungan James, (Seymour & D.)101 e Baltimore 
Dungan Lonis (D. & Co.) 274 e Baltimore 
Dungan .Mrs. L. \i. trimmings, 59 e Baltimore 
Dungan.Martin.marbicculti'r, .McKini nr.Madison 
Dungan .Mrs. Ruth, 267 Saratoga 

Dungan Stevenson, clerk, 274 e Baltimore 

Dungan Stevenson, clerk, 12 HoUins 

Dungan Theodore, produce and com. mercbt. 

47 w Pratt, dw 267 Saratoga 
Dunham Rev. Francis B. 23 .s Calhoun 
Dunham Samuel E, clerk, 23 a Calhoun 
Dunham Mrs. Sarah J. 66 n Calvert 
Dunigan Barney, labrrer, s end of Clinton 
Dunigan Jas C. A. shipjoineT, 135 Bank 
DuniganMrs Sarah E. huck3tress,23lLe.x;ington 
Dunigan Wm. 191 Bank 
Dunker Harry, clerk, 243 s Charles 
Dunkeily Geo. W. machinist, 14 Parrish 
Dunkerly Je.'^se, machinist, 93 s Popjdeton 
Dunkeil\" Joseph, machinist, 81 s Mount 
Dunkerly Richard P. 692 w P"ratt 
Dunkerly Richard, shoemaker, 692 w Pratt 
Dunkerly Wm. B. laborer, 692 w Pratt 
Dunkers Frank, n e cor Burke and Aliceanna 

DUNLAP A. H. Wholesale and Re- 
tail Grocer, cor Howard and Lex- 
ington Sts. dw 244: Saratoga. 

DUNLAP C. LEWIS, Wholesale 
and Ketail Dealer in Flour, Teas, 
Wines, Groceries, &c., 13 w Balti- 
more St. dw 3 n Front. 

Dunlap Ch;is. baggage master B. i^' C^. R. R.dw 

1 26 w Fayette 
Dunlap Charles, 249 Saratoga 
Dunlap E. A. 29 s Sharp 
DuLilap Eliza J. teacher, 96 n Central av 
Dunlap John, boilermaker, 49 s Stockton al 
Dunlap John, shocmakt-r, 239 .Montgomery 
Dunlap Maggie, music teacher, 96 ii Central av 
Dunlap Margaret, grocery, 49 s Stockton al 
Dunlap Mary, teacher, 96 n Central av 
Dunlap Thos. H. conductor. 182 3 Eutaw 
Dunlap Wm. book agent, 96 n Central av 
Dunlap Wm. jr. bookkeeper, 96 n Central av 
Dunlevy .Andrew F. clerk, 324 n Entaw 
Dunlevy John, laborer, 9 Fish Market sp 
Dunlevy .Michael, shoemaker, 165 Peirce 
Dunlevy Thomas C. 324 n Eutaw 
Dunlop Andrew, tailor. 126 n Schroeder 
Dunlop Joo. 0. (Rogers & D.) 29 n Calvert 
Dunn Andrew, harnessmaker, 716 w Pratt, dw 

29 s Cai'cy 
Dunn Andrew, tailor, 126 n Schroeder 
Dunu Mrs. .Ann, 83 s Greene 
Dunn Bernard, laborer, .Monroe nr Wilkens av 
Dunn Bernard, laborer, lol n Front 
Dunn Chas. carp. 73 Hargrove al,dw76Park av 
Dunn Chas. T. clerk, 245 Walsh 
Dtiiin ('hristopher, caninaker, 162 German 
Dunn Christopher C. trunkuiaker, 16 Stiles 
Dunn Curistopher C. laborer, 41 Abbot 
Dunn Daniel, 104 Preston 
Dunn Daniel H. bookkeeper, 245 Walsh 
Dunn F.dward, lal)orer, 11 Grove al 
Dunn Edward, currier, 10 Foundry 
Dunn F.dw.ird T. paymasterU.S.N.234nCalvert 
Dunn Eliza, laundress, 84 Centre Market sp 
Dunn .Mrs. Ellen, 163 s Chester 
Dunn .Mrs. Frances, 192 Vine 
Dunn Mis. Frances, 534 w Pratt 
Dunn George, laijorer, 37 Raborg 
Dunn Gel)rge, laborer. 30 Haw 

Mutnal Life Insurance Co. of New York, 




Dunn Geo. W. huckster, 38 Warren 

Dunn Geo. W. dispatcher, 83 s Greene 

Dunn Jacob, ci^'armaker, 143 Burgundy al 

Dunn James F. clerk, 126 u Sclu'oeder 

Dunn Jiunes, moulder, 344 w Lombard 

Dunn James R. carpenter, 498 Fraaklia 

Dunn John, engineer, 88 Russell 

Dunn John, engineer, 90 Albemarle 

Dunn John, driver, 288 Harford av 

Dunn John, cattle, 29 s Carey 

Dunn Joiin, shoem<»ker, 10 Booth 

Dunu Jolin, driver, 14 Fish Market sp 

Dunn John, laborer, 126 R.misay 

Dunn John J. clerk, 20 Siiles 

Dann John C. stove moulder, 3 Scott 

Dunn Joseph, laborer, 2 Tru.\ton 

Dunn Joseph, grocery, 87 Chesnut 

Dunn Joseph, huckster, 524 n Gay 

Dunn Joseph, huckster, 81 York 

Dunn Junius H. bookkeeper, 49 St. Paul 

Dunn Keen, of C. H. 54 s Oregon 

Dunn Marshall, engineer, 109 Dolphia 

Dunn iVIartiii, shoemaker, 2oO Raborg 

Dunu Jlrs. Mary, 14 Fish Market sp 

Dunn Mrs. Mary, 54 s Oregon 

Dunu Michael, hack stables, 156 n Calvert 

Dunn .Michael, furu. wagon, 14 n Oregon 

DUNxV P. A. 4- CO. (P. A. Dunn, H.G.Tysou) 

com. merchants. 38 w Lombard 
Dunu Patrick, laborer, 30 Addison 
Dunn Paul, laborer, Tiu.xton and Grove al 
Dunn Peter, iron worker, G3 Luzerne 
Dunn Peter, tailor, 101 n Front 
Dufin Peyton A. (P. A. D. & Co.) 14 n Eutaw 
Dunu R. A. salesman, 83 s Greene 
Dunn Richard, rigger, 20 Stiles 
Dunn Richard, drayman, 43 s Dfwberry al 
Dunn Richard A. mariner, 163 s Chester 
Dunu Robert, laborer, 200 Montgomery 
Dunn Robert H. baggage master, 83 s Greene 
Dunn Samuel T. butcher, 18 Hill 
Dunn 7-'uomas, laborer, 66 n Dallas 
Dunn Thomas, laborer, Lemmon nr Payson 
Dunn Thomas, laborer, 13 Ringgold al 
Dunn Thomas, cattle. 29 s Carey 
Dunn Walter F. wagoner, 83 s Caroline 
Dunn Wm. carter, 56 a Washington 
Dunn Wm. A. carpenter, 498 Franklin 
Dunn Wm. A. telegraphist, 122 n Oregott 
Dunu Wm. C. conductor, 36 w Biddle 
Dunn Wm. K. mariner, 10 L. Gough 
Duniiavanl Thos. J. canmaker, 272 Lee 
DUNNETT WM. plumber, 171 n Eutaw, dw 

Strieker nr Patterson av 
Duunigaa James, shipcarp. 100 s Washington 
Dunuigan Thos. laborer, 65 Elliott Thus, shipcarp. 100 s Washington 
Dunning Mrs. H. 269 w Lombard 
DUNNINGTON WM. A. plaster mill, lower end 

Hughes nr the Basin, dw 45 McCuliok 
Dun nock Mrs. E. P. 56 Barre 
Dunphy Mrs. Fanny, 1 Wills 
Dunphy John, hostler, 1 Wills 
Dunphj Wm. driver, I Wills 
Dunprof Saml. lab. 84 n Chapel 
Duuster Henry, shoemaker, 31 s Carey 
Dunton Joseph, cand.v maker, 39 Pearl 
Duntou Mrs. Maria. 39 Pearl 
Dunton Hobt. laborer, 39 Pearl 
Duphorn Frank B. agent sewing machine, 

Mansion house 
Duran James, butter. Brown's hotel 

DURAND HENRY A. asst. supt. Pullman 

Palace Car Co. office 119 Camden, dw cor 

Edmondson av and Carey 
Durand John H. & Son, (J. H. and T. W. Du- 

rand) rope mannfs. 132 w Pratt 
Durand John H. (J. H. D. & Son) 265 e Biddle 
Durand Thos. W. (Juo.H.D.<fe Sou)250 eBiddle 
Durborow Alfred, clerk, 359 Lexingtou 
Durborow Hammond, 359 Lexington 
DURBOROW JOHN C. gen'l agt. for the Kir- 

by reapers and mowers, 64 s Sharp, dw 312 

iiadison av 
Duiding Anna D. confec'y, 4 Rechabite hall 
Durding John K. clerk, 46vS Light 
Durding John T. grocer and comm'r for open- 
ins streets, 464 Light, dw 468 
Duiditig Mrs. M. E. notions, Washingtoa nr 

Durfey Wm. E. painter, 124 Saratoga 
Durham Albeii, fur. wagoner, 236 Eastern av 
IJui ham Ale.'C. laborer, 236 Eastern av 
Durham Alex. H. oyster packer, Madeira al nr 

Pratt , 

Durham Ann, upholstress, 147 Preston 
Durham Mrs. Catharine, 490 w Baltimore 
Durham Charles, brickmaker, 34 Gittings 
Durham Columbus, laborer, Madison av and 

North av 
Durham Corbin, cigarmaker, 147 Preston 
Durham Geo. laborer, Hani{)den 
Durham James, lab. 143 s Chester 
Durham James M. lielper, 133 Hudson 
Durliam John M. miller, Loudon av nr MiHing- 

tun !a 
Diirhani John (D. &Sohl) 490 w Baltimore 
Durban John W. engineer, 94 Hamburg 
Durham Mrs. Mary J. 327 n Eutaw 
Durham Mrs. Rhoda, grocery, 85 s Greene 
Durham Samuel, painter, 94 Hamburg 
Durham & Sohl, (John Durham, Henry S. 

Sohl) hosiery, gloves, &c., 490 w Baltimore 
Durham Steward, laborer, 193 Hudson 
Durham Walter, clerk, 327 n Eutaw 
Durham Wesley, chair painter, 94 Hamburg 
Durham Wm. 94 Hamburg 
Durham Wm. laborer, 8 Windsor 
Durham Wm. lab. 39 Gittings 
Durigan Ernst, turner, 1 Spring ct 
Durigan Richard, wood turner, 1 Spring ct 
Durkee Hi-nry H. police, 315 e Monument 
Durken Wm. brickmaker, rear 411 Light 
Durkin Mrs. Ann, 80 s Castle 
Durkin James, brickmaker, 588 Light 
Durkin James, laborer, 72 Durst al 
Durkin John, laborer, 78 s Cho{)tank 
Durkin John, laborer, 72 Durst a! 
Durkin Patrick, laborer, 78 s Cho|itank 
Durkin Piitrick jr. laboier, 78 s Choptank 
Duikin Wm, laborer, 78 s Choptank 
Durlau Christ, tailor, 148 s Ciroline 
Durm Jacob, grocery, William and Fort av 
Duruell Mrs. Ann, millinery, 137 Saratoga 
Durney J. T. 594 w Pratt 
Durney Mrs. M. A. 594 w Pratt 
Duraey John, laborer, 214 Columbia 
Durney Michael, lab. 214 Columbia 
Durning Mary, grocery, 137 n Central av 
Durocher Augustus H. 10 Waverley terrace 
Durr Charles L. painter, Homestead 
Durr Cunrad, porter, 20 Russell 
Duist George A. salesman, 49 Lee 
Durst J. lab. Tobacco warehouse No. 3 


• rH 








Assets $60,000,000 Cash Invested 





Durst James R. bricklayer, 30" Light 

Durst James G. bricknikr. 49 Lee 

Durst John U. uuiniif. cotton wadding, Li;;ht 

nr Fort ,iv, d\v 3(i7 Li-rht 
Duryea Peter, lab. 27 Block 
Duseng Christina, coiifec'v, 32 s Bond 
Dnseng Franz, carpenter, 212 s Bond 
Dush Jolin, lab. 130 s Dallas 
Dushaue (\)rnelius, 5.^ s Sharp 
Dnshnne Mrs Elizabeth. 345 w Fayette 
Dushane Mrs. E. J. laces, 96 Le.xington 
Diishane Mrs H. A. 8 Cathedral 
Dushane James A. laces and fancy goods, 9C 

DUSHANE JOHN T.apothecaiy,5.59 w Favette Mrs. N. T. 59 n Paca 
DUSHANE JOHN A. paper, 40 s Charles, dw 

Baltimore co 
Dushane Valentine, bookkpr, 396 Druid Hill av 
Dushane Walter, clerk, 345 w Fayette 
Dusien Frank, engineer, 110 s High 
Dutousch Bernard, tailor, 76 Mulhei'ry 
Dutousch Frank, tailor, 76 MuMierry 
Dutousch Nicholas, tailoi-, 76 .Mulberry 
Dutrow Fredk. W lime inspector. 607 Belairav 
Dutrow John P. blacksmith, 234 Hollins 
Dutrow John, niilk, 12 Washington av 
Du'row J. .\Ianro. clerk, 540 w Frt\ette 
DUTTON & DUWNLNG, (N. J. Dutton, R. J. 
Downing) wholes, tobacco and cigars, 169 
w Pratt 
Dutton Geo. H. (John T. Mitchell & Co.) 596 

Dutton John, lime insjiector, 1 s Exeter 
Dutton John Pt. lime insi)i'Ctor, 163 Jefferson 
Dutton Joseph, candy ni-iker, 39 Pearl 
Dutton Lavinia, 1 s Exeter 
Dutton Mis. Mary A. 325 6 Pratt 
Dutton Capt. Nathan P. mariner. 17 n Broadway 
Dutton Nolly J. (D. k Downing) 50s Sharp 
Dutton Thomas H. 325 e Pratt 
DU VAL E. B., ( D.) ngt. Penn Mu- 
tual In.s. Co. 63 Second, dw 57 n Republican 
Du Val Gabriel, clerk, 55 Franklin 
Duval Algernon S. salesman, Jolm nr Townsend 
Duval James E. clerk, .lohn nr Townsend 
Duval L. Kemj), clerk, Jojin nr Townsend 
Duvall Adeline, 414 n Callioun 
Duvall Mrs. Ann E. boarding, 28 Franklin 
Duv.ill Btnj. blacksmith, ;;.; s Calhoun 
Duvall Benj. F. l>lacksnjilli, 33 s Calhoun 
Duvall Mrs. C. S. boardini;, 744 w Pratl 
Duvall Mrs. Celestia A. 154 .Mulliki.i 
Dnvall Charles \\'. cleik, 75 n Caroline 
Duvall Chas. mariner, l(j .Johnson 
Duvall (Jims. (Moorln'ad k D.) 181 Franklin 
Dnvall ("has. messen<.'er, 125 Greetimount av 
Duvall Edward, conductor, 414 n Calhoun 
Duvall E. Harry, bookkeeper, 337 w Baltimore 
Diiv.ill Elizal)et"li, 487 w Fayette 
Duvall l'\rdinaiid, clerk, 3 Ciluior 
Duvall Frederick, engineer, 186 Lce 
Duvall (ieo. macliinist, 63 Gaiden 
Duvall Georgie A. teacher. 28 Franklin 
Duvall Geo. W . lab. Greeninounl av ojiposite 

Duvall Geo. W. (Weglein & Co.) 79 n Ilowar:! 
Duvall (ieo. \V. cleik", 222 Druid Hill av 
Duvall Geo. W. shoemaker, 108 llillen 
Duvall Henry L. clerk, 156 w Pratl 
Dnvall Henry, (H i). & Co.) 26 Hollins 
Duvall Henry jr. clerk, 26 Hollins 

DUVALL HENRY & CO. (H. Duvall) com. 

merchts. 68 South 
Duvall Henry C. conductor, 215 Barre 
Duvall James E. clerk, John nr Townsend 
Duvall James K. foreman patternnu\ker, 161 

Duv.dl J.icob S. provisions, 933 w Baltimore 
Duvall Jesse, keeper Mt. Royal reservoir, Mt. 

Vernon mills 
Duvall John H. carpenter, 79 Boyd 
Duvall John II. clerk, 414 n Calhoun 
Duvall John, blacksmith, 432 e Monument 
Dnvall Joseph, (M. A. Hamilton & Co.) 133 n 

Duvall .Mrs. Julia, 217 Jefferson 
Duvall Louis .M. clerk, 75 n Caroline 
Duvall Luther, plowmkr. 317 Greenmounl av 
Duvall .Marshall, plasterer, Mt. Vernon mills 
Duvall Marv, 47 Wyelh 
Duvall Mrs" Mary E. 250 Hollins 
Duvall Nicholas C. wneelwright, 317 Green- 
mount av 
Duvall Philip E. clerk, 250 Hollins 
Duvall Rich.ini, cooper, 87 n Pine 
Duvall Richard T. paperhanger, 87 n Pine 
Duvall Ridgely, bookkeeper, 365 n Charles 
Duvall Mrs. Ruth A. dressnikr. 108 Hillen 
Duvall Samuel W. clerk, 108 Hillen 
Duvall S. Turner, dep. City Register, 26 Hollins 
L)uvi;ll Thomas J. painter, S3 n Ann 
Duvall Thomas J. shoemaker, 75 n Caroline 
Duv.iU Trueman, (N. R. Darby k Co.) Miller's 

Duvall Wallace, lab. 35 Centre Market sp 
Duvall Wm. B. clerk, Waverley 
Duvall Wm. fireman, 51 s Oregon 
Dvven Mrs. S. C. 696 Saratoga 
Dwindle Dr. James E. S e Cor Bro.idway and 

Dwyer Capt. Albert, 503 Saratoga 
Dwyer Daniel, bricklayer, 311 Franklin 
Dwyer John, basketmaker, 97 n Eutaw 
Dw)er John, poller, 26 Constitution 
Dwyer Lycurgiis, caidnetmkr. 258 w Pratt 
Dwyer Alichael, blacksmith, 55 n High, dw 

Rising Sun hotel 
Dwyer Patrick, laborer, 82 ICastern av 
Dwyer Patriik, laborer, 112 Ramsay 
Dwyer Peter, potter, 58 s Republictui 
Dwyer Timothy, laborer, 702 w Pratt 
Dwyer Wilfred, baggage master, 97 n Eutaw 
Dwyer Wm. blacksmith, 37 s I'oiipletou 
Dyer B -nj. Hour and feed, 49 n Paca 
OVerMrs Fanny (J. 49 Cathedral 
DVEII, HILL k'VU. (J. Dyer, Clement D. Hill, 
L. Debarlh Gardiner) general com. mchts. 
49 Light 
DVKR H. P. k CO. [U. P. Dyer, A. Martinez) 

ship and coiii. merrlils. 40 w Pratt 
Dyer H. Pa};e, 49 Cathedral 
Dyer H. P. ^11. P. D. k Co.) 119 e B.ltimore 
Dyer Jacob, machinis't. 1. '19 (Columbia 
Dyer James, laborer, 55 Buren 
Dyer Jere. (Dyer, Hill & Co.) 227 Walsh 
Dyer John, lai)orer, 270 s Ann 
Dyer John J. clerk, 17 n Howard 
Dyer Levi R. macliinist, 159 Coiumbia 
Dyer Patrick, 55 Buren 
Dyer Thos. J. shoecutter, 118 n Gny 
Dyer Thomas, laborer, 6 Smith 
Dyer Walter, grocery, s w cor Lexington and 
Paca, dw Baltimore Co 

Mutual Life Insurance Co. of New York, 




Dyer 'Walter J. L. photograijher, 144Peanaav, 

dw Baltimore cci 
Dykes Charlotte, teacher, 40 s Strieker 
Dykes John, bookkeeper, 40 s Strieker 
Dyott Geo. B. laborer, 167 s Chester 
Dyott James A. clerk, 242 Gough 
Dyott Mrs. Laura L. 242 Gough 
Dyrenfuth Henrietta, 14 Lee 
Dyrenfuth Solomon, furs, wool and rags, 153 s 

Dysart Mrs. Moses A. 150 Aisquith 
Dyson Elias T. carpenter, 232 Columbia 
Dyson Monroe, driver, Byrd n of Fort av 


Eabert Geo. laborer, luO Warner 

Kachus Edwin, Penna av nr North av 

Eader Jacob R. (Harris & E.) 703 w Baltimore 

Eader John W. carp. Millington la ur Fred'kav 

Eagan Cbas. blacksmith, 163 w Hoffman 

Eagan John, laborer, 12 Webster ct 

Eagan Mary, grocery, 12 Webster ct 

Eagan Michael, laborer, 77 Goodman al 

Eagen Wm. clerk, 246 w Baltimore 

Eager James, laborer, 350 e Fayette 

Eager .Mrs. , Mt. Vernon mills 

Eagle Hotel, 132 Hillen, W. H. Kell}-, propr. 
Eagleston Mrs. Ann 83 n Ann 
Eagleston Chas. bacon. Castle and Orleans 
Eagleston John T. bacon, Castle and Orleans 
Eagleston Julia A., Sweet Air 
Eaker John, cooper, 109 s Chapel 
Ealey Wm. H. shipcarpenter, 118 Bank 
Eanies Henry B,, Gilmor nr Lexington 
Eames Wm. A. clerk, Gilmor nr Lexington 
Eamerich, fireman, 156 s Regester 
Eardley Solomon, potter, 95 Albemarle 



EARECKSON C. F. (Successor to F. 
F. Pope; General Commission 
Merchant and wholesale dealer 
in Mackerel, Herring, Cod Fish, 
Hake, and Salt Fish of all kinds, 
ISTo. 85 South St., dw 286 n Eden. 
Orders thankfully received. 

EARECKSON DR. EDWIN, apothecary, n e 

cor Baltimore and High 
Eareckson Geo. machinist, 388 e Monument 
Eareckson Mrs. Henrietta, 388 e Monument 
Eareckson Julia A. 15 Barnet 
EAR1-:CKS0N V. 0. lumber merchant, 18 West 

Falls uv, dw 80 e Pratt 
Earhardt John, lab. 49 Abbott 
Earhardt Mrs. .Margaret, 252 s Eutaw 
EarhartMrs. Elizabeth, grocery, 165 Townsend 
Earhart Geo. W. 163 Townsend 
Eurhart Geo. W. jr. .sergeant police, 32 Walsh 
Earhart Jacob, shoes, 439 n Fremont 
Earing Adolph, laborer, 83 s Bethel 
Karland Mrs. Frances, 530 Light 
Earl Henry W. clerk, 178 e Monument 
Earl John, restaurant, 86 German, dw 223 w 

Earl'Wm.D.W. (Barrett &E.1St. Nicholas hotel 

Earle H. A. salesman, 36 Hanover 
Earle John C. shoemaker, 46 James la 
Earle Wm. R. shoemaker, 188J Montgomery 
Farley Samuel, carp., Fort av nr Fort McHenry 
Earlongher .Mrs. Louisa, 235 n Caroline 
Early Bernard, tailor, 143 n Eden 
Early Hannah, 162 Chesapeake 
Early James, lab. 84 Centre Market sp 
Early John D. pavinc teller Commercial and 

Farmers Nat'l "Bank, 396 Eutaw pi 
Early Major, mariner, 456 Canton av 
Early M.J. teacher, 53 e Madison 
EirlySaml. millwright. Fort av nr Fort Mc- 
Early Saniuel S. (W. M. Laffan & Co.) 94 w 

Earlv Thos. wheelwright, 53 e Madison 
Early Thos, jr. patternmaker, 138 Conway 
Earlv Wm. lab. 84 Centre Market sp 
Earndlitz John, laborer, 125 s Spring 
Earnest Ann, 186 n Calvert 
Barp Mrs. Elizabeth, nurse, 375 Franklin 
Earp John, shoemaker, 147 Druid Hill av 
Easley Mrs. Emily, trimmings, 300 Eastern av 
Easley John T. shipcarpenter, 300 Eastern av 
Easley Samuel W. huckster, 183 s Ann 
Easley Thos. boatbuilder, 183 s Ann 
Easley Wm. H. shipcarp. Bank and Wolfe 
East Baltimore Permanent Building and Land 

Association, cor Central av and Pratt 
East Henrv T. milkman, 64 s Sharp 
East Henry P. lab. 32 Fort av 
East John, beer, 167 West 
East Mrs. Mary, 104 Chew 
East Robert P. engineer, 32 Fort av 
Easter Barbara, 111 West 
Easter Chas. E. (Hamilton Easter & Sons) 199 

w Baltimore 
Easter George, laborer, 150 West 
Easter Hamilton, (H. E. k Sons) Liberty road 
Easter, Chas. E. Walers) imports, jobbers 
and retailers of dry goods, 199, 201 and 203 
w Baltimore 
Easter Henry, brickmaker, 408 s Charles 
Easter Henry H. clerk, cor Patterson av and 

Easter John, brickmaker, 134 Hamburg 
Easter Joseph, blacksmith, 150 Burgundy al 
Easter Mrs. Mary, 63 n Strieker 
Easter Peter, brickmaker, 408 s Charles 
Easlerbee Sarah, 8 L Gough 
Eastern Av. M. E. Church, Eastern av near 

Eastern City Spring, bounded by Eden, Lom- 
bard, Pratt and Spring 
Eastern Dispensary, n e cor Baltimore and Cen- 
tral av 
Eastern Hay Scales, s e cor Buren and Monu- 

Eastern Shore Steamboat Co. ofSce 105 South, 

P. R. Clark, agt 
Eastman Henrv W. salesman, 15 Columbui 
EASTMAN DR. LEWIS M. 349 Lexington cor 

Easlon J. T (E.& McMahon) New York 
EASTON & McHAHON, (J. T. Easton, J. 
McMabon) shipping and com. merchls. over 
45 w Pratt 
Easton James R. coachtrimmer, 73 Stirling 


















The Largest Life Insurance Co. in the World. 
















_ I— I 


I— ( 


Eastoa Lewis, mariner, 263 s Dallas 

Eastoa Mrs. Margaret, dress and cloak maker, 

344 Franklin 
Easton Robert, dredger, 17G s Durliam 
Eastwood Geo. H. sailraaker, 234 e Madison 
Eastwood Noah, laborer, Lanvale la nr cemtry 
Eaton Albert, mariner, 131 s Chapel 
EATON BROTHERS (G. N. and H. C. Eaton) 
dry goods com. merchts, German bet Light 
and Charles 
Eaton Mrs. Catherine, 51 n Pine 
Eaton Cbas. J. M. 52 Mt. Vernon pi 
Eaton Geo. N. (E. Bros.) 80 Franklin 
Eaton Hooper C. (E. Bros.) 62 Franklin 
Eaton Jackson, carpenter, 28 Patterson av 
Eaton John, shoemaker, rear 152 Lexington 
Eaton Joseph, laborer, Hampden 
Eaton Robinson, driver, 108 s Chester 
Eaton Thos. oarmaker, 108 s Chester 
Eaton Wm. H. shoemkr, 327 Aisquith 
Ebardt Raymond, butcher. 34 Hanover and 8 
Hullins mkt. dw Garrison la nr Frederick rd 
Ebart Wm. butcher, 100 u Chapel 
Ebaugh Andrew C. limeburner, 18 s Amity 
Ebaugh David F. ladies' shoes, 218 n Eutaw 
Eliaugh Edward, clerk, 83 n Eutaw 
Ebaugh Francis J. plasterer, 501 ii Fremont 
Ebaugh Francis A. clerk, 230 w Biddle 
Ebaugh Guly E. dressmaker, 230 w Biddle 
Ebaugh Henry, watchmkr, 141 n Gay 
Ebaugh Henry H. cigarmaker, 554 w Baltimore 
Ebaugh Jacob, huckster, Penna av ext 
Ebaugh Joseph, inspector C. H. 83 n Eutaw 
Ebaugh Sarah, store, Sweet Air 
Ebaugh Wm. laborer, 388 Penna av 
Ebaugh Wm. cariienter. Sweet Air 
Ebberts Frank, cigarmkr, 20 s Republican 
Ebberts Geo. cigarmaker, 20 s Republican 
Ebberts Geo. H. laborer, Fulton nr Pratt 
Ebberts Lemuel, cigarmaker, 2o s Republican 
Ebberts Sylvester, laborer, 302 Ramsny 
Ebberts Wm, laborer, 43 s Calhoun 
Ebbigliausen Henry, tobacco, 25G Canton av 
Ebel Charles, chairmaker, 70 n Caioliue 
Ebel Conrad, driver, 187 s Regester 
Ebel Conrad, shoemaker, 70 n Caroline 
Ebel Wm. E. carpenter, 70 n Caroline 
Ebelein Michael, porter, 338 Hamburg 
Ebeline Sojjhia, dressmaker, 9 s Greeue 
Ebeling Chas. O. laborer, 489 Penna av 
Ebeling Jacob J. mariner, 260 s Ann 
Eben Henry D. cigarmkr. cor Eager and North 
Eberhardt August, shoemaker, 165 s Chester 
Eberhardt Rev. Francis, 201 e PJager 
Eljerhart Rev. Augustine, cor Lombard and 

Eberhart Chas. engineer, 70 William 
Eberhart Chas. W. 70 William 
Eberhart Geo. F. tinner, 99 Batter}' av 
Eberhart Geo. B. tinner, 2 Henrietta 
Eberhart Henry, mariner, 316 William 
Eberhart Mrs. Kliza, 99 Battery av 
ElK'rharl Samuel, canniaker, 312 s SJharj) 
P]berhart Wm. confectioner, 792 n Republican 
Eberle Frank, tailor, 65 s Eutaw 
Eberle Geo. cooper, 189 s Ann 
Eberle Jos. stoves and tinware, 124e Eager 
Eberle Philij), tinixa-, 124 e Eager 
Eberlein Anton, cigarmaker, 48 President 
Eberlein (Jharles, |)orter, 127 Saratoga 
Eberlein Frank, porter, 236 s Bond 
Eberlein Iletiry, lithographer, 127 Saratoga 

Eberlein John, butcher, 63 Gough 

Eberlein Mrs. Kate, confec'y, 127 Saratoga 

Kberlin Franz, tailor, 65 s Eutaw 

Eberly Dr. A. K. s e cor Exeter and Baltimore 

Ebersberger Michael, cabinetmaker, 139 Forrest 

Ebert Andreas, drayman, 124 Somerset 

Ebert Mrs. Barbara, grocer^-, Hare and Hudson 

Ebert Catherine, dry goods, 10 St. Peter 

Ebert Chas fisherman, Stockholm nr Eutaw 

Ebert Elizabeth, grocery, 30 Cross 

Rbert Geo. baker, 57 Greenmount av 

Ebert Frederick, laborer, 235 e Pratt 

Ebert Frederick, tailor, 272 s Sharp 

Etiert John, laboi'er, 35 Lancaster 

Ebert John C. pianomaker, 54 Leadenhall 

Ebert Joseph, musician, 39 n Central av 

Ebert Mary, 35 Lancaster 

Ebert 0. A. 352 Lexington 

Ebert 0. A. & Co. (O. A. Ebert) com. merchts. 

11 Patterson 
Ebert Octavius A. (0. A. E. & Co.) Lexington 

nr Fremont 
El)ert Peter, tailor, 191 Bethel 
Ebert Siebert, carpenter, 10 St. Peter 
l^bert Sophia M. dry goods, 272 s Sharp 
Ebert Wm. F. glassblower, 380 Hanover 
Eberwein Mary, 261 Canton av 
Eberwein Wm. F. constable, Fayette and St. 

Paul, dw Biddle nr Regester 
Ebler Henry, laborer, 314 Montgomery 
Ebner Martin, shoemkr. Frederick rd nrtollgate 
Ebrenz Simon, beer, 2.")9 e Eager 
Ebsworth Mrs. Ann, 363 e Lombard 
Ebsworth David, carpenter, 351 e Lombard 
Ebsworth Mrs. Sarah, grocery, Lombard and 

Ebsworth Mrs. Thos. 363 e Lombard 
Ebsworth Zachariah, 363 e Lombard 
Eccles Samuel, jr. (Eccles, Thoms &Co.) 148 

w Biddle 
ECCLES, THOMS & CO. (S. Eccles jr. J. B. 
Thoms, E. T. Robb, P. Thoms) Canton 
Steam Sugar Refinery, office 7 Rialto bdng. 
cur Second and Holliday 
Ecclesion Chas. carpenter. 111 e Madison 
Eccleston & Devall (Robt. E. Eccleston, John 

Devall) bhicksuiiths, McDonogh n of Chase 
Eccleston J. Frank, lithographer, 19i! n Eden 
Eccleston Geo. W. carpenter, 38 McElderry 
Eccleston James, shoemaker, 193 n Eden 
Eccleston John A. bricklayer, 346 Harford av 
Eccleston John A. bi'icklayer, 193 u Eden 
Eccleston Lizzie, matron P. E. Church Home, 

206 n Howard 
Eccleston Robt. E.(E. &; Devall) 367 McDonogh 
Eccleston Wm. W. coach painter, 193 n Eden 
Echemendia & Co. (M. Echemeudia, D. Eche- 

meudia) tobacconists, 98 n Gay 
Echemendia k Camejo (Marian Echemendia, 

Augusiin Camejo) tobacconists, 98 n Gay 
Echeineiidia Diego (E. & Co.) 98 n Gay 
I'ichcuieiniia Leondra ( llamos &.E. ) 13 n Pititavr 
Echemendia Marian (ICchemendia k Co. and 

E. <fe. Camejo) 98 n Gay 
Eck August ("H. H. Lucke, Son &; Co.) 107 

Eck Frederick, tavern, 10 n Frederick 
Eck Henry, tinner, 6S Ridgely 
Eck Henry, turner, 22 Walker 
Eck Henry, tobaceonist, 203 s Regester 
Eck John G. liquors, 68 Ridgely 
Eck Mrs. Mary, grocery, 22 Walker 

Mutual Life Insurance Co. of New York, 




Eck Priscilla, 83 Druid Hill av 

Eckard John, wheelwright, Clinton nr Toone 

Eckard Theodore, butter, 216 Mulberry 

Eckart Adam, laborer, 20 Bank 

Eckart August, laborer, 159 Dover 

Eckart John C. beer, 94 n Chapel 

Eckart Martin, paver, 189 Raborg 

Eckart Win. soapmaker, 159 Dover 

Eckel Wni. barber, 5 vv Pratt 

Eckell Adam, tailor, 47 Abbot 

Eckell Elizabeth, 47 Abbot 

Eckelman Harry T. clerk, 45 Centre Market sp 

Eckelman Heriu.S. grocer, 45 Centre Market sp 

Eckels Louis, carter, 20 Granby 

Eckels Wm. A. engineer, 109 s Strieker 

Ecker Joseph, tailor, 336 Orleans 

Ecker Simon, tailor, 336 Orleans 

Eckert Andrew, beer, 18 Bank 

Eckert Mrs. Catherine, 2 Calverton rd 

Eckert Charles, tailor, 151 Burgundy al 

Eckert Christian, i-estaurant, 17 Dover 

Eckert Edwd.C. marblepolisher, 14 e Monument 

Eckert Gotleib, cooper, 245 Frederick av 

Eckert Henry, laborer, 35 China 

Eckert Heniy A. painter, 315 e Eager 

Eckert John, shoemaker, 193 w Pratt 

Eckert John, driver, 116 Fort av 

Eckert John C. engineer, 25 Stockton 

Eckert John, engineer, 25 Stockton 

Eckert Lewis, barkeeper, 3 Water 

Eckert Mrs. Theresa Ann, 65 s Caroline 

Eckert Vin't C. S. gauger customs, 315 e Eager 

Eckert Wm, jr. laborer, 16 Abey al 

Eckes Henr}-, restaurant, n e cor High and 

Eastern av 
Eckes Henry, restaurant, 30 Thames 
Eckes John, beer, 30 Th;imes 
Eckhardt Casper, cabinetinkr, 267 Canton av 
Fckhardt Chas. carp. 294 Hanover 
Eckhardt Mrs. Caroline, 464 e Moi'iument 
Eckhardt Conrad L paperhauger, 5 n High 
Eckhardt Henry, cooper. 470 Saratoga 
Eckhardt Henry, boilermkr. 7 James 
Eckhardt Henry, restaurant, 132 e Pratt 
Eckhardt Henry, cutter, 13 Poultuey 
Eckhardt Jacob, liquors, 130 Barre 
Eckhardt John, whipraaker, 185 s Patterson 

Park av 
Eckhardt John, cooper, Boyle nr Amity 
Eckhardt John, lab. 454 Saratoga 
Eckhardt Louis jr. beer, 176 Cross 
Eckhardt Louis, grocery, 264 s Howard 
Eckhardt Louis,(L. E. & Bro.) 4t)4 e Monument 
Eckhardt L. k Bro.(L. and W. Eckliardt)gilders 

and picture frames, over 293 vv Baltimore 
Eckhardt Mary M. boarding, 14 e Monument 
Eckhardt .Mary, diy goods, 464 e Monument 
Eckhardt Mrs. Sophia, millinery, 260 s Sharp 
Eckhardt \Vm.(L. Eckhardt & Bro.) Fayette ur 

Eckhardt Wm. upholsterer, 260 s Sharp 
Eckhardt Wm. carter, 25 Neighbor 
Eckhart John, paver, 49 n Spring 
Eckhart Wm. pict. fraujes, e Fayette ext 
Eckies Christopher, well digger, 151 n Eden 
Eckler Caroline, seamstress, lo S Dallas 
Eckler Henry, shcjemaker, 27 s Bethel 
Eckman Geo. T. drayman, 77 Frederick av 
Packman Jt)hn, laborer, 137 s Fremont 
Eckstine Andrew, bricklayer, 207 n Dallas 
Eckstine Geo. paver, 514 Penna av 
Eckstine Geo. J. paver, 514Peunaav 

Eckstine Geo. carpr. 207 n Dallas 
Eckstine John, carpr. Townsend e.xt 
Eckstine Lewis, paver, 496 n Fremont 
Eckstorm H. stovemoulder, 162 s Wflshington 
Ecksturm Christian, Vio.xraaker, 411 Light 
Eclecnc Institute, 132 n Howard 

Frank A. Tormey, manager, 8 St. Paul 
Edgar Michael, cabinetmkr. 46 n Washington 
Edel August, boxmkr. 7 Waesche 
Edel .Mrs. Elizabeth, grocery, Belair av and Mine 

Bank la 
Edel Henry G. tailor, Belair av and Mine Bank la 
Edel Henry J. fire dept. 190 n Central av 
Edel Henry J. tailor, 368 e Eager 
Edel Joseph, painter, 368 e Eager 
Edel Philip, tailor, 368 e Eager 
Edel Philip jr. cigarmaker, 363 e Eager 
Edel Saml. T. butter, 257 HiU'foid av 
Edelen Jacob, huckster, 61 Frederick av 
Edeler Elizabeth, 78 Penna av 
Edeler Ernest W. harnessmaker, 346 vv Pratt 
Edelin Albert, Lovola College 
Edell Mary, 347 eEa.uer 
Edelman Clias. grocerj^ Clinton nr Elliott 
Edehnan Chas. moulder, 273 Eastern viv 
Edelman Francis, baker, 251 n Gay 
EdelniHU George, caumaker, Lancaster nr Can- 
ton park 
Edelman Jacob, carter, 159 s Eden 
Edelman John, caumaker, Lancaster nr Canton 

Edelman John F. jr. bricklayer, 385 Harford av 
Edelman Jotin F. sr. bricklayer, 385 Harford av 
Edelman John H. butcher, 11 Cross st market, 

dw Highlandtown 
Edelman Romauld, wheelwright, Frederick av 

and Payson , 

Edelman Thos. bricklayer, Homestead 
Edelman Valentine, weaver, 244 e Eager 
Edelman Valentine, boxmaker, s e cor Water 

and Grant, dw 86 Johnson 
Eden James, clerk, 45 n Strieker 
Eden James. (Fitzsimins & E. ) Si)ring nr Bank 
Eden John W. bntcher, 3 Hollins market, dw 

Wilkens nr Fredenick av 
Eden Richard, papercarrier, 79 n Bond 
Eden Robert, lab. 311 Orleans 
Eden Street Jewish Synagogue, Eden nr Balto. 
Eden Thos. lab. 13 Puultney 
Eden Wm. 45 n Strieker 
Eder Chas. butcher, 18 Green ct 
Eder Francis J. peddler, 85 Bank 
Pjder Francis J. canmaker, 108 s Chapel 
Eder John, canmaker, 108 s Chapel 
Eder .Miircarius, laborer, 116 s Chapel 
Eder Mrs iMary C. grocery, 85 Bank 
Eder Theresa, 170 s Wolfe 
Edesoii Geo. R. stage manager, 87 Aisquith 
Edgar Charles, Poppleton nr Mulberry 
Edgar Chas. capper, 134 w Fayette 
Edgar Geo. H. shipchandler, 73 Smith's whf, 

dw 76 e Pratt 
Edgar Sarah, dressmaker, 120 s Paca 
Edgar Wm. [lainter, 120 s Paca 
Edgar Wm. H., U. S. N. 247 Hanover 
Edgar Wm. J. painter, 120 s Paca 
Edger Geo. W. cigMrmaker, 93 .Mullikin 
Edger Thos. J. shoemaker, 93 Mullikin 
Edgell Capt. J. H. 374 e Fayette 
Edgertou Thos. shiprarp'r. 339 Eastern av 
Edkins Alice, 422 n Carey 












r— ( 



O. F. Bresee, G-eneral Agent, 15 South. St. 









Edkins ilrs. Frances. 169 s Ann 
Edler Ludwi^', cabinetmkr. 6 Smith al 
Edler Peter, laborer, 104 s Central av 
Edling John, pianomkr. 441 w Fayette 
Edling- John jr. pianomkr, 441 w Fayette 
Ediintcer Fred'k. clerk, 20 Gi'aiiby 
Edmeades Wm. T. ( E & Pilsch) 298 McDouogh 
Edmeades & Pilscb, (Wm. T. Edmeades, J. 

Pilscb) wholes, liq'iors, 23 s. Gray 
Edmiston Saml. B. route agt. 40 s Gilmor 
Edmonds &]jro. (Saml. and Wm. K.Edmonds) 

srocers. n w cor Pearl and LcKington 
Edmonds John, agent, 87 Camden 
Edmonds Mrs. Jnliana, milliner, 332 w Pratt 
Pkl.monds Mrs Mary, 122 s Paca 
Edmonds Sam'l ( E. <fe Bro ) 70 u Carey 
Edmonds Wm. E. (p]. .j- Bro.) 394 Lexington 
Edmondscm Mrs. Caroline, Gilmor nr Fayette 
Edmondson Chas. laborer, 201 n Bond 
Edmondson Francis C. tea. Mount nr Saratoga 
Edmondson Dr. F. G., Mansion bouse 
Edmondson J. A. ^- Son, (J. A. and W. W. 

Edmondson, R. M.Blundon) grocers and com. 

merchants, 11 Chea|>side 
Edmondson J. J. iihotographer, 83 w Fayette 
Edmondson Jas. H. clerk, 195 Hanover 
Edmondson Jos. A. (J. A. E. & Son) Cbarles-st 

av ext 
Edmondson Mrs. Maria, 36 Mulberry 
Edmondson Samuel, clerk, 195 Hanover 
Edmondson T.Gordon, clerk, 165 n Republican 
Edmondson Wm. E. clerk, 20 n Re[)ublican 
Edmondson W. Winder, (J. A. E'. k Son) 165 

n Rejiublican 
Edmondston Thos. L. painter, 220 e Madison 
Edmonston Elizabeth, Geoi'ge nr Brune 
Edmunds Jas. R. cashier Old Town Bank, 230 

Kdrington John .M. laliorer, Clip'ier mills 
Edwards Mrs. Amanda, 203 e Monument 
Edwards .Mrs. Avarilla, 29 Patterson Park av 
Edwards Chas. G. teacher, 29 Patterson Parkav 
Edwards C. Frank, harnes3mkr,618wBaltiniore 
Edwards Chatles, cari)enter, 48 s Strieker 
Edwards Charles, bookkeeper. Union hotel 
Edwards David, stonecutter, 201 Peirce 
Edwards David, engineer, 185 e Lombard 
Edwards E. G. ngent Whann's bone super 

phosphate, 59 s Calvert, dw 6^6 Saratoga 
Edwards Edward J. machinist, 102 .Mulberry 
Edwards Eli P. barber, 46 s Republican 
Edwards Florence, 27 n Lilierty 
Edwards Frank A. clerk, 32 Commerce 
Edwards Geo. W. law student, 686 Saratoga 
Edwards George, 203 e .Monument 
Edwards llarz, cigarmanut'. 350 Light 
Edwards Capt. Hiram, nuxrim-r, 32 Henrietta 
.Edwards Jas. S. actor, 277 n Broadway 
EDWARDS JOHN R. bookbinder, over 5 J 

North, dw 201 .Mulberry 
Edwards John S. attorney, 24 n Gilmor 
Edvvard.s John T. engineer, 97 Hamburg 
Edwards John T. caulker, 409 s Charles 
Edwards Mrs. Julia, 570 w Louiburd 
Edwards Leroy, 280 Sar.itoga 
Edwards Marcelliis, engineer, 32 Henrietta 
Edwards Mrs. Margaret, seamstress, 30 Druid 

Hill av 
Edwards Monligh, boilcrnniker, Hudson al nr 

Edwards Richard, 18 n Strieker 
Edwards Ricliard, mariner, 32 Henrietta 

Edwards Rich'd ll.asst. asses'r, 158 n Oregon 
Edwards S. & Co. (States Edwards) com. mer- 
chants, \\\ Camden 
Edwiirds Sam'l H. huckster, 29 s Front 
Edw.u-ds States, (S. E. & Co.) 189 n Fremont 
Edwards Sylvester, clerk, 47 n Paca 
Edwards Thos. carpenter, 412 Orleans 
Edwards Thos. laborer, 103 Peach al 
Edwards Thos. B. laborer, 51 Oxford 
Edwards Thos. H. carpenter, 180 Scott 
B^dwards Thos. J. teacher, 319 e Baltimore 
Edwards Wm. A. carpenter, 16 Woodyear 
Edwards Wm. insp. C. H. 250 w Hoffman 
Edwards Wm. laborer, 35 Elliott 
Edwards Wm. M. clerk, 41 Mulberry 
Edwards Rev. W. S. 11 s Broadway 
Edwards Rev. Wm. B., Maryland av 
Edwards Wm. carpenter, 146 Greenmount av 
p]dvvards Mrs. Xantippe, 181 w Townsend 
Eeley Mrs. Avis, 15 Gough 
l']tf Hubert, beer, 1 14 e Monument 
Etfing Henry, tailor, 206 William 
Effing .lohn. grocery, 107 Low 
Egan Mrs. Catherine, 76 Walsh 
Egan Edw;ird B. police, 28 Granby 
Egan Eugene, sawyer, 47 Johnson 
Egan Francis, lamplighter, 6 Albemarle 
Yi'S.-A.w Capt. Frai.k, mariner, 25 L. Gough 
Egan Frank J. bricklayer, 76 Walsh 
Egan John, coaclip.iinter, 21 N(.'W 
Egan John, laborer, 8 Armistead la 
Egan Martin, laborer, Clark al 
Egan Michael, blacksmith, 12 Poultaiey 
Egan Moses, laborer, McHenry vx .Monroe 
Egan Thos. C. cedar cooper, 104 Parkin 
Egan Wm. laborer, 26 Elizabeth la 
Egan Wm. J. salesnnm, 7(i Walsh 
Egiiu Wra. J. salesman, 280 n Eutaw 
Ege J. Fred'k, baker, 277 w Fayette 
Egerton A. Dubois, ( A. D.E.&Co.)230 n Howard 
Egerton A. D. & Co. (A. Dubois and C. C. 
Pvgerton) produce com. merchts. 174 w Pratt 
Egerton Calvert, jeweler, 251 Franklin 
Egerton Chas. (). (A. D. E. &Co.) cor St. Paul 

and Huntingdon av 
Egerton C. Carroll, jeweler, 44 Franklin 
Egerton O.-icar, butcher, 17;6 Harford av 
Egerton Saiu'l E. k Co. (S. E. Egerton, Wm. 

M. Powell) whols. grocers, 37 Cheapside 
Egerton Sam'l E. (S.W.E.&; Co.)199 w Hoffman 
pjgertou Wm. A. bookpr. 242 Greenmount av 
I'jggers Henry, trunkmaker, 8 Ridgely 
Eggers Tobias, tailor, 57 Stockton 
Eggers Wm. cigarmaker, 735 w Lomlmrd 
l'vg^;ert Herman, cabinetmkr, 161 w Lombard 
lOgginsperger Phili^>, carpenter, n w cor Mosher 

and Bolton al 
Eggleston Benj. magistrate, 47'n lOiitaw, dw 322 
Eggleston Edwin C. plumber and gasfilter, 144 

n Gay 
]']ggleston J. car])enter, 212 Mull)erry 
Eggleston John H. clerk, 588 Lexington 
Eggleston W'alter, cigarmaker, 322 n Entaw_ 
Eggleston Wm. A. engineer, 32 Abey al 
Eggleston liev. Wm. G. 586 Lexington 
iCgjiling (Jeo. W. moulder, 23 Scott 
Eggner ('liarbs, drayman, 44 Ridgely 
E^igner Frank, butcher, 10 Calverton rd 
Eggner Louis, butcher, 91 Lexington market, 

(ivv 10 Cidverton road 
]']ggnerMrs. Kate, varieties, 44 Ridgely 
Ebl And'w tailor, cor Harford av and Aisqui^h 

Mutual Life Insurance Co. of New York, 




Ehleu . 69 s Sharp 

Ehlen Mrs. Ciirrie, 185 Saratoga 
Eiilen Frank, clerk, 320 Lexington 
Ehlea Fred, clerk, .320 Lexington 
Ehlen Georjre, carj)enter, 361 Penna av 
Ehleu Geo. W. clerk, 185 Saratoga 
Ehlen John H. cleric, 320 Lexington 
Ehlen John F. (E. & Peirce) sec'y Lubricating 
Car Axle Co. 24 Postuffice av, dw 320 Lex- 
Ehlen .Mrs. Marv A. 137 n Paca 
EHLEN & PEIRCE (J. F. Ehlen, W. H. Peirce) 

24 Pustoffice av 
Ehlen Thomas A. express driver, 361 Pennaav 
Ehlen Wm. McK. clerk, 320 Lexington 
Ehlendt Albert, scroll sawj-er, 74 Camden 
Ehlers Aaron, confectioner, 177 e Monument 
Eblers Bernard, carpenter, 245 Bank 
Ehlers Henry, grocery, 60 McElderry 
Ehlers John D. & Co. (J. D. Ehlers) job prin- 
ters and engravers, 87 Second 
Ehlers John D. (J. D. E & Co.) 56 Chew 
Ehlers Lewis, grocery and feed, 378 Light 
Ehlers Lewis C. conductor, 21 Parrish 
Ehlert George, painter, 65 s Fremont 
Ehlies Wm. Henry, 193 s Paca 
Ehlies Wm. Henry jr. police. 193 s Paca 
Ehm Joseph, shoemaker, 420 n Gay 
Ehm Peter, beer, 420 n Gay 
Ehmann Albert H. apothecary, 2 Calverton rd 
Ehmann Gotfried, butcher, 21 Belair market 
Ehoff August, cabinetmaker, rear 143 s Charles 
Ehoff August, cabinetmaker, 27 Pearl 
Ehoff Wm. shoemaker, .'12 Barre 
Ehren Louisa, fancy goods, 831 w Baltimore 
Ehrhard Albert, music teacher, 227 Saratoga 
Ehrhardt Benjamin, laborer, 83 s Exeter 
Ehrhaidt Ch;is. shoemaker, 40 Washington av 
Ehrhardt Fredk. upholsterer, 313 Cross 
Ehring John, junk, Eastern av 
Ehrlich Adolpb, music teacher, 235 e Fayette 
IChrlich Alexander, peddler, 51 Holland 
Ehrlich Jacob, furniture, 78 Hillen 
Ehrlich .Moses A. bookkeeper, 51 Holland 
Ehrlich Solomon, t>ookkeeper, 51 Holland 
Ehrnian Benj. horse trader, 254 n Bond 
EHRMAN k BKRSCH, (John Ehrman, Chris- 
tian Bersch) steam planing, flooring, door, 
sash and scroll sawing, 210 s Howard and s 
w cor Howard and Henrietta 
EHRMAN k BRO. (L. and F. Ehiman) grocers, 
coal and wood, 282 s Broadway, and coal 
yard, 310 s Caroline 
Ehrman Chas. H. express agent, 1) McElderry 
Ehrnian Edward, clerk, 1C6 Franklin 
Elirnian Fredk. (E. & Bro.) 93 Gough 
EHRMAN GEO. M. flour and feed, 47 s How- 
ard, dw 22 s Greene 
Khriii-in Georire, beer, 338 s Caroline 
Ehrman Jacob, 22 s Greene 
Ehrman John, lab. 317 s Bond 
Ehrmau John, clerk, 106 s Wolfe 
Khrman John, clerk, 78 s Wolfe 
Ehrnian John, (E. & Bersch) 415 u Carey 
Ehrnian Lewis, (E. k Bro.) grocery, cor Nich- 
olson and Towson 
Ehrman Philip, lab. 279 .Aliceanna 
Ehn^an Philip, lab. 255 Eastern av 
Ehrman Mrs. Rosina, 338 s Caroline 
Ehrnian Solomon, clerk, 16(i Franklin 
Ehrman Vv'ni. dry goods, 166 Franklin 
Eibs Peter, beer, 35 Cambridge 

Eich Adam, porter, 329 Aisquith 
Eich Mrs. Catherine, 63 n Gay 
Eichelljprger Alb't G. store, Mt. Vernon mills 
Eichelberger Chas. E. painter, 123 n Schroeder 
Eichelberger Chas. E. painter, 93 n Fremont 
Eichel!)erger Chas. W. painter. 93 n Fremont 
Eichelberger Edw. C. law student, 132 n Gay 
Eichelberger Mrs. Elizabeth, 559 w Lombard' 
Eichelberger George, clerk, 57 (Jxford 
Eichelberger Frank, 26 s Poppleton 
Eichelberger Henry, dry goods, 240 Penna av 
Eichelberger Jolin S. packer, 57 Oxford 
J]ichelbert;er John M. painter, 467 Franklin 
Eichelberger John W. painter, 467 Franklin 
EICHELBERGER OTHO W. liquors, 1 s How- 
ard, dw 181 n Howard 
EICHELBERGER S.\MUEL E. public weigher, 

5 Spear's whf, dw Cold Spring, York rd 
Eichelberger Thos. S. machinist, Sweet Air 
Eichelbeiger Wm. W. law student. 259 w 

Eichenauer Christ' n,shoerak.Maccubbin nr Ann 
Eichenberg August, lab. 250 Aliceanna 
Eichenberg Henry, tailor, 66 e Pratt 
Eichenberg Jacob, clothing, 201 L. Hughes 
Eicliengreeu David, clerk, 200 s Broadway 
Eichengreen Isaac, 45 Gough 
Eichengreen Moses, boots and shoes, 200 s 

Eichengreen Wm. clerk, 200 s Broadway 
Eichhorn Barbara, 269 Canton av 
Eichhora Deitrich, beer, 128 Gough 
Eichhorn George, boxm.aker, 10 s Wolfe 
Eichhorn Martin, butcher, 559 e Fayette 
Eichhorn Tlieo. groc'y, cor Watson and Exeter 
Eichhorn John, tailor, 337 Eastern av 
Eichinger Franz, lab. Chapel nr Baltimore 
EICHINGER GEORGE, restaurant, cor Exeter 

and Eastern av 
Eichinger Henry, canmaker, 77 n Ana 
Eichler Charles C. F. merchant tailor, s e cor 

St. Paul and Fayette, dw 187 n Carey 
Eichler Frederick, driver, 136 s Spring 
Eichler George, sawyer, 81 Orleans 
Eichler Ilenr.v, driver, 81 Orleans 
Eichler Henry, canmaker, 77 n Ann 
Eichler John H. lab. 3 Druid Hill av 
Eichler John, blacksmith, 246 Columbia 
Eichler John G porter, 81 Orleans 
Eichler Wm. blacksmith, 77 Mullikin 
Eichman J. Charles,(Hopkins & E.) 323 Druid 
. Hill av 

Eichman John J. cabinetmaker, 238 Hanover 
Eichner Andrew, cooper, 188 Lemmon al 
Eichner John, blacksmith, 246 Columbia • 
Eichner John lab. 149 s Spring 
Eichner John, grocer, Frederick rd nr tollgate 
Eichner Lewis, milk, 301 w Hoffman 
Eichnst Martin, lab. 166 s Regester 
Eichorn Otto, printer, 2 Second 
Eichorst Wm. lab. 263 s Ann 
Eickel Henry, dyer and scourer, 185 n Eu:aw 
Eickelmann Joseph, lab. 71 Somerset 
Eickhoff Catherine, grocery, 66 n Holliday 
Eickhoff George, shoemaker, 226 Harford av 
Eickhi'ff Theodore, driver, 66 n Holliday 
Eidig Frt-dk. tailor, 64 Portland 
Eidmann August, plumt)er, 20 J.isper 
Eidmaiin Daniel, huckster, 600 Penna av 
Eidniaun George, tailor, 185 Dover 
Eidmann Frtdk. drayman, 20 Jasper 
Eidmann Henry, drayman, 20 Jasper 

The Largest Life Insurance Co. in the World. 


I— ( 












Eiduiann John, engineer, 20 Jasper 
Eidmann Louis, drayman, 20 Jasper 
Eidmann Margaret, 20 Jasper 
Eiermaiin Paul K. baker, 35 s Regester 
Eifert Harry, lab. 8 Point la 
Eigell>erner Thos. F. 217 n Carey 
Eigenbrodt Amelia, confectionery, 66 Aisquith 
Eigenhrodt Plenry, tailor, 66 Aisquith 
Eigenbrodt Henry jr. clerk, 66 Aisquith 
Eigenbrodt John, silverplater, 55 n Ann 
Eigeubrot Adam, trunkmaker, 88 Boston 
Eigenlirot C. <'. beer, 314 s Sharp 
Eigeubrot C. C. grocery, 101 r Fremont 
Eigenbrot Eva, grocery, 88 Boston 
Eigeubrot Henry, machinist, 314 s Sharp 
Eigetibrot John, silverplater, 55 n Ann 
Eigerjbrot John G. silverplater, 314 s Sharp 
Eigetibrot Jolin, boxmkr, 88 Boston 
Eigenraug Fred, harness, 142 Forrest 
Eigler John G. porter, 81 Orleans 
Feigner Adam, baker, 166 e Fayette 
Eigner John, beer, 7 and 9 n Eden 
F^ign'er Michael, barkeeper, 9 n Eden 
FJikenberg Charles, tobacconist, 52 Ensor 
Eikenberg Julius, cigarnikr, 52 F]nsor 
Eilau Abraham, (Bamberger & Eilau) 350 Lex- 
Eilaii Abraham, laces, millinery and fan. goods, 

69^ n Howard, d\v 350 Lexington 
Eilau Emanuel \V. clerk. 101 Gough 
Eilau David, 350 Lexington 
Ii]ilau Wm. cabinetmkr, 101 Gough 
F^ilbacher Geo. blacksmith, 16 Lee 
FJilbacher John V. blacksmiih, 16 Lee 
Eiler Henry, coopei', 100 e Lombard 
Ellers Wm. confectioner, 127 West 
Eilingsfeld John, saddles and harness, 85 Fred- 
erick av 
Eillerman Gustav, painter, 226 s Ann 
Fiillerman John, grocery, 122 s Howard 
Eilling Ruding, lab. Bentalou nr Frederick av 
Eillos Fred. lab. 40 s Caroline 
Ells John, carp. 187 Hudson 
Einbrod Chas. confectioner, l(i5 s Paca 
Einbrod (Mias. H. salesman, 105 s Paca 
FMnbrod David, 105 s Paca 
Einolf Chiis. baker, Portland and Penn 
Einolf Conrad, shoemkr, 220 Columbia 
Fiinolf Ludwig, shoemkr, 71 s Paca 
F]iiistein Sanuiel, 182 Cross 
Einwaechter Adam, 255 s Charles 
Einwaechter Alex, blacksmith, 116 Columbia 
Fiiriwaechier FJlizabeih, grocery, 255 s (JharUs 
Fjinwaecliter Fied. F. salesman, 116 Columbia 
Einwaechter Geo. A. blacksmith, 118 lOislein 
Einwaechter John A. blacksmith, llrf Eislein 
Eiring August J. coojier, 60 James la 
iMrman Wm. baker, 133 n High 
Eirnian Wm. jr. plumber, 133 n High 
Eisel Geo. butcher, 35 Hanover market, dw 502 

Peniia av 
Eiseman Anne C. sec. hand clotliing,57 Orchard 
Eiseman Bernard, baker, 466 \v Fayette 
Fjiseman Bernard, butcher, 2;il Aisquith 
Eiseman Jacob, lab. 18 Lee 
F]i«eman John, lab. 42 Stockton 
Eisianan .Moses, b(jots and shoes, 104 n Gay 
lOiM-nbarli Andrew L. shoemkr, 384 Penna av 
pjisenbach John, driver, 44 Patterson Park av 
pjiaenberg Andrew, prov'ns, 152 s Washington 
Eisenberg Geo. beer, s e cor Bank and Wash- 

Eisenberg Geo. lab. 152 s Washington 
Eisenberg Henry, lab. 152 s Washington 
Eisenberger Geo. cooper, 162 s Choptank 
F]isenberger John, 162 s Choptank 
F^isenbrand Christian, blacksmith, 915 w Pratt 
F]isenbrandt Henry R. musical instruments, 78 

w Baltimore, dw 39 s Broadway 
Eisenbrot Henry, machinist, 314 s Sharp 
Eisenhaner Levvis, carp. 76 Somerset 
Eisenhardt Anton, coal oil. lamps, &c. 254 n Gay 
Eisenhardt Christian, shoemkr, 143 King 
Eisenhardt John, tobacconist, 114 a Eutaw,dw 

25 St. Mai'y 
Eisenhardt John A. confect'y, 444 Saratoga 
Eisenhut Charles, wheelwright, 58 n Wolfe 
Eisenrich Charles, broomtnkr, 142 s Chapel 
Fjisenrich John, lab. 142 s Chai>el 
Eisenrich Joseph, lab. 142 s Chapel 
Eiser Wm. baker, 132 s Poppletoii 
Eiserbeck Ferd. shoemkr, 494 w Lombard 
Eiserbeck Geo. blacksmith, 615 w Pratt 
Eisfeld Lazarus, drivei-, 168 Bank 
Eisiuger Paul, cabinetmkr, 5 Fountain 
Eisniun Albert, wheelwright, 223 Light 
Eisman Bernard, baker, 416 w Fayette 
Eisner Andreas, blacksmith, 235 s Ann 
Eisolt Rudolph, tinner, 65 Lancaster 
Eitel Edward, porter, 4 n Howard 
Eiiel Geo. cigarrakr, 26 Leadenhall 
Eiiel Gotleib, porter, 26 Sarah Ann 
Eitel Gustave, clerk, 165 e Lombard 
Eitel Jacob, cooper, 26 Leadenhall 
Eitel 5hs. Mary, confectionery, 26 Leadenhall 
Eitemuller Christian, lab. 168 West 
Eitemuller Ferd. drayman, 414 s Charles 
Eitemuller Mary, grocery, 168 West 
Eitman Michael, baker, Dover nr i\Ionroe 
Eitner Conrad, lab. 152 Madeira al 
Ekel Conrad, grocery, 55 s Caroline 
Elbring H. R., Schutzen Park, Belair av 
Elclip Amelia, dressmkr, S7 Greenmount av 
Elclip Mrs. Louisa, 87 Greenmount av 
lilder Benj. machinist, 463 Franklin 
Elder Charles JI. clerk, 56 e Baltimore 
Elder Francis W. 61 Exchange pi, dw 80 w 

Elder Francis, painter, 79 Ilillen 
Elker Geo. W. bricklayer, 79 Hillen 
Elder Henry C. engineer, 93 s Gilinor 
Elder James A. carp 41 s Re(mblican 
Filder Jeremiah B. shoemkr, 288 Orleans 
Elder John T. wheelwright, 165 HoUius 
Elder John H. engineer, 208 Ramsay 
Eldt-r Mrs. -Maiy, 402 Canton av 
Elder Michael, paver, Homestead 
Elder Philip L. bookkeeper, 6 Franklin 
Elder Samuel & Co (0. F. Lantz, Jacob F. 

Lantz) Hour merchants, 32 n Howaid 
Elderdice Dr. Irvin, 15 .MclJenry 
Eldeidice .Mrs. Louisa, 15 .Mcllenry 
Elderkin Sarah R. 44 n (Jilmor 
Eldon Hall restaurant, 78 w Fayette 
Elilrid^e Frank R. clerk, 108 e Pratt 
Eldridge Frank, lab. Falls rd nr tollgate 
lOldridge Geo. baker, 108 e Pratt 
iCldridi.'e .Melvina 1). teacher, 533 n Gay 
l';idridg(' Wm. grocery, 116 Stirling 
Eldridge Wm. D. baker, 533 n Gav 
Eldridge Wm. D. jr. clerk, 533 n Gay ' 

Elfrey Philip, machinist, 120 Boyd 
F]|gen Fred. G. lab. 343 s Shaip 
Elgert John A. bier, Eastern av ext 

Mutual Life Insurance Co. of New York, 

ELG 173 

Elgert Geo. H. grocerv, Belair av nr Baltimore 

Elgert John, shoemkr, 37 Bank 
Elgert John, clerk, 63 Holland 
Elgert John jr. canmkr, 37 Bank 
Pilgert Wni. drayman, 123 s Caroline 
Elhart Adolph. (E , Witz & Co.) 170 Walsh 
ELHART, WITZ & CO.(Adol!.h Elhart, M.H. 
Heller, Isaac Witz, Levi Witz) wholesale no- 
tions, 331 and 333 w Baltimore 
Elias John, puddler, cor Cooksie and Beason 
Elias Joseph & Son, (J. and Wm. Elias) stoves 

and furniture, 55 Pc-nna av 
Elias Joseph, (J. E. & Son) 55 Penna av 
Klias Samuel, clerk, 190 w Lombard 
Elias Wra. (J.E. ^ Son) 55 Penna av 
Eliasoa Andrew, brickmkr, 2 Gonld la 
Eliason John A. brickl.iyer, 120 Boyd 
Eliason S. carp. 12 Division 
Eliason Wni. carp. 12 Division 
Eliason Wra. lab. 6 Go\ild la 
Eliel & Mayer, (Solomon Eliel, Elias Mayer) 
wholes, boot and shoemkrs, 294 w Baltimore 
Eliel Solomon, (E. ^ Mayer) 116 s Sharp 
Eline Frank', builder, Millington lanr Wilkens av 
EliiieMrs. Rose, 364 Saratoga 
Elkin Chas. carpenter, 162 German 
f)lkin Samurl D. notions, 1 s Caroline 
EUadare .Mrs. Antouia, 20 Fell 
Ellecamp Henry, lab. 20() S Eutaw 
Ellenbrok Fred., Frederick av and Calverton rd 
Elleulmrg Geo. lab. 76 Russell 
Ellenburg Geo. jr. blacksmith, 76 Russell 
Ellendcr Charles F. stoves, 28 Richmond, dw 

185 e .Madison 
Ellender Frederick, bricklayer, 15 Orleans 
El lender Fredericii, tinner, 185 e Madison 
Ellender Geo. W. ass't engineer fire departm't, 

73 Forrest 
Ellender Mary, 11 Orleans 
Ellender Sarah, 11 Orleans 
Eller Wm. cigarmaker, 22 e Pratt 
Ellerbrock August, baker, n w cor Bank and 

Ellerbrock Frank M. fancy gds, 226 s Broadway 
Ellerbrock Herman, coppersm'h, 23 n Frederick 
Ellerbrock Lewis, shoemaker, 51 Diamond 
Ellerman Frank, butcher. Garrison la nr Fred- 
erick rd 
Ellers Benj. shipcarpenter, 126 e Lombard 
Filers John T. letter carrier, 169 Vine 
Elleit Conrad, shoemaker, 41 n Caroline 
ELLERMEYER CHARLES A. tailor, 14 Ensor 
Ellermeyer Emma, dressmaker, 14 Ensor 
Ellett Frank M. (Larrabee, Smith & E.) Balti- 
more CO 
Ellicott C. Lewis, clerk, 3 Spear's whf 
EUicott David B. clerk, 3 Spear's whf 
Ellicott Elias, 183 Lanvale 
Ellicott Mrs. Evan T. 174 w Lombard 
Ellicott Evan T. clerk, 25 s Gay 
Ellicott Francis F. clerk, 141 townsend 
ELLICOTT H. WM., Maryland Blast Furnace, 

S side Basin, dw 63 Franklin 
Ellicott James P. machinist. Homestead 
Ellicott John, architect and civil engineer, 24 n 

Charles, dw 116 St. Paul 
Ellicott Dr. Lindley, 193 n Howard 
Ellicott Mrs. Louisa, 50 w Madison 
Ellicott Thomas P. ( Wm. M. E. & Sons) Balti- 
more CO 
Ellicott Wm.M.(Wm.M.E. &Sons)Baltimoreco 


ELLICOTT WM. M. & SONS, (Wra. M. and 

Thos. P. Ellicott,) com. merchs. 3 Spear's whf 

Ellinger Benj. com. mercht. cor Broadway and 

Ellinger & Co. (M. and J. Ellinger) tea, 153 

ELLINGER EMANUEL, drover. 1070 w Bal- 
Ellinger George, drover, 1070 w Baltimore 
Ellinger Jacob, cattle, 1070 w Baltimore 
Ellinger John F. 34 Camden 
Ellinger Julius, (E. & Co.) 153 Lexington 
Ellinger Morris, (E. tj- Co.) 153 Lexing'on 
Ellinger Sam'l, cor Broadway and Jefferson 
Pyllinger Wm. clerk, 46 Greenmonnt av 
Ellinghaus Chas. mariner, 272 Canton av 
Ellingbaus Chas. marine engineer, 103 s Chester 
Ellinghaus Harnian, boxmaker, 51 Fawn 
P^llingsworth John E. jeweler, 63 n Wolfe 
Ellingsworth Wm. engineer, 36S e Fayette 
Elliot Abraham, insurance agent, 61 s Paca 
Elliot Mrs. Amanda, 53 n Paca 
Elliot Augustus F. carpenter, 38 Milliman 
ELLIOT FRANK, merch. tailor and clothier, 

159 s Broadway 
Elliot George, lab. 78 Johnson 
Elliot John, letter carrier, 8 Decker 
Elliot Margaret, Mount nr Lexington 
Elliot Mary, 38 .Milliman 

ELLI0TT'& BLACKLAR, (N.J.Elliott, A.C. 
Blacklar) flour and feed, 15 and 17 w Pratt 
Elliott Charles, (Elliott Bros.) 248 w Lombard 
Elliott Charles, oyster packer, 237 Bank 

Ladies', Gents' and Childrens' un- 
derwear, Hosiery, Gloves, Notions, 
Sic, 74 n Charles. 

ELLIOTT BROTHERS, (Wm. and Chas. El- 
liott) underwear, hosiery, tfc, 74 n Charles 
Elliott Brothers, ( W. L. and J. P. Elliott) cot- 
ton, grain and prod. com. merchts, 59 s Gay 
Elliott Chas. M. teacher, 78 Chew 
Elliott Cooper, cabinetmake'-, 40 e Baltimore 
Elliott C. H. clerk, 40 e Baltimore 
Elliott Curtis, engineer, 124 Barre 
Elliott Daniel S. brickmaker, 6 Clement 
Elliott Edward, notions, 126 Lexington and 

296 n Howard, dw 202 Druid Hill av 
Elliott Edward T.gas inspector. North nr John 
Elliott Geo. G. coachmaker, 17 Booth, dw 390 

w Lomljard 
Elliott Geo. T. porter, 164 w Biddle 
Elliott Geo. shoemaker, 192 n Fremont 
Elliott Geo. carpenter, 171 Aisquith 
Elliott Gideon B. carpenter, 473 w Pratt 
Elliott Mrs. G. W. 12 s Gilraor 
ELLIOTT HI<:NRY A. & BRO. (Henry A. El- 
liott) apothecaries, 286 Lexington 
Elliott Henry A. (H.A.E.& Bro.) 284 Lexington 
Elliott J. B." biborer, 92 n Ann 
Elliott James, fireman, 130 McHenry 
Elliott James, mariner, 147 Johnson 
Elliott James B. paperhanger 455 n Carey 
Elliott James B. bricklayer, 98 St. Paul, dw 

286 Bond n of Gay 
Elliott James H. moulder, 16 Henry 
Elliott Mrs. Jane, 156 Ensor 
Elliott Jefferson, lab. Woodberry 
Elliott John W. lab. 14 Perry 




r— I 






p— t 





Assets $60,000,000 Cash Invested. 






• >-< 










Elliott Jolin, porter, 18 Sterrett 

Eliiott Jolii), Ciirpenter, 244 n Eden 

Elliott John, clerk, 59 Exchange pi 

Elliott John, puddler. Trappe rd 

Elliott John, lab. U Pi-arl al 

Elliott John A. letter Ciirrier 8 Decker 

Elliott John B. stevedore, 7 Ciimbridge 

Elliott John S machinist, Dniidville 

Elliott John T. laborer, 40 Fort av 

Elliott John W. bricklayer, 293 Orleans 

Elliott Joseph, shipcarp. 366 Aliceanna, Canton 

Elliott Joseph, carpenter, 294 McDonogh 

Elliott Joseph, lab. Aliceanna and Ann 

Eliiott Joseph, 455 n Carey 

Elliott Joseph, driver. 61 Granbj' 

Elioit Joseph P. (E. Bros.) 87 n Paca 

Elliott Jos. W. laborer, 267 Eastern av 

Elliott Lewis, coppersmith, Hudson al nrFederal 

Elliott Mrs. .Mary, 14 Mott 

Elliott iMrs. Mary, tailoress, 355 e Monument 

Elliott Mrs. Mary A. 216 e Pratt 

Elliott .Mrs. Ma.ry, fancy goods, 73 Albemarle 

Elliott Mrs. Matilda, grocery. 219 Battery av 

Elliott Mis. Matilda, 54 n Exeter 

Elliott N. J. (E. & Blacklar) 05S Penna av 

Elliott Mrs. R. C. boarding, 40 e Baltimore 

Elliott Richard L. carpenter, 106 n Regester 

Elliott Robert, brasstinisher, 89 e BiddJe 

Eliiott Robert, bricklayer, 284 n Central av 

Elliott Robert 0. carp." 93 n Bethel, d\v 14 Mott 

Elliott Samuel V. carpenter, 294 McDonogh 

Elliott Thos E. mariner,corAliceanna andAnn 

Elliott Thomas, huckster, 455 n Carey 

Elliott Thomas H. salesman, Merchants hotel 

Elliott Thomas, mariner, 147 Johnson 

Elliott Thomas, clerk, 284 Lexington 

Elliott Thomas F. painter, 455 n Carey 

Elliott Thomas J. bntcher, 5 Centre and 55 

Fells Point markets, dw 16 n Choptank 
Elliott Thos. C. watchman, 358 Eastern av 
Elliott Thos. C. bricklayer, 216 e Pratt 
Elliott Wni. Vj. canmaker, 436 e Baltimore 
Elliott Wm. B. carpenter, 473 w Pratt 
Elliott Wm. H. salesman, 32 s High 
JClliott Prof. Wm.jr. Baltimore City College, 

307 n Caroline 
Elliott Wm. B. clerk, 214 w Lombard 
Elliott Wm. n. painter, 10 Laurel 
Elliott Wm. H. painter, 39 Barnes 
Elliott Capt. Wm. mariner, 67 Henrietta 
Elliott Wm. (Elliott Bros.) 248 w Lombard 
Elliott Rev. Wm. 307 n Caroline 
Elliott Wm. H. mariner, 73 Hamburg 
Elliott Wm L. (E. Bros.) 37 Mulberry 
Elliott Wm. T. carpenter, 171 Aisqiiith 
Elliott V\'m. W. clerk, 658 Penna av 
Ellis Alex. B. (Louis McMurray ^ Co.) 395 

Druid Hill av nr Wilson 
Ellis Mrs. Ann, 135 n Gay 
Ellis Benjamin, watchman, 27 Philpot 
Ellis Mrs. Ellen E. 175 Moshtr 
Ellis Ellen, grocery 9 George 
Ellis Mrs. Klizabelh, 165 n Front 
Ellis Geo. W. carpenter, 387 n Gay 
Vj\\\& Henry C. fireman, 27 Philpot 
Ellis Herman, clerk, 395 Druid Hill av 
Ellis Mrs. Isabella, 615 Light 
Ellis James, painter, 615 Light 
Ellis James, shipwright, 90 Gongh 
Ellis John, cooper, 193 s Bethel 
Ellis John, carpenter, 19 s Washington 
Ellis John B. capper, 435 Aliceanna 

Ellis John E. clerk, 31 Conway 

Ellis Luke, tinner, 615 Light 

Ellis M.ary, 64 s High 

Ellis Mrs. Mary, notions, 113Jackson square av 

Ellis Richard," puddler, 47 Fort av 

Ellis Robert, cutter, 615 Light 

Ellis Samuel H. clerk. .McCnlloh and Dolphin 

Ellis Thomas, cor .McCulloh and Dolphin 

Ellis Wm. fireman, 1 Mound 

Ellis Wm. g.'isfitter, 615 Light 

I'lllis Wm. gardener. Homestead 

Ellig Wm, jr. laborer. Homestead 

Ellis Wm. L. ( W. L. E. & (^o.) 301 e Baltimore 

ELLIS W^M. L. & CO. (Wm. L. Ellis, R. E. 

Mallorv) oyster packers, Aliceanna nrBostoa 
Ellison William, Third nr Bank 
Ellsworth Washington L. Itookkpr, 109nCharle3 
Elm Henry, btitcher, cor Monument and Castle 
Elman Clias. boxmaker, 244 Columbia 
Elmer Eliza H. 174 Hanover 
Elmer Geo. H. (L. E. k. Sons) 174 Hanover 
ELMER LEWIS & SONS, (Lewis, Geo. H.and 

Wm. S. Elmer) vinegar manufs. 1 and 2 

O'Donnell's whf 
Elmer Lewis, (L. E. & Sons) 174 Hanover 
Elmer Walter F. civil engineer, 174 Hanover 
Elmer Wm. S. (Lewis E. & Sons) 5 Warren 
Elmerdorf Herman, tailor, 100 Somerset 
Elmore Carrie, 8 Park 
Elmore James, butcher, 430 e Baltimore 
Eltns Conrad, laborer, 472 ('anion av 
Elms Wm. shoemaker, 79 Hampstead 
Eloser Leon.ird, tanner, 50 Buren 
Elphring Francis A. clerk, 66 Hillen ' 

Elphring Wm. H. clerk, 6G Hillen 
Elsasser Alex, salesman. 90 Harrison 
Elsasser Henry, beer, 100 s Wolfe 
Elsasser Levi, teacher, 26^ n Exeter 
Elsasser Peter, laborer, 193 Aliceanna 
El.-<eman August, laborer, 8 Smith 
Eisner Carl, comp. of liquors, 237 n Caroline 
Eisner Geo. laborer, Leinmon nr Gilmor 
Eisner Jos. machinist, corFort av and Johnson 
Elsroad Geo. laborer, 267 Canton av 
FClsroad John, heater, 267 Canton av 
Elsroad John T. gasfitter, 632 w Baltimore,dvv 

105 n Poppleton 
Elsroad Lewis N. huckster, 245 Conway 
Elsroad Michael G. clerk, 11 s Republican 
Elstein I. 12 Lloyd 
Elston Ann D. matron, 43 Chew 
EHerman Frederick, 163 e Baltimore 
Elton Chas. cooper, 1 s Ann .• 
Elton 'Uias. W. cooper, 1 s Ann 
Elton Wm. PL cooper, 1 s Ann 
Eltonhead Arnold D. walchmkr, 122 e Fayette 
Eltonhcad Mrs. Eliza, 122 e Fayette 
Eltonhead James II. clerk, 499 w Fayette 
Eltonhead Mrs. Sarah, 499 w Fayette 
Eltonhead Thos. D. laborer, 122 e Fayette 
Eltonhead Wm. T. clerk, 3(19 n Central av 
Eltonhcad Wm. clerk, 499 w Fayette 
Elwcin Anna, tailoress, 61 Watson 
Elwood Mrs. Bridget, corlloUiduv and Foundry 
Ehvood Stephen, cor llolliday and Foundry 
Elwood Thomas, laborer, 27 i Forrest 
Ely Chas B. furn. wagon, 3.">4 Eastern av 
Ely Chas. H. jr. hel|)er, 354 Eastern av 
ElyChas.W.(Mayuard,E. k Ro3e)65 1 Lexington 
Ely Enoch N. engineer, 46 s Choptank 
Ely Geo. D. mariner, 71 Granby 
Ely Jumes, laborer, 147 s Chester 

Mutual Life Insurance Co. of New York, 




Ely Jesse F. (Deford & Co.) 15Y Park 

Ely John J. letter carrier, 66 s Bond 

Ely John W. wheelwright, Starr hotel 

Ely J. Benjamin, boots and shoes, 170 n Gay 

Ely John B. bridge and wharf builder, 269 n 

Ely Malilon S. ITO n Gay 
Ely Mrs. Mary, seamstress, Chapel nr Chase 
Elv .Samuel, mariner, 76 s Washington 
Ely Samuel S. shoe dealer, 182 n Gay, dw 205 

e Monument 
Ely Wm. F. porter, 35 e Lombard 
Ely Wm. T. apothecary, s e cor Calvert and 

Saratoga, dw 86 n Ciilvert 
Elzey James C. collector, 40 n Calvert 
Elzev Letitia, boardin":, 40 n Calvert 
Elzev Mrs. Mary, 370 William 
Emack C. S. chief engineer B. & P. R. R. 36 

Eman Charles, clerk, 51 McKim 
Emau Frederick, stonecutter, 51 McKim 
Emanuel Church of the Evangelical Associat'n, 

cor Greene and Cider al 
Emanuel Church Home, 266 n Howard 
Emanuel Germ. Lutheran Church, Caroline nr 

Emanuel M. E. Church South, Mosher nr Myr- 
tle av 
Emanuel P. E. Church, cor Cathedral and Read 
Embach Isaac L. bakery, 76 Portland 
Emerich .Mrs. Ann, 140 Penna av 
Enierich Mrs. Catherine, dressmkr. 173nEutaw 
Emerich George, tinner, 145 Raborg 
Emerich John, laborer, 14 Poultney 
Emerich John, shoemaker, 145 Raborg 
Emerich Martin, hair and fancy goods, 124 Lex- 
ington, dw 268 
Emerlcli Randoljih, tinner, 145 Raborg 
Emerick Cath'e V. fancy g'ds, 867 w Baltimore 
Emerick David L. surveyor. Friendship 
Emerick Wm. H. clerk, 867 w Baltimore 
Emerine John W. 364 n Gay 
Emerson & Co. (Chas. H. Emerson, L Rosen- 

baura) com. merchts. 2o3 North 
Emerson Charles H. (Emerson & Co.) 408 n 

Emerson Edwin, tinner, 495 w Pratt 
Emerson John, 94 e Baltimore 
Emerson John P. clerk. 7o n Eden 
Emerson John P. broker, oOj w Pratt, dw 94 e 

Emerson Mrs. Martha, dressmkr. 96 w Fayette 
Emerson Wm. L. jr. mariner, I Jefferson 
Emery Caleb J. printer, 268 e Biddle 
Emery Capt. Geo. stevedore, 47 s Chester 
Emery John B. granite yard, 329 s Eutaw. and 
marble yard, Madison and Constitution, dw 
70 s Paca 
Emery John H. (Burrough Bros. Manuf. Co.) 

378 w Lombard 
Emery Wm. painter, 92 Jackson square av 
Emefinger Frederick, tailor, 20 e Lombard 
Emge Andrew, laborer, 58 s Regester 
Emge Elizabeth, tailoress, 214 e Eager 
Emge John, blacksmith, 141 s Regester 
Emich Andrew, cabinetmkr. 48 n Schroeder 
Emich Columbus V. (J. H. Perkins &; Co.) 136 

n Howard 
Emich Daniel J. clerk, 317 n Broadway 
Emich Geo. cigarmkr. 48 n Schroeder 
Emich ilrs. Harriet, dressmaker, 3 s Schroeder 
Emich John, huckster, 14 Poultney 

Emich John V. salesman, Gilmor nr Franklin 
Emich Mrs. Julia, Gilmor nr Winchester 
Emich Louis, clerk, Gilmor nr Franklin 
Emig Geo. .M. wagoner, Belair av nr Schut- 

zen Park 
Emig Jacob B. driver, 759 w Lombard 
Emig J. Fred'k, telerrraphist, 7."j9 w Lombard 
Emi tiger Joseph, laborer, Trappe rd 
Emkert Peter, printer, 73 s Regester 
Einlcu John, blacksmith. 152 Columbia 
Emiing Conrad, butcher, Frederick av nr toll- 
Emmart Adolphus D. (E & Quartley) cor 

McMechin and Druid Hill av 
Emmart Charles, painter, 206 Stirling 
Emmart David, blacksmith, 104 n Paca 
Emmart Henry, telegraphist, cor Elliott and 

Emmart Henry D. conductor, 502 w Lombard 
Emmart Janet T. timekeeper, 123 Vine 
Emmart John, blacksmith, cor Lombard and 

Emmart John, carpenter, 331 n Eutaw 
Emmart John M. carpenter, 331 n Eutaw 
Emmart & Quartley, (A. D. Emmart) sign 

painters, over 276 w Baltimore 
Emmart Sarah M. boarding, 502 w Lombard 
Emmart .Mrs. Sydney, lS.'i Mulberry 
Emmart Thomas, canmaker, 146 Scott 
Emmart Thomas, bowling saloon, 47 w Fayette, 

dw 30 n Liberty 
EM.MART WM. M. flour, feed and fertilizers, 

Frederick av opp. Lombard 
Emmart Wm. laborer, 1 n Poppleton 
Emmart Vernon S. bookkeeper, 104 n Paca 
Emmel Henry, musician, 161 e Madison 
pjuimell John, confectioner, 273 Canton av 
Emmels Conrad, bakery, lis Bond 
Emmerein Joseph, cooper, 180 s Chapel 
Emmerich Christian, shoemaker, 63 w Fayette, 

dw 657 w Lombard 
Emmerich Conrad, salesman, 90 Henrietta 
Emmerich Barnet, 253 w Pratt 
pjmmerich Daniel, musician, 253 w Pratt 
Emmerich Geo. W. clerk, 657 w Lombard 
Eiimierich Henry, driver, 103 Granby 
Euimerich John, shoemaker, 145 Raborg 
Emmeiich J. Edward, clerk, 657 w Lombard 
Emmerich John, laborer, 339 s Bond 
Emmerich Ludwig, fruits, 838 w Baltimore 
Emmei-ich Philip, shoes, 253 w Pratt 
Emmerich Wm. laborer, 103 Granby 
Euimert Elias E. (E. & Co.) 336 w Fa3'ette 
Emmert & Co. (E. Emmert) wholesale liquors, 

268 w Pratt 
Einniett Andrew, tailor, 189 n Bethel 
Emmett Andrew, laborer, 144 Johnson 
Emmett Charles, glissblower, 99 Leadenhall 
Emmett David, glassblower, 103 Leadenhall 
Emmett Francis, tailor, 189 n Bethel 
Emmett Jacob, blacksmith, 383 w Pratt 
Emmett John, laborer, 144 Johnson 
E.MMUNS HERMON L. Jr. attorney and com- 
missioner of deeds for all the States, 3 and 4 
Law building, dw Franklin nr Carey 
Emmord J. H. telegraphist, cor Chesapeake and 

Emory A. Walsh, clerk, 882 Franklin 
Emory Ambrose M. (Seim, E. & Swindell) 88^ 

Emory Amos, porter, 99 w Lombard 
Emory Arthur, (Huppman & E.) 114 Park av 

The Largest Life Insurance Co. in the World. 



























Emory Daniel G. ap;ent Washington Life Ins. 

Co." 32J St. Paul, dw 552 w Fayette 
Emory D. C. H. attorney, 47 St. Paul, dw 

Emory Fred, tinner, 219 w Biddle 
Eaiory Fred, reporter, 82 n Charles 
Emory John, tailor, 203 w Biddle 
Emory John jr. tinner, 203 w Biddle 
E.MORV .JOHN H. real estate agent,47 St. Paul, 

dw Lmherville 
Emory John W. conductor, 30 s Oreg^on 
Emory Dr. J. K. B. prest. Laurel Cemetery Co. 

18 Courtland, dw 2G4 Myrtle av 
Emory John K. B. jr. com. merchant, 6 Wood, 

dw 21 n Republican 
Emory Mrs. Juliet, 65 e Baltimore 
Emory (M.E.) Church, Penna av nr Hoffman 
Emory Tlios. H. bookkeeper, 220 n Broadway 
Emory Wm. H. com. merchant, 6 Wood, dw 

260 Park av 
Emory Wm T. shipcarpenter, 443 Canton av 
Emory Wilmer, l.-,w student, 4 Franklin 
Empire Transportation Co., Geo. W. Cross, 

agent, 199 North 
Emrheiu Casper, cabinetmaker, 9 n Bethel 
Emrich Abraham, clothing, IG Harrison 
Eraricb Conrad, wheelwright, 205 Ensor 
Emrich Geo. barber, 37 German, dw 212 Barre 
Emrich Henry, blacksmitli, 205 Elisor 
Emrich Herman, clerk, 9 s Eutaw 
Emrich John P. jr. machinist. 309 n Caroline 
Emrich John P.'(Flynn 4- E.'j 309 n Caroline 
Emrich Louis, barkeeper, 181 Le.xington 
Emrich .Mrs. Margaret, laundress, 6 Etna la 
Emrich Piaudolph, canmaker, 145 Raborg 
Emrich Simon, watchmkr. and jeweler, 130 nCay 
Emrich Wm. H. clerk, 309 n Caroline 
Emrick Henry, restaurant, 26 Patterson av, dw 

36 Etting 
Emrol Anton, shoemaker, 26 McHenry 
Emsey Wm. H. clerk, 178 e Pratt 
Emwalt Henry, shoemaker, 200 e Lombard 
Enckhausen Henry, clerk, 502 w Baltimore 
Ender Richard, tailor, 348 s Siiarp 
Enders Conrad, porter, 93 Le.Kington 
Enders Henry, bakery, 159 n Central av 
Endle}' Francis, brushmaker, 109 Peach al 
Endrcs Henry, cabinetmaker, 44 Portland 
Endns Martin, shoemaker, I06 Lancaster 
Eney Benj. F. clerk, 10 s Republican 
Eney Jeremiah, boots and shoes, Calverton 
Eney Jeremiah, steanifitter, 27 Parrisli 
Eney John K. plasterer, 602 w Lombard 
Enev Jos. R. (Jos. R. !<:. k Co.) 71 Hollins 
ENLY JOS. R. & CO. (Jos. R. Eney) boots, 

shoes, hats, &c. 62 Hanover 
Eney Mary, postmistress, Calverton 
Eney Oliver N. paperhanger, 58 s Republican 
Eney Summerfield, clerk, 4 s Poppleton 
Euey Thos. R. matdiinist, Ramsay nr Strieker 
Engel Adolph. cabinetmaker, 27 Low 
Engel August, tanner, 12 Clay 
Engel (Jasper, laliorer, 165 s Washington 
Engel Conrad, baker, 524 w Lombard 
Engel George, grocery, 224 Harford av 
Engel George, shoemaker, 580 w Baltimore 
Engel George, ironworker, 184 Bank 
Engel George, ironworker, 474 n Gay 
Engel Gotfried, cojipersmith, 474 u Gay 
Engel Gotleib, gardener, York rd 
Engel Henry, laborer, 42 Frederick ay. 
Engel Henry jr. beer, 17 Harrison 

Engel Henry, restaurant, 33 n Gay 
Engel Henry, 17 Harrison 
Engel Isaac, teacher, 79 Parkin 
Engel Jacob, steward, 283 n Central av 
Engel John, cooper, 1 Winter al 
Eni.'el Julius L. clerk, 124 Granby 
Engel L. laborer, 124 Granby 
Engel Wm. stonecutter, 364 s Eutaw 
Engel Wni. carpetweaver. 42 Frederick av 
Engelbrecht Mrs. C. E. teacher, 188 Franklin 
Engelbright .Martin, driver, 82 Lancaster 
Engelbright Mary, grocery, 82 Lancaster 
Engelhardt Chas. fresco painter, 42 Ridgely 
Eiigelhardt Edward, broommaker, 86 Hillen 
Engelhardt Fred laborer, 136 n Si)ring 
Eiigelliardt Geo. laborer, 242 s Durham 
Engelhardt Henry, shoemaker, 42 Ridgely 
Engelhardt Henry C. shoemaker, 42 Ridgely 
Engelhardt Jacob, laborer, 74 Lancaster 
Engelhardt John, tailor, H27 n Central ar 
Engelhardt Margaret, grocery, 136 n Spring 
Engelhardt Michael, laborer 30 Byrd 
Engelhaupt Adam, clothier, 46 and 48 w Pratt, 

dw 52 s Hish 
Engelhaupt Chas. carpenter, 52 s High 
Engelhaupt Fred, clerk, 11 Albemarle 
Engelhaupt Fred. W. tailor, 77 n Fremont 
Engelhaupt John, salesman, 52 s High 
Engelhaupt Philip, grocery, 183 Raborg 
Engelhaupt Theo. F.merch. bailor, 77 n Fremont 
Engelkey John, shoemaker, 22 s E.teter 
Engelking Fred, tailor, 8 Edward 
Eiige^king John, bar keeper, 8 Edward 
Engelmau f'has. T. tailor, 371 e Eager 
Eiigelman John, tailor, 44 Abbot 
Engelmyer Joseph, tailor, 252 e Chase 
Eugelmyer Solomon, shoes, 283 n Gay 
Engelmyer Wolfiing, woodsawyer, 82 Somerset 
Kngels Henry, cigarmaker, 322 Aliceanna 
Engelsman Julius, wine, 22 n Paca 
Engers Philip, tailor, 12 s Durham 
England Chas. clerk, 84 McCulloh 
England Christian, shoemaker, 274 n Howard 
England Francis W. insp.C.H. 124 e Baltimore 
England George, carpenter, 234 s Paca 
England John A. farmer, 37 Scott 
England John H. watchman, 12 South 
England Joseph H. clerk, b!4 McCulloh 
England Jos. T. gen. freight agent B. & 0. R. 

R. 84 McCulloh 
England Julia, 60 Saratoga 
England Robert A. engineer, 536 Aisquith 
England Peter, gardener, Light nr Ferry bar 
England Thos. salesman. Three Tuns hotel 
England Wm. fireman. Cathedral ext 
Engle Daniel, Mansion house 
Engle Philip, driver, 479 e Baltimore 
Engle Wm. J. tavern, 191 Boston 
Eiigler Gotleib, cabinetmaker, 292 s Charles 
Kngler John, bricklayer, 15 Elizibpth la 
Engles Samuel, bricklayer, 2 Whatcoat 
Engles Thomas, cipper, 16 Fountain 
English John, milk, 92 s Payson 
English John, tavern, 37 w Fayette 
Knglish Mrs. Mary J., Mulberry n.- Schroeder 
English, Paul ^ Co. (Zejjh. Knglish, J. Paul, 
D. C. Grayson) wholes, grocers, 8 Commerce 
English Thomas, tinner, 49 President 
English Wm. D. (F. Dandelet & Co.) 107 Han- 
English W. T. clerk, 107 Hanover 
English Zeph. (E., Paul & Co.) Catonsviile 

Mutual Life Insurance Co. of New York, 




Enke Chas. shoeraaker, 45 s High 

Enke Ludwig, artist, 45 s High 

Enkel Geo. varnisher, 95 North 

Rnkhausen Henry, clerk, 502 w Baltimore 

Ennis Add ph. shoemaker, 195 e Eager 

Ennis Geo. cigarmaker, 208 Mulberrj' 

Ennis John A. blacksmith, 300 Ramsay 

Ennis Jo?ei)h T. blacksrailb, 32 n Republican 

Ennis Lizzie A. teacher, 208 Mulberry 

Ennis R. E. salesman, 24 McCulloh 

Ennis Thos. laborer, cor Buren and Monument 

Ennis Thos. lab. 502 Aisquith 

Ennis Thos. H. carpenter, 208 Mulberry 

Ennis Wm% B. machinist, 14 s Republican 

Eno CLias. E. clerk, 209 Conway 

Eno Richard, baker, 36 Milliman 

Enos Neuton H. huckster, lOT Ridgely 

Enos Robert E. 107 Ridgely 

Enquirer, Tyler & Markoe, editors, over 28^ 

Enrick Geo. machinist, 87 s Bond 
Enrick Joseph, macht, 87 s Bond 
Enright Francis, slater, 50 e Lombard 
Enright Michael, grocery, 28 Chesnut 
Enright Thomas, laborer, 235 Gough 
Ensey Mrs. Elizabeth, 79 McCulloh 
Ensey Lot, clerk, 2 s Eutaw 
ENSEY RICHARD F. wholes, grocer and com. 

mercht, 2 and 4 s Eutaw, dw Baltimore co. 
Ensign Howard B. prest. Md. Steamboat Co., 

98 Light St. whf. dw Barnum's hotel 
Ensigner Geo. carpr. 329 n Central av 
Ensor Bi nj. F. currier, 378 e Monument 
Ensor Chas. laborer, 5 Cotton row 
Ensor Chas. jr. laborer, 5 Cotton row 
Ensor Daniel, carp. Strieker nr Patterson av 
Ensor Duncan, machinist, 98 n Gilmor 
Ensor Edward, shipjoiner, 345 e Monument 
Ensor Edward jr. laborer, 345 e Monument 
Ensor George, laborer, 5 Cotton row 
Ensor Hiram, supt. B. & 0. R. R. 96 Lee 
Ensor James, 1 n Front 
Ensor James, shipcarp. Clinton and Toone 
Ensor James R. plasterer, 270 n Bond 
Ensor Jesse, grocery, Carlton nr Franklin 
Ensor John, wheelwright, 98 n Gilmor 
Ensor Thaddeus, carp. Strieker nr Patterson av 
Ensor Wm. H. tinner, 238 n Bond 
Enssle Henry, stonecutter, 20 Lee ; 
EnssleMis. John C. harnessmaker, 20 Lee 
ENTERLINE DR. SAMUEL, 582 w Lombard 
Entler Eliza, 24 n Pine 
Entz Andrew, salesman, 226 Druid Hill av 
Entz Edmund, gilder, 138 e Pratt 
Entz Edward W. clerk, 226 Druid Hill av 
Enwright Chas. sawmaker, 101 Curley 

Enwright Mrs. , 101 Curley 

Eos Mrs. Mary, seamstress, 5 n Wolfe 
Epiphany House of Mercy, 185 s Ann 
Episcopal Church Bookstore, George Lycett, 44 

Episcopal Reading Rooms, over 53 Lexington, 

H. W. Moore, agent 
Epley Alice, dressmaker, 430 Lexington 
Eppinghauser August, tobacconist, 122 Dover 
Epple Martin, carpenter, 258 e Chase 
Epple Wra. apothecary, Light and Montgomery 
Eppler Albert, laborer, 235 Forrest 
Eppler Chas wheelwright, 235 Forrest 
Eppler Ernst, clothing cutter, 68 Mulberry 
Eppler Jacob, cooper, Cypress al nr Pratt, dw 

hi Conway 

Eppley James M. & Co. (Jas. M. Eppley) flour 

and feed, 126 n Howard 
Eppley Jas. M. (Jas. M. Eppley & Co.) Charles 

St av nr Huntingdon av 
Eppley John A. police 54 Harford av 
Eppley Julius A.clk.Sumwait w of Maryland av 
Epron Annie, 453 n Gaj' 
Equitable Life Assurance Society of the U. S., 

Philip Stockton, gen. agent, 21 South 
Erb John, lab. 186 Conway 
Erb Philip, stonecutter, 92 L. Montgomery 
Erbach Dr. Sebastian, dentist, 30 s Exeter 
Erbe Henry, drayman, 229 s Sharp 
Erbe Jdhn, porter, 186 Conway 
Erbe Mrs. Lizzie, beer, 229 s Sharp 
Erben John, shoemaker, i Spring st ct 
Erben Mrs.MatildaS.dressinaker,510 Lexington 
Erck Chas. tailor, 81 n Bond 
Erck John, shoemaker, 89j e Lombard 
Erdbrink Mrs John H. 25 Conway 
Erdenbrecht John L. wheelwright 432 Canton av 
Erdman Mrs. Catharine, 67 n Caroline 
Erdnian Charles, stripper, 67 n Caroline 
Erdman Chas. gardener, Harford rd 
Erdman Conrad, cigarmaker, 67 n Caroline 
Erdman David, brassraoulder, 388 Harford av 
Erdman F. gardener, Harford rd 
Erdman Fredk, farmer, Belair av 
Erdman Geo. gardener. Homestead 
Erdman Gotleib, gardener, Harford rd 
Erdman Henry, carp. 67 n Caroline 
Erdman John, gardener, Harford rd 
Erdman John C. clerk, 233 Harford av 
P>dman John H. laborer, 6 Somerset 
Erdman John, butcher. Homestead 
Erdman Matthias, gardener, Harford rd 
Erdman Mrs. Susan, 233 Harford av 
Erdman Wm. H. tinner, 374 Aisquith 
Erek Casper, 190 n Fremont 
Erek Casper, 322 Saratoga 
Erek Daniel F. police, Cumberland nr Penna av 
Erek Henry, cigarmaker, 190 n Fremont 
Erek John J. driver, Cumberland nr Penna av 
Ergood Gabriel S. salesman, 61 n High 
Erhard John, tinner, 280 s Bond 
Erhard Margaret, 280 s Bond 
Erhardt George W. sergt. police, 32 Walsh 
Erhardt John, beer, 30 William 
Erhart Dallas, lab. 337 Cathedral 
Erhart Granville, 337 Cathedral 
Erich Dr. Augustus F. 94 s Broadway 
ERICH HENRY C.& CO. (Henry C. Erich,) 
pat. self acting pumps and plumbers, and 
gas and steam fitters, lamps, oils, &c., 77 and 
79 Gough 
Erich Fred'k, wireworker, 63 e Fayette 
Erich Henry C. (H. C. E. & Co.) 79 Gough 
Ericson Chas. watchmkr, 192 Penna av 
Eribeck John M. cutter, 40 s Caroline 
Erling Amelia, cigarmkr. 152 s Bond 
ErlingWm. of German Correspondent, 152 s 

Ermenthrout S. asst. editor U. S. Cath. Regis- 
ter, cor Calvert and Pleasant 
Ermer Christian, lab. 91 Cambridge 
Ermer Henry, tobacconist, s w cor Gay and 

Aisquith, dw 245 e Madison 
Ermold John, drayman, 54 n Pine 
Ermold John C. cabinetmkr. 155 Mulberry 
Ermshausen Hy. musician, 64 Centre Market sp 
Erne Emil, bookeeper, 2 Calverton rd 
Ernst Mrs. Anna, 207 s Bethel 







• I— ( 



I— I 








The Largest Life Insurance Co. in the World. 

















Ernst Anton, lab. 277 s Dallas 

Ernst Anton, blacksmith, 252 n Central av 

Ernst Daniel, lab. 89 s Mount 

Ernst Henry, shoenikr 3 .May 

Ernst Henry, ciijarnikr. Clinton nr Elliott 

Ernst John, ti.ilor, 355 Cross 

Ernst John G. patternnikr. 44 Burke 

Ernst Wm. lab. 207 s Bethel 

Ernstberger Fraueis. barber.Penna avnr Mosher 

Ernstberger Jliehael, tavern, 156 Lee 

Erojack John, lab. 20 Fell 

Erpenbeck JohnF. (K. .t Son) 226 Aliceanna 

Krpenbeck Louis, stable boss, 226 Aliceanna 

ERPENBECK & SON, (John F. Erpenbeck) 

restaurant, 226 Aliceanna 
Errich L. cabinetuikr. 365 w Pratt 
Erricks Chas. F. tnariner, 2 Portugal al 
Erscheidl Michael, huckster, 235 Aliceanna 
Erpenstein Adolph, tailor, 37 n Dallas 
Ertel Casper, Jackson ct 
Ertel John, laborer, 13 Cuba 
Esciivaille Joseph B. clerk, 156 Jefferson 
Escavaille .Mrs. Susanna, 156 Jefferson 
Eschbach Rev. K. R. 20H n tJalvert 
Eschbach Francis F. streetpaver,90 n Scbroeder 
Eschbach Henry, hostler, 8 Addison al 
Eschbach John, 46 Richmond 

ESCHBACH JOHN E. Contractor 
for all kinds of Grading, Paving, 
laying of Sewers with Stone, 
Brick, Iron, or Tile Pipe, and Con- 
struction of Turnpike and Rail- 
roads. Office, 16J North Street, 
opposite Chesapeake Bank. 

Eschbach John E. contractor, 373 w Fayette 
Eschbach Dr. Jos A. apothecary, n e cor How- 
ard and Saratoga 
Eschbach Leo, contractor, 94 n Greene 

ESCHBACH LEO, Contractor for 
all kinds of Grading, Paving, Lay- 
ing of Sewers with Stone, Brick, 
Iron or Tile Pipe, and Contruction 
of Turnpike and Railroads. Of- 
fice, 16i^ North street, opposite 

^ Chesapeake Bank. 

-^"v ■ '■ 

EschbSV'i Louis, paver, 92 n Schroeder 
Eschrichi'lii^s. locksmith, 251 Hamburg 
Ksender Chai. huckster, 100 HoUins 
Ksender James "Jr. clerk F. P. mkt. and 

stable, 76 s Bond., dw Sherwood house 
Eseiider Dr. James, \\ Pearl 
Esender Thos. lab. 60' Parrish 
Esender Theodore jr. ca.';pr. 23 Harford av 
Esender Theo. carpr. 23 Harford av 
Esender Wm. F. carpr. 1 r*earl 
Eser Mr.s. Feronica, confecfr- 40 Thames 
Eser Henry, lab. 40 Thamcf? 
Eskridge fieverly B. clerk, Adams Express, 76 

n Carey 
Kskridge John E. sailmkr. 3,'3 n Bond 
p:skridge Wolfe, lab. 301 Bank 
Eslinger Jesse, lali. 352Ramsf<-y 
Esmer Gustave, confeclioner, 179 Montgomery 
Esmcr Rhinehart, e.xpressmau, 179 Montgomery 


Esmann Henry, cigar bo.xmkr. 27 Second, dw 

10 w Lombard 
Esmann .Mrs. .Sophia, liquors, 10 w Lombard 
Esome John H. mariner, 61 Johnson 
ESP EN & BRO. (J. S. and M. Espeu) laces, 

embroidery, &c. 33 n Charles 
Espen Jacob, (E. Hi Bro.) Philadelphia 
Esjien Moses, {E. & Bro.) 166 w Lomlmrd 
Espen Samuel, (E. & Bro.) Philadelphia 
Espey Mrs. (Jalherine, 171 Orleans 
Espey David, lab. 116 s Wolfe 
Espey Wm. P. cooper, 38 s Regester 
Essilinan Peter, cigarmkr. 46 s E.xoter 
Essenger John J., Pi-nnsylvauia hcnise 
Essenger Wm. lab. 15 Lemmon al 
Essert Geo. lab. 700 w Pratt 
Esse.x Geo. W. plasterer, 143 Hughes 
Essex John, stonecutter, 102 Harford av 
Esse.x Richard, brickmkr. 664 Light 
Essig Fred. sr. butcher, Penna av e.xt 
Essig Fred. jr. butcher, e Peuna av ext 
Es^ig Louis, butcher, Penna av e.xt 
Essig Wm. butcher, Penna av ext 
ESSLINGER EDWARD, apothecary,220 e Bal- 
Essmaiin Henr3-,(E. & Schroeder )10 w Lombard 
Essmann & Schroeder,(H. Essmann, R. Schroe- 
der) cigar bo.xes, 1 1 Second 
Estee Frank, engineer, 2o7 Lemmon al 
Eslep J. C. grocer, s w cor Lanvale andEtling. 

dvv 181 Dolphin 
Estep Morton, clerk, 79 St. Paul 
Estep Thomas B. 79 St. Paul 
Estep Thus. B. jr 79 St. Paul 
Estep Thos. 181 Dolphin 
Esterday Anna, (Dietz & E.) 92 Harrison 
Esterley Susati, 79 n Amity 
Estlack Edith, bookkeeper, 95 Jefferson 
Estlack Hiram, shoemkr. 95 Jefferson 
Estlack Saml. McL. printer, 95 Jefferson 
Estreck Andre, cabinetmkr. 118 e Lombard 
Etchberger Bros. (C. E. and W. C. Etchber- 
ger) book and job printers, 22 and 24 Md. 
Building, Second opp. P. O. 
Etchberge'r Chas. E. (K.Bros.) 342 e Baltimore 
Etchberger Capt. Jas. mariner, 342 e Baltimore 
Etchberger Jas. S. clerk, 344 e Baltimore 
E^tchberger John W. carp. 62 s Washington 
Etcliljcrger Mrs. Mary E. 62 s Washington 
Etchberger Rebecca, 17 Gough 
Etchberger Mrs. Sarnh, 17 Gough 
Etchberger Wm. C. (E. Bros.) 342 e Baltimore 
Etchison Cornelius, student, 40 s Eutaw 
Etchison j- Dorsey, (Perry G. Etchison, John 
A. Dorsey) leaf tobacco and gen. produce 
com. merchs. 104 s Charles 
Etchison E'redk. saddler, 11 C'olumbia 
Etchison John H. tinner, 13 Grove al 
Etchison Marshal, student, 40 S Eutaw 
Etchison Perry G.(E.& Dorsey) Montgomery co 
Etheridgc Dr. W. II. surgical and mechanical 

dentist, 21 s Broadway 
Ettel Mrs. Susan L. l)oardinp, 234 Hollins 
Etrcs John, cotifectioner, 250 Madison av 
Ejttinger George M. teacher andpiincipal night 

school at F. Knap|)'s Institute, 403 n Gay 
Eitlinger Rev. Jesse, 115 German 
I'^ttlcmaii Philip J. liricklayer, 516 Aisquilh 
Elzel Eged, tobacconist, 130 Aisquith 
Etzel John, brassfinisher, 19 n Wolfe 
Etzel John J. driver, 15 n Chapel 
EUzel John L. beer, 67 s Eutaw 

Mutual Life Insurance Co. of New York, 




Etzel Joseph, porter, 231 e Biddle 

Stzler E. H. ( G. D. Klinefelter, E. & Co.) 

Hanover, Pa. 
Etzter R. F. (G. D. Klinefelter, E. & Co.) 4l<) 

n Central av 
Eubank Ann Eliza,' tailoress, 140 n Eutaw 
Eubank Giles F. (E. & Lyell and E. & Down- 

incr) 14 Barnet 
Eiibauk k Downing, (G. F. Eubank, Samuel 

Downing jv.) tobacconist, 12 Li^ht 
Eubank &z Lyell, (Giles F. Eubank and S. M. 

Ljcll, ) com. nierchts. over 149 \v Pratt 
Eubert John, lab. 29 Forrest 
Eugene Cbas. barber, 31 e Pratt 
Euler August, wbeelwr-ight, 566 Penna av 
Euler Charles, shoemaker, 99 Conway 
Euler Christian, tailor, 1 Spruce al 
Euler Mis. Elizabeth, 1 Spruce al 
Euler Ernest, shoemaker, 184 e Baltimore 
Euler Geo. tailor, 93 e Lombard 
Euler Henrj', cooper, 100 e Lombard 
Euler Jacob, tailor, 135 n Eutaw 
Eunick Edmund, carpenter, 68 Perry 
Eunick Edmund, carpent-er, 445 n Calhoun 
Eunick Mrs. Rebecca. 64 Perry 
Eunick Thomas, conductor, 445 n Calhoun 
Eunick Thomas jr. 445 n Calhoun 
Euricli .Mrs. Elizabeth, confec'y,405 Canton av 
Euiich Henry, tinner, 407 Canton av 
Surich Petei', stove and tinware, 407 Canton av 
European Hotel, J. J. Lutts, proprietor, 26 vv 

European Steamship Line, D. W. Janowitz, 

agent, 143 vv Baltimore 
EUTAW HOUSE, n w cor Eutaw and Balti- 
more, Gilmour & Sons, propriflors 
EUTAW SAVINGS BANK, ee cor Eutawand 

Eutaw Place Baptist Church, cor Dolphin and 

Eutaw St. M. E. Church, Eutaw bet Franklin 

and Mulberry 
Evangelical Lutheran Church, cor Fremont 

and Saratoga 
Evans Abel, miller, M<;Heniy nr Monroe 
Evans Albert C. carpenter, 98 Lee 
EVANS ALFRKD D. law and collection 
office, 2 s Front, (iw necor Aisquith and Chew 
Evans Alonzo, mariner, 136 Lancaster 
Evans Andrew J. pilot, 285 e Pratt 
Evans Andrew J. carpenter. 247 w Ho&'man 
Evans .Mrs. Ann E. seamsuoss, Cemeterv av nr 

Evans B. F. 549 w Fajette 
Evans Benjamin F. ironworker, 8 s Chester 
EVANS CHARLES A. attorney, over Chesa- 
peake bank 
Evans Chas. H. produce, .565 w Fayette 
Evans Charles, printer, 54 e Fayette 
Evans Charles D. shoe and gaiter upper manuf. 

51 Harrison, dw 159 e Eager 
Evans Chtirles L. F. 220 u Broadway 
E.ans Cornelia, 25S n Eden 
Evans C. H. IC. H. E. & Co.) 565 w Fayette 
Evans C. H^ & Co. (C. H. and T. H. Evans) 
produce and com. merchts. n w cor Cheap- 
side und Pratt 
Evans Daniel E. boilermaker, 106 s Strieker 
Evans D.aniel T. mariner, 367 e Lombard 
Evans Dashields, 8 s Chester 
Evans Rev, David, 18 Jackson sq 
Evans David, coppersmelter, 6 Clinton 

Evans David G. apothecary, se cor Aliceanu.a 

and Ann, dw 18 Jackaon sq 
Evans Edward D. carpenter, 154 Mulberry 
Evans Edwin, carpenter, 154 Mulberry 
Evans Jlrs. Elizabeth, 54 s Choptank 
Evans Mrs. Emma, dressmaker, 18 n Paca 
Evans Mrs. Esther, 157 Montgomery 
Evans Evan, smelter, Clinton nr Boston 
Evans Francis, carpenter, 402 e Monument 
Evans Fred'k, bricklayer, (.'Hnton nr Boston 
Evans Geo. H. l>aggage master, 101 s Paca 
Evans George, 203 w Hotfinan 
Evans George & Co. (Geo. Evans, J. C. Sulli- 
van) coopeis, 22 Patterson 
Evans Geo. bookkeeper, 191 Hanover 
Evans Geo. laborer, 10 Curley 
Evans Geo. D. jr. salesman, 209 w Lombard 
Evans Geo. T coachtrinimer, 123 e Madison 
Evans Geo. W. gardener, Belair rd nr toUgate 
Evans Geo. N. carpenter, 157 Montgomery 
Evans Geo. W. clerk, 261 Walsh ' 
Evans Geo. W. jr. 573 w Lom.bard 
Evans IJarry J. clerk, 211 n Howard 
Evans Henry jr. (E., Reeves & Co.) 100 s High 
Evans Henry W. clerk, 565 w Fayette 
Evans Hy. C.,U. S. CoastSurvey, 132 Cathedral 
Evans Isaac, messenger, 172 e ilonument 
Evans Jacob H. machinist, 7 Orleans 
Evans James C. mariner, 285 e Pratt 
Evans James, carpnuter, 33 s Republican 
Evans Mrs. John, confec'y. Clinton nr Boston 
Evans John, bricklayer, Clinton nr Boston 
Evans John, coppersmelter, 2 Clinton nr Boston 
Evans John, carter, 8 s Chester 
Evans John, plasterer, 581 Penna av 
Evans Mrs. John, housekeeping goods, 18 w 

Baltimore, dw 303 e Baltimore 
Evans John, clerk, 159 e Eager 
Evans John B,painter,45 Clay,dw4S7 Lexington 
Evans John C. carpenter, Spring al nr Anthony, 

dw s w cor Central av and Hoffman 
Evans John H. clerk, 157 Montgomery 
Evans John H. conductor, Ramsay nr Milling- 
Evans John P. salesman, Dallas nr Chew 
Evans Joseph, laborer, 129 Harford av 
Evans Joseph, bootmaker, 137 Ridgeley 
Evans Josejih, bootmaker, 405 Light 
Evans Josei)hine, teacher, 236 n Eden 
Evans Mrs. Laura J. tailoress, 207 Ensor 
Evans Lee M. clerk, 209 w Lombard 
Evans Levi C. printer, Dallas nr Chew 
Evans Mi's. Mary, milk, 125 Hollins 
Evans Josh. J. carpenter, 22 Myrtle av 
Evans .Mabury, watchman Adams exp. 305 

Evans Mary, dressmaker, 76 -Lexington 
p]vans Mrs. Mary, 316 w Hoffman 
Evans Mitchell, mariner, 134 s Regester 
Evans Nimrod, driver, 261 Walsh 
Evans Priscilla, school, Phila. rd 
Evans Randolph, laborer, 207 Ensor 
Evans R. H. pres't Claremont Land Co. 5 St. 

Paul, dw Claremont, Baltimore co. 
Evaiis, Reeves & Co. (H. Evans, jr. Jos. F. 
Reeves, jr. Geo. W. Day) oj-ster and fruit 
packers, cor Boston and Patuxent 
Evans Richard H. clerk, 152 e Monument 
Evans Samuel M. supt. public stores C. H. 422 

e Baltimore 
Evans Tavlor, painter, 61 Block 
Evans Thos. H. (T. H. E. ^ Co.) 565 w Fayette 

O. F. Bresee, General Agent, 15 South St. 



























• r-H 

• ^^ 












• »— I 






Evans Thos. H. & Co. (Thos. H. Evans) com. 

merchants and produce, 82 Light-st whf 
Evans Thos. (J. W. Weaver «fe Co.) 626 w Bal- 
Evans Thomas, carpenter, Dallas nr Chew 
Evans Thomas, stonecutter, John nr McMechin 
Evans Thos. J. collector, 66 s Washington 
Evans Dr. Thos. B. s e cor Ann and Aliceanna, 

dw is Jackson sq 
Evans Thomas H. grocery, John nr Eden 
Evans Thomas J. builder, 17 and 19 Garden, 

dw 211 n Howard 
Evans Walter T. driver, 76 n Ann 
Evans W. D. clerk, 226 n Carey 
Evans William, cardriver, 9 s Monroe 
Evans Wm. And. J. cooper, 278 Greenm't av 
Evans William F. laborer, 132 Hamburg 
Evans William H. marblecutter, 394 n Eden 
Evans Wm. H. H. carpenter, 90 Hollins 
Evans Wm. M. bookkeeper, Calverton rd nr 

Evans William R. clerk, 159 e Eager 
Evans William R. hatter, 8 s Chester 
Evans William S. driver, 56 Harford av 
Evans William T. bookbinder, 157 s Fremont 
Evatt Mrs. Agnes C. 291 n Caroline 
Evatt George, police, 155 Preston 
Evatt Ilarrv, cabinetmaker, 176 s Eutaw 
EVENING* NEWS, E. V. Hermacge & Co. 

editors, 205 w Baltimore 
Everett Andrew, draj'man, 124 Somerset 
Everett Catherine, 17 Cambridge 
Everett Frederick, bootfitter, 305 n Gay 
Everett George, brassfinisher, 73 n High 
Everett James, lumber wagons, 119 s Chapel 
Everett John T. mariner, 155 s Chapel 
Everett Joseph, carpenter, 99 Cathedral 
Everett L. F. salesman, 190 Saratoga 
Everett Robert, blacksmith, 209 Hudson 
Everett Thos. H. inspector C. H. 119 s Bond 
Everett William, clerk, 72 n Eden 
Everhart Charles, confectioner, 456 Saratoga 
Everhart Christian, grocery, s end of Clinton 
Everhart Edward M. salesman, 92 s Howard 
Everhart Elise, laborer, Patuxentnr O'Donnell 
Everhart Mrs. Elizabeth, 8 s Oregon 
Everhart George, machinist, 14 s Central av 
Everhart George G. salesman, 120 Mulberry 
Everhart Henry, brickmaker, 8 8 Oregon 
Everhart John, brickmaker, 8 s Oregon 
Everhart Mrs. Martin, 92 s Howard 
Everhart Muhley, cabinetmaker, 294 Light 
Everhart Mulley, confectionery, 456 Saratoga 
Everhart Mrs. Nancy, 120 Mulberry 
Evering Bernard, 91 8 Wolfe 
Everist James, ropemaker, 416 Orleans 
Everist John M. cooper, 108 n Holliday, dw 

74 s High 
Everist Jno.W.carp.9 n Sharp,dw 192 Myrtle av 
Everist John, shoemaker, 134 Mullikin 
Everist Joseph, cooper, 377 e Fayette 
Everist Sarah A. 328 Aliceanna 
Everit Emma, tailorcss, 153 Gough 
Everit Maria, tailoress, 153 Gough 
Everitt Francis A. clerk, 177 Barre 
Everitt Mrs Jane, 28 L. Church 
Everett Peter, huckster, 29 L. Church 
Everitt Thos. S. harnessraaker, 177 Barre 
Everitt Robert, harnessmaker, 177 Barre 
Everline Aug. jr. turner, 150 n Chapel 
Evers Mrs. Ann, 244 Aliceanna 
Evers Henry W. shoemaker, 228 Battery av 

Evers Wm. H. brushmaker, 17.8 s Regester 
Ever.<!man Fred'k, 81s Bond 
Eversman Fred'k jr. musician, 81 s Bond 
Eversman John F. clerk, 309s Charles 
Eversman John G. provisions, 309 s Charles 
Eversman Louis, confectioner, 309 s Charles 
Eversman Wm. clerk, 309 s Charles ♦ 

Eversmeir Fred'k driver, 52 Patterson Park av 
Eversmeir Henry, blacksmith, 396 Eastern av 
Everwin Saml. laborer, 144 Druid Hill av 
Evitt & Bro. (R. and J. Evitt) wholesale shoe 

manufs. over 346 w Baltimore 
Evitt Ge(jrge, police, 155 Preston 
Evitt John, (E. & Bro.) 271 w Faj-ette 
Evitt Robert, (E. & Bro.) 214 n Republican 
Evitt Peter, huckster, 29 L. Church 
Evoy Mrs. Ellen, 55 Oxford 
Evoy John, huckster, 55 Oxford 
Evroin Saml. laborer, 144 Druid Hill av 
Ewarl John B. carp. 525 Saratoga 
Ewald Rev. Louis, cor Lombard and Wolfe 
Ewald Martin, grinder and polisher, Uhlers al, 

dw 235 w Pratt 
Ewalt George, clerk, 13 Lloyd 
Ewalt Henry, clerk, 48 n Ann 
Ewalt John C. laborer, 3 Joppa la 
Ewalt John H. (Towles Bros. & Co.) 13 s Ann 
f]walt Jos. beer, cor Aliceanna and Ana 
Ewalt Lewis, caumaker, 5 Joppa la 
Ewalt M. 235 w Pratt 
Ewalt Samuel A. can factory, 56 German, dw 

74 n Poppleton 
Ewe Adolph, carpenter, 732 w Lombard 
Ewell Edward, machinist, 121 German 
Ewell John, (Jean, E. & Co.) 121 German 
Ewell Philander, cook, 23 s Howard 
Ewens John F. bookkeeper, 142 s Broadway 
Ewers Aug. picture frames. Orleans and Wash- 
Ewig John, laborer, 3 Bounty la 
Ewing Mrs. Eliza, 338 Aisqnith 
Ewing Doctress Emma C. 3"!2 n Gay 

Ewing John J. turnkey, 40 Ensor 

Ewing Saml. T. teacher, 352 n Gay 

Ewing Thos. S. clerk, 318 Aisquith 

Ewing Thos. W. agent Methodist Protestant 
I)ublications, over 12 n Gay, dw 318 Aisquith 

Ewitt Edward, lab. 273 Bank 

E.Kcelsior Life Ins. Co. of N. Y. s w cor Char- 
les and Lexington 

Excelsior Steam Forge, Watson, Dickey & Co. 
proprietors. Locust Point 

Exchange Building, 55 Second 

Exchange Reading Rooms, new Exch. building, 
entrance Second and Lombard, George U. 
Porter, prop'r 

Exchange Salesroom, Exchange bldg,55 Second, 
George U. I'orter, propr. 

Exeter Hall, Exeter n of Baltimore 

Exeter-St. M. E. Ch\irch, Kxeter nr Gay 

Eye and Ear Infirmary, Lombard and Greene 

Eycrly Jacob, canmaker, 39 China 

Eyerly Mary, 75 Dawsou al 

Eyerly Wm. S. canniaker, Ramsay nr Strieker 

Eyler Henry, laborer. Sweet Air 

Eyll Geo. P. machinist, 69 n Pine 

Eyps Herman, carp, u e cor Patterson Park av 
and Essex 

Eysaman George P. foreman, Hull nr Fort av 

Eyth Geo. clerk, 65 s Regester 

Eytinge E. S. furnishing goods, 70j Hanover, 
dw 39 n Howard 

Mutual Life Insurance Co. of New York, 




Eytinge Henry, dry goods, 165 n Gay, dw 264 
e Eager 

Faber Mrs. Anna, 468 Canton av 

Faber Bernard, grocery, 160 s Charles 

Faber George, bookbinder and stationer, 342 w 

Faber Geo. jr. bookbinder, 342 w Pratt 
Faber Henry, tinplate maker, 60 s Durham 
Faber Henry jr. laborer, 60 s Durham 
Faber Henry, cook, 207 Lee 
Faber Henry, stoves, 275 s Charles 
Faber John, carpenter, Lancaster nr Hare 
Faber John C. barkeeper, 79 McElderry whf 
Faber Kate, 231^ s Broadway 
Fabrill Francis J. blacksmith, 19 ilott 
Fabrill Henry J. blacksmith, 19 Mott 
Face Chas. H. carpenter, 13 Bartlett 
Fach August, pianomaker, 202 Stirling 
Fach Jacob, shoemaker, 155 w Fayette, dvf 

421 w Fayette 
Fach Jacob, shoemaker, 40 Marion 
Facius Gustavus, tobacconist, 117 n Calvert, 

dw 34 s High 
Facius Leopoldine, music teacher, 34 s High 
Fader Chas. W. shoemaker, 147 e Madison ' 
Faethe Gotfried, (Graf, F. & Geveukort) 136 

e Lombard 
Fagan Hugh, wagoner, 193 n Dallas 
Fagan liobert, drayman, 237 Columbia 
Fagan Robert J. clerk, 237 Columbia 
Fagan W. T. clerk, 103 w Fayette 
Fager Joseph, carpenter, 171 Hollins 
Fagret Alfred, clerk, 40 n Charles 
Fagret Francis, carpenter, 6 New Church 
Fagret M